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I just had probably one of the best days in my college career yet, and I’m just so happy? Like I’ve haven’t laughed this long and hard in a long time?

I just wanna say that I may not seem very active, but I promise you I am on here Literally All the Time, so please send me stuff and whatnot if that’s what you want to do, the only reason I don’t post more is because (in order of priority)

  1. I am sleeping
  2. There’s just not enough content on my dash to reblog
  3. Thread is still going and I’m waiting for shit to cool down instead of reblogging 12 copies of the same 30498 mile long post
  4. I am too out of it to read/tag properly

So yeah if you ever wanna chat or need an answer to something but you’re worried you’ll bother me dont even sweat it bruh i love being bothered

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Now you gotta tell us the story of the 12 inch dick

So like I meet this guy on Grindr. Oh wow I just realized I don’t even know his name lmfao anyways i met him on Grindr and he was like I’m at my friends house I was like oh is he gonna join too? And he said idk maybe and I was like send pics. And his friend turned out to be the guy that bought my glasses and shit but we he just stopped talking bc I told him he was annoying. And so he was like oh nvm he doesn’t want you to come but hmu another time. So I hit him up like idk when and like he gives me address and shit and I go over. So I go and he turns out to be cute and buff. Like he got pecs and some abs and a hard ass. And like I can’t explain his personality but like I’m into it like he’s like a jock I wanna say like he has that attitude but is humorous. So we get naked and start playing and his dick turns out to be waaaaaaaay fuckin bigger than the picture he sent I was the definition of shooken. And so I’m stroking it with both hands and then I get on my back and he goes to town on my rear and my feet and like as I’m gettin it I see a commercial behind him for a dope show and I keep glancing at it and he’s like talking dirty and I’m like mhm🤔 flmdaktksk and then he tells me to flip over and when I do I ACCIDENTLY SWING MY FOOT ACROSS HIS HEAD LIKEI SMACKED THE FUCK OUT HIS TEMPLE and he just ignored it and I was like ok…..just…..the tip and he goes in and ends up pushing it deeper and deeper and I kept telling him to stop but he would just slow down and ended up reply deep. I don’t remember what happened next but I wasn’t like roofied or anything the schlong just hit my amygdala and I ain’t remember shit but anyways we finish and in gaping and after we cleaned up he gave me a really huge slice of pizza.

Time for a story - Proposal No. 2

With a deep sigh Felicity turned from her side onto her back. She stared at the ceiling for only a couple of seconds, cursing whatever higher power stopped her from sleeping, before she turned her head to look at Oliver. He was lying on his stomach, his arms hugging the pillow that his face was buried in for the most part. He was snoring softly, telling her that he was very much sleeping deeply.

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I was browsing the nintendo store and was kind of saddened to see that they are dividing their gift ideas by gender.

So out of curiosity I decided to see what they were marketing to me, as a woman. Is it just going to be cutesy games like nintendogs or something?

The signs are not good. Is this going to be a ‘men play consoles women play handhelds’ stereotype or something? Lets scroll down…

Huh. Well Pokemon is the next big handheld release. So lets see what they’re marketing to men?

…the same thing…? 

literally the exact same thing.

They posted the same page twice, and just changed the pronouns in the captions.

Nintendo doesn’t care what gender you are.

They just really, really want you to buy Pokemon.

flower cloak.

stay close to me ❄ for annie

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