turns out i was confused with the hair colors the most

Soulmate - Luke

Something that always confused you was how you would find your soulmate. It was something most kids were confused about, and learned at a young age that nearly everyone had someone out there for him. You just had to watch for the signs.

Nothing. That was your sign was nothing. You couldn’t figure out what special thing you had with your soulmate. Something that would make him, or her, stand out in a crown of thousands and let you know they were there. “Mom, how will I know if I have a soulmate?” “You’ll know by the time you turn thirteen, something will change.” “Okay.”


Thirteen was the magical age when you finally found out what you and your soulmate have in common, whether it be the same eye or hair color, a birthmark that was visible, scars that would appear out of nowhere, random food cravings the two of you would end up having. Most of your friends would get together and gush about what they learned about their soulmate, except you. You had nothing.

“Mom, I don’t think I have a soulmate,” you cried on night, hiding your face in your pillow. You had just turned sixteen, the weight of the world finally crashing down on you. “Honey, you have a soulmate, don’t worry. You could be late at developing something. Your dad didn’t developing. He didn’t get his sign until he was twenty.” “I know, but that was him. Our teacher told us that not everyone has a soulmate. Mom, I don’t wanna have to be alone forever.”

Days passed, your depression only becoming heavier as you weigh in on the fact that you most likely did not have a soulmate. Nobody could feel this bad, and you hoped that one day soon something would happen, a sign.

“You heard that 5 seconds of summer is coming to town, right?” Your best friend asks you, her soulmate coming up behind her and kissing her head. You nod. It was one of your favorite bands, but sadly you had been to depressed to think about getting tickets. “Lets go today after school and pick some up, okay?” She smiled, standing up and turning around to give her soulmate a kiss. You looked away, not only to give them privacy but to hide the internal pain that you were in since you didn’t have a sign.


You got to the ticket stand not long after the final bell rang, running with your friend to get in line and try to get the best seats. “I know meet and greets will already be out, but I’ve been checking online and it says theres still two seats left in the front row.” “Okay,” a small smile forms on your lips, something about seeing the band that close making your depression ease a bit. “It said the concert is tomorrow night, but they didn’t wanna sell the tickets early since its such a small town. They didn’t want a lot of traffic coming through here so its like only open for us, how exciting!”

You weren’t as thrilled as you normally would have been. You knew (y/bff/n) was excited, but you couldn’t bring yourself up to that level.


Finally, the night of the concert. You were a little more pumped, the fact that you were going to see one of your favorite bands live excited you, like, a lot. Dressing in your all black attire, you straightened your hair as you got ready, waiting for (y/bff/n) to pick you up. Its going to be a fun night, you told yourself, just forget about your soulmate for one night, it will be ok.

It seemed to be forever before the opening act came on, jamming out to the music with your friend as you both clapped and screamed. The band was getting ready, and with each second anticipation began to grow inside of you.

It seemed like it took forever for the boys to come on, Ashton running out and going over to his drums, Michael throwing his hands in the air and jumping around, Calum stemming on his bass already, generating even more screams, and finally Luke took center stage, running over with his guitar and going to the microphone. Thats when you suddenly felt sick, dizzy like you were about to pass out. “(y/n), are you okay?” Your friends voice laced with concern, her arms wrapping around you. “I feel really sick,” you mumble, taking a seat. You glance up one last time at the band, knowing you would miss the beginning songs until your sudden illness had passed. What surprised you though was Luke, leaning against Michael as he rubbed his back. It was intended for Michael to hear only, but Luke said it into the microphone too. “I’m sick, I feel like I’m going to pass out.” His eyes open slowly, looking down to meet yours.

And in that moment, you saw it. The tiny glow around Luke, the way the dizzy feeling disappeared, the way your heart felt like it was racing in your chest. “Luke,” you muttered, standing up and taking a step closer to the stage. He was in just as much shock, but his shock slowly turning into a smile. He leads down, trying to get as close to you as possible. He yells over the screaming girls, half to you and half into the microphone. “Hey, I don’t know your name, but why don’t you come backstage. I think I finally found my soulmate.”