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Ok but from the Greg the Babysitter preview for next Friday:

When Steven finds out that his dad has worked at the Car Wash for 15 years, he begs Greg not to tell him, but to “sing him” the history behind how he got the job all those years ago.

This is definitely our Story for Steven 3.0 (there was also a shot of young Greg in that week 2 CN promo the other day), but hey

15 years

Steven is 14

Story starts out with “Well, I was hanging out with your mom…”

“babysitter” right there in the episode title

If this ends up going into “Rose decides to have a baby” territory I just…


When I was a kid, whenever I’d feel small or lonely, I’d look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. A fissure between two tectonic plates. A portal between dimensions. The Breach.

Pacific Rim (2013) dir. Guillermo del Toro


Amsterdam Pride 2016, Human Rights Concert
[This Is My Life: 1 2, Rise Like a Phoenix]


I was going to wait until I drew the all 7 of them but turns out that I don’t have patience at all so whatever I’m not planning on drawing the rest of them so I’m posting it.


So, about the play... [no spoilers]

The Harry Potter playscript comes out this Sunday. 

[to emphasise: there will be no spoilers in this post; please do take the time to read this].

So I went to see the play. It was phenomenal  - feel free to check out my non-spoilery review. And I got really excited. And I came on tumblr afterwards, and I checked out the tag for the play - knowing that spoilers were out there, I wanted to see what everyone was saying about them and maybe find some other people who’d seen it.

And you know what? That tag was about 90% negativity. I haven’t seen so much negativity in this fandom since… well, since the shipping wars, tbh. And it wasn’t just calm negativity (“oh I didn’t like it”) but it was So. Angry. (“JKR has ruined everything” “The whole thing is shit” “she had no right”).

Now, maybe that’s changed in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t really had the nerve to look, tbh. But there is something I’d like to say about it.

Last year when we found out about the play, everyone’s reaction was torn between excitement (more harry potter!) and anger (why is this so inaccessible? hardly anyone in the fandom is going to get to see it??). That’s how I felt too, and I think we were pretty loud about it. In response (I suspect) to this, they’ve decided not just to publish the playscript (which they would have done anyway, fyi) - but to push the advertising on it to make it out to be “The Eight Harry Potter Story”.  Yeahhh! Hell yeah! Eighth Harry Potter Story! Isn’t that great??

Except nope, nope, sorry, do not pass go, do not collect £200. Because guess what? On Sunday 31st July, no one is getting the 8th Harry Potter story. Why? Because the play isn’t being performed that day.

On 31st July, everyone who’s preordered or nips into the bookshop will be getting approximatel one quarter of the eight harry potter story. And not just like, the first quarter, or the last quarter, or every fourth chapter. This is going to be like being handed Deathly Hallows where everything has been erased except every fourth line. 

I don’t know this for certain; maybe they’ve written in really complex and detailed stage directions. Maybe there are pictures. Maybe it’ll work. But I don’t think so. I think that we’re going to get one quarter of the story - the dialogue. And it’ll be missing the emotional context, the powerful acting, and the stage magic that make up the other three quarters. And those are the things that make this play work.

I hate to be That Person who’s just out there to make everyone sad, but… look, I’ve been in this fandom a long time. And I suspect there’s going to be a lot of anger, a lot of resentment, and a lot of upset once the playscript is released. 

That’s not the fandom’s fault. We’ve been sold a false idea - that we’re going to have the whole of the thing, when we’re not. But all I ask is this: be aware of what you’re getting hold of. Be aware of the newbies in this fandom, the younger teens who are getting into fandom (HP has always been a huge gateway fandom), and, over the next few years, the people for whom the Cursed Child is just part of Harry Potter - maybe it’s even what introduced them to it. And be aware that this play (the whole of the thing) has been put together with an incredible amount of hardwork by a great cast of people and a quite frankly astounding technical team.

It’s okay not to like it. Of course it is. It’s fine to absolutely loathe it! But please don’t turn the whole fandom and the whole tag into a stew of negativity. Take the script with a pinch of salt; and if you can, try not to look at the script and think “I can’t imagine how that could be good, so it must be awful”. My favourite character in the play? Every single line of theirs was perfect. But I know, I know that when I read them in the script they’re going to sound rubbish.

Sorry for the long post; thanks for sticking with me.

TL;DR: The script is not the play. This is a good fandom. Please be kind to each other. 

Please reblog so that other people can see this. 

Signed - someone who’s worried she’s going to have to block the tag this weekend.

I’d like to love Jykyll unconditionally. I really would. It does many things so, so well. It makes the ladies feel like actual people with lives and personalities and ambitions. They don’t just suddenly stop existing when they’re offstage. It is pretty and pays attention to little details and actions. The costumes are silly but fit the world they exist in. Utterson is the perfect gentleman and definitely one of the best parts of the show with his Utterson-y antics. In the last scene with Lucy Hyde managed to be actually scary. Spider is a lady and she’s amazing.

The first act is pure excellence, as much as the original script allows. The second act is, unfortunately, just a generic J&H second act. There are a couple of highlights, but that’s about it.

Both acts have their moments, but the show sort of fell flat after the intermission. They botched Confrontation pretty badly, not making any difference between Jekyll and Hyde. I suppose the actor did his best but the scene needs some sort of support from the lighting section at least. (Unless the performance is really really physical like it was in Turku but they did have lighting tricks in Turku as well.) That did, however, not bother me as much as the wedding scene.

It was a pretty standard J&H wedding scene. That is to say, completely different from Turku.

It is unfair to compare two completely different productions with completely different cast and crew, but I didn’t really expect myself to be able to avoid it. I loved the Turku production, I still do, and couldn’t help comparing these two every time Jykyll did something I didn’t agree with.

It is possible I am actually criticising the script more than Jykyll itself. After sleeping and gathering my thoughts I feel ultimately happy with Jykyll. It has its faults, biggest of them being that it follows the original Broadway script pretty faithfully.

Let’s take the wedding scene for instance. It has no actual suspense, it somehow manages to lose all its stakes because of how it just goes “yeah here’s Jekyll, let’s not talk about Confrontation in no way whatsoever, who’s interested in Jekyll’s struggle with Hyde anyway”. I’d be ready to roll with this if the show at least tried to be a little sly about it. I feel they kept it together pretty neatly in Turku: Jekyll arrived late, which is tied to his early discussion with Sir Danvers about how he has slight problems with punctuality. When they were waiting for the groom to appear, Poole told Utterson how worried he was; there had been an explosion in the laboratory. When Jekyll/Hyde finally arrives, it was not instantly clear who it actually was. They tried to trick the audience a bit, which in my opinion fits the situation far better than just starting the wedding straight away without any sort of suspense.

I don’t know where this review suddenly went. I guess I’m just angry about Frankhorn, really. Also still really passionate about the Turku production.

tldr: The biggest hindrance of Jekyll and Hyde the musical is its godawful script. Jykyll was actually better than I give it credit for, definitely worth seeing. Still, it made me remember how much I love the Turku production.

You know when you have one of those days where you just think your friends don’t actually like you and people don’t actually feel the same way about you as you do about them? Because I have been having one of those days and I honestly thought I had gotten better and this wasn’t gonna happening anymore.


His correspondence comes by way of text message, almost as if it’s an afterthought to his return. 

         [SMS] Sister dear, do feel free to call me any time.
         [SMS] I find I do miss your bitching.

He’s never been one for dancing around the point, at least around Jamie.

when i was first introduced to the headcanon of transguy aph denmark i literally started crying.
the concept of such an amazing character that i love so dearly going through the same hardships as me, and being able to relate to him on that level made my heart ache. it still does.

so don’t you go telling me that i’m simply “fetishising” trans people with merely having these headcanons

don’t you dare