turnip top


Summary: Phil becomes ill on the day of their radio show, and Dan chooses to stay home with him. Adorable Phan fluffy illness!

Phil was not in a good mood. There was a really good reason for his current sulky behavior though. He was sick. Not ‘just a small cold’ kind of sick. This sickness left him immobile in bed with dizziness, nausea, a headache, and chills. Last night he had only felt tired with a hint of head pain, but it had quickly developed into a full bout of what was probably the flu. The worst part about it was the fact that they were supposed to be doing the radio show today, and had planned some fun things.

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As it’s feeling quite Autumnal (round here, anyway) here’s some beautiful photos from Beatles For Sale taken in Hyde Park, London in Autumn 1964. A couple of alternate photos and the proper cover. 

“The album cover was rather nice: Robert Freeman’s photos. It was easy. We did a session lasting a couple of hours and had some reasonable pictures to use … The photographer would always be able to say to us, ‘Just show up,’ because we all wore the same kind of gear all the time. Black stuff; white shirts and big black scarves. We showed up in Hyde Park near the Albert Memorial and he was quite impressed by George’s hair then – a marvellous little turnip top he’d managed to create.“

“There’s priceless history between these covers. When, in a generation or so, a radioactive, cigar-smoking child, picnicking on Saturn, asks you what the Beatle affair was all about, don’t try to explain all about the long hair and the screams! Just play them a few tracks from this album and he’ll probably understand. The kids of AD2000 will draw from the music much the same sense of well being and warmth as we do today.”
[Derek Taylor, Beatles For Sale sleeve notes]

Photos by Robert Freeman.

Beatles For Sale, released in the U.K. 50 years ago today on 4 December 1964. The cover photograph was taken at Hyde Park, London, by Robert Freeman.

“I was quite impressed by George’s hair there. He managed to create his little turnip top.” - Paul McCartney, The Beatles Anthology

“[T]he cover of Beatles For Sale by Robert Freeman where they have those big scarves round their necks, which were actually knitted for them by Astrid [Kirchherr].” - Klaus Voormann, Astrid Kirchherr: A Retrospective

Looking Back: Boar Market

Back in Wild World, there was a glitch that allowed you to place turnips on top of tables, preventing them from ever spoiling.

If you tried to drop a turnip bunch on the ground while there was no space around you, it would land on the table. If left like this they would never rot, so you could sit on a hoard of turnips until the right price came around. You could even move them around again and it’d be fine as long as the turnips didn’t cross that Sunday 6 a.m. mark.

Turnip is WEIRD. He seems really stupid. He does things like get on the wheel when Jean Luc is already running & then appears confused when there’s no room. And he never seems to know when it is feeding time. When I approach the cage with food, I open the door on the top–all of the other rats go there to eat, but poor Turnip sits at the bottom door, frantically chewing on it. I always have to feed him separately because I’ve sat & waited before, he never realizes he needs to go to the top. Poor Turnip.