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Upside-down crosses

If there’s one thing I hate about horror movies, it’s the “demons will turn your crosses upside-down!” trope. 

Y’all know what I’m talking about:

Except apparently demons have the same understanding of how Christianity works as the author of My immortal, because guess what? Turning a cross upside-down is not blasphemy. 

It’s called a St. Peter’s cross, and it’s a symbol of Christian humility. That demon just made the room more Catholic.

Also, guess who else doesn’t have a problem with upside-down crosses?

Why “Rad Likes Robots” is possibly the most interesting OK KO episode so far.

It’s Romeo and Juliet for kids.


Rad and Shannon falls in love, despite the fact that they are from different worlds that doesn’t match up at all. Also, they practically don’t know each other.

Sounds familiar?

That’s one of the key elements in the Romeo and Juliet tale: their love is rushed and is impractical. But they still take their love serious and are prepared to make the effort necessary to make their relationship work.

OK KO is a humorous show, so I expected the writers to take the Star-Crossed Lovers trope and make fun of it, turn it upside down. Instead, I got to see a rather interesting retelling of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

The story about two young lovers who has fate against them has been done countless times in animated shows for kids. But they usually have happy endings where our lovers end up together, or there is at least a silver lining of some sort, reminding us that it’s not all bad.

But not in “Rad Likes Robots.”

The ending of the episode is surprisingly fateful to the original source with it’s own twist. Shannon fakes her rebooting so that she and Rad can stay together(Juliet’s fake suicide), but it backfires completely, since Rad tries to “kill” his sorrow by declaring that Shannon was a “stinkin’ hunk of junk”(Romeo kills himself). That breaks poor Shannon’s heart, making her reboot for real in order to kill her feelings for Rad, thereby ending her pain(Juliet ends her life, knowing that Romeo is dead).

So… where is the silver lining? This is a kids show, so there gotta be one, right?


… No.

There is no bright side. There is no comfort. There’s just…sadness and pain.

Sure, one would think that Shannon was the fortunate one, as she could reboot to a well-working robot body that feels nothing for Rad. But here is the thing: As soon as she woke up in her new body, she instantly went to the plaza and attacked Rad mercilessly, demanding that he fought back. Seems like her robot brothers were wrong. Sure, she isn’t sad anymore, but she is still angry, possibly in pain and unsure why. Heck, Raymond and Darrell looks a bit worried when Shannon attacks Rad, knowing that something is wrong and that she is a bit TOO passionate about making Rad fight her so that everything can go back to normal. It’s a tragic ending, no matter how you look at it.


ebonyheartnet  asked:

Tomarry please! Can you do an A/B/O wings au where they're both omegas who turn the conventional trope upside down? So much love for your awesome writing!

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry

Tags: Wing fic, A/B/O, BAMFs, Sexism, Heteronormativity, in a way, Secondary Genders, Breaking Gender Roles, Modern Day, Power Couple, They Don’t Want Kids,

Everyone knew that Omegas were not strong physically. It was a fact that the Omegan population had to come to terms with centuries ago.

In fact, many things had been pressed upon the shoulders of all Omegas since the beginning of their species.

  1. Omegas are slight in frame.
  2. The do not possess great physical strength.
  3. Their wings are thin and fragile, and incapable of lifting them off the ground.
  4. Omegas are fair in appearance, and are meant to be delicate.
  5. An Omega should always allow themselves to be protected.
  6. Omegas do not do harm to others unless it is to protect their offspring.
  7. Omegas are kind and maternal.
  8. They are meant to bear the children, that is why they have wombs.
  9. Omegas should not mate with Omegas.
  10. They must never refuse a possible suitor and must be won fairly.
  11. When won, they are not to refuse the victor their right.

On and on the list went. And the mad thing about it was that society thought it was okay. Very few people thought outside the box and decided to ignore social convention.

The way Omegas were treated had been what always angered Tom Marvolo Riddle. Tom didn’t mind his attractive face. He liked what he could get out of people by playing on their borderline hypnotised thought processes. After all, society pushed their disgusting beliefs down everyone’s throat for centuries, brainwashing people into thinking only one way.

The sheep didn’t realise how easily manipulated they were, and to an extent Tom preyed upon that. But it always came back on him in some way.

He was considered abnormal for an Omega. He grew taller than any Omega he or other orphans had ever seen. His voice changed during puberty instead of staying bell-like as was expected. His wings, which were an inky black, were full and had a span of 670cm. They also were strong enough to allow him to fly like Alphas.

Many believed he was a failed Alpha, if he didn’t have the womb of an Omega and the unfortunate bi-annual Heats. He didn’t fit the criteria of a Sigma either.

Tom’s experiences made him detest society and their treatment of people like him. He was meant for greater things. And there was no way in hell that some stigma crated eons ago, would control his life. People would learn one way or another.

And thankfully he had magic on his side. So while he might not be powerful physically like some brute, he had magical power many could only dream of. And that would get him to where he should be. Tom Riddle rolled over for no one.

The thing about Harry Potter was that he fit almost all boxes for the Omegan appearance. He was 167cm tall, very thin, his dark hair shined and was silky, his voice didn’t really deepen but got a little raspy, and he had perfect skin. Harry looked like the perfect Omega on the surface. His wings weren’t feathered, but instead leathery, thin, and translucent. Delicate. Only the length of his body.

But… not all was as it appeared. Those wings, while they appeared weak, were incredibly flexible and he could fly with them! And Harry, who’d learned that he was magical when he was eleven, also learned why he was abnormally strong. 

His magic was saving him. His relatives weren’t the greatest. They didn’t like him and let it be know very well. His cousin attacked him often and once broke his arm. The next time he tried the same way, he couldn’t manage it and Harry managed to break his arm instead.

Omages shouldn’t be capable of that. He’d gotten in a lot of trouble for it too.

But it revealed something. Harry was very strong. And when he got to Hogwarts, he learned why.

His magic had done it to protect him. Starvation was countered by magic acting as sustenance. Injuries were repaired by his magic and then the particular area was made stronger. Madam Pomfrey had said something about ‘bones of iron’. He didn’t know if it mean this skeleton was actually made of iron now, or was just as strong as iron, and he didn’t care. 

Harry was strong.

And not just physically. He was also magically powerful, capable of topping almost every student by sheer mass of power alone. Save for another.

Another Omega. One who also broke the mould like him.

One who treated Harry like he was genuine competition instead of turning up his nose at Harry for being different or for being an Omega. Because while many tried to deny it, there was an intense amount of disrespect to Omegas from Alphas and the like.

Sexism at its finest really. Of the Secondary Genders, Omegas got the worst, which was odd considering Sigmas were basically Alphas with Omegan abilities, but those that were discovered got preferential treatment? Harry didn’t think it was fair. No one cared what he thought however.

Anyway, Harry thought the way he was treated for his Secondary Gender was shite, and made sure that other people knew it, whether they took him seriously or not.

Apparently being a celebrity only worked in your favour when you pandered to everyone’s assumptions.

And he’d never even asked to be famous to begin with.

The whispers were loud. People looked scandalised because something unheard of was happening.

Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, Gryffindor and Slytherin, two Omegas, were kissing under the mistletoe.

It was certainly a shock, especially to the ‘purists’ who couldn’t seem to think for themselves and simply lapped up the codswallop they’d been taught for centuries.

And Tom and Harry reveled in it. And no one dared attack them or speak up, because both were the best in the school. Both shattered expectations and were proud to lord their skills over everyone in return for the treatment their Secondary Gender received.

Also, Tom Riddle was sadistic to a level Omegas shouldn’t be, and many had learned not to anger him. So it was safest for them to remain silent, if they wanted to keep their wings safe.

The last person that had angered Riddle - by attacking Potter - had turned up with their primaries clipped too far down, and they mercilessly pinioned improperly. They had permanently lost the ability to fly. No proof had existed to get Riddle in trouble, but they weren’t stupid. He didn’t try to hide his amusement after all.

Basically, they had to deal with it or else.

And both Omegas loved every moment of it.

Also, neither liked kids, so it wasn’t as if they were needed.

A/N: A/B/O fics are always great. Sigmas are my creation. I have an entire Series of fics using them on AO3. Check out the info on the Sigmaverse if you’d like. Also check the stories if you want.

Anyway, I really love ruining expectations in A/B/O fics. I have the same view on soulmate fics. Doing the unexpected is my fav course of action.

I liked this prompt. ^-^

Author Spotlight: lilyvandersteen day 4

This is honestly one of the finest rec lists because it’s thematic. I couldn’t make all of the authors tag so have tried to list them in the tags too

Day 4: Recs!

Ooooh… I LOVE reccing fics! Only five, though? All right, then… 

I’ll try and stay off the beaten path for this. It would be easy enough to mention one of the classics by @anxioussquirrel, @chazzam​ , @mrscriss2012, @zavocado​, @missbeizy , @nadiacreek​, @heartsmadeofbooks​ or Rainjoy, but you already know and love those stories, so what’s the point?

1.      One of our fandom’s most original and imaginative writers is @sunshineoptimismandangels​. I love her stories. She can take an age-old trope and completely turn it upside down and inside out. I love her take on Kurt and Blaine, and she writes Cooper so well, too. The fic of hers I’m going to rec is Missing Pieces. I’m not going to spoil the plot for you. All I’ll say is that I’ve read and re-read this story countless times, and it never fails to move me. Absolute must-read!


“Why did those men think we were gross?” he asked. “What did we do wrong?”

“Nothing,” Kurt said, turning in his seat to face B. “We didn’t do anything wrong. Some people just don’t like to see two men together.”

“But… They were all men and together.”

“Yes, but they thought we were on a date, and they don’t like gay people.”

“They don’t like people just because they are gay?”

Kurt sighed. He hated that this was something B had to learn about the world. “Yes.”

“People are scared of things they don’t understand,” B said, remembering the words Kurt had told him before.

“Yeah, and sometimes people don’t want to understand.”

B was quiet for a moment and Kurt watched him closely, trying to determine what he was thinking. Slowly, a smile grew on B’s lips.

“They thought we were on a date?”

Kurt rolled his eyes and laughed. “That’s what you got from what just happened?”

B shrugged and smiled. “I don’t mind people thinking we were on a date.”

2.      I’m a fluff writer, and I also love to read fluff. Nothing brings me more joy than waking up to a new story by @hazelandglasz​, @whatstheproblembaby​, @a-simple-rainbow, @chatterboxrose​, @sir-pyllero​, @notthetoothfairy​, @skivvysupreme or @fablewriter . They never fail to make me smile and they improve my mood a thousand-fold. If you’re fever feeling blue, I encourage you to look up these authors on AO3 and read some of their offerings – it will make you feel happier in no time.

The piece of fluff I’m going to rec here, though, is a wonderful cross-over between Glee and Enchanted called That’s How You Know, and written by the lovely @afterthenovels . It’s still a WIP, but there’s more than enough of it to capture your attention, and there’s no cliffhanger that will make you count the days until we get the next chapter. And oh, I love this story SO much. Kurt and Blaine are so sweet and shy and oblivious, and they complement each other so well. *Happy sigh* Read it, you’ll LOVE it, that’s a guarantee.


Blaine steps closer as quietly as he can, but Kurt doesn’t even stir, his eyelashes fanned out over his cheeks as he sleeps. He looks… younger. Less like a prince and more like a regular man.

“I guess you really were tired,” Blaine says quietly.

He unfolds the blanket in his arms and spreads it carefully over Kurt’s body, making sure it covers him from neck to toe. Kurt shifts in his sleep, huddling closer to the warmth and letting out a pleased hum, his lips curling into a small smile, and Blaine can’t help the smile that spreads over his own face.

His hair is a mess, he has no idea where his boyfriend is or why he missed their date tonight, his best friend is worried about his love life, and there’s a strange man sleeping on his couch, looking surprisingly at home for someone who’s clearly very far away from home.

Yeah. Maybe he can deal with all of this tomorrow.

3.      Much as I hate scary movies, I love to read scary stories once in a while. Ghosts and vampires and djinns and the like stirring up no end of trouble. I’m reading a delightfully eerie nail-biter right now called Callaway Place (also by @sunshineoptimismandangels), but the story I’m going to recommend here is All the Beautiful Pieces by @lady-divine-writes​. Once again, it’s a WIP, but I hope you won’t let that scare you off, because this story has everything to keep you spell-bound: a house with a dark past, voodoo magic, a protagonist with second sight, and a sweet love story between Kurt and Blaine, because of course they find each other and fall in love in spite of all the craziness surrounding them.


Blaine slips a hand beneath the puppet’s shoulder and another behind his head, lifting him ever so gently and relocating him the final distance.

“Just a few more inches,” Blaine says in a soothing voice, “and we’ll wrap you up and put you in the box.” Blaine gazes at the puppet’s face, into his single good eye. He smiles wider as he lays the puppet on the blanket, but his hand beneath the puppet’s head starts to feel warm. It begins at a spot in the center of Blaine’s palm and radiates like a single ray of golden sunshine. It’s liquid heat, pouring into his veins, shooting out to his fingers, filling his body up like a cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day.

His eyes are open, his mind awake, but the haze returns. It obscures his vision in a veil of white mist. It drifts in front of his eyes. He can only peek through in random spots where it thins, revealing shimmering images that disappear like the dreams you hold on to in those seconds right before you wake.

Can you feel that? Blaine hears his own voice whispering inside his head.

I do, another voice replies. It’s high and lilting, pure as silk and singing in his ears.

What does it feel like? 

It feels like…like summer all over my body…

Blaine laughs, pressing his lips to cool skin. “And what else?

A giggle answers him in that same musical voice. “It feels like…

The voice gasps, and Blaine feels his body tighten.

It feels like you, the voice whimpers breathlessly. “Everything is you…all around me…it’s you…

Blaine closes his eyes as the world collapses in on him. Behind his eyelids he can see another set of eyes gazing back at him – perfect blue eyes, patient blue eyes, loving blue eyes that shift to grey and glimmer like rare jewels. Quivering pink lips smile at him, part, and then whisper a single, blissfully choked-off word.


4.      I much admire writers who can make their readers laugh their heads off. So the fourth fic I’m going to recommend is a very funny one. In this category, honourable mentions go to @skivvysupreme’s Drunk Kurt fics, Sexy101 by Sweet Emii, Seduction & Straight For A Week by @Crazy4Klaine and When you read my mind by @alexwishington​. But the story I’m choosing to spotlight is called Teenage dreams and movie scenes, and it’s written by @saraklaine100​. Both Kurt and Blaine are famous in this fic, and Kurt has a huge crush on Blaine, so his best friends corner Blaine until he agrees to meet Kurt. Cue a very embarrassed Kurt, and an instantly smitten Blaine. This story is amazing. Guaranteed to cheer you up however blue you’re feeling.


Kurt was working on autopilot. He had no conscious decision to outstretch his hand or the time to process it. He just stared at those hazel eyes he found so fascinating one moment and the next he could feel Blaine’s warm hand squeezing his own. He felt prickles all over his skin. Well, up until the moment James and Oliver clasped their hands and all but yelled “We now pronounce you Kurt Hummel and his teenage dream” and Kurt facepalmed at this, ripping his hand away from Blaine’s hold.


“Get the fuck out” Kurt hissed at his friends and they knew better than to stay. They patted Blaine’s shoulder like he’s an old friend, still smiling and he could swear he heard Sean say “Condoms are under the sink” before they left.


Kurt was still craning his face in his hands. “Please just leave” he said. “Just…Look, I’m gonna keep my face covered and you can just run away and you can pretend this never happened. Send me the bill from therapy. ”

5.      And of course my fic rec list wouldn’t be complete without a smutty fic rec. It’s so difficult to narrow this down to just one fic. Some authors you should definitely check out in this category are @dualwielding, @stellata, icedwhitemochas, flyblckbirdfly and rayychel infinity, but the fic I’m going to recommend is by @caramelcoffeeaddict. It’s called Desperate Times… and it’s absolutely smut-a-licious, but definitely more than just PWP. It’s a wonderful story, and I promise you that you will love it.


Devon takes a few steps back, so he’s now standing in front of Angel, and starts teasing the removal of his pants; all while dancing seductively to the music. His fingers twist in the waistband of his pants and then he yanks hard, pulling the breakaway pants off, and throwing them at the wall behind Angel. He’s left in just a tight red thong that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Once again, Devon straddles Angel, hovering just above his lap. He stretches his arms above his head, crossing them at the wrists, and rolls his hips down, teasing Angel. Devon turns himself around, bending at the waist, showing off his ass. He cranes his head around to see Angel licking and biting his lips as he stares at Devon’s ass. Devon smirks, and then smacks his own ass once, before righting himself and winking at Angel.

Turning around to face Angel, Devon starts to play with the straps of his thong, giving Angel tiny glimpses of his cock. He straddles him once again, gyrating to the music. “Would you like to touch me, Angel?” Devon asks in a low, sultry voice.

Angel visibly gulps, lets out a shaky breath, and slowly nods his head.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts about the ship laremmy(Lars x Emerald) that starts popping up?

Thanks for the question! 

I realise that I don’t usually cover shipping posts in my analyses but I think that this one in particular is symptomatic of a much more well-establish trope on television.

1. Agression and Passion

As long ago Bond movies (and some of the latest ones) have shown us the titular character seducing or physically intimidating women henchmen, or evil villains (usually male)  brainwashing a female sidekick (for a dramatic reveal to the hero) there seems to be a bit of a power imbalance involved in these relationships.

Mainstream media does like to present narratives that begin with aggression and tension, and sort of just letting them morph into romance later on. There are also a lot of movies that have a more subtle hint of this trope. In them a younger, usually female, in a subordinate role absolutely detests her usually older male superior and then falls in love with him by the end of the movie. I’m thinking of The Medicine Man (hey! Also Sean Connery) and Six Days Seven Nights but I do recall seeing it a lot growing up. 

I’m not too fond of this trope, though, because usually, these characters have good reason for not liking their supposed love interests, and being put in a stressful situation does affect one’s judgement. So presenting it as a relationship that’s “true” is a bit iffy for me.

In Lars’s case, I think those same elements of Lars’s being at the advantage, and with his newfound leadership role and confidence (as of the promo we’ve seen) and Emerald’s being female-coded and at the disadvantage is hitting a lot of those notes, and it fits into an established narrative framework we’re already familiar with.

But aside from any permutation of characters’ being “shippable” because it’s the Internet, maybe the ship is also popping up for another trope.

2. The Star-Crossed Lovers

Something else to which this ship rings similar is the trope of star-crossed lovers. When we start with two characters on opposite sides, it makes for an interesting story when they want to break away from the bigger conflict (that they usually did not orchestrate themselves) and find solace in each other instead.

It’s a really old trope and I think it’s appeal lies mainly in how both characters are presented as underdogs. They’re being oppressed by a system or context that is way beyond their control, and their goal is a noble one. The trope gives us someone to root for, because the surrounding circumstances are usually presented as undesirable and unfair.

Given two characters fighting on the opposite sides of some conflict, a lot of people tend to interpret aggression and tension as some sort of romantic tension as well, similar to the first point. (And that has some rather disturbing implications for our ideas of romance as a whole, but that’s for later)

We see this phenomenon of those on the sides of “good and evil” falling in love and becoming embroiled in a conflict between following their hearts or their loyalties a lot. 

And again, this situation wouldn’t be very difficult to set up at this point in Steven Universe, so it does give a lot of people a reasonable space to assume that it could.

Especially in a show like SU, I think the appeal of such a pairing is that it could be instrumental in Emerald’s “redemption arc.” 

3. My own thoughts

Narratively speaking, though, I don’t think this will come to pass in the show. There’s already a character slated as Lars’s ongoing love interest, and we’ve seen a lot of positive growth come of it. Sadie’s arc with Lars, be it temporary or permanent, is yet to be concluded. At this point, their actions reveal them to be a couple. And we do see her visibly concerned about him in the promo. 

Moreover, we don’t really see gems romantically attracted to human beings by default. That Emerald in particular is attracted to human men is something that needs to be established in the show prior to the plausibility of their relationship being romantic in nature.

Also, tying Emerald’s redemption arc to one person isn’t an idea I’m too fond of. It’s not only an undue burden on one character, but it’s also a bit cheapening and reductive of Emerald herself. All the growth that comes with unlearning your worldview and being open to a new way of seeing things is sort of shrunken down into a person-sized package. 

Finally, the Crewniverse has done a great job turning many tropes upside-down thus far. The tropes themselves say something about us and our collective agreement on the nature of relationships, and what they say is sometimes harmful. So I’m looking forward to how they plot that out.

But if there are people who want to ship these two, these are just some of the premises to consider before jumping into it :D

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#i think cersei is one of the instances where grrm’s not-subversiveness becomes more evident#like#cersei’s truly the evil queen trope on steroids#complete with ominous prophecy about younger beauty coming to dethrone her!#and i say it affectionately#because i enjoy the writing in her chapters a lot#but imo it’s clear that grrm is doing an analytical work from INSIDE the trope#rather than turning it upside down#he has no intention of setting cersei on a different path than the one carved by the trope#he’ll ramp up her *evilness* and paranoia until it devours her#maybe if we had a counterpart in the text / an example of female redemption coming from similar tropes#it would be less conspicuous

Okay I feel like this may have been done before but I just have to write something on how important Rewind and Chromedome’s relationship is to not just me, but to LGBTQ tf fans as well.

I have had my fair share of seeing LGBTQ representation in media, whether it be the stereotypical butch lesbian/flamboyant male, a closeted character that comes out/confirmed as not straight, two characters becoming a canon couple, or the terrible trope where an LBGTQ character dies. And nowadays, having a character come out as anything but straight is an amazing thing because it’s a taking a step forward up the pyramid of diversity. 

But the way love is played out/written in MTMTE is different. In Cybertron, heteronormativity isn’t a thing. And because a large majority of Cybertron’s population is male-coded, homonormativity is the norm. Who you choose to love isn’t seen or treated differently in society (well, maybe if it’s an autobot and decepticon). There’s no “coming out” scene, there’s no confusion or struggle to figure out whether you’re straight or not, there’s no personal questions asked. Chromedome and Rewind’s relationship isn’t treated like a same sex couple on tv, where it’s considered to be big deal.

Honestly, never in my life have I ever seen a same sex couple in media treated the way it’s treated in More Than Meets The Eye. There’s no labels for sexuality, love is just love. And honestly, I am so thankful for James Roberts for giving us TF fans something to relate to. I have watched the first 15 minutes of UP without shedding a single tear, and the death of Rewind in MTMTE #15 had me sobbing in tears, and Rewind’s message in #16 had me bawling my eyes out. But then in MTMTE #33, Rewind was brought back, and reunited with Chromedome, those tears of heartbreak that I shed were brought back as tears of relief and happiness. James Roberts almost baited the ship into the “bury your gays” trope and turned it upside down by giving us a happy ending. Because that was his way of telling us LGBTQ fans what Rewind said to Chromedome.

“You deserve to be happy”.

I’ve noticed a contrast between people who still like Sherlock, and people who think it’s changed in a bad way. I think the ones who are disappointed have been surprised, because they assumed Sherlock would follow the all-too-common arc of shows that let the (white) (male) lead be cruel and petty and dismissive, and people find it funny because he’s the hero! He’s soft at heart! He’s a genius, that’s why he’s so mean–no one understands him! That does happen a lot. And if that’s what the show was doing, it’d be awful.

But I believe Sherlock is actually meant to be a show slowly subverting that awful trope of the genius white guy who gets away with everything. Greg Lestrade lays out the show’s character arc in the very first episode: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man. And one day, if we’re very lucky, he’ll be a good one.” BBC Sherlock is the story of how Sherlock becomes a good man.

That’s why in this iteration of Sherlock, John Watson isn’t a sidekick, not just a biographer; he’s the one who keeps Sherlock right. Who teaches him to change his focus from solving the crime to saving the life. Who repeatedly reminds him to think about the effect his words have; who teaches him kindness and respect and self-sacrifice. Slowly, Sherlock changes, from the man who took to heart Mycroft’s idea that love is a dangerous disadvantage, to the man in Season Three who holds the hands of a heartbroken client and shouts at the man who took advantage of her; who (according to John’s blog) takes a case just to get a woman out of a loveless, abusive marriage so she can be with her true love; who cries on the stag night when a client talks about lost love. Who gives his life for love of John. He’s learning to be softhearted; slowly. He’s not all there yet. This next season will change him again.

Some fans of Sherlock think the show’s lost it’s way. They’re the ones who came for the “pissy white dude” show. They loved his snarky, bitter, biting defensive act in Season One. They thought it was funny. By and large, they’re the ones who couldn’t stand Season Three, because he’s changing; we’re seeing him becoming kind, humble, patient, giving. That’s a part of his character that’s still growing, not fully developed, but slowly unfolding–mostly thanks to John.

We have yet to see what they’ll do with his character in Season Four, but they’ve promised to dig into the ghosts of his past, the things that have made him cold, and closed. They gave us a view of their end goal when they created The Abominable Bride, which textually is all about the ways in which Sherlock’s ignored, devalued and dismissed the feelings, contributions, capabilities of the extraordinary women who surround him, and John’s as well, sometimes; and subtextually is about his inability to show emotion, not to be vulnerable and tender; his claim that it’s a choice, a self-improvement and the reality that it’s a wound and a flaw that needs healing. This is a deep subversion of the hard-edged hero trope. This is turning it inside out and upside down; he becomes who he’s meant to be not by being above everyone, but by learning how much he needs them.

Homestuck is a webcomic,a creation myth, a story about 4 kids who play a game. It’s sci-fi, it’s fantasy, it’s got time travel and alternate universes. It’s a video game in the most abstract and literal sense, with ridiculous inventory systems and doomed realities where the players failed to win. It plays with tropes and genres and explores them and turns them upside down. It pushes what a webcomic can be, using every kind of media imaginable from full-on walkarounds to an unbelievably shitty comic run by one of the characters to literally retconning the story in a coherent, story-advancing way and breaking the fourth (and fifth) wall. It’s about a bunch of kids growing up, their dumb jokes and shenanigans and figuring out their sexualities and what it means to be one of many alternate versions of youself. The near-unbeatable main villian draws shitty manga and betty crocker is an alien that succeeds in world domination. Memes, jokes, puns, and the unfailingly witty writing style are inescapable even in the most serious moments. The plot is so complex and extensive, spanning multiple realities, the comic has a legitimate argument for being one of the best works in the english language, and the universe is a frog. This huge paragraph doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. It’s a ludicrously long tale stuffed with humor and sarcasm and beautiful things and horrifying things and an unforgiving amount of meta in an unsettling, awe-inducing blend a flavor all its own. It’s ridiculous in every aspect and absolutely, absolutely incredible.

Supergirl is no Kryptonian rom com, but it’s full of goofy charm

Supergirl opens by intentionally checking off each of those “chick-flick” beats in the first 10 minutes — and then proceeds to turn the tropes upside-down. The fear going into this first episode was that the show would be a clichéd mess, running roughshod over a beloved character in a cynical grab at female audiences. Instead, Supergirl manages to be enjoyable, and in some ways even lovable. It’s still a mess that might lose casual viewers early, but the show is a winning effort for being every bit as feminist as it is fun and campy.

— Kwame Opam for The Verge

anonymous asked:

do you think Klaroline is using the good girl changing the bad boy trope? do you think Klaus is less a villain when he is with Caroline?

Actually no, not at all. One of the things that actually really interests me about Klaroline is that it takes the beauty and the beast trope and completely turns it on it’s end. It could have very easily become the sweet girl magically changing the bad boy for her love, but the writers pretty much accidentally made it into the complete inverse of that, and that’s one of my favorite aspects of Klaroline as a ship. 

I mean, the bad boy changing for a good girl trope is a fairly straightforward “selfish man decides to change for the love of a good woman” kind of dynamic. What I think is so fantastic about Klaroline is that it takes this very common trope (that’s even more common in the TVD universe) and completely upends it on every level. First of all, Klaus isn’t actually changing for Caroline’s love. Caroline doesn’t offer up her love in exchange for Klaus’ goodness, in fact Caroline doesn’t offer up or promise anything at all in exchange for Klaus’ goodness, she simply challenges him to make decisions based on what he thinks or wants instead of based on whatever he thinks he needs to do or can do because he’s the diabolical villain. Caroline is never Klaus’ reward for making the right choice, which is a pretty key element of this trope typically. 

Once again Klaroline turns this trope upside down in the sense that Klaroline is not about a bad boy becoming good or even a good girl becoming bad, it’s about two people completely reconsidering their notions of morality and their perceptions of themselves, possibly meeting somewhere in the middle. What’s ironic about Klaus and Caroline is that despite all of his blathering about predatory behavior and survival of the fittest, it’s actually Klaus who defines himself in much more human terms of morality. He sees himself as “evil” because he looks at himself through the eyes of a human mind, whereas Caroline still sees herself as “good” because she really is a good vampire. She sees herself through the eyes of a more flexible inhuman morality, which is completely diametrically opposed to the very basic human moral beauty and the beast trope. 

And finally, my favorite way in which Klaroline is the inverse of the beauty and the beast trope is that in these bad boy changing for the love of a good woman stories there is generally a really unsettling subtext that the woman is somehow responsible for the bad man’s morality. Because she’s the reason he’s changed for the better, the implication is that if he ever changes for the worse or, horror of horrors, she actually withdraws her love from him, that it’s somehow her fault for not being good enough to really change him. Klaroline actually had a specific moment where it could have devolved into this kind of dynamic, after Tyler flees and Klaus heals Caroline he directly says to her that it was all for her. He went against everything he desired for her sake, he made the right choice because he knew it was what she wanted. This is Klaus in an underhanded way trying to make Caroline responsible for his moral choices. She could have rewarded him or even given him a sign of her gratitude, but what does she do? Aboslutely NOTHING. She completely abdicates responsibility for his moral choices, even his good moral choices, which is directly oppositional to the good girl/bad boy trope. 

So no, I don’t think Klaus is less of a villain when he’s with Caroline, because everything about their relationship represents a complete absence of that kind of moral judgment. The beauty and the beast trope is in a lot of ways about women fixing what’s broken in men with the power of their compassion and sacrifice, and Klaroline has consistently avoided that in every instance. The only way in which Klaus is really less of a villain is because Caroline forces him to look at himself as someone making choices and nothing more. Klaroline is about neither Klaus or Caroline being pigeonholed by any kind of moral judgment, which is the absolute inverse of the bad boy fixing the good girl dynamic.