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Francesca Donoghue | 18 | Evanna Lynch | Taken

  • I can heal anyone’s wounds, although healing bones can be very difficult and taxing.
  • Potential friends: Quentin Staub, Jude Garibaldi, Harmony Parker

Francesca Donahue’s life was never easy starting from the day she was born. Her mother died giving birth simply from the injuries the woman had sustained from Francesca’s father. Her mom had known that it was likely she’d die from giving birth, but she could never have passed up the opportunity to bring someone as wonderful as she predicted her daughter would be. Francesca grew up to be just as wonderful as her mom had predicted. Only, with a few differences than even her mother could have predicted.

She grew up with her father who hated her because she’d taken her mother away from him, when even that was far from the truth. He’d beat her mother, and it followed to his daughter when her mom had passed. Her mother had hoped to escape with the little girl after she was born, but she hadn’t made it and the little girl had been left to be beaten. Francesca discovered that she could heal herself one day after her father had beaten her within an inch of her life. Slowly she’d begun to heal, but she’d had to sleep for a long time afterward. 

Her father was angry after she finally woke up, and Francesca became convince she had to escape, so that’s exactly what she did. She ran. She ran as fast as she could the day she turned 18. She ended up here where she could finally hide her past and begin to heal, but her father still taunts her often giving her nightmares causing her to wake up in a cold sweat screaming. However, the young girl always seems happy smiling as much as she can.