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Red Velvet to make a comeback in FEBURARY! it is “expected to be a turning point for both red velvet the team and the agency.”


This is my message to the USA (x)

I’d bet money that wasn’t the first time a gem nearly killed Greg Universe, not out of malice but out of curiosity, impulsiveness and a lack of understanding of human frailties.

I’m looking at you, Amethyst. 

So I’ve been chatting with @snowflake-owl about the Antagonist Lewis AU again for the last few days, and we had an interesting topic come up about the general route of how the story might flow.

With Antag!Lewis, I can see several key turning points in the story: it begins with Lewis wanting revenge.  Already established, got it, good.

Turning point 1: Lewis hesitating.  Realizing that something is WRONG.  Perhaps he is about to take his revenge on Arthur, but is suddenly very aware that Vivi is watching… and realizes he doesn’t want her to see him as a murderer.  He lets them go, either by his own decision or by hesitating long enough such that the Skulls are able to stop him and get away safely while he’s still reeling from his realization.

Turning point 2: Somehow, Vivi gets her memories back.  Lewis must face his own actions and make a decision.  Arthur must face the fact that, no matter the reason why, he has indeed been lying to Vivi.  Mystery must face a similar internal conflict.  Vivi must come to terms with the fact that she’s forgotten everything.  This second turning point is the biggest one for character development.  Lewis’s decision here drives the rest of the story, and in my opinion, the best way to get the most effective drama out of it is: he decides that he is just a ghost, and becomes all the more hellbent on revenge, no matter what Vivi thinks of him.  He thinks that’s all he deserves, since she “clearly hates him” for taking her memories away.  He thinks he has no chance of reconciling with her and sadly accepts what he thinks is his fate, trying to disassociate himself from it (and succeeding on the surface, but failing miserably deeper down).

Third turning point: Lewis learns the truth.  One way or another, he almost gets his revenge… until something happens, and he realizes exactly what has felt so wrong this whole time: HE is wrong.  This is the point at which he has to face the music.  The Skulls’ decision here decides his next course of action; Lewis is no longer the one driving the story.  I’ve seen stories take it in both ways–they don’t forgive him, or they do–and both are interesting.  I personally prefer ones where he is not forgiven immediately.  He becomes ashamed of himself and is terrified of showing his face.  Vivi is furious with everyone, but especially Lewis.  She’s upset with Mystery and Arthur, but realizes at this point that they’ve been through enough.  She sets aside her indignation at being lied to because of WHY they were lying to her: they were trying to A: keep her safe, B: respect Lewis’s dying wish, or C: both of the above or more.

Things go back to an uneasy “normal” for a bit, until something causes the team and Lewis to be in the same place at the same time.  Here’s an idea, and you can take it or leave it because I’m pulling it out of my left sleeve:  Lewis wants no more attention, but at the same time can’t quite keep himself away from the team. He wants to apologize somehow but can’t think of anything he could say or do.  So he settles for trying to help them in ways they may never notice, at least feeling like he’s somehow atoning.  Helping from the shadows on cases, doing small things here and there… possessing and keeping the steering wheel steady when the van threatens to spin out of control… things that the Skulls might question if they ever stopped to think about it.  But they think he’s long gone.

Arthur’s still a little broken up about it, but in true Arthur fashion, he pushes on.  Vivi tries to act like it never happened.  Mystery is highly uneasy, knowing SOMETHING is off and never being able to put his paw on it… until he catches a whiff of a familiar spiritual scent.  He says nothing, though.

This is where things get muddy for me, because there are just so many ways things could play out from here.  I can’t decide on a favorite.  But yeah, in general, I feel like there are just so many potential turning points for this AU in which it takes Lewis so long to come to forgive Arthur… and likely much longer to forgive himself.  :V

Sarada Uchiha

When I first read chapter 700:

What the fuck is this. Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is Salad? FUCK THIS.

When I first read Naruto Gaiden chapter 1:

Sarada is my precious baby girl, we must protect this tiny queen. I will fight anyone who makes her cry.


Seems good. Too bad laughing or bosco bosco didn’t get best male actor award this year they were both so good.!!!!


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