turning keys


Title: Happier

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1185

Warnings: alcohol consumption

A/N: Here is my little contribution to SPN Angst Appreciation Day (hosted by the lovely @percywinchester27​ and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​). This one shot was inspired by the song Happier by Ed Sheeran. Hope y’all like it!

Dean pulled his keys from his jacket pocket and reached his arm out to unlock the Impala. He turned the key and put his hand on the door handle, and that’s when he heard it–that familiar, bubbly laugh that he had been missing for the past month.

He raised his head and looked across the street, his eyes landing on a sight that made the crack in his heart even bigger.

There she stood with her arms wrapped around a man, who was presumed to be her boyfriend, laughing at something he had said.

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I love when making out with someone, it starts off with soft, slow kissing and maybe even a little pause every now and then just to smile. Then in 0.5 seconds, the intensity increases and next thing you know is you’re trying to pull them closer, but you physically can’t because you’re already body to body, your fingers are digging into their back and you’re breathing heavily while they kissing down your neck.

boyf riends ok

ive been thinking about this all day so what if michael can only take so much sugar before he gets a crazy sugar high

so when he and jeremy are having a sleepover (“it’s not gay!”) and all they are eating/drinking is sugar,,, well michael is bouncing off the walls by one am (jeremy thinks it’s kinda cute but at the same time “sit the fuck down michael!”)

except he’s bound to crash from his high. and he crashes hard.

by like two thirty, three am, michael is totally useless. he can barely keep his eyes open to play any more video games. but when he crashes, he gets dopey and affectionate

so he’ll be having the time of his life, laying across jeremys lap, trying to play with his hands, trying to get him to (“spill some juicy gossip”). he eventually tries to kiss jeremys fingers, hold his hand, etc

he just keeps pushing his boundaries,,, and jeremy is letting him (with a burning red fave, but he’s letting him)

they fall asleep (aka michael passes out and jeremy turns in for the night) practically holding each other, mostly because michael would not let jeremy move once he got ahold of him

as jeremy falls asleep, he’s thinking about telling michael. ya know, telling him. about his feelings

he wakes up, confident and ready to go, except michael embarrassedly detangles from jeremy when he wakes, mumbling a quick “whoa, gay man” (sigh, boys ) and jeremys heart shatters just a little. michael remembers next to nothing from last night, let alone all of his affections