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Kurotsuki fantasy au headcanons?

some earlier made fantasy au hc’s 

• Tsukki is a herbalist living in a village near an enchanted forest where he spends a lot of his time- he knows every rock, tree and animals and other magical creatures there. They don’t mind him rather like him actually

• he first met Kuroo when walking around the forest as usual *cue cliché first meeting in a magical forest with dim sunlight shining through the trees

• and from that day their red string of fate were intertwined the forest decided, the forest has spoken 

• kind of a slow burn friendship/romance going on

• at first it was just nods to acknowledge each other whenever they saw each other but since both spends so much time in the forest- conversations were bound to happen

• also bc Kuroo is friendly af and likes talking to new people especially this tall beautiful herbalist  

• they have a meeting spot by a huge old ancient tree where they start having daily chats about whatever 

• and by each day they get closer and closer 

• days turn to months and months to years- there’s never really a confession but they know, they know each others feelings

beneath the ever watcheful eye
the angels of the temple flyyyyyyy

“Stop being such a scrooge Tsukki. You know you had fun with this.” Yamaguchi reached for the red frosting with his finger and placed some on the tip of Tsukishima’s nose. “Now you look like Rudolph!”

I am alive~ :D
This was a commission for @harvestmoonpeoples for the fic they’ve written. Please go and read if you like!

  • every girl on bad girls club: i'm just like... trying to change and like improve myself honestly i want to control my anger!! and be a better person!!! that's what i want to learn from this
  • also every girl on bad girls club: if a girl threaten you you gotta pop off!! this bitch weak if she don't fight!!! she need to go home! fuck what i said about changing nvm
Sleep Deprived

Summary: You’re exhausted and really just need some sleep but Bucky is nothing but trouble.

Request/Prompt(s): -4,31,62,76,9 Preferably in that order?

4. “I’m too sober for this.”
31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”
62. “If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?
76. “Please put your penis away.”
9. “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, super mild smut I guess? maybe?

Word Count: 1910

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Exhaustion crept through every inch of your body, slowly dragging your thoughts into an irritable whirl. It had been a stressful few weeks, and coming off of a daunting double shift the only solace was the idea of a shower, bed, and cuddles. The idea of curling into Bucky’s warm body while you fell asleep was the only comfort to motivate your last few steps up to your apartment.

The second you turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open that comforting feeling shrank to nothing, replaced by a heavy tension. You set your things down as the excited shout of several voices assaulted your ears. The boys were over, judging by the late hour, they were also up to no good.

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Like…. why eat ass… Why..? Why are there people out there going deep and eating the vortex of diarrhea that is the asshole of some people… Like people are out here turning their tongues like keys in assholes like they tryna open a locked door. like… there are people out here who think runnin water down their backs is enough to clean they ass… eating ass is just a wild concept to me, there’s a perfectly nice pussy right there, why dip your tongue in an abyss of doodoofied walls, and just squeezin it  through there and comin back out with scraps of whatever was left over from whatever sins that ass went through. Why do this to yourself?… Eating ass is just really an wild concept to me. like just why do it. why. why do it. why. why are you eating ass. why you doin that? why. no dont do that. why eat ass.

Ok, but, how about it’s game night. Alex and Maggie are sitting next to eachother drinking beer and making sarcastic remarks to eachother about Winn,James and Mon-El. Who are all watching Kara with heart eyes, while she is bouncing around nervously behind her kitchen counter.

Suddenly a key turns into the lock, and the door opens.
Lena friggin Luthor walks in. A bag of potstickers in her hand.

The guys turn towards the kitchen area as they hear Lena utter a ‘sorry i’m late’

Maggie and Alex hide their grins behind their beerbottles at the forlorn expressions on the guys faces as they see Lena kissing Kara, potstickers forgotten on the counter.