turning 30 years old

During 12 NHL seasons, Crosby fulfilled his immense promise by delivering three championships while saving the fragile franchise from bankruptcy and relocation to usher in the greatest era of success for the Penguins both on and off the ice. “Sid the Kid” has grown up and already built a legacy as one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

And he achieved all of that before turning 30 years old (x)

Lost/Looking for Love

This is so hard to write but moreorless post as an confession. I am 27 years old and this year (starting in August) I will be graduating with my Masters in Higher Education/Student Affairs admin. in May 2018. Even though, I am happy to be graduating with loads of student loan debt. It seems like my love life has not improved at all. I am still a virgin (to me) is a good thing. But, when it comes to being an educated black woman in the dating game, it is like we are not what men are looking for. I tried the whole dating within my race (fail), dating outside of my race (double fail) and online dating (triple fail). Alas, with 2.5 years to go before I turn 30 years old, I am afraid that I will NEVER find love or even go a date with a decent guy. 

I wonder how cartoonist feel when instead of there target demographic being a bunch of kids like they planned it turns out to be a bunch of 16 - 30 year olds.

Like instead of a “ Oh this character’s my favorite and I want to be just like them when I grow up ” they get “ Hey so like when’s my ship going to become canon ? ”

TONIGHT! 7-9 PM at G1988 (West), join us for the opening reception of “Don’t Cry, Mac,” our tribute to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, a video game turning 30 years old this year. Check out Kate Snow’s incredible cross stitch she made for the exhibit. Tonight will be your first opportunity to pick up work, and remaining pieces will be online Saturday for purchase on gallery1988.com

Quebec Education System

(This is going to be long, bear with me)

Canada’s education system is for the most part really similar to the States’. But, since education is a provincial thing, some provinces *ahem*QUEBEC*ahem* have a very different system. So I’ll try to explain it briefly:

The school year usually goes from mid- to late-August and ends towards the end of June. The date varies, but all schools are out before June 24, which is the Fête Nationale (kinda like Quebec Day, if you will). It’s mandatory between the ages of 6 and 16.


School isn’t mandatory before Grade 1 but students can attend prematernelle (Pre-Kindergarten) if they turn 4 years old before September 30. Sometimes it is offered in an actually primary school, or in a daycare. If it is offered in an actual school, the pre-K students have to have their own separate building instead of sharing with the rest of the elementary students.

Maternelle (Kindergarten) is also not mandatory, but the majority (98%) of parents send their kids to Kindergarten anyways. Usually, it’s in the same school the kids will be attending for elementary. To be able to go to Kindergarten, the kid has to be 5 years old by September 30.


Also known as primary school, it goes from Grade 1 to 6. Towards the end of primary (in grade 4 and 6), students have to pass ministry exams for French, English and Math. Grades in primary school are usually marked in percentages.


High school is commonly known in French as le secondaire (Secondary school). Unlike in the States and the rest of Canada, high school lasts for five years, from Sec. 1 to 5 (grades 7 to 11). There are no middle schools in the province, and students typically attend the same school for five years. Some high schools offer IB programs and AP classes, but not all. In the last two years of high school, students present ministry exams for History, Science, and Math (Sec. 4), and English and French (Sec. 5). The result of these tests, along with part of the grades of those two years are used to determine whether or not they get accepted into cegep. Grades in high school are usually marked in percentages.


Cegep is Quebec’s own little invention that is a pain in the ass if you want to study outside the province. The name was originally an acronym for Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel (General and professional teaching schools, is the closest English translation), but it has since then become a word of its own. Cegeps are all public, although there are some private schools that serve the same function, and were implemented in the late 1960s.

It can last two or three years, and it basically prepares students for university. There are two types of cegep paths: pre-university, which is two years, or career programs, which are three. Students can choose what they want to study, with the most common programs being social science, science, and communications. As the names suggest, pre-university programs are designed for students wishing to continue their studies in university, while career programs usually don’t require further studies. In some cases, however, students in career programs can continue on to university if they wish to do so. Aside from program-related courses, students need to take common classes: English, French, Phys Ed., Humanities, and a complimentary class (basically a class outside your program, for example, a physics class is you’re studying social science).

Cegep has a grading system similar to a GPA called the R score (or Cote R in French), but with a scale going from 0 to 50. However, most students get a score between 15 and 38. Just to give an idea of the value of the numbers, students need at least at 35 R score to get into medicine and law. The R score can’t be calculated by any one individual, as it requires information that isn’t available to everyone: a student’s grades, the class average, standard deviation, as well as past grades from high school, etc. It is calculated by the Ministry of Education, and is the subject of many complaints by people who do not find it is a fair way to evaluate students. 


Like high school, university in Quebec is shorter than in other parts of Canada and the States. In fact, most people can complete their bachelor’s degree in three years. Students from other provinces and countries, however, have four years of university, as they did not go to cegep. If a Quebec student wishes to go study in another province, they can choose to do one year of cegep to make up for their lack of Grade 12, and then do four years of university, or they can complete their cegep studies and do three years, as their cegep courses are usually equivalent to introduction courses in other universities.

Admission to university is very often ONLY based on a student’s R score. Unlike in the States, where the application process can be very long, in Quebec, applying to a university can be done in an evening (no joke, I applied to three in about three hours). Few programs, such as law and medicine, require letters of intent and recommendations from teachers. More artistic programs may require a portfolio. Most of the time, all the university requires is a transcript of the student’s grade, which is provided by the cegep. The deadline for applications is almost always March 1, but students that apply earlier can receive their acceptance letter before that date.

McGill University is without a doubt the most famous one in the province, however, Quebec boasts a wide variety of universities. In fact, just this year, Montreal (the biggest city of the province) has been named the best student city in the world. It has six universities, the highest in North America, and two of the three English universities are located there. 


Since the 1970s, Quebec has a law regulating the language of education. It’s officially known as the Charter of the French Language, but everyone calls it Bill 101 (Loi 101). In fact, Bill 101 regulates the use of the French language in all aspects, not just education, but we’ll focus on the part that concerns education for now. This law only applies to permanent residents and citizens and it states that everyone must attend French school UNLESS:

  • Their mother or father has completed the majority of their studies in Canada in English;
  • The student has completed the majority of their studies in English in another Canadian province.

The main reason for this law is that, prior to the 1970s, many immigrants would choose to send their children to English schools instead of French ones because they thought it was more convenient to learn English than French. However, the government did not like that, and after several attempts at restricting people’s ability to choose, they announced that the only official language of the province was French and instated the Bill 101.

However, it is worth noting that this law only applies to primary and secondary education. Students can choose to study in either English or French in cegep and university. In 2013, there were attempts to extend the law until cegep, but it fortunately never passed.

Aside from Bill 101, learning a second language is mandatory in elementary and high school. In French schools, the second language is English, and vice versa. Previously, English was taught starting in Grade 3, but, if I’m not mistaken, it now starts in Grade 1. Some schools offer different levels of English classes for students that may have a higher level than others. For example, some students from Francophone families will not speak a word of English before attending elementary, and therefore are placed in the lowest level, while other students, such as Anglophones and some immigrants might already speak it at home and will be placed in a higher level. In English schools, French is taught much more intensively, and it is common for students to study several subjects in French. As a results, Anglophone children are among the most bilingual in the province. The teaching of a second language is mandatory until the end of cegep.

Curiously, many parents with the possibility to send their children to English schools do not, as they believe that their children will be more proficient in both languages if they study one at school and practice the other at home. This however, has led to some English schools closing their doors due to a lack of students.


Until fairly recently, many schools taught religion as a class. Usually, this meant that Catholic students would have a class about religion, while the rest of the students had an ethics class. This was changed in 2008, when the ministry implemented ERC classes (Ethical and Religious Cultures) in primary and secondary schools. However, some religious schools remain, all of the private.

NOTE: I know the proper term for the schools are francophone schools (not French) and anglophone schools (not English). However, it’s easier to read this way, so I left it like that. 

Please let me know if I missed something! :)


Michael Jackson: Bad (1987)

Michael Jackson’s Bad turns 30 years old today and I probably haven’t listened to it in, oh … just about 30 years?

This is my brother’s old copy (Brazilian pressing), so I gave it a spin to mark the anniversary, and Quincy Jones’ production sounded both surprisingly “thin” and NOT surprisingly dated by the era’s electronic shenanigans (see “Speed Demon”) compared to Thriller.

Of course this was very typical of the ‘80s and everyone was too busy talking about Jackson’s visual transformation, instead, which apparently involved some plastic surgery and, more controversially, bleached skin!

As for the songs, neither the faux-metallic “Dirty Diana” nor the jittery “Smooth Criminal” are as good as I remembered them (still pretty good), but “Liberian Girl” is better because it showcases Jackson’s lower vocal registers, and “Another Part of Me” is damn infectious.

Then there was the title track’s 18-minute music video – a major PR event to mark Michael’s long-awaited return that was premiered with huge fanfare by MTV, inspired countless trends (and parodies), but looks even more ludicrous today.

And you can also thank that famous choreography for encouraging several generations of pop and hip hop artists to compulsively pinch their crotches over the ensuing decades – thanks a lot, Michael!

More Michael Jackson: Thriller.

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Bakugou having a crush on Aizawa daughter (who acts just like him) and one day they are sparring he admits his feeling during the fight throwing everyone off guard

I had a funny thought I felt like sharing while writing this. The children in bnha are around 15 years old and I thought ‘hey isn’t Aizawa too young to have a kid this age’ so I checked and it turned out he was 30. Now consider him really having a 15 years old kid and this being the reason for his attitude towards them and why he can actually deal pretty easy with children. Just try imagining it :D

The students waited for Aizawa to appear so their training could start. They felt excited because they had no idea what they were going to do but at the same time they thought it was such a drag to do this after  having to study late at night for tests. They talked vividly with each other and inserted a complaint here and there but their fun time was interrupted by Aizawa’s strict voice.

“Stop your chit chat and get ready.” Aizawa took a pause and looked at the student’s faces one by one. “Your teamwork sucks. That’s why today I’ll have you form teams by two…”

“Who wants to pair with me?” Ashido waved her hand but Aizawa gave an angry look.

“Put your hand down and wait for me to finish.” Ashido made a sad face and slowly put her hand down. “I’ll draw lots to decide on your partner so you can’t team up with your friends. After I divide you into teams the first team will fight against the second, the third against the forth and so on. Keep in mind that you should practice your teamwork. I don’t want to see any of you fighting on your own. Is this clear?” When the students nodded Aizawa drew out two pieces of paper out of his pocket. His daughter was fighting first with Kirishima. He didn’t seem to care much but when he pulled out two more pieces he sulked barely visible. The second pairing was Bakugou and Todoroki. She clearly needed to get as much experience as possible but he didn’t like the thought of letting her fight against this psycho. “The four of you get ready while the others retreat to a safe distance.”

When the students received permission to start the fight Aizawa’s daughter immediately erased Tododroki and Bakugou’s quirks. Since Bakugou was closer she attacked him but there was something strange going on. He dodged her attacks like he alaways did no matter who his opponent was but the punches he tried to land on her were too weak. With or without quirk Bakugou was Bakugou so his behavior made her think he was planning something but she couldn’t figure exactly what.

“What are you up to?”

“Defeating you of course.”

“I don’t see you trying.” No matter how much she thought about it the only explanation she came up with was that he was taking her lightly. “Are you underestimating me?” He tried to hit her but his movements weren’t coordinated so it wasn’t hard to dodge.

“No fucking way!”

“Don’t tell me you suddenly became a gentleman because after your fight with Uraraka it became clear you’re far from it.” He kept silent and continued his attempts to reach and punch her. Even though he wasn’t doing as good as he usually did she had to take care of erasing Tododroki’s quirk as well so it shouldn’t be hard for him to take her down. “I don’t understand what you’re doing.”

“Huh?” Bakugou raised a brow in annoyance. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I don’t know why you’re going easy on me.”

“I’m not going easy on you.”

“Then what?” The contrast between her stubborn questions and her calm and collected exterior pissed him off. He was even more pissed from the fact that he found it hot.

“You’re distracting me.” She used the same weapon as Aizawa and Bakugou barely escaped when she sent it his way.

“How can I distract you?” Her persistence and uninterested eyes that didn’t reflect her curiosity one bit pissed him off as well. And again, why did it seem attractive to him? He was really angry at himself for not being able to concentrate but still, he couldn’t believe he let his emotions take over so much that he confessed to her.

“I fucking like you, ok?”

“What?” This threw her off guard and made her lose her balance which resulted in her falling on the ground but she wasn’t the only one who thought this was unexpected.

“What?” Kirishima couldn’t believe his ears and looked away from Todoroki for a second but Todoroki was trying to use his quirk all the time and when he finally could he sent some ice towards Kirishima who wasn’t able to react and turned into an ice cube. Todoroki was also surprised because he was looking in Bakugou’s direction and it took him a while to notice he froze Kirishima.

The other students stared at Bakugou and repeated “what” one after the other like an orchestra. Every next one sounded louder and more surprised than the previous until Aizawa narrowed his eyes and pronounced one barely audible and confused “what”. Everyone stared at Bakugou and kept silent for a while. The first one to break this awkward silence was Aizawa.

“As I told you your teamwork sucks. You have a lot more to practice. Team three and four, it’s your turn.” Everyone expected to hear some kind of a comment about what happened from Aizawa but he remained silent. In his opinion his daughter was old enough to decide who she goes out with and he practically had no saying in the matter. If his daughter accepted Bakugou’s feelings he could do only one thing and that was to agree. And maybe show Bakugou how scary and intimidating a father can be towards his baby girl’s boyfriend.

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not hate but why do you talk like a 14 year old when you're in your late 20s/early 30s?

How does one talk like a 14 year old on a blog? Like I type things and you read them = me talking?!

Also let’s get this out of the way because for some reason there’s a thing like age shaming here on tumblr or like in the kpop community?! I’m turning 30 years old in September yes, what is people’s problem with age?!??!? I keep getting shit for this every year.

  • Marcus: /has multiple near death experiences, berated so much by his friends and family for a crime he didn't do so he moved away, constantly racially profiled, fights for marginalized groups, attained a gun license and parkour skills for self defense, watches his best friend bleed out on the floor, would die for everybody, grieves and cries alone, only just turned 24, wants to be happy.
  • Wrench: /30 year old white man who loves guns and explosions, yells at Marcus, queerbaits him, would kick a puppy.
  • y'all: poor wrench my baby :(
  • y'all: *makes fics and art on how bad Wrench's life is*