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My blog is turning 2 years old!

In five weeks, my blog is turning 2!

When that happens, I will attempt to write something about how important y’all are to me. It probably won’t do you guys justice, but I’ll do my best.

In the meantime, I’m sitting at 23, 541 followers at this second. It would be amazing to celebrate the anniversary with 25K followers! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it.

choromeki  asked:

104th kids and how they deal with crushes! (Sorry if that has been done before!)

OOooooooo! I honestly don’t know if I’ve done this before, but I’m gonna do it again if I have cause this is a fun prompt. Thank you! (This also got long, so I’m going to add a keep reading!) 

Eren does not realize he has a crush until it is too late. He doesn’t feel himself falling for someone until oh no, he really likes them. Appreciation turns to adoration in .2 seconds, and suddenly, Eren breaks down. He gets super nervous around his crush, stuttering and trying to be funny. He thinks about everything they’ve ever done together, and chastises himself for all the times he’s done something stupid in front of them. He tries really hard to come as someone worthy of their love, (when they often never needed him to ‘prove himself’ in the first place. That’s just Eren’s brain sabotaging itself.) In summary, Eren panics. 

Mikasa is a piner. Once she recognizes she likes someone, she finds it very hard to actually talk to them. So she spends a lot of her time studying them; listening to them, remembering their likes and dislikes and other key information, spending as much time with them as she can. She really tries her best to become their friend, and hopes that from there, something more will happen. She’ll make up scenarios in her head a lot, but those rarely pan out. She is also a very caring person, though, so her natural instincts to care for others will often kick in a lot when her crush needs a helping hand or a smile. 

Armin has two sides when it comes to crushes: the super smooth charmer or the adorably awkward child. Depending on the day, he can either be a master at witty banter and generally chivalrous, romantic behavior, or he’ll be a stammering mess that gets flustered by even a smile from his crush. It depends on how mentally prepared he is. If it’s a hang out that was planned, he’ll be fine, his charming, witty self. But if it’s unplanned happenstance, he’ll be a wreck and will probably yell at himself later as he’s trying to sleep but can’t cause all he can think about are the stupid things he said to them that day. (Good thing the crush thinks he’s pretty cute when he’s helpless!)

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10 facts about Toast

1.    He just turned 21

2.    He’s bisexual, but he mainly likes the dick gtgtgtg

3.    He’s a huge nerd about space

4.    He works at a Sheetz just because of the slushies

5.    He wants to study Astronomy in college

6.    No one calls him by his actual name

7.    He grew up on a dairy farm

8.    Painting is something he enjoys doing, he’s terrible at it tho

9.    He’s not a very religious person

10. Both of his parents are fully supportive of him


So these are some custom Link Monsters i made up to push the potential of the new mechanics and I’m actually pretty interested to see where the official game goes with it. (Card frames not made by me, card art not by me either. Most of them are anime card arts).

Here’s a short description of each card:

Blue Eyes Ultimate Link Dragon: All the monsters linked to it get double piercing damage. 4500 ATK.

Dire Dial Spider: Every time a monster is summoned, its Link Marker shifts clockwise. At the end of each players turn, the turn player has to tribute a monster or else they lose the spider. I really like this one because it encourages both players to think tactically on how many monsters they summon and where they summon it. 100 ATK.

Illusion Reflector: Once per turn, if Reflector has 2 monsters linked to it from both sides of the field, once per turn, you can switch control of the two monsters until the turn’s end. 1500 ATK.

Pendulum Link Statue - Purple Crystal: While in the Pendulum Zone, you can summon an Extra Deck monster to the Main Monster zone linked to Crystal. And that linked monster is unaffected by Traps. While in the monster zone, you can target another Link monster for it to gain an additional marker until the end phase. 0 ATK.

So yeah this is a very complicated mechanic but once you figure it out, this can be pretty fun!

The word Pidge was looking for “homophobic”.“…an age when far too many were still– Homophobic” Well played Voltron. Well played. Maybe the world will get to a point where Pidge doesnt have to be cut off in that scene. (also calling it now #pidgeisthegayone) Alan Turnings heroic and sad story:http://www.bbc.co.uk/timelines/z8bgr82

[TRANS] 161113 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - Fanaccount Compilation (1/2)


1. Seokjin said he was going to make a heart with Jimin at the end of “Blanket Kick”, but Jimin ignored him and make his own heart. So when the stage lights went back on, they both made a big heart.

2. Yoongi took off his in-ears and stood there, Seokjin copied him and blew hand kisses.

3. Jungkook’s greeting: “Hello, I’m Jungkook who just freshly came out of ARMY.ZIP.”

Seokjin: Is there anyone who puts the photocards on bed and sleep?
Seokjin: Really??
Fans: Yes….
Hoseok: Your screams got quieter~

5. Q: Say few words to ARMYs as if you’re saying to your family:

Hoseok (older sister): I did the cute version yesterday so I’ll do the real one today. Noona, thank you~ ^♡^
Taehyung (younger sister): ARMY-ya, watch me~
Jungkook (older brother): You worked hard. I’m gonna buy you sashimi, let’s go.

Jungkook: I use ㅇㅇ( = “kay/ok” in English) a lot when I chat with my hyung.
Taehyung: Still better than me, my brother doesn’t even bother to reply.

7. Yoongi said he watched foreigners’ review videos too.

MC: Oh, so you’re good at English?
Yoongi: (in English) A little?

8. Q: BTS’ strength and weakness according to Namjoon?

Strength: Kind
Weakness: Too~ kind

9. When explaining the reason for his answer:

Namjoon: When we order chicken, no one says anything even if someone eats the leg part first.
Yoongi: Isn’t that what adults do?
Namjoon: So I got to eat the legs first, even though I have to diet…

Q: At the age of 23, do you have any new determination?
Hoseok: Personally, I grew to think deeper no matter what aspect it is. As for our team, we promised to think carefully before acting.

Q: A thing you recently searched for on the portal site?
Seokjin: “Car door guy”, because I’m curious if people still remember it or not.

12. MC asked Jimin what gifts he received for his birthday, but Jimin said he won’t tell everyone. So Yoongi went, “Then I’ll tell. I gave him a whole set of manga.”

13. Jimin said a thing he bought recently was clothes as a gift to the members. He didn’t really remember which kind of clothes it was. Because Jimin often buys birthday presents for the others, so the culture of buying members birthday presents was created.

14. During Jimin’s birthday, Taehyung wrote him a hand letter. Jimin went to the kitchen to drink some water before sleeping and Taehyung gave it to him, “Hey, look inside the box.”

15. Namjoon said he already bought his birthday present for Seokjin.

Q: What did you eat to become this pretty?
Hoseok: I’m a guy…. But, I like ddeokbokki.

17. Jungkook did push-ups with Yoongi sitting on him.

18. Taehyung said Jungkook can even do push-up while piggybacking, so he asked who Jungkook should piggyback. Then Jungkook piggybacked Yoongi and did 2 push-ups.

Q: A weakness that can defeat me?
Yoongi: I don’t have such thing.

20. Yoongi said he has lived 24 years but still has yet to find what his weakness is.

21. When asked what his weakness that can defeat him is, Taehyung said “I haven’t lost once.”

22. According to the members, Hoseok is professional when he does aegyo.

23. Yoongi: “Everyone, you may not know this but when Jungkook does push-ups in his room, he puts me on his back and does it.”

24. Taehyung: “When I read the letters, I see them saying sorry a lot. Compared to our love for you guys, the love that you give us is much bigger. So please don’t say sorry.”

MC: Aren’t you guys going to cry again?
Jimin: Jungkookie, don’t cry~

26. When asked what side of him that the fans don’t know, Jungkook said there’s none, he has shown fans every side of him.

MC: What do we want?
Jungkook: Speed.
Yoongi: No, it’s ssspeeeeddd!
MC: Again, what do we want?
Jungkook: Speeeeeeed.

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fashionable bfs


Victuuri Week

Day 2AU: Historical, Time Travel

Something like an AU where Victor and Yuri are treasure hunters and can travel in time to find lost relics and learn about the different cultures along the decades. Also I tried to give them a Steampunk look because I thought it would fit in the prompt ;D

You know what my favorite part about the voltron paladin armors is? The HandleTM:





This is my prediction for Season 2: more people using the HandleTM in the future. And it is a wonderful thing