MGS2 may be the most insanely complex story I’ve ever absorbed, in any medium. Combine the twisty-turny plotting ofTrue Detective, the philosophical weight of the Matrix trilogy, the metatextuality of Grant Morrison’s Animal Man, and more double-crosses than the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and you might come close to the level of mindfuckery offered by Sons of Liberty. It is a goddamn Twilight Zone episode of a video game, with twists that you could never see coming and yet seem totally inevitable. It’s cohesively absurd in a manner usually reserved only for top-shelf anime, frustrating and mind-boggling and just delightful.

– Dylan Roth, “SNAAAAAAKE: Part 4: Dylan Plays Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)”


“I’m not mean, I’m a thousand years old and I just lost track of my moral code.” - - - -Ahhhh got some Marceline photos back from the amazing Chantele Smith Photography!!!  she’s such a great friend of mine and so so so talented so please go give her a look and a like!! She really doesn’t get the amazing recognition she deserves! <3 Honestly I really love cosplaying Marceline but I also get so so insecure because I’m obviously not a stick thin Vampire lady but!!!  (not that I’m saying I’m fat or anything, i’m just bigger in certain places paha) man Marcy is just my absolute queen ;; My Bassaxe needs so much fixing, the little turny things and stuff at the bottom broke off at Alcon ;; so I just really quickly threw this outfit together. Im gonna repaint my bassaxe and weather it so it looks all badass and cool ;w;

42dicks asked:

Who's the better kisser?

i am
ii am.

no way dude i admit you best me in a variety of things but oral presentations are my thing

um, ii 2eem two remember you turniing iintwo a total me22 whenever ii get 2eriiou2 about my makeout2.

you think youre better than me at kissing
yeah ii do.
you wanna fuckin tussle
briing iit.

sorry guys jurys gonna be out on this one for a while
no further questions for now

Gettoni e altre foto per fornire un quadro clinico migliore. Terza e ultima parte di una tragicommedia annunciata.

Ci siamo fermate.
Sosta breve.
Poi si è sentito il fischio del capotreno-pandizenzero: in carrozza, signori!

Il Dragon è un must.

Sali e fai tre o quattro giri ad una velocità tale che pensi:
“Su sto coso ci andavo quando ero piccina picciò e chissà quanti secoli ha, adesso schiatto!”
Ma tanto poi non schiatti, parola di lupetto.

Come non provare le macchinine a scontro su una pista 4X4?

Volevo fare una foto decente, ma fridaytimes e pandizenzero sono delle sciuocchine.

I gettoni sono maledetti.

Due gettoni per una partita.
Sbattimenti ovunque.
Messi altri due gettoni.
E come per magia…due partite per noi!

Abbiamo regalato tre turni a dei bambini, perché… a ‘na certa accanna, annamo!
Chissà chi avrà vinto.

Io no di certo.
Sono più per la corsa.
Da sdraiata.
Alzatemi, riportatemi a casa, vi prego…

by @themollycameron: Raced my cyclocross bikes yesterday! I love the Kaiser CX course, so fast, turny, technical and great place to shake out the new equipment and practice running race pressure in the FMBs before the season starts. We got the first win for Focus bikes + ENVE + FMB + PBS #CX2016. You should all come out and do it if you can next week! You forget about the shit eating grin you have on your face the entire time you are ripping a cx bikes on a cx course. It truly is the best. #crossiscoming #cyclocross #irideENVE #focusedoncross August 20, 2015 at 02:36PM http://ift.tt/1J81Q8a

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Carousel and cake? :0 (I'm sorry if I spelt carousel wrong;)

  • Carousel: Favorite amusement park ride?
    I absolutely love rollercoasters in general, so any really high twisty turny ones!!!
  • Cake: Favorite cake flavor?
    I’d have to say I really like yellow cake!!! Or lemon cake <3 They’re both so so so yummy!!!

You spelled it right!!! Don’t worry, I can’t spell it correctly ever either ^.^;

Crybaby Asks (x)

I wanna ramble on about the house, but, every time I try to type something up-here or elsewhere-words are failing me. It’s just… so unreal. It really is. I’m overwhelmed in the best way. It’s a falling apart lil old house and it’s OURS.

I got my house key today and went all out-got a lil custom key with the earth on the …idk, turny bit.  It’s flat but has both sides of the world on it in bright blue and green.  For my imperfect but beautiful home.  The rooms are small and the windows big and it needs so much work and I love it.


The inside was cooler than the outside!  With no AC!  And the windows weren’t even open!  Our apt is 10 degrees hotter than outside WITH the AC pumping to keep us from melting!  Just… wow.  House. Holy crap, it’s a house.

I’m PRETTY sure that’s a silver maple in the yard… definitely a maple of some kind. It’s huge!  We have to keep an eye on it’s roots around the septic area but damn it’s lovely.

Ahhhhhhh.  We were only there for a little bit cause no chairs yet and the water heater needs fixing but I’ll get some ‘before’ pictures soon prolly XD

((ADMIN: A mess))

((Hi…hi again, peoples. I cannot tell you how much I feel very warmed and grateful by your support. They were all like “Get Well” cards since I’m sick. I’d just like to tell you on how I’m doing:

On my sickness side to my little break, I stayed home from school today and my mom was here to care for me. But I was nowhere near comfortable. I was given an excessive amount of blankets, a neck rub to help me sleep, my favorite tea and foods, and strange enough, some good-tasting medicine…and I’m still crying.

Still crying because of how this life of mine seems to be falling apart and I feel terribly immature to dump my personal problems on you, but I’ve no one to talk to. I don’t wanna go into the details, but I’m a bit tossy-and-turny with the whole depression thing and the friendship problems. And it’s not just the IRL friends that I have problems with, it’s online too. I’m not gonna say who, but the feeling of “rejection” for more fun things to do has made its way to lives of certain people here too, way long before all my feelings acted up. And I’m also not saying it’s from Tumblr.
…Am I doing something wrong? Am I just a bad friend?

Olyan jo lenne megolelni. Megcsokolni. A szemedbe nezni. A hajadba turni. Olyan jo lenne a kezedet fogni a bajban. Jo lenne egyutt turazni, vagy az agyba fekudni egesz nap.