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Can I request a gif? The part where pearl sings the chorus, the one with the 360 turnie thing? The amount of draw frames on that scenes is disgusting. I cried because of the amount of frames, not the song.

Fine settimana con ospiti, no, non ospiti, ma amici, veri, e la casa invasa da voci e risate prende vita; borse, borsine da bici ovunque, inciampi nei sandali, urti una scarpa; la sala sembra un accampamento, la stanzetta studio pure, devi fare i turni per la doccia. Poi arriva la domenica sera e bisogna salutarsi, in cucina restano solo piatti, bicchieri, tazze e tazzine da lavare, l'aspirapolvere da passare le lavatrici da fare ti aspettano; mentre il rumore degli elettrodomestici ti accompagna sorridi nel pensare alle chiacchiere e non ti pesa risistemare tutto, l'hai fortemente voluto tu tutto questo, due giorni dedicati alla bici, per poter pedalare di nuovo assieme per darvi la possibilità di ri-trovarvi. Meglio il cuore pieno come senti ora che certe lontananze, se no che te ne fai di una casa, del bere, del mangiare se non li puoi condividere con chi ami.

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Oh wise one, I was wondering if I could get your thoughts. From what I can see, most people think that Regina will have to realize that she has to accept and live with the evil side of herself and at the end of this arc they'll merge her back with the EQ. But at the same time, that seems really predictable, so I'm wondering if they want to go a more surprising route, but other than Regina sacrificing herself to take out the EQ once and for all, I can't imagine another option. What do you think?

Though OUAT occasionally manages to pull off a surprise plot point (Hook revealed as the Dark One for example) when it comes to big picture storylines and character arcs they aren’t exactly known for being unpredictable. I don’t say that as a slam at all. I honestly don’t believe they’re looking to be the twisty, turny, rollercoaster ride into the unexpected some shows strive to be. That’s not their thing.

This is a show about fairy tale characters and magic and villains and you can be pretty confident that in the end the good guys will win, the villains will get what they have coming, and true love will conquer all.

You say that most people think “Regina will realize that she has to accept and live with the evil side of herself”. And personally I think you’ve landed on a very important distinction when you say “live with”. Over the first five seasons we’ve seen Regina attempt to come to grips with her past as the Evil Queen and even acknowledge that there are aspects of that persona she enjoyed and hated to give up.

There’s an old saying that goes “Redemption isn’t when you cry, it’s when you change.” Up to this point we’ve seen a whole lot of “crying” from Regina figuratively speaking. She’s paid a whole lot of lip service to being “good” and to changing her ways but she never seemed to actually make the conversion. She’s never fully embraced her “good” side or completely forsaken her “evil” side. She’s admitted more than once that she misses the power and the ability to do what she pleased when she pleased how she pleased without worrying about anyone else.

Since the beginning of her redemption arc Regina has been at war with her metaphorical evil self and now she’s going to do battle with that part of her in physical form. And if written and framed correctly I think it can be a compelling storyline and a beautiful counterpoint to the Rumple storyline.

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Take the Long Way Home - Chapter 8 - savvyliterate - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: T

Pairing: Eleven/River (with side pairings of Mickey/Martha, Amy/Rory, and something that will make Rose fans happy)

A/N: We’re at the ending, finally! After nearly four years, two major revisions, and a year of silence, our story is complete! I can’t begin to thank everyone for their encouragement, including Charina, Sarah, Beverly, and Jenn. And betawho, your review came at the perfect time as I began to write the last chapter. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I hope you enjoy how the story turns out!

Summary: Their marriage was twisty and turny. There were times when they were fully in sync and others when they were scrambling to hide their hurt because of their mismatched timelines. Two lost souls making their way through the universe together. It was marriage, and it was theirs. Like her parents, they would choose each other. Every time. They would make it work.

Look, I’m just going to say this:

I enjoyed the plot of Cursed Child.

I feel completely confident in saying that I loved the play without reservations. IDGAF that certain elements were previously in bad fanfiction, they worked for me in the context of the story in ways that were moving and beautiful and justified.

There’s no “I loved it BUT…” for me. The plot was fine. Twisty-turny, exciting, clever and fast-paced. I liked it.

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Good news!  We have successfully traversed the mountain in the dark!

Actually you know what, driving down the twisty turny mountain roads in the dark wasn’t NEARLY as nerve-wracking as driving down the highway with no streetlights and mist.