shit arctic monkeys say

”plenty water”
”that rock ‘n roll”
”invoice me for the microphone if you need to”
”its rare that we dont look like that”
”jamies fridge”
”death ramps ring”
”accidently matching clothes with band”
”puppy face”
”jamie’s new hair”
”matthew j helders the third”
”matt = god poster”
”do the macarena to the devils lair moves”
”humbug hair”
“dont believe the hype”
”wank friends”
”scummy man”
“17 years old spanish girl”
”what came first the chicken or the dickhead”
”alex’s comb”
”i spit nothing but the truth”
”get out me garden”
”alex’s knees”
”fifteen more years”
”sos cover with miles”
”poker face cover”
”the view from…”
”the apollo”
”im a rock drummer”
”alex’s bulge”
”nick and his grammy awards photos”
”alex in a suit”
”jamie cook the name finder of arctic monkeys”
”i cant remember the fucking words oh babe”
”plastic cups?”
”al’s crazy dance on stage”
”alex forgets he’s the singer”
”margarita?4 margaritas no 5 margaritas”
”fuck do you think”
”rock ‘n’ roll poet sex god”
”and the band forgets the countdown”
”nme falls for arctic monkeys”
”alex turner sex appeal 54” wtf
”jamie ironing his jacket while the band singing knee socks”
”its the solo what do you gonna do about the solooo”
”artic monkeys”
”wet humbug hair”
”nick’s true reaction”
”yellam osalohcin ”
”kung fu fighting moves specially bbc reading 2014”
”we’re arctic monkeys,if you enjoyed our language lesson,please share with your wank friends”
”humbug jacket backs 2015”
”one for the road mic”
”wank bank”
”i a napper”
”the age of the understatement”
”Luke…soy tu padre”
”finsbury park jacket 2014 like a pimp”
”alex’s oral with mic”
”agile beast”
”guilty feet have got no rhythm”
”alex tooks of his shirt”
”Alex responds to a passerby on a jet-ski”
”a fucking broadyway musical”
”alex’s in tight pants”
”got enough room there,love?’
”pointing something”
”cq man awards speech”
”its just says Matt Helders sings like a crow”
”am south america”
”ay,you stop it”
”hasta la vista”
”alex’s hands”
”do we give you that impression face”

and manys…