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I hit a new follower goal and thought i’d do a big ass follow forever of my mutuals. You’re all cool as hell and thanks a bunch for following me <3

# - @1derspark

a - @aboutabean @aceremuslupin @aeburns @agentmurder @alex-turners-evil-twin @allyallyonthewall @almightybarnes @amish—paradise @andvoldysgonemoldy @angelskillyounicely @aprapos @arcticsynergy @arcticwolussen @aroundthepeppers @asideeffectofdying

b - @barnes-and-noble-girl @barnesbuckyj @bbcwatsn @beccaelle @bexyfroosh @bisexualwarriors @black-infinity-parked-outside @blogging-my-problems-away @bluefeathers17 @bonerism @bonesmclawson @bovaria @bucky-did-nothing-wrong @buckys-backpack @buckys-shield @burdenofheroes @bvckybarn3s

c - @calmlikemilex @capsbuchanan @captainprettyliar @captevans @captvinsamerica @cassiexena @cevans-sebby @colbertologist @concert-bruises @cosymocha @crazyjam-pot 

d-f - @dancerontheashes @ddove1616 @dickheadturner @dragonbarnes @earthboundindoubt @edgarallanh-oe @edwardandjames @ellierowsellvevo @enjoythefall @erughshucks @evansgifs @fade-and-blackout @fiberglasscannon @florakinesis @florencedrunk @frugasmsince1970

g-h - @getbvcked @ghostsfucker @gimme-some-pie @givebuckyhisplumss @goldenshellhead @gratefulsam @greenfirefist @grohl-to-squeeze @gypsy-dangers @halseyspill @harddrinkingshortfusedmess @heartachebootyshake @hello-it-is-i-again @hiddeninthecolors @hissing-miseries @howifeelwhenchrisevans @howtofeelinfinitesimal 

i-l - @ifindcartoonsattractive @im-notlookingback @imsebastianstanobsessed @in–simplicity–there–is–truth @isthereroomforbothofus @jazzyprowler @jbeiden @khaleesi-onthemoon @king-and-paradox @kingvalemon @kitkataddicted @kitty-fritters @koenigofficial @ladyofsorrows-13 @lancetuckerz @livlovesrhcp @lizs-face @love-buckybarnes

m-o - @madstan @magicsciencegirl @marvelfanuniverse @meme-it @meme-rogers @mentaldisssaster @mint-bunnies-and-tea @mouseketeering @need-an-account @netti660 @never-give-up-something-you-love @noturdamedeparis @novemberwhirlwind @ntashromanov @nuggetseb @oliverandcorporation

p-r - @papaya-complex @paper-wings-float @porn-dameron @quietlyshittingmyself @rear-engine-rear-wheel-drive @red-hot-chilipeppers @robcrtdowneyjr @rogersxbarnesx

s - @samstevebucky @scarletleia @sergeantxjamesxbuchananxbarnes @shockovia @slayerstark @softsebb @spacegaystrashcompactor @spiderbucky @spookywilson @stantasticstan @star-spangled-man @starssatel @stcvebuck @stevebuccy @steves-pretty-little-psycho @still-breathing- @stupidhawkass @supernaturally-marvelous @supernovainthedark

t - @take-a-dip-in-my-day-dreams @the-age-of-the-shadow-monkeys @thealmightymeow @theatrechick1996 @theconstant1944 @thejewellerhands @thephdftw @theres-always-crossfire @thosewhitejeans @tigerb103 @tlsp2016 @tstuckys @turner-fever @tyler-brosey

u-y - @ursulaismymiddlename @veryl0st @virtualsilver @wheelofmythicality @winchcraft @winchester101 @winterbuckbuck @wintersoldiens @yourbcky @yxurbucky

peace, love n good vibes to you all!

So the time has come again for me to make a shitty graphic and praise all of you for being fantastic. Yes, it’s follow forever time. I actually hit 1.5k a week or so ago, but I’ve been super busy so I’m only just getting round to it. As usual, bold names are super fab, and italicised names are people I’d like to get to know better in the future. Thank you for your continued support of this trashy as shit blog. I love you all so much. 


alegsachung / alexachung83 / alexhelders / alexrumine / alexturner2005 / alexturnerers / alex-and-miles / alex-turners-evil-twin / araabella / arcticedmonkeys / arcticmoncries / arcticfuckery / arcticwankies / astolensweetheart / black-eye-friday / catfishsimpatico / crowded-of-badasses / david–bowiee / dontcareajot / etherealimpala / existenceinaword / fosterthestrokedmonkeys / foxygens / freshprincesofsheffield / fuckingmileskane / fuckyeahthedeathramps / fuck-off-jesson / fwnick / fyeahmilex


hiswhispersplitsthemist / helduhrs / icecreamdamon / jakebuggmusic / jonesashcroft / koenigofficial / koisser-daze / littleillusion-machine / luinel-kaya / mattfcknsmith / matt-holdmedown / mileskaneisarabella / mileskanevevo / miss-sheffield / miss-thunderstorms / mnkeybum / most-indignant / noelordie / notmileskane / n-ckomalley / ohmilex / paralysedbygroove / perhapsfuckoffmightbetookind / potionapprotion / prettyvisitorsinthebakery


queenoasismonkeys / robot-from1984 / rubber–s0ul / r-u-mine-billie / sad-arctic-monkey / sexy-little-fuck / sias2011 / sittingonarocket / skarosoul / sucked-it-and-saw / suckithumbug / teddy-licker / tightredpants / theblaackkeys / themodandtherocker / thosewhitejeans / thurnerstorms / trimmtrabb / turnah / turnerandcasablancas / uhmbug / wankmonkeys / whiplassche / wowthatwalllookswonderful

hello! so as requested, i’m doing my 2k follow forever to say thanks to you all!! you’re all neato and ilysm. i’m bolding people who are super super cool and also italicising people who are very special to me. thanks again!! (also if i’ve missed anyone out or you think you should be on here please tell me because i’m an idiot and bound to miss someone out!!)


acertainr0mance / alex-turner-is-god / alex-turners-evil-twin / alexandcasablancas / alexanderismybaby / alexfxckingturner / alexgodturner / alexhandsometurner / alexhelders / alexnotturner / alexsdavidturner / alexsnipples / alexsquiff / alexthebandguy / alexturner2005 / alexturnerers / alexturnerisadork / alexturnerishot / alexturnerismyrockgod / alexturnerrofficial / alexturnersflirt / alexturnershipsdonotlie / alexturnersmuse / alexturnerspam / almonds-can-fuck-off / another-monkey / araabella / arabellaloveless / arabellastorm / araeella / arctic-alternative / arcticcholos / arcticfuckery / arcticmunkeez / arcticnicky / arcticquiff / arcticrascals / arcticsofia / arcticwankies / armpitmonkeys / articlemokneys / berserk-asfuckbeserk-as-fuck / black-eye-friday / breakfast-atthe-heartbreak-hotel / by-propeller-he-means-dick / calmlikemilex / corner-stoner / cornerstonealex / crossbayblvd / crowded-of-badasses / crying505 / cuntturner / dance-little-illusion-machine / dance-little-turner / darethedevils / darkhalfblue / disfordancefloor / do-i-wanna-know / dontcareajot / duttihun / eviltwinofarabella / ezzieforprezzie


fake-tales-of–arabella / fake-tales-of-arabella / favouriteworstnightmareworld / fkatwg / fluorescentkneesocks / fookinalexturner / fuck-off-is-too-kind / fuckingmileskane / fuckyeahthedeathramps / fwn07 / fyeahmilex / goinbacktofiveofive / happiness-with-turner / heartbreakhotelsuite505 / hearttbreak-hotel / heldersjpg / heldersvevo / here-we-fookin-go / hiding-in-your-soup / hoothootmoo / hotelsuite-505 / howzier / humbuh / icantrememberthefckingwords / ihatealexturner / interpolacion / jakebuggmusic / jamehcookeh / jdeegrl / jewellers–hands 


l505l / lastfashionpuppets / leather-jacket-and-a-quiff / matthelderes / matthewhelderz / miiserablelittletyke / mileskanevevo / mnkeybum / most-indignant / mybrbie / not-arabella / notmileskane / obriers / officialcasablancas / ohmyomalley / originalfabfour / orpneus / particularlyprettyones / paulmcqt / potionapprotion / potionhasapproached / ppiquechu / prettyvisitorsinthebakery / prettyvisiturner / pyonggyangg


r-u-alex / recklesspartyanthem / robot-from-1984 / sad-arctic-monkey / sardybum / sckt-nd-see / secrtdoor / sexy-little-fuck / silver-sloth / snakedrive / suckitandzee / suckithumbug / sweggieveggie / tedddypickerrr / teddiepickers / teddy-licker / teddy-picking / thaknooows0114 / theddeathramps / thejewellerhands / themodandtherocker / thesameshite / thosewhitejeans / thurnerstorms / turnblancas / turner-david-alexander / turner-fever / turnerareas / turnercute / turnerfrutti / turnerislove / turnerthemonkey


wankmonkeys / warhol-warrior / weweregettingbyhigh / wlov / wonderwall-arabella / xelarenrut / yesbutalexturner


13fluorescentadolescent / 505babeeyy / 505fireside

Seeing as everyone else is doing it, and it’s the new year (even though I’m nine days late) I thought I’d do a follow forever! These are just my mutuals I see a lot of on my dash and in my notifications (also I of course appreciate all of my followers and apologies if I have forgotten anyone!) Those in bold are my personal favourites! If you aren’t already following these amazing blog, you definitely should!

#~ @0-12cm, @4rctic-monkeys, @-stuckonthepuzzle

A-C~ @a-marvellous-day, @acertainalexturner, @albarno, @alexanderismybaby, @alex-fricking-turner, @alexgodturner, @alexquiff, @alexturnerers, @alex-turner-official @alexturner2005, @alex-turners-evil-twin, @alexturnersfacialhair, @anamardybum, @anythingindie, @araabella, @arabellamardy, @arabellastorm, @armpitmonkeys, @arcticrey-505, @arcticfuckery, @arcticsynergy, @arcticwolussen, @arctic-munchies, @arcticrascals, @arcticwankers, @bbcwatsn@beatlevevo, @biteturner, @calmlikemilex, @capecod-arabella, @cherriesonaversatile, @cherylfromblur, @concert-bruises, @coolpaisley, @cornerstonewaltz, @c0llarbon3s, @crowded-of-badasses, @crxing-lightning

D-K~ @daddy-turner@damon251, @dance-little-turner, @deanwyd, @dickheadturner, @drummerringo, @firstimpressionsofjules, @florakinesis, @fluorescent-little-liar, @fluorescentpuppet, @fluorescent-teddy, @fuckyeahthedeathramps, @ghostcookie0114, @goingbacktoalexturners505, @grootturner, @heartbreakhotelsuite505, @hellcat-spangled-serenade, @heymrturner, @howling–fantods, @howzier, @humbwg, @imqueenofdisaster, @indie-addictions, @isthereroomforbothofus, @jamiecoook, @kaneandturner, @kittykillswitch, @koenigofficial

L-P~ @lackingtabasco, @lafayette1777, @lazymorningswithtea, @leather-jacket-and-a-quiff, @lilyjonesuniverse, @littleillusion-machine, @lord-slow-me-d0wn, @lostinsidethechamber, @low-key-liz, @madsounder, @mardy-anthem, @mileskane@mileskaane, @mileskaneyanot, @milesnalex, @milexforever, @milexinked, @milex-matching-leather, @missmardybum9854, @monthebiff, @morisi, @monsieurturner, @musicfortiredsouls, @noelgalpallagher, @no-oasis, @not-arabella, @novemberwhirlwind, @olyellowbricks, @orpneus, @paulmcqt, @pozzima, @ppiquechu, @pretendtotouch, @prettyrecklessvisitors, @prettyvisitorsinthebakery

Q-S~ @quietlyshittingmyself, @rachesrolls, @rollingaway, @sad-arctic-monkey, @sckt-nd-see@sexy-little-fuck, @shesthunderstrms, @shlibertines, @shutterbugsandcameraplus, @siasturner, @sias2011, @sisterincornerstone, @sorrysunshineitdoesntexist0114, @stroked-out, @sweggieveggie

T-Z~ @take-a-dip-in-my-day-dreams, @teddy-licker, @the-age-of-the-shadow-monkeys, @the-arctic-strypes, @theargumentofliving, @the-galaxy-edge, @the-hopeless-fangirl, @thejewellerhands, @thelastshadowmonkeyswow, @the-queen-of-the-half-crown, @thestrokesmakemewannafuckingcry, @thoserollingstones, @thosewhitejeans, @turner-fever, @twinkling-vixen, @unitedstatesofrocknroll, @veryl0st, @wasyoursforever, @weweregettingbyhigh, @whitelesbianjesus, @xsecretkey, @you-are-way-too-cool

Thank you for all the love and great posts over the past year, hope this one is good to you all, sending lots of love and good vibes!

Hello!! So in order to celebrate reaching 1000 followers (??!!) so quickly, i just want to share some of my absolute favourite blogs. Everyone i follow is fab, but these are some very extra special blogs. I’ve bolded some of my absolute favourites and the ones that are italicized as well are people i really really adore!!

(I’m really sorry if i forget anyone and please message me if you think you should be on here and i’ll add you straight away!!)


alex-turner-is-god alex-turners-evil-twin alexfxckingturner alexhelders alexnotturner alexsbandguy alexsquiff alexturnerisadork alexturnerishot alexturnerismyrockgod alexturnerrofficial alexturnersflirt alexturnersmuse angelika-turner araabella arabellaloveless arabellastorm araeella arctic-wankies arcticcholos arcticfuckery arctickneesocks arcticmunkeez arcticrascals articlemokneys

bah-hamburg beserk-as-fuck breakfast-atthe-heartbreak-hotel by-propeller-he-means-dick

calmlikemilex cornerstonealex crying505

dance-little-turner disfordancefloor do-i-wanna-know duttihun 

eviltwinofarabella ezzieforprezzie

fake-tales-of–arabella fuckinghumbug fuck-off-is-too-kind fuckingmileskane fuckyeahthedeathramps fyeahmilex



happiness-with-turner hearttbreak-hotel heldersjpg heldersvevo hiding-in-your-soup hotelsuite-505

icantrememberthefckingwords ihatealexturner


leather-jacket-and-a-quiff littleillusion-machine


mardyumm miiserablelittletyke mnkeybum mybrbie


ohmyomalley originalfabfour orpneus

potionapprotion potionhasapproached ppiquechu prettyvisiturner



sad-arctic-monkey sardybum secrtdoor sexy-little-fuck suckitandzee suckithumbug

tedddypickerrr teddiepickers teddy-licker teddy-picking thaknooows0114 themodandtherocker turnblancas turner-fever turnercute turnerthemonkey

wankmonkeys wlov wonderwall-arabella



13fluorescentadolescent 505babeeyy 505fireside