turner acryl gouache

I have been using a lot of the white WATSON watercolour paper for my comic project lately. The backing cardboard paper from those blocks has a nice grey colour, is really thick and stiff and has little texture so I started to wonder if I can paint something on it with my acrylic gouache. 

I went for something grey, similar to my Akihabara painting, to make use of the natural colour of the board. This is based on a photo of a bus depot near our house, and to be exact the trash and storage area of the depot. I really like the old bus stop signs stored there and the contrasting buildings of a university in the back.

The board proved to be really difficult to paint on. When wet it’s colour darkened a lot so choosing colours was a difficult task. I had to use a piece of scrap white paper to test them all the time. But still this was an interesting experiment. I wanted to make use of the nice grey colour of the board but would use Gesso to prime it if I ever do it again.

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: WATSON white block backing cardboard (about 3mm, grey paper board)
  • Sketch: F Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil
  • Colours: TURNER Acrylic Gouache.

製作中の漫画のために「ミューズ ホワイトワトソン」の水彩紙をいっぱい使ったら、裏表紙のボール紙がだいぶ余りました。分厚くて丈夫で良いグレーのボードなので、絵に使えないかと思い立って描いた絵です。




  • 紙: ミューズ ホワイトワトソン の裏紙 (3ミリの厚紙 ボード) 
  • 下描き: F  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 着色: ターナー アクリルガッシュ

I recently got some Turner Acryl Gouache paints (still waiting on a set!) and decided to try them out on a quick mermaid and swatch them too. I’m loving all the different types. They do feel different to regular gouache, however the Japenesque ones seem to have an added texture? Enjoying trying these out. Don’t think I’ll totally ditch gouache but these are great so far!

Do any of you use them? What do you think of them?

Materials List

Hi hi, I got a few asks regarding what materials I use in the past year. Today, I finally got off my ass and compiled a list of my go to art supplies featuring paints, inks and pens.

Hopefully this is helpful to some of you (: And please forgive any typos that I’ve made.

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anonymous asked:

Is there any way you could tell me what pens Mochijun is using in the tutorial illustration? I can read the katakana but not sure what it means. Her inking is just incredible.

The “There is” artbook actually has a section that lists (and has some small descriptions) of the art materials that Mochizuki-sensei uses in her illustrations (colored illustrations and otherwise). 

First she has the whites (white acrylic paint (specifically gouache)- Turner Acrylic Gouache, White Poster Color - Nicker Poster Color, and  Bleed Proof White - Dr. Ph Martin. She then uses copic markers to make a sketch and copic marker airbrush machine to spray her original colors (that she makes by blending copic marker colors together in a colorless blender - I don’t really know much about this so I can’t really give anymore details on that). She then uses some more poster color (Nicker Poster Color). After that she applies Acrylic Gouache and color inks (she is fond of the Dr. Ph Martin and Talens Ecoline. To get stronger lines and more details she then uses colored pencils (she likes Faber- Castell colored pencils). Then she uses copic pens to do line drawings, and she has just recently started to use dry pastel colors that she pats on to the illustrations. She uses PanPastel.

I don’t know if this ended up answering your question or not, but I hope it help in some way nonetheless! :)


I’m still really busy doing backgrounds for the upcoming feature length animated movie so I don’t have so much time to do my own stuff.

Inspired a little bit by James Gurney’s video I started again on my acrylic gouache sketches in my watercolour Moleskine. With Kanapeco we have a HUGE box of this paints but this time I decided to use as few colours as possible which helps me focus on painting. Some of this practice pieces are based on my own photos and some on things I found on the Internet.

I was thinking about a video about differences in gouache, poster colours, acrylic and acrylic gouache. What do you all think?

Technical stuff:

  • paper: Moleskine watercolours landscape format sketchbook.
  • colours: TURNER brand acrylic gouache, little bit of watercolours and Polychromos colour pencils

まだまだ劇場アニメの背景美術がすごく忙しくて、なかなか自分の作品を作る時間をとれません。James Gurneyの動画を見て、またアクリルガッシュの練習をすることにしました。アクリルガッシュはKanapecoといっぱい集めているけど、今回は4色までの制限をつけてみました。自分で撮った写真かインターネットに見つけたものを参考にして、水彩用のMoleskineに小さく描いてます。


The Waseda University’s campus is really close to our new home/studio so we went to do some on location painting early in the day (it’s really hot in the summer so painting at noon is mortally impossible).

Because of the open campus event we where chased away from one place and settled beside an university café with lots of people milling around us. I used my trusty DIY pochade-box and a selection of TURNER acrylic gouache to do a quick study of an interesting street.

Kanapeco helped me with the filming - it was done using two iPhones 6 with one on a separate tripod documenting the process.





Colored Daily Sketches
With my new daily sketchbook I can officially ink in my art without the fear of it bleeding onto the next page. So here are few I have done so far! All of them are done in copicsketch markers, pentel brush pen, and Deleter Neopiko pens. The one with the Ghost I also used Turner Acryl Gouache for JJ’s eyes and the flame spirit. In the yugioh one I used Daler Rowley Pro White for the highlight in the eyes.