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This was supposed to be angsty and then turned out not to be. It was supposed to be about Mob being afraid that he’s making Reigen feel obligated to stay, chaining him down and trapping him again.  I had some neat symbolism I was gonna put in. 

But then I didn’t.

And also I didn’t spend nearly enough time unpacking and exploring any of the ideas that I actually wrote about.

But I am on the edge of an art and writing block right now, so this is the best I can do.  Please enjoy.

Phantom Pains

For @phantomrose96, @sandflakedraws, and @ohwwhuv

In the early hours of the morning the world is draped in silence, broken only by the faint hum of sleeping appliances and the ticking clock. After so many nights with nothing but a corpse for company, it’s surprising that the silence doesn’t grate against him. If he were alone, perhaps it would, but–

“Do you feel them, sometimes?” 

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“I didn’t think you were going to show.”

Kaidan slides onto the empty stool next to Joker, who’s staring down at the bar like it’s a nav console, a half-empty glass of something amber at his elbow. There’s another glass in front of the empty stool that’s full. Kaidan doesn’t ask what it is. Doesn’t even say hello before he takes a deep sip. Whiskey. Good. It’s a whiskey kind of day.

He almost hadn’t shown. This wasn’t something he really wanted to commemorate with people, and especially not here. Of all the bars on Arcturus, Joker had to pick this one.

Joker smirks into his glass. “Everyone thought I was being stood up by a date.”

“Got held up in a briefing,” Kaidan replies. He thinks about apologizing, but doesn’t. This is already weird enough.

“Of course you did. The Alliance is actually keeping you busy.”

“Yeah.” Kaidan takes another drink, tries not to look at the booth to his right, almost but not quite out of eyeshot. Feels like a lifetime ago that he was sitting in it, 0600 the morning of a new assignment, his brand new superior office sitting in front of him nursing a bitch of a hangover with another beer.  

The Normandy’s former pilot looks about as bad as Shepard had on that morning five years ago. His uniform hangs on him. Beard hasn’t been trimmed, at least not lately. Even bad lighting and a low-brim hat doesn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes.

Kaidan’s chest tightens. Five years ago he had looked across the table at a soldier in pain and done something about it. But this time he’s tired. So fucking tired. He doesn’t have the energy to rescue anyone, even Joker. In a flash of bitterness he wishes for once that he wasn’t the one who gave a damn. Let someone else care for a change.

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Can I get some uhhhhh dating Jason and Michael Myers headcanons?

Sure :D



• Expect a lot of nice strolls through the woods with just the two of you. Admiring the scenery and beauty of nature together

• He likes you to read to him at night. He loves listening to your voice as you read to him like his mother has in the past

• He’s very affectionate and loves to cuddle with you and give you random trinkets. They maybe random jewelry or clothing (Don’t worry they’re clean) from victims or something he made himself

• He’s very (like VERY) protective of you. I mean who could blame him? The only person who ever loved him died right in front of his eyes and he felt responsible. So when you come around in his life, he wants to be there for you to make sure nothing bad ever happens to you. He doesn’t want to lose you too…

• With that in mind he doesn’t like you going our anywhere by yourself, so most of the time you are under constant supervision. But he trusts you enough to leave you alone when he’s out on his killing sprees just as long as you stay in the cabin

• Your going to have to read his body language to understand him. Unlike Michael, he’s rather easy to understand and he will try his best to help you understand him. Though it’s best to stick with mostly ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions for covenience sake


• Not much for cuddling, but if your persistent enough he will give in eventually

• Protective af. You have no freedom when your around him. (Jk you do…not much though)

• Not a whole lot of things to do in the Myers house other than watch dust gather, so you rely on Michael for any sort of entertainment whatsoever. It could be from having simple conversations with him, to explaining certain things and topics he doesn’t fully grasp, or just simply laying beside him

• If you need to leave the Myers house to get supplies or other things, he will follow you and hide amongst the shadows, keeping close tabs on you. He doesn’t fully trust that you won’t leave him.

• Due to his silent nature, you have to rely on reading his body language or eyes (Though you can barely see them through the mask unless your really close). It can be rather difficult, especially since Michael is extremely hard to read (Even with body language) and will sometimes act unresponsive or unpredictably.

• He likes to watch you, just in general (Kinda creepy I know). It can be really anything from watching you sleep, cooking the two of you a nice dinner, cleaning up the house a bit (It needs it badly), reading, or you beside him.

“I suppose some day you will become my enemy as well
But I don’t care because even then,
I will continue to wish for a world in which you’ll be happy” 

✨ ✨ ✨


Ỳ̴̭͉́̂̀̽̀͘͠͠ǫ̷̩̱̳̬̙͙̀̈̄͐̀̏̆̐̓̔͆̚͜ͅu̴̧̢͒̉͘'̴̺͚̐̿̂̿̈́̏͒͗̈́͘r̶̡̡̢̢̬͎̻̤̱̪̹͔̰͊̏̚͜ȅ̸̡̛͎̘̤̄̇̂͐̅̏̒͂̆ ̸̗͈͊͋̑̀͠j̸̡̛͎̲̗̥̗̓̓̓̿̅͜͝͠ǘ̸̫̭̟̠̮̪̱̼͇̘͐̒̔̒̏̕s̶̛̛͍̳̎̓̆̐͋͒̈́̃̍̒͋͜͝͠t̷̢͎̝̠͔̠̦͚͎̘̍͛ ̷̜͊w̷̨͛̈́͐͝͝á̷̢͉̞̳͕͉̦̯͔͓̫̠̯͊͊̂̎̚ẗ̶̛̹̺̹͔̲́̆̿͌́̍͐͊c̴̨̢͔̘͈̟̞̖͖̈́̋̓̐̃̃̆̀̓̈͂̀͝͝h̸̛̪̙̫̹̝̝̳̘̱̪͂̒͜͝i̵̡̡̝̘͓̳͕̠̘̘͈͉̥̳͑n̸̩͕͕͐͊̃͒̈́̀͂͐̆̽̓͘ģ̸̧̧̲̝͙̺̠̱̝̬̙͈̎̂̉̏̓̈́̋̓̄̊̀̓̔͘͘ͅ

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Oooooooo tell me more about Derek feeling small and safe and loved 😍

You hit me at exactly the right time because I was just finishing this:

Just picture Derek waking up late on a quiet Sunday morning, pulling on Stiles’ worn FBI shirt in a sleepy haze, and shuffling out to the kitchen where there’s a mug of fresh coffee waiting for him. Stiles is making breakfast and just lets him putter around in the background while he wakes up–he still finds a half-asleep Derek impossibly endearing, and if he can avoid waking him up fully, he does. Every chance he gets. It’s still something of a novelty that Derek doesn’t jerk awake at the slightest movement or creaking floorboard.

In this particular future, they’ve got a house up in the mountains overlooking Beacon Hills, and Derek likes to shuffle out onto the deck to drink his coffee and read the paper when he’s conscious enough. It usually takes a few tries to get both the sliding door and the screen unlocked and open, but he gets there eventually. Stiles just lets it happen, however long it takes.

When breakfast is ready and on the table, he follows Derek outside and hugs him from behind so he can hook his chin over his shoulder and look out at the city. There’s a chilly breeze because it’s moving into fall, but with Derek in his arms blocking the wind, he’s still warm. 

He presses kisses to Derek’s neck and stubbly jaw, and runs his hands up under the front of his own shirt, and marvels at the extra space through the chest and shoulders. Derek’s eased up on his workouts over the years, the further from danger and memories they got, and he’s not soft by any means, just less obsessive with being prepared for an attack of any kind. He doesn’t feel like he has to be a physical wall against any and all threats, not anymore.

There are good days and bad, of course there are bad days with everything they’ve been through in life, but the weekends are always theirs. The weekends are for waking up late and having real breakfast that’s not a rushed piece of toast in the car on the way into the Sacramento field office, and half-asleep coffee on the deck while the city comes alive. 

They’ll probably go back to bed after they eat–maybe have some lazy and playful sex if they’re in the mood. Maybe they’ll just spoon and doze into the afternoon, because even though Stiles loves being the little spoon when he sleeps, he also loves holding Derek in his arms while the sun’s light lazily inches across their bedroom.

“Breakfast’s ready,” he murmurs quietly, and presses a kiss to Derek’s shoulder before pulling him back into the house. Derek’s eyes still aren’t open all the way, but he willingly goes where Stiles tugs him, knowing he’ll never steer him wrong.

gavin saying “i need fire” to get out of zipties and trevor going “okay, see, no you don’t actually, fire and indoors and you is strictly forbidden and bad and not happening” while lindsay goes “yo i got fire gav you want me to hook you up” and lighting the zipties directly against his skin on fire is the most team losers thing to ever happen

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