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Could you do a smutty/sweet Nico one. Idk, I want to see that little SMOL bean in a bed. That’s sounded wrong. You don’t have to, but if ya do, I would absolutely love it. Thank you.

This is long overdue…Still, I hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t like this feeling. He didn’t like this burning feeling in his stomach, was it his stomach? No it was his heart. It was a wrenching feeling, as if someone reached into his chest with their bare hands and squeezed his heart tight.his breaths were shallow and his hands which were balled into tight fists shook at his sides.
Today was supposed to be relaxing, just you, him, and nothing or no one
else. So when your journey to the lake near the of camp had been deterred by none other than Conner Stoll- The same guy that’s had a crush on you for over a year- he was a little more than frustrated. He watched the way Conner leaned a little too close to your face for comfort, the way Conner would oh so causally rub his hand against yours. He turned his head away from your conversation with the son of Hermes, the smile stretching across your lips was not caused by him and Nico wasn’t too fond of that thought.
Conner pulled out a small yellow Polaroid camera and nudged your side with a hopeful smile, “Can I get a picture with the beautiful model?” He asked with a smirk and a quirk of his eyebrow. You laughed and nodded once and stood close to him as he held out the camera to take the picture, noticing the furious look your boyfriend had sported when Conner wrapped an arm around your waist from the corner of your eye.
Barely after the click of the camera finished Nico had your hand in his hold and was tugging you rather forcefully away from Conner who stood with a dumbfounded look whilst staring after your retreating figures. You pulled and pried at his grip to no avail, his pale hand was locked your small one in a death grip.
Nico tuned out the curses that you shouted at him as he dragged you back to the confines of his dark cabin, ready to show you who you were to him. He pulled you through the door, slamming it with force before he pushed you up against it. You gasped, (e/c) eyes opened wide in shock.
“N-Nico what are you doing?” You squeaked out. It was a stupid question really, he made it quite clear what his intentions were when he squeezed your butt -which earned a yelp from you- and growled for you to jump. You complied without hesitation, wrapping your legs around his waist. He growled and pressed his body against yours, lips locking and tongues tangling.
Nico pulled back from the kiss and moved you over to his bed, dropping you down and making the springs screech before he climbed to hover over you. “Let’s get this off,” he muttered darkly. He pulled off your camp half-blood tee and tossed it somewhere in the room, he immediately leaned down to press kisses to the side of your neck.
You moaned out as he trailed down to your collar bone and breasts, sucking dark bruises to mark you as his.
He reached behind your back to unclasp your bra before sliding it off to gain access to your breasts, licking and flicking each hardened nipple with eagerness and want. You bit your lip and ran your hand through his silky mop of dark hair, “Mm~ Nico~ I want to taste you, baby.”
Nico lifted his head, staring at your saliva clad nipple with lust before meeting your gaze with his own. He nodded before sitting up and pulling his shirt and jeans off, “Come here, baby girl.. I need your pretty mouth,”
He leaned back against his headboard with a lust filled look.
You smirked and made your way over to him and leaned over his crotch, licking your lips and peeling away his boxers. His member sprung up and smacked his stomach. Grasping his length and spreading the pre-cum across the head of his thick length, kissing the tip before closing your lips around him. Nico hissed and rested his head against the headboard, “Oh gods..”
You took as much as you could into your mouth, grasping the rest in your hands and began to pump his member. Nico groaned out and let a few curses slip out, “Shit… Y/n~”
You pulled your mouth off of him with a pop, instead you replace your mouth with your tongue, teasing him was always something you adored.
You traced the vein on the back of his member with your tongue, slowly dragging it to the tip where you teased his slit with the tip of your tongue. He hissed and balled his fists into the black sheets, “Stop teasing. I won’t be able to last if you continue,” he threatened with hooded eyes studying your movements. You smirked and wrapped your mouth around his tip once more before letting him take control.
Oh he took control.
It was like a hungry animal seeking it’s prey. He quickly pinned you down and nearly ripped off your shorts and panties, your core almost embarrassingly dripping wet for him. Nico chuckled darkly while he slid a finger through your slit, “Oh I wonder, who did this to you?” You shivered with anticipation, barely able to form a proper answer,“Y-You did,” You managed to stutter out.
He hummed and pushed your legs apart and over his shoulders so he could get a better angle. He placed sweet, open-mouthed kisses on your inner thighs, returning the teasing you bestowed upon him just minutes ago. He slowly kissed your heat before letting his tongue dip down between your folds, savoring your sweet juices that for him and him alone. He poked his tongue at your entrance, barely letting it trace the rim of it and then licking back up to your clit. You mewled softly as he kitten licked your clit, gazing up at you through hooded eyes while he pleasures you. Your hands threaded through his silky,dark locks while he wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck gently,“Will you stop teasing? Oh gods…” You whimpered out.
Nico chuckled against your clit, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine. Without any warning, Nico began to insert a finger inside of you while he sucked harshly at your bundle of nerves. His actions made your back arch off the mattress and you to moan his name loudly. He quickly added another finger into the mix, scissoring your opening apart for his member. Your breaths became ragged as you listed for more, “Nico,” you breathed out, “I need you so badly.”
His member was so hard already that it felt almost painful, but he needed you to cum for him. He groaned against your heat and added a third finger, plunging them as far as possible with he ravished your clit with his tongue. You let out a high pitched moan and started to grind on his fingers, the coil in your stomach building up tightly and waiting for release.
“Oh gods, Nico. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” You yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” He pushed his face deper into your heat and sped up his fingers, his hair tickling your pelvis.
It felt so good.
You came hard while moaning out his name multiple times and breathing heavily. Nico let you ride out your high while he cleaned you up, you tasted so sweet he simply cannot get enough of you. He lifted up to smirk at you, his beautiful olive tone face was glistening with your juices and he looked so unbelievably hot. He wiped his face off with his hand then leaned down to bring you into a kiss. You could taste yourself on his tongue, he was right, it really was sweet.
Nico began lining himself up with your entrance before easing himself in, letting you adjust to his thickness and length. You took a sharp inhale of breath, he was so… Satisfying. You gave a slight nod, giving him the okay to move; He rammed in and out of you without any hesitation, he was clearly eager to show you that he was the only guy you need.
He alone can satisfy and please you.
You moaned at the pleasure, reaching your hand up to your breast and fondling it gently. Nico took the chance and continued to mark you up with hickeys, there was no way you can hide all of these, and there was no way he wanted you to.
Nico somehow sped up his pace to almost inhumanly possible which felt like absolute bliss. He groaned out your name as his pace became more sloppy and erratic as he reached his high, finally being able to release his load into you after all the waiting he’s done. You came shortly after him just as hard as you did when he was eating you out.
Nico’s face twisted as he slowly reached his high’s end, you coming around him only adding to that pleasure. He didn’t bother to pull out just yet, only burying his face in the crook of your neck, mumbling how much he loves you repeatedly.
“Was someone jealous?” You asked while playing with his messed up hair, his head still in your neck. He leaned up and pulled out of you, you making a whining sound at how empty you felt after he pulled out. He simply rolled his eyes and pulled your sweaty, naked body to his so you two could cuddle, “No. I just know what’s mine is mine.”
You smiled and snuggled closer to him, “Okay you’re not jealous, you’re just territorial.”
“That is correct, my darling.”

Rainy Night - a Josh Dun imagine

I really hope you like this. If you find any errors, since no one has yet read beta, let me know. 
I’m always happy about feedback! 

Reader x Josh Dun
words: 1933 
warnings: thunder storm

Lighting bolts lit the sky and it took the thunder only seconds to follow up. The sound was so loud you even heard it through your head phones. You took them off and was surprised how loud the storm raged outside. The sky was black and purple with a hint of red and a deep sigh emerged from your lips. This was not the way you had imagined tonight. A loud noise from next door and you sighed again – this time: angered. Maybe something fell again? Maybe the weird neighbour, who never seemed to be home except for when you needed a break, was up to some new sports trend again? You didn’t know. The only thing you knew was that he was extremely annoying.

You paused the sitcom friends that flickered on the screen and got up. Tonight’s plan actually had been to stay inside and watch friends with friends. But messages had popped up on your phone all night, telling you your friends were too scared to leave their flats during the storm. But fine, then some wine and the show would do fine for yourself, too.

A lightning cracked over the sky and lit up the apartment for a moment so bright you thought it was daytime again, before all turned black and the thunder rolled over the city once more. Hopefully this won’t result in…, you thought to yourself but too late. Suddenly all lamps went off and the TV screen went pitch black as well.

Oh no…

You walked over to the switches to check whether it really was a power blackout or not. But as you tried the switches three four times and the lamps wouldn’t turn on again, you sighed again. This was about to turn out as the worst night of the year so far. You could hear the guy from next door curse but then it was quiet again.

Gathering all candles that you owned with the flashlight of your smartphone, a reliable source of light was built around the couch. The collection of birthday candles, scented candles and normal tea lights must have looked weird with the lights turned on, but right now, spreading warm light and being a source of comfort, you were glad to have them all here.

The one noise that distraught you was a silent, shy knock on the door, just as you had settled on the couch with a blanket and a book. You sighed. Again. Then you got up to look who was out there. It turned out to be your neighbour from next door. Even though it was pitch black outside, the light from the candles lit his bright yellow hair and a smile lit up his face. “Hi, I’m… Josh. From next door. I was hoping you’d be here.”, he said hasty and his hand rushed through his hair, dishevelling it even more than it already was. “I wanted… well, this is gonna be awkward, but I wanted to ask whether you have something to eat?”, he paused and looked at his feet, his hands intertwined with each other, restless.

Raising one eyebrow you looked at him. “Uhm, don’t you have anything yourself?”, was the first thing you asked and you could see that this was not the reaction he’d hoped for.

“Well, I just came home today from tour and wanted to get home tomorrow, but I can’t even leave the building because the elevator isn’t working without the power and so I can’t even order pizza or anything and…”, he mumbled and his voice got faster and faster while his hands kneaded themselves restlessly.

“Hey”, you said and softly laying a hand on his, just for a second to make him stop with all the kneading. “I bet there will be something in the fridge. Come in.”, with saying that you stepped aside and he entered your flat. The hall was dark and you could not see a thing so you closed the door quickly and turned around only to see Josh looking at the candles. He still looked pretty nervous about this but there was the smile again. “(y/n) is it, right?”, he asked you and looked up, squinting his eyes a little to see you in the dark of the door where you still were standing.

“Yup”, you answered, trying to sound casual, but it flattered you that he remembered your name, while all the time you were angered by him you never even tried to learn his name. “Well…”, you said, moving to the fridge a little awkwardly, “let’s see whether we got something to eat for you.”

While walking to the fridge you could hear him sit down on the couch. That was a pro and a con of living in a flat where kitchen, living room and bed room are the same thing. With a tiny panic attack, you looked over at your bed, but relieved you realised that you had made it look extra cosy because your friends actually wanted to come around.

“Your flat looks nice”, Josh said from the couch and you could not help but smile. He didn’t seem to be as annoying as you always thought. “Well, thanks. It’s small and I wish I could afford a bigger one, but I am quite happy.”, you said and opened the fridge. “Okay, we have sandwiches, we have ice cream that will melt if we don’t eat it and we have home made salsa sauce and I bet I’ll find the doritos somewhere.”, you said while getting up, turning around only to face Josh directly. He stood right in front of you, grinning at you. All his nervousness seemed to have faded. “Sounds wonderful.”

Five minutes later you sat together on the couch, each of you eating a sandwich and drinking the wine you had bought for your friends. “So”, you started a conversation as your mouth was empty. “Back from tour, huh? You’re in a band?”

“Yeah, I play the drums in a band called Twenty One Pilots. Tyler and I, that’s… well, the band, we’re making… well… I should show you some time what kind of music we make.”, he said and smiled at you.

“Ah, that’s the noise then.”, you said before you could hold yourself back and Josh shot you a dazzled look. “I mean… I bet you practise when you’re here, right?”

“Yeah, but I had no idea you could still hear me. I will have to check the walls again. I thought I had made sure to not bother anyone.”

The more you talked with Josh, the more you were at ease with this stranger sitting next to you on your couch. He told you about being on tour and the concerts. Also he talked a lot about Tyler and his music. How he missed home and his family. It was really touching, but he also asked a lot of questions about your life, your job and your favourite bands.

The storm outside was still raging on and the electricity wasn’t back yet. As you got to the ice cream, a new wave of thunder was rolling over you and it sounded as if it was directly over your house. Josh’s spoon slipped out of his hand that started to shake uncontrollably again. He looked up at the ceiling and bit his lip.

“Don’t worry”, you said, your voice all soft and comforting. “It will be over soon. And I’m here. I’m here with you until it’s all over.” Putting your ice cream aside you slid closer towards Josh, taking his box of ice cream out of his hands and placing it on the ground before taking his shaking hands in yours.

“They’re all sweaty”, he mumbled and wanted to pull back, but you could hear his voice shaking. “I don’t mind”, you answered and he pressed his eyes close, inhaling deep. “I’m so sorry I am putting you through this it’s just…”, he started, his eyes still closed. Your thumbs drew little circles on the back of his hands while you still held them. “I don’t cope too well with thunder storms and the noise…”

Another loud thunder cut off his voice and you could hear him taking in air sharply. “Don’t you worry.”, you said, moving even closer and stroking his back.

“I’m a stranger to you”, he said quietly.

“You’re my neighbour and we help each other out.”, you insisted and smiled a little. Josh was nice and, what you only just now seemed to notice, smelled nice as well. “I will keep you company”, you raised your voice over another loud crack of thunder, “until this is over, alright?” “Alright”, he answered. His head rested on your shoulder and his breath stroked over the bare skin on your neck, sending shivers down your spine. Your hand stroke up and down on his back and you could feel his breath getting more and more stable, more and more calm.

Without any idea on how long you’ve sat there, you suddenly opened your eyes. You must have fallen asleep on the couch. Your arms were still around Josh and his head rested on your shoulder, as yours did on his. His arms held you tight and you noticed a tattoo that showed under his sleeve. His breath went steadily, deeply. He was still asleep. Your left foot had fallen asleep and you tried to move it to get the numbness away, but instead, Josh moved in your arms. He woke up.

“Are you okay?”, were the first words he mumbled and his voice sounded deeper than before. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s fine. I just think my foot… not enough blood, you know?”, you stammered, still overwhelmed with his smell, voice, presence.

He yawned and then his grip around you got tighter. “I got a solution for this”, he mumbled and then he stood up, carrying you in his arms.

“Uhm, Josh?”, you said but he only shook his head. “No, don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”, he said and walked over to your bed. You caught a glimpse on the alarm clock. 4:23am. Not the time to get up or send someone away to their own bed. So you let Josh place you on your bed before he slid under the blanket next to you, wrapping his arm around you and burying his face in your hair. “Thanks, (y/n)”, he mumbled before drifting off back to sleep.

It took some time again for you to fall asleep yourself, but as you woke up the next morning, you had to admit that you’d never slept as well as with him next to you. But where was he?

Your bed was empty and even the ice cream from yesterday night had been thrown away in the bin. You looked around, listening for sounds in the bathroom but nothing. He left. Sighing you got up and stretched. When you got up, you noticed a note that laid on the ground. The handwriting was orderly and a little heart was drawn on the bottom of the page next to his name. It said:

Dear (y/n), thanks for letting me stay over the night. I left at seven but you looked so peaceful, so I decided not to wake you up. Here’s my number, call me. I’ll be back from visiting the family end of the week. Let’s go out. Have a real date. But please, with ice cream at the end. And maybe this time for cuddling (best cuddles) and sleeping ;) my place?

You sighed again. But this time, happily.

Falling In Love ( Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

A/N: I’m sorry about this, it sounded better in my head but when I re-read it I wasn’t really happy with myself but I couldn’t figure out how to make it better so I hope you will enjoy it :)

The leaves had completely turned from green to orange with some shades of yellow. And the ground was covered by an orange and crunchy carpet, the air was chilly and the trees were naked.

Fall was here.

You had put your summer clothes in boxes and filled your closet with sweaters, beanies,scarves and every items you needed for fall, you were more than ready to fight the cold.

Today you had planned to take a walk through Central Park to admire nature in its new state.

When you woke up, the first thing you did was to look out of the window and check the weather. You put on the outfit you chose the evening before and went to the living room, buried under a beanie and a scarf, you hands were cladded with gloves and you had boots with a fluffy inside to keep your feet warm.

You wished a good day to your fellow teammates and headed to the elevator. But before you could reach the metal doors, a silver blur ran past you and stopped right in front of you.

-“ Where are you going?” Pietro asked, leaning his back against the elevator doors.

-“ Central Park” you answer

He stood straighter and got his back off the doors.

-“ Can I come with you?”

He used the puppy dog eyes to make sure you wouldn’t refuse.

-“ Of course, you can” you laughed

He offered you his beautiful smile and push the elevator button.

-“ Are you going like that?” you asked pointing at his clothes.

He looked down at himself before looking back at you.

-“ What’s wrong with my outfit?”

You smiled and took his hand, tugging on it to make him follow you; and he obliged.

You made him sit on the couch and ran abck to your room to grab something for the speedster so he won’t get cold. You rummaged through your drawers to find something not too girly for him to wear.

When you came back in the living room, he wasn’t at the place where you left him.

-“ Pietro!” you called out.

Half a second later he was back and his cheeks were full of whatever food he stole from the kitchen.

-“ Come on, stop stuffing your face, I found you something”

He smiled at you. A very hamstery smile because of his big cheeks and just his front teeth were showing and you thought that it was so cute.

You show him the items and put the scarf around his neck. Then you got on your tiptoes to place a beanie on top of his head, he saw your stuggle and bent down to give you a better access. You took the time to put some strands of his hair out of the beanie so he would look extra cute. You grabbed one of his hands and slided a glove on it before doing the same to the other hand. Surprisingly, Pietro let you do as you pleased.

-Do you have a coat or something?“ you asked him.

He put his index finger up and disappeared, when he came back he was now wearing a hoodie along with a smile.

-"Perfect” you said and walked to the elevator; ready to spend a wonderful day in company of Pietro.

When the two of you walked through the gates of Central Park you ran toward you usual spot: a bench placed under a tree and just in front of the lake. You sat yourself down on it and Pietro used his speed to join you.

-“ Was it for that, that you wanted to come here?” he asked, sitting next to you.

You looked at him and gave him a smile

-“ I like sitting there for a while and just look at the people passing by and how beautiful this place is, especially in fall. The colours are the most beautiful ones.”

You sigh and let your head fall on Pietro’s shoulder. He looked at you and a smile broke out on his face.

The two of you stayed like this for a few minutes  then decided to explore the park to make Pietro discover the wonders of the fall season.

You were now walking around the park when you saw a big pile of leaves on the gound, next to the path you were on. You threw a side glance a Pietro and got closer to him so your arms were brushing against each other’s. The speedster looked down at you and touched your fingers with his and you intertwined them with yours. The two of you continued to walk and when you reached the pile of leaves you stopped. Pietro gave you a questionning look as you separated your hand from his.

-“ I’m sorry” you said

He furrowed his eyebrows.

-“ What are y…”

He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence because you pushed him and he fell backwards. He let out a not so manly scream, leaves flew everywhere as the poor Pietro fell on the pile, wide eyed and looking more shocked than ever among the dead leaves.

You exploded in laughter and let yourself  fall in the leaves next to him. You were still laughing like a crazy person and Pietro soon joined you . The people passing by were giving you weird looks but you didn’t care.

When your laughter died down you moved yourself and put your head on Pietro’s chest as he put his arm around you to keep you close to him.

-“ That’s why I love fall.” you said

Pietro was looking at the sky, the wet of the leaves were passing through the fabric of his clothes and freezing his skin and the chilly air was bringing tears to his eyes. But he couldn’t care less, this moment couldn’t be more perfect.

-“ Is that how falling in love feels like?” he blurted out not really thinking about it.

You lifted your head up and looked at him.

-“ What?”

Pietro didn’t know what to do and he knew he couldn’t escape, well he could use his speed and leave but he couldn’t do that to you.

-“ I…I said that…I think…I might have feelings for you.”

It was your turn to be shocked, but you quickly push it away with a big smile. You put your head on his previous spot, put your arm around his middle and snuggled into him.

Pietro was happy, beautiful place, romantic moment, and shared feelings but he quickly got out of  his trance.

-“ It’s not like I want to ruin the moment but my ass is freezing.”

-“ Oh…well, I’m good so I don’t mind staying there.” you answered with a smirk.

Pietro chuckled and managed to get up, taking you with him.

-“ I insist.” he said before picking you up bridal style.

You put your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, bringing it a light pink shade.

-“ What about we go back to the tower and get changed?” he asked you.

-“ Sounds good. Can we add making out to your list?”

The speedster bit his lip and zoomed away from the park and toward a good afternoon full of romance.

Remus X Reader- Predictable

Hey I was wondering if u could do a Remus lupin x reader where it’s your birthday and u go to hogsmead with number 13 too! XOXO thx!

Prompt: 13.“I thought we said no gifts?”
I’d be more than happy to, Love! I hope you enjoy. Also sorry again if Remus seems OOC. Also, sorry this turned out to be quite short. 

I’m currently wrapped up burrito style on the couch with a good book while the quite hum of the radio fills the silence. My eyes race across the slightly yellow pages. The story had been heating up and I was drowning in it. Before I knew it I was on the last page, then sentance, then word. It ended on a hanger and there’s no squeal.

“Remus! Come love me!” I’m now sitting in my blanket tortilla emotionally torn and mildly distraught. The only remedy to my feels was a good Remus cuddle. Said man steps into the room with a slightly confused look on his face. He quickly assesses the situation noting the tears in your eyes and book in your lap.

“Again, (Y/n)?” An amused smile sits on his face as makes his way over to me.
“Yeah. She left it at a cliffhanger! And, she’s not writing a sequel. It was so good.” I take in what I just said and start laughing at myself. I was almost in tears over the fact that a book ended, I’ve had better moments. We both share a brief moment of laughter until it fades to a content silence.

“Hey Rem, wanna do something today?” I push myself off the couch and wrap my arms around his neck. He pretends to think about it.
“How does Hogsmeade sound?” A mischievous glint enters his eye for a split second.

“Sounds perfect, just let me get my shoes and a jacket.” With that, I detach myself from him and head over to our shared closet.
Soon we leave our shared living and make our way out of the main building and down the path.

“Got any place in mind?”
“ Can we go to Madam Puddifoot’s?” I ask holding Remus’s hand the two of us coming to a stop in front of the shop. He nods towards the entrance and I pull him inside. We quickly take a seat and order our drinks.
“So any particular bizarre classroom moments lately?” I inquire taking a sip of my earl gray.

“Well one student did try and give some of the Weasley’s joke chocolate,” He rambles on about the situation as I listen intently. Soon his story was over and we sip on or beverages a little while longer.
“Oh dear. I’m afraid I forgot to pick something up. Stay right here, I’ll only be a minute.” Remus quickly excuses himself and heads out the door.
‘I wonder what that was about?’ To pass the time I take in the lovely decor of the shop.

Only about two minutes had passed when Remus entered the shop again. Only now he’s holding a neatly wrapped box.
“What’s that for?” Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I’m going to find out what it is. No matter what.
“Don’t tell me you forgot what day it is?” A dumbfounded look was now sitting on his face.

'Today? Well, it’s my birthday, but that can’t be for me. We agreed to not do presents this year.’ I raise an eyebrow and give him a questioning look.
“What does today have to do with anything?”
“Well, it’s for you.” He slides the box towards me.
“I thought we said no gifts?”

“Just open it.” Still, a bit took aback I pull the ribbon untied and remove the lid. Inside was a gorgeous, yet simple, bronze necklace. A small pendant hanging off the chain, in the middle of it sat my birthstone.

“Remus. I’m at a loss for words. It’s beautiful. But we said no gifts this year.” Trying to act as though I was still upset I throw that line in. A slightly guilty look makes its way onto his face.

“I love it, Remus, and I love you.” I lean over for a kiss, him following suite. We share a short but sweet kiss before pulling apart. I scoot my chair over to him and signal for him to put the gift on me. He clasps the chain around my neck and puts my hair back in place, a look of adoration on his face.
“It’s perfect, Remus. Now I’ll always have something to remind me of you. It’s simple yet stunning.”

Soon we both finish our drinks and head back to our living quarters. Hand in hand we pass a few students and fellow teachers. We make it back to our door, the sun setting behind us.

“Thank you for a perfect day, Remus.”
“Oh, one more thing,” He stops before entering the house and pulls a chocolate bar from his pocket. “this is also for you.”
“You can be so predictable.” I lead him into our abode, shut the door, and pull him into a kiss.
“But that’s part of why I love you.” I plant another kiss on his lips. “I love you too, dear.”

Lit by the Sun

(I posted this earlier but that was just a link to the AO3 version, so here this is in full for all you Tumblr people.)

She came to the castle when she was young, only eleven or twelve, and looking for work. With Paris drenched in sweat and death and plague, there had been no home there for her anymore; and the castle in the gardens, with the sun shining on it like it would never end, seemed to promise that there she could be safe. She was clever enough not to knock at the front door, and rounded to the back, holding her few possessions close to her. She knocked, and the door opened, and warm hands took her in.

Mrs. Potts made sure she had tea and toast before she could start, and by the time she ended the kind woman’s face was grave and sad.

“Many’s there that died before they could get out,” she said. “You were wise to come to us. Another slice? No? Well.”

Plumette’s eyes ranged around the room, taking in the friendly objects and the warmth and sunlight. It was so different here, compared to Paris; it was so alive.

“I’ll have to speak to Mr. Cogsworth,” continued Mrs. Potts, “but I shan’t be surprised if he lets you stay. In an upstairs position, too, I should think; that silly maid he has now has worn out all patience from here to kingdom come. She can go back to the village, and you can stay with us.”

Plumette did stay. That night she spread out in a feather bed—oh, it had been such a long time since she had had a bed like this!—and she felt a smile twitch at her face again, a new feeling after so long being quiet and still.

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