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(When you manage to colour a drawing in just one session ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ)

Gift art for @sunsetofdoom! In which Maul retreats to some remote planet for a few years because if anyone needs to clear is head its him tbh. Cat’s just happy to enjoy the view from his shoulders.

I hope you like it! Never stop writing~

new very quick drawing of v soft @danisnotonfire in a galaxy sweater that i covered in glitter  cuz i didn’t like how it looks in pencils and it turned out much better than i expected✨
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Liv Eyeshadow
I made this for my new sim Olivia (who I might put up for download?) and it turned out better than expected so I thought I might as well publish it.

- Brand new eyeshadow for your sims
- Cut crease with shimmering lid
- Fifteen colour options
- Suitable for all skins
- HQ mod compatible
- Custom thumbnail

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Recolours allowed only with proper credit and a link to the original.

Download - SimFileShare

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Weak- Cassian Andor

Originally posted by fuckyeahrebelcaptain

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Prompt: #47: “How am I supposed to do anything when you’re looking at me like that”

Warnings: None, just kissing and angst. My usual MO. 

A/N: Okay so I know this has primarily been a Percivan Graves content blog for a while now, but I couldn’t resist. And I had a lot of encouragement so thank you xD I hope this turned out alright…he’s a difficult character to capture but I really, really loved writing this! Let me know what you think!

I heard footsteps coming up the ramp and turned to look over my shoulder. I smiled as Cassian poked his head around the corner. I should’ve expected him to turn up at some point. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I’d gone to the ship in an attempt to be alone, to gather my thoughts before tomorrow. Sleep was evading me, the way it always did before a big battle. Only this time it was different. I had a feeling about this particular battle, though it was a feeling I didn’t want to dwell on for too long. Cassian was about the only person I wanted to see right now anyways.

“Shouldn’t you be resting, Captain?” I asked, going back to cleaning my gun.

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The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 4

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 9.5k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Series: 1. Lust / 2. Gluttony / 3. Greed (1) / 4. Greed (2) / 5. Sloth / 6. Wrath

Comment: Just like with the first part of Greed, it came out so much longer than I expected it to! Still, I hope you guys are able to get through it an enjoy it <3

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Some lovers, some friends, some enemies, all of them left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


          You were too lost in thought to notice that Jimin had begun to move closer to you, shifting in his seat to close the distance, close enough that you could feel his breath on your cheek. You turned your head to find his face inches from yours, causing you to flinch back against the door.

          His eyes bore down into yours with determination, his face serious and alluring. You felt something begin to form in your body, a twitch of a hot feeling waking up inside you. Your heart began to race against your chest, your hands beginning to shake on your lap. He moved his eyes from your eyes to your mouth, letting his intentions out in the open. He moved his hand to your knee, his fingertips barely brushing against your skin as he moved his way upwards. He took it slow, giving you the opportunity to reject him if you wanted to.

          He smirked as he reached the hem of your dress, cocking his head to the side as his fingers continued to slide past it. Your mind went blank, focusing on the feeling of his hand on your thigh and the way we was looking at you.

          Your breath hitched in your throat as he leaned in, moving his lips to your ear.

          “I know what I can give you,” he whispered, his breath hot against your skin. Your hand shot down over his, but instead of removing it like your mind told you to you squeezed it. You felt his teeth capture your ear lobe, tugging at it lightly before peppering small kisses down your jaw. You closed your eyes as you felt his lips against your skin, staying still as he continued his kissed down to your chin. You knew you could stop him there, push him off and curse him out for making a move on you, but you didn’t. Instead you felt yourself lean into him.

          When he reached your chin he slid his way back up your jaw, his tongue trailing against your skin.

          “Let me make you feel good,” he whispered, his voice deep and husky. You exhaled sharply, his words and tone making the heat between your thighs grow. You didn’t move away or try to reply, unsure of what your voice might sound like. You wanted him to continue, wanted to tell him yes, but you knew what you were doing was wrong. You kept quiet as he tangled his hand in your hair, pulling your head to the side harshly to allow him access to your neck.

          His lips moved down to your throat, his kisses sending electricity down your body. He began to tug at the skin under your jaw softly with his teeth, alternating between biting and sucking. His tongue trailed patterns down your neck, your body weakening underneath his mouth. You moaned as he reached the area between your shoulder and neck, your body flinching away from him as he reached your weak spot. His hands kept you in place, his mouth staying still as it hovered over you. You could almost hear him smile, his lips brushing softly against the area again as you tried to squirm from his touch, your hands moving to his chest to push him away. He obliged, pulling back to look at you.

          “I know it takes up a lot of time, but I need you stay,” he pleaded, your eyes on his lips as he spoke. You looked up at him with a look of apology, knowing that despite what was transpiring between you two you would never be able to stay. He could see your answer painted on your face, his features going from pleading to intimidating. You could see his eyes darken as he changed tactics; realizing asking nicely wasn’t going to get him what he wanted.

          Your eyes darted from his eyes to his mouth as he moved his face down to brush his lips teasingly against your own. Your lips parted in anticipation, expecting him to kiss you. You could only barely feel them brush against you, his lips like feathers on your own.

          “Don’t you like working for me baby?” He whispered. He repeated his motion, darting his tongue out to swipe against the bottom of your lip. Your tongue reached out to his, attempting to feel him but coming out too late. He chuckled, his thumb rubbing soft circles into your jaw.

          Your head was swimming, lost in the feeling of his skin against yours as his lips continued to brush against yours. He kissed the corner of your mouth, moving closer to you to mold his body against your side. You could feel his toned chest against your shoulder, his body much closer to you that it had ever been. His hot breath was on your neck, letting you feel the unevenness of his breathing. He rolled his hips against your side, letting his head fall back with a moan as his hardness rubbed against you through your clothing. You gasped at the feeling of him, aroused by his body and by the sounds escaping his throat. You could see a thick vein pulsing up his neck as he threw his head back, your mind going wild as a million different thoughts crossed your mind. Fuck, did he look hot.

          His eyes came back to meet yours, his lids hooded and his pupils blown wide. You stared at him in amazement as he stared at you with a desire you had never witnessed from anyone before.

          “Answer me,” he demanded, dragging out his words slowly, as if to bid you caution.

          Wait, what had he asked you? Your mind was blank as you began to search desperately through your head in hopes of remembering. Just as your answer was going to roll of your tongue he rolled his hips against you, your mind returning to its previous state.

          His hand went to the back of your neck, tightening his grip against you as he began to lose his patience. In one sudden movement he was on top of you, one of his thighs sinking into the seat in between your own, his arms moving to either side of your head. You shrunk down in the seat under him, the feeling of danger making its way back into the air. Despite how intimidated he made you feel it only made you more excited and you couldn’t ignore the way your panties had started to stick to you, wet with your arousal. You looked away to avoid his eyes, his patience finally snapping as he grabbed onto your jaw harshly and forced you to look up at him.

          “How many times do I have to ask?” he hissed through his teeth. His question resurfaced in your brain and you answered without hesitating, the answer leaving your body so quickly it felt like a god given truth. You were tempted to not answer, wondering what he would do if you stayed silent, but you could tell it wasn’t the time to try to play with him.

          “I love working for you,” you let out in a whine. He hummed approvingly, the corner of his lips twitching up. You thought that maybe with your answer he would reward you with a kiss, that he would do something more than tease you. You squirmed slightly underneath him, the movement causing your core to rub against his thigh. You tensed as a feeling of pleasure ran through your body, making you weaken underneath him. Instead of pulling himself away from you he moved his thigh higher up in between yours, pressing it against your heat. Your hips buckled in response, rubbing yourself against the fabric of his slacks and moaning when you felt the hard muscle of his thigh as it twitched in between yours. He smirked, watching you as you rubbed against him.

          “Then why would you go running off to Hoseok, hmm? Would you prefer working for him over me?” he asked suggestively, moving one of his hands down to your hips to encourage your movements. You moaned, feeling your juices soak through your panties and onto him. You shook your head quickly, unable to remember the reason you wanted to leave in the first place.

          “No, I only want to work for you,” you moaned, arching your back as you rode his thigh.

          “Good girl,” he cooed, running his hands down your body until they reached the end of your dress. He pulled it up past your hips, revealing the lacey black panties you wore underneath. He pulled his thigh away from you, a whine escaping your lips that was quickly replaced by a moan as he slide a finger in between your lips through the fabric, feeling the wetness that you had rubbed into them.

          “I want you to prove it to me,” he purred, pulling his hand away from you and getting off of you all together. The warmth of his body left yours, the cold of the car enveloping your skin. He sat back into the seat, relaxing his back against it. He rubbed himself through his slacks, your mouth almost watering in response as he let his head fall against the seat of the car, a shaky breath leaving him.

          “Prove to me how sorry you are,” he whispered, looking over at your expectantly.

          It was your turn now. He had done most of the work up until this point, allowing you to be passive and feel as if you weren’t responsible for the situation. Now you had to initiate, but by doing so you knew you were digging your own grave. Your eyes darted down to the bulge in his pants, twitching underneath the fabric as you looked at him.    

          You crawled closer to him, your hands shaky as they reached out to touch his thigh. You squeezed his leg, a sigh leaving your body as you did something you had only ever fantasized about. You ran your hand upwards, skimming his bulge and moving straight to his belt. You kept your eyes on the task at hand, undoing his belt and then his pants. You hooked your fingers under his briefs, grabbing hold of them and his slacks to pull them down together. He lifted up off the seat, letting you pull them down to his knees. His cock sprung out and bobbed in the air eagerly, thicker than you had imagined. A bead of precum tailed down his shaft, begging for you. You stared at his body in shock, both at how hot he looked and at the fact you were even doing this.

          You grasped him in your hand, placing it at his shaft and pumping him slowly. He hummed in approval, placing his hand on your hair and petting your head approvingly. You licked up his cock, feeling the warmth of his skin against your tongue until you reached the saltiness of his head. He moaned, his cock twitching against your tongue.

          “I’ve always wanted to feel your moth around my cock,” he whispered, tightening his grip on your hair and encouraging you to take it further. You licked his head before placing your lips around him, swirling your tongue before slowly inching yourself down. You took it slow, taking care in not scraping your teeth against him. You slid back up, taking more into your mouth each time you went back down.

          “Look at me while you suck me off,” he commanded, your heart beating dangerously fast against your chest. You looked up, your eyes met with his beautiful face. His blonde hair had become disheveled from running his hands through it, and his lips were parted, glossy from his spit. You felt naked as your stared into his eyes, the contact making every movement more intimate. You could see him as he studied you, his eyes focused on his member as it disappeared in and out of you. You hollowed your checks, ignoring the embarrassment that came with the lude sounds of air that escaped between your mouth and his cock. You let one hand rest against his thigh, caressing him softly while the other went to cup his balls.

           Your movements stopped when you heard a quaking sound.

           Reality crashed back onto you, the familiar ringtone sending a bolt of anxiety down the pit of your stomach. If it had been any other sound you might have ignored it, but you couldn’t.

           That was Jin’s ringtone.

           Jin. How could you forget about him? How could you do this to him?

           You began to pull your mouth off of him, attempting to step back and remove yourself from the situation and stop yourself before it went any further. Jimin held onto you tightly, pushing you down onto his dick until it hit the back of your throat. You let out a complaint, your voice sending vibrations up his body.

           He clicked his tongue, shaking his head at your attempt to get away.

           “Where do you think you’re going?” he hissed, raising an eyebrow, looking down at you darkly. You made another muffled protest despite knowing full well you couldn’t answer him while he was stuffed down your throat.

           “You still haven’t showed me how sorry you are baby,” he reminded you, holding onto your hair tightly as he forced you to return to your movements. You had forgotten about Jin up until this point, but somehow with him in mind you grew more excited. It felt wrong on so many levels, but the situation you were in now felt even sexier as you realized how absolutely terrible it was. Jimin slapped your check lightly, reminding you to look up to him.  

           You tried to ignore the sound of the ringtone, focusing on your mouth around his shaft with a new determination, wanting to get him off as quickly as possible. He groaned appreciatively, rubbing your shoulder as you sucked him off. When the ringtone started up for the third time Jimin let out an annoyed grunt, finding your phone in your bag and bringing it to his face. He chuckled when he read the name on the screen.

           “Jin must really be missing you, and I guess I can see why. I wonder how he would feel if he knew you were here sucking me off instead of him,” he whispered menacingly, the clicking sound of your phone going off as he unlocked it. Panic rose in your stomach, but just as before he held you down.

           “Unless you want him to know what’s going on, keep sucking baby,” he whispered in amusement, his finger swiping against the screen as it answered the incoming call.

           No, no, no, what the hell is he doing?!

           You looked up at him with wide eyes, taking him as deep in your throat as you could. Despite how messed up it all felt, it only made you more aroused. You moved your hand down to your slit, spreading your juices to rub at your clit. He looked down in amazement, watching as you touched yourself. His hips bucked upwards, thrusting himself into your mouth harshly.

           “Ah, Jin,” he answered in between a thrust. You almost groaned, wondering how obvious the whole situation sounded.

           “Oh yes sorry, it’s Jimin. She left her phone in the office but she should be home soon. Sorry for keeping her so late,” he replied into the phone, his breathing heavy but otherwise not giving away any indication of what was happening on his lap.

           “Have a nice night,” he whispered before hanging up with a satisfied laugh.

           “You like sucking me off while your boyfriend listens?” he questioned, moaning as you nodded.

           “Just like that baby, I’m gonna cum,” he grunted, his dick hardening even further in your mouth as his cum began to pump into your throat. You swallowed all of it greedily until he was cringing away in pain with a laugh.

           You sat back up, fixing your dress and grabbing your phone from him. Your thoughts were racing, unable to stay fixed on one point. How long have you wanted Jimin? When did you become someone capable of cheating? At what point did it begin to feel good?

           He pulled his pants back up and tucked his shirt back in with a satisfied smile. You looked out the tinted windows, surprised to see you were already outside your apartment building.

           He pulled you back from the window to face him, not noticing until his lips were pressed against yours that you hadn’t kissed all night. His lips were soft and plump against yours, moving against yours with a softness’s you hadn’t expected. He caressed your cheek softly with his thumb, smiling against your mouth before breaking away. You stared at him dizzily, unsure of what to make of everything that happened before you.

           “I’ll see you at work tomorrow, right?” He asked, a normal question that meant more than what was on the surface. It also meant You aren’t quitting, right?

           You stared at him, looking at his beautiful face and the way his eyes begged for you. Your face fell, looking at the picture of Jin you had as your lock screen. You sighed, shaking your head.

“Jimin, we shouldn’t have done that. I need to go. I can’t stay,” you blurted out, your eyes beginning to water in regret. Your breath was coming in pants, the arousal that clouded your head beginning to clear. How fucking stupid were you? How in the world could you let it get this far? His jaw locking in place as anger began to appear on his features again.

          You enjoyed what happened with Jimin, but it was twisted. If Jin ever found out it would crush him. And what kind of person did this make you? The kind that gives her boss head while he makes excuses for her on the phone? The kind that forgets about her boyfriend the moment someone else gives her attention?

           “I need you to stay with me,” he commanded. He moved his hands down to your waist, rubbing at your skin in an attempt to make you give in. He brought his lips down to your neck, sucking harshly underneath your jaw. His teeth pinched at your skin, marking you as a reminder of what you had done. Your body gave in for a moment as it pressed against his, melting as you felt the warmth of his mouth against you. His tongue began to swirl in patterns over your skin, alternating between sucking and licking. You pulled yourself off of him quickly, holding on to your sanity before he took it away. You grabbed a hold of your purse with one hand while the other began to push him off.

           “Jimin, please get off. I need to go home,” you pleaded, scooting out from under him in a rush as he released you in defeat. You wanted to say more, to talk about what had just happened, but you knew if you stayed in the car you would end up doing everything but talking.

          You stepped out of the car, pulling your dress down when you realized it was still high up on your hips. Your eyes shot around nervously, knowing that anyone watching would clearly be able to understand the situation. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be anyone around. You closed the door behind you without looking back, walking up the sidewalk to the apartment entrance.

           “I’ll see you in the office tomorrow!” Jimin called out the window, but you just kept walking.

           When you reached your apartment you went straight to your room to change, picking out a large oversized shirt and a pair of shorts, throwing the dress into the depths of your closet. You didn’t want to look at your phone and face him yet, wondering how you were going to get through tomorrow. How were you going to enjoy your time with him and act normal when you knew you had betrayed him?

           You sat on the couch and stared at the blank screen of the TV, the same words running through your head on repeat.

           Cheater. Cheater. Cheater.

           It was so easy, so simple to do. You had been cheated on before and never understood it. You had always wondered, if they wanted to be with someone else why didn’t they just break up? How could someone say “it just happened”? You leaned your elbows against you knees and buried your head in your hands as a loud knock met your ears

            Did Jimin come to find you? You considered not getting up and pretending no one was home, but when the knocking continued for a couple of minutes you knew you had to confront him. You opened the door without checking the peephole, opening in with a frustrated sigh expecting to find Jimin on the other side. Maybe now that you weren’t overcome with lust you could reject him properly and get your life back in order. Maybe this whole night can be forgotten and you can find a way to be redeemed.

           You stared wide eyed into the eyes of your boyfriend, his presence towering over you ominously. He walked past you and into your apartment, his clumsy walk revealing his current state. He was drunk.

           You closed the door behind him, unsure as to what he was doing. You had already made plans to see him the morning after, so what was he doing at your apartment now?

“Jin, how did you get over here? Why would you go out this drunk?” You asked him, your voice colored in concern. Not just concern over him, but concern over yourself. You hadn’t taken any time to look at yourself in the mirror. Did you look at distraught as you felt? Would he be able to tell?

           “I kept thinking about you and I wanted to see you,” he slurred out, walking over to sit on the couch. Your heart softened as his words, some of the tension leaving your body that was quickly replaced with guilt. He thought about you while you hadn’t thought much of him.

           “Give me a second babe, I’ll go get you some water,” you told him, walking over to the kitchen. You grabbed a cold water from the fridge and some juice for yourself before heading over to sit across from him. His eyes were closed, his head against the back of the coach. You stayed quiet for a moment, wondering if he had fallen asleep. Seeing him drunk wasn’t an unusual sight. In the past month he had probably called you drunk more often than he did sober. Thankfully, he seemed to be calmer this time.

           Maybe it was good that he was drunk because if he wasn’t he might be able to read the thoughts that flew through your head as they revealed themselves on your face. He was already good at reading you, at understanding what you were thinking without you having to say anything. Hopefully he was drunk enough that he wouldn’t notice a thing.

           He smirked suddenly, opening his eyes to look over at you.

           “I tried to go about my night,” he began, placing his elbows on his knees, his hands now supporting his chin as he leaned in closer. “But for some fucking reason, you wouldn’t leave my mind.”

           You stared at him quietly, your lungs freezing up as they processed his tone.  

           “And you know what I realized? If you actually made me happy, maybe my nights wouldn’t be like this,” he said, shaking his head.

           “If I was with a girl I really loved, she would be able to pull me out of this.”

           You didn’t move. He hadn’t moved an inch, but his words felt like a slap to the face. The anxiety in your stomach felt heavy, swirling around in your stomach like butterflies. You opened your mouth to say something, but words wouldn’t come out.

           He’s putting his drinking habits on me? You thought, trying to wrap your head around what he meant.

           “You don’t even try to help. You just turn the other way and pretend it’s not happening,” he continued after you failed to respond. You closed your eyes, letting the guilt that you always pushed away envelope you as it mixed with the guilt of what you had done that night.

           “Do you even care about me? About us?” He asked, raising his voice. His words no longer slurred, but sharp and serious. Your eyes shot around the room at his words, projecting them onto a situation he wasn’t even aware of.

           “Of course I care about you, Jin. But what am I supposed to do? I can’t control what you do when you get home,” you replied, opening your eyes to meet his. You tried hard to keep eye contact despite the jittery feeling that filled you that wanted you to dart your eyes everywhere besides him.

           He shook his head, chuckling to himself.

           “Bullshit,” he said, his anger creeping into his voice. “You’re fucking useless. You can’t help me and you can’t help yourself. No wonder Namjoon—” You rose from your seat, quick to cut off his words.

           “You better stop right there!” You shouted, shocked that he would bring him up.

           He rose as well, taking two steps forward to close the space in between you two. You stared at his beautiful face and messy hair, wondering how he managed to look so good even when he said such hurtful things.

           He leaned his head closer to you as if to kiss you, his lips coming dangerously close to yours. Like your heart, you stayed still.

           “I understand why he went looking for more,” he whispered, his eyes roaming over your face and body. You’re eyes began to water, but not because of his mention of Namjoon or the harshness of his tone, but because you did to Jin what Namjoon did to you. A tear fell down your cheek as you realized that he was right. In this relationship, you were useless. He stood up straighter as he observed you, taking a step back and crossing his arms across his chest.

           “Where were you tonight?” he asked suddenly. Your eyes widened at his question, unable to hide your emotions. You wiped your tears away as your eyes darted to the doorway, unable to resist the urge to look away from him.

           “I had to stay late at work, remember?” you replied defensively as you shifted you weight from one foot to the other. His face was hard, his eyes staring down into yours with accusations.

           “When did you get home?” he continued, standing his ground.

           “Are you trying to change the subject? Why are you interrogating me?” you deflected, aware of how you sounded. Normally he didn’t ask these kinds of questions, but normally you wouldn’t respond this way either. You could hear yourself get defensive, your arms crossing themselves across your chest to mimic his stance.

           “Just answer me,” he grimaced, looking down at you.

           “Twenty minutes ago,” you answered honestly, trying to weave as much truth as you could into the lie that would end up being tonight. For a moment you had considered telling him, and maybe one day you would, but tonight was not the time.

           “You had to work that late into the night? What were you doing?” he questioned, cocking his head. You stared at him for a moment, watching as something swam behind his eyes. Your heart contacted in pain, wondering if he had somehow figured it out but you knew it was impossible. It was probably just jealousy.

           “I told you, I was working,” you sighed, walking over to plop down on the couch. You relaxed against it, grabbing the remote to the TV. You patted the seat next to you, hoping he would join you. He didn’t move an inch.

           “With him?” he asked. You rolled my eyes, turning the TV on to a random movie. You wanted to be nicer, wanted to not be such a bitch, but for some reason you couldn’t help it.

           “Yes, I was working with Jimin. If you forget, he’s kind of my boss,” you scoffed, keeping your attention on the TV. After a couple of awkward seconds Jin came to sit next to you, starting at you until you turned to look at him. You raised an eyebrow, smelling the alcohol that wafted from his breath.

           “You smell nice. Why’d you put on so much perfume? I thought you didn’t like it?” He asked with a lazy grin, sniffing the air around you. You cringed away from him, patting yourself off as if you could get rid of it.

           “Oh, I didn’t realize I put on so much. I was just trying it out,” you mumbled, scooting away. He was observant even when he was drunk.

           “Do you always wear so much make up when you go to work? Your lip stick looks a little smeared,” he commented, an accusation in his voice. You chuckled, trying to shake off the feeling that had made its way into the air.

           “Oh, I—

           “Lift your head,” he commanded his face serious. You kept your head in the same position, freezing when you realized you had totally forgotten about the hickey. Jin was much taller than you and wasn’t at an angle to see it clearly, but if you lifted your head he sure would.

           “What?” you asked, playing stupid. You didn’t know how to get out of this, had no idea what you could say that would stop him from seeing.

           “You heard me. Lift your head,” he repeated. You stayed still, staring up at him pleadingly. Should you start apologizing already? Spill it out, ask him to forgive you? Did you want forgiveness?

Jin grabbed your chin, lifting your face up to make your neck visible to him.

           “Jin, what the hell are you doing?” you screeched, covering your neck with your hands a second too late. He pushed your face away harshly in disgust, lifting off the couch to tower over you. The suspicion in his eyes was now confirmed, now a frenzy.

           “I fucking new it! How fucking long has this been going on for, huh? Is this what takes up all of your time, fucking your boss?” he roared, griping the roots of his hair as if to rip them out. He squeezed his eyes shut, unable to look at your face. He began to walk away towards the door, stopping to look at the pink picture frame that held a picture of both of you one of your first dates. He picked it up, staring at its contents for a moment before shattering it on the floor. You went after him, grabbing onto the sleeve of his sweater.

           “No Jin, please! Nothing ever happened besides tonight, it was the first and only time. I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I did it!” you confessed, trying to move in front of him to get him to look you in the eye. He grabbed onto your wrist and pulled your hand off of him, shoving past you.

           “Like that makes it any better!” he hissed, a single sob leaving his body as tears began rolling down his face. He looked at you in disgust, the pain so clear on his face it tore at your heart. You reached for him, wanting to ease to pain that you had caused. He took a step back, shaking his head.

           “I can’t believe you would do this to me. I never want to see you again,” he cried, his voice clear. You could hear it in his voice, you could see it on his face; he meant what he was saying. Your vision became blurry as the tears began to steak down your face, hot and unforgiving. You knew that what you had done was wrong, you knew that it would hurt him, but you never realized it would really be the end of your relationship. You thought you could get away with it, whether or not you continued to mess around with Jimin. You didn’t think this would be the last time you would see him. You weren’t ready, but it didn’t matter.

           “I’m sorry Jin, please let us talk about it,” You sobbed as he stormed out the door, following him out into the hall. You could feel the sobs that shook through your body, hear the cries that left you in the form of his name, begging him to come back. Your hands reached out to him but were met with nothing, nothing but the emptiness that you had caused.

He never turned around, and eventually you made your way back home. Your tears had yet to stop, and the feelings were all becoming too much. The love you had, the memories you made, all forgotten in a single moment of lust. You did this, to him and to yourself.

After calling Jin’s phone for the hundredth time you abandoned the phone on your bed, leaving your apartment before you could change your mind.


          This says a lot about you, doesn’t? You would think that after the events of tonight you would know better, or that maybe you would be outside Jin’s house begging for forgiveness, or crying in a sad heap in your bedroom. But that wasn’t what you were doing, and it wasn’t his door you were knocking on.

          “Y/n?” he answered as he opened the door, letting the light and warmth from the inside of the house greet you. You almost turned on your heel when you saw him, considering turning back from where you came. His blonde hair was dripping water down to the tiles below, a soft red robe tied around his body. You could see parts of his chest that peaked out of the low v of the robe, his skin soft above his muscles. You took your eyes off of his form to meet his cocky expression causing the anger to come up again. You pushed past him, making your way into his living room.

          “Come back so soon?” He chuckled, closing the door softly behind you. You turned to face him, a glare set on your puffy eyes as your hands balled into fits. You could feel them shaking at your sides but you didn’t try to hide how you felt. His flirtiness quickly turned to concern as he looked at you, taking in your red rimmed eyes and desperate expression.

           “What’s wrong, what happened?” he questioned, moving towards you to comfort you. You raised your hand up quickly, trying to keep space in between you too. You didn’t want him to comfort you, the very person that caused all of this. He caused it, right? Not you? He came on to you, not the other way around!

          “Jin found out, that’s what happened,” you snapped, taking a step away from him. He kept his distance, understanding the situation. He smiled sadly, running his hand through his hair to get it out of his face. The water dripped from his locks down to his jaw, cold against his skin. You looked away quickly before he could notice, trying to keep your eyes on his. 

          “How’d he find out?” he asked curiously, his voice soft and alluring. It wasn’t a good idea to come here. Why did you every think it was a good idea? You weren’t able to resist him earlier when you were sober, what made you think that you wouldn’t be drawn to him when you were drunk? Your anger began to falter, all the words and blame you had planned to throw at him out the window. 

            “He was suspicious and saw the hickey on my neck,” you whispered, your chest heavy as your recalled the memory. You could still see the look on his face, the moment his features twisted in hurt and disgust. You tried to shoo the memories away as you felt tears falling down your cheeks, laughing nervously as you wiped them away.

           “I’m sorry Y/n, I should have been more careful,” he apologized, moving forward to cup your face. You were close enough to feel his robe brush against you but not his body, the warmth of his presence washing over you. You relaxed under his touch, moving your hand up to rest above his.

           “I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t want him to leave,” you confessed to him, closing your eyes. Jimin kept rubbing small circles into your cheeks, letting you enjoy his touch.

           “What did you expect would happen, Y/n? That you would keep it from him forever?” he asked, moving your face up to look at him. There was a tenderness swimming in his eyes, your mind trying to piece together his feelings with your own. You looked down at his lips, wet and parted. You could almost feel their softness against yours, moving in rhythm with you. You hadn’t noticed how long you had spent staring at them until he licked his bottom lip, biting it softly. You felt a pang of longing in your body, taking a step away from him, the back of your knees meeting the couch. You fell against it, staring up at him as he rubbed himself through his robe.

          “Jimin, I—I… that’s not what I came here for,” you stuttered. He took a step closer, smiling at your response. You propped yourself up on your elbows, your eyes trained on him. If you had the strength to look away you would have, but right now you were lacking.

           “Really? Then what did you come, baby?” he chuckled, leaning down to run his hand under your shirt. His hand made small movements, moving from your waist to your hip and then back again. You kept eye contact with him as you spoke, letting him touch you.

           “I wanted to tell you about Jin,” you whispered, watching as his hand moved higher, his fingertips barely touching the bottom of your breast. He nodded, standing up and removing all contact between you two. You though for a moment that it was over, that he was pulling away like you had asked. You watched him walk down the hall, turning to face you when he reached the door to his bedroom.

           “You could have called me instead. If that’s really all you want, be sure to lock the door behind you, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow,” he said sternly, nodding over at the door. Your stomach dropped in disappointment, realizing in that moment that he was had been right. You had wanted him. You stood up slowly, nodding your head in embarrassment.

           “But if you came for more,” he continued, turning his back to you to face the doorway to his room, pulling at the tie around his waist until it came loose, “feel free to join me.”

You watched as his disappeared through the door, the rope not doing you any favors as it continued to hide his body from you. You listened as you heard him turn on the water, realizing you had interrupted his shower. You looked around the room aimlessly, hoping an answer would pop out at you.            

           You walked slowly along the tile, keeping your steps as quiet as possible. You could hear as he hummed to himself, a deep and beautiful song you couldn’t recognize. Your hands began to shake as you reached the doorway, peering into the familiar room. He left the door open, letting you see him before he could see you. The doors to his shower were made of glass, the steam of the water fogging them up and hiding his body from your sight. You could see his figure, his back to you as he ran product through his hair. You could make out the muscles in his arms, watching his movements as he dipped his head under the stream of water. You took the opportunity to walk into the bathroom, pulling your shirt over your head. His humming drowned out the sound of you undoing your pants, taking everything off until you were in the same state as he was.

           Without saying anything you slid the door open, stepping onto the warm tile and letting the steam crawl over you. He kept his eyes closed as the water ran down his face, smiling as he heard you slide the door close. You stared at the muscles on his back, watching as they moved underneath his skin as the water relaxed them. Your eyes moved down to his ass and thighs, staring at them appreciatively as you closed the distance between your bodies, placing your hand gently on his back. You felt as he sighed, turning around to face you.

           He moved forward until he had you pressed against the wall, his warm and wet body molding into yours. He pressed his lips against yours urgently, running his hands down your body to touch your naked flesh. You tangled your hands in his hair, arching your back off of the wall to press your body as close to his as you possibly could. You shivered as the cold air of the room hit you, contrasting with the hot temperature of his body. He kissed down your neck, making his way down your chest to catch your nipples between with teeth. You gasped at the pain, his tongue swirling around your bud as he moved his hand down to your slit, spreading your juices against yourself. You moaned, grabbing onto his arm as he rubbed his fingers against you, moving his face up so you could kiss him again. You could feel him smile against your lips as he took his hand away, wrapping both of his arms around your waste.

           “I’m glad you decided to stay. Would have been a sad night if I didn’t get to fuck your beautiful body,” he whispered against your mouth, the anticipation in your body growing. You could feel the ache for him, the need in your body to have him inside you. You hummed in agreement against his mouth, moving your hand down to stroke him.

           “Turn around baby. I want to fuck you from behind,” he commanded. You nodded, turning your back to him and placing your palms against the wall. He put his hand on your shoulder, bending you over until your ass was sticking out and pressed against his cock, keeping still as he rubbed it against your skin with a moan.

           “You know how many times I’ve imaged you spread out like this against my desk? Maybe that’s how we should spend our lunches from now on,” he mused, rubbing the arch of your back. His words only make you more excited, causing your to rub your ass against him in hopes of him continuing. He chuckled, moving back to slap your ass. You stayed in the position but turned your head to look back at him, aroused but confused.

           “Don’t be too excited baby,” he began, his voice full of lust. He gripped one of your hips in his hand, the other on his cock as he pumped at it slowly, guiding his tip to your entrance. He moved his other arm to your hip before slamming into you in one sharp movement, a cry leaving your body as he filled you unexpectedly. The stretch was a little painful but was everything you wanted, whines forming on your lips as he stayed still inside you.

           “Because I’ll be the only one cumming tonight,” he whispered as pushed you closer to the wall, bringing you to a more upright position as your breasts pressed against the cool tile, his lips against your neck. A panic formed in you at his words, unable to let any of them out as he began to slam mercilessly against you, the sound of his skin meeting yours echoing off the walls. You kept your ass out for him as he fucked you, your cheek pressed against the tile as your breasts bounced against the wall. The sounds of his moans filled your ears, adding to the tension that was building in your stomach. He pressed your back against his chest and brought his hand up to pinch at your nipple, his breath against your ear. You moaned as his cock continued to thrust inside of you, closing your eyes as you felt your high approaching.

           “Getting close baby?” he asked, placing a kiss on your neck as you nodded helplessly. You heard his laugh ring against the tile before he removed himself from you, your legs shaky as he left you empty and longing for your orgasm. You tried to control your heavy breathing as you turned to glare at him, his back turned to you as he turned off the water.

          “I already told you baby, you aren’t cumming,” he smirked, opening the glass door and stepping out past you. You looked at his cock as it bounced against his stomach, its head moist with your juices and his precum. He grabbed a towel off the rack to dry himself off, dragging it roughly through his hair.

           “If I can’t cum, neither can you,” you threw back, knowing he wanted release as badly as you did. He continued to dry off the rest of his body as you stood in the shower, getting colder by the minute. He turned to face you, an amused look on his face, unaffected by your challenge.

           “Really baby? You can resist me?” he chuckled, wrapping the towel around his waist before grabbing another from the rack. He approached you slowly, your arms lifting instinctively as he wrapped it around your body, pulling you towards him harshly. Your hands pressed against his chest to steady yourself, his skin warm and soft. You looked up at him without saying anything, knowing he was right. But was he really not going to let you cum? Don’t most people like pleasing the other person as well?

           “Did you bring a car? I can send you—

           “No, no, I didn’t mean that,” you said quickly, flustered and hurt that he would send you away so quickly. He smiled sweetly, rubbing the towel against your back before letting you grab hold of it and wrapping it around your own body. He made his way back to the bedroom without another word with you right behind him. He turned on the heater and let the room warm up as he went to sit on the foot of the bed, letting the towel fall to his feet. He smiled at you as you stared at him, beckoning you over to him. You walked over to stand in front of him, your towel still wrapped around you. He grabbed the towel and pulled it down softly, letting it join his on the ground.

           “You really do have a beautiful body,” he praised, his hands going to your waist and drawing you nearer. He kissed your skin softly, kissing up your stomach and to your breasts, sweet kisses that went against the way he had handled you in the shower. He nipped at your skin with his teeth, leaving little marks on your body. You caressed the side of his head softly, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the feeling of his mouth. He pulled you closer, your knees making their way to either side of him to straddle his lap. Your hips rolled against his, wanting to release some of the pressure he had caused you all night.

He brought his hand under you to grab hold of his dick, placing it at your entrance as your hips went down to fully join his, the feeling of him inside you making you throw your head back in relief, rolling your ups against his in a steady pattern as he continues to kiss your body. You could feel your breathes sync up, feel as his calmness broke as he began to reach his high, his hips coming up harshly to meet yours. You could see your orgasm not too far behind, listening as he began to grunt against your skin.

           “Please, please,” you panted, your body bouncing against his, “Let me cum, I’m so close,” you begged, knowing that he was close to cumming. He smirked up at you, letting the orgasm he was holding in loose as he released his hot cum inside of you, throwing his head back against the bed and moaning loudly into the air. You whined as he came, wishing he had held out a few moments longer to let you cum as well.

           “Jimin,” you whined as he moved you off of him, a satisfied look on his face. He picked up the towel from the floor to wipe the cum off from between your legs, placing a small kiss on your hip.

           “Oh come on baby don’t look at me like that I told you I wasn’t going to let you,” he said sweetly, placing a small kiss on your forehead. You didn’t respond, covering yourself up a little with your hands as you realized how naked you were. You would probably be able to get him to let you cum later into the night, or maybe next time, you thought to yourself. Even if you didn’t get to cum the entire experience was exciting and it helped you forget about the more negative parts of the night.

           “I have some comfortable clothes I can lend you. Did you want to wear them or the clothes you came here with?” he asked, pointing to the jeans and t-shirt that were bundled on the floor in the bathroom. You sighed, replying that you would prefer the clothes he was offering. He left the room, going to find them in one of his other closets.

           You walked over to the side of the bed, lifting the cover and going under it in order to shield some of your nakedness and to warm up. You looked over as his phone as it buzzed against the night table, flashing a text message. You normally handled most of his interactions and it wasn’t uncommon for you to use his phone, and while normally you would never pick up his phone on off hours you couldn’t resist as you recognized the number on the screen. He had yet to save the number under a name, but he didn’t need to for you to recognize it. You felt your heart stop as you read the preview of the message, the message short enough that the phone gladly showed you all of it.

1:42 Thanks for telling me.

           Your hands shook so hard you were afraid you might drop the phone, your fingers typing in his password and opening the message. You scrolled up the conversation, hoping with all of your heart that this was someone else entirely, and that it had nothing to do with Jin.

11:57  Check her neck the next time you see her.

12:00  What? Who’s this?

12:02  It’s Jimin. Y/n’s boss.

12:02  Jimin?

12:03  Are you implying what I think you are?

12:05  See for yourself.

12:06  You seem like a nice guy, I just thought you would like to know.

1:42  Thanks for telling me.

           The phone dropped back the night stand with a loud clank, your tears falling down to the screen. A panicked sob left your lips and you jumped off the bed, running to the bathroom to grab your clothing. You put them on quickly, your hands trying to slow you down as the nerves shook through you. It was Jimin. Jimin told him. He told him.

           How could he?! Your relationship with Jin was none of his business! You felt betrayed, the tears that left your body being that of both pain and anger.

           You ran out of the room, making a b-line for the door, favoring quickness over quietness. Your mind was in too many places, the sound of your heart taking over your senses. You felt Jimin’s hand grab hold of your wrist and thrust you away from the door when you were inches from it, moving forward to block it.

           He didn’t ask any questions. He knew why you were fleeing; he saw his phone unlocked in the room. He held his hands up, lifting his hands up to stop you as you tried to rush past him.

           “Y/n, listen, please!” he pleaded, pushing you back away from the door. You hid your face in your arm, trying to calm your tears in order to face him. You looked up at him, waiting for some fort of explanation, waiting for him to say it and fully confirm that he had outted you. The seconds ticked by with only silence.

           “Why? Why the fuck would you tell him?” you cried in anger, your voice coming out louder than you intended. He ran his hand through his hair as he tried to piece his words together, the desperation clear on his face. When he didn’t answer you began to walk towards to door, ready to slap him out of the way.

           “You weren’t going to stay with him still around,” he said quickly, his reasoning stopping you in your tracks.

          You stared at him in with a mixture of disbelief and amazement. You knew he was selfish. You knew he was greedy. You saw it with the way he treated his clients, how he treated his partners, how he treated his family, in how he treated your time. But you never, ever thought he would take it this far. Your tears stopped, your eyes drying surprisingly fast. You straightened up, laughing as you brought your palm up to your forehead. You closed your eyes, taking deep breaths as you thought back on your relationship with him and about the events of the night. He really was something.

           “You….,” you took a deep breath, trying to calm the frustration in your voice, “You ruined my relationship because you didn’t want me to quit? Are you fucking serious?!”

           He laughed a little in response as he began to get angry himself.

           “It’s not like you stopped me! Don’t act like this is all on me!” he yelled back, pointing his finger accusingly at you. You shook your head like you shook off his words, ignoring that any of this was your fault. It was too soon to admit, to early on to accept you had fallen for a trap you helped create.

           “You are a fucking greedy prick, Jimin. If you don’t fucking change no one will stay by your side, not your friends, your lovers, or your family. Now move, I quit,” you whispered, your voice soft despite the anger that it held in it.

           “Y/n, please, I did this for—

           “You better not fucking say ‘us’ Jimin. When the fuck do you do anything for someone besides yourself?” you snarled. He let his hands fall limply to his sides, straightening up with his mouth in a hard line. He nodded, looking down as he stepped to the side to let you out. You stormed out, slamming the gate behind you as you made your way home. Your tears flooded out of you as you realized you lost not one person, but two.

           It wasn’t the last time you would see Jimin, but it was the last day you would see him as a friend. It was also the same day you realized the betrayal you were capable of, tainting you as a cheater and a liar for the rest of your life.

           “You are who you hang around with,” people say, and you found it to be true. When you surround yourself with greed, you are bound to become greedy yourself.

           Now it was time to move on, to forgive him and yourself.


           “It will only be for some time,” you promised, placing the last box on the counter. You brushed the sweat off of your brow before sitting on the floor next to the couch, his body sprawled on it half asleep.

           “Mmm, I know, don’t worry about it,” he murmured, placing his hand on top of your head. You smiled at him as you turned to watch the TV, changing the channel as he began to close his eyes. You had roomed with him once before, right out of high school, so the whole experience of moving back in brought back a flood of nostalgia, warmth and happiness spreading through your chest.

           “You’re the best Yoongi,” You sighed contently.


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