turned one

I imagined RGB meeting one of my ocs

titled: “meeting an other monster”


I need to show my appreciation for some of the background character designs in S1 RiD more often.

Green guy has a weird head design, but look at the one next to him. That guy has two heads. And then there’s mister tin can down there, just chillin. Look at him. Where are his eyes, even? Are they the glowing circles? Or are they those sweet shiny sunglass-looking parts

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I need another chapter of centripetal force like I need air

Tomorrow night (est) probably!

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“#the next chapter of CF may or may not be intense” Where’s that image of Kermit on fire when you need it

With my laptop camera breaking, and the general wonkyness it’s starting to exhibit, I think it’s time I started saving up for a new laptop.

(If I opened up commissions, would anyone be interested? Just checking)

I also gotta back all my files up to. *gently thumps head* Don’t forget don’t forget don’t forget. I haven’t really had to do that before, so it’s a little intimidating. I can probably save pictures and such on a flash drive. Maybe an external hard drive won’t even be necessary (although I swear I have one under my bed somewhere. I should look)

Ugh. Updating hardware sucks. Maybe I should just get a proper desktop.

okay but Vader literally turned off the lights on his chest panel to make an impression on the Rebels. That whole emerging from the darkness by the light of his saber thing? That was intentional dramatic effect. What a drama king.

Leia got away because he wasted 30 seconds scaring the crap outta those poor rebel mooks.

Me: The Bye Bye Man? I can’t take this seriously it sounds like a five year old named this guy what. No, I’m gonna laugh my ass off in the theater what else is playing

Youtube: Hey… you should check out this movie… it’s called Split and it’s about-