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Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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Please consider: Tony thinks it’s totally cute that Steve tries to incorporate modern slang into his speech until one day Steve says, “YOLO” and just slings a water balloon in Natasha’s face and runs. Natasha turns to look at Tony. “If you still have a boyfriend after I’m finished with him, ask him to curb his use of slang.”

Tony thinks that Steve understands until they’re on a mission and Steve opens the door of the hellicarrier and says “Carpe diem, bitch” and jumps out without a parachute. The SHIELD agents listening on the comm all flinch at Tony’s furious scream.

My Fave Japanese YouTubers + some YouTube Vocab

I was introduced to Japanese YouTube and J-Vloggers through a friend and I watched a lot of videos when I was first learning Japanese. I do admit that I couldn’t understand EVERYTHING but YouTubers tend to repeat themselves often and you can see what they’re doing so you pick up a lot.

It’s important to distinguish J-Vloggers from Japanese Youtubers.  

J-Vlogger is a term that usually refers to foreigners living in Japan who vlog regularly.  Simon and Martina, Taylor R, Sharla, Micaela, Rachel & Jun, VenusAngelic, and Mimei are all J-vloggers.  Their channels are mostly in English and they speak very little Japanese in their videos.  Mimei actually does a lot of her videos in Japanese now but I wouldn’t recommend learning Japanese from her because she isn’t a native speaker.  Her content is still really cute though. 

Japanese Youtubers are usually native Japanese content creators.  Their videos are all in Japanese usually with subtitles created by the community.  They usually belong to the big partner group UUM but there are a few independents like PDR.  


This is a great channel for beginners.  @uni-venture​ mentioned him in her own post about this as Just Duncan.  He’s a British-Japanese ハフwho spent much of his childhood in England but now currently lives in Japan with his wife and their cats.  He speaks in Japanese in most of his videos with an even pace and simple videos.  All of his videos are subtitled in English.  He’s pretty unusual for a Japanese Youtuber because he isn’t attached to a major partner company and he mostly makes sarcastic joke videos and vlogs.  He often talks about Convenience store customers and things that annoy him.


PDS is PDR’s younger brother Dante.  Dante was much younger when the family moved back to Japan so he speaks no English and all of his videos are completely in Japanese.  Only a few of them are subtitled in English (mostly older videos that Duncan subbed for him when they both still lived at home) and he speaks a lot faster.  Despite his speed, Dante tends to repeat himself more often or use captions to emphasize words he’s using.  For example I learned the word 交ぜる from one of his videos.  Mostly he sits in his house and screams while doing something unnecessary like turning himself into a water balloon or fucking up one of his coffee tables.   Occasionally he also make 20 minute long videos of himself trying to win something from a UFO catcher (claw machine) and throwing away like $35 in change.  He is also a bodybuilder? So he occasionally makes videos about his fitness, but most of the time you would never know that because he does things like eat 100 Umaibo or deep fry an entire watermelon.

If you want to know how to use the particle ね you should really watch his videos.

はじめしゃちょ Hajime Syacho (President Hajime)

Hajime is probably the most difficult of these YouTubers. He talks FAST and his words often are kind of slurrred to together. But I think his videos are often translated by the community and he repeats himself a lot so you can learn lots of stuff from him.  He does a lot of dumb stuff like Dante. His videos include drinking too much of a drink that is meant to inflate your stomach to curb your appetite, making slime alone and nearly spilling it on the floor, and covering an entire room in those heat pads that you can stick to your skin.  He also does some science-y videos sometimes.  He’s a pretty big YouTube celebrity in Japan so his videos are usually a lot of fun.

If you want to learn how to use the phrase やばい!his videos are the best.  

Kinoshita Yuka: Oogui Eater

Yuka is kind of a legend. She’s a little Japanese woman who eats a LOT of food. The nice thing about her is that she eats pretty normally and unlike YouTubers who do this for the weird factor, she like legitimately enjoys everything she eats. She will like eat the entire Mister Donuts holiday menu and take time between don’t to discuss how fluffy the dough is and how refreshingly light the glaze is and so on. All of her videos are translated by the community. The translations are pretty good except the regular translator always translates 美味しい to Oishii which is not helpful and is really kind of annoying.  In all honesty, Yuka is my life goals.  Like she is my fave of all time.  If my job could be to just eat like this girl, I would be living a dream. 

If you want to learn how to talk about how you can’t handle spicy food, Yuka’s your girl.


I used to watch him all the time but now I really don’t?  He is one of the biggest Japanese Youtubers who got famous for beatboxing.  He often beatboxes in his videos and even has a video where he beatboxed for Ariana Grande when she was on tour in Japan.  He mostly does like food and snack reviews where he gives a review at the end.  Most of his videos have been subtitled in Japanese so that you can read while you watch if you want. I don’t know he’s really not my favorite tbh…

モーニング娘 Morning Musume

So this isn’t really a Youtuber.  This is an idol group with an audience of middle aged men and young girls.  However, Morning Musume is one of few Japanese music groups that has its music videos available to view in the United States and all of their music videos have English  and Japanese subtitles which is very rare.  If yo ucan get past the cheesy costumes and the general idolness of their videos, you can learn A LOT from them.  Remember to keep in mind that the Japanese you’ll learn will be a little bit more awkward than vlog-style Japanese because it will come from song lyrics.  To be completely honest though, I love muting their videos and playing like hip-hop and rap underneath of them because they match up shockingly well.  

Texan In Tokyo

So this is technically more of a J-vlog channel but whatever.  So this channel has actually ended but it’s the channel of Grace and Ryosuke, an international couple.  Most of their videos are travel videos in English but some of them are cooking videos done entirely in Japanese with subtitles.  Ryosuke is really good and speaks slowly in simple sentences so you can see what he’s making and hear him talk about it.  He tries to do the videos with time constraints but doesn’t always do that.  Their other videos are good too for culture lessons and general information about living in Japan.  

Kirizaki Eiji 桐崎栄二

So in all honesty, you probably won’t learn anything from him at all but I put him on here because I love his stuff.  He, like many male Japanese Youtubers, is just like the master of pure idiocy.  His channel is mostly him messing with his sister and making videos with quick, sudden jump cuts and loud slapping noises.  He talks way too fast but he uses a lot of subtitles so you’ll get something. Eiji lives in the suburbs somewhere with his sister, grandparents, and parents and frequently just messes with all of them.  Occasionally he purchases expensive cuts of beef, pours himself a couple of glasses of Mugicha (barley tea, god’s gift to mankind) and feasts alone in his kitchen.  I just find him really entertaining I don’t know. 

I think the lesson with him is to find things that make you want to learn Japanese.  I don’t quite completely understand all of the humor in his videos but I really want to so I study Japanese. 

Other Reccs: 

AskJapanese – Interviews by Cathy Cat

Mahoto – He eats giant cicadas once a year

JPCMHD – Commercials usually in one to two week intervals

vintage club penguin things part 2 (part 1)

  • popcorn everywhere when the veggie villain plot happened
  • similar effects for other missions, like the malfunctioning snow forts clock for clockwork repairs and the abyss for mysterious tremors
  • the recycling center
  • dig out the dojo
  • the dojo being an actual empty room before that and having a giant octopus in it for the water party
  • snowballs turning into water balloons for the water party
  • the winter fiesta
  • the 2008 penguin games to tie in with the beijing olympics
  • rock the iceberg
  • wave cutouts from the migrator catalog
  • new year fireworks on the ski hill
  • throwing snowballs at the gongs in the ninja hideout
  • the medieval party quest where you could get potentially infinite numbers of the treasure pile furniture item (I took 37)
  • the festival of flight where the entire fucking island got lifted into the air
  • the box dimension
  • the fall fair and getting teddy bears, candyfloss and candy necklaces
  • related: forgetting that you lost all your fair tickets when you logged off
  • puffle shuffle
  • puffle paddle
  • that one game with the hairdryer where you had to blow the hot air balloon around and avoid the cacti on either side
  • the old coffee shop music
A Forfeit Is A Forfeit

“How?!” Zoe gapes over at Alfie, surprise etched across her face as Joe and Y/N high five.

“I have no idea,” Alfie laughs, shaking his head. “I’m as surprised as you are.”

“This isn’t fair! You cheated!” Zoe points at her brother, who stares back at her, mouth open.

“What! No we didn’t! We just know each other better!”

“You gave her the answers before we started, didn’t you?”

“You know I don’t cheat at these things, Zoe.” Joe chuckles, “Clearly you and Alfie just don’t know each other that well.”

“Oi!” Alfie protests, “I know your sister very well. We bloody live together!”

“Then explain how Joe and I won.” Y/N questions, smiling innocently at him.

“This isn’t fair.” Zoe repeats, crossing her arms.

“You’re just upset because of the forfeit.” Y/N teases, poking the other woman in the side.

“I don’t want water balloons thrown at me!” Zoe whines, turning to look at Joe, a pleading look on her face, “Please don’t make me.”

“Sorry, sis.” He shrugs, “A forfeit is a forfeit.”

“You are the worst brother in the world.” She mumbles as Joe turns to look back at the camera.

“Well, there you have it. Zalfie vs Y/S/N, and Y/S/N wins. Which means its time for the forfeit! This should be fun,” He rubs his hands together, and evil little smirk on his face.

“Leave a comment saying who you thought would win,” Y/N adds, “Because I’ll admit, I thought Zalfie would win.”

“Do you not have any faith in us, love?” Joe looks over at her, “I knew we would win.”

“No you didn’t,” She scoffs, “You told me this morning that your sister was sure to win.”

“Really?” Alfie laughs, “Way to believe in your relationship, mate.”

“It’s not that!” Joe cries out as the other three stand, “You and Zoe have just been together longer.”

“Not bloody long enough, apparently.” Zoe mutters to herself, grimacing as Y/N grabs a bucket of water balloons. “I really don’t want to do this.”

“Too bad.” Joe tells her, repositioning the camera to see outside. “You lost. We won. Time to get pelted with water balloons.”

“All electronics get left inside, by the way.” Y/N reminds them, placing her own phone on the table.

“Let’s just do this.” Zoe leads the way outside.

“Ready?” Joe asks a minute later, water balloons in his hands, Y/N standing beside him, her own balloons in her hands.

“As we’ll ever be.” Alfie tells them, chuckling as Zoe covers her face.

She lets out a scream as the first balloon breaks against her stomach, gasping at the coldness.

Laughing, Y/N and Joe continue to throw a few balloons, until one doesn’t pop, but lands at Alfie’s feet.

“Free for all!” He calls, bending down to pick it up quickly, throwing it at Y/N has he makes a run for the bucket of balloons.

It doesn’t take long before all four are throwing balloons everywhere, and Alfie gets his hands on the hose, spraying the other three.

“Cheater!” Y/N calls out, trying to hide behind Joe as Alfie continues to spray them.

“Fair game!” He calls back.

“Alright, alright!” Joe hollers, holding his hands up, blinking at the water droplets falling in his eyes as Alfie turns the house off. “We’re all soaked, I think it’s time to call a truce.”

“Truce is good.” Zoe shivers slightly, “Because its bloody freezing out here.”

“Agreed,” Y/N nods, wrapping her arms around Joe in an attempt to warm up, “Perhaps we shouldn’t have done this in February.”

“It was still fun,” Joe smirks, rubbing his hands and up down her bare arms.

“There’s towels by the back door.” Zoe tells them all, pulling the wet shirt from against her stomach.

“You can just clean up the water!” Joe tells her, making his way inside quickly.

“Wait, Joe!” Zoe chases after him, “Stop getting water everywhere!”

“Those Suggs,” Alfie shakes his head, following Y/N inside, both staying by the back door to dry off.

“They’re crazy.” She tells him, smiling as they listen to the siblings call back and forth.

“But they’re our crazies.”

Easter HC’s

Happy Easter my loves!

(If you don’t celebrate Easter then… Happy Sunday!)

((And if you prefer the religious aspect of the holiday then…. um… Amen? IDK IM NOT RELIGIOUS IM SORRY))

I felt that, since we currently aren’t accepting requests, I would write a little HC with some Easter themes for you guys!

Okay enough talking, here you go my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


               -He wanted to do something a little different for Easter

               -Instead of the standard basket full of goodies, he wanted to have some fun! Play around! Go outside for once!

               -“It’s so nice outside… it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it…. if we just sat in here…. doing nothing….” “Yoosung are you okay? Are you sick?”

               -He grabbed two spoons, a bucket with some unfilled water balloons, and your hand, dragging them all outside

               -You helped him fill up a bunch of water balloons, laughing when you realized they had little patterns on them like Easter eggs or little bunny faces

               -He announced the two of you were going to have a spoon and egg race, but with water balloons!  

               -But he gets really competitive? But it’s always really playful, never hurtful!

               -He’s knocked the spoon so the water balloon drops, or he bumps into you on “accident”

               -After his 7th win, he’s laughing at you and gloating that “Shooting Star” is the best Water balloon racer there ever was. He stopped laughing when you hit him in the face with a water balloon

               -The rest of the race turned into a water balloon fight. The both of you ended up completely soaked, running, and giggling like children. Once you were out of water balloons though, you two used the spoons as if they were swords and continued to run around like complete dorks


               -“BABE WAKE UP I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU” “Zen it’s 6 in the morning this better be important or I’m killing you”

               -He has you get dressed, hands you a piece of paper, and shoves you out of the house?? This early in the morning?? He won’t unlock the door?? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM

               -The piece of paper had a location on it and a memory he had written down on it- it was the coffee shop the two of you and Jaehee frequent. When you got there, the manager handed you a basket with a single plastic egg in it, and another piece of paper with- surprise- another location and memory associated with it

               -After a while, the scavenger hunt got harder and harder. He’d write down a memory and you’d have to start to figure out where to go next

               -At each place, you found a single plastic egg. Curiosity got the better of you and you opened a few of them

               -Inside were different puzzle pieces? He put together a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces? What kind of moNSTER

               -The last clue sent you home where he sat at the living room table, waiting for you

               -He helped you put the puzzle pieces together, the pieces revealed the picture you were putting together was your favourite photo of the two of you, with “I love you” scribbled in his handwriting in the corner

               -You absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smiling at how dramatic and over the top he was with it, but it was still super cute! But there was a puzzle piece missing? You turned to ask him about it and you found him holding up a plastic egg covered in glitter. You opened it to find not only the last piece, which was a picture of a heart, but also a ring.

               -He turned a nice shade of pink but had the brightest smile when he saw your eyes light up. The whole day was amazing, fun, and just absolutely beautiful. You loved all of it, and especially him, there was no way you could say no


               -She woke up that Sunday to find your shared living room covered in hand-made paper decorations, coloured construction paper scattered across the floor, a basket full of goodies she couldn’t quite make out, and you standing in the center of the chaos with a large smile on your face

               -“MC, do you care to explain what all of….this… is?” She asked, side-eyeing the large paper rabbit you’ve hung against the bookshelf

               -“It’s all part of a game! It’s the Bunny Hop game! We pick these coloured cards, and move to that colour, sort of like Candyland!”

               -You gestured over to the basket sitting at the end of the “board”, and gave her the brightest grin you could

               -“Winner gets the basket of goodies!!! Okay okay, come over here!! Hurry, hurry!”

               -She laughed at your enthusiasm and joined you at the start, taking turns moving across the “board” from colour to colour


               -At the end of it all, she finally realized that you had rigged it so she would win. The basket was full of some of her favourite coffee beans, a bunch of caramel chocolates, some rare Zen merchandise, and a gift card for her favourite book store

               -She had no words?? You literally set this game up just for her to win? This is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for her in a long time

               -The two of you shared her chocolates throughout the rest of the day as she’s cuddled against you. As a thank you for the day, she cooks one of your favourite meals for dinner. she also makes you play the bunny hop game a few more times because?? Its cute and fun and she just wants to enjoy it let her have this


               -On Easter, you wake up to a basket full of goodies, correct?

               -When you live with Jumin, you wake up to like 5 different baskets

               -There’s even a basket for Elizabeth omg what a cutie

               -EACH BASKET HAS THEMES!!!

               -A few are full of items pertaining to your favourite interests/hobbies, another is dedicated to candies and chocolate, and the largest was by far the one he was most excited about

               -It held a beautiful outfit, dazzling accessories, and even some shoes??

               -He was grinning from ear to ear when you turned to ask him about it and he held out some tickets towards you

               -A play?? This dude’s seriously taking you to a play?? What a NERD but you couldn’t help but get just as excited who’s the nerd now, mc????

               -IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST LITTLE PLAY ABOUT AN EASTER BUNNY BRINGING GIFTS AND JOY TO CHILDREN AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DORK TOOK YOU TO THIS (it wasnt even a play pertaining to the religious aspect of the holiday?? it was a grown man in a bunny suit?? and he loved every minute of it??)

               -When the two of you got home, you gave him his own Easter basket, full of cat-themed accessories, bottles of his favourite wines, and a hand-made coupon book full of tasks and actions he can cash in on (which he laughed at because?? you both knew you’d do any of these if he just asked)


               -It was too early in the morning and Saeran was pissed at the both of you

               -He had to hide dozens and dozens of plastic eggs around the house for the both of you to find

               -But Saeyoung was COMPETETIVE AS FUCK

               -He loves you, MC, but he’s gonna find the most eggs. He’s gonna get the most candy. He will reign supreme


               -There was one up like in the door of the attic? You found Saeyoung dangling from the opening

               -“Uuuuh MC, since you’re soo nice and sooo amazing…” “I’m not bringing you the ladder” “MC PLEASE”

               -He actually threw a pity party in the corner of the living room when he lost the Easter egg hunt? “YOU’RE BEING A CHILD, MAN UP, CHOI” “LEAVE ME ALONE MC”

               -At the end of the day though, the two of you sat watching cliché Easter movies and eating the pounds of chocolate the two of you collected

               -It’s not surprising that the two of you ended up in a sugar induced coma, spread out of the couch. Saeran looked at the two of you in disgust as he stole a handful of his brothers candy, so you’d have more than him when the two of you woke up


               -Why is there a large canvas sitting in your living room whERE IS THE FURNITURE

               -V was standing there in an old t-shirt and shorts, smiling at you proudly, which makes you question just what he has planned

               -The entire room is covered in layers of old sheets, painters paper, and cartons upon cartons of eggs scattered about the floor

               -“MC! Look! We can make art with paint instead of photos this time!” “But V, you have your camera set up right here, it’s set for rapid fire” “No it’s not, ignore that” “IT’S RIGHT HERE” “No it’s not”

               -Once you’ve changed into the appropriate painting attire, you look around for some brushes, and more importantly, some paint

               -You watched as he picked up an egg, smiled at you, and threw it at the canvas. The egg shattered, leaving a large paint splatter across it. That’s when it clicked that the eggs are hollowed out and full of different coloured paint

               -The two of you take turns just throwing different colours, laughing, and shoving each other playfully

               -After a while, throwing the eggs at the canvas turned into throwing them at each other. He even smashed a few full of light blue paint over your head

               -“Look, MC, now you’ve got hair like mine”

               -The fight didn’t end until the both of you were covered head to toe in paint, and he had enough pictures of the two of you playing to make a full scrapbook of its own. You even laid on the ground and made a paint angel, and he drew a little halo above you and everything


               -He watched in confusion as you filled a ton of different bowls full of vinegar and food dye

               -You had almost every colour you could think of and he wasn’t sure what you were even going to do with it?

               - After an explanation that, you take hard boiled eggs and set them in the liquid so you can colour and decorate them, he was just left with more questions

               -“Why would you do that? Couldn’t you just eat it? What’s the point?” “Stop asking questions and just dye some eggs”

               -He watched you use a clear crayon to draw some designs on the eggs, dip them in multiple colours, and tried to do the same

               - his first few eggs were literally just black

               -He actually enjoyed drawing little bunny faces on some of them. There were even little egg versions of the two of you!

               -A while later, he realized that the dye sort of…dyes your skin, so he wanted to mess with you

               -He got a paint brush and started to paint little pictures on your arm while you tried to finish dyeing the eggs

               -But it was really relaxing and you couldn’t help but let him do it. By the end of the night, the two of you were not only naked, but you guys were covered in adorable little paintings! He loved them a lot and didn’t want to wash them off in all honesty. Though the two of you reeked of vinegar and Saeyoung had to exaggerate and wear a clothespin on his nose the whole next day


Requested by hiddlestonerlexy

“I am Groot.”

“I’m so glad you don’t care that I can’t understand a word of what you say,” you told your tree-like friend.

“I am Groot,” Groot stated again, pointing. You followed his finger, seeing Rocket. You grinned and hid behind a wall, pulling Groot with you.

“Three, two…” you whispered. You heard a thud, followed by swearing.

You laughed and put your hand up for a high-five. Groot hit your hand gently, not wanting to accidentally knock you over.

“I am Groot.”

“You’re right, mission success!” you replied, guessing what he was saying.

Rocket walked over with a glare, his arms folded.

“I’m Groot,” Groot quickly stated.

“I know Y/N was the mastermind here,” Rocket replied to him. “But who put the vines where I could trip on them?”

“I am Groot,” he replied sadly.

“I’m getting you both for this,” Rocket stated, before walking off. You let out the laugh you were holding back.

“We might need to get Gamora to watch over him to make sure he won’t cause actual bodily harm,” you stated.

“I’m Groot?”

“I know you can regenerate limbs, but I can’t,” you told him, guessing his statement.

Groot, however, shook his head. “I am Groot.” He pointed behind you.

You turned just in time to face a water balloon exploding in your face. “Bullseye!” you heard Rocket cheer as you wiped the water away.

“I’m Groot.”

“Oh, shush,” you playfully scolded. “He’s coming after you next.”

Solangelo Through the Ages

Age 5                          

Will looked around his kindergarten classroom. There didn’t appear to be anyone he would be interested in making friends with, and he was just about to give up and sit on his own when a boy a little smaller than him with glowing white skin, jet black hair and chocolate eyes walked through the door. Will immediately wanted to befriend him.

 Once the boy sat down, Will walked over to him. “Hi!” he said enthusiastically. “What’s your name?”

 “My name is Nico. What’s your name?”

 “My name’s Will.”

 “Cool. Do you wanna be my friend?” he asked hopefully.

 “Yeah!” Will said happily, sitting down next to Nico.

Age 10

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, and Will was on the couch reading a book. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” he called to his parents.

He opened the door. “Nico?” he asked. Will realised Nico was crying. “What’s wrong, Nico?” Will had never seen Nico cry.

“M-mama and B-bianca. They’re gone!” he sobbed.

“You mean…” Will couldn’t even finish his sentence.

“They’re dead,” he whispered, his eyes falling to his shoes.

 “Nico,” he whispered, opening his arms. “Come here.” Nico buried his head in Will’s shoulder.

Will’s mother walked in. ‘What happened?’ she mouthed to Will. She didn’t get a response.

Once Nico noticed that Will’s mom was in the room, he turned around and started apologizing. “I’m so s-sorry, Mrs. Solace. I didn’t know where else to go.”

“It’s alright, Nico. What happened?”

“M- my Mama and B-bianca. They were in a car accident. They’re gone now,” he managed, before turning to Will and bursting into tears again.

Mrs. Solace, knowing Nico’s father had left, knew that Nico was now alone. She also knew that, if she sent him to authorities, the might try to send him to his father. She walked over to the boys, looking back and forth between the two of them. “Nico, honey, we will help you sort all of this out. Will, may I speak to you for a minute?”

He nodded, gave Nico a squeeze, and said he would be right back. Then he followed his mother into the kitchen.

“Can we let him stay here, Mama?”

“That is what I was about to ask you. You would want him to stay with us?”

“Of course! He is my best friend! 

“Okay. He’ll have to share your room, okay?”

“Okay!” Will turned to leave, but his mother stopped him.

“You know he’s hurting right now. He feels how you felt when you got news of Michael.”

Will grimaced before“I know. But I didn’t have anyone to make me feel better when Michael died. Maybe I can make him feel a little better.” Mrs. Solace smiled at Will, and he turned and walked to Nico in the living room.

“Would you like to stay with us Nico?” Will asked softly.

Nico’s eyes widened. “Would that be okay? 

“Of course, Nico. I’ll talk to my husband, Apollo, but I’m sure he will say yes,” chimed in Mrs. Solace. Then, she bent down and whispered to Nico, “He likes you.”

For a moment, Nico forgot his troubles. “Thank you so much!”

 Mrs. Solace and WIll both hugged him, and suddenly he remembered why he would be staying with them. His smile faded, and the light in his eyes diminished.

“Is there anything I can do, Nico?” Will asked timidly.

He gave a weak smile and replied, “You are doing more than enough already.”

“If there’s anything we can do, just let me know,” he volunteered.   

He nodded in response.

Age 15

“Hey Nico!” Will called one day as the two were headed to the pool. Nico turned around only to be greeted by a water balloon bursting against his chest. 

“Hey!” he shouted back, running up to Will, looking for the water balloons. He reached inside his friend’s bag and retrieved a water balloon, then another, then another, until his arms were full.

“I hope you left some for me, Neeks, or this won’t be a fair fight! 

“Was it fair of you to throw one at me without warning earlier? 

Will smiled and replied, “No,” before he launched another at the dark haired boy.

“This is war, Solace!” he cried, and the two became a blur of color and water, and they soon ran out of balloons.

“Got any more tricks up your sleeve, Will?” Nico asked.

“You’ll see,” he replied deviously.

After about an hour of messing around in the pool, Will dragged Nico out of the water and towards the table they had reserved for the two of them.

“What’s up?” Nico asked gently 

“Nico di Angelo, you have been my best friend for 10 years,” Will began, “You are the first person I came out to, and the person I trust most in the world. You are amazing and wonderful and you make my life brighter. Will you be my boyfriend?”

Nico’s jaw dropped to the floor. He attempted words, but it came out more like gibberish, and Will’s expression faltered for a second, but Nico quickly nodded, and the blonde’s smile returned. 

“You had me worried there, death boy,” Will admitted 

“Are you kidding? I’ve been in love with you since the seventh grade!” Nico assured him.

“Sixth. I win,” Will retorted childishly.

“Whatever you say, sunshine.” Will blushed at the nickname.  

Then, a look of realization struck Will’s face. “Oh! I almost forgot!” He dug into one of the zipper pockets of his bag and pulled out a black velvet box, which he handed to Nico 

“Will, you really shouldn’t have.”

“But I wanted to,” Will insisted, kissing his his boyfriend’s cheek. “Now open it.”

Nico obliged, and he grinned. “It’s beautiful,” he said, hardly a whisper, as Will slipped on the ring. It was simple silver with the sun and moon carved into it.

“It reminded me of us,” said Will.

“I love it.” Nico smiled. He pressed his lips softly to Will’s, and for a moment, they both forgot everything in the world but each other.

Should I do part two? 

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Prompt: Trimberly fluff with Tommy

A/N: I wrote Tommy as a girl, and I most definitely pictured her as Zendaya…

“Z to T, do you copy?”

“T is present. You there, B?”

“Yup.” Billy chirps. “Any sightings of our targets?”

“Negative. But I’ve got the south side covered and guarded.”

“Same on the west, target hasn’t moved since we set up base.”

“Interesting. Okay, troops, move in closer.”

Trini draws her walkie-talkie away from her mouth and dramatically rolls onto her stomach. As soon as she is comfortable, she begins to move quickly across the grass with a glare; her walkie-talkie is clutched close and she has two pink lines drawn under her bright eyes, she is ready for war.

In her spacious backyard, Trini’s family is crammed around the pool with a full party going on around them. In a moment of boredom, Trini had pulled Zack and Billy into one of her schemes. Trini scrambles to hide herself behind a bush as she presses a protective hand to the water gun tucked into her bikini bottoms while she keeps a close eye on the loungers nearby.

“Any movement?”

Zack’s voice scratches through the speaker as she leans further into the bush, “We have slight movement. Target two has switched positions, he has a clear view of us if he opens his eyes.”

“Jason is target two, right?” Billy demands.

Trini smiles and rolls her eyes, “Yeah, B.”

“I don’t think he’d do anything,” Zack muses as he ignores their side conversation. “I think the only target we need to keep an eye on is one. Kimberly won’t hesitate to attack if she feels threatened.”

“That’s because my girlfriend is insane.” Trini grumbles and her walkie-talkie booms with laughter from Zack. “I think we should go for a frontal attack, I don’t think they’ll see that coming.”

“No, bad idea. We can’t. We should go in from the sides. If things go bad then we can just separate, it’s impossible for them to catch all three of us.” Billy mumbles as he appears at Trini’s side.

“B is right. I’ll go in from the left.” Zack offers as he pops on the opposite side of Trini, and three gazes dart over the bush.

“Are we sure this is a good idea?” Billy frowns.

“It’s an amazing idea.” Trini snorts, and Zack eagerly bobs his head in agreement as the three bump their fists together. “You two sure you’re ready for this?”

Zack smirks, “Couldn’t be more ready if I tried.”

As the three drops their fists, they trade quick glances and smiles before they pop out from behind the bush with a loud battle cry. As they run, wide eyes track their movements and watch in amazement as Zack clears a chair while Trini springs easily towards the corner lounge chairs.

The three hover their friends and pump their water guns causing yells of surprise to fill the air. Jason is the first to recover from shock as he rolls off the lounger before he springs forward to wrap his arms around Billy’s body, the boy yells in surprise as his gun clatters to the ground.

“What the hell, dude?” Jason demands as he tightens his grasp on Billy while his friend desperately tries to free himself. “Billy, would you stop moving?”

Tommy gasps as Zack continues to spray her and she is quick to fumble from her chair with a hand held up in a weak defense. After a few moments, she makes it to Zack only for him to deflect her reaching hands as he aims his spray of water towards her face.

“Zack, stop!” Tommy orders as she tackles him into the pool.

Just a few feet away, Trini gives a breathless giggle as her water gun finally empties and she is left to stare at her girlfriend who is sputtering on the chair with hair plastered to her face. Trini bends over with her hands on her knees as she laughs while Kimberly sweeps her hands over her face to clear away the water.

“What the hell, Trini?” Kimberly growls as she easily sweeps a hand through her hair while her eyes narrow. “Are you seriously laughing? Do you really think this is funny? I’m soaking wet!”

“That’s the point, Kim.” Trini snorts.

“It’s not very fair that you’re standing there all dry and warm.” Kimberly points out as she stands from the lounger and steps towards the younger girl whose go wide while her laughter trails off. “Something wrong?”

Trini swallows hard as she catches sight of the mischievous glint in Kimberly’s eyes and the smirk that pulls at her lips. With a frantic look around, she sputters at the sight of Zack struggling to climb from the pool with Tommy on his back while Jason stands over Billy and douses him with his own water gun.

“Look as if you’re on your own.” Kimberly hums as she continues to her prowl towards Trini who takes a small step back. “I think you might want to start waving a white flag, babe.”

“Ha. Never.” Trini scoffs.

Kimberly glides towards her girlfriend and Trini immediately takes a large step back. She knows she’s screwed, she knows that her plan has royally backfired. Dark orbs jump anxiously around to her family members who watch on with amusement and laughter.

“Well, I think I should probably…” Trini trails off and clears her throat before she juts a thumb over her shoulder. “I think I’m just gonna go ahead and go.”

Trini turns and scurries off with a squeal of fear as she vanishes around the side of the house. Kimberly watches her go with a smile of adoration that turns to a hard laugh as Billy and Zack struggle by her, both boys pushing the other aside in attempt to flee.

“Tell me you have a plan.” Tommy huffs as she drags a hand through her soaked locks. “We cannot let them get away with that.”

Jason arches an eyebrow, “Do we even stand a chance?”

“Probably not. They’re too smart, and they have Billy.” Kimberly sighs before she leans down to scoop up a yellow water gun. “But we do have their water guns which means we’re at an advantage, we can’t let them think this is okay.”

“It’s not like they were starting a war.” Jason chuckles as he shakes his wet locks out and wiggles a finger in his ear. “They were only having fun, Kim.”

“No, we have to get revenge.” Kimberly scoffs as she looks to Jason who simply shrugs in response. “There’s no way I’m letting Trini think she can just throw water at me and not face any consequences.”

“That’ah girl.” Tommy hums. “Let’s do this.”


“We’re dead. Do you realize what we’ve just done? We’re done.” Billy mumbles as he paces the length of the living room with his hands on his hips. “That was such a bad idea, Trini. Why did we do that?”

“Kim is plotting my death, I could see it in her eyes.” Trini sighs as she crosses her arms over chest and nibbles at her lower lip. “Fuck. What are we going to do? I clearly didn’t think this one through.”

“Tommy was so mad that she was slapping me in places that I never even realized could hurt so badly.” Zack huffs as he rubs at his side before he glances anxiously towards the patio doors. “What are we going to do?”

“What is there to do? They have all of our guns, dude.” Trini points out as she tosses her hands up and glances to her defeated friends. “I don’t think there’s anything we can do now. We’re fucked. Unless…”

Trini stands suddenly and darts towards the kitchen, and after a moment Billy and Zack follow. As they turn the corner, both boys have to hold back their laughter as they watch their tiny teammate crawl onto the counter before she begins to rummage through the cabinet before she hisses in happiness and turns to reveal a bag of water balloons.

“What are you three doing now?” Marie demands as she walks into the kitchen in time to see Trini slide off the counter. “Why do you have water balloons, Trinity?”

“You saw the horror show out there, Mami. We don’t have a choice. They have our guns and we need to make sure we can protect ourselves.” Trini declares as she clutches protectively at her balloons.

“Alright, you three,” Marie chuckles as she waves them off. “Have at it.”

The trio once again darts from the space as they hurry to the backyard to plan their next move. Trini is the first to finish filling her balloons and she turns to watch as Zack and Billy struggle to tie their own while they trade laughs and excited chatter.

After a few minutes, the package of balloons is empty and their waiting ammunition is resting at their feet. With nervous glances, the trio scoot towards the tree on the side of the house. The silence is almost unnerving, and Trini can hear her racing heartbeat; she knows Kimberly, there is no way the older girl is going to let her get away with the little water fight she has started.

They can hear the party continue on without them and Zack sighs as he falls back against the tree. Billy is the first to straighten when he hears a twig snap, and the other two follow in example as they look around. Before they can process anything, they find themselves covered in water and they can hear twinkling giggles and loud, wet high-fives.

“What the hell?” Billy demands as he wipes his eyes and sees Trini’s little brothers watching them with wide eyes. “Aw, man. How could you guys do that?”

“Kimmy said to.” Mateo shrugs.

“Are you serious? My girlfriend used my own little brothers against us? She’s the worst.” Trini complains as she ruffles her dark locks. “I can’t believe she actually managed to convince Mateo and Alec to turn against me.”

“Do you not remember who she’s dating? She learned from the best.” Zack hisses. “The real question is why them? What exactly are they planning?”


Three voices fill the air and suddenly another wave of water is thrust upon them. Zack backs himself against a tree with his hands in front of himself, but Tommy just smirks and continues to pump the water gun until the boy hits his knees with a cry.

Beside him, Jason laughs as he steps closer to Billy who has long past given up and is curled in a fetal position at his feet. Kimberly giggles as she sees Trini attempt to dodge the icy blasts of water, and Kimberly is too distracted to notice her girlfriend grab a hold of something; that is until the pink water balloon makes contact with her stomach and all hell breaks loose.

Water balloons begin to fly through the air as water fills the space between each throw. In the Gomez yard, in front of the wondering eyes of Angel Grove, the six teens allow the stress of their lives to leave them as they chase each other around with pink cheeks and aching ribs brought on by their laughter.

Trini manages to escape from the cluster, but Kimberly is quick to follow. She barely makes it to the opposite side of the lawn before she is wrapped in a tight embrace and carried off to the side. Trini laughs as she finds herself pressed against the warm brick of her house before the cold muzzle of a green water gun settles against her chest.

“Surrender?” Kimberly demands.

“You wish, princess.” Trini snorts and Kimberly simply narrows her eyes as she presses the gun a little harder into the dip of her breast. “I won’t go down without a fight.”

Kimberly stares at her for a long moment before she drops the gun and steps into her girlfriend’s space, Trini barely gets a sound out before lips are on her own. Just like a flip of a switch, Trini short circuits at the taste of strawberry lip gloss and something is purely Kimberly.

“That’s not fair.” Trini whines as she pulls away from the kiss and drags a gentle kiss over her girlfriend’s cheek. “Your kisses aren’t going to be my downfall.”

“I don’t believe you.” Kimberly laughs as she sweeps Trini into another kiss, and a moan of satisfaction burns in her throat as Trini presses closer to her. “You sure my kisses won’t make you surrender?”

“You fight dirty, princess.” Trini growls as she drops her head back against the house while smiling lips dance over the steady thump of her pulse. “You’re totally cheating, I hope you know that.”

“Do you surrender?” Kimberly asks in a soft whisper, the girl draws away slightly so she can lock her gaze with her girlfriend’s in time to catch a the glare she is offered. “Are you admitting defeat?”

“Eat your heart out.” Trini snaps, but she quickly melts and reaches up to smooth a thumb over the pout Kimberly gives her. “Hey, no fair. No pouting allowed.”

“Tell me I won.” Kimberly orders.

“Babe, why would I tell you something you already know?” Trini demands with a roll of her eyes, but a smile plays at her lips when Kimberly squeaks. “Just remembered you won this battle, boo. Not the war.”

“You’re so cute.” Kimberly grins.

“Hey, I am not cute. I’m a total badass.” Trini declares with a huff.

“My girlfriend is such a dork.” Kimberly hums as she drops their foreheads together while her grasp loosens around her water gun. “I love you. Even if you started a water war.”

“Lucky me. I still don’t know why you put up with me, you’re way too good to me.” Trini teases as she pulls away to drop her head against Kimberly’s shoulder.

“Wait. Babe, what do you mean you don’t know why I put up with you?” Kimberly scoffs as she tilts Trini’s head back up and cleans the line of pink from below her eye.

“I just don’t get why you put up with me sometimes, y’know?” Trini shrugs as she forces a laugh while a blush colors her cheeks. “It’s stupid. I didn’t mean to ruin our moment or anything. It just slipped out.”

“I don’t think it’s stupid.” Kimberly frowns as she ducks her head to press a soft kiss to Trini’s lips. “I, as you so lovingly put it, put up with you because you make me happy. I am the happiest I have ever been.”

“Ditto.” Trini hums as she curls her arms around Kimberly while her girlfriend rests her chin on her head. “Before you came along, I felt like my life was just a blur but being with you has taught me to slow down and enjoy the smallest moments.”

Kimberly sighs as she turns her head to press her lips against wet locks, “You don’t realize how much I really love you.”

“I love you, too.” Trini grins as she pulls back and tips her head so Kimberly can kiss her, but their moment is shattered as they hear Billy squeal. “We should probably go make sure our friends aren’t killing each other.”

“Or we could stay here.” Kimberly suggests even as she pulls away, and she is quick to cringe as Billy yells loudly. “I guess you’re right, God knows what Tommy is doing to Billy and Zack right now.”

With a sigh, Kimberly pinches Trini’s chin between her fingers before she guides her head up so she can steal a kiss. Trini immediately settles into the kiss, and she feels like she could take on anything so long as Kimberly was beside her. When Kimberly kissed her like this, Trini swears the world is hers to have and to hold.

And fuck if she ever lets go of it or this girl.

Notice Me || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word counter - 1,162

Summary - The one where you’re Zoe’s friend from Gleam.

It was a hot summer day when Zoe invited you around to her and Alfie’s. You had been friends with Zoe for nearly a year now and Zoe suggested you make a video with her for her channel about how well you knew each other. Once the video was filmed, you were going to hang out around the flat, probably have Alfie cook something on the barbecue, and then spend the night. You loved hanging out with Zoe so you were excited to see what the day entailed.

You greeted Zoe and Alfie with hugs when you got to their house and leaned down to pet Nala who was circling your feet with excitement. “Since it’s such a lovely day out,” Zoe said, “I thought we could film a friendship test. So we ask each other questions and if I get yours wrong, you get to smash a water balloon over my head, but if I get it right, I get to smash one of over your head.”

“Great,” you laughed. “I picked a great day to do winged eyeliner then, huh?” Zoe laughed and beckoned you to take your shoes off and head out to the backyard. You sat around in the grass for a bit as you tried to come up with five questions for the video. Zoe already had hers written, so the video was just waiting on you. It only took you a few minutes to come up with what you would ask her.

The video went really well. Although your navy blue t shirt was now practically stuck to your skin, you had fun filming it. In the year you and Zoe had been friends, it was clear you learned a lot about each other. You were cleaning up the backyard when Zoe got a text. “Oh Alf, Joe’s here,” Zoe said. “Can you go let him in please?” Alfie nodded and left the two of you to pick up the water balloon bits that were scattered on the patio. “I hope you don’t mind,” Zoe said to you, “but Joe’s filming a bit with me as well. Today was the best day for him to stop by.”

“That’s alright,” you smiled. You had never met her brother Joe before, but you knew he and Zoe got along well, so you were excited to meet him.


You and Zoe turned around when Alfie spoke and immediately, he and Joe started throwing water balloons at you. “Alfie!” Zoe cried. “Joseph! Stop it!” You and Zoe were laughing while also holding your hands out in front of you to stop water balloons from hitting your bodies. “You dickheads!” Zoe laughed, picking up a water balloon that hadn’t popped and throwing at Alfie. Naturally, Alfie was vlogging the whole thing and was doubled over laughing at you and Zoe. Once you all composed yourself, Zoe introduced you to Joe officially. You smiled at him and said hello, then the four of you went inside.

Alfie brought towels for you and Zoe which you eagerly wrapped around your body. “I’m going to change,” you said to the others. They nodded and you padded upstairs, deciding to change into the pink floral shorts you wore to bed and a light pink camisole that matched. You threw your hair up, wiped some make up stains from your cheeks, and went back downstairs to join the others.

You sat beside Zoe on the floor and patted your lap so Nala would come lay on you. “Pizzaface for dinner?” Zoe asked. Everyone agreed and so Alfie went to call in an order.

“So how did you guys meet?” Joe asked you and Zoe.

“I work for Gleam,” you told him. “Nothing big, just a bit of office work.”

“Can’t believe I haven’t seen you there,” Joe said back. “You’ve worked there for over a year?”

You shrugged, “Yeah, but like I said, nothing big. You probably wouldn’t notice me if you were there.”

“Oh I’m sure I’d notice you,” Joe said with a smile. You gave him a bashful smile back and Zoe changed the subject to something else.

Once the pizza had arrived, the four of you had a great time sitting around and chatting. Joe was sitting beside you with his arm resting on the back of the couch. You thought Joe was lovely. He seemed really interested in the things you talked about and always made eye contact with you when you were telling a story. You shared the same taste in music and had very similar senses of humor. Not to mention, he was strikingly good looking.

After dinner, Joe, Zoe, and Alfie filmed a video together. It was hilarious to watch how the three of them interacted with each other. Once they finished, Zoe suggested you all watch a film if Joe was keen on staying a bit longer. When he said that he was, you were surprised at how happy that made you. You excused yourself to get a drink from the kitchen just before Zoe clicked on the horror film she wanted everyone to watch.

A few moments later, Joe came into the kitchen as well. He smiled at you and laid a hand on your back as he scooted past you, causing a shiver to run up your spine. “Are you from around here?” he asked you as he searched the fridge for something to drink.

“I’m closer to London,” you said. “But I don’t mind making the trip out here.”

“Oh, whereabouts in London are you?” he asked. You told him and found out that you only lived about a 15 minute’s drive away from each other. “We should get dinner sometime,” Joe said, leaning up against the counter and sipping the drink he had poured himself.

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’d like that.”

The two of you exchanged numbers and made your way back to join Zoe and Alfie. The film was only a few minutes in when Joe’s phone rang with a call he had to take. He left the room so Zoe used his absence as an opportunity to tease you. “God, you’re both flirting up a storm!” she laughed. You shrugged and smiled as you brought your drink to your lips.

“Maybe you’ll be the one to get him to settle down,” Alfie teased.

“Just remember,” Zoe said, “I introduced you.” You laughed and slapped her arm lightly just as Joe walked back into the room.

The horror film had you jumping and covering your eyes every few minutes, some scenes especially making you grab onto Joe’s sleeve, as he was the one sitting right beside you. Eventually, you were sitting so close that his arm was resting around your shoulders. While Joe was particularly infatuated with a scene in the film, Zoe nudged her foot with yours, giving her eyebrows a wiggle. You smirked and stuck your tongue out at her, inwardly wondering if she planned on this happening all along.

Man Up

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

I got used to people coming in and asking for “That popular book, the one made into a movie” and the edgy teens who moved the Bible from the religion section to fiction. Finding half eaten pastries from our cafe hidden in all sorts of creative places that weren’t the conveniently placed garbage cans was an everyday activity and gently reminding parents that we weren’t babysitters was a frequent thing.

It was far from all bad, though.

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Man Up

by Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

I got used to people coming in and asking for “That popular book, the one made into a movie” and the edgy teens who moved the Bible from the religion section to fiction. Finding half eaten pastries from our cafe hidden in all sorts of creative places that weren’t the conveniently placed garbage cans was an everyday activity and gently reminding parents that we weren’t babysitters was a frequent thing.

It was far from all bad, though.

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Birds of a Feather

Have some Ford and Mabel bonding.

Stanford took a sip from his cup of coffee and glanced outside again. It had been about an hour and a half, but for the life of him he could not figure out what it was going to be. Colorful feathers from a feather boa drifted around and got stuck in the puddles of glue that littered the lawn. Cardboard was pilled all over, mixed haphazardly with pieces of wood and rope. In the center off all that chaos Mabel was hard at work.

After another hour passed the sounds of construction stopped and Ford decided to venture outside. Mabel and whatever she was working on was nowhere to be seen. He eyed the pile of materials suspiciously.


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Make me lapidot pls

“HEY! LAPIS!” Peridot shouted from outside the barn. “DO YOU KNOW WHERE I PUT CAMP PINING HEARTS SEASON FIVE?”

“It’s up here, Peridot. You left it in the box.” Lapis sighed quietly, used to her barnmate’s typical antics at this point. Peridot rushed inside and stood under the loft.

“LAPIS!!” Lapis sighed again as she got up from her seat, looking down at Peridot. The green gem had her arms outstretched and a wide grin on her face. “MARATHON!!”

Lapis rolled her eyes fondly, swooping down to scoop Peridot into her arms. She flew back to the loft, setting Peridot down. Peridot grabbed Camp Pining Hearts season five and shoved it into the VHS player. Halfway through the season, Peridot turned to Lapis.

“Hey, Lapis?” She murmured over the sounds of a water balloon fight.

“What is it, Peridot?” Lapis replied in kind. Peridot gulped nervously.

“Do you want to the be the Pierre to my Percy?” She rambled quickly. Lapis turned away from the screen to stare at Peridot. “I mean it’s fine if you don’t want to I’d totally understand—”

“Peridot.” Lapis cut her barnmate off. “I’d love to.” She leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to Peridot’s cheek. Peridot blushed, kissed Lapis’ cheek awkwardly, and the two of them went back to watching Camp Pining Hearts, hands softly entwined.

TRC Headcanon
  • Adam and Gansey manage to get Ronan to pass junior year. 
  • It’s mostly because Adam threatened to never cuddle Ronan ever again unless he started earning B’s and going to classes
  • And in senior year, Aglionby lets its students have a bit of fun with the school sponsored Water War all over Henrietta
  • Ronan and Noah are really into it and Blue really wants to wage water war too, but Gansey is protective of her and tries to tell her “You don’t even go to our school”
  • Ronan secretly gives her a massive Super Soaker (because they’re best friends in crime) and they high five each other and look for targets
  • It turns out they don’t even need the water guns and buckets of water balloons when they just push Kavinksy into the lake and laugh and laugh because the dumbass can’t really swim
  • Noah likes to do this thing where he disappears when he’s about to get hit, and then reappears right after.
  • Once Gansey was walking along, making notes in his journal and Ronan saw another Aglionby boy and instigated war. 
  • Gansey and Noah got caught in the crossfire and Gansey finally noticed Blue had water balloons in her hand and was about to confiscate them, but she threw them at his face. He just smiled a little because he wouldn’t be in love with her if she weren’t so … her.
  • Ronan sees Gansey being all lovestruck and slaps Noah on the back when ghostie makes kissy face noises, and starts blushing when Adam whispers in his ear that he’s glad Blue wasn’t the one for him.
  • Blue suggests that they all go back to 300 Fox Way to get dry and have a snack
  • Everyone tells Noah to shut up when he says that it doesn’t matter because he’s always cold and won’t/can’t eat anything
  • It secretly makes Noah really happy that they still include him in everything they do because being forgotten again after 7 years is what he’s scared of most
  • When they get to 300 Fox Way, Persephone serves them all a slice (two in Adam’s case) of her blackberry pie.
  • Blue secretly arms the women and they begin a war with the Raven Boys
  • Gansey transferred himself to their team because he feels safe when he’s hidden behind Blue
  • They draw thick lines under on their cheekbones with blackberry juice and they forget about Glendower for one huge shining moment when they feel like kids again

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Ohhh if you haven't already you should make one where you guys are play fighting and you pretend to get hurt and he feels bad but you're only kidding and omg I can't!



“Come back here now Y/N” Luke shouted as I had just ran past him stealing his beanie to reveal his bed hair.

Giggling I ran out of the room and up the stairs Luke following closely behind.

I felt him grab me and chuck me onto the bed tickling me until I was gasping for air struggling to get out of his grip.

“Ow Luke that hurts” I pouted putting on my upset face.

“Oh shit babe! Are you okay” he asked concerned stopping his actions and leaning over me to examine me.

I stuck my bottom lip out huffing nearly pretending to cry.

“Babe I’m really sorry are you alright? Did I hurt you?” He started to panic.

I got up slowly still pretending to be hurt.

“Only joking” I shouted before running out if the room his beanie still in my hand.

“Heyyyy” he shouted before sprinting after me.


“Give me the controller” Michael demanded standing in front of me holding his hand out.

“No” I protested giggling cheekily

“You have 5 seconds to give me the controller before I fight you for it” he glared.

“Go on then” I smirked

“Fine if that’s how you want to play” he laughed pouncing on me to try and grab the controller.

We started rolling around of the couch grabbing at each other’s arms in fight for the controller.

“OWWW” I screamed

Michael immediately pulled back grabbing my face.

“Oh my god are you okay babe? I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? Oh gosh I’m so fucking sorry” he panicked getting off of me.

“Hahaha you lose Clifford” I shouted jumping up with the controller and running into the bed room and under the covers waiting for him to find me.


“Oh my god Calum that’s so cold!!” I screamed as he threw a water balloon at my head.

It soon turned into a massive water fight between the two of us chasing each other around the garden while the boys were sun bathing around the pool.

He threw another one hitting me square on the head. Crouching to the floor I held my head in mock pain.

“Oh come on babe” he whined

“That really hurt” I moaned still in the floor covering my face with my hands.

“Babe” he called

“Babeeeee” he called again.

“Shit” he mumbled making his way over to me.

“I’m sorry, did I really hurt you?” He asked quietly.

“Yes” I whispered

“Oh god I’m so sorry let me have a look” he said moving my hands out of the way.

I looked up at him giving him a cheeky smile before slamming a water balloon straight on to of his head.

“You’re gonna pay for that” he growled before chasing me around the garden and pushing me into the pool. I grabbed his wrist pulling him with me both of us making a huge splash as we hit the water.

“Now look what you did!” He laughed.


“Raaawwwwrrr” I screamed before jumping on my brother Luke’s best friend Ashton’s back.

“Heyyy” he whined I wasn’t ready he said trying to get me off his back but I clung on tightly.

He decided it would be a good idea to run around the house with me on his back.

I had to hold onto him even tighter when he plopped down on the sofa with me still on his back so now he was sitting on me basically crushing me.

“Ow Ashton get off your crushing me I can’t breathe” I moaned

“Oh my god I’m sorry” he rushed out getting up and crouching down in front of me. “Are you okay?” He asked concerned

“I’m completely and utterly fine, I just wanted you to get off me” I giggled

“Sorry” he laughed “forgive me” he asked using his cute little puppy face.

“Maybe…!” I chuckled leaving a sweet kiss on his cheek before laughing and running away.

“You’re such a tease” he shouted

Omg this was so cute to write the feelings omg no I can’t cope holy shitballs why.


I’m An Idiot

Prompt -   “I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

Relationship: Friends

Character: Team 2016


Gifs: Found on Google.

A/N: I don’t read much for the 2016 Team and this prompt seems to fit for them.

It was a nice quiet day around the cave, no mission, no training, just a rest and relax type day. I had chosen to stay in my room and catch up some shows that I had been meaning to watch when I heard a loud crash. Rushing out of my room and to where the noise was I saw Cassie, Bart, and Jaime. The training room with a mess and the three of them happened that looked to be pancake batter on them.

“Explain.” The three jumped at my voice and turned to the doorway, quickly trying to hide what seemed like water balloons behind their back.

“3.” The younger member knew that when I started count that better start explaining.

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I got to play with dogs and turn mine into a water balloon, AND play dnd in a shopping centre in my dream last night

Today is gonna be fantastic, I can already tell