turned in the air


Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff


You turned in the bed, wrapping the thick sheet around you as you suppressed the shiver that was beginning to roll down your spine. It was absolutely freezing in your bedroom. Jungkook had to have turned the air down. Again. So, you sat shivering as cold air seeped in through the uncovered cracks in the sheets.

“H-Hoseok,” you chattered, turning to his side of the bed. Before you could make the request to cuddle, he pulled you close to him and wrapped his arms around your trembling form, him being just as cold as you were. ”You know there are ways to warm the both of us up.”

“I don’t think sex can help us now.” You were both wearing hoodies and sweatpants to bed, but you still felt like your fingers were turning blue. Who turns down the heat when it’s cold outside? Oh yeah. The golden maknae.

“It’s too cold in here. I can’t sleep under these conditions.” He said, flipping back the covers. You clenched your jaw as more cool air hit your body. “I’ll be right back.”

You sat on the bed quietly wrapped up like sushi while your boyfriend disappeared into the living room. After hearing little commotion, he poked his head back into the doorway of the bedroom with a grin.

“Come here and bring that cover with you.”, he said a happy grin.

You did as instructed, picking the cover up in your arms and leaving the bedroom. You closed the door behind you so that the icy domain that is Hoseok’s bedroom wouldn’t spread through the whole house.

When you went into the living room, you saw that Hoseok had put down three sheets, four pillows, and at least three blankets on the couch. You laughed and threw your blanket on top of the bundle.

“Come on, we’re camping out in here tonight. It’s too cold in there,” he said, lying back on the couch.

You smiled before turning up the heat and taking your place down next to him, immediately feeling warmer once he wrapped an arm around your waist. Once you both were completely comfortable and thawing out from the cold, he picked up the remote.

“Let’s watch a movie. It has to be on Netflix, though, because I’m not getting up to put in a DVD.” He said. You nodded in agreement.

“Hey, let’s watch a one star movie! The lack of interest will help is fall asleep faster.,” you suggested. He smiled and clicked on a random, and then set the remote down to nuzzle into your neck. His skin was still much warmer than yours, so you bundled up against him tighter as the movie began.

“This movie is so shitty.”, you laughed while watching the so called ghost shark appear out of water. You felt Hoseok stir behind you as he exhaled warm breath on your neck. "Babe…are you sleep?” You whispered to him.

He shook his head. “No, no…just keep watching the movie,” he said sheepishly causing you to grin.

By this point, you were a little too warm under all the blankets and your hoodie. You sat up and peeled your hoodie and sweatpants off of your body.

“Hoseok?” You whispered in the darkness. You were only greeted by his light snores. You smiled, leaned down, and kissed him softly.

“I love you,” you whispered to him before planting one more solid kiss on his forehead. Lying back down, you curled against him again, wrapping his arm around you and drifting off to sleep.

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omg that 2jae got me feeling on edge, can I request a 3SF where jaebum is a life guard and saves Youngjae from drowning??

Youngjae screamed as he flailed about in the water, trying to reach the surface while the cold water swallow him whole; the last thing he saw before his vision go black was a flash of red and white and someone calling out to him.

Jaebum pulled Youngjae out of the pool and dragged him onto the deck, trying to keep calm while the other lifeguards yelled at the onlookers to move back and give him room; he tried to look for signs that Youngjae was breathing, but when he couldn’t, he immediately began CPR, pushing down hard on his chest rapidly before covering his nose and pressing his mouth down onto his.

Just as Jaebum was about to being with the chest compressions again, Youngjae abruptly spat out water and turned to his side, gasping for air as Jaebum fell back, breathing heavily, relieved that the stranger before him was alive; Youngjae slowly looked towards Jaebum and managed a small ‘thank you’ before the rest of the lifeguards came back over to help. 

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

  • Baras's plans like: Apprentice, I have been planning this for twenty-seven years and there has been many before you who have worked gathering information, and there are many others still on the field. Here is a list of people you are to gather information from and eliminate, and then you must kill the people who gave us the information. If you fail, I have other apprentices who are ready to take your place. If you succeed, then we will move on to the next set of targets. Do not ask the end goal of this, apprentice. The time may come for you to know eventually.
  • Zash's plans like: Apprentice! I need you to do a tinsey-winsey favor for me and go kill this dark lord of the sith! I have the utmost faith in you, apprentice, I will be waiting for your success at the bar where we will, as the kids call it, "turn up."

vikturi in every episode; 01

he never fails to surprise me. ever since i first saw his skating, it’s been an unending chain of surprises.

And a woman once in Oregon came up to me at a bookstore and said, you know, in one of your books, you teach that it is sometimes necessary to lie. And that seems like a very disturbing lesson to me. Can you name one time when it would be absolutely necessary to lie? And I was so happy that the answer came to me right away, instead of, you know, as it usually does when people say something to you. … And I was able just to turn to her and say, nice sweater.
—  Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket on Fresh Air

List of spells and charms ⇨ Accio

“And then he heard it, speeding through the air behind him; he turned and saw his Firebolt hurtling towards him around the edge of the woods, soaring into the enclosure, and stopping dead in mid-air beside him, waiting for him to mount.” — The Firebolt, under influence of this spell

I think the funniest thing ever was when some season 3 screencaps got leaked and everyone was making posts like “Well they’re obviously fake. The proportions are wrong, the colors are wrong, the lines are too thin and they looks like they’ve been drawn on MS Paint”.
And when the episodes aired it turned out the screencaps were real, the episodes really looked like shit

Give me 11 year old Remus Lupin with a stammer.

Give me little boy who can barely get one sentence out without tripping over and stopping after every word.

Give me a scarred boy who is so nervous in the new school he avoids talking to everyone where possible.

Give me Remus Lupin with a really bad stammer in classes, meals and social interactions.

Then give me a Remus Lupin minding his own business in the boys dormitory, who then stubs his toe badly on the bed post.

Give me an 11 year old boy with a stammer who lets out the most eloquent, coherent and violent string of curse words one has ever heard.

No stammer, just air turned blue from all the swearing.

Then give me the most shocked slow clap ever from one Sirius Black and James Potter.

i just love any and all kinds of christmas music. overproduced tacky pop tunes? hell yes. blues singers from the 50s accompanied by big bands? sign me the fuck up. instrumental version of 18th century german church music? absolutely. quirky indie covers? all day long. kids on the street playing the recorder? the freaking glee christmas album? air-horn versions? turn the volume UP because i love it. christmas music i am your slave

It’s not always the sea trying to call me home.
Sometimes it’s the sky. Sometimes it’s your voice
in a dark room and my stumbling feet that can’t
seem to reach you in time. I ate strawberries for
the first time in months and I swear they taste
sweeter than you ever could have. So maybe
this is forgiveness, or maybe it’s just acceptance.
Either way it’s getting too heavy to lug around
my heart and your guilt. So here’s a shrine of
daisies, here’s my hands wrapped in velvet.
Here’s your final resting place. A graveside
for the pulp of heartache you turned me into.
Nothing is tugging me off my feet or stealing
my air. I’m home, and it feels softer than you
ever could have.
—  HOME, angelea l.