turned himself into a demon in order to kill a demon

Hell's a holiday {rubyreddemonblood}

{ rubyreddemonblood}

As it turned out, taking over Hell was the easiest part. The hardest part was sorting out the utter mess Hell had been left in. Crowley, who instead of killing Sam kept as an advisor, had only had time to untangle and order a small corner of Hell. It was exhausting work.

Sam rarely had time to himself. Usually he was doing paperwork, signing off on deals, organising demons and finding ways of sorting souls. He’d got demons on Dean twenty-four-seven, keeping his older brother safe and having his whereabouts brought back on a weekly basis.

But for the first time in weeks, Sam had found himself a few spare hours to himself.He’d hoped to find Ruby in his study, but his queen was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps she was dealing with a few unruly underlings.  So he took those precious few hours in his private study, hound curled at his feet, a glass of scotch in one hands feet propped up on the blazing fire place. 

Behind him the door opened and closed with a soft click, the hell-hound raised it’s head and sniffed the air before padding over to greet the newcomer and his lips quipped up into a smile. There was only two people the hounds let into his study without attacking. Himself and…

“Ruby, My queen.”