turned himself into a demon in order to kill a demon

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can you make a checklist on how to get into the gorillaz?? It seems like there is a lot out there and its hard to follow when i'm getting into it late.. thank you!!

Sure!!! I personally got into them by watching their G-bitez and music videos and it all kinda spiraled from there.

The band itself was made by Damon Albarn (Lead singer of Blur, does vocals and writes lyrics for Gorillaz) and Jamie Hewlett (Co-creator of the comic book “Tank Girl”, draws and animates for Gorillaz) after they were both watching MTV and they were like “hey music today sucks you know what’d be cool?? if we made an animated band” “cool we could call it ‘gorilla’ because we were both born on the year of the monkey!!!” sadly animal planet had already copyrighted “gorilla” so they just added a z to the end of it to make it cooler.

Here’s a playlist of all of their music videos/unfinished storyboards i put together (they’re all in order according to the storyline, but keep in mind that “do ya thing” isn’t canon): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mRz_uqFp8BiLuEZ3-ZUjJZB

Here’s a list of all of their interviews I’ve been able to find (You can learn a lot about the characters from these babies): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mT1RKRtEIu2RA4AraQnGnqu

Aaand here’s a list of all of their songs (there’s a bunch). Every one of them sorted from oldest to newest, every song after “We’ve got the power” is either a demo, rare or unreleased: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupIZC02E6mTeUgeN3TVDF1kUgM11wlFI

Something to know about Gorillaz is that they have “phases”. Phase 1 was in 2001, when they released their albums “Gorillaz”, “G-Sides” and “Laika come home”. Phase 1′s art style was cartoonish and used very thick lineart. Phase 2 was in 2005, when they released “Demon Days” and “D-sides”. Phase 2′s art style was a bit dark and looked more realistic. Phase 3 was in 2010, when they released the albums “Plastic Beach” and “The Fall” in 2011. Phase 3′s art style was almost the same as phase 2′s. Then we have Phase 4 in 2017, their new album “Humanz” is coming out April 28th. It’s art style is the one that stands out the most to me, you can find most of the art on Jamie Hewlett’s Instragram (Hewll)

Alright, a big part of me getting into the fandom was my love fore the characters. I’m assuming you’re not a fan yet, so let me introduce them to you (i’m going to use powerpoints to explain each member if u don’t mind):

This lovely lad here is Murdoc Faust Niccals.

- He’s the band’s leader/bassist, and he makes sure EVERYONE knows that’s it’s his band and only his.
- He went through multiple other bands before he formed Gorillaz.
- He was born on June 6th, 1966 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. As an infant he was abandoned on his father’s doorstep.
- Had a very rough childhood, his father, Sebastian Niccals, would force him to preform on stage for booze money and it was absolutely humiliating for him.
- His nose has been broken a of total 8 times. The first time was from a bully at his school, the 2nd time was from his older (and only) brother, Hannibal, because Murdoc had touched his records and the other 6 times were from Russel when he got caught “doing it” with 2D’s now ex-girlfriend in the bathroom stalls of Kong Studios
- His middle name was originally “Alphonse” but he changed it to “Faust” after making a deal with the Devil in phase 1 to make Gorillaz the “biggest band in the world”. That’s also how he got his bass, “El Diablo”.
- did i mention he was a satanist bc he is
- He hangs around in his underwear a lot (especially in phase 2)
- He likes to either get naked or start pelvic thrusting in like every video, so be careful, young anon.
- He’s very crude but sometimes he can be very nice and adorable in some interviews ??? It’s so weird
- He likes making weird noises, like, a lot.
- Apparently can speak French and Spanish
- His reason for turning green all of the sudden in phase 2 is either because of alcohol poisoning or due to him tanning himself green. Jamie himself said that it’s because he’s an immortalist and his skin is now rotting but I’m not sure how true it is.
- He had a pet raven in phase 2!!! His name was Cortez and no one really
knows what happened to him but Murdoc seemed to love that bird.
- He also had a cape in phase 2 that he loved and wore like all the time but he lost it. Poor baby.
- He was based off of a young 1960′s era Keith Richards.
- He has a tongue longer than Gene Simmons’ and I’m not even kidding. His tongue is like a foot long
- His genuine laugh can cure cancer
- He had his own MTV cribs episode
- Here’s a playlist of every interview he’s been in if you’d like to know a bit more about how he acts.
- All of this sounds horrible but like half of the fandom sees him as charming and funny and the other half sees him as repulsive and downright mean so i guess listen to some of his interviews and make your decision (i’m part of the half that loves him)

This is 2D!!

- He’s the band’s singer, sometimes he plays the piano and melodica too.
- He’s anxious and a bit timid around people. He’s not that intelligent, but he’s an absolute sweetheart to pretty much everyone. He’s … a huge dork.
- He was born on May 23rd, 1978.  He was born in Hertfordshire, England and was raised in Crawley, England. When he was 10 he fell out of a tree and landed on his head, his hair fell out and grew back blue. He’s had horrible headaches since then, but his mother was a nurse and gave pills to help him out.
- His real name is Stuart Pot
- He loves horror films!!! Especially zombie movies.
- Apparently he smells like butterscotch
- He’s VERY tall. he’s like 6′1 and his legs make up most of his body. He towers over the rest of the band.
- His voice actor is Nelson De Freitas, but Damon Albarn provides his singing voice
- The lack of his two front teeth gives him an adorable accent
- He has a crippling fear of whales
- His eyes are black due to an 8-ball fracture that Murdoc gave him before the band was made when he crashed his car into the music store 2D worked at.
- His eyes turn white when he’s stressed or scared.
- His nickname “2D” stands for “Two Dents”. He’s called that because Murdoc’s car crash also gave him two dents in his head.
- Murdoc is seen physically abusing 2D throughout phase 1-3, but there’s a very likely chance that he’s going to stop and make amends in phase 4!!!
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in
- Everybody loves him. I love him. I don’t think it’s possible not to love him.

This is Russel Hobbs!!

- He’s the band’s drummer.  He makes remixes too!!!
- The living embodiment of “looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll”
- Quite possibly the most underrated character in the world
- He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 3rd, 1975. He got possessed by a demon as a kid and fell into a coma for four years. After he woke up the demon got expelled tho
- When he was a teen, him and his friends were involved in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor and all of his friends possessed him, but the only one we really get to see is his closest friend, Del, he raps in Clint Eastwood and Rock the House, but we haven’t seen him since phase 1. 
- Russel misses Del very dearly, poor lad.
- After the whole shooting incident he was sent to the UK to live with his uncle.
- He’s an actual giant in phase 3 because he ate some radioactive algae 
- He loves fezzes!!!
- His hobby, besides music, is taxidermy.
- He’s the dad friend
- Here’s a playlist of interviews that he’s been in

Last but not least, this is Noodle

- She plays guitar for the band. She also sings and writes songs sometimes
- Noodle is very energetic and nice but she can also kick your ass
- She was born in Osaka, Japan on October 31st 1990
- She joined the band when she was around 10 but she’s like 26 now. I forgot to mention that the band ages with real time
- As a kid she was a part of a classified child super solider project under the management of a japanese scientist named Mr. Kyuzo. this is where she learned how to be badass. She knew professional karate at like 10 how cool is that
- All of the children in that project were deemed too unstable and dangerous, so they canceled the experiment and Mr. Kyuzo was ordered to kill all of the children (fuckin dark i know). After killing them all, Mr. Kyuzo was reluctant to kill Noodle, so instead he put her in a state of amnesia and smuggled her to the UK by shipping her to Kong Studios in a FedEx crate.
- She didn’t remember anything!!! The only english thing she was able to say to say was “noodle” and that’s where she got her name.
- She learned how to speak english and remembered her past in phase 2.
- Murdoc, 2D and Russel raised her (mostly russel tho). Noodle considers Murdoc and 2D her brothers and Russel considers her his daughter how CUTE IS THAT
- She loves Pokemon
- She had a flying windmill island in phase 2 it was incredible
- She had a cute radio helmet in phase 1 
- She also has a robot version of herself called “Cyborg Noodle” in phase 3. It’s a long story but Cyborg might be coming back for phase 4.
- The interviews that she’s in can be found here!!

The backstory is too long for me to write down, but you can find it over here! I hope i explained everything clearly- if not, or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!! I hope this helps you c:

{PART 22} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You hear the great history of Vampires as you have never heard it before. But as the door into Jungkook’s world is opened wide for you - many more open in turn. Jungkook finds himself overwhelmed with anger - and that anger turns into something you least expected.

“His love and protection were both her weapon and shield. She didn’t belong or willingly surrender to anyone; anyone that was, except him.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 21} {Part 22} {Part 23}

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Word Count: 2039

Pairing: Past Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN typical violence, Canon divergence, Torture, Major character death

A/N: Written for @nichelle-my-belle ‘s angst challenge. My prompt was “It takes a monster to destroy a monster.” This gave me such a hard time and it’s kind of erratic and choppy and doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’ve given up on it and it’s just being posted.

Follow up to Masterpieces

“Dean, please. This isn’t you.” You begged, tears streaming down your face, trying desperately to reach the Dean you once knew. You were tied spread eagle to the rack, practically naked, scraps of clothes barely covering you. “Don’t let him ruin you.”


“Oh, but it is me.” Dean slid the razor from your neck down your chest before finally shoving it in, next to your heart. You let out an ear piercing scream and sobbed yourself hoarse while Dean continued to carve and Alastair put you back together, letting Dean carve you to pieces over and over and over.


Dean woke with a start; sweat dripping down his face and tears in his eyes, your name on his lips. “Dean?” Sam questioned. “Y/N again?”

“What I did to her…” Dean swallowed thickly, choking back tears. “Sammy, I tore her apart. She begged me not to and I just laughed at her and did it anyway.”

“Dean, it wasn’t you.” Sam sat next to Dean on the bed, trying to figure out a way to comfort him.

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I just hope that the first episode of Season 13 will have 1) Sam facing the Nephilim - and therefore his own powers and his own destiny and making peace with it and 2) Dean facing Cas' death - and therefore his feelings and making peace with it (or not.. try true love's kiss please, it'll work). It just seemed very deliberate to set them up like that apart from each other, each facing their own challenge.

Yeah. Because that’s yet another way that Sam and Dean broke the pattern…

Every season finale since s2 has alternated whether the brothers were together or apart.:

  • s2 together standing over the Impala’s trunk
  • s3 dean in hell so apart
  • s4 clinging to each other watching Lucifer rise
  • s5 sam in hell so apart (even though we see Sam looking through the window at the end, they are effectively narratively ‘apart’ for the next year)
  • s6 together kneeling before godstiel
  • s7 dean in purgatory so apart
  • s8 clinging to each other as the angels fall so together
  • s9 demon dean on the run so apart
  • s10 together in the impala as the darkness rolls across the land
  • s11 dean went off to blow up amara with the soul bomb so apart
  • s12 Sam left Dean by Cas’s body and ran alone to face the nephilim… breaking the pattern… because they are apart…

So much of this episode (as well as 12.22) was about BREAKING PATTERNS.

Dean FINALLY confronted Mary with the truth in 12.22, about how her deal with Azazel had affected his life. About how he’d been forced to become both mother and father to Sam, because John was too broken to be either of those things to both boys. This is the culmination of Dean’s not wanting to “overwhelm” her early on, of his discomfort at telling her the story about her life with John in 12.01, knowing all along that it was a pretty lie– but it was what Mary believed at the time. This was the final part of Dean angrily telling Mary that he’d never been a child in 12.14. That time his words had been intended to wound her, but this time he spelled the whole thing out in detail– not to wound, but to heal.

Like in 12.12, the lance that inflicted the wound was the only thing that could heal it.

So much of 12.22 was also Dean surrendering that obligation he’s always felt as Sam’s “parent” with Sam directly– trusting him to lead that mission to the BMoL headquarters. He let Sam take the entire lead over the group of hunters they recruited for the raid, and he expressed his trust in Sam in actual words.

(fyi I have 9.23 playing in the background as I type this up, and trust me when I say it’s like night and day, the dynamic between Sam and Dean…)

And that mutual trust continued and grew stronger in 12.23, and opened to include Mary as an equal partner in understanding.

When all three Winchesters showed up at the house, Cas didn’t even make a pretense of greeting the rest of the family. Just Dean.

And Dean’s first words to Cas are about how they’ll work things out between them as soon as they get Cas and Kelly to safety, reassuring him that things between them aren’t broken.

and then we had a visual confirmation of Cas’s motivations, his seemingly unconvinced “belief” in the future the nephilim had shown him. When Kelly asked him to tell her again, to reassure her that her sacrifice was worth it, Cas hesitated, and flashed back to the scene in 12.19 where the nephilim sent its power into him. It was like he had to shake something off and focus in order to remember that vision.

We even had Mary and Kelly talking about how they would die to protect their children. Right after Mary came to accept the fact that she DID die to protect her children.

The entire last ten minutes of the episode was like a dark reversal of the rescue mission to save Sam in 12.02, and the fight scene in that basement, but in an entirely jumbled up fashion.

But in an even LARGER scale, these “cosmic consequences” spiral back through every level of the story– from Mary herself and her understanding of the interconnected fate/choice of her deal with Azazel; through Amara’s influence of the story in s9 as the Winchester/Campbell family’s fate as descendants of Cain and Abel in taking on the original Mark of Cain, through her influence over s10 as the force that both kept Dean alive and was slowly killing him all the the same time, through s11 as she got to experience humanity first-hand and demand recognition from Chuck and her growth from wanting to destroy the universe just because and acceptance of the beauty it actually contained (and that Chuck’s love of the universe didn’t diminish his love for her), and then in s12 the Cosmic Consequences of her freeing Lucifer and resurrecting Mary (because her touch is chaos itself, and bringing back Mary and Lucifer HAD to be influenced by her essential chaos…). That kind of instability introduced into an orderly system that has always adhered to certain cosmic “rules” HAD to bring about this sort of fundamental chaos, you know? And hooboy do we ever have it.

The moment we learned that the entire Winchester Family History had been essentially engineered by Heaven to someday act as the key that opened the lock on the Darkness and force that confrontation and resolution of the Original Rift that created the universe, and the moment Dean orchestrated that resolution, it brought that cosmic-scale rift back down to Winchester Family levels. I know I’m not explaining it well, but it’s something Gabriel said way back in 5.08 when he was pushing Sam and Dean to accept their roles in the apocalypse– As above, so below. But now, post-resolution, that mirror’s been flipped.

Dean completed his task of balancing the universe again, but Amara’s “gifts” in the form of Lucifer removed from Castiel and the resurrection of Mary have both turned very bad. The wishes go very bad.

And they’re ALL interconnected– Castiel, Lucifer, Mary, and Amara.

And now the nephilim, as well.

The things Cas was saying about the nephilim’s vision of the future sounded appallingly similar to the things Amara had wanted in her perfect vision of the future, you know? The whole notion of remaking the world in their own vision, where there was never any conflict or hatred or pain or suffering. Amara’s ideal sounded very much the same, with her bliss pitted against the nephilim’s paradise.

It took Dean a long damn time to see that offer for what it was, to see how it wasn’t real, what Amara was offering. That it was the annihilation of self and the surrender of his identity that Amara was really offering.

Which is fundamentally identical to what the nephilim seems to be offering Cas…

Dean had to die and be reborn as a demon, then struggle through the trials of bearing the mark and eventually come to an understanding of the truth of all of it. I think that’s exactly the point in the narrative we are with Cas.

I know I am not explaining it well, because it’s taken me three hours to even put this much of it in this disorderly state, and I still don’t feel like I’m getting to the true heart of the matter here…

But once again, just like in 12.22, Sam’s struggle will be an external one, facing the nephilim as a sort of incarnation of his own life-long feelings and beliefs about HIMSELF, that he wasn’t pure, that he was a freak because of the demon blood and his powers, that he wasn’t truly human somehow because of that. And Dean’s struggle will be internal, like it was reclaiming Mary from the walls she’d been forced to construct inside her own mind in the name of self-preservation.

Sam’s walls have finally manifested into something physical for him to confront.

We’ve finally scraped the thousand layers of paint off the walls that Dean’s been putting up for the world his entire life, and he’s not trying to camouflage what’s underneath. He’s finally let something OTHER than Sam literally bring him to his knees. He’s finally shown Sam the thing that actually had the power to do that to him, too. And Sam had his little moment of acknowledgement before running off to face the nephilim alone.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg on how damn meta that finale was.

magnus and alec being the best battle couple

requested by the lovely @eilenpanjaya !! thank you for your prompt <3 

They were all at Magnus’ loft when they noticed an unusual amount of noise in the streets. Jace had been situated in one of Magnus’ large comfy chairs, drink in hand, as he chatted with Izzy and Clary. Magnus sat upright against the arm of the sofa with Alec tangled in his arms, laying down across the furniture’s length. They looked on in amusement as Jace continued to make fun of something Simon had said the other day while Simon tried to defend himself.

The had all heard something off and Jace was the first person up. He looked out the window and immediately switched his stance from a relaxed one to one that suggested he was on guard. “Guys, we gotta go,” he said, seriously, and Alec frowned up at Magnus who looked concerned. Izzy and Clary got to their feet and glanced out the window past Jace. Izzy murmured something under her breath and Jace nodded, immediately turning to gear up.

They knew they couldn’t go anywhere these days without making sure they were ready for anything. Alec pat Magnus’ arm to let him up and he immediately let go, allowing the Shadowhunter to assess the situation outside. It wasn’t the most serious thing they’d seen, but it would be if they didn’t act quickly. Alec spotted at least two demons already wreaking havoc in a small Mundane store and around three or four lurking in the shadows of tall apartment buildings.

“Oh shit…” cursed Alec as he turned to grab his bow and quiver. He turned to an alert Magnus, standing cautiously to the side after putting up his wards around the entire block of flats. Jace, Izzy, and Clary were already waiting by the door for Alec.

“I can help…” said Magnus slowly, raising an eyebrow at Alec. He assumed the boy was in charge now. Alec’s frown deepened.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “You stay here.”

“And do what?” Magnus asked, helplessly.

Alec shrugged and gestured to the nervous Vampire. “Look after Simon? God knows he needs it,” he suggested and a smile broke out onto Magnus’ face. Alec leaned in pressed a kiss to Magnus’ cheek and then lips. Magnus looked at him with a look that said ‘Please be careful’ and Alec smiled. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.”

They were not fine. More Mundanes had been injured than they expected and the demons were acting more unpredictably. Magnus paced his living room floor, murmuring something under his breath and Simon watched on curiously. Magnus couldn’t help but feel scared and anxious when Alec was out on a mission.

Magnus stopped in his tracks for a second and looked at Simon, gnawing at his lip and anxiously playing with his rings. Simon stared back helplessly as Magnus looked at him as though the boy would give him all the answers. “Damn it…” said Magnus and raised a finger at Simon. “Stay here,” he warned before grabbing a jacket and walking straight out the door to look for Alec. Simon opened his mouth to say something but figured it would be best to stay silent.

Magnus immediately spotted Alec as the boy raised his bow and arrow at a demon in front him. He spotted another lurking up behind Alec and Magnus quickly sprung into action. “Alexander!” he yelled, throwing a fiery ball of magic towards the demon, hurtling it away. Another spurt of magic finished it off and Alec looked back at Magnus in shock.

“What are you doing here?” he shouted over the ruckus.

“Saving your life, apparently!” Magnus replied, snarkily and Alec grinned, despite the growing number of demons lunging at him.

“I told you to stay at the loft! I don’t want you getting hurt!” yelled Alec.

“I can handle myself, Alexander!” shouted Magnus, hurling about another ball of magic towards a demon Izzy was handling. “Besides, Simon was making me more nervous just by being there,” he chuckled.

“You left the Vampire?” Alec exclaimed dodging a blow to the face. “Clary’s gonna kill you.”

“Not if these demons kill her first,” he said, flicking his finger towards Clary and creating a shield around her that lasted just long enough for her to collect herself.

“Or if these demons kill you first!” shouted Alec, panting for breath.

Magnus stopped and turned to Alec, a look of disbelief painting his face. “I’m over 400 years old, Alexander! You really think a few demons can kill me?” he asked, folding his arms over his chest.

“Magnus!” Alec exclaimed, shooting an arrow that whizzed straight past Magnus’ face, almost grazing his cheek. Magnus jumped to the side and eyed the demon on the floor.

“Well done,” he mused, grinning at his boyfriend.

Alec’s face was graced with a beaming smile as he winked at Magnus. “More like medium rare,” he said and laughed. “Alright, you cover Clary, I’ll help Jace,” ordered Alec and Magnus nodded.

It only took the group another 20 minutes before they had taken care of the situation and they could finally step back and assess the damage. “By the Angel, Alec,” whispered Jace, running over to his parabatai and inspecting the nasty gash on the side of his face.

“I’m fine,” he said, pushing Jace off of him. “Where’s Magnus?”

“Alec, come on, at least use your healing rune.”

“Let go, Jace! I said I’m fine, where’s Magnus?” Alec, getting more panicked by the second, scanned the crowd for his boyfriend but couldn’t see him. He finally heard his name being called and whipped his head over to see Clary holding a slouched over Magnus. Alec’s heart leapt into his throat and he suddenly felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“No, no, no, no, no…” murmured Alec, hobbling over to Magnus as fast as he could. “I’ve got you, it’s okay, Magnus.” Alec swallowed nervously, cradling Magnus’ neck and caressing his cheek. He was awake but barely. Alec cursed repeatedly in his head at how Magnus could let himself get tired out like this. He knew the man wouldn’t die, he couldn’t. Not now, at least. He had to be okay. 

“Hey, hey… You’re okay, I’m here,” whispered Alec, clutching Magnus’ hand in case the man needed any of Alec’s strength. Magnus flickered his eyelids open and shook his head at Alec. He opened his mouth to speak but Alec beat him to it. “I told you to stay at the loft,” he scolded, hugging Magnus.

Magnus breathed in Alec’s scent heavily. “Oh shut up, you stupid Nephilim.”

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, cat and ragnor just want to look out for magnus.

So I’ve been sitting on this idea because I thought I might use it for DCBB, but it’s definitely going to be WAY TOO LONG and there’s no way.  I’m not sure I’ll ever write it because it’s dark, and y’all know I’m incapable of anything truly dark.  So now I’m gonna share :D

Basically a reboot of the entire series, starting at season 1, but instead of looking for the Colt to kill Yellow Eyes, John is looking for the First Blade.  Stuff happens, they find it, turns out it doesn’t work, oops John dies.  Azazel is still on the loose, and wants to recruit Sammy as his Boy King of Hell to lead all the demons against humanity.

And Dean is like fuck that noise, you know, like he does, and he decides to find a way to make the First Blade work.  Along comes Crowley, because he’s a salesman Azazel’s plans are going to fuck up his job.  He introduces Dean to Cain.

Dean has to prove himself to Cain, queue hot fight scene with Dean and demons a la season 9, but Dean’s just that cool and didn’t have to go through Purgatory because I’m skipping the whole Leviathan thing.  Anyway Cain’s like good job, kiddo, you can have the mark, but in order to pass it to Dean they have to fuck.  Y’know like Sam was going to have to sleep with Lillith for their deal.

Hells yeah, hot and explicit scene of Cain fucking Dean, and popping his gay cherry because Dean’s thought about it, but never done it.  Oh and he has to come in order for the deal to seal.  

(ngl, I really want to write this scene just for funsies)

So Dean gets to experience the joy of gay sex, and also ends up with the Mark of Cain.  Off he goes to destroy Azazel and all his minions.  Only every time he kills with the First Blade it digs its tendrils into him deeper and deeper, and he’s starting to get scary (think post-demon!dean).  And he tries to assuage it with hunting, but he’s having a harder and harder time resisting the urge to just stab anyone that annoys him.

Even Sam, because his sad/worried puppydog eyes are starting to get on Dean’s nerves, and that’s a BAD sign.

And he decides he’s becoming to dangerous, so he tries to off himself.  But oops, he comes back as a demon.

And now Heaven’s like OH NO NEW MURDER DEMON, and even though they didn’t really care about Azazel and his army of black floofs, Demon!Dean with the MoC is apocalyptically dangerous.  So they start sending angels after him.

And Castiel is the first angel to meet Dean, and he’s supposed to stab him off to perdition, but somehow despite his demonic soul, Castiel is fascinated and hesitates too long.

And Dean doesn’t kill the angel because he’s like oh look, new playmate and starts a game of cat and mouse with Castiel.  He kills any other angels that he comes across, and he keeps threatening to kill Castiel (see ya later, Cas.  I’ll probably kill you the next time I see you) but he never does.  He’s not sure why, but Cas is just so much fun to fuck with.

Cas and Sam team up to try and catch Dean to cure him, and they eventually do.  And while they’re pumping him full of purified blood, Dean is talking to them.  Telling Sam about how he’s taking over Hell so that Sam won’t have to be the Boy King, and telling Castiel about how Dean only kills people who deserve it.

And Castiel asks him how he thinks he has the right to be judge/jury/executioner when only God should be allowed to judge.  And Dean’s like well God ain’t around, is He? and he’s right, and Castiel’s faith in Heaven starts to waver.  And that’s just the crack in the chassis that Dean was looking for.  Dean starts to really fuck with his head, and before the purification ritual is done, he talks Castiel into letting him go.  

Castiel talks him out of trying to kill Sam.  You did this to protect him, remember?  and Dean’s like ugh, fine, let’s go kill some vermin.  

And he drags Castiel all over the world, killing monsters and bad people, and demons that don’t toe his line.  Dean let’s Crowley be in charge of the crossroads stuff because he doesn’t give a fuck about it.  Then he and Castiel together start fighting the Big Bad demons together until there’s no one left to challenge Dean for the throne in Hell.

Dean takes the throne, with Castiel as his half-fallen angel consort.

And basically they live as immortal murder husbands, with Dean corrupting Castiel to the point where he allows Dean to kill those who deserve it.  But Castiel keeping Dean sane enough that he doesn’t try to murder the whole world.

The end.

I want it.

I don’t want to write it.

Well except the sex between Cain and Dean.  That’d be fun to write :D


Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary: There’s a case to be solved but is it really ghosts or just some crazy human??

Warnings: Smut (I’m sorry), blood, violence, someone dies.

Word Count: 1,136

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport’s SPN Birthday Celebration. I hope you enjoy hun and happy belated birthday.

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“Dean! Dean! Are you even listening to me?“

Dean turned to you looking annoyed. “I was listening.”

“Ok then tell me what I said.” Silence fell in the room. “Exactly you didn’t hear a word I just said.” You snapped in anger. “Look Dean, I don’t have to be here. I have a case to take care of, and spending time with you puts everything I have at risk. If people knew I was spending time with a demon, well they’d hunt me down.”

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Equilibrium (1)

Description: Ever since you were little, you had the power to control fire and had little understanding why you could. Two men enter your life and attempt to help you decide if you will use this power for good or for evil.

Word Count: 1,890

Warnings: Smut

Pairing: Kim Minseok x Reader // Kim Junmyeon x Reader (in later parts)

Author: Admin Xiufairy :D (first post yay!!)

Originally posted by minseoxual

You met him on August 12th, he came to you with a dark aura. However, that did little to intimidate you. You were more than that. Of course, at the time you believed he was human. You figured out the truth when you took him home with you.

His touch would’ve burned your skin if you were sensitive to heat. There was something about him that wasn’t affected by you like a human would’ve been. He may have been naturally drawn to the heat that just radiated from you, but as soon as he set foot into your apartment, you knew he wasn’t human.

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To Kill A Winchester

Characters: sister!reader, brother!Dean, brother!Sam, Mary

Warnings: angst, swearing, blood

Word count: 2225

Summary: when you, your brothers and their mom are kidnapped by a demon, he says he wants to kill one of the Winchesters, but how will he determine who to choose?

The cold air hit your skin as you awoke. You couldn’t see a damn thing, the demon had thrown a bag over your head the second he knocked you out and dragged you to the old warehouse.

You moaned as he pulled it off, you noticed both of your brothers had been kidnapped too along with Mary. They gave you a quick look to make sure you were ok and you looked back at all of them and checked over them for any injuries. You were sat around in a square, all tied to chairs.

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Death and Levi

The other day, my friend @kyojinofbraveos asked if any of us believed Levi would be killed by the end of snk. I realized that I have a lot of thoughts about that, so I decided to flesh them out by writing this post. 

The short answer is that while I have no idea what Isayama is planning plot-wise, I think that thematically it would make sense for Levi to die (depending on the manner of death of course). And not just because he’s a tragic hero with a tragic life so of course he’s going to be killed. No, there’s more to it than that, so I wanted to take this chance to examine his development a bit and explain why I think Levi’s death would be thematically appropriate. There’s so much more to analyze about his character, but I’ll stick to the aspect that is most relevant to the point I’m trying to make.

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Summary: Reader is selectively mute, but she can only watch Dean suffer for so long before speaking up.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of the murder of reader’s parents.


You were quiet. Very quiet. In fact, the Winchesters never heard you say a word. You were mute. A selective kind of mute.

You weren’t deaf, and you could tell Sam was a little bit disappointed that you didn’t know sign language. That was followed by Dean teasing him about wanting to practice so he could impress a girl named Eileen. You found that incredibly adorable.

You were a hunter. That much you had in common with them. And being mute didn’t make you any less capable.

Meeting the Winchesters was a random coincidence. You happened to stumble across one of their cases, or maybe it was the way around. You weren’t sure. All you know is that one second you’re sitting on a bar stool, writing down your order to hand it to the bartender, and the next you’re swinging your sword (yes, sword, because you’re a motherfucking badass) and killing demons while they tried to hold down two big guys at the back.

At the end of the fight, they looked around the place, which looked like a scene from a horror movie.

“How did you do that?” The tallest one asked. You just shrugged and cleaned your sword with a dead guy’s shirt.

“That was AWESOME!” the other guy said. “You’re a hunter, right?”

You stood there for a moment before nodding slightly. The two men looked at each other confused before the tallest one talked.

“I’m Sam, this is my brother Dean.” He said while Dean gave you a flirty smile. And you would be lying if you said it didn’t make your heart skip a beat.

You took a napkin and quickly wrote down your name.

“Y/N.” Sam read out loud.

“Wait… are you mute?” Dean asked with a frown.

“Dean!” Sam shushed him.

“What?” Dean snapped back. You smiled at their brotherly behave. You liked them already.

They invited you to join them the next morning when they say you leave your motel room and get on your bike.

“A Harley’s kind of girl. I like.” Were Dean’s exact words. “You’ll fit right in with us.”

And of course you said yes- erm, well, you just nodded your head. But you screamed a big yes in your head. You had been alone on the road for so long, you craved for some company. Especially one with those green eyes. You moved into the bunker soon after that.

The Winchesters tried to make you talk a few times. They didn’t push, but they tried to coax some replies out of you. Especially Dean.

“What would you like to do today? Wanna go see that new horror movie? If not, just say so!”

“Hey Y/N, you read a lot. You sure you’re not reading some kinky erotica, Fifty Shades of whatever?”

“We’re having burgers for dinner, unless you wanna order something else…”

You wanted to say something most of the time, but you just couldn’t find the words. You weren’t always like that but watching your own parents being torn apart by a demon left you traumatized enough to put you in a nut house. So instead you would take a deep breath and open your mouth, but your words would die in your throat and your shoulders would drop in disappointment.

Dean started to pick on this and the last time he tried to get you to talk and noticed your reaction, he just draped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer.

“It’s fine, sweetheart. You don’t have to say anything. I get you.”

You loved him. Deeply. It was a good thing you didn’t talk or you would probably have confessed your feelings in a very embarrassing way a long time ago.

You couldn’t help yourself. You had the same taste in music and movies, and even in cars! You loved going out for a beer with him, even if it meant watch him flirt with some other girl, because it meant to see him relaxed and in a good mood. You loved his jokes, even the cheesy ones he used as pick up lines for you.

He could make you laugh. The first time he heard you laugh and get a tiny little glimpse of what your voice might sound like he was completely shocked. It only lasted a second and a half. After that he just looked proud and smug because he got you to laugh.

But it’s been a few days since any of you laughed. Lucifer was out of the cage, Chuck was gone with Amara, which was a good thing but now there was no one left that could put Lucifer back in his cage, and to top that, Mary was brought back to life, just to leave a few days after.

It’s been tough on all of you, but especially for Dean. He took Mary’s absence really hard, and you could tell he also took it personally.

Your suspicions were confirmed when one night, after Sam went to bed, you witnessed Dean down a bottle of scotch, one glass at the time. He wasn’t exactly drunk, but tipsy enough to ramble about how crappy he felt.

Soon his words shifted. They went from his mother situation to blaming himself. He rambled on how maybe his mother wouldn’t have left if he was a better man, if he hadn’t go to hell or looked after Sammy better. Maybe she wouldn’t have left if he wasn’t so broken.


That’s the word he used. And you hated that word. Every time it came out of those lips you day dreamed about so much, a little piece of you broke too. You used to think you were broke too, and maybe you were, but living with the Winchesters taught you that the right people, the right friends, could always help you glue the pieces back together.

You watched as Dean sighed for the tenth time and downed what was left in his glass.

If only he knew how wrong he was, how much he meant to you. And not just you, but the entire world! He was a hero.

You couldn’t take it anymore. You just couldn’t. So after a moment of gathering all your strength, you got up, walked around the table and sat down next to him, your chair turned around so you were facing the other direction.

Your next few breaths were heavy and your throat felt dry, but you pushed yourself into finding your voice.

“In Ch-China…” you started with a little bit of a struggle. In the corner of your eye, you could see Dean’s head slowly turn to look at you. “… the-there a tradition… named Kintsugi.” You said slowly. Dean leaned back on his chair and now you could see the look of shock on his face. Words started to come to you one by one. “When a vase… or a plate… or anything like that breaks, the-they glue the pieces back together with liquid gold.” You explained lowly. “It makes the cracks more visible, but it also makes the piece m-m-more beautiful and adds value to it.” Finally you got the courage to look at him in the eyes. “You may think you’re broken… but to me, it only makes you even more beautiful.” You confessed and Dean’s breath hitched. “It’s like… you’re made of gold.” You finished.

None of you said anything for a moment, and for the first time in years, the silence bothered you. You placed a hand on his shoulder and got up from your chair.

“Get some rest. Things will be better in the morning.”

Before you could take a step, you felt Dean’s hand taking yours.

“Thank you.” And with that, he left you go to bed.


What did you think? I’m thinking about turning this into a series. Let me know!!

Castiel, Prince of Hell. It’s catchy. It rhymes.

I warned y’all that this speculation might piss people off, so I’ll just go ahead and throw it up there in the title so that way you can skip it if you so choose.

We know we’re in for a hell of a cliffhanger this year. (”You guys are going to hate me.” - Mark Pellegrino. Or something like that.) I mean, we always are, because that’s what the show does… but how about more of one than usual? 

Could Cas be next season’s Big Bad, as a Prince of Hell?

Yeah, yeah – I know. Many of you are just gonna smile politely, nod, and whisper to each other about that one lady yelling about glowing eyes again. (I do yell about eyeballs a lot. Have I mentioned that I like glowing eyes today? Well, if you didn’t know - I dig glowing eyeballs. That said, there’s way more to this than glowing eyeballs.)

But hear me out if you have the patience, because I have a bunch of words here explaining why I’m seeing this (even though I’m gonna say there’s like… a 7.3% chance of this actually happening, just because I like pulling totally random stats out of my butt). I already know @mittensmorgul​ does NOT see this happening at all. But if/when it doesn’t happen, maybe somebody will be inspired to write an awesome canon-divergent fic over the summer.

So, if you’re interested, surge on ahead.

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A Guardian Angel

Gift fic for @riceflowerrabbit​ for their idea of the fell brothers with Angel Paps, and Demon Red. :D 

Sorry for the late drabble! 

Pairing: Fellcest

Words: 308

“Hey, Boss~ killed some renegades yet?”

The angel practically rolled their eyes, giving the short devil a glance. “I’ll smite you, if you keep bothering me.”

“Awww, don’t be like that. You know you love me~” The joking tone was there. It was of mocking playfulness. And yet, he felt his soul beat fast in his chest.  

Papyrus made fists hidden in his long sleeves as he felt one of his feathers turn black. 

“Hmph. Keep dreaming.”

“Aawww, Boss~!”

Feelings were not supposed to crop up, not towards a demon, and especially not to someone he was ordered to kill. But upon meeting Sans, despite knowing full well of what the other could be capable of, despite knowing that he was dangerous—meant to be eliminated, he could not kill him. 

Sans wasn’t one to kill, he’d learned. And the latter may have played pranks and tricks, he may be crude and outright rude, but he was not evil. So the angel cannot bring himself to kill an innocent in his eyes. Even if it meant disobeying the law. Even if …

The demon walked alongside him with a smile of blatant adoration, and Papyrus knew that he had fallen.

More and more of his plumage turned black, but they were within the folds of his wings that he refused to spread whilst Sans was present. 

When his wings turn completely black, he will be executed. Papyrus knows this all too well for he had become a traitor. And yet, he found himself not minding it so much. 

He will never tell the demon of his coming downfall.

He will never tell him of his mission.

He will never tell Sans that he loved him. 

His fate was sealed. His days were numbered. 

But all Papyrus will do is watch over the small skeleton; like a guardian angel.

Senpai mentioned wanting Angel Paps to fall. ;D I got you. 

I didn’t make them bros tho, so they’re not rlly related to each other here. Hope that’s okay. ^^’’)

Thanks for reading. m(__ __)m 

Cullen Rutherford            Character Analysis

“Whatever happens, you will come back. The thought of losing you… I can’t.”  

Cullen Stanton Rutherford, former Ferelden Templar and current military adviser to the Inquisition, is a strong, loyal, and compassionate man despite his mental illness and substance addiction. During the course of the main 3 Dragon Age games (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition) we see his character go through a lot of development due to his heart breaking story and, depending on the choices we chose to make in Inquisition, he either recovers from the tragedies he faces, or falls to them.  

During the first game in the series, we come across Cullen serving his Templar duty in the Circle of Ferelden, a place where Mages are sent to learn about their magical ability, to practise in safety, but also a place where they’re never able to see the light of day again. Due to a demon possession in the tower, some of the mages tried to break Cullen mentally. Though he was strong enough to withstand their mental attacks, once the Hero of Ferelden (the playable character in Dragon Age: Origins) freed him, he was left with PTSD and a severe hatred for Mages.  

We don’t see much of Cullen in origins, even though the game marks the start of his story, but we do see him make a return in Dragon Age 2, where he has been transferred away from the conflicts left in Ferelden and had taken a place as a Templar in the Circle of Magi in Kirkwall, also named the City of Chains. During this time, Cullen is seen as a bitter man who still has a hatred for Mages due to the abuse he suffered in Ferelden’s Circle, however he tries to not let his personal grudges interfere with his work.  

For example, when he is asked about his opinion on whether or not they should use the Rite of Annulment in the Kirkwall Circle, he questions whether it’s necessary or not. He saves the lives of 3 mages, and even when his superior officer Knight Commander Meredith asks whether he would take responsibility if they are found to be blood mages (mages that use an illegal form of magic), he says he would gladly do so. This proves just how compassionate he is, and also invokes his sense of justice. Another time this is shown is at the end of Dragon age 2 when Knight Commander Meredith orders Hawke’s (the playable character) execution. Cullen orders her to stand down due to the fact they were only meant to arrest him. Together with Hawke, he then fights Meredith. He later stands down after Meredith’s fall.  

Due to the fall of the Kirkwall Circle and Mages, both opposing sides have started a war with one another. This has caused death and destruction over the land of Ferelden, and so the Grand Enchanter of Ferelden’s Circle, and the Knight Commander of Ferelden’s Templars agreed to have parties go forth to hold a Conclave, in hopes of finding a middle ground and to restore peace. However, due to an explosion in the Conclave, it made things even worse. Especially with how the explosion caused a breach in the sky, sending demons across all the lands, and the only one who survived the explosion is the only one with the ability to close the tears in the fade and the breach in the sky with what seems to be a magical mark on their hand. With the Divine (head of the Chantry, a fictional parallel to the Pope of our real-life Church) dead, her left and right hands Cassandra Pentaghast and Lelliana along side the lone survivor created the Inquisition, an army that would surpass both the Chantry and Templars in order to restore order to Thedas, and ultimately close the breach.  

After the chaos in Kirkwall, Cullen had rallied up the remaining Templars to help restore order to the chaos. Impressed, Cassandra hired Cullen as the Inquisition’s Military Advisor, a role which he was happy to help in since he felt as though the events that happened were also his fault. During the events of Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen plays a pivotal role helping the sole survivor, later titled the Head of the Inquisition, and has quite a lot of screen time, thus we’re able to see a lot more of his character in this game. At the very beginning he states how because of how the Mages had treated him, he felt as though he pushed his anger wrongfully onto them and how he was going to try to change that. He also shows concern, saying how he wants the mages to have some safeguards not only for others but also to protect them from demonic possession.  

Later on in the game, we get to see a side of him, and the Templars, we don’t see in the other games. Templars get their powers to repel magic (used to protect themselves against mages in their Circles as well as to stop Mages from harming themselves and others) through Lyrium, a magical, addictive mineral. Due to Cullen’s time being a Circle Templar, he had his fair share of Lyrium, but before he joined the Inquisition he vowed to stop taking it, despite the withdrawals and the possibility of death. You can either encourage him to continue not taking it, or you can tell him to go back on the lyrium. This decision has dire consequences which I will go into later.  

If you chose to partake in a romance with Cullen, especially if your Inquisitor is a mage, you find that he is a loving man who has never had anyone else in his life. He’s loyal, always looking out for his family, even if he neglects to talk to them as often as he should. He’s also very shy when it comes to romance, tending to deflect complements by chuckling softly and scratching the back of his neck; however the more the two characters grow close to each other, he has such a passion for the Inquisitor that he can’t help but show it wherever they may be. He even gives you sentimental gifts as opposed to expensive ones, and in everything he does he slows his heart is yours. It’s heart breaking during the last sequence in the game, when you’re about to face the final boss, not knowing if you’ll make it, where he doesn’t even beg you to survive the fight, but orders you. He doesn’t even want to think there’s even a possibility that you won’t make it out alive.  

If you chose to romance him, at the end of the DLC he and the inquisitor can get married and adopt a dog, living a happy life together for as long as they can, always visiting Cullen’s family. If you chose to force Cullen to take the lyrium, however, he turns into a husk of his former self, going to the streets to beg for the drug. Even worse is in some reports, it’s unknown if he was given a blade or someone did the deed for him, but it is implied that he either killed himself from the addiction or someone else put him out of his mystery - leaving a heartbreaking end for the man who had been so strong up until that point.  

Overall, Cullen is a man who is loyal, kind, compassionate, and someone who puts others always above himself and his feelings. He has a strong sense of justice and hates cruelty to others, even though he himself has been guilty of doing so. He tries to fix his mistakes, always trying to become better, to get over the mental illness his history has given him, trying to get over his own personal hatred, and by doing so it shows he is a strong individual who is willing to keep on going, even when he hates everything about him.  

Design wise, his looks have changed over the series, so I will focus primarily on his current style and concept art for DA:I.  

Cullen’s armour and furs beautifully represent his heritage and status, as well as characteristics. The red and gold patterns on his over cloak suggest he is of importance, and also that he is dangerous. These colours alarm people, making him stand out from the crowd, however they’re not ornated. They also happen to be the colours of Ferelden, showing his passion and loyalty for his kingdom.  

His overcoat also has a thick, furry mane around the neck area, and this was intentional to give him the look of a Lion. His helmet that had to be cut from the game was also in the shape of a lions head. The symbolism of a lion tends to be universal; ask anyone and they’re most likely to tell you a lion is strong, a passionate leader, and most of all loyal.  

His vambraces have the Templar symbol engraved into them; a sword with trails of light appearing from either side. Whilst he is no longer a templar, this shows he has not left his history behind him. He is still loyal to Templars, knowing their joys and annoyances, and thus he carries them like a hopeless romantic; on his sleeve.  

When it comes to his facial features, he has bags under his eyes; both from his age and all the stress he has been put through over the years. A scar upon his top lip shows he has seen his fair share of fights as well. But he still takes care of his appearance, for it is mentioned in Inquisition that he styles his hair every chance he can get; and from the past games, fans are glad to see why.

The End - Part 3

Word Count: 3928

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Typical Violence

A/N: Future Dean and Future Reader’s dialogue is in italics. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Future Dean pulled away just as fast as he kissed you, looking away from you. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t’ve –“

“It’s ok.” You cut him off before he could launch into some kind of tirade against himself. “I get it. This life…everything you’ve seen…it’s not easy. It’s changed everyone. Nothing’s the same. It’s not how it was supposed to be. It’s ok to miss what you had and what you could’ve had.” You stopped yourself, realizing you were rambling.

“Wow. When did you get so insightful and philosophical?” Future Dean questioned. Even his voice was deeper than your Dean’s, but his sense of humor wasn’t. The smirk on his face made you roll your eyes.

“Shut up.” You muttered. “You tell no one, understood?”

“Got it.” He chuckled a bit, staring off into the darkness.

“You guys ready?” Future Y/N walked out the door with Dean behind her. From the look on Dean’s face when he looked at you, she must’ve told him your story. He could barely look at you without sadness in his eyes.

“Yup.” Future Dean stood up and you followed, brushing the dirt from your jeans. “Let’s go kill the devil.”

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Kaisar & Favaro speaking of Azazel in the commentary of ep12

I couldn’t find the english version, so here’s a translation for the part when Kaisar and Favaro mentioned Azazel in ep12 commentary from BD bonus.

Starts around 5m59s
(scene: Azazel stabbing Beelzebub, saying they’re even now)
Kaisar: And then the one who delivered a finishing blow to the Beelzebub who was on the verge of dying, that was Azazel. This kind of underhanded thing, to think he did it without feeling even a shred of guilt.
Favaro: [Azazel] really said he paid back his debt to Beelzebub, but wasn’t the one who defeated Beelzebub actually Bahamut? That guy, till the end he couldn’t erase it huh.
Kaisar: Without wavering, he continued on being evil. How to say this, that antipathy/merciless attitude… it was a very demon thing to do, and I kind of respect him for that.
Favaro: …he was actually a Fallen Angel though.
Kaisar: So he was just shrewd!

Around 13m40s
(scene: Bahamut being surrounded)
Kaisar: at the end, the angels and demons, and even Gabriel, helped us establishing God’s barrier [to contain Bahamut].
Favaro: That was such a huge magic square.
Kaisar: Even Lucifer, who always secluded himself in his room, for once he actually lent us his power in order to stop Bahamut.
Favaro: He didn’t actually come to help us. It seemed he was worried about Azazel and came to save him.
Kaisar: Is that true?!
Favaro: I don’t really know myself, but Cerberus complained loudly about how she was told to come in order to save Azazel, so it must be true. Meanwhile Azazel himself seemed to help us out of his own volition.
Kaisar: That Azazel… it turns out he was a better guy than I thought.

Around 22m10s
(talking about how everyone’s doing in the epilogue)
Kaisar: What about Azazel since then?
Favaro: When I got blasted away by Bahamut, the one who came and saved me was Azazel. That was the last time I talked to him.
Kaisar: To think *he* would ever save a human… that was unexpected.
Favaro: Azazel himself didn’t seem to understand why he did it, so while saving me, he was really grumpy. After that, he went away with his colleague* Lucifer and that was the last I saw of him.
Kaisar: Farewell, interesting fellows.


*Favaro said nakama here, and I translated it as colleague, but technically Azazel was Lucifer’s subordinate as well as his right hand man. I’m not sure if Favaro was aware of Lucifer/Azazel’s ranks and he just said ‘nakama’ bcs they seemed close to him, or if he just used the word ‘nakama’ as a broad term considering both Lucifer & Azazel were demons.

lol I just think using the word nakama to describe Lucifer and Azazel’s relationship is peculiar bcs it implies they’re somewhat equal in certain capacity, esp considering the seemingly strict hierarchy of demons realm, and how in this show, Lucifer is the leader of fallen angels as well as the highest authority right after Satan – who is never present anyway.

So Favaro saying Lucifer personally came for Azazel is a big thing, bcs it implies:

  1. wow fallen angels do have hearts
  2. the world could burn and he barely blinks but Azazel’s missing so of course he needs to find him
  3. at this point saying Lucifer *cares* for his subordinate seems like an understatement honestly
  4. when Azazel came requesting an audience with Lucifer in Cocytus after his Gregor crashed and was turned away, it was possible it was all Martinet and Lucifer didn’t hear anything of it
  5. Azazel wanted to help human so naturally of course Lucifer had to lend a hand too
  6. Lucifer even made Cerberus help
  7. Not only that, but Lucifer actually waited until Azazel finished his business (delivering Favaro to safety) before bringing him home/they went back together.

which, in light of S2 events, kinda raises the question: where’s Lucifer?

If he cared that much about Azazel missing in S1, it’s doubtful he would let Azazel away, *alone*, for more than two years getting hurt all the time. So either Lucifer’s incapacitated and is in hiding, or he was killed, or maybe he’s always near without Azazel ever realizing it. /coughs I’m still harboring theory that Mugaro might be secretly Lucifer

Concerning Yuu in the latest chapter...

Am I the only one who’s thinking that Yuu’s enthusiasm to destroy the world to bring back the Hyakuya kids is a little bit…out of character?

I mean, until now I saw Yuu as a caring, kind, people loving boy who’s the type to protect but not to sacrifice.

And now he’s talking about using an experiment that once caused the apocalypse and killed so many people, willing to destroy the world for his own selfish reason: To bring back his dead family.

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Her Boys

Requested by @theleaguewhoalwayslocked:  If requests are still open, may I ask about Crowley oneshot? Where the reader’s a bit goofy and geeky. And they are usually soft but one day there is a threat on a hunt (maybe Abbadon? But the threat is up to you) and the reader is very furious, and became overprotective of her “boys”, which include her protecting Crowley. And this fact alone made Crowley act all sweeter around reader. (I am just a HUGE sucker for a Crowley fluff) Thanks honey! ♥

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Crowley, the Winchesters or Abbadon. They belong to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood and injuries. Fluff

Pairings: Crowley x fem!reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Abbadon. 

Originally posted by soluscheese

Crowley glanced down at his ringing phone. The words “Not Moose” flashed across the screen and Crowley stifled a groan. Composing himself quickly, he answered. “Squirrel.” He could practically feel Dean’s glare through the phone and the thought made him smile. “We need you to locate some demons for us.” Crowley scoffed. Of course Dean would need a favor. “Now why would I do that? So you can hurt more of my minions? I don’t think so.” He was about to hang up when Dean said something to make him stop. “They took Y/N.”

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About Dean’s next death (in fact... not a death at all)

I have just read this post by @tinkdw, that argues that Dean is “going to die”, in the sense of a metaphorical death, a destruction, or at least a shake, of certain core elements of Dean’s self that tie with his performance of his self. I want to add a couple considerations that I have written somewhere already but not really in depth, also I’m not sure where :P I was going to write this as an addition to the aforementioned post but I realized it was going to get long, so forgive me.

I think that if Dean dies this season - again, either an actual or a metaphorical death, where the second is more likely in my opinion for reasons I’ll explain later - it won’t be the first time (duh). So I think that if we want to understand the meaning of a possible death for Dean this season, we need to consider the meaning of Dean’s past deaths. Now, every death, semi-death, almost-death, kind-of-death Dean has experienced in the show has a meaning, or many meanings, but for now I’m going to focus on the two major, actual deaths Dean has experienced.

We’ve seen him die a lot of times in the show, but many of those times don’t really count. The deaths in Mystery Spot were not really real; the various times he and Sam visited heaven, the final one on-screen in Dark Side of the Moon, count more as visits to heaven than deaths, and the same can be said of Dean’s time in Purgatory. Yes, technically he dies to go to heaven, but the whole point was that he wasn’t going to stay there anyway. He experiences near-death situations multiple times, meeting reapers and Death in the veil, but again, he doesn’t really die.

Two are his deaths that actually count as such - the one at the end of season 3 and the one at the end of season 9. They’re different: one a ‘full’ death, where he went to hell and experienced demonhood (although only a little, so he didn’t turn into a demon at all, but he experienced what happens to a soul to make it eventually become a demon) in hell; one a ‘semi’ death, where he didn’t go anywhere but was simply revived, and experienced demonhood on earth.

His decision to sell his soul was a very complex decision, that contains a fundamental element of rebellion to John. His demon deal comes as the culmination of a season where Dean has been completely shattered by John’s last instructions to him - save Sam or kill him. Dean isn’t lying when he tells Sam, multiple times, that he feels relieved because he sees the ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel, that he’s almost happy because he doesn’t have to worry about the future since he doesn’t have it. Of course, he’s not really happy about going to hell, he’s understandably terrified, and when he finds out that hell-bound souls becomes demons, it gets even worse. But it’s not a lie that Dean sees an “out” in his premature death. By dying before Sam, by dying soon, he’s rejecting John’s plan for him.

Something of Dean Winchester irremediably died with his demon deal and his being dragged to hell, and it’s visible in the dream of his demonized self in Dream a Little Dream of Me - Dean shoots himself, he kills a part of himself. He screams his truest feelings about John to himself, and it’s something he can’t get back from. At the end, it’s the demonized self that snaps his fingers - the demon Dean wins, because going to hell, becoming a demon, it’s a rejection of what John wanted him to do, what John wanted him to be. Escaping John’s ultimate orders, check; becoming the thing John hated and feared the most, check. Hell, demonhood - they’re a rebellion against John.

His experience with the Mark of Cain is an experience of carrying the literal Darkness inside of him. In a way, carrying the Mark, being influenced by it, involuntarily carrying out the Darkness’ will of destruction, it’s basically an act of rebellion against the universe-scale equivalent of John - God. Even more: the first time he died, Dean was stopped from becoming a demon because angels were sent to rescue him on God’s orders. Dean becoming a demon is an act against God’s will in multiple ways. At the beginning of season 4, Dean is saved so that he can carry out God’s plans… and God’s plans include that he kills Sam. God’s plans align with John’s - apparently, there is no way Sam can be saved, Sam won’t be able to escape his destiny, so Dean, by saying yes to Michael, will determine his death alongside Lucifer’s. Dean is gotten out of hell to do what he so didn’t want to do, that the prospect of going to hell was kinda nice in comparison. He went to hell so that Sam could live, he gets pulled out of hell to kill Sam. He was almost okay with going to hell if that meant to avoid facing a situation where he needed to save Sam from evil, he gets pulled out to witness Sam succumbing to evil. God’s plans and John’s plans for him intersect: save Sam or kill him, where saving Sam is not an option.

And now, at the end of season 9, Dean, although involuntarily, manages to do what God had prevented him from doing the first time: becoming a demon. And becoming a demon, just as it would have been the first time, is the ultimate act of rebellion against the actual John. And not only he becomes exactly the thing John hated and feared the most, the thing that he wanted Sam to die rather than become; he also drops all the fucks he ever gave about John’s heavy legacy, spitting his truest feelings about John to Sam’s face. Just like he killed himself in the dream while admitting his feelings about John out loud, now he attempts to kill Sam while admitting his feelings about John out loud.

(Demon Dean did not intend to kill Sam originally. He just wanted to get away from Sam. He left him a note begging him to let him go, which speaks volumes. He doesn’t just leave, he feels the need to beg Sam to let him go. Of course when Sam doesn’t do that, Dean has to kill him - not because he wants Sam dead, but because he needs to stop Sam from trying not to let him go. It’s the same thing that happens in Brother’s Keeper - Death tells Dean to kill Sam because Sam will always try to get Dean back, and that would be disastrous. Similarly, demon Dean wants to kill Sam because Sam will always try to get Dean back, and demon Dean needs to be let go.)

Anyway, I digressed -

Both Dean’s deaths, the major ones, were acts of rebellion against John and God (where God is basically a large-scale equivalent of John). I think Dean’s next death - the third, and three is an important number - will be the ultimate rejection of John.

Dean’s third death, though, won’t be an actual death. There is a progression: the first one is a proper death, he goes to hell, gets buried, and actually stays dead for months. It’s a death. The second one is not really a death (Crowley himself says so), his soul does not leave his body, does not go to an afterlife realm, but stays on earth. It’s a death that is actually a transformation. The third one is bound to be not a death at all, but ‘only’ a transformation.

Now let’s focus on an element: after selling his soul, Dean faces himself. In the dream in 3x10, he externalizes his feelings about John to himself, and attempts to kill himself.

After becoming a demon, Dean faces Sam. In 10x03, he externalizes his feelings about John to Sam, and attempts to kill Sam.

Now, who is he going to face next, who is he going to externalize the truth about what John was to him? Every arrow in the narrative points to Mary.

Of course it will be different than the previous times - Dean has settled his issues with the Darkness, he won’t be a demon, he won’t try to kill Mary properly speaking - but it will be some sort of metaphorical killing of Mary, just like the death will be a metaphorical death for Dean (of course, Mary might be killed and Dean might die, but the idea would still stand). Dean needs to ‘kill’ Mary’s assumptions and he needs to let parts of himself die. Of course I’m not talking about a disappearance of the parts of Dean that make his façade - which are real parts of Dean, just not exclusive and comprehensive - but the reasons those parts exist as a façade. He needs to let the John in him die, in the sense of the grasp that John’s abuse has on Dean’s construction of self.

I think I’m losing clarity as it’s getting late and I only have so much brain power, so I’m going to stop here hoping that what I’ve written makes sense. Let me know your thoughts!