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Negan’s Candy Canes. (Part 1)

Summary – Ruby is new to the Sanctuary, but she already caught Negan attention, but she keeps turning him down after what seems to be the 100th time she gets annoyed and says she be his if he can get her old favourite treat Candy Canes.

She shouldn’t have underestimated Negan’s Determination and enjoyment of a challenge!  

Paring – Negan / Ruby (O/C)

Warning – lot of cussing, innuendos and a little sexual content.

“Before you ask the answer will still be no.”

I didn’t have to look up from the stack of books I was sorting out in the Sanctuary’s new library to know who was standing there, watching me, and what he was about to ask. It would no doubt be the same bloody question he has asked me nonstop since the moment I walked through the front gate two months ago.

“How the fuck did you A) fucking know it was me standing here? You didn’t even look up from that fucking book! And B) do you fucking read minds now Red cause that’s the only explanation for you to know why I came here.”

I can’t help but crack a smile at his little nickname for me. He explained to me a few weeks ago it was because, one, my name is Ruby and two, my hair was bright red. He thought it’d be funny to call me Red.

Still not looking up from the books, I answer him, “No Negan, as you so lovely put it, I can’t read fucking minds. it’s just  that you have asked the same question every day for the last two months and today I thought it might be easier for the both of us to just answer the question before the words left your mouth.“ After realising how harsh I sounded, I quickly added “to save you the trouble” so maybe it wouldn’t sound so bitchy.

I finally looked up to see if I had offended him, but he was sporting his usual grin and even had a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Well aren’t we fucking considerate, but believe me, Red, when I say it isn’t any trouble.”  He moves closer, swinging Lucille a little before kneeling down in front of me to make sure we were on the same level.

Stroking his salt and pepper beard, he went on to say, “what would it fucking take for you to finally agree to be mine, cause let be honest for fucking once; I know you want me the same way I want you.”

I just sigh and close my eye for a moment. He wasn’t wrong; I did find him extremely attractive. Who wouldn’t? It wasn’t just his bloody perfect face or his light brown eyes that sparkle oh so brilliantly when he smiles. It was his confidence and charisma I found most attractive. The way he demands his people’s respect by just a look.  But he was married to five other women and sleeping with god knows how many more! I can’t understand why he keeps bothering me.

Luckily, I came up with a solution last night that should give me a break from his badgering for a little while. Looking at him again, I smile and go “Ok. You broke me, Negan. There’s no denying I do find you attractive, but as you already know, I’m not that easy to get.” He nods in agreement. “So I’ve come up with a challenge for you.”

Negan raises an eyebrow before asking “What sort of fucking challenge?” I couldn’t help but smile at his suspiciousness.

“What? Is the great Negan scared of a little work?” His eyes darken as his hand tightens around Lucille at my comment. I knew I was playing with fire, but it was too late to back out now.

“Careful Red. Don’t push my fucking patience with your attitude and smart remarks. I might like you, but don’t forget who’s in charge.” I just nod; he smiles again and carries on. “So what does your fucking challenge entail?” I smile back at him.

“If you can find my favourite candy on one of your supply runs, I will be yours and only yours for the rest of my life.” His smile grew wider like a kid on Christmas.

“So what’s your favourite fucking candy?“

I smile back at him. “They’re called Foster’s Candy Canes.” This was a lie, of course. Not that candy canes were my favourite treat growing up;  they were the only part of Christmas I could tolerate. The lie was in the brand name, a total fake by the way, but hopefully, Negan didn’t know that.

Lost in my thought, I hadn’t realised Negan had moved closer, so our faces were mere inches apart. Against my better judgement, I look down to his lips then back up to his eyes, which made my breath get caught in my throat. His smile grew wider. “So let me get this fucking straight: I find these fucking candy canes, and you will finally be fucking be mine and only mine”?

Not trusting my voice, I just nodded. Negan moved closer, brushing past my cheek and breathing into my ear “game on.” With that, he got up, swinging Lucille over his shoulder and walked out whistling without as much as a goodbye.

After what seemed like an eternity, my heart finally went back to a reasonable pace. Looking at the door Negan had just left from, I whispered back “game on.”

Two Weeks later

My friend Lauren came rushing into my room with an anxious look on her face. “You’re in so much fucking trouble. And a little warning that you have a fucking death wish next time, please. Thanks.”

“I swear Lauren, I don’t know who has a worse mouth, you or our fearless leader,” I said looking up from my book over to her.

“This isn’t a joke Ruby! Foster’s Candy Canes? Really?!”

That got my attention. Oh my god! I forgot she went out on the runs with Negan and the other men. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and look back up at her. She saw the panic in my eyes and couldn’t help but smile at me.

“How the hell do you know about the candy canes?” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Seriously, Rub? You were my best friend way before all this shit started, but next time you want to fuck around with the boss and give him an impossible challenge, a little warning would be nice! I was caught off guard, and you know there’s no lying to Negan! Not unless you want to meet Lucille…”

Before I could answer someone else answered for me. “She has a point, Red. it was a stupid fucking idea from such a smart girl.”

We both looked over to see Negan leaning against my door, and if looks could kill, I would be dead right now.

“Loz, can you be a doll and give your friend and me a minute please?”

“Yeah, sure,” she turns to worriedly look at me, but I just nod and give her a small smile to let her know it was ok. After she left, Negan was quiet which scared me. This man loved the sound of his own voice, so the silent treatment was not a good way to start.

I stood up feeling a little awkward just sitting there. “Just say what you have to Negan cause I’m not feeling the silent treatment.”

“I want a fucking rematch.”

Well, that caught me by surprise; he looked at me with a pout on his face. “You heard me Red. I want a fucking rematch. You cheated, so I demand a rematch.”

I couldn’t help but smile at how he sounded like a child. “Ok I give you a rematch but first: Why me? Seriously, why?  You can have any woman in this place; hell, you have five wives already, so why do you keep coming and asking me when you already know what the answer going to be?”

Negan just looked at me confused. “Really? You don’t already fucking know, Red? You’re fun; I could never get fucking bored with you like all the other women in this place. You’re one feisty fucking amazing women that I want to know more about.” He comes closer to me, so we once again face to face. “So round two?”

I looked into his eye and knew he wasn’t lying to me. I would be kidding myself if I said I didn’t enjoy our games. “Ok, round two. And I promise these are an actual brand: Spangler Candy Canes.”

He raised his eyebrow at me, “you do know I’m going to ask Loz if these are actually a brand right?”

I scoffed and smiled, “I know, and she will tell you I’m telling the truth.”

He smiled, leaned in close and whispered against my lips “Game on.” I look at his lips, then up to his face.

“Game on,” and with that Negan walked out of the door.

One week later

It must have easily been six in the morning when Negan came storming into my room slamming my door open and closed, waking me up in the process. “What the hell?!” I said half asleep.

“I won,” he said which was followed by him throwing something onto my bed. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming.

“How?” I asked holding the pack of candy canes in my hand, not really listen to Negan going on about all the trouble he went through to get these fucking things and I better be ready to pay up. At that, I threw the box down, then myself at him and kissed him. One to shut him up and two, well a deal is a deal, and I always keep my end of the bargain.

After the shock wore off, Negan pushed back into the kiss battling for dominance which I gladly give him. After five minutes, I ended up back on my bed with Negan on top of me, his hands working their way up my sides under my top. His lips made their way across my jaw and down to my neck, sucking gently on my pulse.

“Negan,” I moaned. I could feel his smile.

“That’s something I fucking love hearing and coming from that pretty fucking mouth of yours, it’s making me even harder,” he said, pushing his growing bulge into my thigh causing me to moan louder.

But because we can’t seem to catch a break, of course, a voice on Negan’s radio would say, “Boss we need you down here; we’ve got a problem that needs your attention.”

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Negan exclaimed as he rolled over to lay next to me, trying to calm himself down. I actually fear for this man’s life for getting in the way of Negan getting what he wants, but I was also hoping he gets his ass kicked.

Breathing heavily, sitting up, and grabbing a candy cane out of the box, I tell him “You should go. It might be important.  We can continue this later.”

He groaned loudly and rolled off the bed, fixing himself and went to walk out the door.

“Negan?” he turns to look at me.  I couldn’t help but smile a little at the lust in his eyes when he saw me sucking on the candy cane, pushing it in and out my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue. “You said last week you wanted to get to know me better.” He just nodded. I noticed his knuckles were starting to go white from his firm grasp on my door handle. “Well here’s a fact no one knows. I don’t have a gag reflex.”

Negan bangs his head against my door “Fuckin hell, Red! What the hell are you trying to do to me?”

I just laughed; this was way too much fun. “How about another challenge? You go fix what needs to be fixed and make it back here in 10, no, 20 minutes and I’ll show you.”

Negan smiled, grabbed me off the bed and kissed me hard. “20 minutes.” I smiled against his lip’s “20 minutes.”

“Game on” He let go of me and bolted out the door.

I threw myself back onto the bed smiling. Well, this should be fun. “Game on” I giggled putting the candy cane back into my mouth.

Part 2 

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what is your opinion on theodore wallace in the evilwithin 2?

I dunno, I think he’s pretty boring tbh?  We don’t know a single thing about him other than he wants to rule the world because reasons.  He stole Ruvik’s fire shtick and didn’t do anything creative with it.  “Neuro-linguistic programming” is quack science for self help con artists and we don’t hear him use it effectively anyway, just saying really obvious things to Sebastian like “you failed your daughter :(” like ok how is that any more interesting or complex than what any other villain would have said?  “You should join me” and when Seb turns him down drowns him in blood because that will convince him??  He’s basically a joke.

They act like he’s more powerful than Stefano but then why didn’t he go grab Lily himself?  Why did he wait to approach Seb until after Myra had already appeared to fuck everything up, and why did he try to recruit him with fire and torture?  Wouldn’t it have been more effective to get to Seb BEFORE Stefano and present himself as a normal dude trying to help a little girl?  Sweet talking someone to build rapport is what NLP is ACTUALLY about.

And then you don’t even get to fight him.  His Harbingers are cool looking but he doesn’t have a villain form of his own, you just fight old bosses (which was admittedly cool).  And then you don’t even get to KILL him.  He never had Lily so there was no reason to go after him.  His only purpose in the plot was to kill off all the Mobius people so that Seb doesn’t have to worry about the killswitch ending them all later.

They seriously should have picked either Stefano or Theodore and let the other drop, so that they had time to build and develop one into an actual character.  Together, neither of them has enough to do or show off. 

This scene though !

Helion: “I don’t think we were introduced properly earlier. I’m—”

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Nesta: “I don’t care.”

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Wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back again?


Me, earlier: “Huh, I wonder if it’s possible for ‘Bendy’ to not notice you if you hide in the little wall-column nooks in Heavenly Toys…?”

Also me, ten seconds later: “NO IT ISN’T NO IT ISN’T OHGOD ABORT ABO RT–


to our park chamsae, our seoul person, our sebaohla: happy birthday! we are so proud of everything you’ve done. thank you for chasing your dreams. thank you for always working so hard. thank you for always making us happy. always stay happy and healthy, okay? we love you more than words could ever describe. happy birthday, park woojin!


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

There was another student at my school that was a total dickbag, and made it his daily goal to get a rise out of at least one other person, some way or another. Let’s call him Dbag. He annoyed the shit out of a lot of teachers by doing stuff like constantly being late, eating loudly in class, purposefully spilling and dropping things, and loudly retelling stories during lectures or tests. He spent more time being kicked out of class than actually in class. He wasn’t popular with students either, he constantly mocked students with disabilities, would harass people for money or bites of their food, and tried starting rumors about girls that would turn him down for dates. 

I hated this dude so much. He annoyed the shit out of me, but i was pretty quiet about it for the most part. During lunch one day, i was standing with my circle of friends and i felt someone wrap their arms around my neck/shoulders and lean over me. It was Dbag. He starts yelling and saying stuff like “yeah guys i know can you believe (my name) hides her titties under big sweaters and stuff???” my friends started backing up, they saw me get pissed. I said loudly, “Let go of me!” He kept talking and holding me. One more time, I said “Let go, or I’m putting you on the ground!” He ignored me. I screamed as loud as i could, “LAST CHANCE!” and he didn’t let go. I grabbed his arms, bent my knee, and laid him out flat on his back. The floor was concrete. The slap was SO loud. (Google “self defense shoulder throw” the first image is similar to the technique i did) He was winded for a solid 15-20 seconds. I looked around, and everybody was staring, including my period three teacher on lunch supervision. We looked each other in the eye and my first thought was “oh shit, i’m suspended” but she slowly turned around and walked back down the hall. She never mentioned it, i didn’t get suspended, and Dbag called me a “psycho bitch” for the next 2 years.