Malcolm Turnbull has blamed the power outage in South Australia on renewable energy, whereas experts have blamed the massive fucking storm that took out several transmission poles.

“This is all the fault of Labor trying to aggressively demand we have renewable energy! As you can see, tackling climate change has caused serious damage! Coal wouldn’t have done this to us!” Turnbull said at a press conference. “Coal would’ve been supportive, it promised it’d always be by our side when we needed it most. I trust coal.” He sniffled a little at the fond memory of his gentle lover.

“The claim that this giant fucking storm that took out transmission lines is completely unrelated to the blackout right now. Sure, some people might claim that climate change is a leading factor in increasingly larger and more damaging storms, and that’s why we need renewables, but clearly those “scientists” are the people who are to blame for this state-wide black out.”

“So to further reiterate my point… if we just replaced renewable energy with coal, and then also electricity transmission poles with coal, then we will have a very coal electricoal infrastructure… coal.” Turnbull said.

“Are you just being paid by political donors every time you say the word “coal”?” asked a journalist.

“No not at coal. That’s incoalrrect. Vote coalition.”


Two historiated initials from a 13th-century Latin Bible. The first, a capital ‘I’, contains the Trinity and opens the Book of Genesis (f. 3v). The second is the letter ‘L’ showing the House of David from the opening of the Gospel of Matthew (f. 325).

Genesis 1:1 reads:  In principio creavit Deus cælum et terram. (In the beginning, God created heaven and earth.) 

Matthew 1:1 reads: Liber generationis Jesu Christi filii David, filii Abraham. (A record of the ancestry from which Jesus Christ, the son of David, son of Abraham, was born.)

The Bible was once owned by the New Zealand book collector Albert Clemas, who sold his medieval manuscripts to the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1932. The BFBS became the Bible Society in New Zealand, which deposited its printed books and manuscripts (along with those previously owned by Mr Clemas) in the Turnbull in 1978.

Latin Bible, Italy or France, thirteenth century, Alexander Turnbull Library, MSR-16.


Barnacle tiara - Black nerites - Nerita melanotragus #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
A string of tiny barnacles, each 1-2 mm wide, adorn the black nerite. Perhaps the (grey) black nerite on top is jealous? Shelly Beach, Manly

President Obama offered to pay for Vice President Biden’s son’s cancer treatment after finding out Biden was considering selling his house to pay for it. That’s really kind but… holy shit. If the *Vice President* has to *sell his house* to pay for healthcare, what chance do regular Americans have? How is anyone still alive in that country?? Australia, do not do anything to creep in the direction of America’s healthcare system. Keep Medicare free. Including frikking pap smears.