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30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 3: Favorite Ship

Sorry for my shitty handwriting, but it’s a solid tie between these two! I love them so much ;V;

Now if only klapollo got even close to the screentime narumitsu gets

[Ace attorney Dou] The paper crane (NaruMitsu)

A short doujinshi inspired by a scene in case 3-5 (Trials and tribulations - Bridge to the Turnabout).
“It was about more than 10 years ago when both Miles and Nick are still kids. Miles tried to fold a paper crane but he wasn’t good at it (actually he can’t even fold a dollar bill). Everyone tried to comfort him, but he would just sit there sobbing…
Then there came our Nick…”

Thanks for reading~

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I really love your narumitsu art, and I was wondering if I could make a request. Would you do the scene in Bridge to the Turnabout where Phoenix falls in the river, except an AU where it's Edgeworth instead of Larry? Thanks so much!

Super lazy comic on the rock! Maybe I’ll ink it one day. But not now. AAAAH!