More of a sometimes customers don’t suck. I work in a supermarket and someone came over to ask about catfood for a 7 week old kitten. When i walked over it turned out that her friend was holding the kitten in question. After my intense squeel of delight she asked if i wanted to hold him. Which of course i wanted.
So basically I got to hold a tiny kitten and it was the highlight of my evening.

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“Who owns you?” (your choice!)

a different take on my fox hux au where Kylo is a witch & Hux is his shapeshifting companion

Despite it being the middle of the night, Kylo knows when Hux has come home.

There’s a shift in the air, something otherworldly that resonates in Kylo’s veins and awakens every tidbit of magic that he possesses, sending shivers across his skin and alighting his mind with the same fire that Hux holds in his soul.

The soul of a kitsune.

The wind chimes in Kylo’s living room jingle softly as the sounds of padding paws turn into a patter of bare feet, floorboards creaking, the smell of the midnight woodland air filling Kylo’s small cottage.

“You’re back early,” Kylo yawns, stretching, turning over to face the entrance to his bedroom to see a silhouette in the doorway.

Even in the darkness, Kylo can see the outline of Hux’s nine fox tails, spread around him like a regal fan, his two fox ears like a crown atop his head. The most beautiful creature that Kylo has set his eyes on.

“Everything is peaceful tonight,” Hux says, walking towards the window to gaze out of it for a moment. “Though, I may have cut my patrol short to come back to you.”

“Imagine if your ancestors could see you neglecting your duties as guardian of the forest for a measly witch like me,” Kylo chuckles.

He stretches his hand out from underneath the blankets, the hand that grasps at his wand, and points it at the window to shut the curtains and hoping to coax Hux to bed. The dark drapes shuffle closed and block out the moonlight, though the fox jumps back in surprise at their sudden movement, though smirks in his partner’s direction.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, digging his teeth into his bottom lip. “I’ve more magic in one tail than you have in your entire body.”

Saying nothing but managing to keep the smirk on his face, Kylo raises his wand again and mutters a few words, making the little clear-white crystal at the bottom of his wand glow red, and Hux is suddenly being pulled forward by an invisible force and trips over to land on the bed next to Kylo, bodies touching, finally.

“Who owns you?” Kylo says, crystal still flickering, a lasso-like hold around Hux’s hips.

“You, Ren. Stars. You do,” Hux moans, leaning in to kiss Kylo, cupping his lover’s cheek and sending his nine tails into a happy flutter.

Kylo drops his want as they kiss and his hold on Hux disappears, and no sooner are his invisible restrains gone is the fox rolling over to straddle Kylo’s tummy, flicking his wrists to pin the witch’s arms up over his head.

“And who owns you?” Hux says, fanning his tails out and wafting them, white tips seductively flicking simultaneously. Kylo is hypnotised.

“You do, Hux. Maker, I’m yours,” Kylo licks his lips, unable to look anywhere but the glorious creature in front of him.

“We’re each other’s,” Hux leans down, letting Kylo’s wrist go from his magical hold to place his own hand upon Kylo’s bare chest, right over his wildly thrumming heart. “Your fire is the same as mine. The same stars burn inside us. That’s why I’ll always come home.”

“Listen to you,” Kylo smiles, resting his hand atop of Hux’s, rubbing it gently. “If the warriors from your family’s past could hear you now. They’d say you’ve gone soft.”

Hux smiles but shakes his head.

“They’d be wrong,” Hux holds his head up high, ears tall atop his head of shining red hair. “I’m the strongest warrior of them all. I have you.”

And Hux kisses him again, again, until the fox falls asleep on Kylo’s chest, breathing deeply. Kylo stokes Hux’s hair, rubbing the soft orange fur of his fox ears, watching them twitch softly underneath his pets. Hair like fire, a soul of flames, a heart of impenetrable heat.

For Hux, Kylo will burn the world.

I’m not much of a pelts and hides Vulture, but hoo boy the one I’ve got is a doozy and absolutely the crown jewel of my current collection.

Mark Ruffalo the American Buffalo is my American Bison, originally given to my grandmother by a good friend who used to raise them and essentially turned over to me because that’s Kind Of My Thing.

Tahoe for scale. And because it’s the only space I had big enough to lay him out mostly flat.

now we’re alone, now we’re alive (olivia/garrus; pg)

the one where they finally trip over themselves and into each other

There’s movement beside her, and Olivia hmms as she stretches, waking up. She turns over, sliding her hand over Garrus’ chest. But he sits up and turns, setting his feet on the floor, and her hand falls away down to the soft sheets. She blinks at him in the dim light of her quarters.

“You okay?” she asks quietly. He looks strangely tense, especially considering how much tension they worked out earlier. She’s a little sore, though pleasantly so.

Garrus turns slightly and looks at her. “Yeah,” he says. “Need some water. That’s all.” The faint blue glow from the fish tank casts deep shadows across his face.

Olivia props herself up on her elbow, and the sheet falls to her bare hips. Garrus is practically a furnace, and she’d only bothered with underwear afterward. His eyes shift from hers to her waist, then back up to her face. The shadows are even darker now.

She tilts her head. They blew the Collector base and told the Illusive Man to go to hell, he’s tracked down and made his peace with Sidonis, and what the two of them have is happy, easy; it’s solid and comforting, even if it is just casual. Though she’s sure a shadow crosses her own face at the thought of never having more than casual with him, there’s no reason for his shadows.

“What’s wrong?” She draws the sheet back up and tucks it under her arms before pushing herself up, sitting beside him. “Garrus?” She sets her hand on his shoulder.

He shakes his head. “I’m fine, Shepard.” He kisses her temple and then stands up.

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who do you think can shoot the farthest??

A/N:I’m going to assume you mean when they come, and not making snow yellow. that’s not a fic i’m prepared to write lol.

“I can catch it in my mouth.” Otabek says one day, out of the blue. 

Yuri scoffs, pushing at his shoulder playfully. “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

Otabek’s brow quirks and he turns over on his side, looking at Yuri unashamedly. “Is that a request?”

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Finally Safe (part 2)

This is second part of “Quite Big” - you can read part one


PLOT:  Y/N is attacked by crazy fans

I’m so so so sorry but I was going through some things and didn’t have time to write or even be on Tumblr so that’s why I post it after two months.

Originally posted by thedailystyles

You heard something beeping every second. Or it could be longer than one second but you weren’t sure, you felt so good and comfortable and sound was so annoying. You tried to move your body and turn over but something didn’t let you. With a sigh of resignation you gave up and decided to rest a little bit longer.

”Y/N…?” Harry asked, tickling your hand.

You gave him a smile and wanted to tell him how exciting your day was going to be but you didn’t hear your voice. You made a sound but it wasn’t words. Actually you were sure that you were still sleeping.

”Fuck, Y/N, I was so worried, I’m here, shh,” he tried to comfort you,”I’m not leaving you again. God, I’m so so sorry. I’ll go tell doctors that you’re awake.” You heard a note of relief in his voice. However, you were feeling excatly the opposite.

You didn’t know how much time you had been sleeping, but it wasn’t enough – you were exhausted.  Opening your eyes was hard and everything hurt. First instinct was to check out if you could move your legs, arms, hands and fingers. Little did you know about medicine but you were okay.  

Somehow you managed to glance over a room but couldn’t see much of it. You wanted to stand up but suddenly Harry came in with a doctor.

”Love, you can’t do it right now,” Harry said, putting his hands on your shoulders in order to get you to the previous position. ”You had a concussion,” he explained.

”What happened?” You were confused. Couldn’t remember the accident or whatever happened to you. ”Is anyone else hurt?”

Harry seemed to be confused as much as you were. To be honest, he looked like crap. You didn’t know if you had ever seen him in such a condiction, even in Cheshire or after long flights. His hair was a mess, eyes were almost red and face was grey because of tiredness. You didn’t know that he never left your room unless doctors or nurses asked him to take off and that he couldn’t sleep at nights because he was so scared of losing you.

Harry knew it was his fans who had attacked you. Police caught them. He couldn’t imagine how sick they must have been to almost kill you. Remorse and anger were eating him and he couldn’t look at a mirror. He felt guilty. Telling you that he was a reason that you were in hospital was the hardest thing he had ever done.

”You don’t remember?” And then Harry wanted to tell you about everything but a doctor interrupted him.

”That’s completely normal and there’s nothing to worry about. How do you feel?”

She asked you a lot of questions, some of them were stupid like do you know where you were or which year it was. Besides, she explained that you were very lucky and except bruises and wounds you were fine. You also found out that you weren’t sleeping all the time but couldn’t remember being awake during last days. They wanted to keep you in the hospital for a few more days, just for safety reasons because of a concussion. Soon she left you and Harry alone.

”I don’t remember, Harry. Did I cause an accident? I’ve always known that getting a driver licence was a coincidence, a lucky one. Did I hurt anyone?”

He was stroking your hand, playing with your fingers.

”It was my fault,” Harry said. His eyes were full of grief. You couldn’t belive it.

”What? You’re amazing driver, Styles,” you chuckled. ”Or… you tried to throw me down the stairs? Was I so annoying?” You kept making jokes because seeing him was a painful  and you were sure it wasn’t actually his fault. It was Harry, yeah?

”Y/N, I’m not joking. We split up, you went to the store? Bathroom?”

You did your best, focused on  the last day but nothing happened. You remembered flight, airport, apartment, hanging out with Niall and Liam, studio sessions, skyscrapers, hot dogs, New York, walks with Harry and your secret dates in Central Park so the rest of the world couldn’t find you, crowds and screaming fans outside of the hotel. And it finally hit you. Images from that night hit you. How happy you and Harry were. How desperately you wanted to get some chocolate and how those two girls attacked you.

“You saved me,” you nodded.

You were staring at a man who had found you in this freaking bathroom and you felt relieved.

“For God’s sake, you were attacked by those psychos because of me! They were my fans. FANS!” he yelled.

Suddenly you felt like you were going to throw up. You were attacked. Beaten up. Someone did this to you. You held Harry’s hand tighter but it didn’t help you to feel safe.

“I understand if you need a break. I’ll understand if you don’t want to see me again. I’ll do anything but forgive me, Y/N. I love you and I need you so bad,” Harry spilled.

“What? NO! Oh my God, Harry, I’m alive. It’s not your fault, right? You can’t control every damn person on this planet,” you explained but it was hard to belive.

“I was so scared. Seeing you laying here without a life, not knowing when you wake up. If you ever… I’d never forgive myself for tha’. Still, I don’t know if ever will. I should have been there with you, I should have protected you.”

“No, Harry, listen to me. It’s not your fault, okay? You can’t protect me everywhere. Shit happens. Those girls… anyone found out who they are?” You wanted to change topic so much, knowing that Harry would blame himself and that conversation would never end.

“Yep, police found out. They’ll never hurt anyone, I’ll make sure of tha’”

Days were passing by and you didn’t know who was the biggest pain in the ass. Your mum and Anne kept calling you every hour while your dad learnt what Skype was. Moreover, Gemma, Lou and Jeff were texting you all the time. You got a chance to meet Harry’s family over a phone that  he didn’t even know that existed. You needed to add Niall who brought you flowers, Liam who discovered his new “talent” that was cooking and of course, Louis who was playing FIFA with you and Eleanor who brought all new magazines. And of course, Harry. Harry didn’t leave you for even one second, helping you to move and bringing things from apartment. But the day of your discharge finally arrived.

“You sure you took all of your stuff?” Harry asked, carrying your bag.

“Yes, I guess.”

Harry had a mysterious smile all the time. He was very secretive but you thought it was all because of were leaving the hospital.

“So, tell me,” you demanded, knowing something was up.


You squinted at him fiercely.

“Okay, so I did something. For safety, of course!”

“Yeees?” You were actually expecting the worst.

“Remember when I was with the guys in that crazy city I never remember the name of?”

“Oh, here we go again. Please, not this story again,” you begged, not wanting to hear about them hiding in weird places again.

“So I bought you a bodyguard,” he laughed.

“WHAT!?” You screamed.

“Y/N, I think you woke everyone up in the whole building.”

You knew Harry was overreacting but… a bodyguard? A big man who would follow you everywhere you go? You were scared a little bit to walk alone again but not as much to hire anyone.

“First, you can’t buy people,” you both chuckled. “Second, thank you, Harry, really. But I’m not scared as long as you’re with me.”

“In my deffence, there was a big discount,” he explained. “Excited to see world again?”

“Don’t know how much longer I’d stand these walls.  That was depressing.”

“Let’s go then, love,” Harry encouraged you and stepped aside to open a door for you.

You saw a couple of paparazzis outside of the building and a bunch of fans. You hugged Harry and he wrapped his arm around your waist.

“It’s alright, I got you.”

“Don’t leave me here,” you begged.

You were scared. You felt people touching you and they were screaming so loud. You hid your face in Harry’s shoulder and a few tears fell on your face. It was few steps more and you were in the car.

“You’re safe here, you’re safe with me, Y/N. I love you.” Harry kept telling you, holding you in his arms.

Finally safe.

To Michael, with love.

Five years old, in the living room hearing the screams of the family at war.
I would often leave and turn on the television and you were always there. You’d bring me comfort when I felt the world at my shoulders, when no one was by my side. I knew I could always count on you.

I just turned six, record stores over the city, my aunt told me I could get anything. Walking back and forth, your picture was staring back at me and the albums were sitting beside.Bad and Thriller, a photograph of you performing live, I left happy while my aunt scowled at me throughout the entire ride.
The picture went on my wall, and the albums laid peacefully on my desk, that was my favorite childhood memory.

Seven years old, I watched as the world threw you in the dirt.
I watched as they tore you in half, as they stole the life from your eyes, as they completely shattered your image.
The lies spread on the newspapers and magazines, the media had nothing better to do. How could they do that to you? They all said guilty, my heart believed your innocence.
You walked out a free man, but you never came back.

I just turned ten when you decided to return;
You welcomed the screaming crowd full of tears and excitement, you said “This is it.” but who would’ve thought the end was already near?

3 months later, you were gone, but this time for good. I didn’t want to leave my room, I felt like everything I ever loved was taken from me. I use to feel comfort knowing we were both under the same sky, that one day I would see you in person and tell you what you meant to me; I wanted to say you helped ease the ache of this everyday pain, you were there to wipe my tears, and you gave me strength to get through another day.

Throughout that night, I stared into the night sky, your music was playing from neightbors homes, to around the world.I didn’t sleep; I had trouble sleeping for the next two weeks.
I watched as the words “I love you and I’m sorry” left those who did you wrong your entire life, the same ones who helped break your spirit, they apologized, but it was too late; The world apologized, but they did so too late.
They did so when you were in a casket under the ground; they should’ve known you needed to hear those words while you were here with us, while you spent your nights wondering about your fate, wondering what you did wrong to have the entire world against you. It was all too late.

You were all the good I believed in the world.
You made me want to be a better person, You restored my hope when I felt like I lost it all.You were the definiton of what love can look like, of what love is suppose to be. I wish you knew you’re a hero in my eyes, you’re my hero for the rest of my life.

Years later, I still watch the sky while listening to your music; years later, I still have trouble sleeping on June 25th,
your pictures are still on my wall, your albums are laid on my desk, and that childhood memory is still my favorite.

— Topaz P.

June 25th, 2017, 2:21 am

Wrote a thing for dear @ralphspina. Hope it makes you feel a little better?

Gene fumbles with his key, trying to fit it into the lock for a good minute before he realizes he’s using the wrong one. He huffs and curses as he tries to find the right one in the darkened hallway, he really needs to talk to the landlord to see about getting the light changed.

His hands shake, from low blood sugar as well as just a bone deep exhaustion that settled in a few hours ago.

He’d lost a patient tonight. It happens. It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again. That doesn’t mean Gene will ever be used to it.

Finally, when Gene is just about to give up and set up camp in front of the door for the night, he slips the right key in and turns the lock over.

He’d been expecting it to be dark and silent when he opened the door, since it’s nearly one o’clock in the morning. 

Instead, the kitchen is lit up, with sounds of laughter and the familiar tune of a pop song that Babe enjoys - though Gene can never remember the name of it - reverberating through the tiny apartment, he’s surprised he hadn’t heard it outside.

His steps feel lighter than before as he makes his way through the living room to the kitchen. Leaning against the doorway he watches as Babe and Ralph dance around the cramped kitchen, laughing and attempting to fight for who gets to hold onto who.

A warmth spreads in his chest, quickly shooting through his veins to settle all throughout his body, and he grins as he watches his boyfriends for the few seconds he can before Babe spots him.

“Gene, you’re home!” Babe exclaims, holding onto Ralph as he spins his way across the kitchen.

Babe lets go of Ralph just in time for Ralph to grab onto Gene and plant a quick ‘hello’ kiss on his lips. Gene grins and lets Ralph pull him into the kitchen. 

“What are you two still doing up?” Gene asks, kissing Babe on the cheek, and slipping an arm around his back.

“We thought we’d make you some dinner,” Ralph explains, going back to the pot on the stove they’d abandoned for dancing.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Gene says, letting Babe gently sway them back and forth, still clearly caught up in the music around him.

Ralph scoffs but just keeps working at the stove.

“Of course we did, you had a shitty day at work. What kind of boyfriends would we be if we didn’t make you your favorite comfort foods?” Babe says, slowly leading Gene to sit at the small table they have wedged into the corner of the kitchen.

“And if you wanted to talk,” Ralph adds, setting Gene’s plate down in front of him and kissing the top of his head before sitting down next to him, “we wanted to be up and ready to listen.” 

Gene feels that warmth again, nearly bubbling up to the surface, and he has to take a few breaths to stop himself from getting overwhelmed, once again, by how lucky his is to be loved by these two men.

He takes one of their hands in each of his, squeezing as tight as he can.

“Right now, this is all I need.”

Ahh, I don’t know, I’ve never written for any of these boys, let alone an OT3! haha so…

Given how pregnant I am, I honestly had a great weekend. People didn’t get too crazy (I don’t think anyone got drunk, though last night a bunch of people got stoned before dinner). So it wasn’t a huge bummer to be left out, but I definitely was jealous of all the rosé and mimosas by the pool yesterday.

I also was v good at applying sunscreen and didn’t overdo it. The pool felt ah maze ing on my preggo bod. There was another girl who was 28 weeks. She was having a rougher pregnancy than me so we were on a similar pain level.

I made the 100% right decision bringing my own air mattress and body pillow bc then I didn’t have to try and share a bed/be uncomfortable. I still felt like I was waking people up every time I turned over and got up to pee but whatever. Less bad than I would have felt trying to share a bed!

The ferry is also soooo worth the money. No question. The chance to walk around and use the bathroom and not be sitting in traffic is actually priceless in fact.

We also overbought on all kinds of food & paper goods for the weekend, and since I was one of the few people with cars I got to take a bunch home!

me: i think im doing better!!
one very small tiny little barely relevant thing: hewwo?
me: *very sharp breathing, heart skipping beats, stomach turning over, talking myself down from an anxiety attack*

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Ok so to round it off, how'd brett get a hold of the little monsters that are aleks, james, and trevor?

Well, he actually finds Aleks first. During a trip overseas, he finds this tiny baby abandoned outside of his hotel room, like not right outside, but pretty damn close, and instead of turning him over to the police he kinda just brings him home. So, it’s kinda a mess with Aleks.

Then he sorta stumbles on James at a grocery store. No parents, spends an entire day looking for this toddler’s mom, while trying to juggle his other toddler, but at the end of the day he doesn’t find her. And by then, James and Aleks have bonded, so Brett kinda fosters him for a while until ultimately adopting him.

Aleks actually finds Trevor. He hears crying coming from an alleyway, points it out to Brett… I’m not implying Trevor is a dumpster baby, but he might be.

And James brings his friend Joe home from school one day. Joe isn’t technically Brett’s kid, but he’s always over so it sorta feels like it.

it’s never really been addressed how John Simm’s master traumatised Martha Jones’ entire family and made them Actual Slaves, and if this was a show that actually had continuity and it should really have the Doctor and Bill actually sit down to have a serious talk about racism if we’re going to have this whole “is Missy turning good?” question over our heads

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Its good because everyone else i follow is at least 18 and my squad be over here like "hi we're just gonna turn 15 over here thaaanks"

We can be the youngun’s together (except Baba Em) - Az


Author’s Note: Hey this is for the anon from before, hope you see it and like it :^)

Fic Description: Calum’s sick so you take care of him.


The sound of your alarm wakes you up, sighing, you roll over and turn it off. You roll back over onto your back, wanting a bit more sleep but no, you should really get up now. It’s then you notice Calum isn’t in bed.

“Calum?” You shout, no response. Curious, you get out of bed and walk down the hall. You notice the bathroom door is shut, ah that explained it. As you listen it sounds like he’s being sick.

“Are you ok in there?” You ask

“Not really”

“What’s going on?”

“I feel…” He’s cut off as he’s sick again. You try the door and see it’s unlocked so you go in. Calum’s crouched over the toilet.

“Hey what’s up?” You ask.

“I just feel so crap”

“Poor thing”

You rub his back as he’s sick yet again.

“I feel better now” He says once he’s finished throwing up.



“Come back to bed”

He follows you down the corridor to your bedroom where you get back into bed.

“What’s up exactly?” You ask.

“My head’s killing, I feel too warm and you saw me being sick”

“Ah. I wonder why that is?”

“I don’t know, maybe I ate something bad”

“Could be”

You put your hand on his forehead.

“Yeah you do feel a bit warm”

“Yeah I am”

“Let me get you a drink”

You go downstairs and pour a glass of water for Calum, then you take it back upstairs.

“Here” You say “You should drink”

“Thanks” He takes a few sips “Do we have any painkillers?”

He never had painkillers so it must have been pretty bad.

“Sure” You go in the bedside table and get out some ibuprofen. He swallows two with his water.

“I hope they help”

“Me too”

“I want to sleep”

“You can”

“I have training”

“You’re not up to it”

“I’ll phone them later”

“I can do it” You say.


“Just rest now” You stroke his hair as he tries to get comfortable. He shuts his eyes and after a few minutes you notice his breathing evening out. “Night” You whisper before leaving him to rest.