Notes: This is for everyone out there whose anxiety starts to make them worry that their friends don’t actually like them, and is dedicated to my best friend forever, who has never hesitated to reassure me when my insecurities try to take hold. @thuriweaver love you!

CW: a tiny little bit of self-doubt, but mostly just pure cavity-inducing fluff. Seriously fluff. (Read also: my apology for still not having the next chapter of Starved up yet)

Virgil had declined, when they’d invited him for the movie marathon, which was why it was something of a surprise when he wandered into the living room halfway through Aladdin and stood next to the couch, looking hesitant and uncertain. 

Roman grabbed the remote immediately and paused the movie, and Logan reached over to turn on the lamp. 

“Verge? You okay, kiddo?” Patton asked.

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B.A.P: dating Yongguk would include

•  it would feel like everything fell into place when you met him
•  no matter if you had been friends before or not, it would still be as if you’d met him in another life
•  his mind will tell him to take it slow with you, but his heart would be too scared and nervous that someone else might steal your heart
•  but that’d be impossible….you’re hooked the moment he laid eyes on you anyway
•  one night of drinks and movie marathon-ing turned into love confessions and desperate kisses
•  he never knew how much he needed and wanted someone before you
•  the sound of him groaning against your lips was all you needed to let down that wall around your heart
•  he’d be telling you over and over that he’d never do anything to break it, and you should trust him bc he’s never been more serious about anything before
•  you’d get to see a side of him that many people don’t
•  like he’s actually hilarious ??
•  and fun-loving???
•  and so so so passionate about music ????
•  ofc you already knew that, but being with him all the time and getting to know him better day by day makes you realize how truly precious he is
•  having the honor of seeing him first thing in the morning
•  the first thing you hear being a soft yet deep “ahh stop smiling at me, it’s too bright *giggle* good morning, baby”
•  yongguk will go out of his way to see you smile and make you proud
•  he wants you to see him as a creative individual and will try his best to have you enjoy his music
•  bc nothing looks or sounds better than seeing you nodding your head along to his songs and swaying with him and singing loudly when your favorite part comes on
•  was never a hard core cuddler before he met you
•  but he can never stay away from your side for too long and his strong arms are always open ohmygod how lucky are you
•  will legit jump on your lap and give you that gummy smile just to have the chance to watch a movie and cuddle in silence
•  but that’s just an excuse bc all he wants to do is hold you
•  bonus for scary movies, he totally melts when you cling onto him the whole time
•  what are even clothes tbh
•  yongguk refuses to put on any shirt if it’s just you around but hey I wouldn’t complain
•  he’s laughing mad hard whenever you try to push him away when he hugs you and he’s shirtless
•  times are hard when he’s away and you aren’t able to contact each other often
•  though he’d let you know you’re on his mind 24/7
•  when he’s finally back in your arms, he can’t help but get a little emotional and hug you tightly
•  just bc he missed those small touches and your closeness
•  like him burying his face in your neck and tickling you with his hair
•  and whispering sweet nothings into your ear while he’s drifting off to sleep next to you
•  him always turning to you when he’s having a hard time
•  and nods along while smiling shyly as you give him advice and shower him with kisses after
•  he’d honestly love you like his life depended on it, so please take care of him 🌼

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Chance Encounters (Peter Parker)

Summary / Request: “Hiii, how are you? Could you do a[n] imagine with spiderman (tom)? (Y/N) fathers works in shield and she is familiar with all the avengers, and she goes to the [same] school as peter. She is very brave and smart, and they both fall in love and start dating” / The day Y/N and Peter meet and the day Y/N confesses her feelings for him.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of a gun


requested: anon

word count: 1454

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With so many wonders to explore in Manhattan, Y/N always finds a way to Stark Tower. The building blends in with the concrete jungle of the city, but because of the distinguishing architecture and being a home of heroes she could not help to gravitate towards it. Luckily with her father working closely with The Avengers, Y/N often joins him on meetings just to have the opportunity to be in the tower. Over time Y/N befriended The Avengers to where she can stop in unannounced no problem. Though ever since the accords tore a rift between the heroes, Tony requested for Y/N to not visit until three months later, and she was asked to come back and catch up.

After many visits to Stark Tower, Y/N always, and will always be in awe of the exalted building. Before entering, taking a step back to admire it once more, focusing in on the details and away from the buzz of the crowd, she hears the click of a camera.

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anonymous asked:

The sugar daddy headcanons were so good I'm gonna... cry.....,,,,,,,,...... is there some way u could do more headcanons please for it? Maybe this time with stuff like: sugar daddy to lover type stuff? Old hope that's not confusing!! With 76, reaper and mccree again? Ilyyy

When the sugar daddy’s nut so good that you tear up

I kind of understand what you’re asking (or, at least, I think I do) so I shall try provide what you desperately thirst for. >:0

Continuation of this: https://overwatch-imagines-hub.tumblr.com/post/160723237469/hopefully-requests-are-open-can-i-ask-for-sugar


Soldier 76

  • It really wouldn’t be surprising if it went from a sugar daddy/baby relationship to a romantic one
  • You guys have already the companionship piece down and the sex is great
  • The relationship probably just kind of evolves into romance over time
  • Expensive dinners at restaurants turn into home cooked meals
  • Trips to the movie theater turn into movie marathons at either of your places
  • Sex isn’t really a necessity anymore
  • Instead there’s a lot more cuddling and kissing after dates instead
  • Neither is buying/paying things for you but he still does it every once in a while
  • Is still always taking care of you, though you take care of him too
  • Where he was closed off about his work and life before, he now isn’t
  • You both have a couple drawers of your own things at each other’s place and take turns staying the night at each other’s houses
  • He doesn’t make you leave when he has to go to work like he used to; instead he’ll save you breakfast in the fridge and kiss your forehead before he heads out
  • When he comes home and collapses in bed, you make sure his shoes and visor/glasses and uncomfortable jacket get taken off, then make sure he has a blanket over him
  • On the days he doesn’t work, you let him sleep in while you make breakfast and even tidy up his house a bit for him (it’s a little messy after three straight weeks of work)
  • He does the same for you when he’s staying at your place


  • He slipped up and mentioned his feelings for you at some point
  • He freaked out right afterwards and tried to tell you that it wouldn’t happen again and that he was sorry and just to forget everything he said
  • You gotta shut him up with a kiss, probably
  • Afterwards, not much is different, except he’s way more open with his feelings and pampers you way more than before
  • If that second part’s possible
  • Still pays for your things and sets up expensive dates until unless you tell him not to
  • He probably has you move in with him so he gets to be around you more
  • Sex becomes a rare thing; it’s mostly heavy cuddling and warm kisses 24/7
  • Also becomes hella protective, which was another side of himself that he hid from you as a sugar daddy
  • He’s an absolute lovebird, straight from a cheesy rom-com
  • It’s almost ridiculous but it’s also amazingly adorable on the big, bulky, usually edgy and intimidating man


  • As soon as he realizes he’s catching cooties feelings, he tries to replace you
  • Even goes so far as trying to make you hate him so you leave him
  • Of course, you’re smart and his personality change is the most obvious thing ever, so you’re not about to go down without a fight
  • So you set up an elaborate plan of seducing him and getting him a little tipsy so he tells you what’s wrong
  • It works but tipsy Jesse also realizes what you’re up to when you start asking odd questions, so an argument breaks out
  • And that’s when he slips up and tells you the big news
  • He’s got the romantic feelin’s for his baby
  • And when you’re quiet with surprise, he kisses you to prove it
  • Jesse does everything but kiss his sugar babies on the mouth
  • Boy is he good at kissing too
  • That night’s one of tipsy, giddy romping
  • Instead of rough and fast, he goes slow and takes his time to kiss and touch every inch of your body
  • So much kissing
  • He’s gotta make up for all that time he hasn’t been kissing you
  • God he loves kissing you
  • From then on, his favorite thing is kissing your sweet little lips
  • He gives you the cutest and most random nicknames ever
  • No longer presses you/buys you things to keep up with beauty standards; his favorite thing is seeing your messy hair and your smeared makeup/unwashed face in the morning while wearing his shirt and/or hat when you come out to breakfast
  • Totally cooks for you all the time, whenever he gets the chance
  • Still buys you little gifts and spa trips and short vacations (that he joins you on, of course) whenever you show the slightest sign of stress
  • Way more protective of you than before, if possible
  • Also gets jealous easily but hides it well until he can pout later when you’re alone
  • Half of your stuff is now at his place and he loves to spend most of his free time at yours
  • You have a key to his place
  • While he loves a completely obedient sugar baby, in a relationship he loves those pointless little bickering moments and end up in chuckles and sweet smooches
  • K I S S E S
Imagine being in a relationship with Peter Parker.

Fandom: Marvel (Spiderman)


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  • Quick kisses in the corridors in between classes.
  • Lunch breaks spent on the rooftop.
  • He often accompanied you to your class, even though he had to rush to his own after that, getting late especially when he had math on the other side of the school.
  • But even then he didn’t usually get as late as one could suppose. You were almost sure he sometimes used his webs to move faster.
  • His friends were your friends. You would become a member of the pack (pretty small, but still) instantly, without realisation.
  • You would have spent hours in his house, officially helping him with homework, even though you were pretty sure he had absolutely no problem with doing it himself, but Peter still asked you for help anyway. It would often turn into cartoon marathons.
  • His aunt probably knew all along, judging by the looks she was giving the two of you every time you came out of his room. She often left you completely alone in the house, going shopping or to one of her friends. First few times you didn’t even notice, but then it got a little suspicious.
  • Peter would often take you on top of the high buildings to watch the sunset. It was beautifully stunning since the buildings didn’t cover the sky.
  • No matter how late it was, if you called him when you felt upset or just lonely, he would get to your window in minutes, ready to help you in any way he could. You were sure one day he would literally break something while hanging outside your window – it’s not like you were living on the first floor.
  • Peter was always a ray of sunshine, making you feel better just by being around you.
  • You would often watch movies, cuddled up together on your small couch or on his bed. You actually preferred his bed, not only because it was more comfortable for two people, but because you didn’t have to clean the scraps of food afterwards. You often got too absorbed with each other or a movie (especially a scary one) that you didn’t even see it falling.
  • Sweet, dorky kisses when you were half asleep.

If you want more headcanons, just leave a request :)

Dating Stiles Stilinski would involve...

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- Him not believing you’re actually dating him

- You’re the one to kiss him

- Sweet dates that somehow always end at Fatburger

- Being insecure about your appearance

- But you have no reason to because Stiles thinks you’re A GODDAMN GODDESS

- Rolling your eyes at him

- Rolling eyes at others together 

- Arguments that are so sarcastic that no one even thinks about interrupting you

- Sweet texts from Stiles in class

- Dirty texts from Stiles in class

- Nose kisses

- Giving him an engraved bat for his birthday

- “Babe, how did you know…”

-  Him being jealous of other boys talking to you

- Bear hugs

- You being jealous of other girls talking to him

- “That bitch knew exactly what day it is today!”

- Teaming up against others 

- The others being really done with your shit

- Forehead kisses

- Movie marathons that turn into sleepovers

- “You two keep the doors open!”

- “Daaaaad!

- Randomly high-fiving each other to back the other up in arguments even though you have no idea what it’s about

- Star Wars marathons

- Star Wars clothes

- Star Wars jokes

- Star Wars pickup lines

- Not being able to keep your hands off Stiles’ hair

- And the rest of his body

- Awkward but sweet first time

- Alternating who the big and little spoon is during cuddle sessions

- Study dates

- Research dates all night

- Research dates that are actually make-out sessions

- Lots of junk food

- “If I had known all I had to do for you to be my girlfriend is grow out my hair I would’ve gotten a mullet in middle school.”

- “Ew.”

- Stealing his flannels

- Him buying you flannels so you’ll stop stealing his

- Not wearing your new flannels because they don’t smell like him

- Snapping at each other in stressful moments

- Not having to say sorry to make it up

- He does it anyway

- Him staring at you adoringly even though YOU DIDN’T DO A FUCKING THING

- Kissing him to shut him up

- Kissing him because he’s too cute to handle

- Making silly faces at each other in class or in the hallways

- Him seeing you without make-up and greasy hair

- “Babe, you’re so natural.”

- Judging others together

- Getting a synchron bitch face because of it

- Going shopping together

- It’s a mess

- “Buy me cute underwear and I’ll let you see me wearing it.”

- “If I buy you nothing, can I see you wearing that?”

- The pack being annoyed of you

- But also being everyone’s relationship goals

- Stiles calling you randomly 

- “Booty!”

- “What?”

- “I guess you could call it a booty call now…”

- Him getting more confident around you

- Jeep sex

- Jeep blowjobs

- Developing a kink for his hands

- “Stiles, I love your hands.”

- “Well this isn’t what I expected.”

- Him getting angry when you win a video game

- Letting him win video games

- “I’m just too good for you babe.”

- “Sure you are, Stilinski.”

- Sheriff Stilinski telling you embarrassing stories about Stiles

- Teasing Stiles about the embarrassing stories

- Him distracting you with surprisingly wild sex

- Letting him take control for once because DAMN

- Him treating you like a queen

- Because you are one

- “You’re so beautiful.”

- Scott being the only guy he’s not jealous of

- Fuck that, did he just hug you?

- Comforting him after a nightmare

- Turning your phone as loud as possible so you wake up when he sends you late night texts

- “Good morning, Ali!”

- “You guys had sex, right?”

- Counting his moles

-“Chewbacca doesn’t make any sense!”

- “Babe, what the fuck are you talking about?!”

- Netflix & Chill

- Actually watching Netflix and chilling

- Chilling turns into sex

- Sex everywhere in his house

- Getting bored of having sex in his house

- Sex at your house

- Sex at the sheriff’s station

- Sex everywhere

- Him giving you a bouquet of Chicken Nuggets on Valentine’s Day

- “Stiles, it’s beautiful.”

- Making heart-eyes at each other

- Which eventually turns into eye-fucking

- Leading to sex

- Him turning from awkward Stilinski to smooth Stilinski

- “Are you from France ‘cause madamn!”

- Cooking for him and his dad at least once a week

- Jamming to every song on the radio

- “That’s love bitch!”


What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you people?

You people  You Antis, NST, Truthers, Haters, wtfer name you want to be called or are called. You people. You know I’m talking to you @noshippingallowed @contemplatingoutlander @goldenoutlander @adhara112 @aliceinoutlanerland (oops you forgot the d in outlander. get a d.) @whylimewhyanything (put the lime in the coconut) @whoreallyknowswho (it’s whom! whom! unless you just forgot to finish your sentence) @prodigiousreblogger @bestof60 (are you 60?) @vividdreamer318 (your imagination is certainly leading you astray) @breezylouisey (is that you weezy?) @momofmusa (i thought you were mom of USA lol)  @alittlebitmasss (oops your s key got stuck)
Anyway, there are more of you and I’m sorry I didn’t give you a moment of thrill by acknowledging you by name but I mentioned the Tumblr accounts that I’ve seen making horrendously wild, hateful, fictional, hurtful accusations against other Outlander fans with no speck of proof - accusations meant to inspire others to emulate you and spread hate to those people as well. Let me get this straight. From what I can tell, you are super hopping mad about the content of certain Twitter and Instagram accounts. Fine. Totally fine. You are entitled to your opinions. I can see why those accounts might make some people mad. I mean, irrelevant to my life but maybe not yours.  You are mad that certain Twitter and Instagram accounts have been created for the sole purpose of throwing shade and mocking a certain celebrity you hold in high esteem. I get that. Fine. Be outraged! Express yourselves!!
Speaking of fine I know you will go through this post with a fine toothed comb for anything you can argue with and attack me over because god forbid you actually read the message, digest the information, thoughtfully consider the content and then share your thoughts and opinions and maybe answer some of my questions. Nope that’s not your style. Attack attack attack half-cocked and don’t put any thought or concern for reality into it. Yes you are the borg of Antis as the foil to the Shippers. I didn’t create that world, you did. You wanted to be the anti-shippers. You are gathered on Tumblr together to be this Anti-Shipper fighting army. Go forth and fight uhh I guess? WHY???? 
See, shippers are motivated by love. That’s really obvious. There are all types of shippers just as there are all types of people (and even all types of antis), but what brings them together is not just their love of Outlander (and you guys love Outlander too! Whee we have something in common) but their love of the LOVE parts of Outlander and all the LOVE associated with Outlander in promos, BTS, interviews, Q&As, social media banter between the cast and crew, etc. LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE is LOVE. So you generally don’t see shippers on social media attacking people with hatred and lies and accusations of criminal activity. Wait wait wait. Correction! YOU see shippers doing those things but no one else does. You mostly see shippers doing those things with accounts that aren’t even recognized shipper names. They are basically troll accounts that you have deduced are shipper accounts. You do have these long convoluted narratives of what certain shippers are alleged to have done and you bandy them about so frequently that your telephone game grows legs and walks it’s own marathon and becomes some weird beast-mode attack shipper who does horrible things. You say you SAW these things but you haven’t. Show me a tweet, a facebook post, an instagram post from an Outlander fan who identifies herself as a shipper and has a known persona in the fandom and is attacking, hating, committing these horrendous crimes you claim. What I mean is, SHOW ME THE MONEY! SHOW ME PROOF to back up your narrative. You have specifically named a number of Outlander fans and made outrageous claims as to their character, behavior, beliefs, actions, off-line actions and more. YOU HAVE NO PROOF BECAUSE THESE STORIES ARE FICTION.
I’ll give you an example of how your lies have grown wings, run a marathon and turned into beast-mode:
So a certain blue check account posts that a certain object of your hatred and hate-mongering did something so illegal that she would have been arrested and would still be in jail. You all headnod, mouth breath, feel righteous for having attacked her because you were soooo right, bang away at your keyboards and continue the lies and hatred and stoke the fires for uhhh fun? Yet you all know that she isn’t in jail and couldn’t have done this highly illegal thing because you watch her every move and you saw her posting pics of herself just last weekend participating in a fitness event. Hmmmm. Are you collectively dumbing each other down with your groupthink or all you all that stupid? YOU KNOW IT’S A LIE. But you’ve all convinced each other it’s ok to lie about it, malign, spread hatred and misinformation about certain fans and tarnish their reputation in the fandom because… because? because why??? Help me out here. So it’s because someone has said rude bad things to an actress you believe is Sam Heughan’s girlfriend even though he has never once said so. You BELIEVE it so it’s your reality. And the fans that you malign? You do that because they believe something else. But the weirdest thing is that you do malign them by tossing out totally unfounded and false accusations about their behavior and ascribe all kinds of unsavory activities, motives, and behaviors to these fans you have chosen to malign. You do the thing to them that you so claim to hate they are doing to the objects of your admiration. 
I’m still working on this and I still need your help. So because you BELIEVE that two actors are dating and BELIEVE that it’s wrong that internet trolls make claims that they are not and some internet trolls say really rude things and tag them, you feel fully justified in making claims that the trolls are not just trolls but actual recognizable Outlander fans. Are you like shippers of trollworld or something? 
I’ll just come right out and say it. Kim Hickey is not behind any of those trolls accounts you claim she is. I know this and you know this. You know which accounts are legitimately hers because she identifies herself. You are even attacking her My Peak Challenge account that she posts inspirational memes and encourages people to donate to Bloodwise. Are you for fucking real? You’re attacking a charity endeavor in your blind hatred of…. hatred of who fucking knows.  Even if you didn’t know she wasn’t behind the troll accounts, you absolutely have no basis for claiming she is. You are making shit up and publicly proclaiming it as truth just like that thing that Shippers do that you claim to hate.  Also, let’s talk about me:  I am a public person online. I don’t hide behind cutesy names. You can look me up and it won’t even be doxing me because it’s all right there, isn’t it? I have no sock accounts. I put my name on all my accounts because I own what I say and share. This tumblr account was created in the middle of last summer as a parody of Starz Obsessable campaign therefore it did not need my name on it. I never had a Tumblr account before that and I have never even sent anons on Tumblr. I never pretended I was anyone else or made any attempt to be anyone else. I posted freely about myself and my life when it was topical, including photos of myself. If you were like BINGO I’m such a supersleuth I figured out who is behind that blog!! you’re not smart or observant. It was obvious. The thing is, though, shippers didn’t know who I was. Not because they didn’t know who was behind “Obsessive Sassenach” but because they didn’t know who Nipuna was. Isn’t that funny? One of the Outlander fans on the top of your BAD SHIPPER LIST WHO MUST BE EXTERMINATED list isn’t even known by other shippers. What makes me a shipper? Just that I have heart eyes for Sam and Cait and think they have chemistry and oh wait, whoah, ZOMG, Arthur Kade thinks that too. Josh Horowitz does too! and ummmm ummmm that one lady at TCA that one year and that one book author who was on the NYT best seller list and you know I could go on. It’s not a crime to be fully happy to enjoy Sam and Caitriona’s chemistry. And if that makes me a shipper, yay. But the only reason I’m actually a known component of the shipper community now is because you guys have dragged my name around and created ridiculous lies about me. It’s like I’m some sort of Shipper Legend (to you, not shippers) who does these super crazy Shipper things in AntiLand. Remember the grave story that was created by one of you weirdos because a family friend of mine who is a caretaker for a military graveyard in the USA was friends with Sam’s father? You guys turned it into: That Crazy Shipper Nipuna stalks Sam’s father’s grave in hopes of running into him and Caitriona making a baby on his dad’s grave in Scotland. Or something like that. Anyway, tour bus guides in Scotland think there are crazy Outlander fans who stalk Sam at his father’s grave but if they stop to think they realize they don’t even know if he has a grave or if it’s even in Scotland. 
You’re maligning the whole fucking fandom you freaks! You’re creating these outrageous, convoluted piece of fiction because you are all worked up about uhh something and then you tag other nasty people and get them to repeat the stories and then the stories get embellished and repeated and you sit back and watch the telephone game continue. But don’t you realize that you’re fucking the whole thing up for yourselves too? I mean, I guess not if you like chaos and mayhem. But most of you profess to care about people being nice and kind and cry out that bullying is bad and wrong. But then you do just that when you pick an Outlander fan and create detailed and convoluted lies about her behavior.  The people you lie about know they are lies, sure. And lots of other people know they are lies and ignore you, but you repeat the lies over and over and you know that saying about how if you repeat a lie often enough people will start to believe you. So you repeat and repeat and then sit back and with self satisfied smiles. Or maybe it’s just that your mouth is open because you’re breathing through it. Whatever. I don’t know your motives. I don’t know what attracts you to fan the way you do. I don’t know what fulfills you. I know it’s not LOVE. But do you even know? Are you just running around half-cocked and brainless and letting yourselves be lied to? What gives? Can you help me understand why you are constantly naming and targeting certain people and pointing others to attack them and if that doesn’t work creating stories that will hopefully motivate them to attack? WHY???

Movie Night Sentence Starters

“Let’s get popcorn!”

“What movie do you want to see?”

“I don’t want one that’s too long.”

“Is it okay if I talk while we watch?”

“Ohhh this is my favorite part!”

“Can we watch a different movie? I just watched that one recently.”

“Why don’t you like this movie?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to the movie theater. It’d be nice to see a movie there again.”

“This is turning into a movie marathon! I love it!”

“That’s my favorite seat on the couch! Can I have it back please?”

Feeling stronger than ever!! Apart from my 3 weeks of being sick, I have used BBG stronger (my new BBG program with weights) and haven’t missed a workout yet!!! After speaking to some women, I heard a lot that they are scared of lifting weights because they think its going to make them “turn into a body builder” ..thats like saying..“I’m scared to go on the treadmill because I don’t want to turn into a marathon runner”. I am so PROUD to say I have done all these workouts and lifted all of those weights!! I had someone say to me recently, “I like how you are always proud” … damn right I am!! I work so hard to be healthy fit and strong, why shouldn’t I be proud of that!! :D Celebrate the small things in life and you will be so much happier!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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Since it’s 4th of July, I think this is the perfect day for a Turn marathon!

I don’t know about you, but this promo photo from season 2 is my FAVOURITE ever from the entire series. I mean, I feel deeply patriotic and proud and ready for anything… And I’m not even American O.o It’s just the flag and the light and the characters and SO MANY MILITARY UNIFORMS <3

So, go to you Amazon Prime or Netflix or wherever you can find this series in your countries because this is the right day for it :)

Fight or Flight

Sander Sides belongs to @thatsthat24 and I love him!
Warnings: Violence
After Accepting Anxiety videos
Virgil pov.

Sometimes, I think Thomas is just poking fun at me when he does stupid things. Sure he embarrasses himself a lot, leaving me to internally screaming in agony, but this is the dumbest thing he has done. It was late around 9:30 and he forgot to buy some spice for some meal he was making. I hadn’t really cared until Roman convinced Thomas is run to the store for some. I, of course, explained why that was a horrible idea but do they listen? No, even Logan said it would be a waste to dump the food. So here I am keeping Thomas just as on edge as me. “Your walking too slow, someone might mug you if they think you’re lost.” I hide a cringe as I hear my voice shake slightly, thankfully the others don’t notice. Roman gives me a dismissive look as Logan speaks, “The likelihood of Thomas being ambushed or ‘mugged’ is an unlikely 5%.”
“It’s still a possibility, so Thomas should be running.” I can feel my hands start to shake as my eyes dart around the empty street, everything is too quiet to deal with.
“Well, Thomas can always use that shortcut up ahead.” Roman’s voice stung with an annoyed, I’m-so-done-with-you tone that it took me a minute to process what shortcut he was talking about. My eyes widen as Thomas turns into an alleyway so small two people walking past would brush shoulders. I feel my legs almost give out on me, the control I had of my shaking seems to have vanish. “N-no, this is a horrible idea. This is just asking to be attacked!”
“Aww, do you want me to hug your fear away?” Patton opened his arms wide inviting me, but before I could send a sarcastic remark a man’s voice rings in my ears.
“Stay *hic* still and if you…you scream you won’t *hic* live for much longerrr.” The man appears from behind a dumpster holding a small hunting knife. His clothes suggest he’s poor and living on the streets. The smell of fresh booze is strongly flowing off of him. Thomas stands still and I can feel his heart running a mile a minute, mostly because of me. I turn to look at the others, my breathe is heavy and my whole body is shaking. My surprise came when I really see my surroundings. The alleyway lights was tinted a blue hue, the ground surrounded by spider webs. The others were stood still, seemingly paralyzed with eye shadow that beats my own. I make the connection quickly, just like Roman’s 'daydream mode’, I’ve been given full control. Everything seems to go in slow motion as I turn to Thomas letting my one purpose take complete control. “Thomas he’s drunk and less likely to aim correctly, avoid the knife and run!” Not even a bit of hesitation, Thomas bolts past the man and turns the corner on the street. I notice him auto pilot through his front door and locking it tight. I close my eyes and a breath I didn’t know I was holding releases. I open my eyes to see the blue hue and webs slowly disappear, my fully control losing it’s hold. The others gasp as if they were finally able to lift their heads above water to breathe. I collapse to the floor feeling stray tears escape, I can’t be bothered to care, feeling a sense of relief and safety. Logan is the first to really recover, his nature of understanding sending him into a rant, “Interesting, being put into a true 'fight or flight’ situation, causes Anxiety, or Virgil to claim full control of Thomas without his permission, unlike Roman’s 'daydream mode’ which Thomas must approve of. Does this mean under the right conditions, the power of persuasion can be dismissed to save the person’s life? Not only did full control transfer to Virgil, he seemed to have used our own functions as puppets. This could mean-”
“Logan, please shut up.” Thomas’ voice shook slightly. He moved to sit on the couch, limbs shaking slightly. “T-that was…something.”
“A m-mistake is-s what you mean.” I hear myself speak, my mind clouded with what if’s and disgusting images of me failing at my purpose. My hands shake as I lift my hood to hide my face from view, although it’s useless since they mostly likely already saw the tears. Roman appears from the corner of my eye and I prepare myself for his self gloating laughter. Instead, I feel a comforting hand rest on my shoulder.
“I must apologize, I was the one to throw caution to the wind and put you in harms way.” I didn’t have to look at Roman to see he was breaking down, his hand shaking on my shoulder. I relax more seeing the apology wasn’t just for Thomas. I almost fall onto Princy as a large weight springs onto me. “M-m-my poor little baby! I’m soorrrry, you must have been s-s-so scared.” Patton’s tears stain my shirt but I don’t mind, as I hold Patton rubbing circles into his back carefully. I curse to myself as more tears slip out. Foot steps strain my ears and looking up I see Logan look uncertainly. I can see him trying to find a way to comfort Patton and myself. I give him a reassuring look and turn to Thomas. I haven’t really checked to see if he really was okay. Though, the look he was giving us surprised me. He wore a warm smile seemingly peaceful like he wasn’t almost stabbed. “Why the heck are you smiling?! You were almost killed!” I could barely manage to sound anger over the complete exaustion I am feeling. His smile never left his face as he said, “You all just look like a real family is all.” My face heats up at this as I look at the others. Their own faces wore a small smile, faces filled with relief. All past tension seemingly disappearing. A goofy smile finds its way onto my face as I turn my head to hide it. I cough into my sleeve and slowly pull Patton and myself onto our feet. “Uh, well…how about we watch something to forget about that near death experience?” My sarcastic joke sends Patton’s eyes lighting up as he runs into the kitchen shouting, “I’ll make popcorn and hot chocolate.” Logan follows after him saying something about kitchen safety.
“We’ll have a Disney marathon,” Roman turns to me slightly with a thankful look, “starting with Black Cauldron.” He runs upstairs before I could say anything. I wipe the tear stains from my face and slowly sit on the couch resting my body on the armrest. Thomas smiles at me and I see Patton and Logan return just as Roman arrives with many movies in arms. Logan sits opposite of me and Roman puts in the first movie and sits back against the couch. Patton sits next to me and I can see him practically begging to show me comfort. I sigh and I rest my head on his lap allowing him to run his fingers in my hair. Patton vibrates with happiness and hums softly eyes glued to the TV screen. 'Family’…..before I loathed how they all acted like one. Although, now…I can see why they loved the idea of it. Safe, peaceful, and accepting. My family is pretty great.
Okay so that stuff with Patton is completely Father - son kind of thing. I realize it seems more like a relationship but hey I want some more family fluff :3 Anyway hope you all enjoyed this.

Women are scared of lifting weights because they think its going to make them “turn into a body builder” ..thats like saying..“I’m scared to go on the treadmill because I don’t want to turn into a marathon runner”.


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I cannot get the image of drunk Bitty out of my head, who is loudly worrying that he's a bad kisser because he's never kissed anyone before, and Shitty, Ransom, and Holster (who are also very drunk) volunteering to help him practice. And Bitty, being in an inebriated state, thinks this is a great idea. So Bitty gets passed around for kissing practice and Jack is seethes in a corner til he can't take it anymore and kisses Bitty himself.

Well gee thanks, now neither can I. This might not be exactly what you wanted, but it’s what I’ve got so bear with me. and oh god this is so fluffy, I’m so sorry. Actually, no, not at all. I am not the least bit sorry. 

Bitty has never really been drunk before. He can’t think of a safer place to be drunk for the first time than in the company of Shitty, Ransom, and Holster, all of whom he trusts with his life. He knows they’ve all been smoking pot, but they stopped offering him some after the very first time he said no, which he appreciates.

The problem is, Bitty doesn’t know what kind of drunk he’s going to be. Is he going to be belligerent like his dad, is he going to be bitter like his Aunt Sharon, is he going to be giggly like his mom?

He discovers around midnight that he’s an emotional drunk. He can hope that this will change as he gets older, but a nagging voice in the back of his head says that seems unlikely.

It’s also around midnight that he realises, to his dismay, that Jack is in the room as well. Bitty takes one look at him before pressing his face into Shitty’s shoulder so that Jack can’t see him this way. It makes sense to his alcohol infused brain.

“What’s up, buttercup?” Shitty asks, kissing the top of Bitty’s head the way Shitty tends to do.

“I just – Shitty it’s so bad,” Bitty says, covering the side of his face so that Jack can’t see any part of his expression. “I mean, like, it’s so bad.”

“You’re gonna have to be more specific Bits,” Shitty says.

“If I liked an older guy and if we ever got to the point of doing things, then I’d have to tell him, you know?” Bitty says.

“No,” Shitty says. “I – I don’t know. What would you have to tell him? Because I’m pretty sure that by the point you got to doing things he’d already know that you were into dudes.”

“No, I’d have to tell him I’ve never even kissed anyone,” Bitty says. He says this louder than he means to; Ransom and Holster stop staring at their Golden Girls marathon and turn to stare at Bitty instead while he flushes bright red. Bitty doesn’t mean to look at Jack, but he does. Jack, not sitting on the couch with them, is very dedicatedly studying the label on his bottle of some obscure Canadian beer Bitty has never heard of.

“Bits,” Holster says, his eyes going misty behind his glasses. “Bits I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell us? We could’ve fixed you up in seconds–”

“Half a second–” Ransom interrupts.

“Half a second,” Holster agrees. “I mean, fuck bruh, we could’ve helped you ourselves.”

“What,” Bitty says because suddenly Holster is kneeling in front of his part of the couch, which conveniently brings the very giant defence man up to Bitty’s face level.

“Eric Bittle, may I kiss you?” Holster asks.

Bitty giggles and nods, and Holster leans forward, pressing his lips to Bitty’s. He needs to shave and Bitty gets stabbed in the jaw by his stubble, and Holster’s glasses accidentally touch Bitty’s nose, at which point Holster retracts from the kiss in order to spend more time staring in despair at his lenses. Bitty giggles out an apology.

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…what they don’t always talk about in nursing school is the two kinds of exhaustion you’ll have as a nurse; the physical kind from lifting and turning patients, marathon walking that would tip you over the fitbit edge in one day…and the emotional kind; the one that causes headaches, aches, and sleepless nights from stress,  preventing you from surfacing from your bed on your day off - and interfering with your will to overcome and rediscover innate strength
Dating Stiles Stilinski

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

• Bitching together about being the only ones in the pack who don’t have special powers

• Road Trips

• Working on homework together

• Reminding him just how smart he is

• “You’re way smarter”

• “Shut up and take my compliment”

• So

• Much

• Sarcasm

• Just talking to each other in sarcasm and the pack being very confused, thinking that you’re fighting

• Wearing his lacrosse jersey and being his biggest fan

• “I’m on the field!”

• “I know babe, you’re gonna be great!”

• Star Wars marathons

• Which turn into sleepovers

• Him knowing you’re serious when you use his last name

• Him liking you in his arms but preferring to be the little spoon sometimes

• Holding him when he has a panic attack to calm him down

• Usually you end up just holding him for a while and letting him talk

• The first time he tells you that he loves you is one of these times because he doesn’t know what he would do without you

• Napping together so you can make sure he gets enough sleep

• “Babe”

• “Hun”

• “Love”

• Being close with the Sheriff

• “I don’t know what you’ve done differently but this is the happiest and the calmest he’s been since his mom passed away”

• Playing video games until 3am

• Catching him staring at you in class and throwing pens at him to make him stop

• Constant texts

• Getting your phone taken off you in class because of the constant texts

• Death stares that just end in making faces at each other

• Looking after each other when you’re stressed/upset about the most recent supernatural disaster

• Having his text alerts really loud so it’ll wake you up when he texts during the night

• Finding out that he has his loud too

• “I can’t believe you’re mine”

• “Always will be”