Imagine babysitting Groot with Peter...

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Warnings: way too cute for human consumption, probably language

A/N: This was a request by @grootiez. I hope you like it because I loved it. Definitely spurred more Groot ideas.

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You sat reading aloud next to the tiny planted Groot. He had been growing well since sacrificing himself and you hoped he would talk soon. You never met full sized Groot but between the stories and how much time you spent sitting with Baby Groot, you were pretty sure you would have loved him. The group was supposed to be going into the city on the planet you just landed so that they could collect some general supplies and maybe intel. You hated going outside so you opted out and just gave Rocket a brief list in exchange for you staying with Groot. 

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[Pentagon] Reaction to seeing you change clothes for the first time.

// Lets say that they accidentally walked in on you changing //

Jinho~ This little guy would be so embarrassed! But he would be all manners. As soon as he realizes what he stumbled upon, he would immediately turn away, averting his eyes from your changing form, his face and ears beet red. He would apologize profusely. He would slowly back away, giggling nervously at his own embarrassment.

Hui~ The leader would also be a bit embarrassed, but he would handle it well. He would stumble over his words and his face would flush, but he would laugh nervously as he stands there watching. He would apologize, but after you assure him that it’s ok, he would start to become more comfortable and joke around with you. I mean, you are the same person, right? Just with a little less clothes on.  

Hongseok~ Similar to Hui, Hongseok would be surprised to see you changing. He would apologize politely and turn to leave. If you asked him to stay, he would, definitely. He would be the first to step forward and wrap his arms around you, even if you were half naked, he wouldn’t be able to help himself. He would think that you were more beautiful than he has ever seen.

Edawn~ When he walks in while you’re changing, he would stop dead in his tracks. His first thought is to remain quiet and back away without notice, but his body would say otherwise. He would screech almost voluntarily, gaining your immediate attention. It would turn into this awkward exchange where you’d tell him it’s ok, but he would be somewhere between staying and running away.

Shinwon~ Shinwon would be embarrassed and so shook… yet he would try to hide it. His heart would be racing and his palms would be sweaty. He wouldn’t know where to look. Should he not look? Should he look? After you’ve tried about 10 times to get his attention, he would finally look at you and let out the breath that he didn’t know he was holding. He would apologize, but you would tell him that everything is fine. In response he would just smile at you, watching cautiously as you finish getting ready.

Yeo One~ He would be initially shook, not at all expecting to find you changing. He would immediately turn and apologize, trying to hide his eyes from seeing you again. However, if you told him that it was all right, he would try to help by handing you clothes, even if his ears are bright red. He would still be very cautious and try not to look at you for too long.

Yanan~ As soon as he sees you, it would be like he was trapped in ice. He would have no idea what to do. Should he back away slowly? Run away? Stay put? Scream? Maybe die right here? He wouldn’t be able to decide, and therefore just stays put. Embarrassed and awkward. Silently screaming. And completely dying. Someone call 911.

Yuto~ Yuto would be somewhere between Hongseok and Yanan. He would be awkward and shy enough to be frozen in place and dying on the inside, even if he doesn’t show it on the outside. Yet, with your assurance that he is fine being in the room with you, he would relax almost immediately from your words and come over to hug you to him.

Kino~ This little maknae would be very embarrassed, yet would always remain the gentleman. He would immediately close the door, leaning against the other side to catch his breath and slow his racing heart. He would apologize. Sorry after sorry. He would ask if you needed anything before he goes. And even if you told him it was ok, that he could come back in, he would politely refuse, saying he would wait for you elsewhere.

Wooseok~ This awkward, giant baby would turn and run. Immediately. As soon as he opens the door and sees you, he would 180 so fast, like he ran into some invisible wall. His arms would flail as he throws one over his eyes. His face would be on fire as he races away to get some air. He wouldn’t even say a single word during the encounter, or even well after it.


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Hello, hello! When you're not too busy, may I ask for some quick flirty Nico fluff? I always liked the moments when Princess realizes he's not just some boyishly adorable attendant!

*whispers* B-But I love his boyishly adorable attendant side*

Amalthea~!! Hallo, thank you for requesting! I decided to post this a little earlier(?) to counter the sadness of my death HCs, so apologies if it doesn’t read that well. Enjoy <3

“… And this is Nico, your personal butler, he will stay by your side most of the time you are in the castle and with aide you with majority of your duties.”

Giles was currently introducing you to your valet, he had bright pink hair but a proud posture. “It’s an honour, my Lady,” he bowed, grinning at you. While he looked far from the old butler stereotype in your mind, he was obviously good enough if he was the Princess’ own helper.

After a gruelling first day of lessons, you almost ran back to your room. Sitting down, you let out a sigh just before the door to your room opened. It was Nico with a trolley.

“I’ve brought you some tea, m’lady, I thought you might want some after your long day.”

“Why, thank you, Nico.” You were surprised, watching him closely as he expertly poured your tea. Taking the steaming cup from him, you bought it up to your lips, taking a few gentle, gratifying sips. “Thank you,” you sighed.

You heard him let out a soft ‘hmm’ as you set the tea down on the table. Looking up, you see him quickly face the other direction, not meeting your eyes.

“Nico? Is something the matter?”

“Oh, umm…” he trailed off, looking back at you with a small smile. “Nothing m’lady, it’s just your… dress.” He spoke noncommittally, a foreign emotion dancing in his eyes.

Confused, you looked down, “my dre-? Oh!” Snatching one of the cushions from the sofa, you held it up in front of you, covering yourself. Without you noticing, somehow your neckline had plunged down revealing more skin than was appropriate. “My apologies, Nico. Thank you for turning away,” you chuckled nervously, averting your eyes.

“Ah, of course, m’lady,” he made his voice sound as levelled as possible, barely able to keep his emotions in check. Your dress had provided him with a very lovely view when you leaned down to put your tea on the table, after all.

It wasn’t until you were lying in bed that the question popped into your mind, why didn’t he mention my revealing dress when he first came in the room? What wait until I asked him?

One morning, you decided to tie your hair up before leaving with Nico for breakfast. Feeling the light air on your neck, you felt a lot better in the summer heat.

“You look lovely like that, princess,” he spoke from directly behind you, blowing hot air against your nape, causing you to flinch away from his sudden proximity.

“N- Nico!” You cried, trying to ignore the way the tingles spread from your neck through the rest of your body.

Pulling back, Nico gazed down at you, “I’m sorry, princess, you just looked so tempting I couldn’t stop myself.” Eyes wide, you could only stare at his statement, before he gave you smile and walked away effortlessly. “We have to be quick now or we’ll be late,” and with a quick wink, he left the room.

Hand still clasped against the back of your neck, you stared after him, he’s a lot more brazen than I first thought…

The rest of the day passed in the same fashion. Whenever the two of you were alone, you’d get the sense that he was teasing you with those wide eyes and subtle gestures.

For example, before he left you alone to your studies, he took your hand in his and placed a kiss on the back and then another on your fingertips. While you considered that relatively normal, he’d never kissed your hand before. When he smiled up at you, it almost tugged at you heart, until he flicked his tongue against your digits. Then he left without a word, it made you flustered and you didn’t know how to handle his sudden shift from the sweet, boyish kind-of-friend to the cheeky butler.

Later that afternoon, instead of taking you straight to you lesson with Giles, Nico took a diversion to the gardens instead. “You look like you need a break, princess, a little while won’t matter,” he said, walking one pace behind you as you took a refreshing breath of the floral-scented air.

The peaceful moment was broken, however, when the Royal Chamberlain’s voice rung out from somewhere unknown. Eyes wide, you turned to look back at Nico in panic. His expression mirrored yours, frantically thinking of a way to avoid getting caught and into trouble.

Taking your hand without a word, the two of you dived through a thicket of bushes. Gasping, you closed your eyes, the feeling of leaves and branches closing in on you raising your heartbeat even higher than it already was because of the feeling of Nico’s hand around yours.

It wasn’t until the sunlight was hitting your eyelids and the pressure around you disappeared that you reopened your eyes to see a very small gap in the bushes where you now stood.

“I discovered this hidden gap one day when I was… walking around,” Nico explained, pressed flushed against you. “Although it’s only big enough for one person we can hide here for now.”

You were too flustered by the situation to ask about his vague wording on how he found this gap. In the enclosed space, you could feel every muscle he had beneath his clothes. Hands still firmly clasped, you looked up at him, momentarily taken back by the feel of your rising chests brushing against each other with every breath.

Meeting your eyes, he lowered his forehead to yours, bringing his face right in front of you. “Nico! What are you doing?” You couldn’t pull away even if you wanted to, the bushes restricting your movements.

“You look flushed, princess,” he spoke in a teasing voice. “I’m checking to see if you have a fever.” Grinning down at you, you knew that he was teasing you again. It really affected you this time, the proximity scrambling your senses.

Desperate to somehow escape his touch, you tilted your head to the side so your foreheads were no longer touching. Looking past his shoulder, you let out a gasp. Behind him, despite the fact that he said there was ‘only enough space for one person’ you could clearly see the gap running on for another couple of metres.

Throwing his an accusatory glare, you pointed behind him, “want to explain this to me? You lied, move! Give me space!” You attempt to push him away from you but, in a cliché move, he placed his hands over yours, keeping them firmly on his chest.

“Aww, can you blame me? How could I miss the chance to be close to you like this? I didn’t think you would mind…” His voice trailed off as he searched you face for any clue as to how you were feeling.

Confused. That’s what you were feeling. Nico was obviously very attractive and seeing this different part of him stirred things deep inside you. Wrapping his arms around you, he brought you impossibly closer, “I just want you to see me for who I really am.”

Inhaling, you clenched your hands ever so slightly into his shirt. You already knew what your answer was going to be.

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Aizawa/Eraserhead x Reader: The Meeting No One Wanted

How Aizawa x reader’s relationship started from a misunderstanding

Ch.1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8

You shivered at the cold wind, wrapping a thick scarf around your neck. You ended up closing the shop later than usual, but you didn’t mind because you liked the chilly weather. Although your nose was already red from the cold, you savored the fresh air and puffed out tiny clouds for fun. You lifted your arms up for balance, playfully wobbling over the icy road. Suddenly, a faint vibration sound cuts through the crunching sound of your footsteps and you whine, pulling off your bulky gloves to find your phone. You turn your head away to avert your eyes from the brightly lit screen that screamed “Mom”.

“Hi mom,” you mumbled in an attempt to quiet your chattering teeth.

“….Are you outside?” your mom said.

“No…,” you trailed off and sneezed. “Okay, fine I am but I’m almost home! I promise,” you turned a corner to cut through the park for your secret shortcut. You listened and murmured in agreement as your mother nagged about how it wasn’t safe for a young woman to be out at night.

You sighed and retorted that it was only 9 pm. Distracted, you walked past the bench area in the park and failed to notice the hunched over figure sitting on the bench. It was only when the man let out a loud grunt that you dropped your phone in shock, quickly looking over your shoulder.

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