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To all of the anons I keep seeing asking people to provide proof of Louis’ support in the LGBTQ community I just want to ask why? Why does it matter to you? If someone here finds safety in Louis, if he provides them comfort, if he makes them feel proud to be themselves, who are you to tell them they shouldn’t? If Strong & Home & End of the Day feel like anthems telling our stories, it doesn’t matter if we are right or wrong. This isn’t about ships, it’s about feeling loved and comforted, and if someone finds that in Louis, it’s not your job to tell them no.

brendon_wainwrightThe tranquil sounds of frogs 🐸, water 💦 and nature in all its glory ❤️. please do listen with sound on and volume turned all the way up 🔊☝️, close your eyes 👀 and enjoy the beauty of nature 🙏

Ps. I highly recommend listening with earphones or headphones 🎧 as the audio was recorded with the incredible @zoomsoundlabH5 handy recorder in stereo🤘


Ahhh, thanks to @wuen, I discovered that the calls change per hour!
As a reminder, this is a celebration event for the ending of season 2 for Japan only! I don’t believe that those outside of the country can make these calls.
So, here you are Karamatsu Girls! Enjoy!
(The audio is a little soft, so turn up your volume!)

Translation: It’s Karamatsu! How are you doing? Hmmm? Since you’re here, shall I sing for you? This must be fate, so I won’t hold back! Requests? Sure, no problem, I’ll take some! OK? UNDERSTAND? I’m going to practice, so I’m cutting the line! See you!!

somewhere only we know – jake peralta x reader;

author’s note: still the cheesiest woman alive. no surprises here. i like this one better though jake’s slightly ooc and the end kiiind of sucks. you’ll see what i mean. i also would like to say most of the songs here are songs i quite like. hope y’all like it too;

pairing: jake peralta x reader;

request: all me, but i feel like i should tell you it’s a “your soulmate can listen whatever song you’re listening to in their head” soulmate au;

word count: 2316 (back at it with decent sized one shots yes);

TW: uh i think there swearing. a lil alcohol. that’s it;

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You grunted against your pillow when, for the third time that night, Lionel Richie’s voice resounded loud and clear into your head. The only thing you actually wanted to be doing all night long was sleeping, for you had a long day coming up on the next morning, but your soulmate didn’t seem to know or care about that. It was actually quite weird. By now, you were used to the violent swings on his music taste – 90s hip-hop in one minute, 80s disco in the other, you just didn’t get it at all –, but listening to stuff at three in the morning? No, this wasn’t like them. 

I mean, yes, they had this weird thing going on. Usually, they’d only blast stuff out loud during the day, but on the most random timings. Lunch? Usually pretty silent. But three thirty-six in the afternoon on a a Tuesday, when they should be working and you were in the middle of an important meeting? Funky Cold Medina would come at full volume. Nights were thankfully quiet, yes, but at times he seemed to randomly pull an all nighter and listen to music in a pretty psychotic pattern. As you discovered after some research, they also enjoyed very much Die Hard’s soundtrack.  None of your friends’ soulmates were weird like this, and, at this point, you’d narrowed it down to two possibilities – either their personality (which had to be very creepy) or their work (maybe he was something like your friend Amy, from the 99th, a night shift detective) was to blame, and you were hopeful that someday you’d figure out which. 

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