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Notice You// Matthew Gray Gubler

Prompt: MGG meeting Reader in a coffee shop/art class setting.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: I finally wrote something! It’s fairly short, and I had to remind myself that just because it’s short doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good. Let me know what you think!

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Matthew hadn’t noticed her. Not at first, anyway. It wasn’t until he had passed by her on his way to order yet another large coffee that his mind finally registered her face. He recognized her hair, and even the soft aroma of rose petals that seemed to linger on her skin. It was a smell that he’d noticed before whenever someone walked past him, only this time he knew who it was coming from.

He tried his best to be subtle as he waited for his order. He glanced between her and his phone in an attempt to appear nonchalant. She was seated just a few feet away from him with a pencil in her hand, working away at a drawing in a sketchbook in front of her.

And that’s when it finally clicked. He’d definitely seen her before even if it had been only in his peripheral vision or for just a split second. She looked up, undoubtedly feeling his stare as he hastily looked at anything but her.

He saw her again that same day. His eyes instantly landed on her as he stepped into the small art studio. He’d taken to coming in every weekend now. For only ten dollars, you were free to use whatever materials found in the place to express yourself. Everyone would simply walk in and gather the materials they wanted before finding a seat and getting to work. Some preferred sketchbooks, some preferred painting on canvas. There was even a small wheel for pottery in the corner.

Matthew grabbed his preferred materials, some simple paper and pens along with watercolors. His usual seat was towards the front, near a window that allowed the sun’s rays to hit his skin as he sketched. Today he took a different seat, opting for the empty one next to her.

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Payed to Date (2)

(Based on 10 Things I Hate About You film)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually), College AU

Summary: As soon as Steve starts going to his new school, he’s infatuated with Natasha Romanoff, the prettiest and one of the most loved girls. However she isn’t allowed to date until her ‘shrew’ older sister does and Steve is determined to find someone for her. Eventually, he does, but will his plan work? Or will it go down the plughole?

Warnings: swearing, bad talk (lol)

Word Count: 1,986

Author’s Note: Omg, first part almost reached 100 notes I’m so happy!!!! But when I read the first part over I saw like 1000000 mistakes and I’m just here sitting and thinking ‘wtf I edited, how did it turn out like this?!?!’(probably the same will happen to this part too but oh well). Whatever, guess I’ll edit it later sometime. By the way the gif below (again) fits the part perfectly ayy:D

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Masterlist  //  Masterpage  //  Part 1

Your POV

You sat in your seat, silently waiting for everybody else to settle. Today was going to be a long day, you could feel it. Something, some weird sense told you so, but you didn’t mind. You didn’t need to.

“Hey everyone, what are your thoughts on Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ book?” Mr. Lang spoke, holding the book he gave the class a week ago and told that you’d have assignments on.

“Oh my god, I loved it! It was so romantic…” a girl named Sharon squeaked dreamily, resting her head on her hand, making a lovesick face.

You didn’t agree with her, especially on the romance part. In principle, you didn’t believe in love. It was a commonly used term in films and books to express a good friendship between two people for you. And you had never been in a part of that ‘good friendship’ before, especially with these zoo runaways in your school, you had zero intention.

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Bucky x Reader

Prompt: “Were you ever going to tell me?”

Words: 1,603

Warnings: None

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It started to rain just as you got home. It trickled on your windshield as you threw the car into park, clamoring out with your purse clenched tight to your side as you darted up the sidewalk to your house. You didn’t notice that Steve’s motorcycle was parked under the tree at the edge of your yard as you slipped in through the front yard, shivering. You dropped your things on the floor and slipped out of your shoes.

“I’m home!” You shout, shrugging out of your jacket. “Are you hungry? I was thinking about making pasta, I wasn’t sure if you were ready to eat yet…” You round into the kitchen, brows pulling together when you see Steve leaning on the counter, arms folded over his chest and shoulders squared. He looked ready for a fight, and for a second you wondered if Bucky had had an episode while you were gone. “Steve? Where’s Bucky?”

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Just a Scratch

This is my contribution to @roxy-davenport ‘s June Writing Challenge. My prompts were “I’m fine, it’s just a scratch” and “prove it”.

Summary: Reader needs Sam to show her that he’s fine after a hunt.

Warning: dom!Sam, smutty smut, video chat sex, masturbation, use of a vibrator, dirty talk

Word Count: 2400

A/N: This was fun to write. I hope you guys enjoy it, too!

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What You Need

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“You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time”

Summary: It’s all fun and games until someone’s feeling get’s involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved

WARNING: IT’S GOING TO GET SAD! Have a box of tissues next to you ;)

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Part 9~

Part 10



“Now that you’ve made Y/N Popular, you have officially won the bet.” you hear Jackson say and your eyes widen and your stomach dropped.


Are you fucking kidding me?

“Here’s your money.” Junior says giving Bambam cash and you felt sick to your stomach.


“Okay, now leave befo-” before Bambam could finish the sentence they all stopped and looked at you.

“I was all part of a fucking bet!?”

~ (Listen to Make it to me by Sam Smith while reading this) 

Here you were… thinking Bambam really wanted you as a friend..

But little did you know, you were part of some stupid bet.

“Y/N, I can explain.” Bambam says trying to walk over to you and you backed up.

“I don’t want to hear it.” You said tearing up and just as you were about to walk away you stopped and looked at Jackson.

“You can forget about that date.” You basically spat in disgust and you walked off. 

You should of listened to yourself in the first place.

You should've kept your distance from Bambam…. 

All along you knew something was up when Bambam approached you in the first place. 


You were used…. in a friendship you thought was real… but it was nothing but a joke…

You sat down on you bed and felt your phone vibrate next to you. You glanced at your phone and see Bambam’s name.

There was nothing left to say.

The truth has finally been revealed and now you can go back to your old self but this time with no one by your side… You basically let your friendship go with Yugyeom just to be friends with bambam…

Worst mistake you ever done…

You grabbed your phone and began to look at your contacts and began to look at Yugyeom name. 

A tear drops falls on you screen and you quickly wiped it away.


Was it wrong to call him?

Should you even pull back to being your friend? 

He was probably better off without you..

You turned off your phone and tossed it to the side.


Bambam’s Point of View

“Bambam, she clearly isn’t going to answer.” Jackson says as he continues to play video game with Junior.

“Who said I was calling her.” I mumbled as I continued to look at my phone and looked at Y/N name.

What I did was wrong… but everyone makes mistakes.

How was I ever going to explain myself if she never gives the chance… All she was doing was just ignoring my calls and texts.

“Why do you care so much that she’s mad at you?” Junior asks me and I looked at him. 

“It’s none of your business.” 

That’s when Junior and Jackson began to look at me and their eyes widen… 

“You like Y/N don’t you?” Jackson asks me and I continued to stare at my phone.

“It doesn’t matter anymore..”

“Go to her.” Junior says and I looked at him.

Y/N wanted nothing to do with me but maybe if she listened to what I had to say… maybe I can actually fix this..

~ (Listen to Nothing Like Us cover by Jungkook while reading this) 

Your Point of View (

This weather described your mood perfectly…

You continued to look at the raindrops hit against the window. You looked down at your coffee and sighed.

There was no one left to talk to.. 

Soylu probably knew about the bet going on too and didn’t have the nerve to tell you. So the only way to release some pain was to wear the biggest sweater you owned and go to a coffee shop and just sit there and think about where everything went wrong.


Why did you feel so hurt?

You looked back at the window and the memory of Bambam and you talking and opening up to each other began to replay in your head… You opened up to Bambam so much…

You trusted him…

But that was a mistake..


You looked up and find Yugyeom looking at you.

He was actually speaking to you?

“Oh hey…” You said clearing your throat and you put the fakest smile on.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”



Wait… Yugyeom and you weren’t friends anymore.

“I mean Yugyeom.. Really I’m okay.”

You said looking down at your coffee and you glanced Yugyeom and see him walk. Why did you do that? 

You clearly weren’t okay… But you didn’t want to bring Yugyeom into your problems…

You looked up and that’s when you see Yugyeom sitting right in front of you.

“Y/N I been your best friend for a long time.. I know when something is up. I don’t care how mad I am at you, I care about you.” Yugyeom says looking at you and you couldn’t help but to let a tear slip out.

“I’m sorry.” 

You got up and walked out of the coffee shop.  You felt incredibly guilty leaving Yugyeom abandoned when you were busy with Bambam… And Yugyeom is still there when you need him.

You stopped and let the rain hit you. 

“Y/N!” You hear your name making your turn and you find Yugyeom running after you.

“Yugyeom. Please…”


“I don’t deserve you as my best friend.”

You said trying to walk away but Yugyeom grabs your hand and pulls you into a hug. You had your arms wrapped around his neck and he had his arms wrapped around your waist. You couldn’t help but to cry into his neck.

“I’m sorry…”

“I know….”


“Y/N… I’m sorry.” Yugyeom says as you has a towel around you back as you looked out the window. 

“Why are you sorry? You’re not the one who stabbed me in the back..” You said and you see a woman walking looking down…

I feel your pain….

“Bambam doesn’t deserve your friendship. You are a good person.”

“And a gullible one…”

“What do you mean?” Yugyeom says and you looked at him.

“I actually believed that he wanted to be my friend… and worst of all…. I even started to like him…” You said and Yugyeom put his hand over yours.

“Bambam is fucking stupid. If beating him up will get you to smile I will do that.” Yugyeom says making you giggle and you looked at him.

“You always know what to say.”

“That’s because i’m your best friend.. No matter what.” 

He placed one kiss on your forehead and got up. 

“Up for a movie marathon?”


Bambam Point of View 

I rang the doorbell and took a deep breath. 

Shit… what was I going to say? I didn’t plan anything..

Well of course I should start off with an apology bu-

I see the door open and just as I hoped it was Y/N standing at the door it was her mother.

“Bambam! What are you doing here?” Y/N’s mother says smiling and I returned the smile even though it was a fake one..

“Is Y/N home?”

“No. She actually went out. maybe call her?” Y/N’s mother suggested and I sighed.

Where could she possibly go?

“Do you want to come in?” I looked up and nodded… 


Your Point of View

“You know you didn’t have to walk me home right?” You said looking at Yugyeom and he rolls his eyes.

“You know you can’t have girls like you walking alone at night.” 

You smiled again and sighed.

“But are you okay?” Yugyeom asks you and you looked at him.

“I will be… I mean I’m so not ready to face tomorrow but I’ll be okay.” 

“Good. Are you staying in your new look?” Yugyeom asks and you shook your head.

“No. I need to go back to my old self.” 

Yugyeom and you both gave each other a hug and exchanged goodbyes.

You pulled out your keys and opened your door. Your plan was to maybe take a nice warm bath while reading and then before heading to sleep listen to some music to calm your nerves down.

As you stepped foot in the living room you looked up and see Bambam sitting in the couch with your parents….

“Y/N! Bambam has been waiting for you,” your mother says cheerfully and you just looked at Bambam.

If only your mother knew what Bambam has done…


“Can we talk?” Bambam asks and you wanted to shut him out then and there but your parents were in the room and you didn’t want to explain what the hell happened.

“Um sure.. Let’s go to the backyard.”

(Listen to Fools cover by Jungkook and Rap Monster while reading this)

You lead the way and as soon as you two were outside, you closed the door and looked at Bambam and then looked down… You couldn’t even look at him properly… Every time you did.. you felt hurt.

“Y/N.. I..”

“You?” you questioned impatient and he continues to look at you.

“I’m sorry…. I know I fucked up by even making a bet using you.” Bambam says looking down and you continued to just look at him.

“The bet was if I was to get you popular I would win some cash…”

Your heart dropped and you looked away. You knew you were part of a bet already, but hearing it come out of Bambam’s mouth hurt more.. 

“I hope the cash was worth it..” you said and your voice cracked at the end.

“It wasn’t… Y/N it was some stupid bet… The only reason why I did was be-”

you immediately cut him off. 

“Cause you were bored? or wait let me guess, you thought it would be a good laugh?”

“no! It’s none of that.”

“Then why Bambam!” you shouted and he sighs. 

“Because Jackson and Junior were underestimating my ability to make you popular and I just wanted to prove them wrong…” 


You couldn’t help but to laugh. But you were laughing out of anger.

“That’s even better…” you said disgusted and Bambam grabs your hand making you stop from walking away.

“I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal… Till I started falling for you…” Bambam says and you removed your hand from his grip.

“Yeah right.”

Just as you were about to walk away, Bambam grabs your hand again and pulls you back but this time you felt his lips on yours…

You couldn’t help but to feel something when both of your lips finally touched… But he hurt you… He used you. 

You pushed him away and looked down..

“I think it would be best if you were to never talk to me again….”

That was the last thing you told him and you went back in your house…

You leaned against the door and a tear spilled down your face. 

Why did you feel so hurt about all of this..


Everything was back to normal.. 

You were back to your old self.. The girl who wore baggy clothes and had your best friend by your side. Yugyeom… A true friend..

But school was harder to face…

Not because you were back to getting made fun of… but because you continued to see Bambam in the halls.

You weren’t able to look at him… without feeling a pain inside..

“Y/N.” you turned and Yugyeom smiles.

“Forget him..”


*A Week Later*

Little by little everything was back to how it was in the past. You continued to read basically everyday. Yugyeom was always over at your house everyday making you watch tons of movies and again you started feeling happy.

This was your life and you were glad to accept it.

“Gyeomie! I just got the pizza now! I’m on way now.” you screeched in the phone and you hear Yugyeom laugh at the other side of the phone.

You hanged up your phone and walked over to your new car and set the pizza box next to you.

You turned on the radio and began to drive and sing along to whatever song that would come on the radio.

Everything was good till something caught your attention…

You parked your car at some point and see a group of guys beating someone up. 

You couldn’t get a good view.. You began to move side to side  and that’s when you get a better view. 

Oh my god…

You immediately got out of your car and ran to the group of guys. 

When the guys seen you approach them, they automatically began to run to the opposite direction.

You ran to the guy who was the ground. 





I Hate U Pt.3 [END]

Group: BTS
Warnings: –
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: FLUFFY, Smut

I’m really a silly girl, as soon as I said I didn’t want to create a relationship too important with that guy I started to talk to him about everything; from the things that make me happy to the things that I hate or that disappoint me.
It’s really nice talking to him, especially when I want to take out something to someone in the middle of the night and the idea of calling Hoseok is totally out of the question; Suga is a night person and I’m always sure to find him during hours in which normal people would peacefully sleep. It isn’t that bad to have someone to talk with, but I started everything just to play around and I feel it’s wrong to build a friendship with someone that I never met in my entire life.
Well, I think it’s too late now, talking to someone like that means I already built something like a friendship, but I still feel a really silly girl.
I never saw his face, we both tried to ask to each other but it ended always with“Let’s wait a little more, It’s funny trying to guess how you are” or something like that. More than once I tried to guess how his lips’ shape is or how much tall is he. Well, he told me a lot of times that he’s not really tall and this makes him a little embarrassed, but I’m not tall as well so he must be taller than me anyway.

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Lucky One

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“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Part 13 is here~

Part 14 Part 15 Part 16



Yoongi’s Point of View

I finally told Y/N something I thought I wouldn’t be able to say… It hurt having those words escape my mouth but… it’s better than have my manager hurt her…

Or do who knows what?

I continued practicing the new comeback dance to the mirror till… all of a sudden..

The sound of the dance studio door opens up and just as I glanced at the door I see Jimin walking in and looking at me.

“Yoongi can I talk to you?”

What was this about?

I looked around the studio and realized Y/N wasn’t here… Was he going to talk to me about her?


I awkwardly followed behind him and as we stepped out of the dance studio together. Jimin looks at me and crosses his arms.

“Why did you lie to Y/N?”


“I know you like Y/N? Why did you lie to hurt her?”


(Listen to Stigma by Taehyung while reading this)

Shit how could Jimin possibly know I lied to Y/N? I mean… I didn’t mean to hurt her..

“What are you talking about?” I asked trying to play completely stupid but Jimin continued to stare straight at me.

“Bullshit, Yoongi you know your lying to me and yourself.”  Jimin says attacking me and all I could do was just stay quiet… 

Jimin had a point…

But it wasn’t my fault for what I did.. I only did what I was told to do.. Jimin would do the same if he was in my shoes right?

“Okay fine what if I like her.”

“I knew you like her already but why did you do it?

“Do what?”

“Hurt her.”

I sighed and just looked Jimin…

“I had to hurt her…”



“Because what?”

“Damn can you get off my back,” I hissed in annoyance and I tried to walk away but I could feel Jimin walking right behind me not letting me have a moment to myself.

“No, answer me.”

I ignored him and continued to walk.


I turned around and just stared at Jimin.

“I fucking had to!”


“Why do you care!” I shouted causing Jimin to just stop and stare at me as if I had four heads.

“Are you serious right now?” Jimin asks me and I just continued to stare at him..

“You hurt the poor girl! She had a crush on you ever since she heard BTS for the first time and the fact that you two spent time together and you practically lead her on, you just dropped her like that! I care because unlike you I’m not selfish with people’s feelings!” Jimin shouts and for some reason as I heard Jimin speak those words… they hit me…

He’s right…

I am selfish.

I choose my career over some girl..

A girl I started to feel something for…

“You’re right…” I mumbled and Jimin just looked at me and shook his head…

“Let me ask you one more time. Why did you do it?”

Was it worth telling Jimin?

“I had too…” were the only words that slipped out my mouth and Jimin turned his back on me…

“Well.. I’m done trying…. But if I were you… I would go talk to Y/N and apologize… at least for leading her on.”

Before I could say anything else, Jimin walked away and was back at to the dance studio… 

Should I apologize?


Your Point of View

Why are you even surprised that things ended this way? 

Yes Yoongi and you weren’t even a couple or anything… But it felt nice to actually have the attention of your bias for once…

At least you were able to say you had the experience right?

You sighed and felt your phone vibrating.

Was Yoongi texting you?

You reached over for you phone and just as you were hoping to see Yoongi’s name appear on your screen, instead you see Jimin’s name appear.

You sighed and clicked on his text.

You should have stayed -.-

You couldn’t help but to smile a bit but sigh. Staying wasn’t even an option. You had only one option and that was to just leave and be away from Yoongi’s area…. 

Yoongi didn’t like you and if you were to say around him… you would obviously feel uncomfortable because you did assume he liked you this whole time…

You weren’t going to respond back but what was the point of that? Jimin didn’t do anything wrong… Yoongi happened to hurt you.. not jimin..

I’m sorry… I Just don’t think being around Yoongi is a good idea..

You put your phone down next to you and you looked up at the ceiling. 

Why were you so hurt about this?

You only knew the boy for a couple of days… Maybe you been having the wrong bias this whole time…

Yoongi was here leading you on and making you believe that he had mutual feelings you had… But Jimin however seemed to be really nice and in a way care about you even though he barely knows you… 

After practice… You? Me? Bubble tea?

You couldn’t help but to accept his offer and you smiled. Why get worked up over some boy who didn’t want you…

You’re still in Korea… You had to make you time worth visiting.


Yoongi’s Point of View

After having that little situation with Jimin… All of you went back to the dance room and continued to practice for you comebacks but you could feel the tension between Jimin and I….

I didn’t want this to happen but I just had to do what was right.

At least right for my career.

We stopped practicing as soon as everyone was sweating and panting after repeating the same dance over and over…

I glanced over at Jimin and and noticed the way he walked over to his bag and grabbed his phone right away to text who knows who…

“Yoongi! Where’s Y/N?” Y/N’s cousin asks me and all I could do was just stare at her.

“Um.. I don’t know..”

She looked at me for the longest minute and then walked back to taehyung.

I slowly glanced back at Jimin and noticed him get up and put his bag on his shoulder. 

“Guys, Ima get going,” Jimin says looking at all of us and I just continued to stare at him.

“Where are you heading off too?” I asked him and he just looks at me and looks away.

“Getting Bobba with a friend.”

Was that friend Y/N? 

I wanted to ask him but he clearly wouldn’t answer me or probably not even talk to me…

What can I do?

Should I follow him?

Did I just bring them closer/

“Jimin!” I blurted out without thinking twice and Jimin stopped walking to the door and looked at me confused.


Shit.. What was I going to say now? I was trying to say his name in my head and instead i had to say his name..

Life is great..

“Um.. Can we talk for a quick minute?”



Jimin looked annoyed but he just nodded his head and I followed him out the door.

I know I should've Jimin earlier why I decided not to talk to Y/N in the way i want to because of the manager… But in a way I was kind of scared to see what he had to say…

As we were out of the dance room I looked at Jimin and awkwardly scratched the back of my neck. 

“So… meeting up with Y/N?” I could help but to ask as I slowly lifted up my head and he just looked at me.


“Just curious…” I lied again well I technically didn’t lie but still… What was Jimin doing? What was his plan? 

Now that I backed up, Jimin was going to make a move on Y/n without my permission?

“If I am, what’s it to you?”

Your eyes widen as you heard Jimin’s response and you looked at him with disbelief.

“What’s up with your attitude

“Well you see, now that someone cares about Y/N feeling, here you are interrogating the person am I right?”

I wanted to talk back but Jimin sort of had a point…. Jimin stared at me waiting for me to talk but instead I remained quiet so he took one last look at me and began to walk off.

Again I fucked up…


He didn’t bother looking back.

“I hurt her because I was told to…” I blurted out and as those words left my mouth, Jimin stopped walking and turned around facing me.

“By who?”


Your Point of View 

(Listen to First love by Yoongi while reading this)

Walking to the bubble tea shop was going perfectly fine till… your headphones began to play Yoongi’s mixtape causing your heart to clench together. 

Why.. Why did you have to like this boy so much?

You pulled out your phone and without thinking twice you skipped his song and moved on to the next one.

Maybe you won’t be able to hear his songs for now… 

But maybe you will… 


one day…

You sighed and before you could get into more of your thoughts, you arrived at the bubble tea shop. 

Just try to have a good time with Jimin and you should have nothing to worry about. 

As you finallyy took a deep breath you stepped in the bubble tea shop and began to look around at the crowded shop and just then… 

You felt your heart sink..

What is he doing here??

There was Yoongi sitting down looking down at his phone..

You felt your phone vibrate and you pulled it out of your phone from your pocket and as you looked at the text… 

it was from Jimin…

Talk to him



New Threads (Part Four) - an Arrow S4 Speculation Fic

Author’s Note: I know it has been a while since I posted one of these. My New Threads muse has been vacant for a while. But here’s some Mama Smoak goodness mixed with some sweet Olicity. Enjoy!

Felicity listens, hoping to catch the sound of the front door opening beneath the incessant chattering of her mother. This isn’t something she ever expected to happen, and it most definitely isn’t something she is enjoying. And while the idea of Oliver’s face reddening at the sorts of comments that Donna has been spewing is really tempting, she’s not enjoying this one bit.

“Felicity, honey, I don’t think you’re hearing me,” Donna says as she pulls out three plates from the cabinet.

“No… I heard you,” Felicity mumbles.

Donna doesn’t hear her. She doesn’t stop her run-through of her encounter with the Green Arrow. “His ass in those leather pants… I wish I could have pinched those ass cheeks. And those moves…” Donna sets the plates down on the table and over-dramatically begins fanning herself. “It was like he was in armor, Felicity… armor! He must have someone waiting for him at home if he’s wearing so much protection.”

Felicity hears the telltale clicks and turns of the locks on the door and bolts out of the kitchen. Oliver pushes the door open and Felicity shoos him back out. “Be back in a minute, mom!” she calls over her shoulder as she shuts the door.

“Felicity? What’s going on?”

“She’s insane! She won’t stop and it is freaking me out. How could this happen? She’s gonna find out about everything and-”

“Fe-li-ci-ty, what happened?”

She takes a deep breath as his hands begin to massage her shoulders, rolling out the tension and annoyance. She looks up into his eyes and can’t help but smile. “Did you happen to come across a very blonde woman with rolling luggage while on patrol tonight?”

Oliver’s hands fall from her shoulders and she watches his brow furrow at her question. “I don’t think so… why?”

Felicity rolls her eyes. “Because all my mother can talk about now is how sexy the Green Arrow is.”

She watches his mouth fall open and eyes widen. “Oh… uhh… Yeah, that could be a problem.”

“Yeah,” she says, then gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. “So no flexing your muscles at the table. She’ll know the truth instantly if you do.”

“I don’t flex unless it’s necessary,” he murmurs, confused.

“Right,” she pats his chest, directly over his heart and feels his muscles tense. “Keep telling yourself that. Seriously, though, keep the jacket on or something.”

“This is ridiculous. Can’t we just tell her?” Felicity shakes her head at lightning speed, her ponytail whipping at her cheeks. Then he chuckles. “How does she not know yet?”

“She hates the news,” Felicity mumbles as she moves for the front door. Then she turns and points at him. “Keep your ass out of view as well.”

“What does my ass have to do with this?”

Felicity glares and Oliver nods as they go through the doorway, mouthing the words: “Oh. Leather.”

They make their way into the kitchen to find the table completely set and the food served. “Oliver!” Donna exclaims, rocketing across the room to hug him. “So nice to see you.”

“It’s great to see you too, Donna.”

Donna glances at Felicity and grins knowingly. “You two were making out, weren’t you? You’re both all flushed. We’re all adults. You don’t have to be shy.”

Felicity closes her eyes and frowns. “Mother…”

Oliver chuckles, sending Felicity into a panic. He isn’t supposed to agree with Donna. He isn’t supposed to play into the absurdity. But he’s commenting on how it had been a long day and he just needed a moment alone with Felicity. “I’m sure you understand,” Oliver says, sending a wink to Donna. All charm. All classic Oliver Queen.

“Oh I most certainly do understand. I was just telling Felicity about my run-in with the Green Arrow earlier tonight. And I have to say, if I were in the same room with a man in leather armor with muscles and an ass like that… I’d need more than a moment, let me tell you.”

Felicity shoots a glare at Oliver and he chuckles, cheeks reddening even more. “Well, I’m sure he has someone,” Oliver says, taking a sip of wine. “He wouldn’t be wearing armor like that if he didn’t have someone to come home to.”

The words make Felicity’s heart flutter. She knows everyone pokes fun at the armor, that it is a bit much and he doesn’t need that much. But she’s lost him twice before, she won’t lose him again. She doesn’t hear her mother’s words of agreement or any more of the innuendos that float between them. She simply hears Oliver’s chuckles and sighs. She simply sees his eyes glancing back to her. And she’s grateful for the armor all over again.

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eva-420  asked:

hey, if im not mistaken youre a pretty veteran dm, do you have any starter advice to a dumbnass like me? i'd really appreciate it!

Oh, hell yeah dude.

Well, old axioms like “Don’t forget to communicate with your players about what they want out of their character and the campaign”, and “When in doubt screw the rules” are still true, but here’s some other concepts I picked up that work:

1) Prep loosely. Have stat blocks, maps and shit on hand, but know in your heart your players are gonna take this somewhere you didn’t intend, so don’t design stuff too rigidly. I generally try to keep mine as modular as possible; I have a list of important plot events/milestones, characters, and locations on hand when I’m running stuff, and just throw one in when appropriate. Unless you’re playing a total sandbox game, slotting that stuff in lets the players do ‘whatever’ and lets you respond meaningfully and drastically to their input and choices, but still lets you build a world with detail, and gives adventures a sense of continuity and progression.

2) Delegate. Combat can get long, particularly in larger groups and at higher levels. To keep people in the game in-between their turns, I usually delegate out the initiative order to somebody who’ll write it down and quickly declare who’s next, and someone else tracking damage taken (not HP totals) of enemies. It keeps people paying attention to stuff they, personally aren’t rolling dice for, and also frees up your headspace for non-micromanagey shit like description and planning your next move.

3) Describe shit enthusiastically and viscerally, from your players’ point of view. It’s easy to turn D&D into a wargame, with rote “I roll to attack; 23″, “You hit. Roll damage.” “35.” “It looks hurt, but not dead. Five of it bounces off the DR” exchanges. And that’s boring as fuck. Having players describe what they do and then expounding on the consequences immerses players quicker and deeper than anything else, and when they’re immersed, they’re bound to do some awesome stuff, and it makes your job of making shit dramatic, fun, and ‘alive’ easier. To fully sell it, it’s also good to bend the mechanics slightly for when a player does something that’s not in the rules, but significant anyway; a +2/-2 circumstantial modifier usually does the job– i.e. “As you pet the witch’s cat, it purrs. The witch seems relieved that her familiar trusts you. +2 to for diplomacy with her.” and encourages players who wouldn’t normally get creative to start acting on and reacting to the world you cooked up for ‘em.

4) It’s okay to guide your players. Not by the nose, of course, but if y’all can figure out a tone you’re going for, or give them the gist of a premise, lotsa players are not only glad for the guidance, but are also glad to contribute to thematic cohesion. Like, “This campaign is going to be survival-horror, try to build a vulnerable character who wouldn’t immediately be competent and unmoved during an outbreak of Zombie Plague.”

5) Use the internet. Random Generators are a rad for coming up with things on the spot, and can even help you think outside of your creative box. I use ‘em regularly for weather and NPC names, in case the PCs are suddenly enamored with the local city guard and want his name and place of residence to buy his family a nice meal after he complains about how shit his non-Guild guard wages are.

6) Ride or die. If you’re adopting a policy of radical “saying yes” to your players, commit to it, and if players are bein’ silly, try rolling with it. Many great works of fiction originate from taking a frankly bizarre topic, and chasing it down to a conclusion nobody’d seen before. If the players wanna found a cult around the party cleric’s hand puppet, go for it. “How does someone even start a cult?” is a fuckin’ interesting question to pose.

Most Underrated TPTB quotes - Callie & Arizona |

Krista Vernoff, Writer, Holidaze| Grey’s Anatomy 06x10|

Sara Ramirez singing Silent Night a capella while Chandra Wilson acts her ass off at the dinner table. Moments like that, gifts like that…

They make me love my job even more.  In my lifetime, I have never seen a more powerful performer than Sara Ramirez when she sings live. I hope someday you get to see her, but until then, this was a little taste.  It was Shonda’s stroke of genius – her little Christmas gift to me, I like to think, although really, she probably intended it as a gift to all of you. Still, I am grateful.”

… we’re not barking about the bad, we’re chanting the beauty so let’s talk about the Chief/Arizona/Owen Christmas jam! I have to admit, I have never loved dailies more, ever. I must have watched them sing that song for 20 minutes straight.  Those dailies were truly a gift during my flu-ridden misery. They lifted my whole heart up and made it feel all floaty and giddy for hours. I hope the scene did the same for you.

… and Arizona and Derek and Mark paying their own hard-earned money to save the life of a very sick little boy. It made my heart happy, that story.

…That’s the feeling I hope this episode left you with. That miracles are possible…That a simple song can lift your spirits…. That speaking your truth, or opening your checkbook, or offering a simple apology or making an attempt to understand another’s point of view can turn your whole day or your whole year around.“

Lucky One

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Part 11 is here~ 

Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16



Eventually you stopped after a while and Yoongi caught up.

“You really thought I was going to chase you?”


“I don’t run,”

“Lazy,” you mumbled and you continued to smirk to yourself.

“I need to save my energy for the dance practice,”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” you giggled and the two of you walked into Big Hit side by side.

The fact that the two of you became more comfortable around each other was probably one of the best feelings..

“Are you busy later?” Yoongi asks you as the two walked your way to the dance studio and you looked at him.

“Well it depends,”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it depends if a certain someone wants to see me again,” you said smiling widely and you began to blink your eyes dramatically on purpose and Yoongi began to chuckle to himself.

“Well, you know I was w-”

“Wondering if I was available so Jimin can see me tonight?” You interrupted Yoongi and you closed your eyes smiling placing your right hand under your chin knowing you probably made Yoongi jealous on purpose.


“Yeah he so charming! Have you seen the way he dances!”

Yoongi continued to stare at you taken back and you couldn’t help but to giggle to yourself.

You slowly got on your tippy toes and whispered into Yoongi ears.

“I’m kidding, your the only one I have time for,”

You got down back to your feet and catching you by surprise, Yoongi lifted up your chin with his finger and he leans down kissing your lip.

The kiss was unexpected but who cares! You were kissing YOONGI!

You smiled at your lips was connected and moved in sync.

The feeling of fireworks reappeared and it was one of the best feelings in the world.

This kiss could go on and on till…

You suddenly began to hear someone clear their throat and you two pulled away and you looked to your right and see Yoongi manger there….

Uh oh..


As the two of you pulled away, you two were staring right at Yoongi’s manager… First impressions are everything.. But this first impression was a bad way to start.

You felt your cheeks turn a bright shade of pink and you awkwardly glanced at Yoongi who was looking at his manager and then back at you.

“Y/N, you should go wait of me at the dance studio… I’ll be there in a couple of minutes,”

Without saying no to Yoongi, you just silently just nodded your head and slowly turned away from the awkward tension between Yoongi and his manager.

As you walked your way to the dance studio, for some reason you felt this feeling of guilt. 

Did you get Yoongi in trouble? 


Yoongi Point of View 

 I slowly glanced at Y/N who walked away as I told her to do and then looked back at my manager who was staring at me.

“Is she your girlfriend?”

Was this a trick question? Was I supposed to say yes even though it’s not true? Or was I supposed to say no? But if I say no… I would make her look bad by making it seem like I’m just using her…

“Yes, she my girlfriend,” I answered without even thinking and he looks at me surprised.

“Since when?”

“Not to long ago.”

“Dump her,”

“What?” I asked surprised and my manager just continues to stare at me without saying another word…. He seemed serious on his decision. 

What did she do wrong? 

“She’s a distraction, you don’t need that. Especially when you are having comeback soon.”

I was about to speak up but before I could say anything, my manger began to walk away and all I could do was just watch him walk. 

Did I not have a say in this? 

Just as I was about to walk to the dance studio, my manager stops and turns around facing me.

“Break up with her now, or i’ll do it for you you.”

He turns back around and leaves saying nothing else.


Your Point of View 

Just being able to be in a room with your favorite group and seeing them in person is one of the best feelings ever. 

“How was your night with Yoongi,” Jimin asks as he moved his eyebrows up and down and you just looked at him.

Does he know you like Yoongi? How did this happen? Did taehyung say something?

You looked at Taehyung and then at Jimin.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look. I know you like Yoongi.”

He knows!


“You don’t remember?” Jimin questions you and all you could do was just shake your head no. If you did remember you wouldn’t be asking. But that’s what your doing now.

“Remember when we were at the liqu-” before he could finish the room got quiet at Yoongi came in the dance studio and all eyes were on him.

“Yoongi where have you been?” Namjoon asks him and all eyes were on Yoongi.

“Can we just get started?” Yoongi says coldly and all you could do was stare at him.

What happened?

Yoongi was just happy two seconds ago? 

Was it something the manager told him?

You couldn’t help but to be curious. You slowly lifted yourself from the floor and slowly walked your way to Yoongi who was setting down his bag.


He looked over at you but something about his expression changed…. He wasn’t looking at you like the way he was when the two of you walked your way here together…

“What happened with you and the manager?”


Before you could ask anything else, Yoongi walks away and leaves you standing there… alone…

Why would Yoongi acting like this? 

It must have something to do with his manger? You didn’t do anything to make him like this…

You sighed and walked back to where your cousin was sitting down and you just sat down next to her and just looked at Yoongi….

What was wrong? 

You wanted to ask so many question yet… questions were probably the worst thing to do right now…

Especially when it seems like Yoongi is trying to ignore you….

“What’s wrong?” you hear you cousin next to you ask you and you gave her one glance and just sighed…

“I don’t even know..”

Your cousin was still looking at you and then looked at Yoongi…


You tried to ignore the fact that Yoongi was ignoring you for a unknown reason and just enjoy the dance practice…. But it was hard…

You tried to make eye contact with Yoongi and instead of having him look at you, he looked away…

Guess you’ll never know what happened with Yoongi and the manager..

The boy decided to finally take a break and as soon as you saw Yoongi walk over to his bag you were going to walk over to him but instead you walked over to Jimin.

“Hey Y/N, enjoy seeing your husband dance,” He asks smirking as he narrowed his eyes to Yoongi and you just stared at Jimin.

“Not funny..”

“What’s wrong?”

You looked around and instead of saying it outloud you decided it was better if you were to talk to Jimin privately.

“Can I talk to you privately?”

“Of course!”

Jimin walked out of the dance studio and you followed right behind him… If you couldn’t talk to Jimin… well you do plan b. Talk to Jimin and hope he talks to Yoongi and see what’s up…


Yoongi’s Point of View 

After hearing what my manager said… I decided the only possible way I can hurt Y/N less is just maybe give her the cold shoulder and make it less painful for the both of us…

Is it wrong that I actually started to fall for her?

I’ve met her a couple of days ago… but the time that I had a chance to spend with her…. she made me feel like a person… not just suga from BTS…

I was able to have a laugh with her.. I was able to even kind of open up to her.. But now I have to all of sudden stop because of my dumb manager..

I slowly glanced at Y/N hoping she didn’t catch me and I began to notice her approach Jimin…

What is she doing?

Does she like Jimin now?  

I watched the two of them talk and the next thing I know they both began to walk their way out of the dance studio….

Where were they going?


Your Point of View

“What’s up?” Jimin asks and you sighed… This shouldn’t be hard to explain.. After all he already knew you crush on Yoongi.

“Well… Yoongi and I h-”

“have been low key dating?!?” Jimin asks excitedly and you stared at him and couldn’t help but to giggle.

“I wish,” You mumbled and a huge grin spread across Jimin face.

“Then what?”

“Well… We’ve been having a good time with each other and we even….” before you could finish the sentence, you looked around to see if the anyone was around.

But as soon as you noticed that the coast was clear… it was good enough to tell Jimin.

“kissed,” you whispered and Jimin’s eyes widen.

“Then why is Yoongi acting weird?”

“You noticed that too!?!” you practically shouted and Jimin just nods in his head in agreement.

“Did you say something?” Jimin questions you.

“No… but when were we in the halls we were kissing till…” 

“Till what?!” Jimin asks interested as if he was watching some type of drama tv or even a movie.

“Your manager… saw us…” you blurted out awkwardly and Jimin eyes widen.

“And what happened?!”

Just as you were about to talk, you both heard the sound of the dance studio door open causing you two to look at that same direction… 

Yoongi was out of the room and was now looking at the two of you.

“Um… Y/N.. Can I talk to you?”

You looked at Jimin not knowing what to say and he looked back at you and just nodded his head.

You looked at Yoongi and sighed.



To Be Continued

Bad blood, good heart

Universe: Marvel - The Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four crossover
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
requested by huntingal5568
Word count: 1924

A/N: Hi everyone! Sorry I was silent for the last few days, this one was quite a challenge to write, but I had losts of fun writing it. Thanks to the person who requested it! And thank you guys for reading my imagines. Mind you, this one is really, really long!!! ^^” Hope you’ll like it anyway!

Whoever knew you could say it was in your genes to be with the bad guys. That’s what you get when your father is at the head of the Brotherhood of mutants, when your godfather is one of the most well-known scientist turned evil on Earth, and when you happen to be a mutant yourself. You were born with wings, a sharp hearing and the ability to manipulate the wind, and ever since your powers were discovered, your father had trained you to control them. Never did he hide the fact he wanted you to join the Brotherhood later. Except you didn’t, nor did you share his opinion on mutants. But you had no one else to turn to, except for Victor, which didn’t change much from your father’s point of view, and nowhere else to go. So for some time you fought by his side, but the moment came where you couldn’t pretend anymore. It was just becoming too much so you simply flew away without any explanation. You had no idea where you’d go, but you thought it was better that way.

* * * *

Fury found you before your father did. His first intent was, as you thought, use you to get informations on the Brotherhood. But you refused. And stood your ground on that. This surprised the leader of SHIELD, who hadn’t expected you to be so stubborn.

“Magneto is your father. He’ll never suspect you.”

“He knew I don’t exactly share his views. He certainly guesses this is the reason why I left without a word, he isn’t stupid.”

“Still, I doubt he would suspect his own daughter.”

“You clearly don’t know him.”

“We could still use her, Fury.” Black Widow interfered. “Someone with her skills… and wings… could be of some help.”

Fury frowned, a thoughtful look on his face.

“I’ll think about it.”

He headed out, but before he left, he whispered to her.

“For now, keep her under surveillance. Close surveillance.”

Agent Romanoff nodded and gestured to you to come with her.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked as you two left the interrogation room.

She didn’t answer. In fact, as soon as Fury had left, she stopped speaking at all. You entered what seemed to be a detention area. The agent led you to a cell that she opened.

“Wait… Am I your prisoner?” you asked, confused.

“Until Fury makes up his mind, I don’t know what your are. You’ll stay here until then.”

You tensed at first, but knew better than to argue. It wouldn’t help convincing them you weren’t on your dad’s side. So you entered the cell without a word, resigned, and sat down on the floor, your back to the wall. It felt odd to end up in a cell when you hadn’t done anything. But at least, neither your father nor Victor would find you here. It reassured you somehow. And you waited. Was it minutes, hours, days, you couldn’t tell. But you waited, sometimes getting up, walking around, stretching your wings as much as the cell allowed you before sitting back down. And suddenly, you heard footsteps coming down the stairs. You rose your head to see a tall man with short light brown hair walking by the cells, his head down as if he was thinking.

“You shouldn’t worry about me. I may have wings but I can’t breach metal bars!”

The man turned his head towards you, surprise in his eyes.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“They didn’t send you to guard my cell or something?”

“No. Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for the big boss to make up his mind about what should become of me.” you shrugged. “They don’t seem to trust me, he and his little friend.”

“'his little friend’? You mean Natasha? Agent Romanoff?”

You nodded. He had started nearing the cell, and you managed to see his eyes, his piercing ice cold blue irises.

“What’s bringing you down here anyway?” you asked.

“Nothing, I just… needed to take a break from all the fuss from up there. Seems like no one will ever reach an agreement on the matter…”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.”

He smirked at you. He now stood in front of the door, only a metre away from you.

“I’m (Y/N) Lehnsherr, by the way.”

“You… You’re the one everybody’s debating over!”

“Yep, sounds like it. Sorry my presence here caused such a fuss, then.”

He laughed, relieved you didn’t take it bad. That’s how you met Steve.

* * * *

[A few months later]

A few days after he found you, Fury had ended up agreeing with Natasha’s original view that you could be of some help to the Avengers. At first, it had scared you a bit: you thought that you’d never feel included, that what you were would keep them away. But it didn’t. And now, even though you weren’t officially a part of the team, it was pretty much the same to you and to them. You would train together every day, go on the field together when they needed an extra set of arms and special abilities, and you would hang out with them whenever you had the occasion. You became the closest of friends. Sometimes, they would ask you about the time where you fought at your father’s sides. In return, you would ask them about their lives before SHIELD and all this. Especially Thor. You loved hearing him talking about Asgaard, about his adventures with his friends, about his childhood games with his brother Loki. And there was Steve. The one who had looked at you as a person rather than Magneto’s daughter or a set of super abilities. As time passed by, you two grew closer to each other, and you were now dating. Being in love was all new to you, and you were thankful that Steve gave you time to fully comprehend what it was that you were feeling for him.

You hadn’t been so much in contact with your father or godfather. You had just sent them a letter saying that you were alright, that you needed time for yourself and that you’d come back whenever the time felt right. You hoped they would understand. Besides, you felt your father needed to let go. You were no longer a child who needed protection, and you had learned how to hid your powers and your wings. Plus, you were doing better being around the Avengers. You were less snappy, more patient, even calmer. And you liked it that way.

But then came the day you weren’t looking forward for at all. You were waiting for Steve, Clint and Natasha to come back from the field when Agent Hill came to you, saying Fury needed you in his office. You raised an eyebrow, curious. Ever since he had released you from that cell, he had never wanted to see you in private, and you hoped he hadn’t changed his mind about you. You hoped in the lift, went up and knocked at his door.

“Come in. Ah, (Y/N), there you are!”

“You asked to see me.”

“Yes. Please, sit down” he said, gesturing to the chair on the other side of his desk.

So you did, still wondering what on Earth could be going on.

“(Y/N), I have a favour to ask you.”

“What kind of favour?”

“I need you to contact Magneto and Dr Doom.”

You froze for a split second. You couldn’t believe your ears, why was he asking such a thing of you? He knew very well what you thought of their ideas and why you had left. You remained silent for a moment, looking for something sensible to say. Freaking out wouldn’t do any good.

“You’d better have a very good reason, Fury.”

“We need their help on something we’re working on.”

“Excuse me?”

“Von Doom is a scientist, I suppose you know that already.”

“Yes. But so is Dr Banner, and you have Stark the genius. Why do you need Victor?”

“Because what we’re working on has to do with a field Von Doom has worked on for years. Stark learns fast, sure, but it wouldn’t give him your godfather’s experience.”

“I see. What about my father?”

Fury didn’t answer to that question. You rolled your eyes and sighed. Of course, he had to keep some secrets…

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

The director nodded and you left the office to get back down. Without a word to anyone, you grab your suit and left the building, taking off through your room’s window. You flew for a few hours before arriving at your dad’s house. As soon as you landed, you heard the door open.

“Ich wusste, du wurdest bald wiederkommen.”

“Hallo papa.” you smiled.

He went to hug you, but then his eyes fell on your suit and the SHIELD logo on it, making him stop. He frowned.

“I also had that feeling you weren’t coming back to us.”

“Could we talk about that another time? That’s not what I came for.”

“Was machst du hier dann?”

“Lass uns drinnen gehen.”

* * * *

Steve had come back half an hour after you had left. After a short debriefing, he went to look for you, but you were nowhere to be found. As he still hadn’t seen you by the end of the day, he started to get more and more worried. He couldn’t get any sleep, spent two hours hitting the punching bag, trying to clear his head, and ended up searching the whole tower from the basement to the rooftop. Nothing. Sun was rising when he took the lift to get down. It was around 6 am, at which time you arrived at the Avengers tower with your dad and godfather. When he saw you arriving, he ran to you and took you in his arms, holding you tight as if you’d been gone for months.

“Where have you been?! I was so worried!”

“I’m sorry. Fury asked me a favour, and you weren’t back yet when I left.”

“A favour? What kind of…”

Only then did he noticed Dr Doom and Magneto standing behind you.

“Fury needs them for something.”

“Yeah, he mentioned having sent someone. I just didn’t though it could be you.”

“I appreciate your trust in me, captain.”

He laughed and turned to the two men.

“Welcome, Dr Doom. I’ll go get director Fury, I suppose you wish to speak to him first.”

“Indeed, I do.” Victor answered. “I’m rather curious of why he needs me for.”

“Then let’s get to business, shall we?” Fury’s voice said as he stepped inside the hall.

Doom shook hands with SHIELD’s director, something you had never thought you’d see one day.

“Let’s make one thing clear first. I’m not working for you. I’m here because my goddaughter asked me to.”

“Of course.”

Your dad turned to you.

“One thing should be clear for us as well. When this is over, I’m back to the Brotherhood. Follow me or not, it’s up to you.”

You had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. But no, that was real.

“I thought you didn’t agree…”

“Because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I don’t accept.”

You smiled, relieved. It hadn’t been easy to do it, but you had done it. And for the first time, you really felt like you had really done something useful. Like you were one of the Avengers. It was the best feeling.

Translation: “Ich wusste, du wurdest bald wiederkommen”: I knew you’d come back soon. | “Hallo papa”: Hello dad. | “Was machst du hier dann?”: Then what are you doing here? | “Lass uns drinnen gehen”: Let’s go inside.