turn your head and cough

The Signs & Shrek Quotes

Shrek (2001) Edition

Aries: “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”
Taurus: “We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!”
Gemini: “That must be Lord Farquaad’s castle… Do you think he’s maybe compensating for something?”
Cancer:  “[hiding in the toilet] Go away!”
Leo: “All right, I hope you heard that? She called me a ‘noble steed.’ She thinks I’m a steed.”
Virgo: “I just know, before this is over, I’m gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy. Look at my eye twitchin’.”
Libra: “By night one way, by day another / Thus shall be the norm / Till you receive true love’s kiss / Then, take love’s true form.”
Scorpio: “Now really, it’s rude enough being alive when no one wants you, but showing up uninvited to a wedding?”
Sagittarius: “Wow! Only a TRUE friend would be that cruelly honest!”
Capricorn: “I’m not the monster here, YOU are! You and the rest of that fairytale trash, poisoning my perfect world…”
Aquarius: “I live in a swamp! I put up signs! I’m a terrifying ogre! What do I have to do to get a little privacy?”
Pisces: “You can’t do this to me, Shrek, I’m too young for you to die! Keep your feet elevated! Turn your head and cough! Does anybody know the Heimlich…?”

How they react...

… To you being a trained combat fighter.

♡ ♡ \ Request from anonymous / ♡ ♡

Can you do a how they should react to the reader being a fighter (female) ? Thank you so much!

I did this preference including pretty much every character so there is a bit for everyone.


Requests are open for preferences, GIF imagines as well as normal imagines.

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Close as Strangers

Close as Strangers: Chapter One

You were happy it was your last year of school. That was until you had to start tutoring your old best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Otherwise known as “Mr. Popular.” 

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: High School au, angst

This was my 5sos story I started on Wattpad but I wanted to do a BTS version.

{Playlist} Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

It was August 20th, the first day of senior year. You were pretty excited, you honestly felt this was going to be a great year. You guess you were also happy this was the last year of high school. You got up and turned off your alarm. Your phone read, 7:15. You’d only lived a couple of  minutes away from school, so you could afford to sleep in a little more.

You got up and grabbed your uniform out of your closet. Yet another reason to be excited about this school year, you only had to wear this god awful thing one more year. You got dressed and went to the bathroom, going through your morning routine. Once you were done and ready you grabbed your backpack and headed downstairs. You went into the kitchen and saw your mom and dad eating breakfast.

Your dad looked up from the paper, “Y/N, look at you. You’re up before noon, how does that feel,” his smile was contagious.

“Forced,” You smiled.  

He laughed and went back to his paper. “Y/N,” your mom spoke.

“Yes ma'am?”

She walked over to the table handing you two paper sacks. “Your and Yoongi’s lunch for today.”

You smiled and looked up at her, “Thanks Mom.”

“Sure,” she spoke as she sat down at the table. You’d started to eat some toast that was on the table when Yoogi rushed in.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yoongi shouted from the hallway as he came into the kitchen.

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Hail Brodin!

Our party has just walked into the village of Bergmitia where we have seen the very swole inhabitants checking out each other’s muscles and slapping each other on the ass. We hear an occasional shout of ‘hail Brodin’. Our cleric dwarf sees these rituals(and having never heard of bro’s before outside of game) and decides to greet them in kind.
CD: I slap the nearest one on the ass and ask ‘who’s in charge here?’
Dm: the man turns towards you and says 'Bro, do I know you, Brah?’ In a hostile tone
CD: take me to your leader.
Dm: Brah, no one is in charge here except the word of Brodin. Hail Brodin! Various inhabitants chorus back the cheer.

CD and the NPC go back and forth for a bit, DC getting increasingly irate with being called a bra.
DC: I punch him in the face
Dm: roll for strength
DC: *rolls a 1* I reach out and lightly stroke
Dm interrupts: you are a dwarf so his crotch is directly in front of you
DC: Turn your head and cough
NPC: Brah, why didn’t you say so earlier? Brodin accepts all!

Later, after convincing the town to drink themselves stupid, we are looking for somewhere to sleep for the night
DC and I: let’s take one of their houses!
Same NPC: 'Bros, you can stay with me!’
DC: alright, but I’m taking the bed
NPC: That’s fine, there’s room for both of us.
Dm: As you settle in for a sleep you feel NPC slowly put his arms around you. You are the little spoon.


Group: BTS


1k celebration: “I haven’t slept in ages.” // “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Summary: When you fall in love with your best friend, flowers begin to bloom.

Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 1.7k

A/N: i love my wacky aus and who would i be if i didn’t do one for the hanahaki au.

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

The feeling had been there for a few weeks, that Min Yoongi was more than just a best friend to you. But as you sat with your head on his chest, heart racing slightly as your hands brushed as you reached for the popcorn, it was hard to deny the tingles running down your arm from simply making contact with him. It was movie night in the dorm, and you had all assumed your usual positions, but after a friend had pointed out how close you were to Yoongi, the feelings had truly begun to bloom.

Yoongi shifted slightly, with a content groan as your head fell into his lap, whilst kicking out your legs to rest them on Jeongguk’s lap. But your attention was no longer drawn to the television, the loud action movie’s loud screams seemed to fade away as your gaze focused on Yoongi’s face.

As he absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair, you felt a sneeze tickle the back of your throat, but you thought you might be sick so quickly you jumped off the sofa before running to the bathroom. The boy’s begun calling after you asking if you were okay as you slid past the entrance in your socks, your fingers digging into the doorframe before finally pulling your body in, you definitely weren’t okay.

Then a fierce sneeze ripped through your body, your eyes slowly cracked open and you stared in horror at the small pink petal resting in your hand; you had just coughed up a flower petal, scrunching it in your hand before letting it fall into the toilet and flushing it away quickly, hoping your feelings would disappear that easily.

But something was happening to you, and you knew what it was because you had seen it happen to Taehyung, whose unrequited love had left him close to death when he had insisted on hiding his symptoms. As you heaved a sigh, a cough caught in your throat as you knelt in front of the toilet, watching more flower petals drift from your mouth, before one caught in the back of your throat.

Then you were retching, watching in shock as droplets of blood fell into the water followed by larger yellow petals, daffodil petals.

“I need to use the toilet,” Yoongi’s voice was muffled through the door, but the action of turning your head to tell him not to came had you coughing again, and Yoongi upon not receiving an answer, hesitantly began to creak open the door that no longer had a lock after a previous incident with drunk Namjoon, “I’m coming in.”

It didn’t take long for you to realise you wouldn’t be able to hide your condition from him, but one thing was for sure; you weren’t going to tell him you had fallen in love with him. As you continued to wretch into the toilet, flinching as Yoongi’s hand landed on your back; his hand moving up to pull strands of your hair away from your face without saying a word, whilst you desperately tried to stop the petals from falling from your lips.

The bathroom was silent apart from your coughs, and heavy breathing as you were busy wondering what was going to happen and how you were going to fix this problem without losing your friendship with Yoongi forever. You could tell having him around wasn’t helping but these flowers had rooted in your heart and you sunk into his touch, but you and Yoongi knew you needed help as soon as possible.

Jars of dried petals of all colours littered the shelves of your room, you had found a sense of peace washing up the blood and bile covered petals that fell from your lips, and storing them as a painful reminder of the disease you were working to cure.

For the first week, it had been awful, as even to this date, all that left your mouth was petals that would die within an hour.  Taehyung was the one who had reassured you that you were in the early stages and that you could live like this for years but it was Yoongi who had recommended placing those petals in jars, and he continued to call them beautiful which would always lead to another bout of coughs.

The boys knew it was one of them, but you still refused to tell them who it was, even when Taehyung had burst into tears, begging and pleading you to at least tell him so he could help and understand. But you were adamant not to tell them, and although the boys doted on you hand and foot to try not to worsen your situation, and it worked.

As you sat at the kitchen counter chatting to Jeongguk about a new game he was playing, you caught a whiff of Yoongi’s cologne and you felt the tickle at the back of your throat, your shoulders hunched as you doubled over clutching at your stomach, worried because this pain didn’t come when you were coughing up petals.

The inside of your throat felt raw, and your vision began to blur as you heard Jeongguk’s chair scrape back as he screamed for someone to help. You were now slumped on the table trying to relieve some of the pain as your hands clawed at your throat, your teeth closing on petals as you felt someone’s hand over your face to the side.

Your vision was blurring and as someone grabbed the rose that was currently in your mouth, you wondered for a second if they were going to shove it back down, but instead, they began to pull it out. The pain of the thorns that had scratched your throat and the taste of copper made you feel like you were going to vomit, and as you stayed slumped on the table, your eyes began to water in embarrassment at how weak you were.

After coughing up your first full flower, you distanced yourself from the boys. Your phone notifications had been blown up for the past few days, Jeongguk and Taehyung even turned up at your door a few times, but it was only Yoongi you let in. Yoongi had a way of caring for you that made you feel like he didn’t really care, small things like leaving pain killers on your table or a new vase for the full flowers you had begun to cough up.

But the state you were currently in wouldn’t last for long, you could barely eat a meal and you only drunk iced water, tilting back your head to allow the water to soothe your injured throat. But it wasn’t just your throat being affected, Yoongi could tell that when he tried to tuck you into bed, when you looked up at him, big eyes swimming with tears before you looked away muttering, “I haven’t slept in ages.”

“I can tell,” he replied with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, as he climbed into bed next to you. His arm slung over your frail form as he soothed your coughing form and with a sudden realisation that he had been trying to deny for the past month when you had coughed up your first petal, you were in love with him.

Sometimes it’s not a question of catching feelings, but realising they’ve been there all along. Maybe it was seeing you in the hospital surrounded by white walls and the fact you no longer smelt like vanilla and roses, just medicine. Or the x-ray that hung on the opposite side of your wall, showing the flowers that had grown in your lungs, meaning that when Yoongi hugged you now, your heartbeat was fast and your breathing was shallow. But now Yoongi and the boys could no longer touch you, they were kept away looking at you only through the glass and listened to the doctors begging you daily to have the surgery.

Yoongi wondered if it was seeing your defiance, even when they promised you had a week left to live before storming out that did it, that made the feelings bloom from the seeds that had been planted from the first time he had heard your laugh.

But your health didn’t improve, in fact, it continued to deteriorate and as you became too weak to even cough up the flowers, the boys would watch in tears as you simply tilted your neck up and let the next flower sprout out of your mouth, before pulling the blood covered bloom out and placing it into the vase next to you.

It was a heart-shattering sight, and when the doctors finally allowed everyone a final goodbye; Yoongi was the first in. As he fell to his knees at the side of your bed, grasping your thin hand between his and placing his forehead against it as his warm tears fell on your skin, “Yoongi, I can’t breathe.”

The sound of the machine flat lining sent the boys into a frenzy, but Yoongi stayed frozen to the spot, before he leant forward and placing a kiss on your lips whispered, “I’m in love with you.” But the nurses were already tugging the group out of the room, however Yoongi was unable to resist as he began to cough, the boys looked at him in shock as a single white rose petal floated from his lips and to the floor.

Yoongi refused for this to be the end, leaping to his feet he shoved the door open if it was only to see you one more time and burn your face into his memory. But there you were, sitting up and looking around in confusion and as the sun began to shine through your window illuminating your face, Yoongi felt his heart stutter as he barged past doctors to wrap his arms around you, before you asked “Who are you?”

Yoongi fell limp in your arms, and you barely managed to keep a straight face before you burst into laughter, your hands cupping his face before you brought it to your lips, planting a kiss on his soft lips, “You dork, I’d rather die than forget you.”

Yoongi wiped away his tears as he let his head fall onto your shoulder with a sigh, he could still feel love blooming in his chest at just the sound of your voice and he wondered how he would ever make up for the pain you had felt because of him.

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With All My Heart - Part 2

Word Count: 2225

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack

A/N: Again, there will be no tags for this series other than my Jensen tags which are closed. All new fics and only new fics will be reblogged over on my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for easier access. Please do not ask to be tagged. 

Thanks to @impalaimagining for beta-ing this for me super fast at 1:30am! 

With All My Heart Masterlist

Running out on Jensen was one of the dumbest things you’d done in your life. You didn’t quite know why you did it and you’d spent almost every waking moment over the last week curled up on your couch trying to figure it out. He’d been nothing but kind to you, staying with you, driving you home, offering to get your car. You’d stared at his number in your phone a few times, debating whether or not you should call and apologize, but you’d chickened out every single time.

“Well, don’t you look like shit?” You drew your eyes up from your coffee cup and glared at Emma, your best friend who had agreed to meet you for coffee before your doctor’s appointment. You’d asked her to meet you at a smaller, hole in the wall coffee shop for fear of running into Jensen at Starbucks again, although you didn’t exactly tell her that.

“Fuck you too, Emz.” She laughed and sat down across from you, taking a sip of her coffee before looking you over one more time.

“You really do look like hell. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, kinda.” You shrugged. “I have that appointment in like an hour and then I guess I need to go beg Don for my job back.”

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c-taylor  asked:

Could you do 15 and 20 with Suga please? I really like your blog by the way


Reader x Suga 

Word count: 1953

Inspired by this prompt list.

Summary: NSFW SMUUUUUUT. So- don’t read if you’re underage or just not ready for all this steamy goodness. I would apologize, but YOLO.

Originally posted by nnochu

“No that’s wrong. It was earlier than that!“ Jungkook interrupts Jin’s story about some drunken night they had while Taehyung waves at Yoongi then points at the salt. Yoongi hands it over to him. 

It’s always the same. Dinner with Yoongi’s band mates starts with casual conversation and ends with at least two of them arguing over the facts of a story while the others shovel food into their mouths. You didn’t mind though. You were used to it now and it made you feel closer to Yoongi. These boys spent days on the road with him so they were bound to come as part of the package.  

You did start to feel uncomfortable when the topic shifted to places they had sex. It was like a competition ensued between Jimin and Jungkook as they tried to out smart each other with wilder and wilder places. Jin ignored them while shoving some noodles in his mouth.  

“What’s the wildest place you guys have had sex?” Namjoon suddenly asks you and Yoongi, causing you to blush. 

“Hey inappropriate,“ Jin points out, jumping to your aid.  

"Right sorry,” Namjoon mumbles, “oh there was this one time on a roller coaster,” he adds to Jimin and they all start their conversation up again. You nod your thanks to Jin who simply smiles and returns to his food. 

“Hmm what is the wildest place?” Yoongi muses, lips against your ear so only you can hear him. You blush. You don’t know. You weren’t unadventurous, but most of your kinks were acted out in the bedroom. Yoongi didn’t realize it but his lips on your ear were really turning you on and you found yourself crossing your legs.  

"What would you do if I touched you here?“ He asked and your face turned to look at him in shock. Had he really just said that? Your body erupted in goosebumps at the mere thought. You swallowed, darting your eyes around the table to see if anyone was watching the two of you. “Now is not the time for that.”

Yoongi seemed to notice your reaction and it seemed to please him. He ignored your words and dropped his hands from the table down to your leg. You flinched. He shoved your leg, forcing them to uncross, and trailed his fingers over the fabric of your skirt. Ugh he was such a tease sometimes. You had pictures of his hot, naked body in your head and it wasn’t helping you keep your cool. You could feel your cheeks burning. 

He slowly inched his fingers closer to your core and you stiffened as he brushed over it. Nobody seemed to notice and he began to rub harder, pressing the fabric of your clothes against your sex. God it felt good and the risk just made you more aroused. You could barely sit still so you picked up your food and ate it while squirming in your seat. 

Yoongi smirked, knowingly. This boy was so infuriating. You wanted to kiss that smirk right off his smug face but you were side tracked by him slipping his hand up your skirt. Really? He was going to do this right here?  

You choked suddenly as he slid his finger in to your panties then curled it inside you. He only just had room to slip it in. Everyone looked at you as you struggled to breathe and your face turned red. “You okay, Y/n?” 

You simply coughed, nodding your head, and took a drink of water. Jungkook seemed to believe you, turning back to their conversation. Yoongi looked ridiculously smug right now. You wanted to get him back but there was no sly way that you could feel him under the table. 

"You’re going to regret this when we get home,” You growled lowly.  He chuckled as you struggled to hold back your heavy breathing. He pulled his finger out just a bit, using the heel of his hand to brush where you needed him most. You shoveled your mouth with food to disguise the moans that kept dropping from your mouth. “This food is great,” you exaggerated as Yoongi smacked down on your clit roughly. You could feel your core shiver with arousal and your hairs stood on end as that trickling sensation started to float down your bloodstream. You were getting closer and closer and the thought of coming at this table horrified you. 

You crossed your legs and wriggle a little, trying to pry Yoongi away but he simply gripped your knee and separated your legs again. He leaned in to your ear.  "You going to cum, baby?“ He whispered, "you gonna cum for me in front of my friends?”  

“No,” You huffed, using every bit of your will power as you threw his hand away from you. Your eyes darted around the table to check to see if anyone was watching, before pushing yourself up from the table and heading to the bathroom.

It took Yoongi a total of 5 excruciating minutes, before he pushed open the bathroom door and locked it behind him. “Who told you that you were excused?”

You clenched, the dark look in his eyes telling you that you were in for it. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“You’re sorry?” He laughed, “I was being good to you, baby girl, but now I think I’ve changed my mind.”

He took two steps away from the door, grabbing you by the hair as he pulled your lips to his. His mouth drank down your moans, his tongue darting in to claim your own. “On your knees.”

“Yes sir,” you whimpered, sinking down in front of him. The cold tile dug into your knees, but when he began unbuckling his belt, your mind was focused on a completely different kind of pain. His dick was red and painfully hard, pre-cum already dripping down his head to show you just how crazy his antics at the dinner table had made him. Who knew Yoongi would have an exhibitionist kink. 

“Open you mouth for me,” he growled, jerking himself a few times, before pushing past your lips. You moaned at the taste of him, watching as his eyes fell shut, your tongue providing the relief he was desperately seeking. You pulled away from him, licking up and down each side of his member, before sinking back down on him and hollowing your cheeks. 

“That’s it baby,” he breathed, his eyes opening to watch you bob up and down for him. “You look so good with my fucking dick in your mouth.”

You moaned, clenching your legs together as you sought some sort of relief. You were throbbing painfully at this point, your near orgasm from before still just beyond reach. You swirled your tongue around him, trying your best to please him, so he would reward you. 

“So good for me, baby girl.” He breathed, hips bucking into your mouth as he tried to get you to increase your pace. “Use your fingers, baby.”

You sighed with relief, pulling away from him only to allow him to watch you sink down onto your fingers. Your eyes rolled back at the feeling, the delicious stretch exactly what you needed to fuel the raging fire inside of you. “Fuck, you’re so sexy, get back over here.”

He gripped your hair, forcing you all the way back down, his dick making you gag and your eyes water. “Take it for me baby girl, I know you can take it.”

You forced yourself to relax, breathing through your nose as his dick twitched in your throat. He pulled away slowly, relishing in the feeling of you clenched around him, before picking up his pace from before. “I didn’t tell you to stop fucking yourself, did I?” 

You moaned around him, pumping your fingers in and out desperately. “Curl your fingers for me, show me how you touch yourself when I’m on tour.”

You did as he instructed, your fingers stroking your g-spot and making you scream around him. His hips began to move desperately, his grip in your hair pulling harder than before. You knew he was close and the fire dancing through your stomach was getting harder to tame. Your moans were unstoppable, the feeling of your wet walls on your fingers as Yoongi filled your mouth were too much. He hadn’t given you permission yet, but you were going to go crazy if he didn’t let you cum soon. 

“Fuck,” He groaned, slamming back into your mouth fully as his white hot heat released. He pumped slowly in and out of your mouth two more times, before pulling away from your mouth. “Look at you, loosing yourself to just the way my dick feels in your mouth.”

You were desperate, your body riding your hand as drool dripped down onto your neck. “Please, sir, please let me cum.”

“Give me your fingers,” he instructed, his hand reaching for yours impatiently. You whined, pumping faster, so close to your delicious high. “Do as I said, baby girl, or you’ll regret it.”

You whimpered, letting Yoongi have your hand, the sudden emptiness enough to make your eyes fill with tears. He liked your fingers clean, his dark eyes never leaving yours. “You’ve been good for me baby girl, get on the counter.”

You jumped onto your feet, quickly pushing your back against the cold mirror. Yoongi chuckled at your desperation, licking his lips as you spread yourself for him. “You’re such a dirty girl, y/n. So desperate for me to fuck you in this bathroom, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” you whimpered. 

He sunk to his knees, sliding your ruined panties off of your thighs, before pulling your clit in between his lips and sucking. You moan, throwing your head back at the contact. His lips are so soft and warm around your clit, that when he adds his tongue in the mix you can feel your legs shaking. He moves his tongue against you so quickly that you can’t hold back from gripping his hair between your fingers and bucking your hips into his mouth wildly. He grips your hips to keep you from moving, trailing his tongue down to your entrance and pushing in. 

You moan loudly, “Ah fuck, Yoongi, right there.”

His tongue enters you a few more times, before trailing back up to your clit, his fingers slipping in effortlessly. He wastes no time, curling them and sucking your clit into his mouth harshly. His rough movements causing his name to fall past your lips over and over again. When he looks up at you, you can see your wetness around his mouth, his eyes looking so hungrily at you that you feel the white hot band inside of you snap. “That’s it baby girl, cum for me.”

And that’s all you needed to hear as you lose yourself in your orgasm, fist tightening in his hair as your hips buck into his face twice, before he’s pulling away from you and letting you taste yourself on his lips.  

“Ah fuck,” A voice jerks you out of your post orgasm haze, your eyes darting to the door as you scramble to hide behind Yoongi. “You guys should really lock the door.”

“Get out, Kookie,” Yoongi chuckled, not even phased. Jungkook scrambled to shut the door behind him, his eyes darting over your body just before it shuts. 

Yoongi turns to look at your embarrassed cheeks, “Why are you hiding behind me? Let him see how good I fucked you.”

“I thought you locked the door,” you squeaked.

“Oops,” he smirked. 

anonymous asked:

Angsty request here! Scenario: The chocobros are fighting against some Imperial Army troopers and they're just about to finish the last one off. As they go in for the final attack, the enemy uses the chocobros s/o as a human shield. It's too late to stop mid-attack, and their s/o is seriously hurt (almost fatally but not quite). How would the chocobros react: when it happened, with the other chocobros while their s/o was recovering, and after their s/o had healed?

*Comes sliding in the Angst* Angst check list is ready! I’m ready! Let’s do this!



Noctis froze in shock, his sword piercing through your sternum, as you stare at him in the eye a look of shock and horror on your own face. The Prince quickly released his sword, reaching out to catch you, as Prompto shot the MT within the face, stunning it long enough for Noctis to moved you both out the way.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Noctis cried, holding you tightly. He hardly heard Ignis call for a tactical retreat, nor when Gladiolus removed you from his arms. Everything was a complete blur as he moved after the others to a safe heaven.

“We have to wait an see Noct.” Ignis replied, resting a hand on the man’s shoulder.

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Don’t argue

For @starshiphufflebadger‘s birthday challenge!


As per the norm I have waited until the last possible day to squeeze this in. I apologize that it isn’t as long as my usual fics. I hope you like it anyway and I hope you are having a wonderful, and fantastic vacation!!

Prompt: “You should be in bed!“

1,557 word(s) of fluff

Leonard x Reader

No Warnings

You were sitting in the floor, PADD in your lap, with various papers and folders scattered around you in messy piles that only you understood. You moved your hair out of your face and pulled the blanket that you had draped around you tighter as you shivered slightly.

You turned your head to the side and let out a deep, wet cough, wheezing slightly to catch your breath. Your cough was loud enough that it masked the quiet whoosh of the front doors opening. When you heard the quiet shuffling of boots, you knew it was too late.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing Y/N?” Leonard asked as he came around the side of the couch and stared down at you with his arms crossed firmly across his chest, nostrils beginning to flare slightly.

“I need to get caught up on all this paperwork, Len. The longer I’m out, the more its going to pile up.” You retorted, gesturing to your piles of paperwork, not daring to look up at Leonard’s face. You knew the disapproving glare all too well that you were probably getting.

“Don’t argue with me. You should be in bed! The longer you refuse to take care of yourself, the longer it’s going to take for you to recover. You’re leaving me no choice here.” Leonard let out a small grumble as he pulled out his own PADD, typing in a few things and pushing a couple buttons.

“Hey! Len, that isn’t fair! Come on!” You protested with a small whine and a wheeze, pushing buttons trying to get your PADD to respond as it had dutifully locked you out per Leonard’s medical leave orders.

“Sorry darlin’. I did warn you that last time was the final time.” Leonard looked down at you with a stern glare. You knew that it was useless to argue any further, so you laid your pad on the floor and started to rub your face. Now that you didn’t have work to take your mind off of things, you were starting to realize just how crappy you really felt. You let out a quiet groan as your head pounded in protest to the hours of reading you had been doing.

“Need a hand there sugar?” Leonard replied more softly this time, taking pity as he took in your  defeated, tired frame. You nodded your head slightly, letting out a small whimper, with your face still in your hands. Leonard’s lips turned into a small smile as he bent down to help you up.

“Alright, come on sweetheart, up you get.” Leonard mumbled quietly in your ear as he put his arms under you and helped you up. You swayed slightly on your feet as you stood in place. Leonard brought you into his chest slowly, hugging you gently. You laid your head on his shoulder for a few moments as he rubbed your back gently, kissing your forehead softly.

“When’s the last time you ate, Y/N?” Leonard asked as he pulled you away slowly, and started to gently check you over before placing his hands on your shoulders to steady you. You finally glanced up and looked into Leonard’s eyes, seeing that his anger had melted away and was replaced with soft hazel eyes, full of concern for you.

“What time is it?” You replied quietly as you brought up your arms and hugged your chest tightly. Leonard’s eyes immediately narrowed as he gave you a disapproving look.You quickly dropped your eyes from his face as you stared at the floor, bracing yourself.

“Well that tells me everything I need to know.” Leonard replied quietly, but gruffly, while rolling his eyes slightly. “You know you can’t do this Y/N. You’ve got to take care of yourself or you’ll never get better. Now come on, let’s get you in bed and I’ll fix you something to eat.” Leonard said sternly, as he slowly slipped his arms under your legs and picked you up, not leaving any room for you to argue, even though you were too tired at this point.

You curled up into Leonard’s chest as much as you could, enjoying the warmth that radiated from him. You rubbed your head against his chest as you heard Leonard let out a tiny sigh.

“Why do you do this to yourself Y/N?” Leonard asked as he gazed down at you and kissed your cheek softly. You let out as much of a shrug as you could manage.

“You’ll be the death of us both.” Leonard chuckled airily as he nuzzled your cheek.

“No, I believe that role is reserved for Jim.” You joked weakly, lips tugging into a small smile.

“Well, I can’t argue with that.” Leonard laughed out loud this time, making his chest rumble against your cheek.

Leonard laid you down gently in the bed and he brought some pillows behind your back and head, propping you up slightly so you could eat. Leonard brought the sheets up as he noticed you shiver slightly, not having his body heat to keep you warm, after having another coughing fit.

“Stay here and I’ll be right back with something to eat.” Leonard ordered gently as he kissed your forehead again softly. You flopped your head back on the pillows, getting comfortable. Your took in a deep breath, eyes starting to droop as you sank further into the mattress. You must have dozed off because you were awoken gently as Leonard shook your shoulder.

“Hey, wake up sweetheart. You need to eat something for me.” Leonard spoke gently as he sat down the bowl of soup and a glass of tea, along with a hypo of antibiotics on the bedside table. You just groaned and tried to flip over, but Leonard was sitting on the sheets just right.

“Not hungry; tired.” You mumbled out, pulling up the covers over your head, trying your best to ignore Leonard, who wasn’t having it.

“You should have been sleeping this whole time, Y/N. Now you’re going to sit up and eat something for me so I can give you your next round of antibiotics.” Leonard replied sternly with a glare and you knew it was useless at this point. It didn’t stop you from whining quietly in protest, letting out a wheezy cough, sitting yourself up slowly anyway.

Leonard handed you the soup carefully as he scooted on the edge of the bed and kicked off his shoes and then stood up and took off his pants and medical tunic then slowly sliding in the bed beside you. Leonard leaned you back gently against his chest and reached over to grab the cup of tea.

You snuggled into Leonard’s chest, grateful for his warmth once again as you ate your soup slowly,, which seemed to help soothe your sore throat and cough. Leonard sat behind you quietly, rubbing your back gently as you coughed, humming softly in your ear as he kissed you neck softly.

You finally finished your soup and tea with quiet, murmured encouragement from Leonard. You sat the bowl on the bed and Leonard grabbed it and set it on the bedside table silently.

Leonard grabbed the hypo and got it ready. You tilted your head slightly, already knowing the routine. Leonard pressed the hypo to your neck gently and administered it and rubbed the spot softly, making you cough.

“When is this stuff going to start helping?” You asked quietly as your eyelids got heavy once more.

“When you start listening to me and start taking care of yourself. No more work, only sleeping and eating for you for the next couple days, and that’s an order.” Leonard said as he rewrapped his arms around you and pulled you close, kissing the side of your head gently.

“Okay, okay, alright. You win.” You wheezed out, clearing your throat loudly. “No more work.” You mumbled as you buried your head in Leonard’s chest, rubbing it gently.

“I mean it Y/N. I’ll come and randomly check on you if I have to, or drag you to medical till you’re better.” Leonard said sternly as he kissed your cheek. Leonard moved his fingers to the pulse point in your neck, taking note of your vitals as the medicine coursed through your veins. This was your second round of antibiotics and you had shown no signs of reaction, but that didn’t stop Leonard from worrying.

“No, no, please no.” You replied quickly as you clung to Leonard tighter at the thought of having to stay in medical. You knew Leonard would do as he said as you buried your head deeper in his chest.

“I thought not.” Leonard chuckled softly as he ran his hands up and down your back, humming softly. You nuzzled your head into Leonard’s neck as you soon found it impossible to keep your eyes open.

“Thanks Len, I love you.” You slurred out quietly as you felt yourself dozing off, relaxing your grip around Leonard’s waist.

“You’re welcome sweetheart, I love you too. Now get some rest. I’ll be right here when you wake up.” Leonard replied quietly as he shifted in the bed slightly, getting the both of you comfortable.

You hummed into Leonard’s chest and mumbled incoherently as you finally fell asleep with Leonard’s arms wrapped tightly around you.

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sick days

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader

You had just gotten out of your last class at Colombia. You couldn’t stop coughing and your head was spinning. Clumsily, you reached for your phone in your pocket. You tiredly scrolled through your contacts and finally landed on one.The only boy you knew that would be home would be Lafayette so you called his phone and headed out towards the front of the college.

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Remember Me - Epilogue

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: After (Y/N) memory gets wiped by Hydra, Bucky and the others have to figure out how to get it back. Will they succeed or is it lost forever?
Warning: mention of injuries, just some fluff


This is the last one guys!!! Thank you so much for sticking with me through this story, I really loved writing it and reading all of your reactions!! I have another series planned, probably with Seb, so stay tuned! ;) (I haven’t started, so it may take a while as you know me :P)

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Prompt #1:Being caught under the mistletoe with Eric.

For: @gari-budi and anon

I have other imagines with the same OCs if you want to read those as well: Part 1 and Part 2

You hang up a few more decorations around the leader staff room, you were the youngest of the six Dauntless leader, and you had taken it upon yourself to decorate for Christmas. Most of the leaders were pretty enthusiastic, others couldn’t care less.

You put the star on the tree and climb down the ladder, you sigh, admiring your own efforts. Victoria, another leader and one of your closest friends comes in to the room, followed by Jared, Max and Harrison, “You’ve really out done yourself Y/N, this looks amazing.”

“Damn Y/N, this shit is impressive!” Jared says cheerfully, running his hand through his blue hair.

“Thanks guys!” You say proudly, you glance around the room before asking, “Where’s Eric?”

“Why? You worried?” Victoria nudges you in the side, while Jared gives you a wink.

“Oh shut up! I was just wondering,” You say blushing, “Shit! I forgot the stockings! I’ll be right back!”

Just as you were about to leave the room when Eric came in, you walked straight into his chest, “Careful there Y/L/N.”

Victoria gives a little cough, you ignore her, “S-sorry Eric!”

Jared coughs louder, “Y/N?”

You turn your head to glare at him, and he gestures above you. A mistletoe. “Um, I-I, shit-”

“Oh don’t act all surprised Y/N, you put that up there,” Victoria giggle.

“Well,” Jared singsongs, “it is tradition.”

Before you have a chance to respond, Eric turns you around and presses his lips to yours. It’s only a quick peck, but you feel the sparks flying around you. Once you pull away, you feel breathless, Victoria and Jared shamelessly laugh at you and you blush harder.

“I-I need to go get the -um- the stockings!” You say before running out of the room. That sure was interesting.

Part 4

Masterlist // Rules List // To-Do List

Attracted To The Enemy (Part 4)

[Gang AU] [ Warning: Violence + Language + Suggestive ]

You wanted to keep your eyes open but struggled. At the moment your eyelids seemed to weigh more than you. Even as you felt life coming to an end your biggest concern was Jay. You starred at your hand as he wrapped his own around it. “Sorry…” you were able to whisper, the last thing you wanted was to die a liar. “…I didn’t tell you.”

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anonymous asked:

how the dads handle dadsona caring for them when sick?

🥃 If Robert was grumpy on a good day, he was even worse when he was sick. Honestly, you didn’t even notice he was sick until you realised you two hadn’t seen or even talked to each other in days, which wouldn’t have been worrying pre-rehab, but was far from the norm nowadays. So you’d gone over to his house and let yourself inside, worried something bad had happened. You found Robert in his bedroom, buried under more blankets than you thought he owned. And he is absolutely miserable. “Do you want me to get you anything?” He just grunts and turns his head so it’s buried in the pillow. Since he can’t see you, you throw up your hands in frustration and roll your eyes. “Juice?” He grunts. “Soup?” Same response. “Want me to stab you?” That, at least, got you an amused snort, which was immediately followed by a cough. He coughs so badly, you worry he might choke, but then he turns on his back and glares at you. “Don’t make me laugh,” he grumbles. His voice is rough like sandpaper. “I didn’t do it on purpose.” Your protest doesn’t seem to interest Robert one bit. He turns back on his side and pulls a blanket over his head. “Doesn’t matter. Don’t.” Unsure what to do with yourself, you just stand there, shifting your weight from one foot to the other. Maybe you should leave him alone, he doesn’t seem to want your company – or any other person’s, for that matter. Robert is quiet for so long, you wonder whether he’s fallen asleep, but then he turns to look at you again and raises an eyebrow. You politely do not tell him he looks like shit; you figure he already knows anyway. “About that soup…” His pointed expression makes you chuckle. “Sure thing, coming right up. Try not to die while I’m out.” He huffs out a laugh and shows you the finger. “Wouldn’t want to do you that favour.”

🍸 You lean against the door leading to Joseph’s bedroom and sink down against it with a quiet sigh. You love the man, you really do, but god, he’s an absolute menace when he’s sick. It’s a simple cold, but he makes it seem like he is down with the plague. Had he stopped overworking himself when the first symptoms emerged, things might have been different now, but he hadn’t, and now he is bedridden and, if you believed him, dying. You run a hand through your hair and brace yourself. You count the fact he hasn’t called for you in the last five minutes a blessing and push open the door. “Hey,” you say quietly. Joseph makes a small noise in the back of his throat and waves weakly. “I brought you soup. It’s in a thermos so you can drink it easily.” He manages a smile and makes grabby hands for the flask. The moment you give it to him, he cradles it close to his chest. “Thank you,” he whispers. A second passes. Then, he makes grabby hands again. “Y/N?” Joseph whines. “Can you get me some juice?” Your left eye twitches but you nod indulgingly. “Orange?” He nods and drops his hands again, burrowing them under the blankets you dropped on him when you first dropped by. “Do you want anything else? Some more cold medicine? Something against your cough?” Joseph shakes his head and turns on his side, looking sleepy and exhausted. “Thank you, but I don’t need anything. You already did more than I asked for, Y/N. I love you.” Warmth floods through your chest. “I love you too,” you say and turn around to get his juice. As you set your foot over the doorframe, his voice makes you pause. “Maybe some medicine would be nice after all.”

☕ You gently brush back Mat’s locks from his sweaty forehead and replace the damp washcloth with a new, cold one. His fever has thankfully gone down from 102 degrees Fahrenheit to 101,3, so you’re hopeful he will be better soon. Carmensita had called you early in the morning because her father was sick and needed someone to care for him, and you’d taken the day off work to do just that. As far as patients go, he is an angel. Whether that is because he’s too out of it to be a nuisance or just how he always is, you don’t know, but you don’t question your luck. You smile when he leans into your touch and mumbles something under his breath that you don’t understand, and lean down to kiss his cheek. Mat’s eyelids flutter, then he slowly opens his eyes, looking up at you sleepily. “Hey, baby,” you say, and he chuckles at the nickname. “How are you feeling?” He shifts a little and you adjust the cloth, making him groan at the cold. “Better.” Even when sick his voice sounds soft and smooth, like honey. “Thank you for taking care of me.” Leaning down, you kiss his cheek again. Mat turns his head and his lips brush over your jaw. “Of course, baby. Anytime. Take it as repayment for all the free coffee and banana bread you always give me.” Mat chuckles and hums. When he starts coughing, you help him sit up a little, offering him a glass of water. He downs it greedily and sighs at the relief it gives him. “Go back to sleep, baby, I’ll make Carmensita something for lunch when she comes back from school.” You stay by Mat’s sides until he’s snoring and though it’s gross, you find the sight of him endearing.

🌹 “You didn’t have to come,” Damien says weakly as he opens the door for you. He looks even paler than he already does normally, a faint sheen of sweat making his skin look grey and sickly. He’s leaning heavily against the door, prompting you to reach out and wrap a steadying arm around his waist to make sure he wouldn’t fall down if his legs gave in. Where your skin touches his, you can feel him burning up. “Of course I had to, Dames. I can’t leave you in Lucien’s care, who knows what kind of ideas he might get when he’s bored.” Damien chuckles; the sound catches in his throat and before you know it, you’re the only thing holding him up as he coughs violently. He’s not that heavy, thankfully, so you manage to manoeuvre him into bed with few problems. You pull the blankets up to his chin and feel his temperature. “Where do you keep your medicine?” He gestures towards the bathroom. When you return, carrying everything you could find, he propped himself up with a few pillows and he is watching you with tired, shining eyes. “If we were living in the Victorian ages,” he says while you check all the labels, “you might have offered me a Cigare de Joy. By smoking them you would inhale the cough treatment, for example Stramonium. Of course—“ He cuts himself off with a sneeze and coughs. “—Stramonium causes hallucinations, but it brought genuine relief for the sick.” You pour some cough syrup into a small cup and offer it to him. “I don’t have any of those handy, so this’ll have to do. Bottoms up.” He returns your smile and obediently drinks his medicine.

🎣 You find Brian curled up in his bed. His face seems to be locked in a fight with his hair over who can get redder and at the moment, his face is winning. You put down the soup you prepared after Daisy called you and sit down on the bed next to him. “Hey, babe,” you say softly. He opens his eyes and shuffles away from you, as far as the bed would let him. “You should keep your distance,” he croaks out. “I don’ wan’ to make you sick. ‘s contagious.” You frown and reach out to touch his forehead. No, he doesn’t feel that hot, it can’t be hallucinations. “What makes you say that?” He looks so upset and worried, if you hadn’t known it was just the flu, you would be scared now. Instead of answering, he points at his phone. Confused, you take it and unlock the screen. It’s the internet app, still open. You skim over the page that is open, your frown getting deeper the more you read. Finally, you are done and look up at him again. “Brian,” you say, dryly. “Did you seriously google your symptoms?” Brian snuffles and blows into the tissue. The sound reminds you of ship horns or whales.  “I wan’ed to know wha’ I got, ‘cause it do’n’t feel like the flu.” You see tears rush into his eyes and the next moment he is full out bawling. Awkwardly, you pat his shoulder. “There, there… it’s nothing serious, Brian, you just have the flu. Don’t worry…” You put aside the phone, making a mental note to ban Brian from accessing the internet while he was sick.

👟 How Briar even got your phone number, you have no idea. But you’re definitely glad she did, because there was no way the twins would have been able to deal with this alone. This being their father, who is sick, but absolutely in denial. It takes both Briar and Hazel sitting down on top of him to stop him from getting up and even then Craig is still trying to go to work. “Bro, stop it, I’m not letting you out of bed.” You push him down again and feel his temperature. He’s still burning up. “I’m not sick,” he says or rather tries to. It is only through your experience with his college self that you’re able to understand his mumbling. “Yes, you are. Craig, come on, you can’t really believe I’d let you go to work like this.” Craig sniffles. You barely manage to hold the tissue against his nose before he is sneezing already. “I’m not—“ He coughs and it sounds horrible. His immune system is better than any other person’s so when he does get sick, it’s bad. With a sigh, you release the twins from their duties and pull the blanket up to Craig’s chin. He doesn’t protest, but that’s only because he is visibly fighting to keep his eyes open. “Bro… please go to sleep. If you force yourself to go to work like that, it’ll only get worse and last for longer. Please?” When he doesn’t reply, you look at his face. He’s fast asleep. Finally.

📖 You would have expected Hugo, of all people, to recognise the signs of illness and do the reasonable thing – which was staying at home and recovering in peace. But no, here he is, already halfway out of the door by the time he slips up and sneezes in front of you. You narrow your eyes, take in his shining eyes, the light shimmer of sweat on his forehead and his red nose, and put your hands on your hips. “Hugo Vega, where do you think you are going?” He, at least, has the decency to look sheepish. “To… work?” His voice is at least an octave deeper than normal and he realises his error when you frown at him. “I’m fine, I just caught the cold that’s making the rounds at school. It’s nothing.” His nose starts to twitch and—he sneezed so loudly the glasses in the cupboards trembled. Before he can try and continue his (futile, mind you) attempts at convincing you, you walk up to him and nudge him, back towards the bedroom. “That neither look like you’re fine, nor like it’s nothing. You, sir, are sick and sick people do not go to work.”
“No, no buts. You have more sick days than there are days in the calendar, there are no important tests or exams today, and your school has enough teachers to jump in and cover your classes. If I missed any other excuse, feel free to try it, but the answer stays the same. You’re staying at home until you’re feeling better and that’s final.” He opens his mouth to protest, but shuts it again when he sees your expression. Once you got him to sit on the bed, you pinch your nose and sigh. If sick Hugo is anything, anything even remotely close to sick Ernest, you’re in for a long week.

Just Like Icarus

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: But must it always be a tragedy?
Maybe suns are meant to love
boys who fall into seas.” (x)
Words: 1,934
Warnings: language + (v vague) mentions of blood
Notes: honestly??? idk either but i’m going w it (ps: i know there’s a gender in the summary but the one shot’s a generic reader so there’s no descriptions of ((your)) gender)

Originally posted by n-barnes

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limerence | 0.2

pairing: exo x reader
genre: college!au, series, fluff
summary: anything was interesting enough to distract from assignments, but sometimes those distractions are very attractive boys.

 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.9 / 01

A/N: 0.1-0.9 is more like a very short background of each member, 01 is when the fic begins properly + its l8 but its here so yall cant complain

Originally posted by taos-peach-ass

Dragging your legs seemed more challenging with each step. The drowsiness of another day that seemed to have dragged out finally taking its toll on you, despite the initial excitement you had to finally get into your room and rest. 

Your back began aching, pain shot up and down your spine and began spreading to your neck from the weight of your bag. Hunching over seemed to be the only choice you had if you didn’t want to collapse halfway to your room, even if the odd position did embarrass you if anyone happened to walk past.

Huffing and groaning to yourself, as quietly as you could, you continued to trod across campus. Your eyes were stuck on the ground, watching yourself take each heavy step exhausted you while always filling you with slight relief knowing you were closer to the comfort of your bed.

Your bed. How you wished to fall onto it, cover yourself with the warmth of your blanket. Lay your head on your soft pillows and drift off into a deep slumber. A slumber so sweet that you’d wake up feeling alive, ready for the day, something you hadn’t felt all week. It was only the temptation of sleep that had kept you going throughout the week; to someone else it may have been funny, the thought that sleeping was what had willed you through a prolonged week. Not to you though, to you it was a sweet reward for working so hard. 

Aches in your thigh forced you to a halt. 

Staying hunched over, you paused. Everything seemed hazy, as if you weren’t truly stood, doubled over, in the middle of a large pathway. If anyone was to see you, it was clear they would assume you were slowly reaching death; which, in your opinion, you were.

Despite the pain, you were determined to get through it. After all you had been for a week, you refused to give up now. Not when you were only 5 minutes away from the welcoming warmth of your bed. 

Gulping down, you took two short steady breaths; telling yourself with your third, you would stand up and confidently walk to your room as if there was nothing troubling you.Breathing in the final time, you closed your eyes, you felt your bag get lighter. The weight lifting off your back, as if it was no longer there. 

That was until, you felt it tug around your shoulders. As if someone was trying to pull it off you.

Crouching down to your level, he turned his head towards you; staring at you curiously. 

“Hey, are you alright?”

Turning your head, you coughed out from the sudden intake of breath. Or maybe because of just how incredibly good looking he was. 

Smiling at your reaction, he realised you weren’t as troubled as you seemed. His striking, thinly shaped brows relaxed. He blinked a few times before letting his embarrassed smile take over his face and push up into his eyes.

You returned his smile as your heart fluttered at the sight, and at how close he was to you. His cologne spread around you and you would be lying if you said it wasn’t pleasing to you.

“Here, let me carry it for you. You look like you’re dying,” He joked in his smooth voice. 

Stuttering out an okay, you quickly pulled your arms out of the straps after you both stood up properly. His veins protruded from his forearms at the weight of your bag, but it didn’t bother him. 

You stood and awkwardly, yet excitedly, watched as he took of the right strap of his own bag and flung yours onto his broad shoulder. 

Pressing his lips together he smiled at you with an expectant expression. When you didn’t reply, he raised his eyebrows slightly; hoping you would realise what you needed to do.

As realisation hit, you widened your eyes and slightly jumped in place as if a electricity shot into your body.

“Oh! It’s this way,” You exclaimed before pointing in the direction you were heading. 

He gave you another smile before beginning to walk, his pace slow to match yours.

Oh Sehun.