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part 2 

“I already told you Ethan, I forgot!” You yell at your angry boyfriend, turning around to face him.

“You forgot? I told you specifically what to get me before you left, Y/N!” He yells back even louder, making you step back a bit. You two were having another one of your stupid fights, and this one happened to be about you forgetting to get him something from the grocery store which was basically irrelevant.

“Are you seriously yelling at me forgetting your stupid snack Ethan? It’s food. Go get it yourself if you want it so bad!” You roll your eyes and begin to put away the groceries.

“It’s not just this, Y/N. You’re just so inconsiderate. It’s like I ask you one thing and you just brush it off like it doesn’t matter!” He continues to fight but you just put the groceries away, trying to keep in all the harsh words you wanted to yell in his face.

“Like your doing right now! You don’t listen to me, ever. It’s annoying, Y/N. Really annoying.” He tells you and you slam the gallon of milk you had in your hand on the counter, looking at Ethan angrily.

“All we do is fight Ethan! This is so stupid. You have to make every little thing something huge. I do listen to you Ethan, I just forgot. The one time I every forget anything you ask for, You tell me I  don’t listen and that i’m annoying? How does that even make sense?” You yell at him, putting your hands up in frustration.

“I-I can’t do this right now,” He tells you, walking away but you stop him by yelling some more which was not wise.

“No, Ethan. You have to do this right now. I can’t do this anymore, all this fighting is tiring. We fight everyday now, Ethan. We can’t go one day without screaming at each other for something as stupid as chips!” You scream and he turns around with wide eyes,

“What are you trying to tell me, Y/N?” He runs a hand through his hair stressfully, “You want to leave?” He laughs humorlessly and you cross your arms, “Then leave! Go! I’m not stopping you.” He tells you and tears brim your eyes.

“Fine, if you’re so fond of the idea I will leave.” You yell back, holding back your tears unsuccessfully. You walk past him, grabbing your jacket from the coat hanger and taking your keys from the counter.

“Y/N,” He starts but you put your hand up to stop him,

“You know what Ethan? Maybe me leaving is a good thing. Then maybe you’ll realize what your stupid fights cost.” You cry and his face visibly softens,

“Baby,” He takes your hand but you rip it away from him angrily.

“No! You can’t fix this Ethan! We can’t fix this. The fighting is too much. It’s not worth all these tears!” You say with tears running down your face and you see tears begin to form in his eyes, too.

“Don’t go, okay? I don’t want you to leave, I need you, baby. The fight was stupid, so stupid. I promise we won’t fight anymore, just stay..” He practically begs you but your mind was already set.

You knew the fights wouldn’t end now. You loved Ethan with everything you had, but the fights you were having were so stupid and irrelevant, and it was tiring. You figured it would be good to spend a little time away from each other. The thought of being away from Ethan made you cry even harder, but you had to do this.

“Ethan, We need time,” You attempt to say through your crying, but it came out slower than you intended.

“Please,” He whisper and see a tear stream down his face, making your heart break just a little more.

“I can’t do this,” You mumble and open the front door, “ I’m sorry Ethan. We can’t keep fighting like this, baby. I love you, but I can’t do this.” You sniffle and wipe your tears away with the sleeve of your shirt but they were quickly replaced with more tears.

“Y/N, you can’t leave.” He cries and you shake your head,

“Goodbye Ethan.” You say and exit his house, speed walking to your car and getting in quickly, shutting the door with a lot of force.

You slam your hands on your steering wheel and begin to sob, leaning your forehead against the window.  Just then you realized how much little fights like those could ruin a relationship, and how much it just damaged yours. As you sat in the car, a sad, sobbing mess, you began to think it was a big mistake to walk out of that house.

a/n – sadness consumes me. lmao just kidding, but yeah….

BTS: When they’re getting jealous.


After the intense work Jimin had been put through, he finally came home with exciting news. “Jagi, i’m home”. The only sound he could hear was your laughter. He put his backpack on the ground walking into the livingroom. “Oh, Zico. You’re so funny” He heard you say into your phone, he saw the smile on your face. He didn’t like it. A few seconds later you turned around seeing your boyfriends angry face. He walked aggressively towards you. You were frightened, you’ve never seen him like this. In your mind he was always the sweet and gentle Jimin. As he stood right infront of you he looked at the wall to his right. “Y/N, give me your phone right now”. You gave him your phone with no hesitation. “Hello Zico, i just wanted to tell you that Y/N is mine, and mine only. Have a nice day” And he hung up looking deep into your eyes. You looked away slightly, stuttering your sentence “Wh.. why did you.. hang up like that?” “Jagi, you’re mine, and mine only. Like i told that zico of yours” “He’s not mine! He’s.. just a friend..”  You lowered your voice as he tilted your chin upwards. He smiled. “Don’t be afraid jagi, you know me, i wouldn’t hurt you. But i was just scared that maybe you found someone new, i got.. well, mad”. You smiled back and kissed him. “i love you Jimin” “I love you too Jagi, and you know what? I’m all yours the next couple of months, we’re done with the comeback” You looked at him with happy eyes and hugged him tightly.


Finally you guys were official, the golden maknae and the gorgeous (Y/N) from the famous girl group; Purely girls. You and Jungkook had both been off work the last couple of weeks so you decided to take a vacation together. You thought you were escaping the flashy lights and the questions. Jungkook seemed to hear one of the questions from the paparazzi. “Jungkook, how do you feel about the rumours of Y/N and Do Kyungsoo?” He didn’t respond but as soon as you escaped the flashy lights and got into the car he gave you an irritated look. You heard the question as well, and that’s why you went public, because of the stupid rumour just because you and D.O shooted a Drama together doesn’t mean that you were together. “Jungkook please don’t listen to..” You were interrupted. “Yah, how can you say that? I can’t look anywhere on the social media, without finding you and D.O kissing” “But that was the drama not.. wait? Are you jealous?” You had the biggest smile on your face while cuddling up to him. “No! maybe, well yeah i am. So what?!” “I’ve never seen you like this it’s cute” “It’s not cute, and if i ever find out that D.O’s trying to do anything.. i don’t know what i’ll do to him”. “Don’t worry, we’re on vacation! Let’s go in the pool once we arrive, okay?” “Jagi.. How about we jump right into bed?” He said with lust filled in his eyes and gently tapping your naked lap. 


“Jagi, i’m cumming!” Just as you were laying in bed with your husband on your honeymoon. Him on top, you matching his wild thrusts with your hips. As he said those words a loud knock was at the door. You both stopped and he didn’t get to finish. “Y/N, i thought you put the Don’t disturb sign on the doorknob” You were still panting and and missing the kisses from his lips. “I did” He smiled an kissed your forehead. “Wait here baby, i’ll be right back” You closed your eyes re-dreaming your wedding. When a waiter walked into your room, luckily the blanket covered your body. “Hello, my name is Seon, i’ll be your waiter at this hotel. Here’s my card if you..” You looked at him with shocked eyes, you couldn’t believe that he didn’t check what state you were in. And his eyes met yours. Namjoon returned with his credit card. “I’m so sorry, but here’s my card if you need anything” He winked at you, you accepted the card. The waiter left after your husband paid for the champagne. He undressed himself from the rope again and kissed you passionately. Just as his eyes saw the card the waiter gave his new wife. He saw a note on it. “Hey, call me ;) <3″ He stopped all of his actions. “We’re on our honeymoon and you’re already flirting with he waiter?” He didn’t look too amused. “What are you..” He held the card up so you could see the note. You both laughed and continued your little game. The next few days the waiter would wink at you, lighty bumping into you, he would even call and check every night what you were up to when one night Namjoon took the hotel phone “Yah! She’s married, with me! We’re on our honeymoon, stay away from her!” He yelled into the phone. “Well, why does she keep answering my calls, not complaining when i touch her bare shoulders..” Your furious husband smacked the phone down. He ran over to you. “The next time he does anything.. then.. we’re leaving. I would beat him up, trust me. But i’m an idol, i can’t babe. I’m sorry” You just smiled and kissed him. “Then i’ll beat him up Mr. Jealous” 


You and Hoseok have been dating for almost two months, and as time flew by you guys fell even more in love. To that point when you started hanging out with the other members when Hoseok practiced their new dance for their new song. You and the other guys were bored because it was usually your boyfriend who led up the mood with his funny self. You knew that Hoseok was jealous, because you had 6 boys around you all time, and they knew it too, but they just pranked him a couple of times. Making Hoseok paranoid. “We never used the pool” Suga said while looking at the other boys. You just came back from your cold shower, it was a hot summer day. When the boys looked at you with mischievous looks. “What?” Was all you could ask when you were being dragged by Jimin, Suga and Jungkook. “What are you doing? Guys, it’s not funny please don’t do this!” And at that second Hoseok entered the pool area. As Suga lifted you up to throw you in the pool you saw your boyfriends eyes, filled with jealousy. “Hoseok, help me!” The other guys laughed and Suga threw you in. It was like the time stood still and Hoseok jumped right in after you, as he noticed your white shirt were completely see through he didn’t let you go. You instantly clung to him, coughing. He held you. “*Whistling* Look at Y/N!” Jimin shouted. They all started whistling at you, for fun so they could make your boyfriend jealous. Again. You got out of the water, being carried by Hoseok, when he turned around and almost yelled. “No one gets to be alone with Y/N”. They laughed and he carried you to your bed. “Thank you, Hoseok” You started kissing him, taking off your wet shirt. He slowly pushed you away. “Jagi, you can’t let them touch you, i don’t trust them” He kissed you again. “They’re just trying to make you jealous” You kissed him back. “It’s working”. He stated, and you kept kissing. 


You were walking in the big park with your boyfriend, Suga. He always wore masks, sunglasses and a beanie or a cap. To hide himself. He didn’t want to go public, he was scared for you, what the fangirls wold do to you. You understood that. “Oppa, look at that Cherry tree!” You pointed at the huge tree in front of you. “Jagi, let me take a photo of you, you’ll look even more beautiful next to the tree”. You walked over to the tree and posed for him, you could hear the click sound from his expensive camera. Then a handsome business man came over coughing. “Excuse me, hi i’m Park Lee. I was wondering why a beautiful woman like you were standing here alone”. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t interfere in the situation. “That’s very sweet of you but i’m not al..” The man took your hand. Seconds later you felt Suga’s hand grabbing yours. “She’s not alone, let her go”. The guy raised his eyebrows at Suga. “You really want to go on a date with him, when you can have me?” He gave you a creepy smile. “Please just let go..” You said to the guy, but he refused. Suga became possessive. “Is there something you don’t understand? She wants you to let her go!”. At that time there was a whole audience looking at you. “Suga, please don’t we’re crowded”. The man got upset and tore the mask off of Suga, including his sunglasses. The crowd immediately recognised Suga. They started screaming and the man released your hand in shock. The girls were running towards you when you felt Suga’s hand on yours again. “Time to go!” You ran through the streets hearing that they loved Suga and they wanted to marry him. You became jealous. You ran into an alley, where no one would find you. “I don’t know what to say Y/N, i’m so sorry” “Look, Yoongi, they won’t hurt me, because i’m positive that you’re the one saving me”. “i couldn’t save you from that bastard” “But you did Suga, look at me. I’m the one who should be jealous, you have a legit fanclub. I don’t, okay?” You kissed him tenderly, you could feel him nodding in the kiss. “And for the record, i wasn’t jealous, i just didn’t like the guy”. “Yeah right..”


You were with your girl friends, just hanging out at your apartment. Jin was busy, first he had to prepare for the comeback and now he had to tour. It was rough, but whenever you felt lonely. You’d just call your friends. You were eating pizza and drinking expensive wine, like you guys always did. As you guys were getting a little tipsy, you went to the computer and your friend said. “Omg, you like Taeyang? How does Jin feel about it” You laughed and put a finger across your mouth “Shhh, he doesn’t know” But what you didn’t know was that your dearly boyfriend Jin, was at the other side of the wall, he heard your little chat, but acted like he didn’t. “Jagi, are you home? I brought some ice cream” You and your friends became quiet. “Y/N, you’re not alone anymore so we’ll go, see you at work?” “Yeah sure, see ya”. Your friends left, you were at the door, when you felt a light breeze on your neck “Jin! You scared me!” He took you by your waist and pushed you hard against the door. He kissed your neck even harder than ever. “You never told me you liked Taeyang..” Your eyes shot wide open, you knew that Jin was easily made jealous or possessive over you. “I don’t.. like him. He just sings..” You were interrupted by the friction of his crotch grinding against your womanhood. You moaned. “He just, what.. Jagi?” “Nothing, oppa”. He lifted you up, your legs were tightly around his waist. He kept kissing you roughly until he looked at you with dangerous eyes. Never taking his eyes off of you, you could hear his zipper in his pants being opened. Luckily for him, you were wearing a skirt. He pushed your thong aside, still keeping eye contact. “I bet he can’t do this Y/N” He pushed himself inside of you slowly. “Jin, please take me to bed” Was all you could say. As he started thrusting harder and harder causing you to grip his hair and moan his name, “Jagi, who is that you like?” He kept thrusting harder. “You! Oppa. I like you!” You screamed as you felt his seeds spilling inside of you. He then carried you bridal style into your bed. He kissed you swollen lips. “Don’t make me jealous jagi”.


You were the new star in Korea, a rising actress. You’d just finished your last shoot for the Drama, so you and your colleagues and the other actors and actresses went along into the wild life of a friday night in the club. Everyone knew that you and Taehyung had been dating, but because of schedules you guys broke up, you both cried at the time, you were so in love. But there’s one thing you didn’t know. Taehyung was at the club you were in. The club was really crowded, but people eventually moved when they saw you, Y/N. You guys came up to the bar, when you saw Namjoon, he waved. You waved back. “Who are you waving at?” Taehyung asked and looked in your direction. You guys made eye contact but quickly you looked away again. After an hour or so, an hour filled with eye contact and smiling at each other. “Y/N, have some fun. Don’t just stand there, dance!” Your drunk friend yelled into your ear. You sat at the bar thinking about you and your Ex. Same did he, at the bar. Across from you. Suddenly you hear your phone through all the noise, you se a text from Taehyung. You look beautiful tonight. You looked at him and smiled. Thank you, you’re quite handsome yourself tonight. All of the sudden you feel a pain in your wrist, your friend turned you around and kissed you, in front of Taehyung. You tried to back away, push him away. He wouldn’t budge. Taehyung was just about to run over to you when Suga put his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t do this. You don’t have the right to be jealous anymore V”. He instantly sat down in his chair again. When he heard a loud slap sound he looked at you. He could see the guy holding his red cheek, and you giving the guy a mad look. You turned around to grab your bag, when Taehyung was looking at you with a sad face. He couldn’t bear to see that someone else kissed you. You ran out of the club, crying. When Jimin said: “Go after her, she’s yours if you just go after her”. He smiled and ran out of the club as well. He came out of the door hearing you sobbing, he knew that sound. “Yah, it’s cold tonight. Let me take you home” You were shocked. “Tae.. Taehyung..” He helped you stand on your feet. His hands held your cheeks. “That made me really mad you know, the kiss. Even though you didn’t want to, i’m the only one who should be kissing those lips”. And with that he kissed you. 

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Here you go, dear. I hope this makes whatever’s happening a bit less horrible. @skinnyjeansoldier

Pairing: Laf x Reader

TW: Emotional distress, panic attacks.

Words: 637

You couldn’t breathe. Your thoughts were swimming frantically inside your skull and the room was spinning around you so fast you felt like you might throw up. When you closed your eyes, you could swear there was a cinder-block sitting right on your chest and you just wanted it to stop. You wanted it all to stop.

A key turned in the lock just as you let out a broken sob, running your hands through your hair and tucking your head down to hide your face. The tears had turned your face an angry red color and you knew your eyes had to be bloodshot from the crying. You didn’t want Laf to see you like this, didn’t want to bother him, it had-

“Mon amour-” Lafayette gasped, dropping the armful of groceries he’d brought home from the store. You shook your head, standing up and walking away from him, hugging yourself tightly and trying to stop the tears that still poured from your eyes. “L’ange, what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing-” You lied, break in your voice giving you away. “I’m okay.” He followed you into the bedroom you shared, catching your wrist before you locked yourself in the bathroom. “Laf,” You sighed, turning towards him helplessly. “I just, I-” You cried again, letting your shrug convey just how powerless you felt. Laf tugged you into his chest, holding you while you cried. He led you to the bed, tucking you onto his lap and whispering condolences in your ear while he ran a hand through your hair. “Je t’aime, belle.” He whispered. “Even if you won’t tell me what has you so upset.”

“I don’t know.” You whispered hoarsely. “I just sat down when I got home and-” You gestured to your tear streaked face, sniffing again. “I just started crying. I’m sorry, I know this is a lot to handle.” You turned your face away from his, avoiding his eyes. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Rien.” He whispered to you in French. “Nothing is wrong with you.” He gently pulled your face to his, smiling reassuringly. “It’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to cry sometimes, and it’s most certainly okay to need a break. You have worked hard recently,” He praised, hand rubbing soothing circles into your back. “And I am so proud of you for that, but I am worried for your health.”

“I’m fine.” You muttered. Lafayette cocked an eyebrow and you sighed. 

“Non, ma cher.” He shook his head, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. “If you were bien, you would not be on my lap en larmes.” You knew he was right, but you didn’t know what to do. “(Y/N), baby.” You stared at him wide eyed and baffled by his worry and love filled eyes. “All I want is your happiness, your joy.” He kissed your forehead, then your nose, and finally your lips. “But this is not that.”

“I know,” You nodded. You rest your forehead against his, sighing dejectedly. “I don’t know what to do.” You admitted. “I don’t know how to fix any of this.”

“So let me help.” He begged. You squeezed your eyes shut, contemplating the options in front of you. Avoid Gilbert’s help and keep him out whatever was happening with you, or let him help you and drag him into the center of it. “S’il vous plait,” He whispered, kissing your temple. “Please.” You pulled back, staring into his eyes. He silently begged you and you slowly nodded, breathing deeply for the first time in what felt like ages. 

“Okay,” You whispered. “Okay.” You kissed him, anchoring all of your emotions and confusion and hurt into it. “I love you, Gilbert du Montier.” He smiled against your lips, kissing you once more.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Teaser Number 3 For The Sequel To The Joker X Virgin Reader

| This one is longer and that’s what’s taking so damn long. So, I leave you with one more teaser, till I can finish it up and publish it tomorrow night. This one’s heavy on the daddy kink. Oh, and don’t underestimate Joker. He may seem kinda soft in this little snippet, but let’s not forget, he’s manipulative. Remember how sweet he was to Harley when he wanted that machine gun? He’s indulging his daddy kink, and his sadistic side, will begin to rear its head as things progress.|

“I’ve been a bitch. And I’m sooo, sooo sorry, Daddy.” You reply, putting on your best little girl voice - your words breathy and drawn out - pleading.

Joker’s crimson lips curl up into a snarl, as he grinds his teeth together. It’s hard to tell if he’s turned on or angry. The look on your face mimics the look of someone from a horror movie.

As terrified as you are, you also can’t help but notice how hot Mister J looks when those red lips curl up, revealing those shiny metal teeth that seem to have a life of their own. You feel you must be out of your mind to be thinking such thoughts right now. However, watching those ruby red lips, then curve into a smirk, quickly soothes your worries.

“That….” Joker starts before he pauses to lightly shudder. “Was perfect. You, my dear, are just a perfect little angel. Look at you.” He purrs, swiping his thumb lovingly along your jawline. “Even after I plucked you and wrecked that sweet little cunt, you still manage to keep your innocence.”

You watch him closely, as he shakes his head slowly - glaring down at you with those icy blue eyes that you’re convinced can peer into the depths of your soul. He’s beautiful….. and terrifying, and you feel as if you’re melting into the floor.

“You’re the type of girl that needs protecting. Needs a daddy to look after her, and teach her the ways of this world.” Joker kneels down in front of you, placing his hands on your shoulders. “To show her the pleasures of life.” He swallows thickly - his eyes staring deeply into yours. “Would you like that? Hmmm? To have a daddy to take care of your needs. To take care of his too?”

“Yes.” You nod, eyes wide as saucers. And you really do mean it.

“Yeah?” Mister J nods in return, cupping the sides of your face in his hands. “You wanna be my sweet little girl?”

“Yes.” You pant out. Your voice almost breaking with need. By now the crotch of your shorts is soaked. Your pussy actually aches for him - swollen and throbbing. It’s unbearable.

Joker smiles contently, swaying his head as if he’s high as a kite. “Say it.” He begins to stroke your hair. “I need to hear you say it.”

“I wanna be your sweet little girl.” Your voice breaks again with a little gasp at the end of your sentence.

Joker wraps his bare arms around you, pressing the side of your face into his heaving chest. “Good. Good. Daddy will take such good care of you.”

You breathe in deep, getting a whiff of his fresh scented deodorant which only adds fuel to the fire burning inside you.

“Y/N, are you ready to show daddy how much he means to you? Give daddy some lovin?” He pulls away and gets back up to his feet.

Jet Pack Blues

Author’s Note: These Fanfic Song Drabbles are not ending up as drabbles. I get carried away with them, because I get lost into writing. I hope you guys don’t mind. 

Requested by @awkward-rogue​: Are you still doing the song Drabble requests because I’ve got one XD “Jet Pack Blues” by Fall Out Boy?

Summary: Steve is never home, because he can’t accept the fact that he has one with you. When Wanda shows his worst fear, his opinion on that changes, but is he too late?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2207 (Not really a drabble, huh? Oops)

I got those jet pack blues
Just like Judy
The kind that make June feel like September
I’m the last one that you’ll ever remember

“You’re always gone!” you accused, flailing your arms in frustration. You turned around, so your back was facing him. You were so angry that tears were threatening to fall, and the last you need is for him to see. You pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to prevent the tears from falling.

Steve stated firmly, “It’s my job Y/N. I can’t believe how selfish you are being right now.” He had his uniform on, and he stood behind you with arms crossed in front of his chest.

Shocked, you abruptly turned around. “I’m sorry that I want to spend more time with Steve,” you hissed, dripping sarcasm.

Rolling his eyes, Steve informed, “I do want to spend time with you, but I have priorities-“

“And I’m just not one of them,” you interrupted.

“Of course, you’re one of them, Y/N,” he said, rubbing his forehead in frustration. “It’s just that-“

“I’m not your first one,” you interrupted again.

His hands dropped to his sides, balling into fists. “Stop putting words in my mouth,” he demanded. “Right now, the people need me. People are going to die, and I need to be there to try and prevent that.” He turned around to grab his shield that was leaning on the wall.

“Yeah,” you stated, stepping towards Steve. “Right now, the people need you. But it’s not just right now Steve. You’re always gone, accepting any and all missions that come your way. How do you think that makes me feel?”

Steve headed towards the door, not even looking at you. “I have to go Y/N. We can talk about this later.” He twisted the knob, opening the door.

“Just come home safe, okay?” you said. You were angry with Steve. This was the most angry you have ever been with Steve, but you loved him nevertheless.

Without acknowledgment, Steve walked out of the door, closing it behind him.

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When you chillin’ on yo dashboard and SUDDENLY SATAN POPS UP. what the fuuuuuuck??!!