turn up the radio this is my favorite song

OTP !!
  • Person A and B are in a car. B is driving, and the radio is playing softly. They're probably sitting in peaceful silence, or having small talk.Then, the song changes to A's favorite song!
  • Person A: *screams at the top of their lungs*
  • Person B: *swerves car a bit* WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT IS IT!
  • Person A: I love this song!! *turns up volume and starts singing*
  • Person B: ... WE COULD HAVE DIED!!!!
No Falling

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 884
Warnings: None
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by:@mysaintsasinner Prompt: Fireworks / Quote: “Only a fool would fall in love with someone as deadly as me”

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steve comforts you - imagine

requested by @girlsandgangsofficial - thank u for being so patient!
warnings: (implications about sex but nothing more than fluff here)

Nothing would’ve prepared you for what probably had been the shittiest day of your life. Was it even possible for so many things to go wrong in a single day? You expected that day to be relatively the same to any other day - it was just an ordinary Tuesday. You expected to wake up early, have your cup of coffee and get to school at a decent time. You’d sit through every shitty class and suffer through detention for occasionally skipping a few. Then you’d get driven home by Steve before he goes off to work his shift of the DX that day. Granted, some days were better than others. And there were times when Steve didn’t have a shift and would take you home, where you both knew no actual homework would be done. But on that awful Tuesday morning, as soon as your eyes flew open, you knew that this day would be particularly dreadful.

That morning, you quietly stirred awake with an overwhelming feeling of comfort - as if you’d finally managed to sleep enough, as if you finally figured out what it meant to feel well-rested on a weekday. But this feeling was then swallowed by the drop of your heart at the utter realization that the reason why you had felt so well rested was because you had woken up an hour late. Needless to say, it lit a fire up under your ass.

In what seemed like only a minute, you were fully dressed, hair and teeth brushed. The only things you hadn’t done was pour yourself some coffee, find your keys and put on your jacket. So off to the kitchen you went, knowing full well how terrible you’d function without it. Of course, in a matter of seconds, you managed to spill some of the hot coffee on yourself before rushing out the door.

Everything was fine. You put your key into the door and turned to lock it, only for the key to get stuck. You pulled your key as hard as you could, tugging this way and that - that is, until the key broke off so that half was still inside the lock. Realizing this, you hit the door with a heavy fist. “Fuck!”

It was very simple to say that the brown stain of coffee on your favorite white blouse had begun to string along the events that would make up what you would consider to be the unluckiest day of your life. You’d gone to school only to have a fight with your best friend, fail a test, be falsely accused of cheating, and to sit through about an hour of detention. To make matters worse, you had to walk yourself from school in the cold, pouring rain of the late afternoon since Steve never showed. To your dismay again, a mustang crept along behind you as you walked - of course, until it sped up over a massive puddle to splash you with the murky street water. You immediately flipped the bird at the car speeding away while zipping your jacket up, afraid anything might be visible through your wet, white shirt.

You felt like crying. Well, not because you were sad, but because you were teeming with an explosive anger you couldn’t express otherwise. Almost everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. And it all just kept happening.

You couldn’t get home without your keys. You were pretty sure that your best friend didn’t want to see your face. But you knew that Steve probably had his shift at the DX, so that’s where you were headed. When you got there, you got a weird look from Soda, who you could see was calling over Steve.

“What in the hell are you doing walkin’ in the pouring rain like this? You’re gonna get yourself sick, doll.”

“I broke my fucking key off in the door.” you said through clenched teeth, your shoulders shaking and hair sticking to your face clearly bottling in the anger so as not to detonate on Steve.

“You what?” You could tell that he was trying extremely hard to stifile his laughter. “Well c’mon, don’t just stand there, Y/N. Soda could you get ‘er a towel?”  

Soda tossed you a partially greased up towel before heading into the rain to fill a car rolling up to get gas. It wasn’t perfect, but it was dry and and it was warm. You wrapped it around your shoulders, heaving some sort of sigh of relief. Then Steve stood behind you, wrapping his own arms around your waist. 

“Well shoot, Y/N, you’re real frozen,” he commented. “How ‘bout a way I know to get you warm quick?” Of course, he was talking about sex. Great timing he had.

“Not now, okay?” you responded, wriggling out from his relatively strong grip.

“Why not? It’s been a ghost town at the DX the past few hours, if that’s what you’re worryin’ about.”

“Just get it through your thick skull - I’m really not in the mood.”

“Alright, but what crawled up your ass an’ died?”

You didn’t answer.  But Steve took it as an invitation to drag you to sit inside the car he was working on just previously. Though bitter about the day behind you, you leaned against Steve, his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Today’s been the worst day of my life, Steve.”

“C’mon, Y/N, talk to me.” 

“I just don’t wanna talk. I don’t wanna do anything. Just let me sit here and feel god-awful.”

“Well, I don’t want you sittin’ here feelin’ awful. I know, I shoulda waited for you and gave you a ride.” He said, rubbing your shoulder, and then pressing his lips at the top of your head. 

“And risk gettin’ fired? I’m not paper, Stevie, I’ll live.”

“Look, at least you’re sittin’ here feelin’ awful next to me, right?”


“So, what happened?”

Both of you watched the rain beat down on the mix of concrete and gravel when he began twirling a strand of your damp hair around his finger. He’d always liked to play around with your hair. You sighed before you began to speak.

“I’m pretty sure that y/f/n hates my guts and that I flunked some stupid test. Then I got detention for something I didn’t even do. I got coffee all over my shirt, if you couldn’t tell - probably washed away with all that disgusting water splashed at me an-”

“Splashed at you by who?”

“A mustang. Socs, Steve, I dunno.” 

“What color was it? Was it blue? Cause if it was I’ll gladly jum-”

“Would you just drop it? It doesn’t matter no more.”

“Alright, alright,” he finally relented, although knowing that inside that head of his, he was continuing to ask questions. “But c’mon, don’t look so sour.”

“If I could stop looking sour, I would,” you said quietly, turning on the radio. “My Girl” by The Temptations was playing, which made you light up a little bit. “And I think I might be able to.”

You looked up at Steve, and he looked back at you. He knew that this song had been your favorite for a few weeks now and he knew you loved just dancing around to it - something you knew that Stevie never liked to do.

“Y/N, I love you an’ all, but no.”

“Oh, get over yourself, Steve. Soda’s seen you dance plenty of times,” you answered. "C’mon, what makes the difference with one more time?”

“Apparently nothin’. This is the last time, y’hear?” Steve let up, eyeing you seriously. But you knew he didn’t mean it. You knew that it wasn’t the last time and that he secretly liked dancing with you, no matter how much he ever complained.

“Sure it is.”

Before getting out the car to find that the rain had been letting up, you turned up the radio’s sound real loud, surprised that it worked so well. And with your hands at his shoulders, his at your waist, you swayed with Steve, singing along together.

You then brought your head to rest on his chest and your arms around his torso, laughing together at his poor lack of rhythm. You couldn’t help but let the grin spread across your lips. God, he was such an idiot sometimes. But you loved the boy dearly, nonetheless.

Maybe it wasn’t such an awful day after all.

The New Girl

Originally posted by barryirisallens

Request: (by @marvel-dc-trash) Hiya! Just wondering if you could do me a Barry Allen imagine where I’m a new forensic scientist brought into the CCPD and I’m an adorable nerd as well and we say stuff at the same time and Joe ships it!

Warnings: none really

Word count: 1360

Authors notes: So sorry that this took super long my schedule has been hectic recently. Sorry for the very awkward ending I couldn’t make one that I liked. Anyways I hope you like it! Also ask box is open!


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city folk writin’ voltron fics:

Keith yawned in Texan as he headed to the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cowboy boots like he did every morning. As he took a bite, he turned on the radio to Lone Star radio (a/n: that means Texas too, i looked it up in google) which was playing one of his favorite songs, ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’. He didn’t feel at ease unless he listened to country at the start of his day. (x)


You were rushing as you took your little five year old girl to school. You and your little girl had woken up a bit late, and were not rushing to make sure that she got to school on time, since your car was in repair. You were used to being a single mother, having done so ever since you found out you were pregnant with your daughter, Brooke. You little girl was your pride and joy, sharing many physical similarities with you, such as your hair color, skin color, and many more, the only thing that she had in common with her biological father was his nose and a similar eye color.

You were fine providing for the two of you, but you did admit that sometimes it was difficult to do, especially trying to make time, especially getting her to school on time. You were holding your little girl’s hand, glad that it wasn’t as late as you thought; she was actually going to make it with time to spare. You two were nearing the school, when your little girl Brooke let go of your hand to run ahead.

“Brooke, don’t run”, you said worried that she would end up falling and hurting herself.

You hurried your steps, to try catch up to her, only to see her quickly embrace a small dirty blond haired boy. Your little daughter was so outgoing, never shy of doing anything once she sets her mind to it. Sometimes you wonder where she got that, because even if you weren’t too shy, you never had the valor to just be that outgoing. You could see that she startled the small boy, making you worried that his parents were going to scold Brooke for almost tackling their child.

“Dylan, you don’t have to be so shy” you heard a male voice say.

You looked up and were met with two beautiful green eyes. You were taken back; the man in front of you had a warm smile on his face, his black colored clothes revealing enough for you to see the tattoos on his arms. He stood out from other parents that were taking their kids to school, him obviously dressed in punkish attire then the rest, including yourself, who were all dressed a bit more professionally, getting ready to head to work. But still despite his rough exterior, the smile on his face suggested that he was as docile and sweet as a kitten.

“I’m sorry for my little girl”, you said apologizing to the father that your little girl was hugging like there was no tomorrow.

“It’s no worries, although it’s a bit sad when your own son has more luck with girls than his own father…and he’s only five”, he said jokingly, making you smile as well.

“Mommy, this is my best friend Dylan”, your little girl said as she let go of the blond child who looked just like his father.

Dylan…the name was familiar to you; you could tell that you had heard her mention it a couple times when you asked her how school was. You could see the familiar bright smile, and knew that your little girl was happy to be with her best friend. But you could also tell that the little boy was beyond shy, the exact opposite from Brooke, his hand gripped the straps of his Spiderman backpack, as he turned to look at his father, a small tint of pink on his cheeks.

“Dad, this is my best friend Brooke”, he introduced his voice coming out so low that you could almost barely hear it.

But his father heard it loud and clear, his smile getting brighter as he realized who your little girl was.

“So you’re the famous Brooke”, he said squatting down to be at eye level with your little girl. You don’t know why you found it adorable when he got down to her height, but it really was, making a small smile form on your face. You never once thought that Brooke would need a father, but you couldn’t deny that seeing this made you rethink of having a father figure for your little girl.

Brooke nodded, not shying away once, the typical Brooke.

“well”, he said with a bright smile, “thank you for taking good care of Dylan, I know that he is really shy and can’t make many friends, so I’m glad he has you”, he said ruffling your little girl’s hair, “Dylan talks about you all the time, saying that he’s glad you’re his best friend”, he said with a smile as he brought his hands to his knees to help him stand back up. “Sorry for messing up her hair”, he said with a shy smile as he looked at you; know you knew where the shyness of Dylan came from.

“It’s no worries, by the time I pick her up from school, her hair is a lot messier than this”, you said with a reassuring smile, as you smoothed out her hair.

“Michael”, he said with a smile.

“Pardon?” you said, wondering if you misheard something.

“I meant my name is Michael”, he said extending his hand to yours, “Michael Clifford”, he said with a bright smile.

“(full name)”, you responded as you shook his hand, instantly feeling how warm and calloused it was, “my little girl talks about Dylan all the time, it’s good to know that she has a patient kind friend, since I was told that other students find her too loud and energetic”, you said.

“Other five year olds find her loud?” he said with an uncertain tone, almost not believing it.

“yea I know, weird”, you said with an odd look, you looked over to your child seeing how she was talking to Dylan about who knows what, her hand moving everywhere as she told her story to him, and seeing the shy boy really listening to his best friend.

The bell rang, letting you both know that it was time for your children to get to school, you reached for you little girl, hoisting her up, to give her a kiss and tell her that you will be here to pick her up and told her to wait here for you if you were a bit late. You looked over at Michael, and noticed that he was at eye level with his son, bringing him in for a hug as he tickled him to make him laugh, which made you smile to. You could hear that he was going to be here right on time to pick him up.

Both children ran into school, seeing how comfortable they both were around each other, leaving you and Michael smiling as they walked into class.

“Your daughter is adorable, she’s such a ball of sunshine, her dad must be happy to have a girl like her”, he said with a smile.

“Her father isn’t really in the picture, haven’t seen him, since he found out I was pregnant”, you answered.

“Oh he left…I’m really sorry”, he said hoping that he didn’t offend you.

“don’t, I spent a long time feeling bad about it, it was a better choice for everyone, he didn’t want kids and why would I make both our lives miserable if I forced him to stay. Besides we are doing fine ourselves”, you said with a smile, “Dylan’s really shy, does he get that from you or his mom”, you asked.

“Most likely from me, since his mother isn’t in the picture either”, he said with a soft smile.

“She left you too”, you said not understanding how anyone could leave him like that.

“Uhh…sort of” he said scratching the back of his head seeing his eyes sadden for a brief second making you wonder if they had recently divorced, “hey I have to get to work, if you need a ride, since I noticed you two walking here”, he said hoping to change the subject.

“No its fine, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you”, you said.

“Trust me its fine, where do you work, its ok if I’m late”, he said with a bright smile.

You told him the place where you worked, and he eagerly said that it wasn’t a problem, that you actually on the way to his work. He walked you over to his car, and opened your door for you. He turned on the car and was greeted to one of your favorite bands, and couldn’t help but hum to the song.

Michael let out a small laugh, “you like this song?” he said with a happy voice.

“Yea, it’s my favorite song of my favorite bands”, you said a bit embarrassed that he caught you.

“Mine too”, he said turning up the radio and began to actually sing the song, you were awed, that someone could be so comfortable around a complete stranger, yet here he was singing out to a song that you both liked.

You soon started to sing along with him, letting yourself go and enjoy it. You never were one for dating, especially after you had Brooke, most men in your life not likening the idea of dating someone who already had kids. But seeing Michael, maybe it was time for you to start dating once again, maybe not Michael specifically, but someone in general, someone to let loose with like you were doing just now.

You were surprised that he knew where to go, already turning down streets before you even told him where to turn. You were just singing along, asking you simple questions or signing the songs that were playing, which were some of your favorite ones. You had told Michael to make a left, but he actually turned right.

“Uhh, I know that this sounds weird, but left is the other way”, you said hoping that he wouldn’t take it offensively.

“I know, it’s just I need to park, before my spot gets taken, I’ll walk you to your work though”, he said as he turned into a parking lot.

You eyed him curiously not understanding what he meant, but agreed none the less, since he was doing you the huge favor for even giving you a ride, when you would usually take a bus to get to work since your car was currently in the shop. Michael parked his car in a lot that was for many of the stores that were on the block, and quickly went to go open your door, which you thanked him for.

“Thanks, Michael, you don’t know how much time it takes to get here by the bus”, you said with a smile.

“I don’t mind driving you, I mean we work near each other”, he said with a smile as he pulled out his bag.

“We do?” you questioned.

“Yea, you see that music store”, he said pointing to a store just down the block.

You nodded.

“Yea, I work there”, he said noticing that it was near your work, your work was crossing the street, but mid-block, “that’s why I didn’t mind taking you, know let’s get you to work before your late”, he said leading you to the cross walk.

“Won’t you get in trouble if your late, most shops here open at the same time”, you said concerned about him.

Michael let out a laugh, “I own the place, no one can get mad at me, besides it’s just me working in the morning shift today. And I’m pretty sure no one is going to be there right at the start of the day, I can afford to be a few minutes late”, he said as the crosswalk light came on.

“Wow you own your own shop?!” amazed that someone your age would actually have their own business.

“Yea, it was hard to start, but it’s doing well so far. I mean at least this way no one can get mad at me for doing something wrong, I’m my own boss, plus I love music, and just being surrounded by it, makes it worthwhile, you should stop by sometime, I bet Brooke would be amazing at drums, with all that energy”, he said with a smile.

You laughed at the thought of your little girl drumming on drums, not because it wasn’t possible, but just imagining her heading straight towards a complete drum set instead of the beginner ones, or the ones built for her size, you could just imagine her trying to be better than some of the legendary drummers out there.

“Is this some sort of sales pitch, because it’s working”, you said with an amused voice.

“no, I’m just saying you should stop by sometime, let her try out the drums, she seems that she will like them, plus my friend that gives lessons in my shop would love to teach her, I’m sure of it”, he said with a smile.

“So that must mean your son is like a musical prodigy?” you asked.

“Well, he understands how to play them, but he mainly focuses on bass, the traitor”, he said pretending to be mad.

“What do you play?” you asked seeing as how you did have time to spare.

“guitar, I gave Dylan one, and he understood it, but the moment he picked up a bass and played it, he ditched the guitar immediately, but who knows he may come back to the six string in the future”, he said, “do you play?”

“I play flute, I played it in marching band in high school, but I haven’t played one in a while”, you said.

“a flute”, he said amazed, “that’s awesome, I wish I could play it, I tried so much with the ones we sell at the shop, but I can barely play a scale, I’m impressed, now you really should stop by, while my friend teaches your daughter, you could teach me flute”, he said with a bright happy smile.

“I’m not a teacher”, you said feeling your face heat up in a small embarrassment.

“Can you play a scale?” he asked with amazement.

You thought about it, thought about the countless hours you would spend practicing to better yourself in your instrument, hours spending learning all the scales out there, and you were pretty sure that even if you hadn’t played in a while, it was not enough to erase the time you spent playing, “pretty sure I can, I mean I was first chair in my high school band”, you said with confidence.

“then its settled, Brooke will get drumming lessons from my best friend, and you teach me how to at least play a scale on a flute”, he said as he walked away, “see you later (Y/N)”, he said waving you goodbye, you waved back to him unsure of what you got yourself into, “if you want I can give you a ride to the school to pick up our kids”

You nodded, thanking him for the offer, but for some reason when he said ‘our’ you couldn’t help but smile at the way it sounded, it just sounded right, especially coming from him.


You and Michael had actually grown close ever since that day, spending time together and him insisting on give you a ride to work just to spend more time with you. It actually amazed you how well you both just clicked, it was like he was a lost best friend. You both just connected, much like how your kids did when they met.

So seeing as how you had time to spare, you took your daughter to the music store that Michael owned, hoping she would love to see her best friend and Michael kept insisting that you come visit his shop, still begging you to teach him flute each time he brought it up.

Brooke loved drumming, it was a fact. From the moment that Michael led her to the drum kit that was on display and handed her a pair of drumsticks from the rack, which he insisted were on the house, she just started banging them to her heart’s content. He even had his friend Ashton come and teach her, which she was happy for.

But one thing that really surprised you was when you found out that Dylan played bass amazingly, however you thought that he played electric bass, when in fact he played double bass. You were amazed that Dylan would have interest in a classical instrument, but Michael said that classical and orchestra music was really what he enjoyed listening to.

“That’s why he’s a traitor, he not only rejects my main instrument, he rejects my music too, but I don’t mind, I didn’t think I would ever appreciate it if it wasn’t for him”, Michael said looking over to his son, with a warm smile.

“Maybe he got it from his mom”.

Michael somewhat froze, “no, she really wasn’t into classical”, he said shaking his head showing you his smile, hoping you didn’t catch the change, but you clearly did. To this day, Dylan’s mother was still a mystery despite you two being friends for quite some time, you thought that he would tell you, but anytime she was brought up, he quickly changed the subject.

You had taught Michael how to play a scale on a flute which he was so happy, but he needed to go do something around the office before he closes the shop, which you didn’t, instead cleaning the instrument and polishing it as you took it back to the display on which it was.

“You’re special to him” you heard Ashton say.

“What?” you said turning to face him

“Michael, you’re special to him, try not to hurt him too much”, Ashton said with a hopeful smile.

“Why would I hurt Michael?” you said unsure of what he was referring to.

“Michael, he sort of hasn’t been the same after she left, you’re actually the first girl he’s talked to in a long time, I thought he was never going to get over her but after seeing you and him…I know he can, or already has”, he said looking at you with a warm smile.

“Ashton, were just friends, nothing more. Besides the only reason we hang out out is because Brooke loves to hang out with Dylan”, you admitted.

“Why do you keep lying to yourself (Y/N), don’t pretend you don’t like him, I know you do”, Ashton said.

“I’m not lying”, you said to him.

“I know you are, but don’t worry you’re secrets safe with me”, he said with a friendly smile.

Your face heated up at what Ashton said. Was it really that obvious, you knew that despite the obvious friendship that was between you and Michael, you sometimes felt more for him? You two would hang out with your kids, and loved to see him treating Brooke with so much care, almost as if he was her father, he had proven to be a better dad, and then her biological one, seeing as how he left the moment you knew that you were pregnant. But Michael was different, he would be considerate of her and treat her with the fatherly care that she never had, helping her across the monkey bars at the park, lifting her in the air to pretend that she was flying like wonder woman, teaching her how to play guitar when Ashton wasn’t around to teach her drums, and you once found him braiding her hair when they visited your home.

And you loved Dylan too, he had grown on you, him constantly telling you play duets with him, and help him in his sight reading, which you were glad that you were still gifted enough to do really well. You would constantly talk to Dylan, since he was shy and tended to keep to him when you and Brooke would hang out with them. Your own daughter would play with Michael, and you would just read your books as Dylan read his own. He would come to you when he fell down, asking you to kiss it better, when he was exhausted and Michael was still playing with Brooke, he would rest his head on your lap and take nap. And one time when you carried him to his room, you kissed his forehead and heard him say ‘thank you mom’ something that made you almost cry with joy, but you never told Michael, because you weren’t sure how he was going to take it.

Michael and Dylan had become a big part of your life; you couldn’t imagine them not being in your life, they because a part of your family without you even knowing it. You looked forward to the playdates that you and Michael would set up for Dylan and Brooke, the visits that you and Brooke would take to Michael’s shop, they were your unofficial family, but you could tell that although there were no walls to your heart when it came to Michael, there were strong walls around Michael. Although he treated you kindly, there was still something hindering Michael from letting you in, but never insisted what it was, you just knew it had to do with Dylan’s mom.

“Ashton, what happened between Michael and Dylan’s mom?” hoping that maybe he would tell you.

Ashton’s hazel eyes widened, “he hasn’t told you?”

“No, he didn’t, can you please tell me?” you said really hoping for him.

“(Y/N), I really wish I could, but this is really something Michael has to tell you himself”, he said hoping that he wasn’t giving too much away.

“But he won't”, you said remembering all the time that he spent with you and the many times he spent avoiding the problem.

“trust me when I say this, it’s not you, its Michael, I want to tell you, but I know that Michael is probably finding the best way to tell you, I don’t want to ruin that, just let him find the right moment”, he said with a smile, “he’ll come around”, he reassured you, “well I have to get going, see you (Y/N)”, he finished.

You nodded, glad that you weren’t the problem, but rather something else entirely, but you really wanted to know. There a was giant mystery when it came to the mother of Dylan, and at this point you just wanted to know. But if Ashton said he needed time to tell you, then you would do just that.

“Mommy can we go to Dylan’s house”, Brooke said as she came to pull the hem of your shirt.

“Did Michael say it was ok?” you asked.

“you know that you are welcome anytime at our house, besides me and Dylan sort of prepared a meal for you two, we were just going to invite you over”, Michael said as he walked up to stand next to you.

“Are you sure we aren’t being a bother to you”, you said lifting up Brooke, resting her on your hip.

“Like I said, you and Brooke are never a bother” he said calling Dylan over and lifting him on his shoulders.

“So can we go mommy?” Brooke asked again.

“Sure I don’t see why not”, you responded.

Both two little kids yelled with glee, glad that they would be able to see their best friend for a bit more time. You had to put down Brooke to reach for something in your bag, instantly she ran towards Michael, and holding his hand, and pulling him towards the entrance. And if you heard her closely you could have sworn that she had said ‘let’s go home daddy’. You were surprised never thinking that Brooke would call him dad and you looked up to Michael, expecting him to have a surprised look too, but instead he nodded and walked over to the door.


Brooke and Dylan were out playing in Michael’s backyard, as you were cleaning the dishes, the least you could do since Michael had prepared the meal. You could hear the laughter of your children…your children…your child and her friend. Another thing that had been happening for quite some time as well, calling Dylan your child as well, more signs of them being your family.

You finally finished drying your hands as you turned you saw Michael standing at the doorway, a bright smile on his face.

“The dinner was delicious, I can’t thank you guys enough for having us” you said walking up to him.

“It’s no problem for my two favorite girls”, he said with a smile.

Just hearing he says those words and the bright smile that was on his face made your heart race. You couldn’t help but turn your head away, hoping that he wouldn’t see how your face easily gave away your emotions.

“Come on, I need to tell you something”, Michael said as he held out his hand for you.

You looked at the extended hand and back up at him, you gently placed your hand in his, holding your hand like as if it was made of fine glass. He walked you over to the living room, letting you take a seat first before he walked over to a drawer and pulling out a single photo. He sat down next to you, handing you the photo of him and a beautiful girl both of them caressing her very pregnant belly.

“Her name was Daria, I met her in high school, we were happy together. We never thought that we would last we were complete opposites, but we managed to last a long time. I asked her to marry me, and she said yes, and we decided to celebrate, and one thing led to another, and in two months we found out we were going to be parents. We were both happy, even if we were still young, we were glad that we were finally going to start our own family”, he said looking down at the photo, and you feeling suddenly out of place, not wanting to hear of his lost love.

“I hoped that we would have a girl, but she wanted a boy, we never had our doctor tell us the gender, wanting it to be a surprise for the both of us. But when she went into labor that’s when things took a turn for the worse, postpartum bleeding, that’s what they called it, she lost a lot of blood and wasn’t able to keep her body functioning. She was able to see our child, telling me that she knew she was carrying a boy, Dylan, she chose the name. And then by the next day she was gone”, his tears staining the picture in his hands.

You brought him into a hug, rubbing his back telling him that he didn’t need to hold back the tears that it was ok to cry, and he did. He held you close, bringing you to his lap, as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, feeling the hot tears dampen your clothes that made you hold him tighter.

“I promised I wouldn’t love anyone ever again, that I can’t put myself in a situation like that ever again it would just be too much, and I didn’t want to forget Daria, she was the first girl I ever loved, and I thought I could keep that promise to myself…but I couldn’t not after I met you”, he admitted.

Once again your heart was racing, he had feelings for you. You thought that you would be happy if you found out that Michael liked you back, but why did it hurt so much right now.

“I fell in love with your smile, I fell in love with how happy I can be when I’m with you, I fell in love with how you treat Dylan like he was your son, I fall in love with you every day I see you, you make the dull pain go away, I don’t feel alone when I’m with you. I thought that any person that I would fall in love with would just be a replacement for her, but you’re not, you’re something else entirely, and I love you for it, it took me a while to notice it, but I do. I know that it’s sudden, I know you may not feel the same, but I need you to know, because I will try my hardest so you can love me too, but you how can you love me when I couldn’t be honest with you”, he admitted.

You lifted Michael’s face, your own eyes clouding up with tears at how beautifully he laid out his feelings; you felt the same for you. How couldn’t you love him, he has been the first guy that actually made you feel wanted, the first person that accepted all of you, including Brooke. The first person that made your heart race in such a long time.

You smiled and leaned up to kiss him, his lips stiff, not expecting you to kiss him so suddenly. You broke the kiss; your lips couldn’t help but turn into a smile.

“I love you too Michael Gordon Clifford, I love you unconditionally”, you admitted as you kissed him again, “you treat me and Brooke like as if we were you’re family, you look at me and actually see me, not a single mother who wasn’t able to keep her man, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me either”, you said to him as you started to lean in to kiss him.

This time Michael did respond kissing you back with just as much passion as you. His lips molded against yours perfectly, his sorrow melting away as he held you tighter, loving the feel of your gentle touch, loving the feeling of someone showing him the love that he had neglected himself for about five years, loving that it was you that was kissing him like this. His hands pulled you closer, your hands pressing against his chest, feeling the hard beating of his heart against your fingertips, a rhythm matching your own, two tempos synching up together in a loving way.

“Brooke! Brooke you’re going to be my sister!” you heard making you and Michael separate, not wanting him to see you two kissing like that.

Brooke ran into the living room, surprised to see you and Michael holding each other so close, her brain slowly putting the pieces together as her smile shined brighter than the sun, “I’m going to have a brother”, she said pulling in Dylan for a hug.

You laughed seeing how the two best friends were now going to be a part of each other’s family.

“I have a mom” “I have a dad”, both kids yelling out at the same time as they turned to look at you both, wondering if it was true.

You looked at Michael, the gleam in his eyes reflecting how happy he was, and you knew that you had a smile on your face that you wouldn’t be able to hide one bit. And both of you open your arms, both children running into them, Dylan running into your arms, and Brooke into Michael’s both of them exchanging how much they loved their new parents.

Two very incomplete families were now whole.


Both you and Michael were dropping off your kids to their first day of first grade, seeing both of them skip along the road as your left hand was holding his right, your shining diamond ring reflecting the rays of the sun. It wasn’t too big, but it was enough.

“Hey slow down kids, you know your mom needs to take it easy”, Michael shouted as they were getting ahead, “are you feeling alright sweetie?”

“Michael, I’m barely four months pregnant, I’m fine, besides I was told its good to take walks”, you said feeling the bump that was going to be your future child.

Michael’s large hand rested against your belly, happy that despite everything he went through he was able to love again, the ring on your finger, his new step daughter that had yet to slow down, and the swollen belly you had proof of that love.





I’m going to try to get through as many requests as I can, sorry if you guys have been waiting for those.



WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other masterlist

Whiplash Part 2 :) Joker X Reader

As my body lied still in bed my mind sprung up old memories some great and some I would rather not have brought up again. The one that came up the most was the first time J and I had spent time in our flower garden. I had brought it up to him numerous times, the idea to put in a flower garden he had though replied “ Now now you know that would ruin my mysterious facade sugar” and walk away getting angrier and angrier every time I asked. Being rejected so many times I gave up spending my days sulking around the house. I wasn’t allowed to leave the building without J closely by my side leaving my only to the books I had read millions of time before as well as the records I had worn down.I was alone. 

A spell of depression hit me and often I would find myself curled up in a ball crying and crying out of sheer unhappiness. J becoming his own special type of worried stormed in my room one day his eyes mad and his hair messy. “Baby, Baby! light of my life. Fine! you have won have your flower garden but for the love of sanity stop this awful crying!”  The next morning my eyes wandered out of our bedroom window and sure enough there it was, the most beautiful flower garden I had ever seen. I begged and begged for him to come out into the garden with me for what must have been weeks until I wore him down just enough he agreed to come out with me.

 Frantically I showed him all the different flowers telling him their scientific names as well as their common names trying to add in jokes to keep him interested. All he did was smirk dragging his pointer finger along the soft petals. After awhile I told him he could go back to what he was doing before, I had to trim all the excess branches to keep everything neat looking. J just nodded kissing me softly on the lips before going back inside. I sighed feeling a little disappointed. The grass was so soft on my feet though it was hard to stay unhappy. Dreamily I fumbled around in a small shed that held all of my gardening tools looking for my small hedge cutters. I began singing the 80′s song “Heaven is a place on earth” that my mom would play when she was folding her laundry before she died. My cutters where in the very back behind the rake with the pink handle leaning up against the dingy wooden walls. My singing stopped as I went to grab it. 

To my surprise I heard  voice behind me. “Why are ya stoppin’” I jumped bashing my head off of the short ceiling of the shed before turning around. J was sitting one of the luxurious white metal chairs by the red rose bush polishing his favorite pistol. My face became extremely red giggling I tried to cover my ass. “Oh sorry it was the radio. I could turn it back on if you want” He squinted his eyes smiling. “No how about you sing that pretty song for me doll Hmm? Wouldn’t want to waste any electricity” I laughed nervously making my way to the white rose bush just a crossed the garden. “Ready when you are my songbird.” I had my back turned to him and I began to sing the lyrics softly chopping off the thick branches that stuck out a little to far . “Ahemm” He said putting his hand to his ear. “I can’t seem to hear ya” I sang louder completely mortified. He would never let me hear the end of this. In my mind I could hear his happy taunts bringing them out to put me down when he needed hid spirits lifted. I would smile and laugh with him like I always did no matter the degree he schooled me at. My lips sung the last lines of the song and an awkward silence fell over us. Suddenly I heard him clap, silently cursing and closing my eyes ‘here it comes’ I thought preparing my ego. “Your a natural Doll, sing for me again sometime”  Thus beginning our daily routine of me tending to the garden and J polishing his gun and listening to me.

The next night I woke up from the pain the radiated from my neck with a gasp, my heavy eyes flying open as fast as they could. The pain felt like someone was sticking a clothes iron to my neck and shaking it to make the pain that little bit more worst. Tears streamed my face as I tried desperately to call out for someone to help me, my voice was to quiet though. Alongst my pain heard I heard a faint song coming in the direction of the garden. I listened closer squinting my eyes as if that would some how make the noise louder, it didn’t but after many minutes of trying the song became clearer. “ohh baby do you know what that’s worth ohh heaven is a place on earth.” I smiled turning my head the the left, a metal reflection blinded my eyes for a moment seeing pale skin and then bright green hair. I chuckled to myself before falling asleep from my “hard investigative” work. 

The sun was high in the sky when I woke up. My frail arms pulled on the black bed sheets finding strength to sit up on my own. The doctor walked in practically screeching in happiness. “Y/N! your up?! How are you feeling?!” I was able to choke out a raspy “better” laughing to myself J mus have been harder on her as of late. “Let me go get someone who will be overjoyed to see you” She skipped out of my room her brown haired ponytail bouncing back and fourth. She had deep bruises around her neck in the shape of hands. Guilt bounced around in my head until I saw him stroll into the room.

To be continued in part 3!!! Thank you for reading I love you all! and if you have any suggestions let me know! until next time Same bat time Same bat channel!!!

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Could you do an imagine where Happy stumbles upon the rest of the guys peaking from around the corner and when he walks over he sees his girlfriend dancing and singing while cleaning the club house's kitchen after a barbecue

Warning: Jealous/protective Hap, and cuteness overload

    It had been a long day filled with fun and family but the club house was a mess so you stuck around to help Gem clean up. “You get the kitchen, I’ll get the outside.” Gemma suggest and you nod in agreement. 

    “Jesus.” You sighed looking around the kitchen before grabbing some containers to put the leftovers in. 

    As you start to clean when you spot the radio on the table, you grin “It’s not cleaning until you have some music.” you say turning it on (turning on Y/N favorite station) “Yes! I love this song.” You squeak, bobbing your head and swaying your hips as you sing along. 


    Happy POV:

    I cock an eyebrow seeing all my brothers crowded around the kitchen, “What’s going on?” I ask as I peek into the kitchen all the guys backing up except for Juice who is too lost in the excitement to see it’s me who asked, “(Y/N) is really into this song, it’s Hilar- Oh- Hey Hap…” He grins nervously. “Oh, Hey Hap.” I mimic punching his arm. “OUCH!” Juice yelps


You turn hearing a pained Juice to see the guys standing around the kitchenc all pointing to Juice and Happy as in to blame them, “You guys seriously have nothing better to do?” You ask letting out a light chuckle as you cross your arms, all the guys looking at you like a bunch of giggling school girls. 

   “You’re a great dancer, Lass.” Chibs comments, smirking to Happy trying to get him riled up. 

    “Yep. Amaaaazing.” Jax adds on

     “If you want to keep your lives I suggest you all get lost.” Happy snaps, and the boys Coo jokingly as they walk away and Chibs throwing an arm over Tig as they begin to sing ‘Can you feel the love tonight.’ 

    You smile at happy tossing the towel on the counter and walk to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “My hero.” You joke, pecking his lips. “It’s not funny, (Y/N). They were looking at MY girl and no one looks at you but me.” You pout and put your hands on his cheeks, squeezing them together making him have a fishy face, “Aw, it’s okay, Mr. Grumpy pants.” He cracks a little smile. “Ah Ha!” You point and he kisses you. 

    “I love you, (Y/N)” He says as you go back to cleaning, “Yeah, yeah..I love you too, old man.” You glance at him, “Now get out of here before Gemma has both of our heads.” 

Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Four: A Change in the Atmosphere
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2510
Warnings: None.


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moodboards-and-profiles  asked:

Do you know who Brennen Taylor is? Or Joey Kidney or Gabe Erwin or Gabriel Conte? If you know any of them (or all surprise me) can I have a cute imagine where we're besties and have a really cute couply moment? I'm Allie with green eyes and brown hair btw. Thanks 😊


“Wake up!”

You open your eyes to find your best friend Brennen staring at you.

“Can I help you?” You laugh, sitting up. “Who let you in here?” 

“Gabe.” He says hopping off your bed. Gabe is your roommate and he and the boys don’t really get the whole privacy thing sometimes. He looks over at you, excited. “Can we please do something fun today?!? I got the jeep fixed so I’m not car-less anymore.” 

You run a hand through your hair. “Where do you want to go?”

“I think I’m going to surprise you,” he says, checking his hair in the mirror. “Be ready in 5 minutes.

“5 minutes! Why do you guys always give me 5 minutes!” You laugh and throw a pillow at him. 

“Fine 10,” He smirks and leaves your room, probably making a mess in the kitchen. 

You put on a striped t-shirt, high waisted jean shorts and white converse and throw your hair in a bun. You do natural makeup quickly then head out to the car. You look at your watch. “Only took 9 minutes” You smirk finding Brennen and Gabe doing the dishes in the kitchen. “Are you cleaning? What the hell?” 

“Hey! I clean!” Gabe laughs. “Have fun you guys. I wish I could come!” You wave goodbye to Gabe and soon you and Brennen are on the road. After getting pancakes for breakfast at the diner, you head north.

“Are you going to tell me where we are going now?” You ask, feet pressed against the dash. 

“Nope,” Brennen says, turning up the radio. 

You sigh and look out the window. Your favorite song comes on and Brennen looks over at you. You roll the windows down and scream it loud as you pull onto the highway. By the end, you are cracking up. You keep laughing and he smiles looking over at you. You notice.

“What?” You touch your face. “What’s wrong?” you smile and look over at him. “Do I have stuff on my face?”

“No,” he says quietly. “Forget it,” he finally says after about a minute of silence. 

You raise your eyebrow “Okay then,” You say and smirk. 

Brennen pulls up to the Redwood forest, one of your favorite places. “Are you serious!?!” You jump out of the car. “I LOVE YOU” you run up and throw your arms around him. 

He sighs and hugs you back. “You just seemed really stressed lately, so I thought a day off in the trees would help,” he says. You walk around for a while and you are in your own world, exploring the trees and soaking up the speckled sunshine. He walks behind you, watching. 

“Can I tell you something?” he says as you bend around a little brook. 

“Sure,” You say leaning on a damp hand rail, the smell of the dirt encapsulating and enchanting you. 

He leans on the rail next to you, then out of nowhere, his lips are pressed to yours, warm and right. You slip your hands into his hair and can’t believe this is happening. 

“I had no idea,” You say when you finally pull away.

He smirks and walks on ahead of you. 

“Hey!” you laugh and chase after him. 


Summary: Bucky hates one of your favorite songs but he just can’t seem to escape it.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Female Reader

Word Count: 1000

Warning: Sliiiiiiiight smut and swearing.

A/N: It’s been over a month. I still have ‘Starboy’ by the weeknd on repeat. This morning at 2am, my brain decided to drop this baby. Enjoy :) The video was taken from Sebastian’s Instagram and the song is ‘Starboy’ by the Weeknd. I own neither of these, I just did the edit. Also, I should be writing Part 8 of Old Flame but here I am doing this. Oh well… C’est la vie!

Old Flame - Masterlist

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everything reminds me of you

so @sammywilk-imaginations is doing a little contest, and I just thought hey, why not. so here’s a sammy imagine. sorry, I got a little carried away, and the ending kinda sucks, so I’m sorry, but please enjoy.

I’d be happy with any of the 4 giveaways if I do by chance win any of the prizes. preferably the tie dye shirt, and if not one of the shirts, the montrose matte liquid lipstick.

But even if I don’t win, I really enjoyed writing this imagine, and I really hope you guys like it.


I had just gotten off work, taking the back way home to avoid traffic. The roads I was so familiar with due to the late night car rides at 2 am with him

Pulling up to the stop sign I was hit with one of my favorite memories.


I told you we shouldn’t have gone this way.’ I giggled from the drivers seat in Sammy’s jeep as he was by the back tire, trying to dig us out of the mud we were stuck in.

‘just shut up and give it some gas babe.’ he spoke, smiling at me in the rearview mirror.

‘okay.’ I called out, lightly stepping on the gas, the sound of the engine revving making things much more difficult to hear.

I heard Sammy’s muffled voice call out to me, telling me ‘more’ so I put my foot down further on the pedal, letting up after the jeep didn’t budge, turning to look at Sammy to see him covered in mud.

Covering my mouth I let out a few giggles as he trudged up to the drivers side, stopping and looking at me, wiping the mud off his face, a wicked grin on his face.

‘Sammy, don’t you dare!’ I warned, trying to back away, but Sammy quickly reached out and smeared his mud covered hand all over my face.

‘Samuel Wilkinson’ I yelped, in shock, getting out of the jeep and chasing after Sammy who was laughing hysterically.

I scooped down, grabbing a thing of mud in my hand, sneaking around the jeep as Sammy was crouched down, trying to hide, and throwing it at him.

Soon it was an all out mud fight, and I was in a fit of laughter as he ran up to me and bear hugged me from behind, rubbing mud all over my face and hair.


shaking my head to rid the memory, I continued on my way home, turning on the radio to help clear my mind.

Pulling up to the stop light back in the city, the familiar beginning of what was, and still is, my favorite song came on.

take off those heels

lay on my bed

whisper dirty secrets while I’m pulling on your hair

poison in our veins, but we don’t even care

Candles drippin’ on your body, baby this ain’t truth or dare

Everybody wonders where we’ve run off to

My body on your body, baby stickin’ like some glue

Naughty, let’s get naughty girl, it’s only one or two

The fever’s fuckin runnin’, feel the heat between us two

I couldn’t find myself to change the song as the familiar song played, quickly singing along to the words of Chase Rice’s version of ride, the memory of that day rushing back.


Our 6 month anniversary, and I wanted it to be perfect. I was in my studio apartment, cooking dinner, and setting everything up. Too focused on setting the table perfectly, wine glasses filled, candles lit, the smell of the chicken roasting in the oven filled the room, but I was still so nervous it wouldn’t be perfect.

So stressed over the night and how I wanted things to go, I didn’t even hear the door open, or close. Or his footsteps approaching. Only when his arms snaked around my waist from behind me, I knew Sammy had made it from the studio.

‘baby, this is incredible.’ he muttered in my ear, nibbling on it, giving me chills.

‘you like it?’ I muttered, still focused on his lips that moved to my neck, the radio playing in the background.

‘love it. almost as much as I love you’

I threw my head back, exposing more of my neck to him.

‘is dinner done?’ he muttered against my neck.

‘not yet. probably 20 more minutes.’ I spoke breathlessly.

‘perfect.’ he spoke, turning me around and kissing my lips passionately, things quickly heating up as he walked me over to the couch, the faint sound of ‘ride’ coming from the speakers, as we made love for the first time.

That’s when I knew, I wanted to be with Sammy for as long as possible.


Driving by the park, I saw a group of guys playing basketball. I try to blink away the memory, but it fills my head quickly.


you dragged me all the way to the park to watch you play basketball?” I laughed as we walked up to the court, seeing Nate, the Jacks and a few of the other guys I’ve grown to know over the past year.

‘yeah, I figured you could be my cheerleader, although, I’m still wishing you’d be wearing one of those skirts.’ he smirked, pulling me into him tighter as we got closer.

‘we’ll save that for later babe, if you win.’ I teased, leaning up and pecking his cheek.


By the time I pulled into the driveway, I had a few tears in my eyes, wiping them away as I made my way up to my apartment, unlocking the door and dropping my bag by the door, and heading into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of water.

I was out on my little deck, staring out at the lights of the city. I sighed, another memory hitting like a brick.


(y/n)’ Sammy whispered next to me, his hand locked with mine, tracing shapes on the back of my hand with his thumb. ‘i love you so much.’

‘I love you too Sammy.’

‘these have been the best 3 years of my life. And I can’t picture my life without you.’ he spoke, staring out at the lights of the city below, continuing. ‘and I just, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.’ he spoke, causing me to turn at him and look at him wide eyed.


he turned and sent me a soft smile.

‘I mean it. I’m not proposing now, trust me, I’m gonna make our proposal unforgettable, I’m just warning you now.’ he joked, looking back out at the city. ‘I just, I think of my future, and I see you next to me for the rest of my life. Raising our first child together, I know you’re going to be a great mother. And our first born is going to look out after their little brother and sisters. And we’ll move to somewhere away from the city, so we can have a family away from all the crazy that is LA. I just, I know that I wanna be with you, forever.’ he spoke, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it.


Laying in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, after another day filled with the memories I just couldn’t get rid of. My never ending thoughts, flooding back.

did he still think about me? as much as I thought about him?

did he even still care? as much as I still do?

fighting with my own thoughts, I eventually managed to fall asleep, tossing and turning as I was hit with slumber, and left to my dreams.


tears flooded out of my eyes as I sat on the bed, watching Sammy pace back and forth.

Sammy’ I sighed.

‘(y/n) don’t. how could you even think of that?’

‘Sammy, we talked about this-’

‘no we didn’t.’

‘Sammy, we said we wanted to wait till after we were married.’

‘we’re engaged, what’s the difference.’

‘Sammy, we still have so much planning to do. A baby’s just gonna get in the way.’

‘I can’t believe you don’t want it.’

‘Sammy, you have to understand where I’m coming from with this.’ i sighed.

‘do you not want us to be a family?’ he asked. I hesitated before I answered, and that was enough for Sammy. ‘oh my god. you don’t. you don’t want us to be a family?’

‘Sammy I didn’t say that I j-’

‘you didn’t say anything (y/n)! clearly you’re having second thoughts.’

‘Sammy’ I sighed, reaching out, but he pulled away.

‘don’t. I love you, but I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want to be a family.’

‘Sammy, w-what are you saying?’

‘I…I’m done. I can’t be with you if you don’t want to be with me and start a family together. I love you (y/n) I really do, and I can’t be with you knowing you don’t love me enough if you’re having second thoughts on becoming a family.’ 

and I sat there speechless as I watched him get up off the bed and walked out the door, leaving me alone with the so much on my mind.


I sprung up, grabbing at my stomach, rubbing circles on it to try and soothe it.

It’s been 6 months since Sammy and I went our separate ways. I still thought about him all the time, he never left my brain. Especially with the fact that I was carrying our child, a permanent reminder of him. of us.

My phone going off, caught my attention. Groaning I reached out and grabbed it, unlocking it and reading the messages that flooded my screen.

Biting my lip, I nervously replied, my heart skipping a beat at his reply.

I sat nervously on the couch, the sound of a knock on my door startling me. I jumped up and answered the door, my breath hitching in my throat seeing him stand before me.

Staring at each other, just taking in being in front of one another for the first time in 6 months, his eyes flicked down to my enlarged stomach.

“oh my god.” he gasped. “t-that’s-”

“it’s ours.” I smiled, a tear falling from my eye from happiness.

“(y/n) I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” he muttered, his hand on my stomach.

“It’s okay Sammy. The last conversation we had was about me getting rid of it. But, I just couldn’t.”

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“I-I thought you hated me. For even talking about getting rid of it. I thought you’d be mad.”

“no baby. I’m so so happy. I’m sorry for everything. Please. Can we forget these past 6 months. Can we pick up where we left off? I love you (y/n) and I don’t want to miss out on watching my baby girl or little boy grow up.” he spoke, his hands cupping my face now.

I couldn’t find words. All I could do was nod my head eagerly, and throw my arms around his neck, our lips meeting for the first time in months.

Pulling apart, our foreheads resting against one another’s he whispered out to me.

“I’m glad to finally be home. I’ve missed you baby.”

“I’ve missed you too Sammy.”

Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn - I Taught Her (Requested)

You looked up from the book you were reading as you heard your door unlock, calling out, “who’s there?”“Your not-so-friendly neighborhood burglar,” Tyler replied, sliding his shoes off at the door before walking further into your house. “What burglar would have a key, Y/N?” “I was trying to figure out if it was you or one of the Benn-tastic Duo,” you answered, returning your gaze to your book. Tyler was one of your best friends, along with Jamie. You’d given Jamie a key to your place after you’d locked yourself out for the third time, and said he could use it whenever he came over. Since he was at your place half the time he was in Dallas, it made sense so you wouldn’t have to unlock the door for him every time. After Tyler got traded to Dallas, and became fast friends with Jamie, he had become your friend too, whether you liked it or not. You didn’t mind, though, honestly; it was like having another brother. Tyler walked over to the couch, sitting down on top of your legs. “Jordie has a key?” “He and Jamie share the key, but with how often Jamie comes over it might as well just have Jamie on it. You’re squishing me, Lardass; get up.” “I thought you only put my name on a key,” he pouted. “And you take that back, Shortie.” “Make me.” You stuck your tongue out at him, and he swiped the book from your hand before swatting you with it. “So why are you over here? I know you bought groceries yesterday, so it’s not so I can cook for you.” “Last skate of the season today,” he said. “Tomorrow’s locker clean out, so a lot of the guys are getting together today for one last hurrah. And Garbutt is having a party after the skate.” “Mhmm. So what are you doing here?” You asked slower. “Do you want to go to the skate? Bring your gear, scrimmage with the guys, drop the gloves with Cody?” He laughed. “Sure, why not. When is it?” “Right now,” he answered. “Gahhhh,” you groaned. “Gimme a minute to get my gear and then we can go. Now get up.” Tyler stood up, following you around as you collected your things. Ten minutes later you followed him to his SUV, climbing in and turning on the radio. “We are not listening to country,” Tyler said, swatting your hand before changing the station back to his rap station. “I’m not listening to your rap,” you replied, pulling out your iPod and plugging it into the audio jack. You pulled up your hockey playlist, sitting back as your favorite song started playing. When you arrived Jamie was waiting for you two, and he gave you a bear-hug as he told you hey. You followed them to the locker room, joking with some of the other guys as you geared up. You were the last one out of the locker room, and you skated onto the ice to find the guys goofing off. You could tell that this skate was just a bunch of overgrown kids playing shinny, and it just happened that those overgrown kids played hockey for a living. You started talking with Roussel before Tyler dragged you into a half scrimmage half goof-off, taking shots on Lehtonen and checking people into the boards. The guys started chirping at you that you stood around too much, and you decided to show them how it was done and stole the puck from Tyler. You streaked down the ice, deking around Jordie and losing the puck before regaining it as you spun back around and toe-dragged the puck before it found twine. You laughed as Jamie squashed you into the boards with a hockey hug before skating back to the boards to watch the guys. You listened as Jamie and Tyler talked by one of the dots, skating closer so you could hear them. They had both their backs to you, so they didn’t see you approach. “I taught her that move,” Tyler said, grinning proudly. “No you didn’t! I was the one who taught her how to toe-drag,” Jamie replied. “Well that deking thing was definitely mine.” “No it wasn’t,” Jamie scoffed. “Well she learned faceoffs from me.” “You’re worse at face-offs than I am- and her, too. Face it, Segsy- the only thing she’s learned from you is how not to do something,” Jamie laughed. Tyler shoved him then, and Jamie laughed again. “You really wanna do this, Segs?” Jamie dropped his gloves, pulling Tyler’s sweater over his head. As Val skated by he hooked your ankle, and you rolled onto the ice. “мудак!” (mudak, asshole) You called as he skated away, standing up and skating towards him. “хочу бороться?” (Khochu borot’sya? Wanna fight?) Val didn’t answer, putting you in a headlock and knocking your helmet off. Tyler skated over then, laughing as he said, “you should’ve found someone shorter.” “I know,” you groaned as Val let you go, laughing. It was a good day, even if Jamie and Tyler continued fighting over who had taught you the most during the season until after the skate was over. (Written by



BTS reacting to hearing you rap

I’m not familiar with this artist because besides K-pop rap, i only listen to Eminem and 50 Cent, but i have to admit that some of his lyrics are good.

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


You were listening to “Lane Boy” through your earphones in the living room, dancing around. You got thirsty so you went to the kitchen where your boyfriend was preparing some snacks for the boys later. You entered the room, dancing and rapping out loud the lyrics, so full of passion that you were almost on your knees when you felt Jin staring at you with his mouth open and with a bag of chips in his hand, standing still, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Are you ok? I think you might have a fever.” he said, bursting into laughter.


You saw Yoongi sitting behind his desk, trying to write some lyrics for their new song when an idea came to your mind. You inserted a cd in your DVD player and pressed start on the music player. The song was now blasting through the speakers and you approached Yoongi while rapping and imitating his moves on the stage by grabbing your crotch and putting a hand to your mouth to look like you were holding a mic. He looked at you in confusion as you starting jumping around, rapping along and made a fool out of yourself.

“Jagi, what are you holding onto?” he looked at your crotch, starting to laugh.


As you were waiting for Hobi to grab his things in the practice room, you plugged your phone into their sound system, playing “Lane Boy”. The music was blasting through the speakers as you were fooling around in front of the mirrors as you were rapping with a very serious face. You didn’t even notice Hobi in the background dancing to the song and suddenly he came to your side and started rapping along with you.

“That was so cool, we should start a sub unit.” he said as he high fived you.


You were left alone in the recording room after the boys were called out on a meeting. You were bored as you were still waiting after a half of hour so you decided to play a little. You put on the negative for Lane Boy and you entered the booth to record yourself. You were too focused on your emotions to notice that Namjoon entered the room and was now listening to you. After you finished the song, you saw him outside smiling at you as you approached him, leaving the booth.

“We should consider signing you to a record label.”


You were relaxing on your couch with Jimin while switching through the channels to find something good to see on a Friday night. You were reaching the music channels and you landed on MTV. Twenty One Pilot’s video was playing and you loved the song. You started slapping his thigh to the rhythm as you started rapping in your own world. You felt your boyfriend trying to contain his laugh but you ignored him. After the song was over and you congratulated yourself for the best rap you could possibly do, you turned to see him bursting into laughter beside you.

“Wow, i never knew you were such a rapper.”


Taehyung was driving you home from work when your favorite song, Twenty One Pilot’s Lane boy, came on the radio. As soon as you heard the first key, you turned the volume up, starting to jump on your seat as you were already rapping along with the radio. You looked at your boyfriend to see him smiling back at you and attempting to rap to it but failing because he didn’t actually knew the words to it, but he was still pumped while cheering you on.

“You go Jagi ! That’s my girl, you’d slay the rap industry.”


You were waiting for Jungkook in their dressing room, so you could go home together, after their last concert of the tour. You were bored so you plugged your earphones into your phone and pressed shuffle on your music player. Your favorite song was playing and you soon started rapping along out of boredom. You were so focused on the song that you didn’t even see Jungkook was ready to go as he was looking at you with a wide smile on his face.

“ No, don’t mind me, just continue your cute rapping.”

cas and dean finally getting together and cas hearing some stupid pop song about love on the radio and dedicating it to dean

dean being annoyed by the song and rolling his eyes at cas

dean hearing the song while alone on a hunt and turning it up and smiling to himself because his angel likes it

sam being in the car when it comes on again and dean stopping him from changing the station because “the song’s not that bad”

cas walking by dean’s room and hearing him singing it to himself

dean deciding it’s his new favorite song

No Promises - Monster Woo [part 7]

You woke up early the next morning wrapped in Young Woo’s arms. You spent a few minutes just enjoying the feeling of his skin on yours with his even breath against you cheek. It was almost as though he has fallen asleep while given you a hug but it wasn’t like you were complaining. You could definitely get used to this feeling. After a while, nature was calling you to wake up. Carefully you slid out from his grip. With one last look at the peacefully sleeping man in front of you, you left to get ready in the bathroom.

You were ready to go for the day in a pair of leggings and over sized t-shirt with your hair curled slightly and minimal makeup. You had even started a load of laundry containing Young Woo’s clothes so that everything could be clean for him.

You started to get nervous as you finished folding your laundry. You were worried about what his family might think about you. There were only two other times you had met a boyfriend’s family and this was so much scarier for some reason. You heard a shuffling for the other room and looked up to see a shirtless Woo wearing nothing but a low draped towel.

“Good morning, Angel.” He greeted with a deep raspy voice. He still managed to look like a living God with bedhead and half closed eyes. He made his way to your fire escape, leaning half out as he lit up a cigarette, taking a long draw. You watched him for a second before getting up to join him. Your elbows rested on the windowsill as he passed you his cigarette. Taking a small draw, you smiled at him as his arm wound it’s way around your shoulders. You held the cigarette to his lips as he took another inhale. The two of you stood there s he finished his morning smoke. While you didn’t speak, it was a moment that you enjoyed.

He went in to get ready and you tried to keep yourself busy around the apartment to try and stop thinking about later today. Turning up the radio, you rapped along to your favorites, calming your nerves slightly.

Young Woo came into view with a giant smile as he watched you singing along to Dodoripyo by Dynamic Duo.

“I didn’t know that you listened to them, Baby,” Young Woo stated as he towel dried his hair. Nodding you kept on enjoying one of your favorite songs.

“Some people don’t appreciate them anymore since their getting older, but they are so good!” You told Woo, proving your point by the way you subtly moved to the music.

“My brother is really going to like you,” he stated simply, still with that goofy grin.

“Does he like Dynamic Duo too?” You asked, halting your movements to hear his answer.

Young Woo laughed and looked down for a second. “I guess you can say that.” You thought his answer was a bit strange, but didn’t think much of it as you turned off your Playlist and started to gather your purse and shoes. Young Woo held the door open for you and walked you to the car, hand in hand. He noticed the way you kept chewing on your lip.

“Angel, relax. They aren’t anything to worry about. It’s probably less frightening then meeting the Woo Fam crew and you’ve done that with ease. Don’t worry so much.” He tried his best to comfort you, making sure that his hand didn’t leave yours for the entire ride. You noticed that the homes were getting nicer and nicer as you went, gradually you realized you were just on the outskirts of town in one of the few areas that had free standing houses with little yards. Everything looked large and we’ll put together, much different then the small apartment you were used to.

*Great, he’s probably some successful doctor or mob boss.* you thought to yourself. You glanced over at Woo who was stealing glances at you, probably making sure that you weren’t trying to jump out of the car. He pulled up and came to a stop in front of a nice, modern, gray house.

“Angel, I swear to you this is nothing. Everyone will love you. Hyung is just happy that I’ve even found someone. And if I love you then they will love you. Promise baby,” he gave you a warm kiss making you forget about your fears.

“What if I have nothing to talk to them about? Will they think I’m crazy?” You asked tentatively.

“No promises,” he said with a laugh. “I guess it depends on how you react.” He said as he opened the door. Almost immediately you were greeted with a young boy, probably only 5 years old and a cute little girl.

“What do you mean how I react?” You ask before the kids were screaming and jumping over Woo. He immediately started tossing the boy in the air before holding him and turning to you.

“Is this your girlfriend, Samchun [uncle]?” The boy asked tentatively.

“Hmm,” Woo nodded. “Babe, this is my nephew Rhythm. Rhythm, this is [y/n]. She teaches kids just about your age,” Woo explained tenderly.

“She’s pretty!” The boy exclaimed, causing Woo to nod vigorously.

“Will you go get you mom and dad so we can show them my pretty girlfriend?” Woo asked as he put Rhythm back on the ground. He then next down and enveloped the young girl in his arms, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“And this is Tae.”

She was young and inquisitive. You noticed how she took you in with big eyes as her hair was on the top of her head giving her a cute look.

“Tae is a bit shy, but Rhythm is a little spitfire,” young woo explained as he took of his shoes. You followed suit as you listened to him coo at the girl in his arms. Young Woo was really head over heels for those kids something that was in contrast to his cold exterior.

“Oppa, isn’t Rhythm a unique name? Why did they choose it?” You asked tentatively. Woo just shrugged his shoulders.

“It started out as a nickname when Sumi was pregnant and it just stuck I guess.”

You were about to ask more when you heard Young Woo being called by his brother. Walking further into the house you wound up in the family room which was simple and well put together especially with two young kids.

“Oh, Hyung. This is my girlfriend. Babe this is my brother -” Young Woo started.

“Gaeko. Your brother is Gaeko and you didn’t think to mention that!” You scolded as you gently hit his arm.

“Most of us just call me Yoon-Sung,” the man in question stated simply. He had a warm smile and friendly demenor. Honestly, with his sweat pants and t-shirt it was hard to imagine him being the same man as the rapper from your favorite songs.

You gave him a slight bow with your cheeks tinged pink. “Ah, yeah, sorry. You just think he would have mentioned a bit of who you were,” you explained as Yoon-sung laughed at his brother’s antics.

“Sorry, Babe, it was so much funnier this way. Hyung, she even raps to your songs! It was just too good of an opportunity to miss,” you shot Young Woo a death glare.

He was always one for a good joke so it really didn’t shock you that he would have done this. He was always trying to rile you up in one way or another.

“I wish I could say that Young Woo told us all about you but it was like pulling teeth to get him to even let us know about you. I’m actually shocked that he really brought you here,” Yoon-sung stated. You gave a nervous chuckle and noticed the kindness mixed with excitement in both Yoon-sung and Sumi’s eyes.

“I heard that he doesn’t do this often,” you noted as Sumi cracked a huge smile. Tae was climbing over her lap and Rhythm was showing Woo hid newest toys.

“In the 10 years I’ve known the family this is the first time he used the word girlfriend. Normally he would just avoid the topic or say that he was just playing,” Sumi explained. “But lately we noticed he had that puppy love look in his eyes and he would just smile at his phone. Really, he thought we wouldn’t know what was going on!” She laughed as Tae pulled at her necklace.

You spent about twenty minutes getting to know the family as Woo kept the children entertained on the floor by mainly rough housing. You laughed as Woo pretended to be hurt by Rhythm’s play punches while Tae giggled along happily. Sumi stepped in to save a tired looking Woo, suggesting that they should all sit down to eat.

“[Y/N] can you help me wash up the kids. Young Woo-ah, go set the table, yeah?”

Woo’s eyes narrowed at his brother, almost to warn him not to embarrass him around you. Grabbing Rhythm’s hand you made your way to the bathroom.

“You know something,” Yoon-sung started while paying attention to his young daughter. “I’ve never seen Young Woo look so relaxed.” He set down the youngest and gently grabbed your arm before you could follow the kids out to the dining room. “But really, [y/n], Woo-ah has had a rough time before with everything but he is the happiest I’ve seen him in a very long time. And don’t worry, Sumi and I already love you just for that fact alone.” You nodded feeling overwhelmed by the superstar in front of you so comfortably accepting you and the knowledge that you have actually made an impact on hum in such a short time.

You headed out to enjoy a fun filled lunch with the family. Young Woo was right, his brother did like you. By the end of the couple hours you spent there, you had already snagged an invite to the upcoming Dynamic Duo concert and a shopping date with Sumi as well as plenty of ammunition against Young Woo.

As you got into the car, Woo leaned over and gave you a long and lingering kiss. “Not bad?” He asked you as he pulled away.

“It was good, although I’m disappointed,” you told him. A frown immediately appeared on his face. “I’m disappointed that you never showed me this famous new shoes dance.”

He leaned over with a smile and another kiss. “I can still show you a few things baby.”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings:  Very long, FLUUUUUUUUFF

Key: (Y/F/M) is your favorite movie, (Y/F/S) is your favorite song, (Y/F/M/A) is your favorite music artists, and as always, (Y/N) is your name

Requested by: Anon - Steve Rogers imagine? The reader gives Steve a list of songs that he should know from when the time he missed. The list includes famous songs and her personal favorites. One night, they’re both at her apartment and she has her music on shuffle. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli (from the list) starts playing. They dance around the living room and share their first kiss. Flash forward. Steve and the reader are dancing their first dance as husband and wife to the song. Thanks much. :)

Author’s note: My heart fluttered every time I though about writing this UGH THE FLUFF Thank you so so much for requesting I love it so much AAAHH Ok I hope you enjoy! 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

(Find the song here - Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)

    “Uh… Secrets by One Republic… Songs from Sound of Music are good… Oh and (Y/F/S)… Pretty much anything by (Y/F/M/A)… Let’s see”  You started going through your phone looking for older songs for Steve to listen to.  You wanted him to catch up and become well-versed in music.  He was writing down the previous songs and artists while you looked for another song that wasn’t as modern as the last few.

  “Ooh, you need to listen to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli, it’s a great song-” Your last word was cut off by Tony walking in.

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