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알아요 (I Know) [Dreamy Ver.]
  • 알아요 (I Know) [Dreamy Ver.]
  • RM & JK of BTS
Road Trip - Yoongi (M)


rated M

myg x reader

a/n: here’s me postin smth after 3213 years, enjoy sinners :) 

Nothing could compare to the feeling you got traveling on the road, no destination in mind particularly, but just the enjoyment of cruising on the high way was transcendental. The windows down and music turned up loud, stretching your arm out the window, allowing your hand to dip into a summer breeze and ride on the wind, the endless picture perfect scenery, and even occasional stops for the gas station were exciting. The only thing more exciting was how you got to spend this road trip with Yoongi, whose jaw,  at the moment, was hitting the floor as he tried to keep both hands on the steering wheel.


You rolled your eyes, “Road head, Yoongi. I wanna suck your dick, you know, while you’re driving.”

Yoongi’s mouth just opened and closed, not even sure how to respond. Part of him liked the idea but he definitely rather not get into a car accident.


You just chuckled, “Wouldn’t that make a great headline? Road Thrill leads to Road Kill. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

“Y/N, are you crazy?!”

“Mhm, no. Just horny.,” You answered honestly. Sure the road trip was exciting, but it wouldn’t be as great if Yoongi wasn’t there. You had been staring at him almost the entire time, watching him clench and unclench his jaw as he concentrated on driving. Your eyes moved over the curve of his nose and the shape of his lips down to the patch of skin you could view from the white tee he sported. It only took a few minutes before your mind was reeling the possibilities as your eyes slipped lower across his thighs clad in ripped black jeans, moving to a more interesting part of him before his curious eyes met your wandering ones. Which is what brought you to this moment.

“As…hot and tempting as that sounds right now, I want us to be safe,” Yoongi replied.

You smirked to yourself and leaned closer to him. You moved your hand across the expanse of his chest and felt him tense. His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter as yours moved lower.

“Really, baby?” You taunted, pressing your lips against the curve of his jaw. You moved back so you could unbutton his pants. Yoongi grabbed your arm.

“Y/N, please.” Yet the way it came out strained, Yoongi himself couldn’t tell if he was begging you to stop or begging you to keep going.

You continued, sliding your hand in his pants to palm him over his boxers, leaning closer to him again and nipping at his ear lobe, “Do you really want me to stop, Yoongi? Because I’ve been sitting here just thinking about all the things I want to do to you.  You look so good in this t-shirt and these jeans, I couldn’t help myself. I mean if you want me to stop. Just tell me. Tell me to stop.” You started moving your hand along his quickly hardening length.

He couldn’t fight you. How could he when you were so willing to please him. And the danger of him driving made it all the better.

Mischief played in the corner of your lips as you removed your hand from his boxers. “Actually, you’re right. Maybe I’ll just…"You slipped your hands up the skirt you were wearing and slid your panties off. Yoongi’s eyes grew impossibly wide as his attention was split between you and the road. "Y/N…”

You closed your eyes as you parted your legs and dragged your hands across your thighs, “Yoongi don’t look at me. Pay attention to the road. I’ll be okay just - oh,” You pressed your fingers to your center. You much wetter than you thought, but you guessed that was to be expected since you were thrilled by the effect you were having on him, and especially turned on by the fact that either of you could get caught. You moaned, “Ah, Yoongi…!” You slid two fingers in and out of your heat.

“Oh my god…” Yoongi’s voice trailed off. He was going to lose his mind. There weren’t going to be any stops for quiet a few miles. But switching back and forth between you and driving, he was so sure he was going to pull over and have his way with your right there on the side of the road.

“Wanna taste?” You slipped your fingers out of your dripping core and pressed them against Yoongi’s mouth which eagerly opened. He groaned as his tongue wrapped around your fingers, sucking off your juices. His cock strained in his pants.
You smiled leaning forward to nip at his ear again. You pulled down his boxers just enough to release his cock from its confinements, not missing the shaky breath that left Yoongi’s mouth. You gripped him harder, moving your hand up and down his shaft. His hips bucked up into your hand. His head fell back agains the seat and he let out a loud groan, eyes fluttering close momentarily.

You chuckled, “Keep your eyes on the road, baby. Don’t want an accident.”


La La Land —  Start A Fire  {Sentence Starters}

  • “We could start a fire.”
  • “Turn the music way up loud!”
  • “Don’t you know I feel so good?”
  • “I don’t care if this tuns into a riot.”
  • “And I just know I’ll feel so good tonight.”
  • “I don’t know why I keep moving my body.”
  • “I don’t know if this is wrong or if it’s right.”
  • “I don’t know what your name is but I like it.”
  • “I’ve been thinking ‘bout some things I wanna try.”
  • “Lets get reckless, tear this place down to the floor.”
  • “I don’t know if there’s a beat, or something’s taking over me.”
  • “I don’t know what you came to do, but I wanna do it with you.”
Dear Future Love,
I am very shy. You can count on me to not start the conversation on the first day, because I am very insecure. I am in constant fear that the next thing I say will ruin what we have and I am so sorry. You also have to know that it will take you a little while to see the real me, but I promise it isn’t you. Just know this, I am the girl that sings at the top of her lungs when no one is home. I also guarantee that if you are having a bad day I will take you for a drive, turn the music up obnoxiously loud, and sing to you until you smile. I am also the girl who will sing in the shower no matter what because it makes me happy and those moments are hard to come by sometimes. I promise to tell you everyday how beautiful you are and how much I love you because I want you to know that you are my happiness and I am not going anywhere. It takes me a while to trust; so when I tell you “it isn’t you it’s me,” I am not lying. Get to know me, because once you do you will see that I am the one that will make you smile no matter what it takes.
—  Me//Dear Future Love//

Bring It On: The Musical Sentence Meme

Lyrics taken from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Bring It On: The Musical.
Change pronouns, phrasing or punctuation as you see fit!
  • “In that moment, I finally knew what I was born to do.”
  • “I’m probably too cool for you, so friend request: denied.”
  • “It’s hot in here and kinda smells like someone wet the bed.”
  • “Oh yay, cheerleader try-outs are tonight, pick me.”
  • “Even mocking cheerleaders cannot hide the emptiness in my soul.”
  • “There is no second place, you’re either flying or falling!”
  • “I’ve come of age to be a raging, castrating, biotch!”
  • “I’m not freaking out, I’m really okay.”
  • “Turn up the music so loud that it swallows us whole.”
  • “High in the air, there is a moment just before you start to fall; live in that one moment.”
  • “Can somebody, anyone show me around?”
  • “Crap, it’s time for class.”
  • “I bet I’ve got until lunch at least before everyone sees I’m a spaz!”
  • “I’ve got lots of experience with not fitting in, do you need some pointers?”
  • “Step one to become invisible, books up, de-accentuate the physical. Head down, use only your peripherals. Stick with me, we’ll be indivisible!”
  • “Jinkies, no one has ever said that to me before! With the exception of a hobo once, and my youth pastor.”
  • “You prob'ly go shoppin’ with your daddy’s credit card in your hand.”
  • “You can call us arrogant, but we work for what we have.”
  • “The little lady in the middle? Yeah, thats mine.”
  • “More than beautiful, she’s got character!”
  • “I thought I knew her, but man I was wrong.”
  • “That girl is no three-minute bubble gum song.”
  • “Is this all coincidence, just unrelated incidents that happened to occur, miraculously making way for her?”
  • “Too much has been going down, to chalk it up to coincidence!”
  • “Your alibi’s pathetic, I’m here to call your bluff.”
  • “I’ll take first place and throw it in your face!”
  • “Think you can beat me? Go ahead, c'mon!”
  • “I’m reading this from Wikipedia.”
  • “Look! They’re blowing up on twitter!”
  • “They’re only glue and glitter.”
  • “Theres a saying that I learned, passed down through centuries, which translated from the French means ‘sister please!’”
  • “You’re rough, yeah, but you’re a gem.”
  • “Love who you are, and the world will adore you – and the couple that don’t, at least they can ignore you.”
  • “Language, honey child, please.”
  • “Right now everything seems so important, but time rushes by at a clip. And when you look back, these high school years will be nothing more than a blip. So you might as well enjoy the trip.”
  • “If you do what you love with your time, then you win!”
  • “She always worked hard, she was trusting and fair, and Lord that’s the crux of her problem right there.”
  • “Are you the little ant or do you set the ants on fire?”
  • “I’m raisin’ hell, and I’m a felon in a four-foot frame.”
  • “The truth is that you’re such a dork, you kind of make it cool.”
  • “We’re not done.”
  • “No applause is necessary.”
  • “Ring, ring! Hello? Oh, hold on. It’s for you, it’s second place!”
  • “I’m dazzling, magnificent! I am the one percent!”
  • “How do we know who we are unless we cross the line?”
  • “I thought you were a spoiled, rich, uptight little white bitch, now I think you’re just white.”
  • “I got you like Pokemon and Pikachu, Ron and Hermione!”
I Never Left

This is a imagine wrote for the lovely @thewondersofsmut you should defiantly go check her stories if you like Damon or Dean from Supernatural her stuff is amazing!!! Anyways here is the story sorry if it’s not like the song you wanted it to based off of I’m bad at song fic’s…. >.> Anyways hope you like it thanks for reading it!! 

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Reader sees Damon make out with who she thinks to be Elena and gets hurt. Damon decides to compel Readers pain away. Ending When Damon saves reader and they have sex in his car. Sorry for the not great description. And Sorry its so long haha 

Damon Salvatore X Reader

Warnings: Smut duh haha 

Turning up the music loud enough to hear over the water, I stepped into the shower. Putting my head under the hot water I ran my fingers threw my wet hair. Closing my eyes I turned my head side to side trying to clear my head as thoughts flooded my head.

Walking into the house I moved toward the living room but stopped when I heard an unfamiliar voice. Walking around the door frame I stopped dead in my tracks when I met the eyes of none other than Elena Gilbert. She was talking to Damon her a little too close but I could not do anything about it.

“My Sweet Damon don’t you remember the fun times we had?” She asked leaning up closer to him her interest in me gone.

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Just Friends?! - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N -  Anything with Jack ❤️ something where they are just friends, and they Get drunk and maybe hook up and wake up together the next morning and are both a bit freaked out. Feel free to change the plot, i dont mind

What is it like being friends with 7 guys who liked going on night outs quite a lot? I’ll tell you know.. it was draining. I’m that type of person who doesn’t like saying no. Sometimes i regret it but other times i do actually thank myself for agreeing to go. I get a thrill of doing activities outside my comfort zone it gives me the confidence boost i always needed. Saying yes to the boys always meant there was going to be laughter, jokes and new memories to laugh/talk about in the future. 

I’m currently in my apartment drinking wine with the music channel turned up loud. My hair and make up was already done but trying to pick an outfit was a nightmare. I had tried on several outfits but i couldn’t find one i liked. With the guys texting me saying they were just waiting for their uber i really needed to get a move on. In the end i decided to wear a short pencil shirt with a off the shoulder top and heels. (Heels are essential as im small compared to the others) Downing the rest of my wine i made sure everything was locked and switched off, double checking i had my phone keys and money before locking up and heading outside to wait. 

Ignoring all the hellos and i rushed into the car as it was absolutely freezing.
“It’s so cold, please turn the heating up” I asked the driver chattering my teeth and rubbing my arms to warm back up.
“Demanding” Conor laughed. 
“Maybe if you put more clothes on you would be fine” Jack mumbled.
“Need to look my best to impress dont i” I replied with a smile. “Plus you don’t have any right telling what to wear and how to dress Maynard”  
“oooo, Jack got told” Joe laughed with the other boys laughing along. 
It was only friendly banter with the boys, if you could give it you needed to take it. 

We had now been in the club for about two hours and i can say the boys had all taken a big amount of alcohol. Having this amount of alcohol in you took you to that stage where were everyone confident with what they were talking about and with their actions. We were in the booth downing the shots and pretending to dance like we were pros. “We need more drinks” Josh shouted over the music. “Lets order some” Oli shouted back grabbing Josh and Mikey to get the drinks in. I was in my own little world until Joe starting snapchatting and obviously i wanted to join in. We started singing with the different effects making a fool out of our selves but we didn’t care it was fun. As the night went on me and Jack started to become more closer dancing against each other, taking random photos and videos enjoying each others company and this didn’t go a miss from the boys. Don’t get me wrong Jack is a very attractive lad and we do get protective over each other but we didn’t see each other in “that” way. Just friends having fun on a night out. Nothing wrong with that right?


I always love a good night out but the hangovers in the morning are something i despise. I was awake but i couldn’t open my eyes. They were so heavy. My head was awake but my body wanted to sleep. After a few minutes debating to myself if i should get back to sleep or just wake up, i blinked a few times getting used to the light before i decided to move. I started my morning stretch and i froze mid way. I turned to look and i couldn’t process the thoughts. Why was Y/N in my bed? I instantly checked to see if we were clothed and i had my boxers on and Y/N had a hoodie and underwear on. I sat straight up to see if there were any evidence of something happening and i couldn’t see anything. 
“Jack?” I turned to look at Y/N still in disbelief. She started to open her eyes and she looked as confused as i did. 
“Why am i in your bed? Did anything happen? How did i get here?” Too many questions which i couldn’t answer especially with this hangover.
“I-i dont know, no i dont think anything did and i dont know” I spoke out. I watched as Y/N checked under the covers and sighed with relief when looking back up.
“Dont worry i already checked” I let out a slight laugh. Even though i’m confused out of my mind i didn’t actually mind waking up to Y/N. It was different. 
“My head really hurts” Y/N croaked out. “I know the feeling” 

I pulled out my phone to check snapchat (this was a regular thing i did after a night out because it would give me an idea to what happened) There was pictures of Joe having a drinking competition with Conor and Caspar. Videos of me, Joe and Y/N singing and videos of Mikey and Oli trying to flirt with girls. Nothing on there to tell me if something happened with the girl next to me… well that was until i watched Joe’s story. There it was a photo of me and Y/N kissing. Don’t get me wrong the fans have seen us kiss before but only as a dare. This wasnt a dare. Inside i was kind of freaking out. But freaking out in a good way? I always thought Y/N was different to other girls. She always made me happy no matter what mood i was in.
“Y/N have you seen this?” I showed her the photo of us as she just came out the bathroom gathering her stuff. She started to giggle.
“Aw aren’t we cute!” I started to smile. “We would be” 
“It’s a shame we’re just friends” She said picking up the last of her bits heading out the room. I smile was soon off my face. This feeling in my stomach started to appear and it wasn’t anything to do with the hangover. I sighed to myself.

“Just friends”


pairing: yoonmin
words: 2,961
inspired by my emotions about the new vid of jimin playing wedding dress on piano

“Yah, Taehyung, you’ve got to hear this.”

Jimin was kneeling on the floor, pressing his ear against the door when Taehyung found him.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung asked. “Yoongi-hyung’s going to open the door and smack you right in the face.”

Jimin ignored him.

Something was off about Yoongi lately. The past few weeks, he’d been slamming doors a little too hard, driving a little too fast, turning up his music a little too loud. Something was aggravating him. Irritating his skin, weaving through his mind. Yoongi would say that he’s just sleep deprived, or that it was because of accidentally missing lunch from working too hard. But Jimin wasn’t so sure about that. He knew Yoongi like the back of his hand. Maybe even better than the back of his hand.

Yoongi’s naturally calm demeanor had been overcome by an angry, frustrated stranger.

But today, he wasn’t like that. He was noticeably less angry.

Today was a flood after a long drought.

“I don’t think you should be snooping while he’s working,” Taehyung said, Jimin still listening through the door. “Especially considering how pissed off he’s been.”

Jimin stood up. “Okay, listen for yourself then.”

Taehyung did.

Yoongi was playing piano.

“Woah,” Taehyung’s eyes widened.

“Woah is right,” Jimin smirked.

Despite being roommates and best friends for years, Jimin had only heard Yoongi play piano three other times in his whole life.

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This Love Is Physical [NeganxReader]

NeganxReader with the song Criminal by Britney Spears

Y/N had insisted that Negan turn the music up extremely loud to drown out whatever noise was to follow.
Their little affair had only been going on a week, but it was a secret she was desperate to keep.

She didn’t want his wives on her case, which was understandable. But most of all, she couldn’t bare the thought of her mother knowing. She’d be so disappointed.

They had only been with The Saviors for a short time, however word of Negan and his cruel acts had reached them in their previous group. He was a criminal and her mother wanted her to have nothing to do with him.

And being the good little daughter she was, Y/N listened. Somehow she managed to have no contact with the man.

Until he started seeking her out.

He started showing up everywhere she went, each time making sure to catch her eye and to give her a bright smile.

That bright smile wasn’t all she saw when he showed up though.

She watched from the side lines as he hustled, lied, intimidated, and mocked his people.

But she couldn’t deny it. She was in love with him. And this type of love wasn’t rational, it was physical. This didn’t bother her, she’d given up on actual love a long time ago.

And to be honest, it’d been a while since she’d been touched by a man. So when he finally got her alone in a room, she was done for.
“Oh, Negan…” Y/N moaned, tugging on her hair while he worked his tongue in between her thighs. He was being lazy about it, just wanting to tease her. It wasn’t long before he kissed his way up her body to her lips.

She pressed her wetness to his extremely hard cock, a sign that she was growing impatient and wanted to feel him inside her, but he was a man on mission tonight and needed to talk to her.

It was a bit of surprise when he sat up, pulling her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder with a sweet smile.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like this sweet side, it was just so unusual that she forward at him and pressed her hand to his cheek. “Negan, what’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong.” He assured her and placed his hand on top of hers. “I just have something to talk about before we get to the fun stuff.”

She tensed slightly, but nodded. The only thing they had ever really talked about was how bad of man her mother thought he was, which amused him to no end.

“I want you to tell your mother about us.” He kept his smile and tightened his grip on her when he felt her move to get away from him.

“No, you know I can’t.” Y/N was getting worked up now, trying to pull away from him and shaking her head. “It would kill her.”

“Well.” His smile finally faded. He released her waist and cupped her face in his rough hands, forcing her to look at him. “Either you tell her, and we can work on you being my wife.” His serious face was replaced with a smile at the word wife, before it disappeared again. “Or this is the end of us.”

He careful removed her from his lap and grabbed his clothes as he walked across the room to turn the music off.

“It’s up to you baby girl. I’ll be waiting.” He gave Y/N one last look before leaving.

“I’m so sorry momma.” Y/N sobbed, trying to hug her mother who stepped away from her each time.

“I know this isn’t smart, but I’m in love with him. I not isn’t rational, but momma please don’t cry. I’ll be alright. All reason aside I can’t deny, I love Negan.”

“I told you.” Her mother’s voice was weak as she tried to hold back her own tears. “I told you to stay away from him.”

“I tried-” She was caught off, her mother wanting to hear no more about it.

“I love you Y/N, you’re my reason for living, but.” She looked at her daughter, finally. “I won’t be around to see him hurt you.”

She stormed out of the room and Y/N yelled after her.

“He’s going to make me his wife momma, it’s ok! He’s with me. He loves me.”


Negan made her his wife like he had promised and for awhile everything was prefect.

He spent all his free time with her and even spent each night with her instead of going back to his own personal room.

There was talk about how upset his other wives were of being thrown to the curb, but he never seemed to mind.

So when Y/N came to him with a positive pregnancy test, she thought he’d be over joyed.

“The doctor said he thinks I’m almost three months along.” She was so excited, sitting there holding his hand as she waited for his reaction.

“That’s wonderful.” He said in an almost uninterested tone, his smile not reaching his eyes. “I’m glad your so excited baby girl.” He patted her shoulder.

“Are…. are you not happy?” She asked, looking down at the pregnancy test in her hands.

“Of course I am, but um, I have work to do. I’ll check on you later.” He left without even hugging her, and he never came back to check on her.

A few days later she saw him with one of his wives. When he noticed her, he simply turned in the other direction.
“Momma, you were right.” Y/N was trying hard not cry as she opened her mothers door, only to notice that the room had been cleared out.

Sitting on the table was note, address as her.

Her mother had left, went to The Hilltop. But she wished her the best and hoped Negan truly made her happy…


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After a warm shower and a fresh set of underwear, there was no one else around so it didn’t matter, the boys weren’t going to be back for another couple of days, you set about making some food for lunch. Switching one of the old record players you had found in the bucker you danced through the library and into the kitchen and decided that a homemade carbonara and then a good slice of cake would do the job. So on turning the music up you set about your work. 

The music was so loud that two hours later, you hair having dried naturally in loose curls, you didn’t hear the door open as the three boys walked in to see you dancing around the kitchen a contented smile playing on your lips as you did so. “I don’t-” Cas began but Dean, who’s jaw had dropped to hit the floor shook his head and began backing out of the room slowly taking the two others with him. “But-” Cas protested 

“Shh-” Dean muttered pulling them out and letting you live in your own world for once. Being a hunter meant that you didn’t get to be yourself often, and they were not going to ruin the moment. 

You Drive Me Crazy


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: “Have I ever told you how sexy you look in my shirt”

Summary: Theo loves seeing you wearing his clothes and he makes that a well known fact.

While Theo was out and about taking care of some business as per usual, you were having a relaxing day at home. Wearing nothing but Theo’s top you found laying around the apartment, you had the music turned up loud and were in the kitchen dancing along while cleaning the counter tops.

Every single person has different ways of relaxing and blowing off steam, you were one of those people that loved cleaning. It was something that you did at a young age and whenever you were upset or mad you would pick up a cloth and start scrubbing. It was a habit that Theo didn’t know you had, his seen you mad countless of times before but after every fight he would leave and by the time he came back you just weren’t mad anymore.

Spinning and jumping to the beat of the song you didn’t notice the amused facial expression on your boyfriend’s face, who was now standing at the kitchen entrance loving what he was witnessing. Twirling around you caught Theo and quickly turned off the radio.

“Oh my god Theo” you said while putting down the cloth you were cleaning with.

He had a huge smirk on his face, “I didn’t know my girlfriend could rock some moves”.

You threw a sponge at him and he dodged it, before picking it up and putting it back in the sink. He came up behind you and pulled you towards his body. “I’m only joking babe”.

“What are you doing home so early. I thought you had lots to do today?”.

His hand rubbed your inner thigh and he was starting to become really cheeky in his behaviour. One of Theo’s greatest weakness was seeing you parading around the house in nothing but his clothes. It drove him wild, and turned him on greatly.

“I came back home early to see my girl. I missed you, and if I had known you were wearing nothing but my top I would have come back faster.”

God he knew how to drive you crazy, with just one single touch and with just his lips he was like a drug and you needed to have more of him. You sat on the now clean counter and wrapped your smooth legs around Theo’s waist, he wasn’t complaining about the amount of body to body, skin to skin contact you guys were sharing.

“I missed you too. But you interrupted my cleaning, I was having fun you know”.

He started playing with the buttons on his own shirt that you were wearing and unbutton the first two, revealing the fact you weren’t wearing any bra. He gulped, and you smirked at his reaction.

“What’s the matter my love? You looked like you could used a glass of water”.

Your leg moved up and down his leg. He gripped your thighs and traced circles on them.

“Cute babygirl. Actually I was thinking about all the things I could do to make it up to you”.

“Hmm I don’t know if you could”.

Bruising Theo’s ego was a quick way to get him riled up. And Theo in control was a night that you never forgot, he was rough but he knew how to be gentle. He teased the hell out of you, but made it all worth it in the end. Let’s just say that sex with Theo was never disappointing or boring.

You climbed down from the counter and were about to leave the kitchen. Theo pulled you back and you felt all the teasing from before had affected him in that certain area. “I know what your doing Y/N, but I always win this game”.

Detaching yourself you reached for the rest of the buttons and only left one unopened. “Are you sure about that babe?”.

You would love at this point to be able to hear how fast Theo’s heart was beating, but you could tell by looking at him that it was probably in super fast racing mode. You ran into the bedroom as fast as you could and before Theo could join, you shut the door locking it in the process.

“Y/N open the door” he demanded.

You weren’t going to say that you weren’t enjoying this, it wasn’t often that Theo was the one left begging. In fact it was mostly the other way around, so having him on the other side of the door pleading was amusing.

“You see Theo I could open the door, but this is just a tad more fun”. you giggled and imagined how frustrated and annoyed Theo was becoming with each passing minute.

“Imagine how much more fun we could be having, if I was actually allowed in our bedroom”.

“Say please” you told him.

You heard him groan from the other side, “You have got to be fucking kidding babe…I don’t beg”

Sitting on the bed and smiling at what was going on, you grabbed the magazine on the bed side table and started flipping through the pages. “Well then I guess you’re going to be stuck out there for a while”.

“Please Y/N could you open the door?”.

Biting your lip you waited exactly 10 seconds before getting up and granting his request. When he heard the lock un-click and the door knob being turned, he saw the smirk on your face. Entering the room he grabbed your waist and once more your body collided with his, “Just so you know your the only girl that will ever get me to beg for her”.

“I’m glad to know, now I think you promised to make it up to me for interrupting my cleaning?” you kissed him for the first time today, and his lips tasted sweet.

Holding onto you he moved the heated session that was building for awhile and both of you landed on the bed. “You drive me so fucking crazy”.

“What can I say I’m a pro” you laughed, but you had to admit all this back and forth teasing was starting to get old and you wanted to hurry this along to the good part.

Theo obviously sensed your desperation, but before any clothes started flying across the room he stopped and held your gaze before saying “Have I ever told you how sexy you look in my shirt?”.

He never failed to make you blush. Of course he reminded you how beautiful or how sexy you looked any chance he got, Theo when he was in private was nothing but a gentleman. But outside of this house, he had a reputation to uphold and he wouldn’t let that interfere with the way he treated you.

“About once or twice, or maybe it was a couple of hundred times. I’ve lost count by now”.

“Well you do, but I think it needs to come off”.

“Then what are you waiting for Raeken?”.

Theo definitely didn’t need to be told twice, ripping his own shirt from your body everything after that felt like pure bliss. He like always left his mark, and you lost count to how many times he got you to scream his name due to the overload of pleasure.

Trying to catch your breath after that intense workout, Theo wrapped the sheets around you and snuggled as close as he could.

“That was better than cleaning, wasn’t it?” he asked.

Reaching out and caressing his cheek, he looked beyond handsome as he was staring back at you. "Way better than cleaning” you respond.

Theo wasn’t near perfect, but who he was when the two of you were behind close doors was the only thing that you cared about.

Dating Peter Maximoff

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-him always calling you “babe” or “sugar”

-Peter actually being terrified of bugs and spiders so you always have to kill them for him

-You always braiding Peter’s hair when you get nervous and him always joking around about how beautiful he looks afterwards

-You always stealing Peter’s jacket and goggles to wear them around the school, pretending to be him

-Make out sessions everywhere
• I honestly mean everywhere, he will just swoop you away into the nearest classroom and start kissing you
• You have been caught multiple times by Hank and Kurt

-Random dance parties where the music is turned up so loud that Charles has to tell you two to knock it off (which to be honest, doesn’t do anything, you just try to get him to dance in his chair.)

-Since Peter has little sisters he absolutely LOVES Disney movies, so there will be days where you two will have a movie marathon and belt out the songs together along with exaggerated hand gestures.

- Peter loves to leave hickies all over your body, especially in the really obvious places so that people know that he was the one who gave them to you.

-He loves it even more when you let people see them instead of covering them up

-Again since Peter grew up in a household of women, he knows exactly what to do when it’s that time of the month. He insists that you tell him when it starts so that he can go get you all your favourite junk food and treat you like a princess.

-Shower sex, that’s all I’m going to say

-Bubble baths where you give each other bubble beards and splash each other
• It usually ends in you two kissing each other, while laughing really hard

-Whenever you two fight, Peter will always run off angrily but he’ll always come back  5 seconds later to apologize for getting mad at you.
- He likes to leave messages on the mirror when you are taking a shower like: “You look beautiful today” or “I love you so much babe”

-Whenever you are having a bad day, Peter likes to slide into the room in just his socks and silver boxers and sing “You are My Sunshine” very loudly until you smile
• He also will come and fling himself onto the bed and start using very cheesy pickup lines with a straight face until you start laughing
• If he knows that you are very sad, he will hold you tight and let you cry, stroking your hair and whispering that he loves you no matter what

-Peter never actually thinking that someone would love him so he sometimes when it’s really early in the morning he’ll pinch you until you wake up so that you can tell him that it isn’t a dream

-Peter always finding an excuse to slap your butt
• Then there was the day that you slapped his butt in the hallway and he was so shocked that he jumped a foot off the ground

-Kurt being one of your best friends and always coming to you for advice but accidently bamfing into your room to find you and Peter having sex… multiple times.