turn up song

OTP !!
  • Person A and B are in a car. B is driving, and the radio is playing softly. They're probably sitting in peaceful silence, or having small talk.Then, the song changes to A's favorite song!
  • Person A: *screams at the top of their lungs*
  • Person B: *swerves car a bit* WHAT THE FUCK! WHAT IS IT!
  • Person A: I love this song!! *turns up volume and starts singing*
  • Person B: ... WE COULD HAVE DIED!!!!

Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses hip-hop song forms in Hamilton

I studied musicals a lot, but I also, you know, as you can tell I’m a huge hip-hop fan. So I love hip-hop that tells stories, but I also like lots of different kinds of hip-hop (x)

best friends forever and always <3

[[happy best friend day!!]]


and when that voice starts to whisper “you’ve come so far,”

listen, do you know who you are?

Left Handed Kisses (feat. Fiona Apple)
Andrew Bird

For it begs the question, how did I ever find you
Drifting gently through the gyre of the great Sargasso Sea, Atlantic Ocean
You got me writing love songs
With a common refrain like this one here

when mark starts rapping: 

when jeno starts rapping: 

when marks rap from 7th sense comes on:

when its mark’s rap in general: 

when haechan makes a really good acrostic poem: 

when ur shit 7th sense comes on: 

when someone turns up any nct song in general tbh: 

Hunk plays the ukulele

this one person just saved one of my pins of a yellow ukulele to a hunk character board… how could we have been so blind? just imagine him strumming mindless little tunes on a lazy sunday morning, with lance’s head laying on his lap. then all of them humming to a song he plays while they are just doing their own thing. Lance and Pidge ironically singing wonderwall. Keith forcing Hunk to learn some twenty one pilots songs. Him smiling and softly singing along to house of gold with hunk.
Hunk plays the uke, sorry I don’t make the rules.

yall i had a dream that we got a clip from evens pov and it was the most beautiful thing ive watched

it ain't me // dylan o'brien

Summary: Dylan doesn’t realize how much he loves Y/N until it’s too late

Requested: no, based off of this song

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes and smut


The envelope had remained untouched on the counter for nearly a week.

Every time he looked at the stupid piece of white paper an immense pain clouded over him like he lived in Seattle and there was no chance of him ever seeing the sun again.

The only thing she had left behind was the letter and a cardboard box with his name scribbled across the front in her messy handwriting.

The two objects had been taunting him for the past week, surely collecting dust by now.

As he took another sip from the bottle clutched tightly in his hand, the cool amber liquid provided him with a small amount of relief he was craving.

Extending his legs onto the coffee table, he squinted his eyes as he flipped through the channels, the only source of light in his dark apartment being that of the muted television he had been staring at for the past 3 days.

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Pour some sugar on me

Harry, Ron and Hermione are at a muggle club. How they had Harry agree to this is still a mystery to him. He is not feeling it. At all. He is standing awkwardly in the middle of the dance floor, while people keep bumping into him. It would be easier to just dance, like the rest of them, but there is no way in hell! Instead, he watches Ron and Hermione dance in a tight embrace. He blushes as they start snogging like there’s no tomorrow. Bloody fantastic! The music changes and some dude starts singing something about love being like a bomb. Ron and Hermione seem to agree. Harry sighs and wishes he could vanish on the spot. But disapparating in the middle of a muggle crowd would probably end in a hearing at the Ministry. Head Auror or not.

He looks around, trying to ignore the fact that he’s basically standing there all alone like some idiot. That’s when he sees it. Across the room, barely visible. But he would spot it anywhere. A wisp of blond hair. His heart starts beating faster. No, it can’t be. Not here. He narrows his eyes, tries to see past the sea of people. He starts to move forward unconsciously, pushing people gently but firmly out of his way. And then he stops dead. Because this has to be some kind of trick. An optical illusion of some sort. It can’t possibly be true. Draco Malfoy, embraced by a muggle girl, moving carelessly to the music. His hands are on her waist, while her arms are thrown around his neck. They’re grinding their hips together in an almost obscene way. Harry can’t look away. He has to swallow around the lump in his throat as Malfoy moves his hands up and down the girl’s waist. Harry can only see her from the back, but that doesn’t matter, because he can see Malfoy’s face. His lips twitch in a little smirk, his eyes are closed. He seems to be utterly consumed. Harry is shocked. He didn’t anticipate to see someone he knows tonight. Let alone Malfoy. Like this. And he certainly didn’t anticipate how that would make him feel. All weirded out and confused.

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“au in which underground rapper who lives by the night, min yoongi meets soft&pure art student, park jimin and despite their contrary universes, they somehow begin to fall in love.”