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Accused of Murder - Tom Holland Imagine

Summary: The reader’s childhood takes a wrong turn. Reader watched her own father and older brother get killed at a young age. Reader gets accused and gets put away. Only to be released years later and meets a much older Tom.

Warnings: Fluff, stalking, someone getting injured, afraid of the dark, 

Word Count: 1,562

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hope you like it. 


They say you never turn your back on family. Family is much more than a word. You may go through hell and back, but you do that together. Make mistakes, learn from them together. One member goes down, you go down with them. Loose trust, lie, but forgive and forget. As for your family there isn’t a whole lot of forgiving and forgetting in this matter.

Your family was just like any regular family, you ate together, celebrated holidays, threw birthday parties for everyone, nothing special? Right? Wrong. No one assumed the accident that would happen.

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A Whole New Perspective

Request: “Draco x reader. Reader is blind nobody knows why Draco’s with her. Then a professor finds a cure. Does she like what she sees?”

Pairing: Draco x reader

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 2,061

Warnings: FLUFF!


Originally posted by the-goblet-of-slytherin

Whispers surrounded you, crept into your ears and consumed your mind. They were speaking about you. Hushed insults were the only thing escaping their mouths. You weren’t surprised to hear people talking about you, but their words still hit you hard.

“Why her?”

“She’s nothing but a speck on the sidewalk next to him.”

“He deserves more than that.”

Your chest began to tighten, your breathing echoing at a rapid pace. They thought you couldn’t hear them, yet you could hear every word. It was utterly unbearable.

Draco sensed the tenseness in your body as it quivered beside him, and he looked over in worry to see your hands gripping onto the table, your jaw tight.

“Y/N?” A large hand was placed upon yours, Draco’s voice entering your mind. “What’s wrong, love?”

You shook your head rapidly, darkness overwhelming not only your vision, but your mind. “I can’t do this. I hear everything. I hear it all, Draco. It’s terrible.” Your lips started to quiver, a sob threatening to rip from your chest.

Draco immediately knew what you meant, and he twisted his head around the room, spotting the group of people who were insulting you. Instantly, a glare grew upon his face, the girls instantly turning away from you with a roll of their eyes. Draco hissed under his breath then turned back to you to suddenly see you were gone, along with the cane that guided you throughout the castle.

Tears were already streaming down your face by the time you left. Your Potions professor, Slughorn, had noticed you storm out of the class, sending a worried expression Draco’s way.

“I-I’m sorry. I need to go after her.” Draco announced before running out of his seat and immediately leaving the class.

His ragged breathe reverberated through the corridors as he ran, almost immediately knowing where you went. You had this certain spot in the school that you isolated yourself in whenever you were feeling out of place or feeling self-conscious. Every time you hear people talking about you like they had today, you were run and hide there. That’s exactly where Draco had found you, cowering in the corner as sobs vibrated against the walls.

A sad sigh escaped his lips before he walked over to you, crouching above you and cradling you to his chest. “It’s alright, love. It’ll all be alright.” He whispered as you wrapped your arms around his stomach, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck.

Your voice was muffled as your lips moved against his neck. but he could make out what you had said almost clearly. “It’s not okay, Draco. I don’t even know what you look like. All I can see is what you’ve described for me, but that’s not enough. I should be used to being blind, but I know now that I will never move past the fact that I have to live with this, Draco.”

Draco listened intently, and rubbed your back soothingly as you poured your heart out to him.

“I can’t deal with hearing all of the things everyone thinks about us, about me. They say I’m not good enough for you, Draco. They say you deserve better, and I believe them. You deserve to love someone who you don’t have to worry about constantly, someone who knows what you look like, and can cherished that for the rest of your life, someone who doesn’t abruptly flip a switch whenever someone says something about our relationship. You do deserve better, and I’m sorry I can’t give you that.”

Silence dominated the corridor, more tears falling down your face as soon as you had got everything off your chess. Draco was silent, which you assumed was because of shock. Little did you know that before you had even finished your speech, he had started to cry.

All he wanted was to make you happy, but you weren’t happy. You were broken, just as broken as he was. And he never wanted that for you.

Suddenly, as Draco was deep in thought and tears fell down his face, you pulled away from him. He watched you wiped your eyes, practically noticing the guarded wall building up in front of him before his eyes.

“Don’t…” Draco begged, his voice breaking through the silence in the corridor. “Please…” He shook his head rapidly. “Don’t think like that.”

“It’s true.”

A sudden sob raked through Draco’s chest, and your heart shattered as the sound resounded against the walls. Draco was not shocked like you had assumed a second ago. He was hurting, and it broke your heart to think it was because of you.

“No it’s bloody not!” He bellowed, rising from the ground and turning away from you. He took a deep breathe before continuing in a much more calm manner. “Do you have any idea what you mean to me?” He turned back around to face you, a frown on your face. “Do you know what you do to me? I don’t care if you don’t know what I look like, I don’t care what other people say about you! I love you, and that’s it! It doesn’t matter what anybody else says, what matters is what we think.And you want to know what I think? I think you’re bloody beautiful! You’re the most brilliant girl I have ever met, and you are the most kindest, generous person in the world!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re blind or whether someone says that you are not good enough for me! You are good enough for me! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I don’t want anybody else, Y/N! I just want you! Dammit, I’m bloody in love with you!”

Draco watched as you bit your quivering bottom lip, silent sobs shuddering through your chest and tears flourished the tips of your cheeks. You were left at a loss for words, a heap of broken flaws and unconditional love on the floor. Draco sighed, sitting down beside you and bringing you back against his body.
It was silent as you gripped his shirt and nuzzled your head into his chest, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“I-I…” You tried to calm yourself down, your ragged breathing slowly decreasing to steady, deep breaths. “I love you.” You finally whispered, your tone unequivocal and abiding.

Draco knew you were sure of what you just had confessed to him, the fact that it was the first time saying it to each other meaning so much more to the both of you. And in that moment, he knew that he will do everything he can to help you fix this. Whether it was doing something bizarre and sacrificing something from his part to help you or just helping you through things like this…

He will do anything for you.

Weeks later, and Draco kept the promise he made to himself the day he confessed his love for you. He had found something that could help you immensely. Rather, someone…

Professor Slughorn was a smart man who knew his material, but Draco had never thought he could conjure up such a potion as the one he had recently. You and Slughorn had become close ever since Dumbledore took your and Harry to recruit him, and ever since then, you had told him almost everything that was going on with you. That’s including what happened a few weeks ago with Draco.

Slughorn knew how much you were hurting, how much you craved the ability to see. So, as Slughorn finally had a day off from being a professor, he had mixed different ingredients and tested each potion he created on mouses and dogs, and soon, he had found the right one. It was a cure. A cure for your disability. Immediately, Slughorn had informed Draco about this, and today, he was finally going to introduce the potion to you.

Draco thanked Slughorn as he passed him a vile of the liquid, then caught up to you before you could leave the room with a large grin on his face.

“What did Slughorn want from you?” You asked as you sensed Draco by your side, the heat from his body radiating to yours immediately as he pulled you against his side.

“You’ll see…” He tutted before pulling you away from the crowd and toward the Great Hall.

“Where are you taking me, Draco?” You inquired curiously, hanging onto his arm as you felt him trying to sit you down on a bench like seat. “Are we in the Great Hall?”

“Yup! And I have a surprise for you!” Draco announced, sitting beside you on the bench and grabbing the vile from his pocket.

“Uh oh…” You teased, a large smile on your face. “Draco, what did you do?”

A jovial laugh escaped Draco’s lips, the lovely sound echoing in your ears as he shook his head. “What makes you think I did something?”

“You always do something, whether it’s good or bad.” You smirked, twiddling your hands on your lap.

Draco shrugged, silently agreeing with you but not admitting it. “Sorry, love, but I didn’t do anything this time. This was all another person’s creation.”

“Creation?!” You yelped, suddenly jumping away from Draco.

A chuckle released itself from his mouth as he watched fear paint its way upon your expression. “Don’t worry, beautiful. It’ll all be fine…” He grabbed your hand and placed the small vile in your palm, closing your fingers around it. “as soon as you drink that.”

You felt around the small container in your hand, your eyebrows furrowing.

“What is this, Draco? Is it a potion?”

Draco brought his hands up to your shoulders and starting rubbing comfortingly, eyeing the vile. “Just drink it.” He whispered, fluttering kisses upon your cheek and in the crook of your neck.

You sighed, opening the vile and raising it up to your mouth, lightly tilting your head back and swallowing the mysterious liquid. Suddenly, your body began to tingle, and the usual black darkness you saw behind your eyes turned white before colors began to enter your vision. You audibly gasped, your hand flying up to cover your mouth. The colors in your eyes turned to a light blur until your vision cleared up to the point where you could see perfectly clearly.

Draco watched as tears pricked at the edges of your eyes, the normal glaze in your orbs completely gone.

“Oh… my god…” You whispered, admiring your surroundings.

Your disability was gone, cured. You were no longer blind. A grateful sob escaped your mouth, your eyes enjoying the sight around you. It was more beautiful than people had described to you. It was something special, something… indescribable.

“Baby…” Draco cooed, wiping the tears from your cheeks, and rubbing his thumb against the damp skin soothingly.

You slowly twisted your head to look beside you, and your heart stopped as Draco’s ocean blue eyes connected with yours. He was beautiful, so much more beautiful than you had imagined. His blonde hair contrasted perfectly with his bright blue eyes and pale, milky skin. The green Slytherin uniform he wore under his black cloak made his skin almost glow, his chiseled jaw line brushing against his collar.

“What is it?” He smiled, the sight causing more tears to roll down your cheeks. His hand instantly cupped your face, and he brought your lips to his in a sudden passionate kiss.

You smiled against his lips, bringing your hands up to lace your fingers through his blonde hair. Draco pulled away when you both were in need of air, and placed his forehead against yours.

“Speak to me.” He cooed, running his fingers through your hair.

You shook your head, the fact you had the ability to see not sinking into your brain just yet. “I just…” You couldn’t believe it. You just couldn’t believe it. “I love you.”  Was all you had said before you had brought your hands up to cup his cheek, cherishing what was right in front of you.

Although you were able to see again, after spending your whole life without that ability, that was not the thing you were most grateful for. You were now seeing the world in a whole new perspective, and it was thanks to the love of your life, the Slytherin Prince, Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Writing Problems I Noticed In My Own Writing

***Avoid using “trying to” or any other version of that as often as you can. 

Not ALWAYS, since they are necessary at times, but often. Depending on usage, it can be redundant or just become a filter word. For example:

“Turning back to the front, she closed her eyes, trying to clear her vision of the blinding light.”

This sentence is effective in delivering its message as it doesn’t really have much of a punch to pack. However, there’s a lot of gerunds (basically, words that end in -ing) in that sentence that tend to lower the quality of my writing. Now, if you love to riddle your writing with gerunds, by all means go ahead, this is just something I noticed within my own WIP that I thought was worth sharing. 

The “trying to” can then be removed from the sentence and we result in this:

“Turning back to the front, she closed her eyes to clear her vision of the blinding light.”

See? The sentence has the same meaning, but cuts to the chase. It’s not a groundbreaking tip, but a CTRL+F later and my writing looked a bit more polished. Here’s some more examples:

“Through the muted lamplight, she could see him at the entrance to the room, hand still on the door as if trying to take away the damage it had done.”

to this

“Through the muted lamplight, she could see him at the entrance to the room, hand still on the door as if to take away the damage it had done.”

and from this:

“I figured she was trying to keep out of the fire,” she said, but looked as if her mind were somewhere else.

to this

“I figured she wanted to keep out of the fire,” she said, but looked as if her mind were somewhere else.

It’s the little things. And please, don’t fret while you’re actually writing. This can be fixed when you’re in the editing process. Happy writing!

Dinner Party {Reader Insert}

Imagine: What happens when three vampires and a hybrid take a liking to the new kid in town?

Summary: Two pairs of brothers host a dinner party to celebrate the arrival of Mystic Falls’ new resident. Little do they know, the new girl isn’t all that she seems.

Request?: No, just a random thought that was inspired by this scene. Bit of a ramble if I’m honest.

Word Count: 2932.

Taglist: Do let me know if you would like to be tagged in any of my writings.

Disclaimer: The gif used is not mine, credits to the user that made it. I do not own any of the characters written about in this piece, credits to the writers and producers of TVD.

A/N: First piece of writing up! I’m not too sure if I’m all that happy with this. The idea sounded better in my head than it does on paper. But still, enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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anonymous asked:

What if Dougal tried to marry Claire off to another member of the rent party? How would Jamie react?

anonymous asked: I don’t know if this has been asked before, but what if Dougal suggested someone else, not Jamie, marry Claire? We know Jamie wouldn’t let that happen! Thank you and bless you all for the amazing work you do!

anonymous asked:What if Claire wanted to consummate the marriage before the wedding to avoid having witnesses in the room to prove it

The fire sparked sending fiery red ashes into the inky night air. Jamie sat with his back to the party, their lively Gaelic conversations going mostly unheard as he turned over the proposition Dougal had levelled at Claire only hours before.


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where hearts collide: part iii

thank you all for the sweet comments on the first two parts! i didn’t know if i was going to write more of this or not, but i got super inspired and couldn’t help myself. unfortunately, this is not the reason why claire leaves, but it is the first time they meet each other. (it’s rather long, also, so i’m going to cut it right after the title. #yourewelcome) i hope you guys like it; let me know what you think!

as always, huge thank-you’s to @internallydeceased​ and @marlosbooknook​ for listening to me complain about anything and everything.

title inspiration here (x)

read the previous entries here!

***** !! disclaimer: I am not trying to make light of a horrific situation or use other people’s suffering for entertainment purposes. I know that many people were affected by the tragedy used in this work and that a lot of the wounds are still fresh. Please know that I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, for that is not my goal. If you wish to talk to me more about this or voice your concerns, please feel free to message me! I’d be happy to explain to you the reason why I chose this event. !! *****



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Langst - Home Away From Home

Sooooo sorry for everyone who has been waiting for this headcanon, which I wanted to post earlier this week, but have been too tired to do so! 

Anyway, this is just a short one! Apologies for mistakes!

Lance is back home. There’s a teary reunion as he’s welcomed back by many tight embraces. It feels like a dream.

Everyone asks him about where he disappeared to, not believing him when he tells them about Voltron. They just assume he ran off with his friends, for which he receives a harsh scolding from his mother.

After many hours of catching up, the house seems to finally calm down, and it’s as if Lance had never left. Everything was just as he remembered, and he hadn’t felt so at ease in ages. Then it starts.

He doesn’t take much notice of it at first. He’ll sometimes wake up, going downstairs to the kitchen, asking Hunk what was for breakfast, only to remember when upon opening his eyes he finds his mum preparing his favourite breakfast. No neon coloured space goo in sight. Lance justified it by thinking about the fact that he’d only just got back. Besides, he’d known Hunk back at the Garrison, before Voltron, so he had grown accustomed to his constant company.

There were similar occasions where he’d catch himself almost calling out to the others, but it wasn’t too bad. It was the other things that concerned him.

Nightmares were common. He relived life on the battlefield, the dense sound of blasters firing from all around him at once. He’d wake up in a sweat, springing from his bed, his right hand shifting to his hip to grasp his bayar-

Oh. Right. He didn’t have that anymore. Didn’t /need/ it anymore, he tried to assure himself. Honestly, he should feel safer away from the battles, but now he knew of the dangers that lay in space, and without his weapon, his armour, his lion, his team…he felt more exposed than ever.

He became a little jumpy over sudden noises, and every so often he’d find himself spending hours just staring up at the sky, wondering whether something would come for Earth next. /When/ something would come.

Lance’s family grew worried. They kept insisting that he was misremembering. Of /course/ he hadn’t gone to space to fight in an intergalactic war! They reminded him of this every chance they got. It was so tempting to listen. The temptation grew as his memories became less defined, but there was a longing, a feeling of almost homesickness that would overcome him whenever he indulged in the idea. Yet it made no sense. THIS was his home, not in space with Hunk and-


How many had he lived with? …5? 6?

This was ridiculous! He couldn’t forget them after spending so long with them! …then why. Why couldn’t he recall their names?! He had lost their faces weeks ago, but that wasn’t unusual for Lance who easily forgot people’s faces. He never forgot names though. Until now. It still didn’t make sense, why would he forget them when they had been so close? Unless…unless it /had/ been his imagination. Had he really conjured up such a vivid story? Well, Lance supposed, it wasn’t that vivid anymore. However, he was overcome with such a strong sense of /wrongness/ as he considered it. Maybe the pressure at the Garrison really /had/ got to him.

A little after two months since his return, he dreamt again. He dreamt of sitting in a room, staring out into the stars around him. He heard quiet footsteps approaching him, then a figure sat at his side. Lance turned to find a pair of eyes, a striking mixture of silver and violet that reminded him of the hues of the amethysts he’d collected as a child, and a face framed by dark hair which fell across it as they tilted their head to regard him.

“Thinking of home?” Lance found himself nodding instinctively, only to wonder why he did so. Earth had been the farthest thing on his mind.

He opened his mouth to ask why they had come, but found, alarmingly, that their name would not form. His eyes widened in fear and he reached out to them, hoping they could tell him what it was. He needed to know. He cried out as his hand slipped through their arm. He launched himself at the person as they begun to fade, their body evaporating into the air. He couldn’t go, couldn’t leave him!

Lance woke as he fell from his bed, eyes stinging with tears. However, he could feel the dream slipping from his mind, fading just as- … “Just as”, what? Why was he crying?

He wanted to call out for someone, but for the life of him couldn’t think who. Who? Who was it?!

Lance stood up twisting on the spot as he desperately looked around his room as if he might find the answers. Then a full-body shiver ran through him. He collapsed.

Voices swirled around Lance as arms surrounded him, supported him. Ah, he loved these voices. They soothed him immediately. One sounded beside his ear, and before he knew it, Lance was speaking.


“Lance? Hey, you awake now?” Lance opened his eyes, quickly shutting them as they burned under the blaring light that greeted them. As he regained his awareness, he realised that he was sitting up, his back supported by two arms steadying his sides. He tried to turn his head as his vision cleared to see Keith’s face, but the movement must’ve been too quick, for a bout of nausea overcame him.

“Easy there! You’ve been in the cryo-pod for quite some time. It’ll take a while for your strength to return.” Coran. How had Lance forgotten? He must’ve been speaking the truth as Lance could already feel his strength waning. He fell asleep, safe in the knowledge they’d all be there when he woke.

Lance slept for another day and when he finally came to he spent ages devouring Hunk’s delicious space goo delights. He was told about how he’d been close to an exploding building, the blast sending a large piece of metal into his side, knocking him backwards. He had luckily fallen unconscious, saving him from experiencing the pain of what was, apparently, quite a severe wound.

“In fact, if left any longer, it would’ve been a mortal one!” Coran had kindly chipped in. He had spent four days in the pod.

Lance found Keith later that day on the bridge, staring out into the blanket of stars that surrounded them. He had a strange feeling of déjà vu, but shook it off and went to sit beside Keith. His memories had come back over the course of the day, and he could finally recall the moment the explosion occurred. He remembered his last thoughts.

“Hey,” Lance started, catching Keith’s attention.

“Hey. You okay?”

“Yeah, I just… I dreamt in the pod.”

“Oh?” Lance sighed as he remembered the vivid reality he had been stuck in.

“I dreamt I was back with my family.”

“You dreamt of your home?” Lance opened his mouth to respond, before he stopped himself, frowning in thought. He looked over to Keith and thought of how desperate he had been in the dream.

“One of them,” he settled on as an answer. Keith didn’t question his odd choice of words, only humming in understanding before looking back out into space.

Lance had never considered having two homes was possible, not really, but now he knew for certain that he would always feel homesick without him family. Either one of them.

He thought back to his last thoughts before he’d fallen unconscious and shook his head disapprovingly.

“I wish I was back home…”

Honestly, where else had he been all this time?


There you have it at last! Hope you enjoyed, and if you’d like to read more of my headcanons, check out my masterpost.

A Birthday to Remember // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff!
Words: 7.1k (whoops)
Relationship Status: together
Warnings: swearing
Summary: It’s Phil’s 30th birthday, and instead of waking up to his celebratory pancakes, he finds Dan missing and instructions for what seems to be a scavenger hunt. What will be his surprise when he gets to the end?

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Trying Too Hard (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Hydra tries to make you a better version of Bucky. The Avengers get word of this and go to rescue you, but you won’t come willingly.

Warnings: swearing, death, blood, (general Hydra stuff)

Ship: will eventually be bucky x reader

italics = flashback

Part Zero

You woke up dazed, your vision was blurry but you could make out at least six others standing around you. Your first instinct was to sit up, but you found yourself being forced back down.

“What is this?” You choke out, fighting against the restraints that were strapped across your chest and arms.

“Please, relax. You are on your way to become the next great face of Hydra.” The man speaking had a Russian accent.


You’re being escorted through a large metal building. It’s so clean that it reminds you of a hospital. You want to throw up. The man walking with you has a hand firmly wrapped around your arm, forcing you to walk at his pace. You trip over your own feet as he practically drags you down the hallway. An overwhelming sense of regret washes over you, but you try to remind yourself of all the good things they’d promised you. A better life. Turning America into a better place. You’d become a hero.

Your vision cleared. Five of the men were wearing scrubs, and the remaining one wore a suit. You recognized him. He was the one that convinced you to join HYDRA. The room you were in seemed to be some sort of lab, but what frightened you the most was the blood all over the floor.

“What did you do to me?” Your voice is scratchy, as if you haven’t used it in weeks, or even months.

“We made you stronger, my dear.” The man in the suit replies, looking down at your arm. You follow his gaze, and a shrill scream escapes your lips. There was now a titanium arm where the flesh one once was.

The sound of clapping and cheering pierces your ear drums as you are announced as the best in your class. HYDRA has picked you to be the next best thing. You smile, and it’s real, because for once in your life you feel a sense of purpose. The rest of the young adults in your class congratulate you, even though a lot of you hadn’t gotten along during your one year of training.

“Now then,“ the man in the suit smiled, "Why don’t we get started?”

Suddenly you were attacked. Two large men restrained you while another put a cloth over your mouth. You recognized the smell of chloroform and tried to hold your breath. The rest of the kids in your class screamed in horror and jumped up from their seats to try and save you. You tried to scream, but it only forced you to inhale the chloroform more. A girl from your class runs towards you in an attempt to free you, but before she can grab ahold of you a bullet enters her head.

Blood splatters everywhere, you can feel it on your face, running down into your eyes. The last thing you remember from that night is witnessing a massacre.

Rage envelops you from the memory of your teammates dying. You find that you have the same amount of control over the metal arm as you do with any other body part. The arm easily snaps the leather restraint tightened around it and your hand shoots up to tighten around the man’s neck.

“You killed them!” You grit through your teeth, pulling the man closer to you. “You killed all those innocent people!”

You vaguely hear frantic shouting, followed by a large commotion as all of the doctors in the room search for something. The man in the suit tries to gasp for air but all he can do is choke. A sharp stinging sensation erupts through your body, starting from your thigh. You look down to find a doctor emptying a syringe of purple liquid into you. Your body falls limp, releasing the man in the suit, but you remain perfectly aware.

The man takes a moment to recover before leaning over you and smacking you across the face.

“Once you join Hydra you are never innocent, my dear. I replaced your arm because you never would have been any good to me as a mere human. I need someone that can compete, and even best, what we had before.” The man explains, leaning over you.

“What did you have before?” You choke out, trying to hold back tears.

The man’s lips curled upwards in a vicious smile.

“The Winter Soldier. But now, my dear, you will be something even better.”

Part One

Jungkook Scenario: You Belong With Me.

Request:  HEREEEEER I’M AGAIN TO REQUEST A WEREWOLF IMAGINE W/ JK!!!! Where he is jealous of me (bc i’m always talking with his “enemy”), you know mate stuff! please write something cute, like he acting like a real dog (like cuddles and etc)

Genre: Fluff / Romance - Werewolf AU

It was well known amongst the ones of his kind that a controlled temper wasn’t exactly what characterized them, but in times like these, Jungkook wished he could look to the other side and simply ignore the fact that his girlfriend was talking with no other than the person he hated the most.

With quick steps he approached the two of you, trying to keep his cool on the outside because inside he was already burning up, he could feel his blood heating up to the thought of you getting any closer to that guy.

–So, Taehyung, don’t you have another person to bore with your talking? – Jungkook stood next to you, passing a not so discreet arm around your shoulders while looking at Taehyung straight in the eyes.

The latter laughed and held back Jungkook’s gaze. –Y/N seemed pretty interested in what I had to say, I’m so sorry that hurts your pride–

–She’s just being polite, but you can go now, nobody’s going to stop you – Jungkook took a step forward and crossed his arms in front of his chest, standing between you and Taehyung.

–She was perfectly fine before you came – Taehyung also took a step forward and it was only your arm tapping Jungkook’s shoulder what took his attention away from him.

–Guys, if you even care to notice, I’m here– you gave them an annoyed look while crossing your arms. –You don’t have to speak for me–

–See? Y/N can speak for herself– Taehyung spat this time and Jungkook took a deep breath before grabbing your hand.

–She knows that– he threw a last look full of disdain to Taehyung while pulling you closer to his body. –As she also knows that’s she’s better away from you–

Jungkook was still holding your hand firmly while he did a mocking courtesy to Taehyung, before he turned around on his heels without even waiting any type of response from the other and making you follow him.

–I think we are away enough Kook…– you said a little short of breath due to Jungkook’s rushed walking, he was clearly mad, you could see it on his tense shoulders and jaw, on the sharp intakes of breath that he took and the way his skin was burning up against your palm. You pulled at his hand to make him stop and he avoided your eyes, but you placed a hand on the side of his face, cupping his cheek even if his skin was seething beneath your fingers.

–Why you always get so territorial with Taehyung? it’s not good for you– you whispered softly, trying to tame down his increasing rage.

–I know, but didn’t you see the way he was looking at you? He wants you for him Y/N and you are…–

–I’m what? –

Jungkook looked at you while his thumb caressed the back of your hand as a distracting motion to relax him, he didn’t want to say that you were exactly his because he didn’t want you thinking he was treating you like a possession or something, but you were his as much as someone could belong to another person. So whenever Taehyung looked at you the same way Jungkook always did, with that want that he himself felt so clear on his eyes, his vision literally turned red.

He hated to carry his emotions on his face in front of him but whenever you were involved it was hard to get a grip on himself. He knew you were waiting for an answer, but Jungkook did the only thing that felt safe and right at that moment; he hugged you.

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Not Just Some Video Game

Someone had turned the ‘game’ on.

I blinked green eyes to clear my vision and peered out through the laptop’s screen. A dark-skinned boy, maybe fourteen years in age, grinned at me.

“Hello. What’s your name?” I asked, ignoring the way my words appeared on the inside of the screen. I had done this before, it was nothing new.

The boy raised an eyebrow, likely at the lack of text box to type an answer into. Hesitantly, he spoke, “Um, I’m Tucker Foley. That’s TF as in Too Fine.”

I laughed, smirking slightly. “Dude, ouch. It’s nice to meet you, I guess.”

“Wait, who’re you?”

“My name is Phantom. Danny Phantom.” I answered after a moment, running a gloved hand through my white hair. It had probably been years since the last time I had introduced myself, and the thought made me a bit nervous.

Tucker chuckled, “I can’t decide if that sounds cool or makes you seem like a total dork.”

“Why not both?” I asked with a shrug, then shook my head and smiled, “You’re taking this exceptionally well. The last person who found my USB threw their computer at the wall.”

Tucker blinked, them seemed to remember that he was talking to a video game. His eyes widened. “Wait, are you an AI? That’s so cool!”

“Kinda?” I answered, “I dunno. I guess so, since I’ve been here for as long as I can remember. What, are you some tech nerd?”

Tucker scowled and grabbed the mouse, trying to click on my face. I watched in amusement as the little white cursor moved around on the screen, unable to touch me. The growing frustration on his face made me snicker.

“Hey, sorry, I was just speaking my mind. Here, have a peace offering,” I summoned up a window for Google and wrote in a link with my index finger. When I tapped the Search button, a myriad of printable food coupons showed up. “You look like you could stand to eat a bit more.”

To my amusement, Tucker was literally drooling. I pushed the window up towards the screen so that the mouse could interact with it, floating in the corner of the screen. I met his eyes and Tucker smiled, “This is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

And beautiful it was.

Tucker took to leaving the computer plugged in and turned on at all times, so that I wouldn’t be trapped in the darkness. We talked and played DOOM together once I realized I could interact with the MMO. Every once in a while Tucker would even help me transfer my data temporarily to his PDA so we could still hang out when he was at school or the local fast food joint.

Two months and six days after he opened my file, though, he came home with an idea.

“Danny, I think we can get you into the real world.”

I gaped in shock at my friend, undoubtedly the best I’d ever had. “What!? How?”

Tucker sat down heavily as he began talking animatedly, “There’s this family of inventors living a few blocks away, I’m kind of friends with their daughter. A few years ago, they made a few robots to fight ghosts or something.” He elaborated at my raised eyebrow, “They’re ghost hunters.”


“Says the teenage AI.”

“Good point.”

“Anyway,” Tucker continued, “They never used them for much of anything because they couldn’t create an effective AI, but the bots are still around. I could use one and revamp it, then if you transfer to it you’ll have a physical body!”

I gave a breathless laugh (though I didn’t really need to breathe anyway) and beamed at my friend. “That’s… wow! Alright, let’s do this!”

It took Tucker months. Seven of them, in fact.

But it was worth it for the final result.

To my honest surprise, Tucker had access to some seriously high-quality tech and materials, most of which he admitted was scavenged from the Fentons’ lab. The deactivated robot looked almost exactly like a real teenager, with soft black hair and pale skin. The build was small and thin, strongly resembling my own. The only part of its image that made it seem inhuman was the brightness of the softly glowing blue eyes.

Well, that and the USB port at the nape of the neck, but that was concealed by a high-collared black undershirt. Most of the time, I mean. It was exposed today because it was Transfer Day, as we had decided to call it.

Shut up. I never claimed to be creative.

I shuddered in nervous excitement before slipping into my USB, losing all awareness of the outside world as soon as Tucker unplugged it. I waited impatiently for a new 'platform’ to present itself, and when it did I immediately threw myself into it.

The physical sensation washed over me like a tidal wave. I had only ever felt the digital approximations of senses before, so the incoming information from countless micro-sensors was completely new to me.

Taking an artificial breath, I opened my eyes to see Tucker leaning in close, staring at me in fascination. I lurched backwards with a yelp of surprise, then paused and marveled in the feeling of movement. Synthetic muscles moved under man-made skin as I turned my wrists and wiggled my fingers. I let out a small sound of surprise when I noticed that I even had 'birthmarks’ dotting my skin.

I raised an eyebrow at the vibrations that rippled through my chest and throat when I made the noise. I met my friend’s excited gaze and said plainly, “This is weird.”

The combination of his face and the odd feeling of real speech made me laugh, and soon we were both spiraling into a shared fit of giggles. I threw my arms around Tucker in a hug.

“Thank you, Tuck,” I breathed, holding the best human being I had ever met close, “Thank you so much.”

After a moment, he hugged me back. “It’s nothing, dude… Well, not nothing, but you get my point.”

I pulled away and stood, wobbling slightly on my feet. Steadying myself, I grinned down at Tucker, “So, you mentioned having other friends?”

Say Something

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warning: Angst

Word Count: 1744

A/N: For @luciisthebest 400 Follower Song Challenge

Prompt: “Are we gonna fight or make out?” and Say Something by A Great Big World

Originally posted by findmeplease

It all started about a year ago. You had just finished a hunt with the Winchesters and you decided to celebrate in a bar. After a while Sam went back to the motel you were staying at to do some more research. So, it was just you and Dean.

You two always got along really well. But there had always been some kind of attraction between you and Dean, though no one acted on it.
So, after a few too many drinks you two eventually got a little closer than usual. You both started flirting and shortly after you ended up in your motel room, which was right next to the one Sam and Dean were sharing. You tried to be quiet, not wanting Sam to know about this. But Dean made it really hard for you to keep it down.

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Pairing: Oh Sehun X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1293

It’s 2:21 in the morning and I can’t stop thinking about the way your lips felt against mine. Or the way your fingers felt as they slid over my body. Or the way your tongue tasted in my mouth. Or the way you held me so close. Or the way you woke me up, hands gently sliding up and down my body as you kissed my shoulder. I can’t stop thinking about the way you made me feel. I can’t stop thinking about the way you look at me. I can’t stop thinking about the feeling of your teeth sinking into my skin as you held me close from behind. I can’t stop thinking about the late night phone calls. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about our (im)possible future. I love you and I hate myself for it.

You typed into your phone, tears streaking down your temples and into your pillow. The pale light of the screen on your phone was the only light source in your room, save the dim moonlight from outside. A pounding headache started to grow as you tried to breath through your nose, but no air could make it though. You covered your mouth as you gasped for air, scared you weren’t going to make it through the night. You missed him so much it physically hurt and you were desperate for him back. You thought just maybe if he knew how much you were hurting, how much you loved him, he would come back.

Sehun had broken up with you and it felt like the end of the world. You regretted everything you did that lead up to the end. If only you hadn’t asked him if he wanted to break up during that fight. If only you had told him you loved him before the fight began. If only you could go back and fix everything. Now it was too late, you knew that, you just didn’t want to believe it.

Two weeks had gone by since the break up and things were starting to look up. You were hanging out with friends, focusing on school and your job. You were feeling somewhat better, when you saw it. You were sitting at home scrolling through instagram, when you saw a picture of him and some girl you didn’t know. He was smiling as big as ever with his arm around her as she took the picture. Your heart broke, shattering into a million little pieces that no one could ever put back together.

You felt like you were going to throw up and dropped your phone on the ground. You couldn’t breath. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t think. How could he do this to you?

Finally, you took in a deep breath, picked up your phone and closed out of instagram before you could look at it again. All it took was one picture to put you right back at day one. You felt the pain all over again, worse this time, knowing he was cuddling some girl. The tears came flooding out of your eyes. You cried so much you thought you might drown in your own tears. Your whole body shook as you clung to the teddy bear he got you for Valentine’s day last year.

At some point in the night you fell asleep as it was morning now and your head felt like it was going to pop. You got out of bed and made your way to the mirror. Your eyes were red and puffy, eyeliner lining your cheeks instead of your eyes, and your hair was unmanageable.

When you started your relationship with Sehun, two years ago, you would have never imagined you’d be here. Wishing your relationship never happened, yet thankful it did.

Everyone you knew hated him at this point. When they learned he moved on just two weeks after he broke up with you, they were out for blood. You would laugh every time they joked they’d kick his ass for you, but you really wished he’d just come back to you.

A month had gone by and that was when you sent it. You sent the message you had been saving forever. It was 11:00 at night on Friday, you were a little drunk and a lot lonely and you sent the message you wrote during a late night sob session. Secretly, you wished his new girlfriend would see it and get mad. You wished he’d choose you over her. You knew that wasn’t going to happen.

The next morning, you were feeling a slight hangover from your party for one the night before and someone had the audacity to ring your doorbell. You groaned loudly as you rolled out of bed and staggered to your front door. You opened it, taking no safety precautions. “Hello?” You asked, vision still blurry from just waking up. You blinked rapidly with squinted eyes as you tried to focus on the figure in front of you.

“Hi, Y/n” The blur greeted quietly. You recognized that voice, but you couldn’t put a name or a face to it at the moment. You sighed, giving up and closing your eyes.

“Um… hello… come in.” You said, extending your arm to your living room. The figure walked past you into your house as you looked around, a little confused. You shut the door and focused on the person in your house as your vision and mind started to clear. He turned around and your heart skipped a beat. “Sehun…” You whispered. “What are you doing here?’ You asked, feeling tears building up. He faked a smile.

"I can’t stop thinking about you either.” He admitted, looking at the floor. You swallowed, nervous about what he was going to say next. “I know I don’t deserve a second chance and that was probably, obviously, just a drunk text last night. But when I looked over at -”

“I don’t want to know her name.” You interrupted.

“…Her… I didn’t feel the same thing I feel for you. When I looked at her and she smiled, I had to tell her to leave. I broke up with her.” He said looking at you with hope in his eyes. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Sehun… I love you. Nothing would make me happier than to be with you.” You admitted. Before you could finish, Sehun’s amazing smile took over his face, showing off his perfect teeth. He took a step toward you before you held up a finger, taking a step back. “BUT… We obviously have some things to work on Sehun. We broke up for a reason.” You said seriously with your best serious face. He nodded excitedly, extending his arms slowly, silently asking if he could hug you now. You nodded with a smile, extending your own arms as he rushed to you, picking you up and spinning you around.

When he put you down, he kissed you slowly. Your arms wrapped around his neck as tears streamed from your eyes. When he pulled away, he wiped your cheeks, giving you a concerned look. “Why are you crying, jagi?” He asked.

“I’m so happy. Finally they’re happy tears.” You laughed, wiping the new ones away. He smiled, pulling you closer and kissing the top of your head.

“I’m never letting you go again, jagiya. Not if my life depends on it. You’re mine.” He whispered into your hair. You sighed, relieved you wouldn’t cry yourself to sleep another night and snuggled into his chest.

“I love you, Sehun.” You whispered, holding him as tight as you could.

“I love you too, beautiful. I’m so sorry.” He whispered back, petting your hair.

[To be continued…?]


Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Rating: T
Paring: Allen x Lavi x Lenalee x Kanda OT4
Words: 1.6K

For the D.Gray-Man Fanworks Initiative, Day 5: War; Hardship; Violence

Read on AO3.

“Don’t jostle him too much. You’ll rip open his wound!” Lenalee snapped, already fussing with the sheets on the mattress as Kanda and Lavi carried Allen between them. Lavi had his shoulders, holding him up just under his armpits, and Kanda had a leg in each hand.

“We got him, Lena. It’s okay,” Lavi said, his voice straining as they slowly moved towards the bed. The house smelled like dust and mildew from lack of use, but it was a dry place to stay while they waited out the storm. Besides, they couldn’t move even if they had wanted to—not with Allen’s side ripped open.

“Walk straight, you damned idiot,” Kanda growled out, his teeth clenched tight. Blood oozed from his wounded arm, but he seemed less worried about his own injuries and more concerned with getting Allen to the bed.

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It starts off so well, it’s just what I want…what I need.  A strong hold around my waist, a fist in my hair, a tongue forcing mine into battle.  He’s beating my demons back into place as I hit the car; the dark cloud across my soul starts to lift as he grabs ass to drop me on the hood.

My hands clutch the blood-slick leather of his jacket, nails dig in. I don’t want to give him the option of refusal, the opportunity to tell me this isn’t a good idea.  I don’t want him to stop because, if he stops, my ghosts will drown me.  Just a little longer, just enough to get back on shore, home, to The Sanctuary.

His hands sweep up my sides, my shirt skitters over my head.  Blood streaks across my chest and stomach, hands slope down to the top of my jeans.  I hook ankles around him, pull at his belt, before there’s a whistle.  Our whistle.

“You gotta be fuckin’ shittin’ my fuckin’ ass,” Negan huffs, growls.  There’s a flash in his eyes that says the whistler’s going to catch hell before it fades into concern as he looks past me.  His hands pull me against him, arm around protectively…something’s wrong.

I reach back for my shirt and catch a glimpse of a man.  Not a Savior, not an Other, someone else.  Someone unknown.

“Ya fuckin’ enjoyin’ the fuckin’ show, ya creepy fuck?!” Negan rages.

The man’s head slowly tilts from one side to the other, but he says nothing. 

An arrow sings itself into the tire beside our legs and our whistle comes at us from another angle, then another….and another.

Picks up right after the last piece (from forever ago, I know lol) and I’ll be 100% honest…after being stuck on this story for a LONG ass time I decided the only way to get unstuck was to take a sharp turn.  Given I wrote this and have a pretty clear vision of the next few pieces, I’m thinking/hoping it worked.  This man will be from a totally new community, which you’ll learn about as we progress.  …And thank you to anyone who actually comes back to this after such a long hiatus, LMAO!!

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Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,  Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 …Or go to the Masterlist, lol!

It’s Complicated

Here it is! The last of the three promised gift fics. This one is for @notesoflore, who asked for some badass Johnlockary. Ask and ye shall receive! It’s a little longer than anticipated but, hopefully, it does it for you guys. You can also read it here on AO3. Enjoy! 

John really should have been used to being abducted. To waking up missing small chunks of time, feeling nauseous, cold and hungry and angry and sore. He had been friends with Sherlock long enough, and married to an ex-assassin, and had been abducted several times before. If you count anytime he had been shanghaied by Mycroft. Which he did. He really should have been more prepared.

But he wasn’t.

Though his eyes were closed, he winced hard as he slowly came to consciousness.

First things, first. Take stock, he thought to himself. He knew he was lying facedown on damp, cool concrete that smelled vaguely of mildew. Basement or a warehouse. He dragged his leaden arms up so he could push himself up and at least roll over onto his back. With a bitten-off groan, he succeeded and opened his eyes cautiously. It was dim, he blinked to clear his watery vision a little. Turning his head, he saw a single ceiling lamp, switched on, and nothing else. No furniture, no windows, not even piping. At least that meant they couldn’t tie him down to anything.

Next, he wiggled his fingers and toes and found them all in tact. His joints were sore but that probably had more to do with waking up on cement than anything else. His neck began to complain, throbbing at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. His hand came up to rub at it and he hissed in pain, the dull throb not unlike an amorous hickey.

Injection site, more force than necessary.

He wondered what they’d actually drugged him with, if they planned on keeping him drugged up or if whoever kidnapped him wanted him awake to interrogate him. As to what they would interrogate him about, John had no idea. Either way, he made an effort to be silent as he dragged himself up off the ground to prop his back against the nearest wall.

His mouth was dry, possibly a side effect of the drug and definitely a result of being dehydrated. He was unsure of how much time had passed but it was safe to say a couple hours at least. Squashing down his impending nausea and shoving aside his discomfort, he dug in his pockets to see what he still had on him. He had left the house this morning with his phone, keys, wallet, set of nail clippers, pocket flashlight, and handkerchief.

He frowned to realize whoever had taken him had been very thorough. It was too much to hope that he’d have his phone still on him, but stranger things had happened. In any case, they had cleaned him out.

Well, nothing for it now but to sit and wait. Just like in the army. Sit and wait.


Mary’s blood ran cold when she walked up on their car with their daughter in her arms. The bags John had been holding were scattered on the ground, keys left near the passenger rear wheel, no sign of John. Kidnapping, he’s been kidnapped. Again.

He had been out of her sight for no less than two minutes. While she got their daughter changed into a new nappy in the loo, John said he’d take the groceries out to the car. They were going to have a nice night in, movie and homemade pizza with the shit £10 wine like the normal couple they had convinced themselves they were.

Of course that was too much to ask for.

Not allowing panic to take control, she shifted Rosie on her hip and dug into her purse to pull out her phone and hit speed dial two. “You better pick up your goddamn phone, Sherlock Holmes,” Mary warned the empty air in front of her.

He answered on the first ring.

“Mary, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“John’s gone,” she said, unable to keep the small tremor out of her voice. “Someone’s taken him.”

The answer was immediate. “Where are you?”

She told him her location and Sherlock assured her he’d be right there.

“Did you call the police?”

“Course not, they’re morons,” Mary said, trying for levity. They shared a strained laugh before she continued. “But they are the next call. We’ll need access to the lot feeds and they’ll be useful in that capacity.”

“Excellent, Mary. Don’t let them touch anything. I’m already on my way.”

“We’ll find him, won’t we? Just like before, right?”

“Of course we will. Hopefully this time he’s not being used for kindling, though. I think it’s a little early for bonfires.”

“Quite right,” she said, heart picking up speed. She rang off and stood there, leaning against the car as she dialed for Lestrade. If there was anyone who would be willing to let Sherlock get involved, it would be him.

With the calls made, all she could do was sit and wait.

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Catfished: Episode 8

‘Urgh, what’s that smell’ you thought as a stomach turning stench filled your nostrils, your eyelids painfully flutter open to a bright light aimed right at your face, 
There are voices, many voices.
“She’s waking up” 
“Guys, I’m having a Deja Vu moment, she’s opening her eyes like April did” 
“What else would she do with her eyes? Numb nuts”
“Oh right.”

‘Oh God these might be my kidnappers’ your mind began to race 
they’re so… so… round? and big!! and one is right next to me!’

You lift your hand up in front of your eyes to shield them from the blinding light, you heard a rather low “oh sorry” and the one next to you reaches for his forehead and the light turns off,
You slowly lowered your hand and your blurry vision finally clears, revealing four, tall, and after a little squint you see those aren’t back packs on their back but shells like turtles.

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Hey y’all!

I was hoping to have something up for you guys yesterday, but my brain decided that it did not want to cooperate, so my plans changed a bit. Anyway, here it is- this one might be one of my favorites :)

Warnings- language

Word count- 1617

Pairings- Dean x Reader

Y/N- Your Name                     Y/N/N- Your Nickname

Y/H/C- Your Hair Color          Y/E/C- Your Eye Color

I do not own the song lyrics below!

“Dean, can I take this thing off yet?” you said impatiently, gesturing to the piece of thick black fabric tied over your eyes. He had snuck up on you while you were reading in the bunker and slipped the blindfold over your head, scaring the living crap out of you. You leapt up from your chair and spun around, about to punch whoever was behind you, but he grabbed your arm before you could hit him

“Whoa, easy, Y/N! It’s just me,” he said, laughing at your reaction.

Dean? What the shit??” you yelled, ripping your arm from his grasp and reaching up to pull at the heavy fabric obscuring your vision.

“What the- what is this?”

“It’s just a piece of fabric, Y/N/N. It’s not gonna kill you,” he chuckled, and you rolled your eyes before realizing he couldn’t see your reaction.

“Yeah, it won’t kill me. But if you don’t tell me what the hell is going on, it might magically jump off of my face and strangle you!”

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The first thing Cas becomes aware of is that his feet are freezing. He turns his head to look over his shoulder, blinking to clear his vision as the culprit for his cold feet comes in to focus.

Dean lays in a cocoon of the entire duvet.

Cas huffs and reaches for the covers enclosed around Dean, but stops as an idea occurs to him.

He eyes Dean’s exposed leg for a moment before sliding his foot across the bed to touch it. Dean’s leg shoots away as soon as he does.

Cas lays on his back facing the ceiling, chuckling to himself. He doesn’t bother to look at Dean as he slides his cold foot further across the bed to come into contact with the same leg as before.

This time Dean only moves his leg slightly, so Cas points his toes to nudge him again, and Dean shifts his whole body further away from Cas.

Cas stretches his leg even further and places the length of his foot against Dean’s calf. Dean shifts away again.

Cas shifts slightly closer and nudges Dean’s leg with his icy foot again and Dean shifts even further away.

Cas goes in for the kill. He stretches both his feet across the bed and places one on Dean’s calf again and the other slides up the back of Dean’s thigh.

Dean abruptly shifts away.


And Dean’s out of bed.

Cas catches the covers before they slide all the way off the bed and pulls them around himself as Dean groans from his place on the floor.

Accidental Findings

*this was a requested scenario, and we hope you like sweet anon!*

request: “Hi! Would you be able to do a fluff/smut about Tae accidentally finding out you have a thing for spanking? It’d be so funny omg, thank you!” 

Originally posted by gotjimin

Summary: You learn something new everyday. And sometimes those things you learn can be exciting.

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Type: Smut/Fluffish

Length: 1,210  words

- Admin M & R

You are cleaning your house diligently, as Taehyung walks in through the front door.

You have your headphones on, so you don’t notice him, immediately, focusing hard on the task at hand.

“Hey, Y/N! I’m back!” he calls out. No answer. Confused, Tae turns around to take another look at you and notices you’re headphones. He laughs to himself as he walks up to you, puling your headphones off and giving you a kiss. Surprised and caught off guard you reluctantly kiss him back, but then smack his arm because he knows you hate it when he pulls your headphones off.

He chuckles and gives your ass a slap as he walks away heading towards the kitchen. Neither of you were expecting the soft moan that left your mouth in response to his action, but there you two stood, both left in shock. He immediately turned around to look back at you, your face a shy pink forcefully trying not to make eye contact with Taehyung.

“Did… did you just moan?” He asked.

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