turn the key

Do you know what I love about video games? This sense of coming home when you replay your favorite game. This overwhelming feel of “I’m finally back home and nothing bad can happen”, as if you come back home from traveling the whole world and then you turn the key at your front door and the door swings open and you breathe this familiar scent of home in and you just know you’re home and you can relax and sleep in your bed again and walk naked around the house without anyone judging you. 

I just love this feeling and I had this situation just yesterday. So, everyone who follows me for more than a week probably knows that Ni.eR is my fav game and I love it with all my heart and giving the chance, I’ll not shut up about it. As Ni.eR Auto.mata came out, I was honestly worried but still bought the game. And what can I say? It gave me a sense of coming home because I met beloved characters again and saw snippets of the world I loved to travel. 

So of course I took my sweet time with this game because we all know that we can experience a game only once for the first time. 

I knew going into the Tower would mean to finish the game for good and yesterday, after fighting the bunny statue in the amusement park ( I screamed as that thing suddenly attacked me lmao ) I fell ready and went into the Tower. 

I knew that there was a white room which looks exactly like the big library from the first game. I saw gifs of it and I was eager to finally see this place with my own two eyes on my tv. 

The thing is, I stepped into this room with my character and you get this overall swipe of the place with the camera and then suddenly the music, that always played in the first game when you were in the library started to play, and suddenly all dams broke for me and I started to cry because THAT moment was like finally coming home. I fell so overwhelmed because I was sure, after seven years, I would never see this place again and I would always walk around with this empty feeling because I knew Auto.mata plays in “another” world as the first game. And I thought I was ready for this place but I honestly was unable to stop crying for minutes because I simply couldn’t believe to be back home?? It hurted so much but in honestly the best way. 

So, yeah, that’s what I love the most about video games because these games become a part of our lives and leave their marks on us. So, yeah, fuck everyone who says video games are stupid and only kids/teens should play them.

A Moment That I Won’t Forget Until The Day I Die

Summary: It’s the night before they leave London, and Steve have no other choice but to take Diana to his apartment. And no, he could not sleep in the same bed as her…

A/N: I have roughly a million and a half ideas for Wondertrev fics, and it’s kind of hard to keep them original, but I hope this one hadn’t been used before. It was meant to be funny and silly, but I slipped into angst once again - fair warning. Also - SO MANY IDEAS!


The key turned easily and the hinges let out a quiet squeal, reminding Steve that it had been years since they were oiled. He pushed the door open wider and held back, allowing Diana to step into the dark hallway first before crossing the threshold and closing the door behind them. His hand groped along the wall until he found the switch. One flick, and the place was flooded with the pale light of the overhead lamp, making him cringe inwardly a bit.

It was a miracle he still had a place in London, what with being massively absent from the country for most of the past year, and that was only because it was too much trouble to sell or rent it out when his mind was otherwise occupied more often than not. He tried to remember the last time he was here, but came up blank, a bulk of the past 12 months feeling so surreal that his life before that felt like an illusion somehow, less tangible than it ever was, more like a dream he could barely grasp.

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Are you still doing prompts? If so, maybe 41 elams? ♥️

41: “ I’m pregnant. ” I think this’ll be my last one for now :>

Eliza waited giddily on the couch for Alex and John to come home. She’s left a rather obvious note in the walkway for them. Soon she could hear the key turning in the door. “We’re back!” Alex announced. She could hear the plastic bags from their brief stop at the grocery store.

“Hello?” John’s voice called.

“In here!” Eliza smiled. Alex appeared and dropped the bags on the table with a groan. Eliza thought he might miss the note, but that’s what was good about there being two of them. She heard the tape being unstuck from the wall and the tearing of an envelope. John was unfolding the note as he walked in and stood next to Alexander, who peered over his shoulder.

John’s jaw dropped and Alex’s face lit up as he gasped. “Eliza!” He cheered. Eliza’s smile spread ear to ear. Alex rushed forward and practically jumped onto the couch. He flung his arms around her. John was still rereading it, walking over to sit on Eliza’s other side.

“How long have you known?” John asked, a smile spreading on his face.

“A week or so,” She beamed.

“You should’ve told us!” Alex said, obviously not that angry.

“I’m not sorry!” She smirked. John put down the note and joined the hug.

“You’re pregnant!” John cheered.

“I’m pregnant!” She confirmed. The group was a giddy mess of hugs and kisses and pure happiness.


I love when making out with someone, it starts off with soft, slow kissing and maybe even a little pause every now and then just to smile. Then in 0.5 seconds, the intensity increases and next thing you know is you’re trying to pull them closer, but you physically can’t because you’re already body to body, your fingers are digging into their back and you’re breathing heavily while they kissing down your neck.

boyf riends ok

ive been thinking about this all day so what if michael can only take so much sugar before he gets a crazy sugar high

so when he and jeremy are having a sleepover (“it’s not gay!”) and all they are eating/drinking is sugar,,, well michael is bouncing off the walls by one am (jeremy thinks it’s kinda cute but at the same time “sit the fuck down michael!”)

except he’s bound to crash from his high. and he crashes hard.

by like two thirty, three am, michael is totally useless. he can barely keep his eyes open to play any more video games. but when he crashes, he gets dopey and affectionate

so he’ll be having the time of his life, laying across jeremys lap, trying to play with his hands, trying to get him to (“spill some juicy gossip”). he eventually tries to kiss jeremys fingers, hold his hand, etc

he just keeps pushing his boundaries,,, and jeremy is letting him (with a burning red fave, but he’s letting him)

they fall asleep (aka michael passes out and jeremy turns in for the night) practically holding each other, mostly because michael would not let jeremy move once he got ahold of him

as jeremy falls asleep, he’s thinking about telling michael. ya know, telling him. about his feelings

he wakes up, confident and ready to go, except michael embarrassedly detangles from jeremy when he wakes, mumbling a quick “whoa, gay man” (sigh, boys ) and jeremys heart shatters just a little. michael remembers next to nothing from last night, let alone all of his affections