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Dating Profile: Joshua Hong

Ahh Joshua…

He’d be a great bf tbh

  • Lots and lots of dates
  • He’d love taking you out just to go on adventures n stuff
  • He’d love finding things in common and if you guys both really like something that’d be like your thing
  • He’d write songs about you on the fly (cause you know he’s good at free-styling)
  • Playing songs for you on his guitar
  • I mean he would literally serenade you
  • Eating ice cream at midnight (or pizza)
  • Watching moves and listening to music together
  • Him making lame puns
  • You laughing cause they’re actually kinda funny
  • I feel like he would want to cuddle you a lot
  • Playing with your hair while cuddling
  • Him loving when you fall asleep on him
  • If he had to get up to go to the bathroom or something he would try to gently move you off of him but fails anyway
  • “I’m so sorry y/n! I didn’t mean to wake you.”
  • “It’s okay Josh..”
  • I don’t think he’d be into PDA like, hand holding is cool but kissing in public isn’t
  • If you kissed him in public or in front of his friends he would turn red and be embarrassed but it’d be really cute
  • Behind closed doors tho, he’d give you a million kisses
  • I think he’d be very affectionate
  • kisses on your forehead and pecks on your cheek

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👌- karadanversbitch (im thirsty aight pls love me)

I just scrolled threw a week worth of shit posting to find the post you were referring to and I’m not even sure it’s the right one 😩 (I shouldn’t be allowed to blog) Sorry luv I wasn’t ignoring you at all I’m just not used to receive asks that I rarely ever check my ask box and tumblr on mobile is an ass and notifies me only one time on four 😧 (did you mean the post where you wanted me to check out ur blog?) Ily u tho I’m so so sorry 😩😩💕

@karadanversbitch I’m actually already following you bby I love your blog (I’m gonna turn the notifications on bc I rarely see u on my dash.) If this ask wasn’t meant for me it’s gonna be embarrassing tho 😂😂

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Hey, I love your blog, but one little thing: Isn't Harry Potter turning 36 years old? I mean, I've seen all around Tumblr that this is his 35th birthday, but he was born in 1980, so... Wth is going on? :) :) :)

Yeah…….those quotes are from Harry’s birthday last year and we are garbagio

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One of my stims is rubbing my arm/leg hair, feeling the fuzz on the back of my neck, etc. But bc I'm a girl, I'm told nearly every day that I should shave. I like growing it out tho because of how it feels. How do I explain that w/o sounding weird?

Okay so when someone tells you you should shave, follow these steps:

  1. Hold your fist up so the back of your hand is facing them
  2. Make another fist beside the first as if you’re holding onto a crank
  3. Move the second hand in a circular motion, as if you’re turning the crank (like on a Jack-In-The-Box)
  4. As you do that, slowly raise the middle finger of your first hand
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

-Brother Cat


((A year ago, a girl stumbled across a long-dead rp blog that she had. Oh dear, what can I do with this? she thought.

After bringing it up with her friend, he convinced this girl to start an independent OC blog. After much confusion and key smashing, she wrote what she thought was a passable bio, hunted down a blog theme she liked, and made a single post stating the blog’s immediate change to an independent LoL RP OC. 

So as stated last night, one year ago today I made that post officially opening my blog. I find it really amusing that my second post was then a giveaway for said friend

So…it’s been a year. Hooray?

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Unforgettable 2k15 - Stiles Stilinski Christmas Drabble

Originally posted by claudiastilinski

Request; Can I please have a smut where you and Stiles are exchanging Christmas presents and your present for Stiles is to take his virginity. P.S I love your blog and writing ☺️

Changes; not full on smut, only implied [thank you tho ily you lovely anon]

Warnings; implied sexual actions man i mean…

I hope you like it, i know it could be better tho


“Honey I’m home!” you smiled to yourself as you turned around on the couch to see Stiles holding a box in his hands and a bag, which he placed in the door before he kicked his shoes off and pulled his jacket off, dropping it in your hallway and then rushing to sit on the couch beside you. “Hey,” he grinned.

“Hi,” you chuckled as he thrust the box in your face. “Is that for me?” you asked with a small smile. He juts nodded quickly, a little like an excited puppy, “Wow, I need would have thought,” you told him with the same smile as he just rolled his eyes.

“I wanna know what you think of it,” he shrugged and put the present in your lap, the christmas movie in the background long forgotten now.

“Okay, okay,” you chuckled, unwrapping the present softly, wanting it to remain intact, since the paper was so cute. You found it to be over packed, but exactly what you wanted. “God, Stiles, thank you so much,” you chuckled, smiling widely, remembering when you had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago to him.

“Well, you said you wanted it, I got it,” he shrugged smugly, happy that he had made you smile.

You put the present to the side before you leaned forward and caught his lips in a kiss, smiling into it once he let out a surprised moan, but you also pulled away as fast, not wanting it to get heated. “Thank you so much, it’s perfect,” you told him as he juts smiled.

“As long as you love it, so do I,” he told you, making you chuckle.

“I’m afraid my present isn’t nearly as good as yours,” you told him, sitting a little closer and resting your head on the back of the couch as he placed his elbow on the back, putting his head into his hand as he watched you.

“Why? It’s from you, of course I’ll love it,” he grinned.

“But it’s nothing that you told me you want,” you told him hesitantly.

“Still, it’s from you,” he smiled sweetly, making you feel even just a little better about it. You smiled back at him before you leaned forward and placed your lips on his, pushing him to lay back as he let out another surprised sound, this time a happier and higher pitched one as his hands placed themselves on your back, pushing you closer to him.

You’d made out before, sure, that wasn’t an issue. It was the going further from there that was the issue.

“Whoa, wait, are you sure you want to do this now?” he asked, pulling away from you.

You stood up, offering your hand, which he took immediately, and stood up, letting you lead him into your room, where you’d put a few things up. “I thought it should be rememberable. It should be better than my first time was,” you told him, seeing him take in the few candles and the photos, and the dock that was at the side.

“Holy shit,” he whispered in awe as you just smiled.

“I mean, we don’t have to do it, if you don’t want to-“ he cut you off with a kiss, deepening it with  swift move before he pushed you over to the bed.

“Just guide me, tell me if I’m doing something wrong,” he told you as you bit your lip and smiled back.

“Okay,” and so you gave Stiles a night he’d never forget for the christmas of 2015.