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Baby is cold outside

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“Dean” you said loud enough for him to hear you from your spot on the couch “I’m cold”

“My hoodie is in our room if you want it” he said without looking away from his book

Pulling the blanket tighter around you and letting a growl you said “our room is to faraway, and I’ll freeze on the way”

Your boyfriend rolled his eyes at your response “there’s another blanket next to the couch” he pointed to the loveseat that held a ticker blanket.

“Is not enough” you whined

“You can move the heater from our room to the living room”

“But I’ll have to disconnected and connect it again”

“I think there’s still some coffee, it could help warm you up”

“Sam drank it all this morning”

“A hot bath can always hel…”

“What the hell do I need to do to get you to cuddle with me? Goddamit!”

You turn around to face the back of the couch. Maybe you were acting like a needy girlfriend but the bunker was chilly and cuddling sounded perfect, but leave it to Dean to ignore all the signals you were sending to him.

Thinking about it you could get the shower running to warm the bathroom while putting a new pot of coffee so when you got out of the shower it would…

You felt a heavy weight on your side followed by a warm pair of lips pressing against the back of your neck and the scent of Dean surrounded you

“If you wanted to cuddle, you only have to say it” he whispered right next to your ear.