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Lance: Keith, I’m so happy I could kiss you!

Keith: (nervous gay laughter) Um………………. neat!


Keith: (lying face down on his bed) I can’t believe I said ‘neat’, Shiro. ‘Neat.’ Nobody says ‘neat’ anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century!! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m! A huge loser!

Shiro: (idly turns magazine page) Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Allura confessed to me?

Keith: Didn’t you like, thank her?

Shiro: (closes magazine to stare at the ceiling) I thanked her.

  • Magnus: Alec, I’m so happy I could kiss you!
  • Alec: (nervous gay laughter) Um……………… neat!
  • (later)
  • Alec: (lying face down on his bed) I can’t believe I said ‘neat’, Jace. ‘Neat.’ Nobody says ‘neat’ anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century!! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m! A huge loser!
  • Jace: (idly turns magazine page) Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Clary confessed to me?
  • Alec: Didn’t you like, thank her?
  • Jace: (closes magazine to stare at the ceiling) I thanked her.
  • Yixing: Baekhyun, I’m so happy I could kiss you!
  • Baekhyun: (nervous gay laughter) Um………………. neat!
  • (later)
  • Baekhyun: (lying face down on his bed) I can’t believe I said ‘neat’, Junmyeon. ‘Neat.’ Nobody says ‘neat’ anymore! It’s the goddamn 21st century!! It’s not neat to say neat, but I said it anyway because I’m! A huge loser!
  • Junmyeon: (idly turns magazine page) Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone gets nervous sometimes. Remember what happened when Kris confessed to me?
  • Baekhyun: Didn’t you like, thank him?
  • Junmyeon: (closes magazine to stare at the ceiling) I thanked him.

Images courtesy of the Foxfire Fund, Inc.

The 1,500-mile Appalachian Mountain range stretches so far that those on the northern and southern sides can’t agree on what to call it: Appa-LAY-chia or Appa-LATCH-ia. The outside perspective on the people who live there might be even more mangled. Stories about Appalachia tend to center around subjects like poverty, the opioid epidemic and coal, but since 1966 a series called Foxfire has been sharing food, culture and life as it’s actually lived in the mountain region.

Foxfire started as a class project at a Georgia high school — students interviewed neighbors and wrote a series of articles, which turned into a quarterly magazine and then a book, in 1972, with other books to follow soon after. (The name of the series comes from a term for a local form of bioluminescence caused by fungi on decaying wood.) Within the first decade, more than 9 million copies of Foxfire were sold. Today, there are specialized Foxfire books that focus on cooking, winemaking, religion and music.

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– Petra

IMAGINE Luke Skywalker clarifying to Rey he’s not the only “last Jedi...”

Luke: But there is another! There are other Jedi that aren’t dead!

Rey: Really? Is it that old Tortuga crashing on your island reading a magazine right there?

Ahsoka: (Turning magazine page) Nah, not a Jedi anymore. 

Rey: What about those two random dudes playing sabbac at that stone?

Ezra and Kanan: Nope! Not Jedi anymore!

Rey: That guy lifting weights?

Quinlan Vos: Na-da.

Luke: Ta-da, here he is!

Anakin Skywalker’s Ghost: Um, hello, hi. Um, used to be Jedi, then Sith, then Jedi in afterlife… Not truly dead, just immortal in a ghostly sense.

Rey: That doesn’t count!

Luke: Meet your gramps!

Rey: WHAT?

miss me w/ this “skinny girls need positivity too!!!” like ok just literally open a magazine, turn on the tv, consume any kind of media in existence and there you go… skinny girls, everywhere, being paraded as sexy and beautiful and desirable… “skinny positivity” literally is only ever directed @ the fat positivity movement as if the existence of fat people is detrimental to the reign of skinny girls. sit down!!! be quiet!!! you’re still the most desirable body type in mass media and you always will be so quit whining

The One

IMAGINE: If you asked Steve about his dream girl, his ‘the one’, he would have never described her, never even would have thought of her…funny how things work out.

[gif is not mine. based on the poem with the same name by lang leav. requests are open. this one shot is the first part to however many poetry inspired one shots i do.]  

warnings: none

words: 2.3 k+

‘I don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you, because I say and do all the right things. Because I am everything you are looking for…’

There was something in the way that she walked, she talked or the way she did anything that set him on fire. He’s never met a more infuriating person. A more different person than he was.

“I just don’t get why you’re being so emotional about this,” she rolled her eyes as she watched Steve sigh once again.

“(Y/N)…” Steve looked at the woman in front of him. The thick fashion magazine held in her hand, “Just because it’s not about fashion or tearing someone down does not mean that you shouldn’t care about this.”

She bit her lip, “It’s just Tony.”

“Exactly, he’s going to break her heart,” he explained. “She’s only a kid (Y/N).”

(Y/N) sat down next to him, “Look Rogers, it’s their life and she wants to be with him then let her. Just support her.”

“He’s just going to use her,” Steve spoke quietly.

In an instant (Y/N)’s demeanor change. Long gone was the somewhat caring girl, it was now replaced by her usual stance around him -cold, hard and unfeeling. “You watch your mouth Rogers, because I swear to god if you throw Tony’s past in his face, I will hurt you.” Her grip tightened on the magazine.

Steve turned around and looked into her eyes. There was anger underlying it, fire in her eyes. “She’s like a sister to me. He’s the type of person that can hurt someone.”

(Y/N) stood up sharply, and through gritted teeth she spoke, “And he’s like a brother to me Rogers.” She leaned forward, him leaning as she got closer, “You watch your mouth around me.” (Y/N) moved back and started walking away. “By the way, he’s the type of person that can only hurt someone if they’ve hurt him first, so maybe don’t judge on him when you don’t know all the facts.”

She walked faster to the door, slamming it as hard as she can.

‘… I want to be the one that you didn’t see coming. The one who gets under your skin. Who makes you unsteady. Who makes you question everything you have ever believed in love. Who makes you feel reckless and out of control. The one you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to…’

If you told Steve Rogers that one day he’ll wake up with a strange inkling that will soon lead to the discovery that he found (Y/N) attractive and that he actually liked her, he would have probably laughed in your face and politely say that ‘you’re crazy.’

That was the conundrum that he found himself in as he watched her laugh with Bucky and Sam. Of course he still found her annoying and judgemental, and the complete opposite of himself, as well as what he found attractive. But watching her laugh with his two best friends, her head thrown back without any care, her hips jutting out as she told off Sam for doing something stupid. There was just something about her that he couldn’t explain.

“Why do you keep staring at her?” Pietro asked as he stood next to Steve.

Steve turned to Pietro, “I just wanted to know how such a small girl can contain so much evil in her.”

“She’s not that bad,” Pietro started. “She’s only like that whenever she’s around you.”

“She criticizes everything that I do, from the way I walk or my clothes -did you know that she hates me wearing plaid? I apparently have the entire of plaid in my wardrobe.” He paused and looked at her again, “It’s just she’s so different from the women that I’m used to.”

“Why does that have to be a bad thing?”

Steve took a while  to come up with his answer. Opening his mouth to voice out something but every time he did Steve felt that it wasn’t the right thing to say. Finally he came to the conclusion, “It’s not.”

“Don’t you realize that maybe why you hate her is because you like her?” Pietro spoke, tilting his head towards her direction. When Steve didn’t speak, Pietro broke out into a huge grin and chuckled, “Fuck, you’re hell bent crushing on her! That’s why you’re staring at her so much with that stupid-loved up look on your face!” Steve glared at Pietro who wasn’t deterred by the intimidating look on the super soldier.

As Pietro walked away he saw that (Y/N)’s conversations with the boys has finished and started walking over to where he was. He saw her smile at him and he probably thought that she forgot that he was Steve Rogers.

“Rogers,” she greeted. She looked him up and down, “Not wearing plaid I see.”

“What is it with you and the plaid?” He groaned. He honestly couldn’t understand it. Plaid isn’t that bad and he didn’t have that many plaid shirts.

She shrugged, “I have something for you.” She walked past him, knowing that he would follow her even though she didn’t ask him. Her aura commanded him. Steve rolled his eyes. Typical.

When they reached her bedroom, he looked around apprehensively taking in her bedroom. It was nice, it was minimal barely any decorations. He walked to her table where a cork table was placed. He smiled when he saw that it was pictures of her and the Avengers scattered around what he guessed was mementos. “You kept this?” He pointed at the ticket stub in bottom left corner, one that was hidden behind everything.

(Y/N) turned around and saw that he was touching the ticket stub gingerly, “I had a good time.” She remembered the day vividly, it was when everyone was on their mission and she was stuck at the compound because she broke her arm, while Steve was struck with a fever. She was bored and she was stuck babysitting him, so she decided to take him to the MET when he was feeling better. Up until that day she didn’t know that they had anything in common, other than the fact that he was her match when it came to verbal sparring.

He found out that art is one of her biggest passions and that she wanted to become an art historian but certain things happened that led her to follow in her father’s footsteps. Steve remembered thinking that maybe she wasn’t the shallow, vapid girl he thought she was. Like an art piece there was always something meaningful behind everything.

Their days were spent talking about his past and how he felt about the future, watching movies from his time and her being surprised when he quoted Casablanca. He hesitantly revealed to her that it was one of the first movies that he saw when he came out of the ice.

Everything was fine until the others got back and they were back at their old habits again, though this time it felt less personal and more for a show.  

“Aha!” She proclaimed as she opened a drawer and pulled out a neatly wrapped present. It was blue and white, with a red bow on top. “Gotta have that Captain America theme,” she winked at him and passed him the present.

He opened the present slowly, trying carefully not to rip the paper. Once he saw what was wrapped, words got stuck in his throat. “(Y/N)…”

“Don’t start crying on me Rogers,” she warned but there was no malice in her voice.

He pulled the paper away. It was his drawing that he did of everyone, a drawing of a photograph that she and he both proudly displayed in their bedrooms. He thought he lost it when Natasha did her usual random clearing of everything in everyone’s rooms. “This is beautiful.” He stroked the frame, it was gold and one of those smaller frames that held priceless arts in the museums. “Thank you so much.”

She shrugged, thinking nothing of it. “Guess my barging into people’s rooms is a good thing.” She walked over to him, her heart filling with warmth as he gazed and touched the picture frame. “At least your abnormally large hands can create something good.”

As Steve left her room, he found himself in another conundrum. How did he get into this situation? How did he manage to find a person that was the complete opposite of him, the untraditional girl who set his soul on fire. The girl who he disliked with so much passion, the one who constantly bickered with him, manage to make him feel like he’s never felt before?

‘… I don’t want to be the one who tucks you into bed -I want to be the reason why you can’t sleep at night.’

When Steve was a young child he knew what love meant. It meant being there for the person that you cared for. It was easy. It was safe. There were no fights, if there was there was it would just be little bickers. Steve would come home, greet his wife and children and they would live happily ever after. He dreamt for that life, he yearned for it, even after he came out of the ice.

Then she came into his life and turned everything upside down. She was a constant thorn in his side that manage to somehow, overtime, turn into one of the most beautiful flowers he has ever seen. Maybe she wasn’t a thorn after all, maybe she was just a particularly prickly bud that he judged based on appearance, but after he got a closer look, after it took time, she turned into something else.

“Weren’t we supposed to have this massive epiphany that you liked me? Or you know someone makes this giant I like you speech and this is why I like you?” (Y/N) spoke as she chopped the carrot.

Steve shrugged, “You don’t like grand gestures.”

(Y/N) turned to face him, hand clutching the knife, “Excuse me! I do too like grand gestures, as long as they don’t embarrass me,” she started listing of things and Steve found himself looking at her. Really looking at her. The only time that he paid attention was when she pinched him. “Are you even paying attention?”

“Careful with that knife (Y/N),” he plucked it out of her hands and she rolled her eyes. “I didn’t have a great epiphany because the feeling was always there so I just woke up one day and went ‘oh, I like her’,” he finished his speech with a casual shrug.

He went back to chopping the onions, his peripheral vision allowed him to see that she was still in the same position. She picked up the knife and started chopping the carrots. “You’re such a sap.” Steve smiled as she said those words, it was her basically saying that she liked him as well.

“I don’t get why we can’t have steak (Y/N)!” Pietro yelled as he picked his food with his fork. “There are proteins that we need.”

“Because Tony decided that he wants to try vegetarianism,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “So we have to cater for the almighty Iron Man.” She threw a bean at him which he caught and smiled at her.

Steve sat next to her watching as she kept making faces at Tony, and not at all enjoying her food. He made a mental note to take her to Taco Bell after dinner. Maybe it was that moment that made him know that he really, truly, deeply in love with her. With her hair cascading down her face, and she made an aggravated noise when it fell in front of her face. Or maybe it was the way that she got along with other people, or maybe. There were too many maybe’s what he did know was that he wanted to say it out loud for everyone to know.

“Excuse me,” he spoke loudly as he stood up. “I just wanted to let everyone to know that I love (Y/N).” Steve could feel the glare from (Y/N), and the amused stares from the others. “I love her because she secretly loves me in plaid, she said so. The fact that she cries whenever that giraffe ad comes on, I love her-,” he didn’t get to finish as (Y/N) yelled at him. ‘

“STEVE GRANT ROGERS!” (Y/N) stood up, her face red due to embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel giddy and light inside.

“I also love her when she screams out my name just like that,” he winked at everyone and made a mad dash to the door.

“ROGERS!” With an ungraceful stand she began running after him, but not before flipping off everyone in the room, causing them to laugh louder.

She finally caught up to him, took her shoe off and hit him, “Did you just throw your shoe at me?” Steve turned around amused.

“I cannot believe you did that!”

“You said you loved grand gestures,” he teased as he picked up the shoe and started walking towards her.

“I specifically said that I hated grand gestures.”

He shrugged and wrapped his arms around her, “But I love you so I should get a pass for that.”

“The only people that get a pass for embarrassing me are the people that I love,” she smirked at him, hoping that he got what she was saying. She watched as he fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

“You love me,” she scowled at the shit-eating grin on his face.

“You’re an idiot.” She wrapped her arms around his neck, “But maybe I somewhat love you.” (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. Steve tightened his arms around her and smiled into the kiss.

“Guys, oh my god! Gross!” Sam yelled as he walked into the room and saw the couple heavily making out. Sam made a face and began gagging. “Get a room!” He made a disgusted noise and yelled at them once more and left the room.

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Imagine Steve going to an animal shelter to help someone pick out an emotional support animal and finding one for himself too

For all that Sam’s an Adult Who Copes With Things, Steve thinks, there are moments where it seems glaringly obvious that he’s not handling something well.

They’ve been back from a particularly harrowing mission in the Amazon for an entire month, and Sam’s still struggling.

It seems, in a way, like they should have thought of this three weeks ago; three months ago; maybe even three years ago, Steve thinks, watching Sam sit on the floor next to a giant dog and braid its thick fur. Something in the way Sam’s holding his shoulders looks different, more relaxed maybe, than he’s ever seen.

The trainer is a nice older woman, her house a menagerie of animals, including a trained service duck that Steve’s avoided thus far, because he hates ducks and ducks hate him. She’s given both Steve and Sam big mugs of coffee and left them alone while she finishes baking dog biscuits.

Relaxing into the couch, Steve puts the coffee on the side table and picks up a magazine. He’s deeply entrenched in an article about some new young adult dystopian thriller book when a cat climbs into his lap and worms its way under the magazine to interrupt him.

“Oh, hi,” Steve says. It meows. “I’m Steve. Nice to meet you.”

The cat slides further up, its paws on his chest, and levels its face with his. It meows again, loud. “Your breath smells like cat food,” he tells it.

The cat smacks its lips and rubs its face against his neck, starting to purr.

“Okay,” Steve agrees, and goes back to his magazine.


Sam turns to him nearly half an hour later, the dog lying across his legs, braids all along its neck. “He’s my guy,” he tells Steve, scratching behind its ears. “His name’s Penguin. Who’ve you got there?”

The cat is still lying on Steve, its head on his shoulder. Steve finds the tag on its collar, craning his neck around so he can see it while the cat mrrps in protest. “This is Sammy,” he says.

“And you’re taking her?”

“I–” Steve hadn’t even considered it. He blinks at Sam for a second. He feels…the knot of tension at the base of his skull feels smaller than usual. “I guess so.”


Request: Can I request a civil war!Bucky oneshot where Reader comes home to Bucky (in his little apartment) to find him and Steve staring at eachother and like Steve points a gun and asks who’s she and then Bucky gets all protective and they both escape the black panther together and fluff (sorry for long request 😂) love your writing!❤️

A/N: Are there any classes for naming your work because I feel like I need some… Anyways, this is basically just the chasing scene from Civil War only it’s described by me. Of course I left some parts out and also there are some parts with the reader that I’ve changed to fit the story but… yeah. I literally watched the scene while writing this, pausing it every few seconds to be as accurate as possible. I realize I could have just come up with something myself but… gotta stay true to Marvel. I don’t know if that bothers some of you but I’m sorry if it does.
It’s messy, probably not easy to understand but if you’ve seen Civil War (which I’m sure you have at this point) you might know what I’m talking about. It’s not very fluffy, sorry about that. It’s hard to mix action and fluff. Hope you’ll like it either way!
ALSO, I keep referring to T'Challa as the ‘guy with the cat suit’ or armor or whatever bc the reader nor Bucky knows who it is and i mean, he wears a scary cat suit okay idk

Words: 3,345

Warning(s): well… fighting, gunfire… that’s it??

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“I’ve never done this before,” Luna whispered.

Ginny put down her quidditch magazine and turned towards Luna. She had been practically silent all day. It wasn’t strange for Luna to be silent for long periods of time. That was one of the many reasons Ginny loved spending time with her, she was peaceful. But, this was different. Ginny had suggested they go on a date. Luna accepted, eyes full of wonder. It was a simple enough first date, meant to be relaxing. At first everything went very well. They had a quick lunch at the Leaky Cauldron, which was nice, familiar. Then they went to Magical Menagerie, not to buy anything, just to look. Luna enjoyed visiting all the odd creatures. The shop owner knew Luna by name, she visited so often. After that they stopped by Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes mostly so Ginny could make fun of Ron, George had him wearing a new uniform, she thought it was hilarious. Luna complemented Ron, saying he looked sharp. Now they were at the Burrow lounging on a plush couch. Luna had not spoken in hours, she looked uncharacteristically tense. Ginny was a bit worried.

“Never done what before?”


Oh. Ginny relaxed. She hadn’t been on many dates herself. She could understand the nerves. Besides, she thought her first date with Luna went very well. So why was Luna acting so weird?

“Did you have a good time?” Ginny asked.

“Of course,” Luna began, frowning. “Time spent with you is always good time.”

Ginny felt warmth blossom in her chest. But, Luna still seemed upset.

“So, what’s wrong then?” Ginny brushed her hand through golden hair. Luna stared at her charm necklace, twisting the butterbeer corks.

Luna was silent for awhile longer. Ginny was patient, running her fingers through soft hair.

“I’ve never been this close to anyone before,” Luna placed her hands in her lap, eyes fixed on them. “I’m afraid.”

Ginny didn’t understand. What was she afraid of? How could she be afraid? Ginny had never seen Luna scared, not even during the war. Luna was always the voice of reason, well, whimsical reason anyways.

“Afraid of what?”

“You’ll leave,” Luna sighed. “Everyone has to leave, but I don’t want you to go.”

Ginny’s chest felt warm again. She reached for Luna’s hand, cradling it in both of her own.

“I could never leave you.”

Ride With Me (Part 7)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS:  light swearing and a bit of angst

*(Y/N) and Bucky arrive at the hospital to hear Pietro’s fate and discuss their future. 

PART 7 IS HERE PEOPLE!!!! As always the feed back to this AU has been phenomenal I’m so overwhelmed, you guys are the best! Feed back is greatly appreciated! 

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You burst through the hospital doors like a woman possessed, Bucky was hot on your tail as you both stormed down the hallway to the waiting room. You were sure you had startled a few nurses as the two of you flew down the corridor. You tried to ignore the burning smell of disinfectant, rounding the corner you were met with your friends all gathered around. You’re eyes sort out Steve and Sam first, they didn’t look too bad. Steve was sporting an impressive scrape on his cheekbone and had his left arm in a sling. Sam was sat on a plastic chair his right pant leg was stained with blood and he had a deep gash that had been stitched on his forehead. Sharon was sat next to him holding an icepack to his head, a brunette woman stood next to Steve her hand running up and down his arm. So that must be Peggy you mentally added the face to the name. The two of them were conversing with a dark haired man you didn’t recognise, they all looked up at you both but your attention was on the two women sat in the corner. Natasha’s gave you a sad smile shaking her head slightly as she rubbed the younger girls back in comfort.

“Wanda” you breathed, the brunette looked up to you, her eyes red and irritated. Letting out a pained sob wiping her cheek Wanda stood and stumbled to you. You instantly wrapped your arms around her as she buried her face in the crook of you neck sobbing softly.

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of wedding gowns and topless models

For @pegasusdragontiger. Based on your prompt and that FRIENDS gif post you tagged me on. :)

After a tiring day filled with a normal amount of explosions in the lab, Tony dragged his feet up to his penthouse to find Pepper, Darcy and Jane lounging on the couch, bonding over a magazine of suspicious content. They were dressed in wedding gowns and Tony could only blink as he paused to let his gaze wander over all three of them in surprise. Darcy was wearing a veil, and a tiara sat lopsided on Pepper’s head.

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Cheating Rfa boys please! Angst angst angst omg and mc becomes stone hearted afterwards

Ask and you shall receive~

◉ Yoosung

  • He said he was staying late with a study group at the library
  • You carefully packed some of the dinner you just finished cooking into a small tupperware container to bring to him
  • He’d been a little distant lately, and you knew it must be the stress of his studies
  • So why not surprise him by bringing some food to keep him going?
  • He always loved your cooking
  • It was one surefire way to get a smile out of him
  • You were surprised to see the library this busy at night.
  • Lots of students hustling around with their faces pressed in their books
  • Out of the crowd you finally spotted him sitting at a table
  • The smile fading from your face as you drew closer. He was sitting cheerfully with another girl.
  • Their hands together, fingers intertwined on the table top.
  • Then Yoosung leaned in and kissed her
  • Your heart stopped
  • And your feet were still moving although you weren’t paying attention to where they were taking you
  • You ran into a book cart and fell
  • Dropping the tupperware and spilling the food
    • “Ouch!”
  • Yoosung looked up to see you on the ground trying desperately to pick up the food
  • Your hands were shaking and it was hard to see through the tears
    • “MC?!” Yoosung ran towards you
  • You wiped your eyes and stood up to meet him
    • “I thought you might be hungry…” you felt the tears begin to stream down your face again
    • “MC I…I-I’m so sorry-”
  • You shoved the food at him and ran off, leaving him standing there speechless
  • Packing was a blur for you
  • But what hurt the most was that Yoosung hadn’t even bothered to come home right away
  • You had enough time to look over the place twice and make sure you didn’t miss anything
  • And now you stood outside with your bags in hand
  • The door opened to reveal Saeyoung
  • You broke down and dropped your things at the sight of him
    • “Woah! It’s going to be okay…” he hugged you, “let’s get you inside. Don’t worry, I’ll grab the bags okay? Then you can tell me everything.”
  • You followed him inside

◉ Jumin

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have to work late tonight’
  • That’s what he texted you
  • But standing there now in the doorway to his office
  • Watching him kissing a woman as she sat on his desk
  • You could see that wasn’t true
    • “Really swamped with work tonight, I see,” you clutched your phone in your hand and your eyes were beginning to swell with tears
  • Both of them jumped
  • And the woman hopped from the desk and ran past you
    • “MC, what are you doing here?” he straightened his tie as he turned to you
    • “Watching you cheat on me, apparently,” you spat back
  • He tried to approach you but you took a few steps back
    • “Don’t even try to touch me,” you warned
    • “This was nothing. Just me closing a business deal, that’s all-” he tried to explain
    • “You’re really something else, Jumin Han,” you were crying now against your will, “well don’t worry. This is the last time I will ever interrupt a ‘deal’ again. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • You wiped your cheeks and turned heel with a sniffle
    • “MC get back here so we can talk about this”
    • “No! You don’t get to order me around. Not anymore. Don’t look for me at the penthouse, I’m never going back. Don’t try and find me.”
  • You held in your emotions until you were fully out of the building
  • And let yourself sob once you made it around the corner
  • You didn’t know where you would go
  • But your only care at the moment was getting the image of them together out of your mind

◉ Zen

  • Some of the cast were snickering
  • You had shown up to his rehearsal with iced coffees to surprise him
    • “He’s in his dressing room,” one girl finally spoke up
    • “But he might be a little pre-occupied…” another guy laughed and got elbowed
    • “That’s his girlfriend, right?” another one whispered
  • You were feeling a little uncomfortable
  • But thanked them anyway and hesitantly made your way to his dressing room
  • You wished you hadn’t
  • You opened the door to see Zen and another actress, both of them had their shirts off and were kissing heavily
  • Your heart sank at the sight and you froze
    • “Can we help you?” the girl broke this kiss to talk to you
  • You couldn’t speak
  • And when Zen made eye contact with you, you ran
  • And Zen trailed after you
    • “Wait! C-Come back! I know this looks bad-” he called
  • But you kept on walking, trying to stop crying
  • The rest of the cast were now grouped around to watch what was going on
    • She came on to me! What was I supposed to do?” he cried
  • You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him
  • You had pulled the lid from the coffees and threw them on him
  • The whole cast was a chorus of “oOooooOOOoo”
    • “You’re an asshole!” you sobbed
  • Zen was now dripping wet with a blank face
    • “An ASSHOLE! And I’ll never forgive you for this. Have a good life, Hyun. We’re through.”
  • You erased all of the photos of him in your phone
  • Grabbed all of your things from the apartment
  • And ripped yourself out of all of the couples photos around your place
  • And from then on
  • Anytime you saw his face on a magazine you turned it around on the stand

◉ Saeyoung

  • You didn’t normally look at his phone
  • But it was buzzing and he was in the other room
  • You figured it was Yoosung asking to come over and game
  • But it wasn’t
  • And your hand started shaking
  • Tears were dotting the screen as you looked down at the text messages
  • Saeyoung came out to see you crying
    • “Hey what’s the matter?” he sounded concerned
    • “I miss you so much, babe. I keep thinking about the other night-” you choked as you read it out loud to him, “who is this?” you looked up with tearful eyes
    • “Shit…” was all he could manage
  • You dropped the phone
    • “The other night. Like, when you told me you had to work late and wouldn’t be home? That night? And you kissed me when you came home…” your voice trailed, “I think I’m going to be sick”
  • You stood up from the couch
    • “I’m so sorry. Please, I don’t know how this all ended up happening…I just-what are you doing?”
  • You had brushed past him and made your way to the bedroom
  • Quickly throwing your essentials into a small suitcase
  • The clothes you couldn’t be without
  • The box of personal items you held dear
  • All the while Saeyoung was staring at you
  • Not sure what to say or do
  • Throwing on a coat you walked past him once more without even a glance
  • Stopping for a moment and feeling in your pocket
    • “There,” you threw your phone at his feet, “now you can’t trace me, right?”
  • You pulled the door open
    • “Please…I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried
    • “No. I don’t want to hear it,” your voice was cold and you turned to face him with tear-stained cheeks, “and I never want to see you again, Saeyoung.”
  • And with that you walked away

batmanthirst  asked:

I don't know if you're still in the writing mood but here's a prompt if you're up for it: clark non-explicitly asking bruce out in the middle of conversations and never being taken seriously

(AN: I’m sorry this took a little longer, I’ve been working more days lately and there is a couple days between me writing the beginning of this and the end if things seem a little wonky. I hope you like it either way)

“He has to know right? I mean, it’s Batman.”

“Let it go, Bear.” Hal said not looking up from his magazine. The two were supposed to be on monitor duty, but the Lantern normal took this time to relax and maybe catch up on some sleep if he was partnered with someone reliable and there were very few more reliable than Flash. Except apparently when there was drama afoot.

“I can’t just let it go.” Barry sighed but reluctantly turned back to the monitors, far used to his friend’s routine. Between Justice League missions and Green Lantern duties, he couldn’t really complain if the guy fell asleep while working. Much. “It’s like watching someone slip on something in slow motion. It’s too late to warn them and you know it’s going to end in disaster.”

Hal snorted but didn’t object to the hyperbole. Of course Batman had to see it, they all had. It had been going on for months. Hell, maybe even years considering the two had known each other for far longer than the rest of them had.

Then again, he thought, glancing up towards where Batman and Superman were huddled over the plans for the Watchtower renovations. The guy does have the emotionally intelligence of a potato.

Supes was standing shoulder to shoulder with the Bat, a proximity that seemed only to be reserved for him, Diana and his forty friggin kids. The aforementioned Bat’s shoulders weren’t as tense as they normally were. If it was anyone else, Hal would have just narrowed it down to the years of familiarity they had on the rest of them, but the Lantern had only seen that particular extent of relaxation around the other man’s fifty-seven bat kids. Hal shook his head, turning back to his magazine and taking his own advice, letting it go.

“We need to fix the water pressure in the en-suite showers, but that can wait.” Bruce said, lens covered eyes scanning the plans as Clark nodded along. “It’s the satellite that needs immediate attention.”

“Did you see that new restaurant by the Planet earlier?” Clark asked as his friend lapsed into brief silence, most likely doing calculations in his head.

“I did. That meteor shower on Monday caused more damage than J’onn and I anticipated. Some of the panels will need to be replaced.”
“Well that’s probably because I needed to destroy an asteroid to make it a meteor shower. We should go there for lunch tomorrow instead of the diner.”

“Rosanne would stop giving you that free cheesecake if she found out we skipped out on the usual place. I can get new panels, but it might take a couple days.”

“I can loop around the planet a couple times every day until we get them. And okay, that’s fair.” Clark chuckled, thinking of the older waitress that normally took his and Bruce’s order whenever the former was in Metropolis. “Well how about we go there for dinner?” He suggested albeit hopefully.

“Can’t. Charity dinner. One that you’re covering.” Bruce hummed without missing a beat. “That’s impractical even for you, Superman. There might be a way I can get them as early as tonight, might have to involve Malone though.”

“Oh. Right, day job.” His shoulder’s sagged only the slightest bit and he raised a half amused eyebrow. “Malone has those kind of connections?”

“You’d be surprised. I’ll make the arrangements for after the dinner later. If I can get them, you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting.”

“Yeah, I can do that, B.”

He has to know. Dick thought watching Bruce and Clark crowd the monitor (Batcomputer as Nightwing had mentally dubbed it) looking over the results of the tests Bruce had ran on a strange metallic object that Clark had ‘ran into’ during one of his most recent battles. Clark’s hand rested on the top of the computer chair as he leaned forward for a ‘better look at the screen’, invading Bruce’s personal space. Rather than objecting to the proximity, B didn’t even seem to notice it. Which Dick knew was bullshit since his father figure was aware of almost everything in his environment. He was sure Clark was aware of this as well.

It was a familiar routine, one that Dick could trace back to his Robin days, when Clark and Bruce first began their uneasy truce that surcame to years of true friendship. Of course, back then he hadn’t been totally aware that Superman had been flirting with his guardian. Not until Jason had taken up the Robin mantle at least. He shook his head. At this point he wasn’t sure if Bruce was toying with the other man or if this had actually managed to evade the Batman’s noticed. Which he seriously doubted. The pattern was always the same; they did some actual work for a few hours, standing or working closer to each other than strictly necessary, then Clark would bring up a movie he was thinking about seeing (this week was the new King Kong movie, go figure) or a concert or restaurant he wanted to go check out and would casually invite Bruce along, only for it to go over the Bat’s head.

The worst part was, Dick knew Bruce was interested. He knew Bruce better than the older man knew himself sometimes. They all saw the softness in his eyes when it came to Clark, the inside jokes, the way the Man of Steel could just ‘pop by’ without getting the whole ‘my city’ speech (most of the time) anymore. So it baffled the eldest child a little. He didn’t know why he toyed with the other man like that. Maybe he decided he would lose interest, maybe he had somehow convinced himself that he was somehow a danger to the indestructible man like he had most people in his life. Maybe he convinced himself that relationships themselves were too dangerous, too distracting from his work.

Maybe, Dick thought as he watched Bruce’s lips twitch a little at some corny joke Clark had made before falling back into their neutral scowl. He thinks he’s the one being toyed with.

He shook his head and headed upstairs for something to eat, ruffling Damian’s hair as he passed him on the stairs.

“Try not to be as hopeless as them when you get older, okay?” He muttered, smirking at the confused look he got as he walked away.

Clark yawned and stretched, pushing up his glasses to rub at his eyes. Alien or not, staring at his computer screen for six straight hours had done nothing good to his eyes, or his back for that matter.

“So, even Superman gets uncomfortable in cheap office chairs.” He looked up in brief panic before his brain registered the voice. The shadows of the empty bullpen seemed to naturally surround Bruce, even when his Batsuit was traded for a nice Armani one. His lips were quirked in a small, amused smile as he approached his desk as he had many times before. “The job of an investigative journalist is never done I see.”

“Unfortunately not.” Clark chuckled, leaning back in the chair to better look up at him better. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Wayne?” He asked with a bit of a teasing grin. Bruce said nothing, just studying his face with those calculating blue eyes in a way that always made Clark want to squirm. Of course, if he did, that mean Bruce won. It became a game at some point, though he couldn’t say when, one he was almost sure he wouldn’t win. There was no winning with the Bat. He had even resigned to stop his advances, forfeit the game. He was content with being friends, that would be enough for him.

Of course with Bruce, it wasn’t that simple. Because, like most things with the Bat, the moment Clark thought he was out, Bruce changed the rules. The billionaire leaned down and pressed his lips against the reporter’s, who responded to the long dreamt about kiss immediately, cradling the back of his head, afraid it would end just as suddenly. When Bruce did pull away, he was smirking.

“Come on, you owe me dinner.”

Not Alone On Your Birthday (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: Today is your birthday, and you hate your birthday ever since you were little. But Jerome has a plan up his sleeve to make you feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world. 

Pairing: Jerome X Reader

Warning: Pity Party, Murder Spree but come on it’s Jerome here!! 


Fandom: Gotham 

Season: I dunno really? 

A/N: I’m doing this because it was my birthday yay on the 18/3. And it gave me the inspiration to write something. Also I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating recently due to having a whole bunch of assessments so I might not publish a lot of imagines for a while. 

Originally posted by geekyimagines


Oh great. Today is the day you hated more than ever. The day that you just want to hide from everyone. The day you wished could just skip. Today is your birthday. 

You hated your birthday ever since you were little. You invited a whole bunch of people at your school, they told you that they were coming, but they didn’t. And you waited all day and you went all out. Like having an jumping castle, having a clown, you went all out. But no one came. 

That’s why you hate your birthday. You’re always alone on that day. 

Until one special day… 

You sit on the lounge/couch as you read an magazine of your favourite/favorite drama. You flip the page, reading an interesting article. 

“Hello gorgeous! Happy birthday!” You hear as you jump out of your seat and dropping the magazine. You turn around to see Jerome with a huge smile on his face as you see that he’s hiding something behind his back. 

You frown as you look at him with confusion and curiosity.

“What’s behind your back?” You ask him as he smiles mischievously. He walks over towards you as a dumb smile forms on his lips. 

“Something special just for you.” He said as he pulls it out behind from his back and shows you. It’s all wrapped in F/C wrapping paper and a bow places on top of it, it’s a long and shaped in a small square. 

You frown, not sure what was he thinking. You aren’t sure if you want to take it or not, well it is from Jerome anyways but this kinda scared you. 

You take the present as you look at him, feeling unsure about it. You start to unwrap the paper as you lift the lid off of it, you see rose gold tissue paper as you pull them out of the box. Your eyes then widen, you see a white and F/C gun right in front of you. You smile brightly as you look up at your boyfriend who is smiling proudly. You get up and hug him.

“Thank you.” You said.

“I knew you’d like it. Plus, it even comes in your favourite/favorite colour/color which is a bonus.” He said making you giggle. 

He lets you go as another smile plays on his lips. “I’ve gotta another surprise for you.” He said as you smile. 

“Another one?“ 

"Oh yes, something tells me you’re gonna love this. But you’ll need your first present to go with the second present." 


Jerome takes you to a shed/garage at an empty warehouse on the docks. He opens the door of the warehouse as he walks in first, still holding the door for you. He grabs your hand as he guides you.

"Now I want you to close your eyes.” He said as you follow his instructions. You close your eyes to see darkness. You couldn’t feel Jerome’s presence and you knew that he’ll be back soon. 

You hear a operation sound and you see lights forming up. You hear his footsteps coming closer as he grabs your hand and starts walking. Once he stops he lets go of your hand as you stand there. 

“Okay, now open your eyes.” He said as you did what you were told. 

You opened them to see a whole bunch of people tied up in chairs around a table. You see the pastel decorations, fairy lights, and cake. The cake is an F/F type of cake, your favourite/favorite. You smile ever as widely as you look over at Jerome. You jump and hug him. 

“OH MY GOSH! THANK YOU!” You said as you smile making Jerome smile, but not his insane smile, a cute smile. 

“You’re most welcome doll. Do you recognise any of these people?” He asked you as you frown as you look over at the people. 

You first look at a boy, he has caramel brown hair that has a Justin Bieber hairstyle. He has green eyes like the trees. You gasp as you recognise/recognize him. 

“Haha! Hello Bradley! I see that you have been growing facial hair, you wanna know what I think? It doesn’t look good on you, it makes you look like a hobo!” You said making him flinch and you smile devilishly. 

You then walk to a girl. She has long blonde hair with bright blue eyes. “Veronica. Hi! I see that you’ve let go, you’ve gotten really fat! Seriously? You’re like a 

"Oh hello James, I see that you’re still wearing them glasses. Seriously you can’t see out of them. Get a new pair! Nobody likes it when you’re trying to look like Harry Potter, get a new look!" 

"Oh and last but not least! Sarah! You still wear a tone of makeup? Like seriously, nobody likes a cake face, especially when you think you’re the prettiest of them all. GET A LIFE YOU FREAK!" 

You smirk as you walk over back to Jerome as he smiles devilishly. 

"Thank you so much Jerome! Can I kill them now?” You asked as you heard all of the people scream under their duck tape on their mouths and struggle to get out of the tape. 

Jerome laughs at them as he looks over at you. “Of course you can! That’s why I brought you that new gun of yours!” He said as you smile widely. You grab the gun from your pocket and you look over at the pathetic people that lies in front of you. 

You first look at James and shot him first, hearing everyone scream under the tape. You then shot Sarah, then Bradley and last and not least Veronica. You smile widely as you look over at Jerome.

“This gun is amazing! What can we do next?!” You ask and you look at Jerome as he hums.

“You know what, do whatever makes you happy doll.” He said as you smirk as you grab his hand and walk out of the warehouse as you did a killing spree with Jerome. 

Best birthday ever…



I call it female en-porn-ment.