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I’d forgotten how vaguely distressed and/or sceptical Ninni looks 100% of the time in-game. xD WELL I’m not fighting with the CC and plaing from the start again just to get her to look like her art self (old art here to demonstrate haha).

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Chapter 9: Idiots Abroad [ AO3 ] | [ ff.net ]

“What are those?” he asked, pointing, and Hermione turned her head.

“Airplanes,” she said. “That’s how muggles get places.”

“That’s absurd,” Draco proclaimed. “What flies them?”

“People. Engines.”

“Sounds fake,” he said, but by then they’d managed to finally reach Daisy, who was holding a sign that said ’Dramione’ on it.

“Get it?” she asked, grinning. “You know, because Draco and Hermione - ”

“Christ,” Draco muttered. “Does the entire country lack the refinement to say our entire names,” he prompted, “or is that impulse confined to you?”

Daisy shrugged, unfazed. “We don’t have all day,” she said. “Barely manage time for tea as it is.”

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Cute moment with one of the bees pregnant (Do you have any idea of how much efforts it's take to request you something else than nsfw stuff ?) ?

Yang: Blakey! *Yang called out as she lays in the couch rubbing her pregnant belly.*

Blake: *A few seconds later Blake rushes in in a panic.* What is it!? What’s wrong!? Are you okay!? Is our little girl okay!?

Yang: In reverse order, She’s fine. I’m okay. We aren’t cuddling. And lastly can we cuddle. *Yang smiled, holding out her arms to her wife.*

Blake: *Blake meanwhile lets out a sigh of relief.* Oh thank god. You had me worried there for a second.  *Blake then crawled behind Yang, wrapping her arms around her wife as Yang snuggled her back closer to her.* 

Yang: Thank you Blakey. I love you so-GASP! *Yang began as she turned her head to kiss Blake when suddenly she gasped.*

Blake: Yang? Are you alr- *Blake started with worry until Yang took her hand and placed into on her belly.* … GASP! Aaaaw.~<3 *Blake smiled with joy as she felt their daughter move inside Yang.*

Yang: I know right? She is happy for cuddle time too. *Yang beamed and began to kiss Blake after turning to face her while Blake continued to be in awe as she feels their daughter move.*

Bright Lights I

TW: Bipolar disorder, manic episodes 

AN: This a retelling of a scene in Bright Lights that shows Carrie having what she describes as a manic episode. That’s why I put most of it under the cut

“Seriously, though, you secretly want something, I know you do…” Carrie pointed at one of the camerawomen, then smiled. Her attention abruptly switched to the television in the corner of the room. “You know, I could do a pretty good Streisand…” Carrie turned her head away from the camera and sang along. “A funny girl… that’s me… I keep them in stitches… doubled in half… and though I may be all wrong for the guy… I’m good for a laugh.” She sighed and sunk deeply into the couch where she sat.

“UGH!” The violence of her exhale attracted everyone’s attention instantly. “I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas!”  

Sarah, the producer, felt uncomfortable. This wasn’t the Carrie she’d come to know as she’d filmed Bright Lights. This Carrie was different. She was high energy, like she always was, but this energy was different: it wasn’t light and fun, but rather dark and desperate.

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Fluffy G/t drabble

[I can’t sleep so here, have some sappy stuff]

Tilda was terrified of thunderstorms. She was so deeply embarrassed that her tiny girlfriend Jia Wei didn’t find out until they’d been dating 6 months.

Jia Wei came home one day, happy and relieved to be our of the rain. But she couldn’t find Tilda.

She wasn’t in their bedroom or on the couch. After yelling herself hoarse she realized that she could not expect Tilda to hear her during a thunder storm. Jia Wei couldn’t justify searching the apartment, she had to hike from one room to another. So she puller out her phone to text Tilda.

That’s when she heard a soft whimper coming from the closet.

She turned her head sharply, looking at it. Had she imagined it?.

But as the lightning flashed she heard it once more, right before the clap of thunder.

“Wei?” said the soft voice.

She hurried over to the closet. It was open just a crack. She crawled in.

And there, curled up in a corner was a enormous form covered by a sheet.

Jia Wei crawled over. She slipped under the sheet. Her girlfriend was laying on the floor in the fetal position. Her eyes were shut tight.

The lightning flashed, revealing streaks of tears that ran down Tilda’s face. She tensed up and let out a choked sob.

“Oh honey,” Jia Wei said.

Tilda opened her eyes and pulled Jia Wei close. She held her against her cheek.

“Tilda… Sweetie… It’s ok” Jia Wei said, sympathetically touching her girlfriend’s cheek. She kissed her gently, four or five times.

The relentless lightning struck again, and Tilda curled herself around Jia Wei, cringing.

They lay like that for a bit, Jia Wei gently patting her girlfriend’s cheek and whispering kindly. The weather seemed to let up a bit and Tilda let herself be soothed.

Soon she was seated upright with Jia Wei on her shoulder. They were still under the sheet in the closet, but it was a step. And Jia Wei felt incredibly proud of her partner.

“S-so now you know…” sniffed Tilda, “I’m terrified of the thunder,” then, after a beat, she said “pathetic isn’t it?”

“I get it, dude, fears are irrational and all that,” Jia Wei said. She didn’t really know what to say.

She wanted to say that she understood what it was like to be scared and that she didn’t think it was pathetic at all. She wanted to say that she just wanted her to feel better. She wanted to say that she cared about her and she was proud of her.

But the lightning struck again and she just pressed herself against Tilda’s cheek, wishes she could make it ok.

Tilda’s shoulders were shaking with sobs. And Jia Wei felt helpless and useless.

“I love you,” she whispered in Tilda’s ear, “please… Tell me what you need, tell me how I can make it better”

After a moment of cupping Jia Wei against herswlf she answered, “s-sing?”

“You want me to sing?”

Tilda just nodded.

So Jia Wei sang softly into Tilda’s ear.

“Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you”
Birds singing in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me"

Her voice was sweet and mellow. She didn’t sing perfectly, but having something to focus on was helping Tilda. She began to relax. And though she still cringed at the occasional noise, she forced herself to focus on the song.

And when the song was over, there was only silence. There were no more tears to wipe. The rain had stopped.

MFM Day 15 (I guess?): Sunshower... Sort of.

The ending was rushed WHOOPS.

Ship: Chlonath - no love square this time, baby! ;D

Rating: G/T

Word Count: 816

A/N: Yee. @miraculousfluffmonth


Chloe was impatiently sitting on the steps of the school, her car wasn’t here yet, so she was getting soaked.

She heard the school doors open and closed, she turned around with a confused expression on her face to see Nathan, holding a closed umbrella in his left hand.

Nathan see’s Chloe getting soaked in the rain and forms a small “o” with his mouth, Chloe’s cheeks turn pink and she quickly turns her head away.

Nathan lets out a sigh and sits next to her, he opens the umbrella and then holds the umbrella over her head, causing her blush to darken and her shoulders to go stiff.

“Do…Do you wanna see my drawings?” Chloe’s eyes go wide, no one ever offered her anything, and she didn’t expect anything from Nathan, a boy she’s bullied more than once.

“I don’t get it. Why are you showing something so precious to me when I’ve bullied you?” Chloe carefully observes the drawings, remembering every detail, how beautiful the eyes are drawn, how amazing the clothes are, how full the hair looks.

“A few acts of kindness can lead you down a path of greatness.” Chloe roles her eyes and Nathan lets out a laugh.

“That sounds like something ripped off of the internet!” Chloe lets out a laugh before her face turns pink again, she just realized how ugly her laughs sound.

“Ohmygoshmylaughingsoundssougly.” Chloe digs her face into her hands, and Nathan shows a warm smile.

“No, no. It’s a gorgeous laugh.” Chloe looks up and raises an eyebrow, Nathan’s cheeks turn pink and he looks away.

Nathan closes his sketchbook and lets out a sigh.

“I really was debating on walking over here, you know.” Chloe goes wide-eyed, but she understands, who would want to help a spoiled brat like her?

“I was wondering if I should leave you there, soaking wet. But I felt this urge to walk over.”

Chloe sees where this is going and her cheeks turn dark pink, she puts her hand to her chest as her hair dramatically blows in the wind.

Nathan looks straight ahead and the soaking wet road, cars passing by, he grabs Chloe’s hand and runs over to the sidewalk, keeping her close by.

Nathan closes the umbrella and sets it down on the ground, now the two both have their fair share of wetness from the rain.

“What the hell, Nathan? What are we doing here?” Chloe yells, even if she is enjoying her time with Nathan, she’s quite annoyed.

Nathan cant contain his laughter anymore, he lets it all out, Chloe’s pouty face turns to confusion, her face turns pink, she’s never seen Nathan this happy, its incredible.

“I’m-I’m sorry, its just your pouty face! Its hilarious!” Chloe’s giggles turn to laughter and there they are, laughing in the rain.

Nathan lets out a sigh and walks over to Chloe, placing his hands on her shoulders, his eyes lit up.

“Can you be honest with me?” Chloe tilts her head before nodding.

Nathan shows a warm smile, “Are you really as horrible as people say you are?”

Chloe’s eyes water, she doesn’t know what to say. No one’s ever asked her that, no one’s ever complimented her, no ones ever said they loved her. No one’s ever talked to her. No one’s ever hugged her. No one’s ever kissed her.

“I think they’re lying, to be quite honest.” Chloe lets out a quiet gasp, and she wraps her arms around Nathan’s neck and buries her face into his shoulder, her tears falling freely, she lets out a sob.

Nathan goes stiff, he doesn’t really know how to react in these situations, but it just clicks, he pushes her a bit further away, but close enough where their lips can lock together.

Nathan grabs Chloe’s chin, and they lock their lips, Chloe goes wide eyed, she didn’t expect her first kiss to be from a shy kid who liked to draw.

But screw it, he was a pretty good kisser, so she gave in.

Here they were, in the rain. Getting soaked, they didn’t care though. They were focused on each other, how they wanted to continue their kiss, how they wanted to continue this.

But the two heard a car pull up, it was her ride home.

Nathan picked up his umbrella and opened it, he held it over Chloe, he didn’t care if he got soaked, or sick, for that matter.

Chloe bites her lip and her cheeks turn pink, she takes the umbrella and immediately closes it, Nathan tilts his head in confusion. But before he can react, Chloe spins him around and pushes him into the car.

“This is our ride home now.” Chloe smirks, she jumps into the seat next to Nathan, and she rest her head on his shoulder.

And to this day, they consider that lovely day a Sunshower.

A loved one not lost but remembered. 


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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!

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prompt: alicia almost leaves bob after jacks overdose

[prompted by @eskildit, who now knows better than to send anons when she has great prompt idea <3  tw: overdose, homophobia]

The night before her son turns 13, Alicia Zimmermann pulls her husband aside and says, “Promise me you’ll let him choose for himself. If he wants to play hockey, if he wants to dance, if he wants to be a waiter, we’ll be okay with it.

Bob promises her, with all the devotion she’s come to expect, but not minutes later reminds her the NHL waits for no man, and Jack will need to start preparing for the future as soon as possible.

It was a sign of things to come, and she didn’t heed the warnings.

Jack is 14 when they diagnose him with an anxiety disorder Alicia’s never heard of. The specialist recommends reducing the level of stress in his life, maybe cutting back on unnecessary extracurriculars. He knows the family. He knows Bob. He’s being gentle.

They don’t change anything because hockey is life. Jack’s happy on the ice, unhappy off, so they take the medication instead. Just another step to Jack’s already offensively complicated routine.

“See?” Bob smiles when Jack is chosen to play for Rimouski Oceanic. “He’s going to be fine. Not like you and I didn’t need a little extra help in the beginning.”

He’s talking about Alicia’s drinking nearly twenty years prior. His own cocaine problem in the early 80s. But Jack’s not twenty and whole-hog into a career, he’s a teenager. 

She wants to protest on principle, but this isn’t her life. Bob knows this world better than she ever will, and if Jack still wants to play professionally (and he does), she needs to defer to her husband.

If this is what Jack wants, they’ll make it work.

Jack’s energetic, he’s happy, he has a friend he won’t be seen without, and Alicia watches how close Kent’s fingers are to Jack’s when they walk together. It’s not what she expected, but she’s happy he has someone. 

She’s not the only one that notices how close the boys are, and Bob turns to her in bed one night, brow furrowed, and says, “Kent Parson.”


“Are he and Jack…?”

She doesn’t say anything, just lifts a brow and gives him a considering look. 

Bob’s lips go white with how hard he’s pressing them together. “That’s not going to be easy, for either of them.”

“If it makes him happy,” she argues, and Bob hums in agreement. That should have been the end of it. But something happens, and she’s not there to stop it. 

The night before Jack overdoses and his career goes up in flames, the Zimmermann household is in ruins for an entirely different reason.

“Jesus Christ, Robert, I’m supposed to be a goddamn activist, if this gets out —”

“I don’t have a problem with gay people —”

“Don’t lie to me!” Alicia slams her hand on the table, nearly shaking with anger. “You told him to hide.”

“I told him to be discreet. Do you think I’m doing this for me? I’m getting calls day and night from teams wanting to know if the rumors are true. I was trying to be proactive! He can’t be–”

“What? Gay? That’s what you’re worried about? Maybe we can engrave that on the back of my GLAAD award: ‘For excellence in telling your child to hide their sexuality until they retire’. So everyone can know how fucking supportive we are. Does he think I feel the same way you do?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember,”

My God, I can’t even look at you right now. You’re going to fix this. I don’t know how, but you’re going to make this right.”

Of course, then they find Jack unresponsive on the floor with a half empty bottle of medication and they don’t immediately know it was an accident. 

For about twelve hours, while Jack’s condition is still unstable, Alicia very seriously considers killing her husband. 

They’re red-eyed and exhausted in the waiting room when the doctor on call says they need to pray for a miracle. She stares at a stain on the carpet for a long moment, hands clasped, but she’s not praying. Bob makes some kind of sound, a hitching breath that isn’t quite crying, and she turns her head to watch him fidget. 

“Robert, look at me,” she says softly, deceptively kind, and when she has his attention, and with more hatred than she ever thought she could possibly feel, she says, “You did this. And I swear to you, if my son dies tonight, I’ll leave.”

She doesn’t wait for him to answer, doesn’t even wait to see the expression on his face. She collects her purse and stands, stretching her legs and heads to the vending machines.

She buys a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Tropical Skittles.

Jack lives. 

Alicia stays.

But she moves her GLAAD award to the trophy room. Settles it right beside Bob’s Hall of Fame plaque. 

Because she will never let him forget.


Crimson Peak (deleted scene) | ‘Lucille at the piano’


Kara and Lena have dance parties to NSYNC in Kara’s apartment when they both have bad days. Dance parties were never really something Kara did on her own. But after coming home in a bad mood to be met with Lena also in a bad mood, it only took one or two fights before Kara grabbed a CD off her shelf and aggressively shoved it into the stereo saying she knew what would make them feel better. Because really who can keep yelling each other when NSYNC’s Its Gonna Be Me is playing at full volume in the background. 

It takes almost the full song of Kara jumping around and singing before Lena can feel herself start to crack. It is when Kara puts on Bye Bye Bye and points to herself in beat with the chorus that Lena starts to laugh and allows Kara to spin them around the living room. Neither of them able to hear the pounding on the door. 

Maggie leans on the wall next to the door, her boot against the wall next to her knee, having finally given up telling Alex that they are busy and can’t hear them. But Alex is worried after the day Kara had so Maggie waits patiently as Alex digs around for the spare key to the apartment and unlocks the door grumbling about what the hell they could be listening to so loud they can’t hear the door.

It’s not the song the shocks Alex, she remembers it well after listening to it on repeat for so many years through the walls of her parent’s house. It is Lena jumping up and down, and banging her head, hair loose, in time to the lyrics  that stops Alex a few steps into the apartment. Kara and Lena both stop dancing, faces flushed, their argument long forgotten, and stare back at a wide eyed Alex and a grinning Maggie. 
“We’ve been knocking for five minutes and this is what you are doing?!?!” Alex yells as the next song starts. “And NSYNC! Really?! I expect this from you Kara. But you Lena!” Alex points accusingly. “I really expected better!” 

Lena’s face flushes brighter as she and Kara exchange looks and burst out laughing. “Oh come on Alex!” Kara yells back as she starts dancing closer to her sister. 

“Don’t you dare! KARA!” Alex yells taking a step back. Kara’s attention turning to Maggie her eyes widening. “YOU! You are tapping your toes!” It comes out more as a sequel as she points at Maggie’s foot. Alex’s mouth falling open as she looks to Maggie her eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.” Maggie shrugs, her face guilty as Kara pulls Maggie into her and Lena and turns the stereo up even louder. “Traitor!!” Alex hollers trying not to smile as she crosses her arm watching the three girls jump around in a crazy mess occasionally freezing in unison to sing a line into the invisible mics in their hands. 

Wynonna finds out about WayHaught: Internal Monologue
  • Wynonna: Wait
  • Wynonna: Wait one second
  • Wynonna: Waverly and Nicole are...
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: DATING?!?!?!?!
  • Wynonna: SINCE WHEN?!?!?!
  • Wynonna: Wait...
  • Wynonna: Is that what Waverly meant by the 'chicks' thing?
  • Wynonna: Is that why I always hear moaning when they have sleepovers now?
  • Wynonna: Shit, what do I say now, though?
  • Wynonna: Do I congratulate Nicole on the sex?
  • Wynonna: Do I give her the 'I'll-kick-your-ass-if-you-ever-hurt-her' talk?
  • Wynonna: Nah, Nicole wouldn't hurt her.
  • Wynonna: Wow, they are disgustingly cute.
  • Wynonna: Get a room, you two!
  • Wynonna: Wait, no! Don't get a room!
  • Wynonna: We have to go!
  • Wynonna: You can do...that...later.
  • Wynonna: Damn, I cannot wait to tell Dolls.
  • Wynonna: Wait...
  • Wynonna: DID DOLLS KNOW?!?!
  • Wynonna: That son of a bitch
  • Wynonna: I'm not kissing him ANYMORE
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: Okay, that's a lie
  • Wynonna: I'll still kiss him...
  • Wynonna: But I won't enjoy it.
  • Wynonna:
  • Wynonna: Okay, that's another lie.