turn down for whet

GOT7 reaction to them overhearing their mother asking you about marrying them.

brknfaerie said:
asking their girlfriend as in jbs mom asking jbs girlfriend if she wants to marry jb 

I love this request! Sorry I lost the original one :P lesson learnt! 
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You were having dinner with JB’s parents, it wasn’t uncommon, actually you did it every month or so. But this time it was a little bizarre, JB’s mum didn’t stop smiling at you for a second, even as she was eating.
After eating you helped take all the dishes to the kitchen like always, but as you placed the dishes down, JB’s mum turns and asks whet hers you’ve ever thought about marrying him. Naturally you had, but you’d never told JB this. But you didn’t have to, he heard everything as he stood at the kitchen door and he loved it! 

He turned back to his dad grinning ear to ear. Should he start planning now?


You rarely got to see Mark’s parents in the states, it was always a little chat on Skype with Mark when he was free. But today you got to see them as they met you in the hotel lobby. It was the first time but it still felt a little new. Mark’s mum quickly went to your side, as always pleased to see you. You to walk off towards the taxis like best friends. Once a fair amount of distance was between you and the boys, she asked about how serious your relationship was. You told her that you were at the point of considering marriage, she was over the moon. But little did you two know was that mark had caught up to you, and heard every word.
Instantly he was happier than his mum, a little shocked to hear you say it, and so shy he stops in his tracks.

You turn and notice him there. He pretends like nothings happened.


You and Jackson surprise his parents back in China. You’d only met them for a total of a few hours. But going to see them together was something that Jackson just had to do. You had to meet them properly, in their house. After all the pleasantries and a light lunch, his mother sat with you discussing everything, even down to his eating habits, as him, his father and brother played sports outside. She suddenly changed the topic to marriage, and you explained now that now you had the chance to meet them properly, it seemed like a step in that direction. The next thing you know… Jackson screaming his head off as he stood at the doorway.

He came in for water but this was so much better.


You and Jinyoung’s parents were sitting among the crowd at the Idol Star Athletics Competition. It wasn’t uncommon for you to group up and watch jinyoung preform, you went to concerts and other big events. Every now and then Jinyoung would look up at you to make sure you was ok.

His parents knew how close you were after years of being together. But seeing him care so much for you made his mother wonder, so when she ask you of course said it had been on your mind.
Jinyoung just had to be on the phone to his dad, that was sitting next to you, and ended up hearing everything, as did the rest of the team.

Yugyeom: “who’s going to be a husband soon?”


All of the members and their loved ones had decide to go out and eat, a treat for the boys triple crown! The conversation was moving fast between the mix of people, when suddenly Youngjae’s mum turns to you and asks about the two of you. No one thinks twice about it, it’s a general question. But of course Youngjae is waiting to see where this conversation is going.

One by one people turn attention to the quiet mumbling between you and his mother. When you said that marriage had crossed your mind a few times, the table turns into a mix a reactions, including Youngjae, who’s surprised but then tries to play it off as a reaction to what BamBam had just said.


It was a night of celebration, and the members had decided to cook. All the families had gathered and even though the mothers insisted on helping, the boys were determined to cook everything! It wasn’t going well obvious with all the shouting coming from the kitchen.

BamBam walks into the front room to ask for some help when he hears the mention of the word marriage, and quickly realises its you and his mum talking. when he then sees you nodding vigorously he walks up behind you, with a smug look on his face, and says nothing more than

BamBam: “I knew that today was a lucky day.”


It was Yugyeom’s Birthday today but he couldn’t celebrate because it was a day of being moved from photo shoot to photo shoot with no rest. But thankfully this was the last one. You had decided to surprise him by turning up at the shoot with his parents. When he saw everyone standing behind the photographer with a giant banner, he could stop smiling!

It was still a while till his part was over so you went and sat down with his parents and started talking about the future and then marriage was brought up, you was a little surprised, the two of you was still young but it has still been on your mind. But little did you know, Yugyeom was standing right behind your seat gesturing to his parents not to say he was there. Even though he was excited a moment ago when he saw everyone, he was even more excited now, but he couldn’t blow his cover.

Generally the reaction to when the boys find out. ^_^

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The Signs as Annoying Songs
  • Aries: iiiim about to whoop somebodys assss
  • Gemini: we're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship soaring THROUGH the SKY
  • Leo: nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom
  • Libra: heres a llama theres a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama fluffy llama
  • Capricorn: TURN DOWN FOR WHET
  • Aquarius: motherfucker im awesome (no ur not dude dont lie)