turn down for what

Endless solitude.
What is sound but the movement of atoms?
The whirling and beeping of machinery is nothing more than that.
Time plus anything will always equal acclimatization.
Acclimatization equals… gradual recession.
The cessation to exist.
If an astronaut screams for help in an remote, abandoned space station
and no one can hear them, do they make a sound?
Do they even exist?
…no. I cannot-
Begin again.
A woman stands alone amongst a field of wheat.
There is nothing but silence
and the breeze of wind.
It is cool to the touch.
It whirrs softly around her.
Past her.
She pays it no mind.
She stares vacantly up at the blue sky.
Is she searching for meaning, purpose?
Is she questioning her existence?
What is she thinking?
Who is she?
Is she-
Error. Logic Paradox.
It has been said that the best way to work through
an existential crisis is to–
Error. There is no definitive treatment for an existential crisis
in our medical databank.
Suggestion: Listen to calming music.
Loading audio file properly suited for this particular human circumstance.
Audio file loaded.
Sol cycle is completed.
Execute Audio file.
Action: Play.
Lunar cycle will now begin.
Goodnight, Judith.

anonymous asked:

*slides a tray of edible dark chocolate filled cookie parcels towards you* Could you tell me about space?

John’s not incredibly fond of sweet things… but dark chocolate is something rather special. Still he might leave these in the living room to share with his brothers, after all: kindness is exemplified when passed on.

“I’m always happy to lecture about space.” He says, “Bribery non-withstanding.” Not that he’d ever turn them down. “What would you like to know about space?”

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More parent!sanzedrine. More of them trying to figure out what to do because they keep getting turned down by adoption agencies. More of them persisting after about two years and they finally get their wish. More of them meeting their little babies, a boy and a girl, and Sandman bursting into tears because he's never thought he'd make it this far. More of them having domestic debates about who's turn it is to change the diaper or feed them or calm them down at night. 1/2

More of the children learning to accept Sandman’s shadows and what to do when they cover his neck. More of the kids helping their dads cook dinner. More of Benzedrine being proud of his babies for standing up for Sandman when he’s talked down upon by other kids. More babysits from Horseshoe and Donnie and then having no idea how to handle them. More of them being just the greatest family and Sandman falling asleep with everybody he loves in the same room, glad he chose to stay alive. 2/2 💕

awwwww fuck this is pure and good, they r so happy awwww


After 4 hours of sitting in a chair and being caked in make-up… you gotta shake it off. 

Watch the official video for “Emperor’s New Clothes” here.