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Requested Otayuri prompt

Prompt: “Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“
Pairing: Otayuri
Warnings: Yuri’s bratty mouth, hurt/comfort, sfw
Word count: 1,756

Another season, another year. Another competition in another city and a new gold medal hanging around his neck. It’s so new that his name isn’t even engraved on its backside yet. It weights against Yuri’s chest like he was born to win it, reflects the golden shimmer from his hair like they are one. Meant to be.

Yuri is proud, satisfied. The hunger inside him gone for the moment because all his efforts, all his hard work paid off. He’s no longer the Russian Fairy, the wonder child, the next Viktor Nikiforov. He’s Yuri Plisetsky - the ice tiger of Russia and his stripes are golden. The world knows that by now.

And everyone wants a piece of him. Including the press.

Yuri just turned 18. He’s blond and handsome, tall and athletic. His eyes are the colour of the stormy sea on a sunny day and his mysterious charisma is sexy and unpredictable.
At least that is the kinda bullshit they write in teen-magazines about him after they slapped his moody face on the front cover. Pissed of and rude is apparently the new interesting and desirable.
Which is only one of the reasons why Yuri hates dealing with the media.
Of cause he’s also grateful for the opportunities it gets him: Brand deals, sponsoring, advertising and modeling - a shit ton of money he can send home to his grandpa and spend on whatever the fuck he wants.

It’s the interviews he dreads. The personal stuff he can’t deal with.

He isn’t like Viktor. Viktor can happily chat with the media for hours without revealing the tiniest bit of his private life if he doesn’t want to. He can endlessly chatter and has everyone giggling and nodding in agreement. He’s a master of distraction and in the end half the spread is about Makkachin and every poodle in Russia gets adopted.

He isn’t like Chris who turns the tables around and makes the press-people blush and stutter. He can’t charm and flirt his way through every interview, making everyone drool until they forgot their original question.

And he certainly isn’t like Otabek who always keeps a pokerface, no matter how intrusive and rude the questions get. He couldn’t keep calm and cool like him. Otabek simply told the people if it was none of their business, that he wanted to protect his privacy. In a polite way of cause.

No, Yuri isn’t like them but he tries to be better. Tries to not snap and curse, to not throw a tamper tantrum anymore whenever he’s pissed of. He tries to act like a professional or like a grown up at least.

He still grits his teeth as the lady in the chair across from him asks one personal question after another. She’s not interested in his training or diet, doesn’t want to know what his next goals are and how he will surpass his own achievements. No, she’s very intrusive.
Yuri takes a deep breath, feels the medal move against his sternum. He can’t stand her, from her bright pink lipstick that stick to her teeth to her fake laugh, the look in her eyes reminds him of a shark he saw in a horror movie a while ago.

The journalist asks about Viktor and Yuri’s private life, which triggers something similar to protection inside of Yuri. She asks if he ever had a crush on Mila or maybe one of the hockey players at his home-rink. He huffs. She asks about his relationship with Otabek and wiggles her drawn-on eyebrows, looking over her shoulder at Otabek who is leaning against the wall just a few feet away from him. He’s playing with his phone while waiting for Yuri to finish up so they can go and grab something to eat.

Yuri glares at her, it’s getting harder for him to act like he doesn’t despite her and her cheep perfume that starts to hurt his head. But still, he tries to stay calm, grinding his fingers painfully into the armrest of his chair and giving her vague answers that she doesn’t want to hear.

Then she goes one step too far. "Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“

Yuri’s blood runs cold. No. „Next question.“ He hisses out but now her eyes are gleaming and she won’t let die topic slide. Hot angers starts forming inside Yuri’s stomach at every new question she fires at him that is relating to his family. She wants to be the one to write the reveal of the Plisetsky-family-secret so, so badly.

She’s gonna be disappointed because Yuri is no idiot. He’s been skating alongside superstar Viktor Nikiforov for half his life, was a child prodigy to his home country that grew into another Russian athletic legend, he’s used to press and media. To be constantly watched and photographed.
His first kiss with a random girl was on the front cover of every Russian newspaper hours after it happened. The internet knows how much his cloths cost, which club he leaves with who and how he drinks his coffee. There are theories and gossip about his parents but he has never said anything to anyone besides Yakov and Viktor, Yuri doesn’t know if anyone guessed right yet.

The reporter doesn’t get her scandal story because Yuri snaps 20 seconds after she asked the question. Will your parents be proud of your gold medal? It’s echoing through his ears. What follows isn’t pretty. Yuri screams and says some ugly things, kicks his chair over and pours a cup of coffee over the notes the journalist had scribbled down during her interrogation. It’s probably all gossip and conspiracy theories anyways, this has nothing to do with figure skating!

Then Yuri storms out, his eyes starting to burn dangerously. Otabek follows after him, having watched his outburst.

He finds Yuri back at the ice-rink, sitting on the bleachers that are completely empty by now. They are alone, spare for a janitor that cleans up at the other side of the rink. Yuri has managed to swallow his tears but his expression is still grim, jaw clenched tightly. Otabek sits down next to him.

„I’m sorry you had to see that.“ Yuri says bitterly, not looking at him but staring at the ice.

„I’ve seen worse from you.“ Otabek shrugs and it’s true. Not that it bothers him, that’s what best friends are for. Right?

Yuri doesn’t laugh like Otabek had hoped. „That Bitch asked about my parents. If they’re proud of me.“ His voice is stained.

Otabek and Yuri are as close as they can get without becoming the updated version of Viktor and Katsudon and yet, Yuri had never mentioned his parents once to Otabek.

„I’m sorry.“ Otabek says honestly, not knowing what else to say.

„She wouldn’t stop prodding.“

„You don’t have to explain yourself, Yuri. Not to me.“

Finally he looks at him, his eyes full of anger and pain. „Don’t you want to know?“ He asks, almost as if he’s daring him.

Have I ever asked for more than you were willing to give? Instead Otabek answers: „I’ll listen if you wanna tell me, if you don’t then I won’t push you, Yura.“

Yuri swallows and looks like he struggles. Then he grabs Otabek’s wrist and unclasps the leather bracelet he gave him for his last birthday. He plays with it and doesn’t look at him when he starts talking.

„People think that there must be one big secret or scandal involving my family. That something tragic happened but the truth is much more sobering and uninteresting. I suppose it wouldn’t even make a good story or headline. Truth is that my father is an asshole and my mother a coward. I’m nothing like my Dad, he’s a big bulky Russian man with knuckle tattoos and a beer-belly. He’s very closed-minded and ignorant but my mother worshipped him for whatever reason. You can imagine his disappointment and disapproval when his only son turned into a prima ballerina, dancing around in glittery costumes and leaning alongside Viktor - king of the gays and shame to mother Russia - Nikiforov.
He practically disowned me. Now, I don’t know if my mother agreed with him or was simply scared of him, hell, I don’t even know if she wanted me in the first place.
I can’t remember either of them ever being very loving towards me or encouraging me. Fact is that they simply didn’t want me, they dropped me like a hot Pirozhki and left it to my grandpa to raise me. I can remember that my grandpa fought a lot with one of them on the phone but he couldn’t change their minds. I haven’t seen them in years. I thought they would come crawling back once I gained attention and made some money but nothing. I should be grateful that they are leaving me alone because no one needs people like that in their life but still … even now I’m not good enough.“ Yuri sniffs, angry that he still cares. Sad that he didn’t even had the chance to prove himself before they decided that he wasn’t worth sticking around for. „I don’t know if they keep an eye on me or even know what I’m doing but I know that they wouldn’t be proud, Beka. They don’t even care.“ His voice is small when he finally looks back up at Otabek and his eyes are wet.

„They are missing out, Yura. They threw away gold.“ Otabek says and doesn’t mean the medal and Yuri knows that, it causes his tears to silently fall from his lashes.

„I hate that sappy shit, Beka.“ Yuri says weakly.

Otabek ignores him. „You don’t need them. I’m proud of you instead. Your coaches are proud. Your skating family and rink mates are proud, so are your fans and thousand of strangers. Fuck them.“ He swears and wipes Yuri’s tears away.

This time Yuri does laugh because Otabek almost never swears and it’s delightful. „Yeah fuck them.“ He repeats and puts Otabek’s bracelet back onto his wrist. „I’m the motherfucking ice tiger and everyone wants a piece of me.“

„Do you know what I want a piece of?“ Otabek asks with mirth and Yuri shakes his head. „I want a piece of pizza. I’m starving.“

Yuri’s eyes go wide and the idea of the forbidden fast-food immediately cheers him up further. „Pizza.“ He moans and Otabek laughs.

„Come on then, golden boy. It’s my treat.“

Predatory Instincts

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Can u plzz do like a hybrid au, with either jimin. The plot is also up to u. And i luv ur works btw thank uuu. ❤❤ (same request as jungkook shifter)

Excerpt: ‘“I’m sure you can go faster than that tiger,” you looked over at him in interest, as he tapped your speed button a few times until you were running just a bit slower than him. You face lit up in a smile, for a small shifter he was confident and you wanted to run your hands through that silky soft hair and down his-‘

Genre: fluff

Length: 1.1k

A/N: if you want more shifter au, of this chapter or a different member leave a message! I have a good idea what shifter type they are already so don’t worry about specifying!

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When you walked into the gym, you had watched with amusement as prey shifters flinched, a few rabbit ears popping out and others freezing, their muscles stiffening as their wide eyes looked at you. It wasn’t an unusual reaction; being a mixture of lion and tiger you had long since become used to the scrunching of noses as they picked up your scent.

Even so, you looked over in interest at the boy on the running machine, he seemed to be the only shifters to not humour you with a reaction and even if he was a predator you knew he would have at least looked over in interest.

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (3/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Sexual content and swearing

A/N: Hey I’m sorry there’s not much happening in this chapter but it’s a sizeable chunk now so I thought I’d post it out to you! I hope it’s not too boring for you?

Also, I know I need a masterlist for this - hopefully it’s done for the next chapter…


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You marched toward your old bedroom – it was high time you cleared this up because how could Bucky be so casual about all this, yet you found it so antagonising? Why did it seem like a punishment to you, but he was casually strolling around the kitchen, smirking and flirting and being his usual ass-self? This was not fair, and you were on a mission to set things straight.

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Monsta X Reaction to: Being on a Date & Their GF Getting Surrounded by Flirtatious Men

Hello! :D Can I request a Monsta X reaction when they are on a date with their gf, they leave her to go somewhere and when they return (minutes later), about 3-5 men are flirting with her? She is confused as hell. :D Thank you!

Shownu: Rejoins you and sits for while, unsure of what to do. The guys act as if they can’t see him and he knows they must understand he’s your boyfriend. Yet why haven’t they left?

“Excuse me,” he tries to say, but they keep talking.

He clears his throat. “Excuse me. Sorry to bother you but we’re on a date so I’ll have to ask you to leave.” He’s so polite and his voice so soft, that they simply laugh at him. His take charge instincts kick in and he stands, towering over them both height and build wise. “I’ll repeat myself one more time but I won’t say this again. We’re on a date. I’d like it if you all left.”

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Wonho: Tries to use his physique to his advantage, knowing that muscles can seem intimidating. While flexing for all he’s worth, he’ll approach and ask you;

“Baby, is there a problem?”

Originally posted by thot-el

Minhyuk: He feels kind of bad for the men. Obviously, they have good taste but unfortunately for them, you’re taken. He doesn’t want to start a fight so he approaches them calmly, yet firmly tells them;

“Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt! But my girlfriend and I are busy on our date so I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Kihyun: Smol but fierce. He’ll march up, ready to Fight™ and doesn’t even let the men speak before he tells them;

“I have one thing to say … You have five seconds to get out of here. Or else I’m ringing the police. Do you know who I am? No one will believe the word of a thug over an idols. It’s in your best interest to leave right now.”

Originally posted by kihqun

Hyungwon: He’ll be immediately suspicious of them, once he sees that they’ve crowded around you. He’ll slip in beside you, giving them all a scathing smile.

“Ah, (Y/N), do you know these men? If not, they really shouldn’t be here disturbing our date, should they?” Makes smart remarks and shoots dirty looks until they decide to leave.

Originally posted by hyungvon

Jooheon: His natural facial expression can look scary so the men are immediately put off when he approaches and slings an arm over your shoulder. They make an excuse and run off. With them gone, a dimpled smile breaks out on his face.

“I’m not surprised they ran away! I was a tiger in my previous life, you know!”

Originally posted by imjooheon

I.M: His eyes look dark and murderous. But he’d rather not start a scene. Instead, he forces a smile and wraps you in his arms. “Babe, who are these guys?” If they don’t get the hint or start becoming aggressive, his words will turn harsh and he’ll drag you away.

“You were ‘keeping her busy?’ Is that a new way of saying ‘being creeps’?”

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One Jump Ahead - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 3,019

Plot: Gotta keep, one jump ahead of the explosion…

Warnings: a building is on fire? (the building’s condition in this imagine is most likely, guaranteed not accurate but I am going to keep it that way because I don’t know science and I’m going to use movie aka Hollywood logic.)

Author’s Note: Alright, so this for the song challenge for the lovely month of May. I hope you enjoy the cheesiness that lies ahead…

Also, the reader does not work at the real Oscorp. It’s just a small office I made up somewhere past Central Park. Let me live, I know it’s cheesy. And probably inaccurate, I’ve only been to New York once.

Lilly’s Imagine

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Oni (”Japanese Ogres”)

Oni are one of the many kinds of Yokai found exclusively in Japan, and a relative to the common troll. (Most true trolls are of the genus “trollificus”, Oni are of the genus “brutruis”).

Unlike western trolls, Oni are far more humanoid in shape and stature, and are one of the only species within their taxonomic family to consistently wear clothing. Like most Yokai, they for the most part dress as one would in the Edo period, with rare exceptions. Most Oni tend to wear pieces of tiger pelt on them. It’s believed that they still interact with humans, though on a much lesser scale than they did generations ago.


  • Oni are one of those rare kinds of “trolls” that can be in sunlight without immediately turning to stone. However, prolonged exposure will kill them, and they are extremely prone to sunburn.
  • Facial markings and dark circles around the eyes are consistent across all Oni. Given Oni hide is much less stony than western troll hide, the process of theses chiseled tattoos is more impressive
  • Staining and bleaching of the hide, usually on the face, is common among warriors and lorekeepers, usually to add to a fearsome appearance, or a dedication to their craft.
  • Oni can be hot tempered, and are not against eating trespassing humans. They’ve done so for centuries, why stop now?
  • An Oni’s height ranges anywhere from five to ten+ feet

Another long post! But I’ve slowly been going through species of “trolls” that would fit within the Trollhunters universe. While Oni are an established thing IRL, there’s some overlap between them and Trolls that would make them a good fit for the world of Trollhunters!

Rayas de Tigre

Tony Padilla x Clay Jensen

Words: 1,845 or something lol

A/N: I know I´m not the greatest writer but I needed to do this :)

Clay has observed that there is a really scary beast crawling in the well-formed body of his dear friend –Skye has told him more than once that it is pretty normal if you live in the kind of place that the latino boy does, however the light eyed boy knows that there is something underneath-. (Maybe is his anxiety talking but Clay can’t control the overwhelming feeling of worry that pokes his ribs every single time he sees Tony absentmindedly rubbing his side.)

The thing that has been bothering him was the tanned skin of the mustang boy. His skin is smooth in almost every single place, yet, at the bottom of his back, there are some rough edges where his scars lay. And Clay has always wanted to touch them. (Always as in “a month ago”)

Not in a sexual or romantic way, of course not. They had been friends since forever, or what Clay thought it was forever.

He just simply felt like tracing those rough lines and pressing hard the tips of his fingers to make them go away, nothing else.

At first it wasn’t so hard to bear, he was too occupied by Hannah and her tapes to take notice or care about those evident marks, however when he finally snapped out of the horrific tapes, the knot in his throat unconsciously tightened whenever he had the chance to gaze at the back of his mate. (Brad noticed how Clay gulped and stood as far from the latino as he could manage after a few days, fortunately he had the decency to question what was wrong before punching him in a “brotherly” way on the left arm and “calming” him saying he had Tony protected from everything. That didn’t help.)

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Kissing Contest

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 1,000 
Note: Basically I saw ^^^ and ended up writing this in about an hour. I changed it a bit, but I think it came out okay? This is kinda collage Mendes, so woo! 
Also, if someone can send me that photo of Shawn in glasses and blue shirt, pls do so! I’ve been trying to find it for at least 10 minutes :D 

“Who’s ready for some kissing!” Some guy standing on a picnic table yelled through a megaphone. The crowed of students cheered loudly, all seeming way too excited for this stupid contest.

“The rules are simple! We start on the dong! Whoever can smooch the longest gets a one week couple’s holiday!” A chorus of oooo’s spread around the group. One of my friends rolled her eyes and mimicked the sound, making me laugh,

“Just remember lips only! And only couples are permitted!” Megaphone guy turned to a very red-faced guy at the front of the crowed, giving him a knowing look. Red-face stumbled back, trying to escape from the taunting laughter of his friends.  

“Can I get some music please!” After a few seconds of minor technical difficulties and some muffled words, the intro to Eye of the Tiger blasted out through some Iphone dock someone must have brought along. Okay, this shit was getting way too cheesy now.

“How can you sit and watch this?” I asked the friend who managed to talk me into coming along. While I didn’t attend this school, a lot of my friends did, so it was unusual for me to get dragged to things like Halloween parties, or random beer chugging festivals like that one time.

“Don’t worry, it gets better.” She had to yell over the music to be heard, “Last year this one girl went nuts because her boyfriend was making out with some other girl. They won though, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

I flashed her a look as if to ask ‘why the hell am I friends with you?’, but she didn’t seem to notice as the crowed began counting down.


The group broke up as people rushed around trying to find significant others, or just random people to make out with.


Standing up, I quickly began collecting my things, hoping to escape before it was too late.


Shoving my notebook in my backpack, I shouted a ‘see you later’ to my friends who all looked a bit disappointed that I was leaving so soon. One even grabbed my arm, trying to slow me down.


Laughing, I managed to free my arm and waved them bye as I began rushing down the path.


I weaved in and out of the crowed, almost hitting into a couple who seemed to be getting a head start.


Someone called my name. At first I thought it was one of my friends running after me because I forgot something. But when I turned around I was met with a very handsome guy running towards me. He looked vaguely familiar, and he was wearing a burgundy sweatshirt with the universities initials on it, so the fact that he knew my name wasn’t all that creepy.


He was suddenly stood in front of me.

“Kiss me.” He breathed out through pants. I knew his voice from somewhere. Then it clicked. His name was Shawn…Something. He worked at the coffee shop me and my friends sometimes go to study in. He would always smile when I walked in, Well, he seemed like the kind of person to smile at anyone, but he always gives me a slightly bigger piece of brownie, so that’s got to count for something.  


My heart began pounding at a thousand miles an hour. I stared at him with wide eyes as I tried to process what he just said, “Wait, what?”


“Will you kiss me?” He asked again, jumping from foot to foot, pushing his glasses up his nose as he anxiously awaited my answer. And while this probably wasn’t the time to admit it, but it was cute.


Although I knew I could say no, I panicked and nodded my head.

A loud gong echoed through the air. Dropping our backpacks, Shawn was quick to close the distance between us, his hands grabbing my face softly as he pulled me cover to meet his lips. Things were very awkward at first. We didn’t know which direction to turn out heads, so our noses were constantly bumping into each other. Then his glasses kept getting in the way. And I didn’t know what to do with my hands, leaving them dangling at my side for a good few minutes until I finally placed them on his waist, gripping onto his jumper a bit too tightly.

But damn this boy had great lips. They were just so soft and plushy, and I don’t know what he did to them, but they were sort of sweet. It was like kissing a marshmallow and I was totally 100% okay with that.

We managed to sneak a quick break so Shawn could take off his bloody glasses off, shoving them in his back pocket. But then we were back together, just as Megaphone guy walked by, staring us down. The dude turned to me and winked, and I tried to stay focused on the guy I was sucking faces with, but the smile he was wearing was way too big for my liking.

“Fucking creep.” Shawn mumbled under his breath, just loud enough so I could hear, wrapping his arms around my waist tighter. The dude soon moved alone, probably going to find a more interesting couple to stare at.

The kiss started to drag on, feeling more like hours since we started. At some point the couple next to use must have got caught out, and I was trying so hard not to laugh at their stupid argument.

I broke when the girl next to us mentioned something about her boyfriend reading gay smut. This time our break was a lot more noticeable, catching the attention of one of the other judges and I knew we were out once and for all.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologised, still trying to reign in my giggles. The couple shot me a dirty look before the girl huffed and stomped away, the guy chancing after her.

Shawn smiled down at me, his lips all red and puffy from the kiss, “It’s okay. I didn’t really care about the prize anyway.”

Okay, now I was even more confused, “Then why did you ask me to kiss you?”

His face burned a bright red as he looked down at his shoes, “I thought it would be a good way of asking you out.”

God, he was cute.

Leaning up, I pressed a kiss against his hot cheek.

“So, want to go get some coffee?”

Caught Off Guard

Warnings/Triggers: None

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: I had this idea quite awhile ago, and I just got to writing it. So here it goes, enjoy?


A few weeks had passed since Bucky’s arrival at the Avengers tower. He was quiet. Soft spoken. Always seemed to be thinking. You’d had a few conversations with him. Mostly how he was doing, what he wanted to eat, if he wanted to go on a run with you, that sort of stuff. You worked as a technician in the lab with Tony and Bruce. Bucky had been down there several times to have his metal arm rerouted and checked on, which you found absolutely fascinating. How it whirred, the soft electric hum of it was mesmerizing to you.

Everyone besides Tony and Bruce who were hard at work, were in the main living space while you, Wanda and Sam were in the kitchen cooking away. The music was blaring and you swayed your hips to the beat. You had flour swiped across your cheek, your hair plopped into a messy bun as you made pizza’s, when you realized Queen was playing and you jumped in excitement.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, turn up the volume!” You practically squealed and sung along, dancing in the kitchen.

Tonight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world is turning inside out, yeah!
I’m floating around in ecstasy…

Bucky, who was sitting on the couch watched, completely infatuated with you. The way you laughed and danced so carelessly. He couldn’t help the smile from tugging on his lips as he watched you, your hips and body moving effortlessly, gracefully.

“I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger defying the laws of gravity!” You sung, a giggle following, not able to wipe the bright smile off your face and Sam twirled you around.

Sam laughed as you danced, bumping your hips with Wanda’s. “Nice moves girls.” He rolled his eyes.

“Oh shush, you love them!” Wanda giggled.

I’m a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva!
I’m gonna go go go there’s no stopping me!

You spotted Bucky across the room looking over and you walked over there. “Hey, you. Wanna join? You can make your own pizza!” You smiled down at him, offering for him to take your hand.  

Bucky hesitated for a moment, but he couldn’t resist your adorable and persuasive smile. “Sure, Y/N. I’d love to.”

The song played through and you softly sang to it and helped Buck with his pizza. There were times you’d say something to him and it was like he was in a trance staring at you, making a blush spread on your cheeks. You had always found him attractive…okay, okay, the word “attractive” didn’t even do him justice. He was gorgeous. His thick hair made you jealous, those full pouty lips. Damn, so perfect. Everything, not to mention that body. But underneath it all he was sweet, gentle despite what he was made out to be.

You cleared your throat, trying to ignore the heat across your face. “What toppings would you like?”

Bucky smiled to himself when he saw the redness creep up on your cheeks. He looked down at all the small dishes of options when he stuck with something simple and familiar. “Hmm….pepperoni? And those.” He added, pointing to the black olives.

“Pepperoni and olives it is then!” You said in a declaring and goofy voice making yourself laugh. You tossed pepperoni’s onto Bucky’s pizza when F.R.I.D.A.Y suddenly spoke telling you all that Tony wanted you guys to check out an enhancement he made on one of his suits. You all simultaneously groaned, knowing he wouldn’t stop talking once he got started.

“Seriously? Again?” Nat griped, sipping her drink.

“I’m sorry, but he insists.” F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke again.

“Well, I’m gonna stay here and clean up.” You laughed, trying to find any excuse not to go down there.

“I’ll uh…I’ll help her.” Bucky offered not wanting to go down to the lab. Nat huffed out a sigh, and the rest made their way downstairs.

“Thanks, Lord knows we always make huge messes when cooking.” You laughed, which made him smile. You mentally high fived yourself. You loved seeing him smile. It was so pure. So genuine. And so damn charming!

Once you finished wiping up the counter to throw away the small towelettes you rounded the island when you stubbed your toe on the edge corner. “Ah, shit!” You stumbled over a little, losing your balance from the stupid pain. A strong grip wrapped around you, holding your waist with a cool touch.

“Whoa, you alright, doll?” Bucky’s brow showed concern, yet he let out a small chuckle at the adorable scrunch knitted on your nose from the annoying pain that vibrated into your foot.

Bucky now, towering over you looked, absolutely irresistible. Glancing between his eyes and lips you felt the heat once again rise on your face. ‘Mhmm.”

“You’ve uh…got some flour…” he spoke quietly, his voice raspy with lust. He brought his flesh hand up to your red cheek, still holding you with his metal grip. He swiped his smooth tongue other the pad of his thumb and cleaned off the powder from your face. Pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, you sensed his reluctance to let you go.

Before you had time to realize what was happening, he connected his plump lips with your own, his tongue delicately exploring your mouth. Fireworks erupted within the both of you and kissed one another fiercely. Placing your hands on his arm to keep stable, you felt the firmness and strength of the muscles of his arm. You finally came up for air, seeing he was grinning ear to ear. He opened his mouth to say something, but froze when he heard Sam’s voice speak, dripping in sarcasm.

“Helping her clean up, huh?”

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Title: Make a Bet (Part 3 Tutor(Daugher of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony Stark’s hoping for smooth sailing during his party, even when Natasha and Clint make a bet on two of the youngest party goers.

Word Count: 2065

A/N: Okay….I love this a whole lot? I just really love this series, and I hope you do too! I even made an Instagram layout edit for it?? LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK LOL. I hope you enjoy!



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Surprise (Ch. 1)

He turns to look at Ian for an answer. Ian nods reassuringly. “Okay,” he responds.

Summary: Kash makes a surprise visit to a Gallagher/ Ball/ Milkovich bonfire in an attempt to get Ian back. Mickey decides to put an end to it, letting everyone know who he truly is and his true feelings.

Word Count: 2863

The first day of summer obviously calls for a big Gallagher bonfire, doesn’t it? It’s a tradition to throw a party for any sort of special occasion.

Fiona and Jimmy make sure everyone is getting prepared. V and Kev come early to help get out the beer, sodas, and snacks for the night. Debbie texts her so called friends to make sure they’re coming. Carl calls Little Hank. Lip makes sure he has enough weed for the night, and then calls Mandy to come over with her brothers. Then, lastly, Ian texts Mickey to make sure Mandy told them they’re all invited.

Ian taps his foot rapidly as he waits for the Milkovich family to arrive–well Mickey, to be specific. He’s used to being with him around people, but not both of their families together. Will it be like their barely even friends or will they talk to each other and be friendly? Would it be suspicious if they talk to each other throughout the whole party? Probably, Ian thinks. Would it be suspicious if they don’t talk at all? Probably, Ian thinks again.

Lip sees his younger brother fidgeting and decides to approach him. “What’s got you all worked up?”

“Nothing,” Ian replies unconvincingly.

Lip rolls his eyes and hands his cigarette to him. “The secret boy toy, otherwise known as Mickey, do something wrong?”

“Dude!” Ian barks. He scans the area making sure no one could have heard what his older brother said. “Quiet the fuck down, he’d kill you if he heard that you knew about us.” He rubs his hands over his face. “But no, I don’t know how to act with him tonight.”

Lip laughs at Ian’s response because he knows that what he said is completely true. “Are you kidding? Act normal, like you two are friends.” Lip reassures his brother. “Want a beer?”


* * *

As Ian is handing his baby brother over to Jimmy, he feels two arms wrap tightly around his waist. “Hi, fake boyfriend,” Mandy jumps to his side and kisses his cheek.

“Hi, Mands. Where are you brothers?” He looks around the yard.

She laughs. “Well the assholes didn’t think Lip would have enough weed for everyone so they stopped to get some more.” Ian nodded. “Speaking of Lip, where is my real boyfriend?” Ian points her in the direction of his brother and watches her run off.

* * *

“Raggedy Ann!” Ian hears Mickey scream and suddenly all his worries were washed away.

He chuckles. “Raggedy Ann? That’s a new one,” he says and hands Mickey a beer.

Both boys look at Iggy, Mickey’s brother, who is staring at Ian looking dumbfounded. “Did you call him Raggedy Ann because he has red hair?”

“Yes, fucktard.” Ian laughs at the two Milkovich brothers.

“Well whatever I just wanted to make sure, asswipe,” Iggy protested and Mickey rolled his eyes. “Yo, Gallagher, pass me a beer.” Ian hands him a beer, and begins staring at Fiona.

“Are you serious, Ig?”


“You’re eye fucking my sister!”

“So?” Iggy smirks. “Think Fi would like a piece of Iggy Milkovich?”

Mickey pushes his brother away while Ian scoffs. “Go get her, tiger.” Iggy smirks and makes his way over to the eldest Gallagher sibling.

Mickey turns his body to face the redheaded boy with a grin. He eyes him meticulously from head to toe. Damn, Mickey thinks to himself, he scored gold with this one. Even though happy thoughts stem from Ian, bad ones do as well. He hates how attracted to him he is, and that he can never get his mind off of him. He knows what the consequences would be of taking his secret relationship public, so he holds it in, despite the secret ambition to show Ian off to the world which is something he’d never admit.

Ian notices the way Mickey is staring at him. “Don’t do this, Mick.” He bites his lip. “You’re the one who’s making me keep it a secret.”

“What am I doing?” He says in a captivating voice.

Ian shuts his eyes. “Making me wanna touch you and shit. I’d be happy even holding your hand, how faggy is that?” Red rushes to his cheeks, a bit embarrassed of his confession, and he puts his head down.

“Super faggy,” Mickey replies. “You’re going to have to prove you’re still in charge when we sneak off later,” he smirks and walks off.

“Motherfucker,” Ian tries to calm his heart rate.

Mickey laughs and turns back. “You’re under my skin, man. I like making you squirm the way you make me squirm,” he winks, gives him the middle finger, and turns back around to join around the fire.

* * *

There were few hours of seductive glances between Ian and Mickey, screaming matches between Lip and Mandy, the hard work of Iggy trying to get with Fiona, Carl lighting things on fire, Debbie acting like an adult hooker, and stupid joking and arguments between the other people there. Eventually everyone is completely stoned and wasted.

Mickey walks over to where Lip, Mandy, and Ian are standing. “Hey, asshole,” he turns to Lip. “Hey, bitch,” he turns to his sister. “Hey, Gallagher,” he turns to Ian. He’s so drunk he can barely even stand straight.

“Mickey!” Mandy squeals. “Why do you never call Ian anything offensive? You guys must be best friends.” She smiles, barely even realizing what’s going on around her.

Lip snorts. “The bestest of friends.” He gets an evil glare from Mickey and Ian, so he immediately hides his laugh.

Eventually Mickey’s brother, Colin and the Gallagher’s neighbor, Kev come join the mindless conversations they’re having. They’re smoking and drinking and laughing all night.

Out of nowhere, Jimmy yells. “Hey, Ian,” and points across the street. “Isn’t that your old boss from the Kash n Grab?” He goes stiff, and so does Mickey. Everyone looks across the street to see a dark man staring at the group.

“Kash! Get your ass over here!” Fiona yells like she knows the guy personally, which she does not.

Mickey darts his serious eyes over to Ian. He pulls the taller boy to the side. “What the fuck? You said he ran away with some other old towel headed queer!”

“He did,” Ian whispered. “Don’t try to kill him unless you need to, okay? I’ll deal with him later.”

“The fuck is he here for? How does he know where you live?” Mickey is extremely agitated at the sight of the man who shot him, sent him to juvie, and used to fuck around with Ian. The Ian thing is what pissed him off the most.

Ian scoffs. “Fuck should I know?”

“Deal with him before I do, Firecrotch. I’ll gladly shoot a bullet up his ass.”

“Give me a little bit, I’ll do it. Let me think for a second.” Ian paces back and forth. “I mean what the hell is he here for?”

Mickey shakes his head and tries to calm his anger by taking another swig of his beer. “If he pulls anything, I’m putting a stop to it.” Ian grins because he hears a high level of jealously in his secret boyfriends voice. “You hear me?”

“Yeah, Mick, I hear you.” He smirks. God, he wishes Mickey always acted so protective and jealous because it makes him ten times more attracted to the older boy.

They watch as the old boss joins in on the group of people. He first speaks to Fiona, Jimmy, Iggy, Jamie, and V. After talking to them for a little while, he goes to talk to Lip, Mandy, and Colin, making his way closer to Ian.

* * *

Kash is walking to Ian now. Mickey clenches his fist trying to hold back from attacking him, but he stays in his place with his sister, Carl, and Little Hank. He can’t help but to completely ignore the two younger boys attempts of flirting with his sister. Right now, he can only focus on Ian and Kash.

“Kash, what are you doing here?” Ian speaks cold. He makes sure he’s close enough so Mickey can hear what they are saying to each other, but he knows that is what the shorter boy is focused on right now, unlike anyone else. It’s not that he needs protection, Mickey just makes him feel safe, so he says close.

The older man smiles. “I missed you. I came to find you.”

Ian scoffs. “Moved on,” he barks. “Never really cared for ya that much.” He assumes the rudeness is a result from the intoxication.

“Ian, we were good together. Perfect, if I’m being honest.” Kash steps forward, Ian steps back. “Look, I know you’re mad that I left you–”

Ian chuckles and brings his cigarette to his mouth. “Got that wrong.”

“I’d be mad too. I came back for you, Ian. You know you will never find a guy to make you as happy as I did. No guy will make you feel as good and wanted as I did. No guy will love you like I did. I still love you. You and me, it was so easy to be togeth–” he gets interrupted by Mickey’s fist.

Everyone turns their attention to Ian, Mickey, and Kash now. “Oh shit,” Ian says under his breath. He barely had a chance to process the bullshit words that Kash was speaking, but Mickey clearly absorbed every word.

Once Kash is on the ground, Mickey grabs him by the collar. He’s fuming with anger and hatred. “Now you’re going to listen to me real fucking close, you creepy ass pedophile. Ian’s not yours, he never was. He’s mine. I’m his. I might piss him off to no end, but I also make him happier than anyone on the fucking planet. I make him feel better than you ever did,” he spits in the beaten up man’s face.

Ian cannot believe what he’s hearing come out of Mickey’s mouth, especially with everyone watching and listen. He feels a sense of pride though, knowing that Mickey gives a shit.

“Understand?” Kash nods. Everyone thinks he done speaking so they start whispering about what the fuck is going on. “But lastly,” everyone shuts up again.

Kash coughs and tries to wriggle from Mickey’s grip, so Mickey takes him by the neck and pins him into the group. “Lastly, I want to tell you that you never loved him. You know how I know? Love isn’t supposed to ‘come easy,’ asshole. It’s fucking hard, but it’s something you survive. It’s getting separated for months at a time, but still coming back like nothing ever happened. It’s years of listening to every word the other person is saying and never getting sick of it, even if you’re active like it. It’s getting caught by an evil, psychotic, and homophobic father, and getting the shit beat out of the two of you, but caring about the other person’s well-being more than your own. It’s fighting together, so let me tell you right now, it is not easy.” Ian jaw drops hearing Mickey speak. “But it’s fucking worth it. You aren’t in love with Ian Gallagher. I’m in love with Ian Gallagher. You get what I’m saying, towelhead?”

“Yes, yes, I-I understa-and.” Kash tries to breathe in Mickey’s tight grip around his neck.

Ian’s eyes are practically bulging out of his head. Did Mickey just say he loves him? In front of everyone? His heart is racing fast.

The Gallagher siblings are staring in confusion and surprise. Other than Lip, who is just shocked about how deep things ran between the two lovebirds. The Milkovich siblings and the Ball family don’t fully understand what just happened yet.

“You’re going to leave and never come back here, okay? Or I will blow your fucking brains out.” He releases Kash from under him and kicks him once before letting him run away.

Ignoring the other people staring at them, Mickey approaches Ian. He puts his hands around the back of redhead’s neck and pulls him down for a hard and passionate kiss. Once they separate, Mickey looks him in the eyes and puts their foreheads together. “Mine.”

Ian nods, his heart is still racing fast. Nothing is more attractive than a jealous Mickey Milkovich. “I love you too, ya know?” His grin widens.

“Yeah, I know, fucker.” Mickey laughs.

He turns to the crowd of shocked faces and chucks them all the finger. Feeling Ian so touch his back gives him all the confidence he needs to face the big group. “Well, my drunken confession of the night has been given away. Anyone got some stupid shit to say, come at me.” He gets ready to fight again and feels Ian prepare himself as well.

“We won’t tell dad,” Iggy steps forward.

Colin nods and steps up as well. “Only if you really love him though.”

Mickey nods. “I do.”

“Fucking unnatural,” Iggy jokes. “but you’re our brother. We got your back, man.” He gives Mickey a sideways grin.

“We got Ian’s back too,” Jamie adds, and Ian smiles as a response.

Mickey doesn’t understand why, but he’s too drained to even ask so he nods.

Suddenly, Mandy steps forward and punches Ian and Mickey hard in the arm. “This is who you’ve been fucking, Ian? You should’ve fucking told me!” Now he turns to her brother. “And you better know that when I say that if either of you hurt the other I will murder you.” The boys nod.

“You guys aren’t mad?” Ian says quizzically to the Milkovich’s.

They laugh. “We already knew you were gay, you wear it proudly. Mickey’s a fucking shock, but nah, man. Just make him happy okay?” Iggy says sincerely.

“You got it.” Ian plans on doing everything in his power to do that.

Fiona now steps forward. “So when did this start?”

Mickey puts his head down. “It’s been about three years.”

“Three years and no one knew!” V screams. Fiona and Jimmy’s mouths hang open in astonishment. Fi is actually a bit disappointed in herself for not realizing that her brother spent so much time with Mickey Milkovich.

Ian feels Mickey tense. He thinks the older boy must suddenly be realizing the severity of what he just did. He tightens his grip on the lower part of his boyfriend’s back, and Mickey eases into it as if he’s saying he won’t leave.

“Actually a few people knew. Um, well for example, the reason Kash shot Mickey was because he caught us, and Frank caught us once too.” His heart pounds knowing that so many people are hearing this. “And also, um, Terry caught us,” Ian’s voice cracks. Everyone seems to stiffen at the name of the Milkovich father.

Mickey turns to Ian quickly when he hears the voice crack and puts a hand on his cheek. “Hey, hey, we don’t got to talk about that. It’s over, we’re okay. I won’t let him get to us anymore.” He speaks softly.

“Might help me get over it if I talk about it. You know like therapy or some shit,” Ian forces a laugh. Mickey just nods and grabs Ian hand as preparation to hear the terrible story he onced lived. “We were, uhh, fucking when Terry walked in. He went batshit crazy. Started screamed and punching. I thought I was going to die, in all honesty. He pulled the gun out on me.” He pauses when he see Debbie and Fiona wince at his words. “Every time his focus would fall on me like that though, Mick got his attention and then I had to watch him beat on him, and then he pistol whipped him–it was fucking hard to see.” He pulls himself together. “Th-Then he called Svetlana to come and–to come an–”

Mickey notices Ian struggling so he takes it into his own hands. “To come and ‘fuck the faggot out of me,’ were his exact words.” He squeezed the redhead’s hand tightly.

“He made me watch as he forced rape on his son. It’s fucking twisted, man,” he chuckles dryly.

“Oh, guys, I’m so sorry.” Fiona says shakily.

Colin scoffs. “That son of a bitch.”

“Mick, you can’t come home. I’ll shoot him if I see him even glance at you. You can’t come home.” Iggy stares his brother in the eyes. Jamie mutters something in agreement.

Carl stands in front of his older sister and guardian. “Fi, let him stay here.” To Mickey’s surprise, everyone agrees with the young boy.

“They can take my bed, I’ll go back to sharing with Liam and Carl,” Lip adds. Then he looks to his girlfriend mouthing his apologies that they won’t have a room to themselves, but she shakes her head and hugs him as a thank you for trying to help her brother.

“Stay with us, Mickey,” Fiona says.

He looks around at everyone. He can’t believe people care. He doesn’t know what to do.

“Please, Mickey, don’t be so fucking stubborn for once and stay here for a while,” Mandy pleads. She wants her brother to be safe.

He turns to look at Ian for an answer. Ian nods reassuringly. “Okay,” he responds.

Sunday Morning | G.D.

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Fingering (but just a little)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

You smiled, laughing to yourself as you clicked off the tv. It was late, and this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live had just wrapped. You were curled up on the couch, wearing one of your boyfriend’s sweatshirts, and wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. In other words, you were freezing, and the idea of having to get up and walk to your bed was not appealing. And besides that, your boyfriend was still in New York, and you hated falling asleep in that big bed without him. So when your eyes started to drop closed while you were still laying there on the couch, you did nothing to stop them.


Grayson’s P.O.V.

It was pretty late at night when you got into your car after the flight back from New York, but you were too busy thinking about Y/N to pay attention to the beauty of the city at night. You hadn’t seen your baby in 4 days, and it killed you to be away from her. You wondered what she was doing right now. You guys always watched SNL on saturdays, but that would be ending right about now. You let out a long sigh, and slowly relaxed into the seat. You would get to see her in 30 minutes if you were lucky, and that seemed so far away yet so close at the same time.


It was around 1 a.m. when you finally crept back into your apartment. It was completely dark, which meant Y/N was asleep, so you tiptoed to your room and set your bags down, before frowning when you realized she was not in the bed. Just then, you heard a soft sound coming from out in the living room. It came again, seconds later. You listened carefully, and then smiled when you heard it clearly. It was Y/N, softly whining “Grayyyyy.” You walked back out, and located her easily. She was curled up on the couch, buried under a very large blanket, but she looked cold and lonely. She looked anything but happy when she whined your name again, and you walked over to her quickly, picking her up and cradling her in your arms.

“Shh, babe, I got you. I’m here, it’s okay.” You said, and she slowly relaxed into your arms, her legs wrapped tightly around you, and her head on your chest. Her eyes began to open, and she blinked sleepily before looking up at you and smiling. You leaned down, and gave her a gentle kiss, before pulling back and muttering, “Alright babe, it’s time for you to go to sleep. I’m here now, everything’s okay.”


Y/N’s P.O.V.

You woke to possibly the brightest beam of sunlight ever stretching across your face. You spent almost 2 minutes trying to hit it off your face, and then jumped slightly when you heard a sleepy chuckle coming from behind you. It was at that moment when you realized there was a muscular arm draped around your waist, and you turned around with a shriek.

“Gray!” You exclaimed in delight. You quickly straddled him, and then leaned down and peppered his face and neck with kisses. He was laughing too, his hands gripping your waist.

“Easy there, Tiger,” he said, before sitting up, and pulling you off the bed with him. You rolled your eyes, but allowed him to give you a kiss, before walking to the bathroom.


A half hour later, you were sitting on the kitchen counter in nothing other than panties and one of Gray’s shirts. He was standing a few feet away, cooking some pancakes. Pancakes were your sunday tradition, but today, even the delicious smell could not distract you from salivating over Gray’s back muscles. Like, how the heck is that even legal? Nobody’s allowed to look that good while cooking pancakes, right? You were snapped out of your thoughts when you caught Gray looking over his shoulder, smirking at you.

“You alright there Babe?” He questioned, full well knowing that the answer was no. Honestly, he was so attractive you could barely formulate an answer. He slowly made his way over to you, his smirk never wavering, until he was in between your legs, his face only inches from yours. His eyes flicked down to your lips for a split second, and when he looked back up at you, they had darkened considerably.

And then his lips were on you. This was not a light kiss like any of the ones from earlier. No, this was rough, and aggressive, and passionate. You leaned into him, and your hands found their way into his hair. He moaned lightly when you tugged on it, but it was your turn to moan when you felt his fingers creeping under the shirt and to the top of your panties, before pulled them off completely. All you got was a wicked grin in warning, and a whispered “I’m gonna make you feel so good, Babygirl,” before his fingers swiftly entered you. His thumb found your clit, and he began pumping his fingers at a quick pace, making sure to curl them just right as to hit your special spot every single time. And you sat there, moaning and writhing on the kitchen counter, as your boyfriend used his fingers, and possibly the sexiest smirk ever, to pleasure you.


“You know, if you don’t eat pancakes fully naked on your bed with your girlfriend at 1 in the afternoon, are you really doing it right?” Grayson asked. You laughed, and then leaned your head on his shoulder.

“You’re right. I think this needs to become a part of our sunday tradition,” you said. He sent you another smirk, his eyes flicking over your body stretched over the bed.

“Yep,” he said. “This definitely needs to become a thing.”

Stirrings (Denial (AKA: this is sooooo not a date prologue)


Vegeta’s fingers stilled over his laptop keys, eyes sliding to his now illuminated phone screen.

It was her, “Hey hot stuff. What you doin’? ;)”

He grunted, rubbing the tired eyelids under his glasses. Vulgar woman. Had she no shame? He’d only been working at Capsule Corp for less than six months and she was already way to friendly. Didn’t she know he had better things to do? Like, hm, save their asses from a lawsuit recently filed by a rival company? Vegeta knew he should just ignore her, go back to typing and try to not think about aqua-colored eyes and slender legs, but Bulma Briefs was persistent.

The phone buzzed again: “I have sandwiches.”

“Why do I keep doing this to myself?” Vegeta wondered as he hit the elevator button to the lab. He shouldn’t give into her. He had way more productive shit to do than entertain a spoiled heiress. The song playing over the loud speaker was some kind of grating pop music, and it did not help in quelling his agitation. Huffing, he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and leaned against the elevator wall. At least the dress code at Capsule Corp was lax. Suits were itchy.

The numbers flashing the descent of the elevator into the lower levels of Capsule Corp mocked him. Bulma’s private lab was in the basement, far away from the prying eyes of the other scientists employed here. While the “regular” people worked on mundane everyday things, Bulma’s work was top secret and hidden behind numerous keypads and doors. Every time he made the trip to the lab under her request he’d feel the increasing amount of nausea and primal surge to run as far away as he possibly could. Feelings were horrible, unnecessary things that only got in the way-

The elevator doors slid open, and there she stood, sub sandwiches in hand and beaming at him.

There was always that cliche moment in films where time stood still, the handsome protagonist locking eyes with a beautiful woman from across the room. The both of them knowing instinctively that this person would change their world forever. For Vegeta, this had happened the first time he’d ever met her.

And it only got worse every time she’d cross his path.

The air around elevator was heavy; Bulma was covered in grease, long blue hair piled on top of her head and held in place with a pen. Her lab coat was stained and open revealing a black tank top and blue denim shorts. She was a vision, the perfect woman…

Which is why Vegeta scowled and snatched the sandwich out of her hand, brushing past her shoulder and not giving her a second glance as he powered towards the lab door.

He heard her huff in agitation, her footsteps echoing in the hall behind him as she struggled to keep up with his longer strides, “UM, you’re welcome!”

“I didn’t ask you to buy me lunch.” He grumbled, still walking forward and already ripping into the wax paper keeping him from the sandwich.

A low whistle came from her direction. Vegeta paused, turning around with an annoyed stare.

Bulma was surprisingly close to him, within arms reach and she waggled her eyebrows suggestively, “I hate it when you go, but I love watching you leave. You should wear jeans more often.”

“Wha-damnit woman I’m going to sue you for sexual harassment!” Vegeta felt his cheeks flame red, “why do you insist on being so pervy? Have you no shame?”

Bulma laughed, “Not when it comes to you!” She reached up and gently pulled the glasses from his face, putting them on instead, “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”

Left eye twitching, he took back the eyewear and tucked them into his breast pocket, “Not that it’s any of your business, but my eyes get tired cleaning up all the messes around here.”

“Pffft,” Bulma rolled her eyes, walking past Vegeta and tapping her code into the keypad, “What I was going to say is that they make you look smart.”

“Well, of course they-Hey!”

Bulma giggled, waving him inside the lab, “Hurry up grumpy. I’m starving.”


He devoured the first sandwich within moments of settling himself on the swivel chair near Bulma’s desk, she already handing him a second one. She knew well enough by now that despite Vegeta’s shorter stature that he could eat anyone under the table. He’d had Ju Jitsu practice the night before and his hunger was especially fierce today.

Bulma’s own sandwich lay unattended beside her, still primly wrapped as she pulled a pencil out of her coat pocket and carefully followed the lines of the ruler she had placed against a large blueprint nearly engulfing her whole workspace. Vegeta chewed thoughtfully, eyes narrowed as he watched her work, “What’s that?” He asked around the mouthful.

“Hm? Oh, I made the modulator in the space pod too small. It wont accept the amount of wires needed to actually propel the dumb thing. I’m just adjusting the pod accordingly.” She continued to measure, her firm bare calves teasing him as she shifted footing.

“Hmpf, some genius.” He teased.

“Hey bucko,” Bulma wagged the pencil at him, still not looking in his direction, “it’s beautiful, stunning, amazing genius to you. And don’t you forget it.” she went back to the blueprint, getting absorbed into her work.

Vegeta was only slightly irritated. If she wasn’t going to engage with him, then why was he even here? She could have easily dropped the sandwiches off at his office, but no. Instead he was sitting in near silence watching the prodigy of Capsule Corp doodle. He had at least three pending lawsuits against this crazy company he had to deal with, and being treated like a personal assistant was definitely not in his job description. The anger within him was building, threatening to end his patience then and there until…

…She smiled at him.

He hadn’t caught her staring, didn’t even realize that she had stopped working to watch him.

Bulma tilted her head, a free tendril of aqua hair escaping her messy bun and brushing down her slender neck, “What?” She asked. Heart thundering, and before he could stop himself, Vegeta reached out and tucked that wayward lock of hair behind her ear. Bulma blinked, cheeks flushing an obscenely pretty shade of pink.

Clearing his throat, Vegeta crossed his arms across his broad expanse of chest and glared at the floor, “It was pissing me off,” he grumbled, “the hair, I mean. I’m going to buy you some proper hair clips so that way you don’t look like a damn mess. It’s a health hazard around here anyways.”

“O-oh,” Bulma smiled, “don’t worry about it. I’ve uh, got plenty of them at home. Thanks though. Nice to know you care.”

“I don’t!” Vegeta barked, surprising himself with his own level of volume, “It just, its-”

The damn woman snickered, shaking her head. That same tendril of hair came loose, almost taunting him to touch it again, “Whatever you say hot stuff.” She smiled at him again, and she went back to her blueprint, once again getting lost in her own mind.

How did he not piss her off? How did she even stand to be in his presence? There was a reason Vegeta was alone; and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t his fault most of the time. Now there was this beautiful woman (incredibly out of his league) who not only put up with his permanently aloof attitude, but had gotten him this job. He’d owned his own law firm, but it was really just a small studio in a shitty area of town. Business usually consisted of petty crimes and at least attempting to get reduced sentences for the scum of society. It really didn’t matter to Vegeta who he was representing as long as it paid the bills. He’d been called in for a gang deposition for the Icejin gang and somehow Bulma had heard about him from there. He was called into her fancy office wearing a second hand suit and had wanted to melt into the floor. From the way her father and other members had looked at him he was sure he’d be kicked out. Vegeta didn’t mince words, and had told the fifteen people sitting at that long interview table exactly how he felt about their methods of defending themselves.

Shitty. It was all shitty. How could they look themselves in the mirror when all they did was pay people out for lawsuits that were unjustified? How had they not gone bankrupt? Why was a company so willing to fail wanting to hire him? What was the point? A mouse fart could have been heard after his rant, the faces of all the old men at the table sallow and horrified.

He knew he’d done it then; had ruined his chances of ever having a good client.


Vegeta had turned to leave when he saw the blue haired woman standing in the doorway looking amused, “And where do you think you’re going tiger? You’re starting right now.”

“B-Bulma!” Dr. Briefs had stammered, “This young man had made it quite clear that he doesn’t wish to associate with us-”

Bulma’s blue eyes narrowed, and she peered around Vegeta’s shoulder to grin at her father, “Daddy, he is JUST who we need.”

“B-but princess-”

“Nice to meet you,” the woman had held her hand out to Vegeta, “I’m Bulma Briefs, co founder of Capsule Corp and head scientist. It’s a pleasure to have you as the newest employee. You’re office is down the hall, it’s the door right next to mine. You start immediately.”

Stunned, Vegeta shook her hand and she winked coyly, “Nice to have someone who will get things done. And you’re cute to boot.”

And that was how this whole crazy thing started. Because this certifiably insane, stunningly beautiful genius and business mogul had had given him a chance when all his life he’d been told no. They’re upbringings couldn’t have been more different, and yet here he was. Watching her work was like watching a painter, completely in their element. He had a thought that disturbed him and caused him pause, but was still not enough to stop him.

Vegeta pulled out his smart phone, pretending to check emails when in reality he was opening his camera app.

This was wrong. He could get in so much trouble. But if one day she got sick of him and kicked him out on the street and he never saw her again, he wanted to always remember her like this: Leaned over her desk, blue eyes fixated on her own genius taking shape and stunningly gorgeous despite not even trying. Vegeta hit the button and captured a single silenced photo before quickly tucking his phone back into his pocket.

Bulma kept working, blissfully unaware of what had just transpired. Vegeta pretended to glance around the room, then noticed the still unopened sandwich beside her. He knew she wouldn’t eat unless forced to at this point. Sighing, he stood and went to her side. Bulma glanced at him questioningly as he plucked the pencil from her hand, instead thrusting the sandwich into it, “Eat.” He said firmly. Blue eyes blinked, but Bulma obliged, finally sitting and unwrapping her lunch. Vegeta nodded, before turning and walking out of the lab doors.

He’d stare at that photo for minutes at a time in his office behind closed doors for the rest of the work day and even months after. It reminded him of her kindness, and it caused stirrings in his belly he didn’t know possible. There was no chance with her, Vegeta knew. So, this picture and dreams were all he had. He was okay with that. This single snapshot of a moment in time was his little secret. She’d never even know.

Besides, what harm could one little photograph do?

Here is is my friends; the prologue to Denial! Thank you all for the encouragement and kindness you have shown my stories. This is for all of you ❤️

“Beauty And The Beast” - Negan Imagine (Chapter 8)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count:1636

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: none

Chapter Summary: The reader and Daryl end up staying in The Kingdom during the midst of escaping from the Sanctuary. Reader begins evaluating her relationship with Negan and her feelings for him.

A/N: Like always, the things that are written are written in a different time sequence than in the show, so things go by a little faster than in the show. Also, halfway through the story, it switches to Negan’s point of view x


Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter SevenChapter Nine

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The day had finally come where Alexandria had finally swore to take a stand against Negan. The lot of you started out attempting to convince Gregory to follow in the group’s footsteps, but obviously to no avail. But, the men and women of the Hilltop were more than happy to oblige, with or without Gregory’s consent.

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Soulmates 2

Oh you know what time it is?!?! Time for the next installment of the Soulmates series! I’m glad everyone seemed to really like the first one and hopefully this one will measure up to it. Look how long the tag list got! I love you guys! 

Tag list: @i-kneel-for-king-loki @straight-outta-the-asylum @livingthestrongstyle @the-geekgoddes @geekoftv@planetahmane @ajstylesworld @littledeadrottinghood @thatwrestlingfan91@lovemybtrboys @wrestlingbabe @xstylesxclashx @littlebluespoon@gurimujox @superrezzy00 @stardustmoonlightflower @blondekel77@pjanina13 @wrestlingnoob @lady-laura-speaks@phenominalstyles @caffeineandreveries @llowkeys @littlemissava13 @vebner37 @ambrosegirlforever @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  @skrillexslays13

Warnings: Fluff. (We’ll get to the good stuff. There’s a story to be told first.)
Word Count: 2419 (oops again)
Chapter One Linkage

Chapter Two: Kinetic

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where Archie and Jughead are talking about Jughead's feelings for Betty? PS I love your writing!!

Thank you so much! i love this idea!!

“Hey Jug” Jughead looked up in surprise as Archie slid into the booth. Jughead had not seen a lot of Archie recently. His friend had been focused on football and music and other nefarious affairs.

“Hi Arch” Jughead responded, sipping his coffee and eyeing his friend. “What brings you to Pop’s this late?”

“I wanted to talk to you.” Archie said, looking at him intently.

“What about?”

“I wanted to say that I’m sorry, for how I handled everything with…you know…you were trying to look out for me, you and Betty both were, and I wouldn’t accept it.”

“It’s okay Archie” Jughead wasn’t mad at his friend at all. Archie always had a weakness for girls, and what had happened to him hadn’t been his fault. He had been manipulated and taken advantage of by an older woman.

“Also, I’m sorry I bailed on our road trip, we should reschedule.” Archie gave him a big grin and Jughead couldn’t help but smile back.

“Sounds like a plan”

“We could bring Betty along too” Archie’s tone was casual, but something in his expression made Jughead pause

“Yes…we could” He said slowly, not really sure what Archie was getting at.

“So you’d be okay with that, it not just being us guys.”

“Of course” Jughead said, still confused. “I like Betty”

“Oh you do, do you?” Archie asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Of course I do!” Jughead threw up his hands in annoyance. “She’s one of my best friends, what exactly are you trying to get at?”

“Okay Jug, since I see subtlety isn’t going to work, I’ll be straightforward. You’ve been spending a lot of time with Betty recently and I’ve noticed a change in the way that you look at her. So do you like her as your best friend, or is it maybe something a bit more?” Archie spoke quietly, knowing how private of a person Jughead was, but even so, Jughead glanced around to make sure no one was listening. The diner was pretty much empty and it was obvious no one cared about what they were talking about.

“She’s my friend, I’ve been helping her out with the Blue and Gold.” Jughead responded, but he could tell from the look Archie gave him that his friend wasn’t buying it for a second.


“Okay, maybe it is a bit more than that…” Jughead confessed, and it felt good to say the words out loud. Archie broke into a huge smile.

“I knew it” He said triumphantly.

“Am I that obvious?” Jughead asked, the thought causing a wave of dread to spread through his body.

“No, I don’t think so at least. I just know you. You barely pay attention to anybody, let alone girls. You’ve always had a soft spot for Betty, but something has changed. Now every time she’s in the room it’s like you can’t take your eyes off of her.”

“Ugh” Jughead groaned and slid back in his seat, covering his face in embarrassment. “I can’t help it man. She’s just so…bright. She’s so pretty and happy and I find my eyes drawn to her.” Jughead peaked out at Archie and found him grinning at him.

“Dude, this is totally normal crush feelings. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I’m Jughead Jones, my mysterious persona would be completely ruined if people saw me fawning over Betty like an idiot.”

“Yeah, but she’d be worth it right?”

“Of course” Jughead sat back up

“Then you’ve gotta go for it Jug” Archie said firmly, leaning over to hit Jughead on the arm.

“I’m just…” Jughead cut off with a sigh, looking at his friend “I’m not sure if she’s over you.” He admitted finally.

“Dude, if that’s what’s stopping you, then forget about it. Betty and I have talked several times. She’s over me, 100%. She has even admitted that she realizes now that we are better off friends.”

“Really?” Jughead felt as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He had been dying to tell Betty how he felt, but he had wanted to give her enough time to move on from Archie.

“Yes, Jughead. Now you’d better make a move quick before someone else realizes how amazing she is.”

“Archie, what if she doesn’t like me back.” Jughead took a cup of coffee to hide the nervousness he felt asking that question

“I think she does” Archie said confidently, Jughead struggled to swallow his drink.

“How do you know?”
“Because she looks at you the same way that you look at her when you aren’t watching” Archie told him with a grin

“Really?” A small smile was finding its way onto Jughead’s face.

“Dude, stop asking me that. Yes really.” Archie huffed in mock annoyance. The door of Pop’s opened, and both boys looked and saw the very girl that was dominating their conversation. Archie grinned and stood up, he clapped Jughead on the shoulder and whispered, “Go get her tiger.” And then he walked away, saying hello to Betty as they passed.

“Hi Juggie, can I sit?”

“Of c-course” Jughead stammered, watching his redheaded friend walk away. Archie turned around and made eye contact with jughead through the window. He mouthed “do it” and made a heart with his hands. Jughead rolled his eyes and fixed his attention on the pretty blonde sitting in front of him.

Stephen Strange/Reader | Magic Hands

did anyone ask for this? no. did i do it anyways bc i have an unhealthy obsession? yes. ive never written smut before so excuse my crap writing thanks,, also this is preaccident obvi, i figure hed be more inclined to have spontaneous sex considering his egos as huge and apparent as my crippling depression //shot 🕷️💋

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Warning: NSFW/Smut

You happily moved to the rhythm of the music as you spun around the kitchenette, using your spoon as a microphone. You were quite enjoying yourself. You spun again, this time over to the stove, where you turned the heat on low to let the pan sit.

You then continued to dance in the most awkward way possible, but you simply couldn’t help yourself with the disco pop that was blaring. If only Stephen were home, he’d love -

“Gimme Gimme Gimme. Abba. 1979,” you heard the apartment door close.

“Spot on, Mister Strange.”

“Doctor Strange.”

“Right, sorry,” you turned to face him, his hands immediately making their way to your hips.

“Whatcha cookin’ good lookin’?”

You giggled, a hand making its way up his chest, “You’ll have to wait and see, Doctor.” He inhaled sharply at the nickname and at your touch, a warm feeling spreading throughout him.

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TMNT Boyfriends: Blushing.

He’s Blushing:
Raph was in the gym lifting weights when you came down for a visit. It was one of those days where you were just feeling affectionate and cuddly. So who better to see them your bara boyfriend?
You made your way to the gym and saw him in the weight bench, sweaty and focused. You leaned against the wall and watched his muscles move, smiling a little.
“Hey, you.”
He glanced over and gave you a crooked grin.
“Hey, tiger. Come to watch the gun show?”
You laughed, shaking your head in amusement.
“I was feeling lonely, so I came for a visit.”
“Did ya now?”
He set down the weights and came over.
You looked up at him said
“You’re so handsome.”
Raph looked at you, taken aback for a moment.
“What? You really are handsome. You’re all big and buff and your eyes are gorgeous. And I love your smile.”
Raph felt his face heat up. He had never thought that he was even midly attractive, not in the slightest. But to hear you talk about how handsome he was…that made him feel so freaking great.
He smiled and leaned down for a kiss.
“I love ya, Y/N.”
“Love you too, hot shot.”

You’re Blushing:
“Raph, have you seen my notebook?”
He looked up from the tv and saw you leaning over the couch as you peaked between the cushions.
“It’s red, with a gold little latch. Have you seen it?”
“No. I’ll go check my room.”
You thanked him as he made his way to his bedroom. He pushed around his things and looked under the bed. He has seen you with the book before, but he wasn’t totally sure what it was for. Still, you seemed pretty upset and he figured you were worried about it.
His hands brushed against something and he pulled out the book. It was open, your handwriting scrawled in black ink. He read a page and read it, smiling as he left the room. He found you looking under the couch, your hand sweeping underneath.
“So, I’m so sexy it’s practically illegal, huh?” he asked.
You shot up, your face turning red. Turning around, you looked at him with wide eyes.
“You read that?”
“Just a page, darlin’. A pretty descriptive page.”
You took the book and hid behind the red leather. Raph smirked and sat back down on the couch.
“You should see what I wrote about ya, tiger. You’d really be blushin’ then.”

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 3

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,575

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

You couldn’t sleep that night. Not that you did on a normal basis. The only means of telling whether the sun had risen or fallen was the fist-sized vent in the ceiling of the massive, garage-like room you resided in.

So Chanyeol is his name.

Not that you had any interest in identifying your captor, however, he was a vague, violence-ridden mystery to you. Being from another realm, you had the ability to feel a person’s intentions and emotions after interacting with them rather strongly. A type of emotional radar. Chanyeol, however, was a different story. You were bombarded with a blinding overdose of sensations every time you tried to figure him out, and it frustrated you beyond belief.

So you sat there, hugging your knees on the creaky scaffold of a bed, compromising the perfect plan of escape.

I just have to get these weak-minded people to trust me.

After countless hours left in your own thoughts, you drifted into a tentative state of exhaustion.

Dawn eventually came, and your eyes were met with a burning sensation due to your resistance of sleep. You swung your legs around, earning a milk squeak from the rust-covered bed, and dusted off your white smock. The sound of a door unlocking jerked your attention to the main door of Chanyeol’s room. The cocky vampire himself appeared not long after the lock was broken and sauntered into the room, wearing a simple gray cargo jacket and worn brown jeans.. He didn’t so much as glance in your cage’s direction as he walked over to his large, king-sized bed and placed the large duffel that hung around his shoulder upon it. He continued to unzip the bag and the clinking of metal objects brushing against one another heightened your attention as he drew from it various items. All of them sent alarm bells ringing in your head.

A handgun.

A pair of metal cuffs.

And a chain.

He sniffed nonchalantly before grabbing the assortment of threatening objects and turning in the direction of your confinement. As he began to mess with the lock on the cage gate, you immediately flung yourself off of the bed and darted to the furthest side of its iron walls.

“Easy there, tiger,” Chanyeol placed the items on bed, “I want to take you somewhere outside of this dingy rust bucket for a bit.”

“And what if I respectfully decline?” You kept your eyes trained on the gun that had been thrown on the mattress.

“Then I’ll have to not-so-respectfully use other means to get you there regardless,” He smirked before his face fell, “Now come here.”

You didn’t budge, hands clutching the metal bars behind your back.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way, Angel-cakes.” Chanyeol’s voice lowered threateningly.

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