Forging ahead with the QR officer.

The sculptor has chosen to give the figure the double frogged cross belt, which was issued to the light infantry company to carry the bayonet and hatchet.

This officer has obviously found a different use for the hatchet slot and has chosen to carry his light infantry sabre and a bayonet for his Brown Bess musket.

While some officers carried a fusil, most officers in the British Army during the War of Independence were discouraged from carrying a firearm. It was said that an officer could not properly carry out his battlefield duties whilst trying to load and fire a flintlock.


Character design assigment !

for non french speakers: basically Mahé suffers from a very rare disease since she was born, until a strange alien breaks into the hospital’s window and gets into her body. curing her instantanely and giving her special abilities, which is super cool. But now all the scary TV people want her, which is super uncool. Fortunately the alien is still here, in her wig, preventing her from eventual danger.

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I was in my English class the other day and, as usual, I was reading fanfic.

Out of nowhere the girl sitting next to me leans over and whispers,

“I’ve read that fanfic before.”

I felt like screaming because,

  1. It was about my otp
Damn it, Hamilton.

Washington: Hamilton you know french, right?

Hamilton: Uh, yeah. 

Washington: Let’s just say hypothetically- I wanted to impress someone, what should I say

Hamilton: Okay, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Ten minutes later…

Washington: *speaking Hamilton’s French*

Lafayette: *giggles* my, my General, I did not know you were into those sorts of things. *winks*

Washington: *turns whiteHAMILTON!