Caça a Bandeira -- small paras --OPEN

Lana estava bem calma para um caça a bandeira, seu arco estava em punho mas não era o suficiente, sua espada e adagas tambem estavam apostos para qualquer ataque direto. Seus olhos atentos passavam por tudo e seu poder crescia cada vez mais pela presença de Tânatos, não que ela quisesse mas ali era uma simulação do real então não pouparia forças para vencer…

anonymous asked:

Real talk: how is Ben gonna react to beardless Caleb? My money is on hysterical laughter

Ahahaha xD

I think it will go down like this:

  1. Staring in disbelief
  2. Pretending not to recognise Caleb (”Beg your pardon, sir, have we met before?”)
  3. Hysterical laughter, definitely
  4. Patting Calebs cheeks while announcing they are as soft as a baby’s bottom
  5. More laughing
  6. Probably a bruise on the arm because Caleb punches him

anonymous asked:

I hope, that instead of getting a sibling rivalry between Ben and Lafayette they become best bros and wreck stuff and Washington is just like "this is exactly why I don't have kids. These idiots are stressful enough" but secretly super proud

I think Ben and Lafayette have enough in common to get along and fanboy over Washington the revolution together. With Caleb rolling eyes and saving them from themselves every now and then ^^