Characters of Turn: Washington’s Spies in a Nutshell

Abraham Woodhull: what was i spying for again

Benjamin Tallmadge: i Love Washington wait actually fuck Washington hmm actually

Caleb Brewster: you’d expect me to be drunk all the time

Anna Strong: im a patriot spy and im important *runs away to the patriot camp*

Mary Woodhull: who fucking signed me up for this fucking bullshit

Benedict Arnold: my leg hurts because the British shot me im going to go sit with them at lunch

John Graves Simcoe: *insanity intensifies*

Edmund Hewlett: i got involved because of my horse

Richard Woodhull: ya know, i love my son *aggressively hates son*

George Washington: who the fuck invited these young men

Robert Townsend: eggs

Robert Rodgers: hi thanks for checking in i’m still unwanted

Peggy Shippen: look at my blonde curls u bitch

John Andre: *sad flute music*

Abigail: cICERO

Akinbode: aBIGAIL

Nathan Hale: breaking news: pretty boy found dead

Nathaniel Sackett: lol u thought

Marquis de Lafayette: i have like five scenes but im the most loved character oui

Alexander Hamilton: *aggressively is a red-head*

Selah Strong: *agressively isn’t there*

Thomas Woodhull: uwu