• Major Hewlett:*is roused from bed when half the town shows up about the gravestones - wearing his wig*
  • Major Hewlett:*is roused from bed when Abe comes back unexpectedly from NY - wearing his wig*
  • Major Hewlett:*is never seen without his wig*
  • Major Hewlett:*scoffs* i am a loyal servant of the crown of course i never take it off!!
  • Major Hewlett:*invites Anna out to a romantic night of stargazing* omg omg i hope she likes my hat

TURИ: Washington’s Spies

         S02E06 / A House Divided 

Alright, Les Mis AU: 
Ben is Enjolras - too idealistic and heroic for his own good. Caleb is Grantaire - cynical and always up for a drink. Abe is Marius, obviously, the son of a wealthy family and black sheep. And although he is too young I have John Andre as a kind of Jean Valjean in my head. Not sure about Mary and Anna, but I think Anna as Cosette and Mary as Eponine might work best (if only because Marius doesn’t really have the hots for her ^^). 

Accents and Anachronisms: What did people sound like in 18th century America?

If you’ve ever wondered about the language and accents used by the main characters of TURN, you’re definitely not alone. (It’s one of the topics we get the most questions about from TURN viewers!)

So what DID people sound like in Early America? Our latest blog post takes a closer look at 18th century accents, anachronisms, and speech patterns, complete with plenty of links for further reading. We’ve even got some pronunciation guides for you to download if you want to practice sounding like a turn-of-the-century New Englander! (No, really, you should try it! Hilarity is BOUND to ensue.)

(“Improprieties in Pronunciation common among the people of New-England”, circa 1808. Visit the blog to download the entire thing!)