You’re like a copy of my favorite book
A little worn around the edges
Beat up and torn from surviving life
But just looking at you feels like home.
And when the man behind the cover surfaces
I know in those moments that I could
Get lost in your pages indefinitely.
—  © Courtney Turley 2016
2004 Turley Howell Mountain Dragon Vinyard
  • Heterosexually fruity
  • Currants
  • Clove, stale ginger snaps
  • Black licorice up in your white ass
  • Nice legs on the booty
  • Crimson color
  • Tantric tannins
  • Full, bootylicious, Turley
  • Good for opener on sex talk

Turley | 2009 Juvenile 

Turley’s Juvenile Zinfandel has been one of my favorites for a long time. Not because it’s the best structured zinfandel out on the market, but definitely one of the most dynamic and the most mind blowing. Upon bottling this zin kicks like a young angry bull, makes you wonder if it would ever settle down. With a couple years in the cellar it uncorks as a well-polished refined zinfandel with just a bit of a kick every now and again to remind you of the young peaky zinfandel it was.

Did I mention this is a $20 Turley?