“Hello everyone! I’m Aqua; it’s nice to meet you all.”


[[This is part of the reason why I’ve been a little MIA this past week…I’ve been wrestling with XIV’s servers and my own gaming set-up!

Eorzean Turks are a thing that now exist on the Cerberus EU server.  Reno and Rude Taksu, the weirdest duo this side of New Gridania.  Soon to be joined by Antonio Taksu–aka ‘TG’–some time this week.

The game’s pretty fun, but me and Lem spend most of our time just emoting at each other because look at how great these two are.

ahhhhh– ;u;

Enough rambling!  I have replies to do!  Thought you guys would dig the screencaps, though!]]

An Early Delivery

turk-with-sunglasses submitted:

     I have been meaning to return this to you. I doubt you would remember this particular birthday of yours, as it has been awhile. Be well this Valentine’s Day,



The note is bound by a compressed staple to a manila parcel. Its contents: several sand dollars from Costa Del Sol’s beach, jokingly utilized as their currency for friendly bets throughout aforementioned eve; and, tucked underneath, a tangible candid of the two in their impromptu swim-gear. 

Memories clouded less by the passage of time, and more by how much alcohol she had ingested while making them, came into perfect clarity at sight of the snapshot. Discerning eyes took in every detail, skipping like a stone across its surface before coming to rest at the dusting of sand on an undone, though still noticeably starched collar– sinking into the impenetrable depths of those stupid sunglasses. A sand dollar found its way between her fingers, rolled idly along them as she was wont to with what it had served as that night, each turn tugging the corner of her lips further.

“Valentine’s Day, huh?”


replied to your


yo I missed you


 liked your 


 liked your 


“Awesome!  You got gil to show for it?  Big guy gets off free cause he’s the man, annnnnd actually, psycho-kitty does, too.  Pretty sure she’d just stare at me and then crawl into my coat, anyway.  Sucks to be you, blondie.  How you guys been?”