Staged picture……
So as we all know Karlie went to Saint Barthomley and the surrounding islands for work just over a week ago.
Josh then recently posted a picture of her in water and Karlie followed suit. Karlie tagged the location as Turks and Caicos, which is a collection of islands not far from St Barts.
Karlie had both of the pictures taken.
She then told Josh to post one of her , so she could then post another.
Josh was never with Karlie. Pictures were staged to make it look like a cute couple getaway.
What’s that I smell *sniff* *sniff* PR Stunt.


Around The World In 80 Days: Turks And Caicos

Humpback Whale And Calf
Photo Credit: (Kyle Levine)
Beach View
Photo Credit: (Christiaan van Heijst)
Photo Credit: (Matt Anderson)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.