Photo of the Day: Art in Motion

Photographer note: I was able to observe and photograph a green sea turtle gracefully swimming ahead of me. This turtle came from a seagrass bed and cruised over a coral reef.

Photo by Julie Suess (Lansing, Illinois); Turks and Caicos Islands

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Island Villa at Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos Island  |  Homeadverts

Exuding sophisticated simplicity in its purest form, this turn-key Parrot Cay Island Villa displays the true power of understated design from whitewash, chic teak finishing and oak to Caicos stone and outdoor shower gardens.


Coral Pavilion, Turks & Caicos Islands  | Homeadverts

Coral Pavilion is a stunningly elegant, newly completed, coral stone villa located on the most enviable stretch of world-renowned Grace Bay Beach.

Turquoise sea and white beach, Grace Bay, Providenciales,Turks and Caicos Islands by jackie weisberg on Flickr.

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