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Draw the leading player as a cat :p

She’s my absolute favourite cat breed, the Turkish Angora. They’re gorgeous, they never run out of energy, they’re good with strangers, and also they’re gorgeous.

Good news babies!

I finally got a good information about transferring accounts to another server. And this is important for players who are preparing themselves for moving! 

From team’s words; Romanian and Turkish server players don’t need to write team about their account information and moving process. During the day, version is closing, players could log in to their server. After that, players will be able to see all servers flags and players will be available to choose their server by their OWN!
And this option is will stay open after the servers closing. After this procedure players need to log in their accounts on this server, they choose before.  
If someone is using your old username in this new version, don’t worry! You’ll see a screen about the choosing a new one. 


2012 - During a football game between Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor in the Turkish football league, Trabzonspor player Zokora tackles Fenerbahçe player Emre and gets a yellow card for it. This would have been nothing special, but after getting up, Emre calls Zokora a “fucking nigger”. 

So, at the next game between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe, Zokora and his team mates do their best to kick racism out of football, and out of Emre. [video]

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Oh no! Why don't you try moving to the Brazilian server (Amor Doce)? I don't think we have any chance on being deleted any soon since we are the biggest server,but you would need to play using google translate since the language of the server is portuguese...

Waaahh since I got this problem I saw a lot of beautiful people inviting me to their server. If I got correctly they’re only can move Turkish server players to MCL or SC. Because of a politic contract? I just.. don’t understand beemoov. 

Favorite Unsung Heroes of Football  A r d a  T U R A N 

There might not be a more complete midfielder in all of Spain than Arda Turan. The Atletico midfielder can do it all and can play almost anywhere.He is fabulous wide man who gives his coach the option to utilize a winger. He can and does take the playmaker role and excels there.The Turk is a fantastic passer and is a goal threat, especially from distance. He has phenomenal footwork and incredible dribbling ability.But what makes him most exceptional as a player, what makes him elite, is the defensive side of his game.As dangerous as he is with the ball at his feet, Turan is perhaps more hard-working off the ball. He is a great tackler, very disciplined, and has tremendous vision and awareness.The only thing stopping him from being more widely recognized as a world class midfielder is the jersey on his back” - Michael Cerna .