turkish harem


Turkish Aga (Prince) fullset

Rich and gorgeous male outfit in a Middle Eastern style. Pure silks, silk velvet and fine cottons are mostly used for it.
Metallic threads are woven into the fabrics and create a luxurious shimmering look.

The design fits most muscled type bodies in the range of 70-72 cm. This includes: Soom Idealian 72, DollShe 26m, Iplehouse EID Model and Superhero, Impldoll Idol and other alike bodies.
The way of the sleeve attachment on the both shirt and robe allows it to be worn by a slimmer yet wide-shouldered dolls, and the outfit will looks nicely on the 70 cm bodies with shoulder width of 16.5 cm or wider.

The robe is made of a vintage Indian silk with a paisley metallic pattern, adorned with a stripes of pure silk, and is lined with pure silk as well.

The vest is adorned with metallic lace, hand embroidered with a seed beads and is lined with pure silk.
The pure silk shalwar pants have a stretchy elastics in the waist and ankle areas so they could fit different dolls too.

The riding boots are made of a genuine leather (sole included) and fit Soom Idealian doll. A significantly smaller feet may require some cotton balls stuffed into the toes for a proper fit.

The turban can be worn on the heads of different circumference, as it’s deep enough and has a flat bottom at the top of the head level. A silky scarf with the beaded tassels is attached directly to the turban.

Available on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhisperingGrassBJD

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Today in Ant and friends get tipsy and do things- ant and friends get tipsy and see if it's actually possible to become Legson. The answer is yes, but not with sweatpants but with Turkish harem pants. We presume that it can also be achieved with Justin Bieber esque drop crotch style sweatpants but we dont have one of those so we're not sure.

AhshHSJSSH ANT IM CRYIN I wish there was photographic evidence LOL also my friend tried it w sweatpants and it works but it was like low crotch style I guess but LMAO ITS HILARIOUS TO KNOW U GUYS TRIED IT





(at least until I find a million mistakes to fix hahaha)

So yeah, have a young Mina massacring the menfolk of the Bey’s household she’s enslaved in, and taking over the Bey’s status, land, and position within the Ottoman empire.
After assuming control of the household, she maintains her position through hypnotism, hence why her authority is never questioned despite being a young girl. 

She was captured to be kept as an acemi - slave girl who is too young/uneducated to be a concubine or wife, so is kept as a chambermaid/servant within the harem, taught by the mistresses of the household, until she is old enough to be a concubine or wife.
Coming from the matriarchal fairy world, Mina didn’t much like being kept as a slave whose only expectation was to end up as a childbearer. Despite the comfort and relative luxury she was afforded, she was infuriated by her captivity. Having grown up a Queen’s daughter, she desired power. If she couldn’t inherit her mother’s queendom, she would build her own queendom herself; and taking over the Bey’s household was her first step towards this goal.

And yeah! Turns out massacring menfolk is bloody work. I wonder who’s gonna clean that up.


sssssoooooo close

At this stage I just need to add a bunch of blood, and Mina
Unless of course I find any huge mistakes that I need to fix in between all of that haha. But yeah for the most part this is just about finished??

My favourite part of the image is of course the wives. I’m particularly pleased with the cowering girl in the purple head covering. The mum with the singular child comes a close second.

I tagged this as “historical” but let’s be real I really know next to nothing about Ottoman culture/clothing ;___; I did use a bunch of paintings/photos as reference but there’s probably a bunch of subtle shit I got wrong as a result of knowing nothing about what I’m doing