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Name: Melani
Age: 14/15
Country: Belgium

Hello, I’m Melani. i live in belgium (with turkish roots). i love reading and drawing even tho im not that good at it. i started skating recently (suck at that too). i like to talk about deep stuff :)

Preferences: i dont really have any preferences 😇

anonymous asked:

I'm Turkish and I don't agree with the anti-Turkish racism on this blog. You guys constantly speak negatively about Turks and our nation. We are a multicultural country, where Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Turks, and Albanians live peacefully. Why the need for hatred against us when Europe is so much more racist than we could ever be.

turkish fragility lmaoooo

how are you going to list almost every ethnic group turkey has committed a genocide against just to exist and then claim y'all live peacefully? do you live under rock?