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In Turkish we don’t say “Bye !” we say “Hoşça kal (hoshcha kal)” which translates to “stay nice, stay lovely” and the other person says “Güle Güle (Gyule Gyule)” which translates to “to go with happiness and a smile” and I think that’s beautiful.

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Name: Narmina
Age: 19
Country: Russia

Hi! I’m or just Nara. I’m from Saint Petersburg,Russia. I like listening to music, I really enjoy it. Also I am fond of playing the piano. I’m learning English and German. I know Russian and Turkish) As for my hobbies, I adore to watch “How I met your mother” and “Stranger Things”. These shows are my fauvorite ones. Besides, I’m fond of reading. I would like to communicate with teenagers from the other countries! I’ll be glad to meet new people and make friends with them! :)

Preferences: 16-21

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! You have to know I am totally new to studyblr and this post thing so I didn’t really get a chance to introduce myself so here is a post for y’all.

About me

I’m 17 years old and in 11th grade. I’m from Germany. A year ago my parents decided to move, so currently Turkey is where I am.

Things I like to do

I love to read. It is relaxing and gives you the chance to dive into another world and forget all the things around you. I’ve read so many books but my all time favourite will be the Harry Potter books. But I also like to read psychological thriller, novels and poems. I like to listen to music (and sing along, I mean who doesn’t?) as well as I like to draw.

Why I decided to make a studyblr

Since I’ve got some problems with the turkish language (grammar, pronunciation and understanding) I’ve got more work to do than it is expected, which is depressing and exhausting so this is why I’ve decided to join the studyblr community. Here are so many things that are motivating, students sharing their progress and tips, quotes, people who follow etc.

My goals

My goal is to fist of all as I said -motivate myself to not give up and study. Also my BIG goal is to finish school with the best grade points as possible and get back to Germany. 

Blogs I follow

@studyblr  @samsstudygram  @typicalstudyblr  @pridebulletjournal                  @ii-humss-life-ii  @studyangie  @caffeineandaccounting  @coffeebooksnbeanies  @hadestudy  @minimalist-studyblr  @girlwithastethoscope  @cllalagram  @studylikegrangerr  @caffeinotes  @workhardlikegranger  @anoukostudies  @senasdaily  @superandystudies  @emmastudies  @elrood  @studywithmotivation  @almondmlkstudy  @darkwhitestudying  @878km                    

Thank you

Thank you for reading until down here! I wish you the best for you and hope you are proud of yourself

lots of love xxx